bang ceo on "say yes to the dress??"

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23 ene 2022






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Surprised that the Bang CEO wasn't dressed head to toe in all the red flags he's throwing up.
Even when talking about how ‘revealing’ the dresses looked on her, he sounded more like an overprotective/misogynistic father than her literal fiancée.
An enemy stand
I like how literally the first shot is just everyone sitting very politely and considerately, and then Mr. Bang is just seated in the middle of the couch, legs spread wide enough to bridge the strait of Gibraltar, and a look of pure hatred in his eyes.
He won't be looking at the pictures 20 years from now cuz he'll be fucking dead 💀
if he can control her to this extent in front of all of these people AND a camera crew, it’s kinda scary to think how bad it is behind closed doors
amber lee
“SAY YES TO THE SLUT” is one of the funniest things fucking ever and i have no idea why.
Him dressing her, considering their age gap, legit sounds like a father-daughter relationship
Rachel Arima
seeing the dad walking the bride down the aisle was so funny because he looks exactly the same age as the groom
Dude, she keeps saying, “I don’t know what I want,” but she
Are we not gonna talk about how Jack brought his “friend” who’s also a 20 something woman? Like he is definitely not the type of guy who sees woman as more than objects and combined with his abusive behavior towards his fiancé makes me concerned for that relationship too. He just gives me sketch vibes.
is it Lauren't
"I'm older than the Bangs CEO's wife?"
Taylor Harrison
I really feel like someone needs to mention that yes, Jack is wearing a suit that is both way too big for him and completely untailored, as well as wearing a style of shirt that isn't meant to be worn with a tie (I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be wearing a bowtie with that type of shirt collar). His vest is also insanely long (it should fall at around belt-buckle length) and the colour's not one I would've done- it almost looks like his shirt is untucked at the bottom. Not to mention that he just seems generally confused about what occasion he's dressed for-- it looks like he just picked out whatever was on sale and went from there. If anything, he's the least classy person at his own wedding (although I have no doubt that anyone could surmise that from his Instagram).
I am just genuinely hoping she’s marrying him for the money
Infamous Swoosh
dannys hair is just getting bigger and bigger
As someone who loves Say Yes to the Dress, it always makes me so happy when they put their foot down and prioritize the wants of the bride.
Nick Weston
Danny, everyone knows that a mermaid style dress will make the wearer's spouse's bones go squishy.
When he called that beautiful dress "tacky and unacceptable" I lost my shit, this man is in NO POSITION to call ANYONE else's fashion choices "tacky and unacceptable." Like, do you own a mirror dude? Do you see what you post? I'd ask if he was blind but I feel like blind people have better taste.
Banana Boat Charlie
Danny pulling up this dude's Insta whenever he calls his fiancée's taste tacky is one of the funniest things he's ever done with this channel
I could sew 5 full blankets with the amount of red flags in this relationship, like the whole video I was just like,
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