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I am so excited for a new episode of Nerdy Nummies! What other videos would you like to see??
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1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup cake flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
¾ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon almond extract
1 cup buttermilk
Food Coloring
Loved making this #Fortnite #Cake with my boyfriend! We used a lot of #Decorating tips and tricks to complete it. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more videos.
xoxo Ro

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino Hace 2 meses
I hope you enjoy today's video! Husky has helped me film every single episode of Nerdy Nummies since the beginning. What other episodes of Nerdy Nummies would you like to see? 😊❤️
Tapas Mandal
Tapas Mandal Hace un día
Make a winx club cake. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
Jesus is Life
Jesus is Life Hace 12 días
Rosanna Pansino do do u kiss with your boyfriend
Chey Dahlin
Chey Dahlin Hace 13 días
you as a Disney princess
Ems tube
Ems tube Hace 20 días
Can I play with you my name's rainbowfortnitepro
🐩LINNY'S WORLD🦄 Hace 24 días
You also look tall on camera
Student Niayah Hicks
How am I taller than you , you seem at least 5”3 or 5”4
Student Niayah Hicks
How am I taller than you , you seem at least 5”3 or 5”4
ღItz_CUTIE ღ
ღItz_CUTIE ღ Hace 11 horas
Short girl + tall guy = "relationship goals"
Jaydlynn Olivier
Jaydlynn Olivier Hace un día
Ro your not alone I’m 4’11
Wyatt Knowsitmabey!
Wyatt Knowsitmabey! Hace 3 días
Emalp nad dpepri
Starving Venom Fusion7
I love Not my Arm Challenges
Starving Venom Fusion7
Does anyone else hate Fortnite other than me?
MeKenna Plansky
MeKenna Plansky Hace 4 días
okay but can she link her outfit? i need it! so cutttee
Sophie Macdonald
Sophie Macdonald Hace 5 días
Is it just me or does he kinda look like gru
Nadira Sharif
Nadira Sharif Hace 5 días
Make a husky cake!
LadyyJupiter World
LadyyJupiter World Hace 5 días
You guys are soooo cute! I love your outfit where is it from?
Ji Tai Long
Ji Tai Long Hace 5 días
NaTeesha85 Hace 6 días
I've always wondered why Ro holds the hand mixer from the back instead of from the handle.
PATRICA wilsoin
PATRICA wilsoin Hace 6 días
Ro inspires me to bake cakes
Lucy Mendez
Lucy Mendez Hace 6 días
I'm literally 4'11 and I'm 11 years old😂😂😂
Micol ian Asquilon
Micol ian Asquilon Hace 6 días
please make a dresser
Makayla Hernandez
Makayla Hernandez Hace 6 días
Ro my mom is also 4/10
Kim Ryan
Kim Ryan Hace 8 días
hey girl what's up
Nasia Ortega
Nasia Ortega Hace 8 días
Omg I'm taller than Ro and I'm not even a teenager yet😂
lynn ingram
lynn ingram Hace 9 días
The movie was called ghost with
Nicole Martignago
Nicole Martignago Hace 9 días
Hi 👋🏻✌🏻🤙🏻
Martin Dallison
Martin Dallison Hace 11 días
at school we made chiar based on the nerdy nummies cooky
Nadine Spinks
Nadine Spinks Hace 11 días
I adore you right and I think that you are awesome I like everyone of your videos and I am subscribe and turn the notification bells off so I can turn them on again your the best please like this to I love you
Thompson Twins
Thompson Twins Hace 12 días
Can you please make a video of you playing fortnite?❤️😂
Maddie Nguyen
Maddie Nguyen Hace 12 días
3:59 lol NIBBLE
Holly Ellery
Holly Ellery Hace 12 días
Husky, Break up with ur gf, Arianas bored
Zian Malapajo
Zian Malapajo Hace 12 días
Their height difference is soooo cuuuute😍😍
Anna Rabinovici-Forsans
i love this so much!!!!!!! love u guys!!!!!
Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall Hace 13 días
holy cow hes tall
Lego Life
Lego Life Hace 14 días
T Bone
T Bone Hace 14 días
Oluwaseun Seriki
Oluwaseun Seriki Hace 15 días
U guys r loki #Relationship Goals! Luv ur channel so much
Ly Pham
Ly Pham Hace 15 días
Can you do unicorn sugar cookies
Julianna Franklin
Julianna Franklin Hace 16 días
guys i was Ro's 547th subscriber on my other channel sometimes i thing she has forgot me
Meghan Schwab
Meghan Schwab Hace 16 días
I was wondering, what do you do with all of the cake/ desserts? Because I am sure you and your friends get sick of sweets over time. Do you donate the rest of the food?
Fortnite Gamer Kid 2000
Best Baking Channel Ever I used to watch this when I was 7 years old I'm still watching today I'm Still A Subscriber
Victoria-Amanda Battrick
He seems...
Alakai Hayes
Alakai Hayes Hace 19 días
Can we get more #rike in Rosannas videos I just came up with a shop name!!!!
