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I am so excited for a new episode of Nerdy Nummies! What other videos would you like to see??
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1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup cake flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
¾ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon almond extract
1 cup buttermilk
Food Coloring
Loved making this #Fortnite #Cake with my boyfriend! We used a lot of #Decorating tips and tricks to complete it. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more videos.
xoxo Ro

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12 ene 2019

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino Hace 10 días
I hope you enjoy today's video! Husky has helped me film every single episode of Nerdy Nummies since the beginning. What other episodes of Nerdy Nummies would you like to see? 😊❤️
Wizard Stop Motion
Wizard Stop Motion Hace un día
You should do a BIG cake of Husky’s face!
Delaney Miller
Delaney Miller Hace un día
A cute llama cake love u😍
DanaJojo 1981
DanaJojo 1981 Hace 3 días
Can you make anything Persona related?
Ofelia Ramirez
Ofelia Ramirez Hace 3 días
Rosanna Pansino hi
gabbi Webster
gabbi Webster Hace 3 días
I did
Emily Summers
Emily Summers Hace un hora
Ghost may be an iconic movie but it's kind of old. Give Mike a break. That movie was before his time.
no one
no one Hace un hora
lol i am literally one inch taller than you, ro
bubyu byu
bubyu byu Hace 2 horas
ARE THEY TWINS?? their face similar
Jiv Pop
Jiv Pop Hace 2 horas
Can You Make A Book Cake
Maribel Duran
Maribel Duran Hace 7 horas
I don't want to be rouse or anything but just a question did you call him Mike in the 1:30
Maribel Duran
Maribel Duran Hace 7 horas
I meant rude
TheQueen Gabriel
TheQueen Gabriel Hace 7 horas
Ro was so energetic
Okay? Okay.
Okay? Okay. Hace 8 horas
omg i love ro’s outfit
Sandy Evans
Sandy Evans Hace 8 horas
Rosanna you are a inspiring person to me and you helped me with lots of cooking ideas and even help me be able to crack a egg with one hand.............thank you
gizmo gear
gizmo gear Hace 8 horas
Husky-*level 5* Rosanna-*level 100 boss* *Thats how mafia works*
War Hawk
War Hawk Hace 8 horas
I'm 4'10 how funny.
hayden hill
hayden hill Hace 8 horas
hi Ro thank you for makeing these vids. can you make a dc super hero cake
MANCAKE Hace 9 horas
I am loving this cake and creativity! 🥰
Lola's Castle Vlogs
Lola's Castle Vlogs Hace 9 horas
He's so tall compared to Ro.
CredibleDerek6511 Hace 11 horas
At first I thought your boyfriend was ninja but with white hair XD
lol Ballad
lol Ballad Hace 11 horas
Wait I didn't know Ro has a boyfriend. (I'm shook)
Lillian Benbrook
Lillian Benbrook Hace 13 horas
He is so tall compared to you lol
Ellee Reese
Ellee Reese Hace 14 horas
I have both books and I ask my mom every day if we can bake from your books
Sydney H
Sydney H Hace 15 horas
Makenzie Porter
Makenzie Porter Hace 17 horas
She is so small beside him 😂♥️ luv you girl
Caron Glueck
Caron Glueck Hace 17 horas
i’m in middle school...me and ro are the same height! love you ro!!!♥️
Eric Hace 19 horas
lvl 60? You would get crushed, I am a lvl 120 DH
AllAroundAbby Hace 21 un hora
Watching this made me hungry
WHYDON'TWELIFE🍋💡 Hace 21 un hora
You should make a Why Don't WE cake. Limelights, where u be????
