bang ceo on "say yes to the dress??"

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23 ene 2022






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Yo Yos
Yo Yos Hace un año
He literally sees women as, "wife material" or "sexual object". Truly transcends time
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
​@joellewas about to correct you until I saw the edit lol
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
​@JulianVJacobs And that is not an excuse, he is actively on the internet, he should know better.
News reporter from ringside
is this a warzone?
amber lee
amber lee Hace un año
“SAY YES TO THE SLUT” is one of the funniest things fucking ever and i have no idea why.
Grace Hurtubise
Grace Hurtubise Hace un día
@Lahna Church I read this so many times cause I was high and I still keep forgetting what it said so I keep re reading it lmao
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
​@Kelsey Williams💀💀
sara ☆
sara ☆ Hace 23 días
clara Hace 27 días
@it ony a movie IT ONY A MOVIE
mariam Hace 3 meses
An enemy stand
An enemy stand Hace un año
I like how literally the first shot is just everyone sitting very politely and considerately, and then Mr. Bang is just seated in the middle of the couch, legs spread wide enough to bridge the strait of Gibraltar, and a look of pure hatred in his eyes.
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
JA GP Hace 6 meses
@Sean Matthew King he's compensating
An enemy stand
An enemy stand Hace 8 meses
@TheTheatreOrgan no, but why do you ask
TheTheatreOrgan Hace 8 meses
did you mean, the bering strait?
Sean Matthew King
Sean Matthew King Hace 11 meses
Maybe he’s got grapefruit nuts, you don’t know. Where do you think all that sweet sweet Bang energy comes from? Where do you think that name came from?
mia Hace 11 meses
if he can control her to this extent in front of all of these people AND a camera crew, it’s kinda scary to think how bad it is behind closed doors
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
Juliana Arthuso
Juliana Arthuso Hace un mes
clearly abusive relationship. Maybe in a few years we will be seeing this woman getting a lot of money for their divorce settlement. I HOPE SO for her...
Chrissy T
Chrissy T Hace un mes
It would be hilarious except for the controlling, angry, overly tanned Bang dad in the corner. 🙄😒
Alyssa Lauren
Alyssa Lauren Hace 2 meses
I’m sure he does not treat her the way she deserves at all but say yes to the dress is notorious for being overdramatized because if it’s not it’s literally just women trying on dresses 😅 which is fine for a few seasons but they have to add some drama to keep people watching, but again I totally agree that they most likely don’t have the best relationship there’s manyyyy red flags especially the age gap and his personality in general
Mmm Bepis
Mmm Bepis Hace 5 meses
@white.rabb!t 🩵 a script doesn't just magically make the creepy age gap disappear. A man that's almost 60 going after a young adult is a red flag in of itself
Caroline Grace
Caroline Grace Hace un año
Dude, she keeps saying, “I don’t know what I want,” but she *does.* She was clearly into a mermaid style dress with a cute, but sexy style. She doesn’t like lace and said so straightforwardly. Still, Mr. Bang made her try a lace dress and vetoed any requests she made. It’s not that she doesn’t know what she’s looking for, it’s that he refuses to let her get what she wants and she has to pretend she’ll be happy with whatever he chooses. He’s actively making jokes at her expense, belittling her, and making her doubt herself. **Note** I’m glad she ended up with the dress she wanted in the end, good for her ♡
hashtagmate Hace 13 días
No not good for her because she ended up marrying him, that's very very bad for her
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
​@NikolasI figured this is what you meant
Dan Hace 16 días
​@Conquistador Pablo Él puede querer lo que se le venga en gana, pero no tiene porque ser grosero ni controlador con su pareja lol
Marie Hace 5 meses
not him fuckin abusing her, istg how can some people think this is okay
Phil Larosa
Phil Larosa Hace 6 meses
@Chickens “
Annika Hace 11 meses
Are we not gonna talk about how Jack brought his “friend” who’s also a 20 something woman? Like he is definitely not the type of guy who sees woman as more than objects and combined with his abusive behavior towards his fiancé makes me concerned for that relationship too. He just gives me sketch vibes.
Dad! Give me my prosthetic leg back!