JoshnAshley M few eurphy
JoshnAshley M few eurphy
Happy birthday
S A M A N T H A. P H A N T O M
Omg we love you guys
xXNatureNightGamingXx 324
He's so tall
Ems tube
Ems tube Hace 20 días
Do u like fortnite
Luz Maria Ramirez Ramirez
I love your love it is good
TheMysticZero Hace 22 días
I’m just here for the Fortnite cake. NOT TALKIN
Lydia Emery
Lydia Emery Hace 22 días
Where did she get that outfit???? I need
Bindi Bakerr
Bindi Bakerr Hace 22 días
Melissa • Dhanne • Arcega
You're are really pretty Ro! You two are cute. 😘👌
Jesse Arenas
Jesse Arenas Hace 22 días
Imagine the creators of fortnite liked this video 😮💥
Chloe4ever Hace 22 días
Y'all are sooo cute together I can't get over it.💯
Pewdiepie Wins
Pewdiepie Wins Hace 23 días
Its amazing seeing how far you have come! I remember when you made the chessboard cake and the iphone cake! Tbh it does not feel too long ago wow
nLtiro Hace 23 días
The kind of beta to ask if he can put it in yet
Hannah Fletcher
Hannah Fletcher Hace 23 días
You two are adorable together. Husky is awesome at baking and is the perfect guy for you, Ro. Good catch! ♥
🐩LINNY'S WORLD🦄 Hace 24 días
Im 8 and im 5 feet tall
Biani Matos
Biani Matos Hace 24 días
I want that some of that cake 😭😣😫
Addison Smath
Addison Smath Hace 24 días
Lol I'm taller than her and I'm 10 cause I'm "4'10"
Ellie Hulse
Ellie Hulse Hace 24 días
I love u guys,u are so good at cooking :)
casper1989 Hace 24 días
holy shit boys that's the STARCRAFT 2 LEGEND @HUSKY WE FOUND HIM
Mx. Stoneheart
Mx. Stoneheart Hace 24 días
OK so for date night Ro needs to play some Starcraft bc omg she's dating Husky and doesn't know why the internet loves him ... but then also he really needs to see Ghost
gracefilms Hace 24 días
Ghost is such a good movie
Kpop Trash
Kpop Trash Hace 24 días
I love the distance of their height, Wonderful relationship
Lee Ching Shing
Lee Ching Shing Hace 24 días
Ro is husky now how to do the fortnite dance
fortnite.editss Hace 25 días
You made my birthday cake
fortnite.editss Hace 25 días
Uuuhhhh yummy 😋
Xylena Singleton
Xylena Singleton Hace 25 días
I love it i dont care i love it i love it
Jaelynn Kay
Jaelynn Kay Hace 25 días
4:29 bells thorne
Makhenna Burkholder
Makhenna Burkholder Hace 25 días
Make something from Deltarune!
annatolia mutamba
annatolia mutamba Hace 26 días
They are so fricken cute I can’t even uwu
Charlotte Gilani
Charlotte Gilani Hace 26 días
Husky: I know this golfing movie where this guy helps her swing. Me: *HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL*
Natalie Macias
Natalie Macias Hace 26 días
Ro you should post your workout routine
Kim Hace 26 días
so cute 😍 btw does anyone know where she got her outfit?
Lily Hills
Lily Hills Hace 26 días
you should do a duuurrr burger cake
Crystal Lim Zhi
Crystal Lim Zhi Hace 26 días
Sorry I'm not a pro, but wont your cake get hardened nore if you use the beaters too much?
Emma Hunsaker
Emma Hunsaker Hace 27 días
Do avatar last air bender cake plz
Simranjit Kaur
Simranjit Kaur Hace 27 días
He is so much taller than u I wanna be that tall I’m a shortie
Foxy Gacha
Foxy Gacha Hace 27 días
How tall is Husky he looks waaaaaay taller than you
Damaris Gonzalez
Damaris Gonzalez Hace 27 días
Sadie Miller
Sadie Miller Hace 27 días
I loved it!
Alana Donnelly
Alana Donnelly Hace 28 días
I'm on my mom's phone but I am 4.9 and I am only 10
Rosèss Hace 26 días
that’s average for your age.
Idalee Plater
Idalee Plater Hace 28 días
Where is my power puff girl cupcakes or cake at
Selina Danso
Selina Danso Hace 28 días
Aww so cutie
Taisha Duenas
Taisha Duenas Hace 28 días
Both of you get 10/10
Bethany Jackson
Bethany Jackson Hace 28 días
I ship you guys you two are made for each other #roandhusky
Jaya Dragons
Jaya Dragons Hace 29 días
3:56 EEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP And 10:23 😊😊😊
ニャ-iikxt Hace 29 días
Husky is so tall compared to rosanna ☺️😅😆
Gasha Girl
Gasha Girl Hace 29 días
Husky is like a tre and rosanna is like an ant😂😂 btw love your videos
Rizaana Malik
Rizaana Malik Hace 29 días
U too are so cute I’ve been watching since nerdie n ummies
Mah-lee Cross
Mah-lee Cross Hace 29 días
Ro is my ROle model. I want to bake but im just a kid. I just want baking tips from someone to help me as i grow.
LiLMaranges Hace 8 días
*_Watch kids baking championship for inspiration_*
Roblox chris
Roblox chris Hace 29 días
I love your Caks
Hector Llamas
Hector Llamas Hace 29 días
Can you guys make a marshmallow the DJ
Jeff Van
Jeff Van Hace 29 días
Husky im sure the money and the girl are worth it............................ but that hair man.
suchi.jpeg Hace 29 días
Mashmello lx_xl Rosales
I like his hair
Abigail Castillo
Abigail Castillo Hace 29 días
You tow are so cute to gether
Abigail Castillo
Abigail Castillo Hace 29 días
Hailey Cooper
Hailey Cooper Hace un mes
I love ro and I have been with her for year's 😊😊😊
Rachel's Unicorn life
Is the movie ghost made in 1999?
Rachel's Unicorn life
Wait u have dyslexia!?
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