the creator
the creator Hace 23 horas
She looks so short compared to him
yong zhang
yong zhang Hace un día
I bet we are all super happy that Ro got someone that makes her happy :)
CockStirredMartini Hace un día
I didnt know she is dating a little child. Pretty sure husky bats for the othrr team too
Brenna Hace un día
Mike: *smells butter* Mmmmmmmmm
jeolban hälfte
jeolban hälfte Hace un día
For anyone picking on Mike LEAVE HIM ALONE. He seems like a great guy. He makes Ro happy. Isn’t all that matters? THEY are happy. That’s what counts 💕
jeolban hälfte
jeolban hälfte Hace un día
Guy helping girl with a golf swing... did he just reference HSM2? 🤣
•.` Ƭ᥉ᥙᥟɗ᥆ƙᥙ. ˎ-
You should do a BTS cake or BT21 pancakes :(
ZeNique Weirdo
ZeNique Weirdo Hace un día
Hi nerdy mummies tomorrow is my birthday
Adyson Najera
Adyson Najera Hace un día
Ro help I don’t know what the movie ghost
Bailey Ever
Bailey Ever Hace un día
You should do a colab with Derek Gerard
KC GaMeZ Hace un día
Undertale cake
Kermit frog
Kermit frog Hace un día
U GUYS ARE TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!❤️
Queen Bae
Queen Bae Hace un día
They are a cute couple don't take this in a bad way but Ro is short and husky is tall so cute!🌹
Lila & Lily
Lila & Lily Hace un día
I’m a little late but hiiiiii
Hayley Weaver
Hayley Weaver Hace un día
“I’ve seen a golfing movie we’re the guy is like helping her from behind” I’m pretty sure that’s called high school musical
2livecrew88 Hace un día
Ive always wondered what happened to husky he was a great caster for starcraft
Moriyah Zebrowski
Moriyah Zebrowski Hace un día
Ya I love you and you are so cute
Moriyah Zebrowski
Moriyah Zebrowski Hace un día
Kaelyn Dionico
Kaelyn Dionico Hace un día
Which is which
Kaelyn Dionico
Kaelyn Dionico Hace un día
On the recipe for baking soda and baking powder it says baking powder and baking powder
Thang Hlue
Thang Hlue Hace un día
Husky is bigger than you Rosesanna
Shamim Shafi
Shamim Shafi Hace un día
Can you do something Once Upon a Time themed
unhappy love
unhappy love Hace un día
I think u should make your boyfriend a husky cake for his birthday
Jenn Glow
Jenn Glow Hace un día
Heather Sell
Heather Sell Hace un día
Like if there a cute couple
Hotel Hideaway girl
Hotel Hideaway girl Hace un día
He’s so much taller then you
Hotel Hideaway girl
Hotel Hideaway girl Hace un día
It’s not husky it’s hunky
Bts Army
Bts Army Hace un día
Can you do something that’s BTS theme?💜btw I have been one of your subscriber for a very long time and I’m proud of it❤️
TheWeirdK_id Hace un día
3:58 NIPPLES!!!! 😂😂😂
Joyce Levy
Joyce Levy Hace un día
He looks like ian {james charles brother}
Abby Maulding
Abby Maulding Hace un día
you should do a narwal cake
Meh ._.
Meh ._. Hace un día
Does anyone even say to themselves dam rose is smol and husky is so tall
3polygons Hace un día
Lovely couple. :)
LegendOfArias Gamer
LegendOfArias Gamer Hace un día
Fun fact i was e ery sience you did the star from mario
LegendOfArias Gamer
LegendOfArias Gamer Hace un día
You should do llama
Sarah Silverberg
Sarah Silverberg Hace un día
Am I the only one that would literally just be eating the icing from the spatula
NeonJedi Hace un día
That lighting is aggressive
Delaney Miller
Delaney Miller Hace un día
can you make an iPhone X cake plz! love your vids
Kadence Poole
Kadence Poole Hace un día
Sakura Panda
Sakura Panda Hace un día
did any body notice that she called him mike
Munni Emran
Munni Emran Hace un día
Someone please explain the dislikes please
AlonaLikes ToDraw
AlonaLikes ToDraw Hace un día
Remember those days when she was single?😂
Wan Connie
Wan Connie Hace 2 días
I ❤️ you Ro and you are so talented 👑👑👑🍰🍰🎂🎂
Zaina Seraj
Zaina Seraj Hace 2 días
Yay yay yay Nerdy mummies is finally back!!!!!
mynameis bob
mynameis bob Hace 2 días
Wow, her boyfriend is more girly than her.
peyton Harp
peyton Harp Hace 2 días
He is so tall
Melanie Rose
Melanie Rose Hace 2 días
Lol I officially love Husky! He plays World of Warcraft, I have to love him, he plays my favorite game!!
ekimus99 Hace 2 días
How do I block this channel?