​@Wynn definitely not most, obviously just the type you were 'attracted' to and didn't like you back. Doesn't mean they're all bad lol. And Most women aren't like you, so don't try switch us
Dad! Give me my prosthetic leg back!
​@Wynn you're obviously a very sad and close minded person 😢
Souls Of War
Souls Of War Hace un mes
@Wynn Many do, but many could still be 1 billion men and still not be "most" since there is definitely more than 2 billion straight men. I've known a lot of great men, I've known a lot of sleazy men, but those blanket statements do more harm than good. You can't complain about misogynistic men and then be misandristic. There's shitty men, there's shitty women, there's great men, there's great women. Grouping up anyone isn't good
Wynn Hace un mes
@Souls Of War many, if not most straight males see women and girls as only sex objects
Triple_Cheese Hace un año
Him dressing her, considering their age gap, legit sounds like a father-daughter relationship
Kandi_is_cool_ like_me
And how he won't let her wear anything revealing
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
​@farah Hoh ok phew lmao
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
​@baffledBITSit definitely is, the way she's fully dependant on his opinions :(
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
​@Triple_Cheesesame ugh
coffeegirl18 Hace 16 días
It made me actually feel sick.
Rachel Arima
Rachel Arima Hace un año
seeing the dad walking the bride down the aisle was so funny because he looks exactly the same age as the groom
𝚂 𝚊 𝚕 𝚎 𝚖   ☹︎
@Astro Wolvez brooooo
MelBell 0865
MelBell 0865 Hace 7 meses
@Astro Wolvez same here!
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Hace 7 meses
@Cooper my mom just turned fifty and I’m 26!
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Hace 7 meses
Freaking probably, hell could be younger!
Michaela Bosman
Michaela Bosman Hace 9 meses
Lol I genuinely thought “well I guess one of the groom’s friends is walking her down the aisle”
Gaydily Hace un año
As someone who loves Say Yes to the Dress, it always makes me so happy when they put their foot down and prioritize the wants of the bride. I really hope she gets out of this relationship though, because she definitely deserves someone better. Their dynamic is very odd to say the least
teal lineart
teal lineart Hace 5 meses
@Gianna That moral thought process is too simplistic and unstable. There‘s a difference between marrying a kind upstanding gentleman who sees you as his world for money and marrying a misogynistic douchebag who sees you as his property for money. One‘s clearly more justifiable. I wouldn‘t hold out any hope for him. I‘ve seen his personality type before.
Lindbo Knife & Tool
Lindbo Knife & Tool Hace 10 meses
I always watched it with my sisters it was honestly iconic. This and America’s next top model. forgot how much I love these shows
Mimi Hace 10 meses
@Gianna oh i feel you! i added the ‘good for her’ thing as basically a point of ‘you guys think she’s a gold digger but she’s married to mr bang energy so fuck it’ but she truly seems genuine in that relationship which makes me feel horrible because..he treats her horribly
Gianna Hace 10 meses
​@Mimi I wouldn't say good for her if she married someone and claimed she loved him if it was solely for money. I understand being hesitant about marrying someone broke, and wanting someone with a good career, but marrying for money is disgusting to me personally. But I really doubt she did, as bang wasn't launched when they were married. I feel terrible because he seems super controlling. I'm sure the show exaggerated it a bit, but I can't imagine ALL of it was fake and staged. I hope she's doing better now, and maybe he's changed for the better.
Mimi Hace 11 meses
@thegayestgoth🇺🇦 also for a person with a ukrainian flag in your profile name, you seem very judgemental and rude.
TheFangirlOtaku Hace 11 meses
When he called that beautiful dress "tacky and unacceptable" I lost my shit, this man is in NO POSITION to call ANYONE else's fashion choices "tacky and unacceptable." Like, do you own a mirror dude? Do you see what you post? I'd ask if he was blind but I feel like blind people have better taste.
Janus Greenway
Janus Greenway Hace 5 días
@Miracle Lynnette couldn't you ask the OC that? If the point of this video is simply to make fun of the guy, why is he getting so mad? It's just for fun, right? Why is your comment only pointed at me?
Miracle Lynnette
Miracle Lynnette Hace 5 días
@Janus Greenway you know this entire video was just to make fun of this creepy old man right..? like that's the point. are you in the right place, janus?
