BALDI'S BASICS In Real Life!! FGTEEV goes to School of Education & Learning (Skit)

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Be an FGTEEVER ➡ bit.ly/1KKE2f1 & Get the Merch ➡ shopfunnelvision.com/ ... FGTEEV Duddy goes back to school and Shawn is the teacher?? Nope, it's BALDI!!! Thumbs up for all the Baldi's Basics fun in this video!
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Isla Steele
Isla Steele Hace 48 minutos
the third ones were 6+4 and 5+4
Theo Marlow
Theo Marlow Hace 53 minutos
Wow baldi basic in riĺl life!
gavin townsley
gavin townsley Hace 7 horas
fgteev is famiss
Leanna Jacinto
Leanna Jacinto Hace 8 horas
1:30 I honestly think it says 16+1+4
shereign nichole
shereign nichole Hace 9 horas
Peyton & Parker's World
That is 5 and 4 The second one
Narwhal YT
Narwhal YT Hace 12 horas
the gaming boys boys
the gaming boys boys Hace 12 horas
I love this video
Kamerin Singleton
Kamerin Singleton Hace 12 horas
Katerina Hlavsova
Katerina Hlavsova Hace 15 horas
6 + 4 = 10
Martin Gregárek
Martin Gregárek Hace 17 horas
Martin Gregárek
Martin Gregárek Hace 17 horas
444447852696352886 +6599+66
Martin Gregárek
Martin Gregárek Hace 17 horas
Yunita Lapondu
Yunita Lapondu Hace 18 horas
Joseph Anthony Papo papoiscool Ortega, jr.
4:38 now this what I like to called it taking a ruler from a baby
rhailie caballero
rhailie caballero Hace un día
I think I see 6+4 = 10
patty dominguez
patty dominguez Hace un día
It was 10
Christopher Colburn
Christopher Colburn Hace un día
shawn is so cute i love him oo he so cute
Aluce Hace un día
my brain cells are slowly shooting their own brains out as this plays on my computer
Amy-lee Dorricott
Amy-lee Dorricott Hace un día
Shawn: oh hi welcome to my cool house
Lisa Spano
Lisa Spano Hace 9 horas
Its not cool house its school house
Captain Joker
Captain Joker Hace un día
Leave a like if you love the family
Nashad Ahmed
Nashad Ahmed Hace un día
Am I the only one Who’s Laughing Because Baldi (Shawn) Was The size of Duddy’s Knee
Gummyswirl E
Gummyswirl E Hace un día
The second try and first notebook the hard anser was 6+4
Robin Greenhow
Robin Greenhow Hace un día
The strange one at the beginning is 16 +4
Manz Manzhukic
Manz Manzhukic Hace un día
Super gamer Davis
Super gamer Davis Hace 2 días
Is 2
Yousif Gabro
Yousif Gabro Hace 2 días
Is a 1004
John Ruiz
John Ruiz Hace 2 días
Dads Pistol
Dads Pistol Hace 2 días
It sounded like Shawn said go get the chicken
Mee mee Paige
Mee mee Paige Hace 2 días
I it shawn cool shawn
Kishion Imani
Kishion Imani Hace 2 días
Baldi's basics education and learning
Bereivan Mirza
Bereivan Mirza Hace 2 días
It is so funny when shawn hit fgtvduddy
Zainab Haidar
Zainab Haidar Hace 2 días
AquaBlade The SpinoDragon
Lol the Baldi had on the little kid is so cute (I havent watched this channel in a long time so I forget his name)
AquaBlade The SpinoDragon
@HeyIma uglyalien Okay Thanks
HeyIma uglyalien
HeyIma uglyalien Hace un día
His name is shawn
starii tea
starii tea Hace 2 días
Shawn was Baldi 0-0
Marquis Kirkland
Marquis Kirkland Hace 2 días
Shawn is so funny yo
ROD Make
ROD Make Hace 2 días
Baldi's Fgteev
Vidar Oskarsson
Vidar Oskarsson Hace 2 días
THE last math note was 16 + 4!Answer was 20!!
lita. noor
lita. noor Hace 2 días
Susan McKenna
Susan McKenna Hace 2 días
I think the first messed up one was 6+4 because look very closely at the scribble it looks like a 6 and a 4
Pump Truffle
Pump Truffle Hace 3 días
It’s 8
Thia Shanks-smith
Thia Shanks-smith Hace 3 días
And tie
sam-sam's vlog Moron
kayle garzon
kayle garzon Hace 3 días
Omg that was so good it was so fun to watch and Shawn looks so funny with that fake balde thing on his head it was so funny hahahahahhahahshahahahahahahah
Acung Hace 3 días
The answer is 44
Phat Do
Phat Do Hace 3 días
how did badli somp on him in the game baldi acnt stomp
rodney Vanisi
rodney Vanisi Hace 3 días
Alexander Marshall
Alexander Marshall Hace 3 días
Shawn is so cute when he is in the baldi thing on
Spencer Squires
Spencer Squires Hace 3 días
I’m 11, been watching since 6 I still luv u guys
Aileen Ahmad
Aileen Ahmad Hace 3 días
baldi is bad and horrifying
Tori Colter
Tori Colter Hace 3 días
it was so easy its 21 the frst on
Cielo Bong Caunca
Cielo Bong Caunca Hace 3 días
I know the answer to the last question it’s 9!!
Jack Wintle vlogs and gaming
Cielo Bong Caunca no
Carla Massey
Carla Massey Hace 4 días
This is a fantastic vid
Sue Yeong
Sue Yeong Hace 4 días
5 +=9
Sue Yeong
Sue Yeong Hace 4 días
6+4 =10
Vasquez Genesis
Vasquez Genesis Hace 4 días
Vasquez Genesis
Vasquez Genesis Hace 4 días
reynad200 Hace 4 días
It was 19+4=23 right.
Kieshaun Farmer
Kieshaun Farmer Hace 4 días
This is cute
Kieshaun Farmer
Kieshaun Farmer Hace 4 días
This is so good
Brenda Poot Cocom
Brenda Poot Cocom Hace 4 días
Klaudette Iman
Klaudette Iman Hace 4 días
I know the answers so 2nd one you did was 9
Klaudette Iman
Klaudette Iman Hace 4 días
I love baldis basics
M.Makram Hace 4 días
The answer was 10
Felipe Rojano
Felipe Rojano Hace 4 días
Instead of baldi it is Shawn baldi
Lovelyn Ezuoke
Lovelyn Ezuoke Hace 4 días
Michael Ezuoke
Dailee Geiger
Dailee Geiger Hace 4 días
Its 317
sLaYeRz 35
sLaYeRz 35 Hace 4 días
Shawn got no hair
Marissa Bolmgren
Marissa Bolmgren Hace 4 días
I love this
Linda Wright
Linda Wright Hace 4 días
Just sucked
Linda Wright
Linda Wright Hace 4 días
Jake’s is a Soccer
Linda Wright
Linda Wright Hace 4 días
Jay’s sucks
Linda Wright
Linda Wright Hace 4 días
I think you can do better than that
Deja Demps
Deja Demps Hace 5 días
C Lowe
C Lowe Hace 5 días
19 + 4 doofus
Kindra Smiley
Kindra Smiley Hace 5 días
Until now
Kindra Smiley
Kindra Smiley Hace 5 días
My comments aren’t working
Kindra Smiley
Kindra Smiley Hace 5 días
Hi Duddy
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