Agent J
Agent J Hace 8 horas
ekimus99 unfortunately you can’t. Ikr..I wanna block them since they appeared on the trending list
Katrina Putiandari
Katrina Putiandari Hace un día
Dude watch ur mouth
FrozenOlafNick Hace 2 días
You should make Jelly Tarts from the Netflix Original Cartoon, The Dragon Prince!!!
Gemma Huff
Gemma Huff Hace 2 días
Oh my gosh I am 4”10 and I am 10 years old
Alicia Coble
Alicia Coble Hace 2 días
Im 4ft 5in...my hubby is 6ft 2in!!!!!.....weve known eachother 16 yrs!! Dated 3 yrs we NOW are goin on 5 yrs of MARRIAGE!!!!😍😍😍😍 ( hint hint Husky!!))
Kyle Long
Kyle Long Hace 2 días
chewysugar Hace 2 días
This video was so sweet, I just want to dunk it in my coffee :3
Abe Gomez
Abe Gomez Hace 2 días
H to usky HUSKY
Aubrey's World
Aubrey's World Hace 2 días
HI ROSANNA!!!! I just subscribed! I watch your videos a lot they really help me bake I used to only know how to bake out of a box but now I can do it from scratch!:) I was wondering if you could make like a dog cake or some kind of dessert that looks like an animal? thanks:)
Cheyenne Williams
Cheyenne Williams Hace 2 días
Sergio Hace 2 días
Hi, Ro! Do you think you could do something from the Netflix TV show "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" please? I think Entrapta's mini cupcakes/food would be really cute. Thank you for all your videos! And best of luck with ur boyfriend
Alyssa Sauer
Alyssa Sauer Hace 2 días
I know that nobody would see this but sometimes I wish I could curl up into a ball and die.
john son of Morris
john son of Morris Hace 2 días
Miss husky casting bronze league hero’s
Ralph Peterson Sr
Ralph Peterson Sr Hace 2 días
You are the best beaker ever ❤️🎁🎈
11:45 when u ask if he was at 10 points he was at 9 👍🏻
Ro you’re my height 😆
Do u like Fortnite? I’m a huge fan! 😆♥️
Kaylen Mehta
Kaylen Mehta Hace 2 días
I adore the height difference between you guys 😂❤️
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer Hace 2 días
Cutest couple on youtube
Braik Hurm
Braik Hurm Hace 2 días
This is dumb
Rachel Middleton
Rachel Middleton Hace 2 días
Do a dog cake
Just Another Girl
Just Another Girl Hace 2 días
3:58 I choked laughing 😂
Gabriela Morales
Gabriela Morales Hace 2 días
Mike: is it about a ghost Ro:you are such a dud Me: ha ha ha 😅
1234 Hace 2 días
HUSKY OMG, I miss StarCraft casting so much :( I'm glad you are at least happy.. End of an era.
Shai Taters
Shai Taters Hace 2 días
kelly kerr
kelly kerr Hace 2 días
I love your cakes I’ve made every one and I’ve got your book 🤩😈😜😝🥰😍😘❤️💞
NinjaGamers 415
NinjaGamers 415 Hace 2 días
I made those red velvet brownies from baking all year round. They came out great girl!
SpacePhace 123
SpacePhace 123 Hace 2 días
I wonder 2.1k of the people who watch this didn't like this what wrong with it
Cashew Ingredients
Cashew Ingredients Hace 2 días
He’s like 2 heads taller than you
GoldenElementor Hace 2 días
Am I the only one who was surprised by ro's dyslexia?
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