Janus Greenway
Janus Greenway Hace 13 días
@Joe Samuel alright. Same good faith to you 😁.
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel Hace 13 días
​@Janus GreenwayThat's your take? Hope you're single... and stay that way.
Janus Greenway
Janus Greenway Hace 19 días
This is hilarious how people feel such a strong second-hand anger. You think the dress is beautiful, he doesn't but because he doesn't now you have to get mad as hell defending her honor or whatever this is supposed to be and insult the guy in the process. You good, bro? Like, this isn't some criminal offence of something, lol, chill out would ya?
is it Lauren't
is it Lauren't Hace un año
"I'm older than the Bangs CEO's wife?" *Don't worry Danny, we were all shocked about that*
iRinnda Hace 6 meses
@Samantha Stephenson Yeah, it's an old episode, but even at the moment of filming it, I thought she was 36? Like nearing her 40's. On the same note, I thought Danny was 23 at most. XD
Who am I
Who am I Hace 8 meses
@Amy Aberrant I think it's just the makeup and clothing style making her look a bit older. Plus, doesn't help that Danny looks like a high-schooler lol
Samantha Stephenson
Samantha Stephenson Hace 11 meses
Shes 36 now this say yes is super old
Large Boi
Large Boi Hace un año
@Amy Aberrant and she still looks pretty young too, just goes to show why he’s called Young Face
Amy Aberrant
Amy Aberrant Hace un año
She looks way older than him
Alexandra Hace 6 meses
Jack “owoc” is fruit in Polish. _this dudes name is Jackfruit_
aspen owo
aspen owo Hace un mes
Explains why he's so unlikeable
Marta Tarasiuk
Marta Tarasiuk Hace 3 meses
OMG, I wasn't the only one thinking it!
Melancholia Hace 3 meses
I'm happy to see someone mention this, that what I kept thinking about, but I forgor that it's fruit and not vegetable because in Russian it means vegetable lol
Banana Boat Charlie
Banana Boat Charlie Hace un año
Danny pulling up this dude's Insta whenever he calls his fiancée's taste tacky is one of the funniest things he's ever done with this channel
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Hace 7 meses
I honestly wonder if people have called him tacky so much that it’s the only word he could think of when describing clothes. 😂
Murphy Animatics
Murphy Animatics Hace 10 meses
@Jhaedi yoo spitting absolute FAX 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Banana Boat Charlie
Banana Boat Charlie Hace 11 meses
@TestGamer good
TestGamer Hace 11 meses
I am 12 seconds into this video and this comment scares me.
oliver addison
oliver addison Hace un año
@Ølìvìa and workin it
Nat Sinnett
Nat Sinnett Hace un año
Wardrobe control was one of the most stifling abuse tactics my ex used against me. It completely tore me down and took away my sense of self and autonomy- I hurt for this woman.
Riley Hace 7 días
@Yh it might be very loosely related but was still interesting. i love dressing really girly, it makes me feel confident. Nor am i asking for attention and to be harassed, so them saying that (hopefully) next time when i dress ill put more thought into it. EVEN THOUGH it shouldn't be me making the changes.
Yh Hace 13 días
@Kelsey Williamshow is this related to anything
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams Hace un mes
I am genderfluid and have started dressing/presenting as a man full-time because I feel safer. I experience less day-to-day harassment.
TashitaxLinda Hace 6 meses
Blackbangtan Hace un año
I could sew 5 full blankets with the amount of red flags in this relationship, like the whole video I was just like, *GIRL RUNNNN* 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🚩🚩🚩
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely Hace 3 meses
@Lcly X.09 Let me introduce you to the Mobius Strip-
Lcly X.09
Lcly X.09 Hace 6 meses
@Abigail Earl I don’t think that’s possible
Abigail Earl
Abigail Earl Hace 7 meses
@Ghost large enough to cover his ego lol
Ghost Hace 9 meses
what size blanket are they tho
Persephone Black
Persephone Black Hace un año
It makes me feel better knowing she'll outlive him. It's still gross that he controls every little decision she makes, but she's decided she's okay with that so...Also, 20yrs from now he'll be 79 and she'll be 46 so who knows maybe only she'll be looking at the photos 😂
NylaTheWolf Hace 2 días
@The Lanktheist oh shit you have a great point and that makes me sick to my stomach. I really hope she gets out of there
The Lanktheist
The Lanktheist Hace 7 meses
Yes, but the reason most older guys use younger girls is because as their health fails they can manipulate her into being dependent, which is what Jack is doing, so once they become dependent on full-time care, the lady will be “obliged” to nurse him for another 5-10 years because “he treated her well” until he finally kicks the bucket. It’s quite disgusting.
Taylor Harrison
Taylor Harrison Hace un año
I really feel like someone needs to mention that yes, Jack is wearing a suit that is both way too big for him and completely untailored, as well as wearing a style of shirt that isn't meant to be worn with a tie (I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be wearing a bowtie with that type of shirt collar). His vest is also insanely long (it should fall at around belt-buckle length) and the colour's not one I would've done- it almost looks like his shirt is untucked at the bottom. Not to mention that he just seems generally confused about what occasion he's dressed for-- it looks like he just picked out whatever was on sale and went from there. If anything, he's the least classy person at his own wedding (although I have no doubt that anyone could surmise that from his Instagram).
Joseph Daniels
Joseph Daniels Hace 29 días
He wants control over his freakin WIFE’S wardrobe, and yet he can barely be trusted with his.
Setheus Hace 2 meses
Thank you... sometimes watching people like Danny can hurt when you're into fashion and hear what they think is going on 😅
BitsyGem Hace 2 meses
I'm just disappointed the giant bang energy B was nowhere to be seen.
kcototheyoyoyo Hace 4 meses
Read to filth🫰🏽
yoongiverse Hace 6 meses
oh, I was wondering why it looked like he needed a bow tie
Lauren Hace 2 meses
“I didn’t know what I liked, what I didn’t like-“ She wanted a sexy mermaid dress with no lace… She knew what she wanted and liked. Maybe she just didn’t know it because she wasn’t being given the chance to even explore her options because of the douche in the room.
Cait Henry
Cait Henry Hace un año
The sheer relief in her voice when the salesperson asked if she could kick out the husband, sweetheart that ain't it
Apollo G 👑🎗
Apollo G 👑🎗 Hace 7 meses
@Astro Wolvez actually she's like 37, it was a really old episode
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Hace 7 meses
@Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey five kids! How long have they been dating!? A freaking 26 year old with five kids, man poor girl. 😮‍💨
Parker Peter
Parker Peter Hace 8 meses
I hope they divorce, she deserves better
Andrew Hace un año
@lnoths You mean hopefully she didn't sign one, because a prenuptial is only going to lose her money. Also it was her choice to be with him.
Kristen Barho
Kristen Barho Hace un año
7:30 Just so everyone in this community is aware, as someone who’s been in a controlling relationship and who studies domestic violence, she very likely says she doesn’t know what she wants because her autonomy has been taken away from her. When someone controls everything you do/wear, you lose your sense of self and your confidence, and making decisions can become very difficult. Especially because in these controlling relationships, any decision you do make is often criticized. It sounded like she did have an idea of what she wanted (a mermaid style dress; not lace; etc), but she kept getting shut down/invalidated
cattherat Hace 3 meses
@_Marina_ 'I know it sounds stupid and ungrateful' does it or has she gaslit and guilt tripped you into thinking anything negative you say about her is stupid and ungrateful?
Commander Corl
Commander Corl Hace 6 meses
@Kristen Barho I really appreciate it.
Kristen Barho
Kristen Barho Hace 6 meses
@Commander Corl Of course! What matters most is that people respect how you feel and how their actions impact you
Lisette García
Lisette García Hace 6 meses
@Kristen Barho thank you for your Ted Talk. It has happened every wedding and prom I have sewn for except one.
Commander Corl
Commander Corl Hace 6 meses
@Kristen Barho Okay, thank you so much for the advice. Although they haven't gaslit me, my family says I'm overreacting.
Jade Noe
Jade Noe Hace un año
Please cover more episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, the amount of drama they manage to cram into a show about dress shopping is absolutely gobsmackingly ridiculously amazing. I live to watch Lori roast unsupportive family members!
Niyah Hace 3 meses
Yes please I can't stomach this on my own
Jannah ♡
Jannah ♡ Hace 6 meses
The fact that Danny made a song to get became a famous tiktok audio but saying a one liner got him it
Abby 💕
Abby 💕 Hace 16 días
​@Cipher Gacha "say yes to the dress, say yes to the sl*t" is the line lol
Cipher Gacha
Cipher Gacha Hace 2 meses
Which one
Marie Hace 6 meses
Roguest Owl
Roguest Owl Hace un año
Every moment of this makes me sad for this woman. I don’t know her, but she deserves to be treated with more respect than this.
Malka M.
Malka M. Hace 7 meses
If someone is doing this at your fitting, don't buy a dress. Postpone the wedding and go to couples counseling. This level of control is bordering on abuse and no one with this issue in their relationship should be going straight to marriage. If your fiance is telling you what you can and cannot wear, the relationship is not ready for marriage.
Amelia H
Amelia H Hace un año
why is no one hyping up Danny's outfit today?! serving christian girl fall realness in the best way possible
thereisnocarolinHR Hace 6 meses
Chris evans sweater
Lyric Hace 6 meses
@Abbi Normi Uh- just in case anyone gets misinformed, following and believing in a religion's teachings is what makes you a part of it. Claiming to be a religion doesn't mean that you are a real part of it. That's like saying 9/11 was actually caused by Muslims instead of psychos claiming to be Muslim
Vee Hace 7 meses
@Izstrella that's actually kinda rude asf
The Witch
The Witch Hace 7 meses
As a Christian girl I approve this message
TheAmazingfulOne Hace un año
As soon as she said she didn't know what she liked or didn't like and had to refer to him for all her opinions, my grooming/abuse alarms were ringing so loud. Can we make sure this woman is okay currently and not just being pressured into staying with him?
lam! Hace 7 meses
shes still with him and she looks so different 😭 i just visited her insta acc
GrizzlyBehre Hace un año
"Throw a tootsie roll in the punchbowl" had me dying laughing for some reason
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely Hace 3 meses
I love the southern slang they use in that show, cracks me up every time.
néa Hace 3 meses
kaleigh bankston
kaleigh bankston Hace 6 meses
Literally so glad the “SAY YES TO THE $LUT” line is a TikTok audio it’s literally my favorite joke
ya mama
ya mama Hace 5 meses
Whoever wants the time stamp 8:54
ya mama
ya mama Hace 5 meses
@No fr lol
Garfield Hace 6 meses
@No what
No Hace 6 meses
He tries to make viral tiktok audios but the ones where he’s not trying go VIRAL. 💀
Lily Note
Lily Note Hace un año
I had a friend who thought that ‘he loved her’ and was 30 years older. She had help and also read up on things and thank god because he was not for her. He groomed her even though she was a ‘consenting adult.’ I love her and am glad she is doing great. Be careful, women and remember that you are loved and don’t have to lower your standards.
María Emilio Nuñez
"I'm in the Bang CEO's target age range" is such a terrifying statement but also something I kind of want on a T-shirt
TheElusiveReality Hace un año
She knows exactly what she wants, she said it right up top that she wants a mermaid style dress with no lace, shes literally too *AFRAID OF HIM* to assert herself
Smile Hace 4 meses
@Cee Emm SINCE SHE WAS 18???? UHM.
eh lol
eh lol Hace un año
Ron Zon
Ron Zon Hace un año
@Karen Amyx I'm not saying she's a prisoner or being abused, I'm just saying you can't ignore red flags when you see them. This literally has nothing to do with feminism. You believe being a victim of abuse makes a woman inherently incapable and weak? If this is happening to her it wouldn't be her fault; it has nothing to do with her character, it only speaks volumes about the abuser. Once again, I don't know what's going on in her life but you can see if something looks suspicious. You can also acknowledge that if this was really happening it could indicate a pretty unhealthy, imbalanced dynamic.
Carly Klein
Carly Klein Hace un año
@Karen Amyx most people in controlling and abusive relationships seem fine with it. also, what the hell is your problem dude? what does abortion even have to do with this subject? no one said she cant date this dude, its just obvious that hes a controlling person. like, get over yourself bro. you seem to be awfully defensive over this, and for what? is your hubby controlling too dear? blink twice if you need help
Nico Yeetzawa
Nico Yeetzawa Hace un año
11:50 “I think they’ll both be looking at wedding pictures 20 years from now” bold of you to assume he’s gonna be alive in 20 years
Louise Christensen
Louise Christensen Hace 8 meses
I think she might of been hinting at that she will be the only one looking back at them.
Isabelle Tepe
Isabelle Tepe Hace un año
every single one of the puns danny made after the "say yes to the breast" joke made me laugh so incredibly hard
Sally Beth
Sally Beth Hace 2 meses
never fails to shock me when I see someone literally being abused and treated like an object by their significant other in real time, like shit like "he convinced me that I didn't know what I wanted" is the kind of stuff people tell you about AFTER the relationship has ended horribly, ya know😅
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams Hace un mes
I assume they were raised in an abusive household, so abuse is their normal. That was the case for my mom, and she got me a few steps away from that abuse. She completely cut off contact with her family, went through years of counseling, and married a husband who was not physically abusive like her parents. But her husband / my father was psychologically abusive. And most of her "friends" were manipulative and verbally bullied her. It took us both until my adulthood to recognize the psychological abuse and try to get away from it, as much as we can given our limited financial resources (e.g., not being able to move away from neighbors who harass us). If all you ever experience is abuse, it becomes impossible to recognize. And so a lot of people convince themselves that they are okay with it because that's psychologically easier than identifying as a victim.
James Hayes-Barber
James Hayes-Barber Hace un año
Danny you were so wrong at 7:40 she was showing so many signs of abuse this is heartbreaking
A Guy Named Tyler
A Guy Named Tyler Hace 7 meses
I know :/ I kind of agreed with Danny until I read all the comments and realized that anyone can be oblivious to the signs of abuse unless you or a loved one has been in her shoes. I don’t think Danny meant anything bad and he definitely seems to think Jack is a bad guy. I just hope the girl is okay and that Jack is at least a little better.
Steve Burditt
Steve Burditt Hace 10 meses
When the one lady says "If she keeps letting her fiance change her mind, she'll be walking out of here with nothing but her fiance", I love the irony in that statement as he's the one thing she should be getting rid of here.
Felix Smith
Felix Smith Hace un año
Jack seems like the kinda dude to insult his wife and then look around the room for validation
•Rita Pizza•
•Rita Pizza• Hace 8 días
he IS that type of guy
picnicsandstars Hace un año
He literally does the whole time lol
PellowKityAt Hace un año
true! this lady needs to get out of the relationship ASAP
milo Hace un año
this is perfect oh my god
Mona L
Mona L Hace un año
Bride: "I'm 26" Danny: "Wait, I am older" Me: "Wait what" Is it just me or does he look younger lol 👀
Xander Guyer
Xander Guyer Hace 6 meses
The Bang CEO chose his wife's makeup, clothes, and hair, which automatically made her look way older than she is. If the Bang CEO chose Danny's appearance, he'd probably look way older too lol
Maddie_Millett Hace 7 meses
His dad and my mom are the same age, I’m literally 18 😭
Kailey Sheffield
Kailey Sheffield Hace 8 meses
@Charles Capet i’ve been looking for someone to comment this. there is NO WAY that bride is 26 she looks at least 30
Mia Bailey
Mia Bailey Hace un año
8:39 Danny’s gasp only makes me wanna watch reality tv with him more
lola is hot af
lola is hot af Hace 11 meses
bro lemme tell u i GASPED when that guy said that it was so unexpected for me lmfaoo
Averagemik Hace 8 meses
my heart breaks for this girl :( I've been in an abusive, controlling relationship with an older man who I didn't realize was manipulating me. After three years of being with him I had no sense of self, everything I did or said was based on whether or not he would approve. I hope she realizes how much she is worth & leaves his crusty ass.
N Sanders
N Sanders Hace 9 meses
It's not that she doesn't know what she 'wants', it's that she doesn't know what HE wants. He is clearly a misogynistic control freak. The desperation in her voice while trying to figure him out is a small cry for help. She knows what she wants. She doesn't know what she is *allowed* to want, per his standards. I hope she sees this episode, realizes her worth, and takes half his money for the obvious psychic damages he causes by having the worst vibes of any room he walks into.
Hey Jamie
Hey Jamie Hace un año
No, Danny. When the woman said she would be looking at the photos twenty years from now, it’s because she knew that by then Jack would be dead.
Agni Vancruz
Agni Vancruz Hace 7 meses
Pullipe Hedera
Pullipe Hedera Hace 7 meses
@Letthembelightpeaceonelove and his hairline
Jay Hace 8 meses
or divorced bc by the looks of their dynamic they won’t last 20 years lmaooo
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Tsunayoshi Sawada Hace 9 meses
Quincey Rhoten
Quincey Rhoten Hace un año
10:07 one of danny's best jokes lmfao shit had me crying
Leafeon Hace un año
I love that the CEO of Bang wore a bowtie collared shirt and wore a normal tie. When it just has those two little flaps, then you're supposed to wear a bowtie not a long tie
Samiowe Hace 9 meses
“ I didn’t pee myself.” That’s what someone who peed themselves would say.
Rory Giambalvo
Rory Giambalvo Hace un año
As someone who struggles with fashion, if my bf wanted to help out and I liked his choices then go for it, including with a wedding dress. But no one should feel like they can't decide for themselves, especially for this sorta thing
Kierah Nickelson
Kierah Nickelson Hace 9 meses
the quiet little "I'm scared of fish" joke straight up killed me
ranboobvids Hace un año
I am just genuinely hoping she’s marrying him for the money
nanathegoat Hace 4 meses
kcototheyoyoyo Hace 4 meses
Same and I’ve always bashed that kind of thing but I really want her to get something out of their marriage
MissSerenity Hace 4 meses
@The Immortal Sun-kun Well when he dies she’s gonna be a wealthy widow
MissSerenity Hace 4 meses
Itto the one and ONI
ashley arcangel
ashley arcangel Hace un año
Danny being so confused about a mermaid style dress is the cutest thing ever
Lugoor Star
Lugoor Star Hace un año
12:10 Danny you're the person who should know the most about why mermaids are terrifying, you already have seen them *melt people* .
👑Tara princess shabani👑
yeah. biut then agian he didnt have bomes
rylee 🩷
rylee 🩷 Hace 8 meses
he and her dad probably went to kindergarten together 💀💀
bi panicking frog
bi panicking frog Hace un año
The fact that she becomes a million times more beautiful when she's happy and wearing a dress she loves, and she is already gorgeous
synthiandrakon Hace 9 meses
it's also crazy because none of these dresses are like particularly revealing. like even a "flirty" wedding dress is still a big ass gown that covers most of a woman's body. there really isn't all that much on display
Nina R
Nina R Hace 2 meses
True. Flirty dresses are just some chest showing
Milkyway Hace un año
I love how danny is boycotting advertising la croix until they sponsor him
SquidaKai 26
SquidaKai 26 Hace un año
he likes to get a little wacky and goofy on this channel
Hilde Naess
Hilde Naess Hace un año
He's like a Dylan Is In Trouble 2.0
Spine Hace un año
@aishanihere no ur right what the fUCK is lacrosse
Eve Luimes
Eve Luimes Hace un año
@HipUsername didnt he make the video with nickisnotgreen?
Whiplash `
Whiplash ` Hace un año
The la croix gods are mad at him so they made the other sparkling water explode
Macayle Angelina
Macayle Angelina Hace 6 meses
Did anyone else think it was a red flag that the bride’s reaction to being criticized by her husband is to say that she ‘doesn’t know what she wants’. She knew exactly what she wanted, a flirty mermaid dress, in a normal healthy couple it would be like ‘we want different things’ not ‘I no longer know what _I_ want’. Especially combined with the fact that he apparently dresses her everyday, talk about controlling.
Sky's Mistake
Sky's Mistake Hace 7 meses
11:23 this part breaks my heart. You can see on her face that she doesn't know what to do, and the fact that he doesn't seem to pick up on that is frustrating. This is supposed to be her big day, yet her fiancee is trying to put the focus on what he wants rather than what she wants. I have seen quite a few comments mentioning how he seems more like an overprotective/controlling father, and I can't agree more.
Edwin Levi
Edwin Levi Hace 10 meses
Age differences aren’t the problem. The problem is the power dynamic. You can’t consent to someone who has this kind of power over you. I hope she’s doing okay.
Sama Hace 9 meses
the consultant lady's face throughout this whole thing 😭✋
Bobert Billiam III
Bobert Billiam III Hace 8 meses
Danny: she's kinda dressed like a 50 year old Also Danny: is wearing a grandpa sweater
Jaistashu Hace un año
Surprised that the Bang CEO wasn't dressed head to toe in all the red flags he's throwing up.
Kenny Cubensis
Kenny Cubensis Hace 5 meses
I mean, that's kinda what he does when dressing like a child
Maryy_Emersonn Hace 6 meses
This fucking sent me 💀
Jade Beason
Jade Beason Hace 6 meses
@Emu They actually married before they started Bang Energy, which she is a part of.
Amar Beganovic
Amar Beganovic Hace 10 meses
That's what happens when all you are is beautiful and are forced to marry rich
tenkopter Hace 11 meses
@Emu bro of course they have kids, considering how he is it'd be more surprising if they didnt
It's so awful that she's trapped in that kinda relationship but I'm so so glad she ended up going with the style of dress she said she wanted in the beginning and that she ended up happy with her look at least, even if the rest of her relationship is undoubtedly a nightmare
Eve Dny
Eve Dny Hace 2 meses
I just realized that the famous TikTok sound "is this say yes to the dress or say yes to the sl*t??" is from Danny; and the fact that it has more videos than the song "circus" he made specifically to go viral is insanely funny
Emperor Hace 5 meses
The aggression in "Say yes to the SLUT" gets me.
Dixie Tsutsaeva
Dixie Tsutsaeva Hace 6 meses
As someone who was controlled by men most of my life, her saying "I didn't really know what I liked" was her way of simultaneously glossing over what he was doing and at the same time losing any opinion of her own because he made it clear his opinion was the only one that mattered since he shoots her down every time she expresses herself.
A Fan of the 5x Grammy-Nominated Artist
I googled when BANG CEO got married because the video looked like it was filmed in 2011 or 2012, and I was right. They got married in Fed 2012. Didn't find any info about his wife's age tho, but she said she was 26 in the video, which will make her 36 or 37 now Do whatever u want with this info Also hello, I'm a new Greg :)
Anna R
Anna R Hace un año
He's done a great job getting inside this woman's head. He's gotten her to a point where she values his opinion more than her own. What a toxic, manipulative relationship- I hope she finds a way out.
kricket Hace 8 meses
@white.rabb!t 🩵 we get the point, you could've said it at least once
white.rabb!t 🩵
white.rabb!t 🩵 Hace 9 meses
It's scripted 🙄
Alison Purgatory
Alison Purgatory Hace 10 meses
‘She doesn’t seem unhappy’ ‘she looks ok with it’ do the people saying this have any understanding of abusive relationships? Of course she ‘seems’ ok with it publicly, if she wasn’t there’d be consequences. It’s common for people being abused to act like they’re not, especially in public, because it would really set off the abuser who’d do something horrible to them and/or the social reaction could make things worse and less to a situation where the abuser gets the bystanders on their side and turns them against the victim, or it could also make the abuser hold on tighter and thus make it harder for the victim to escape
Apple Farm
Apple Farm Hace 11 meses
@saotastic I do have emotional intelligence, I wouldn’t assume what someone does/doesn’t have seemingly because you (and others) disagree. That seems toxic, and disrespectful. It would make more sense if you (or others) disagreed with something an individual said, to engage in a mature, civil conversation with someone; and not try to childishly talk about them.
Apple Farm
Apple Farm Hace 11 meses
@tiffany arnaud I’m not defending a toxic relationship, I’ll “keep up” whatever I choose. It is her choice to stay in the relationship. Attempted emotional manipulation will not work.
Gh0st_Sheep Hace 3 meses
8:53 i am SO GLAD he made that reference, i said it like 3 times as i watched this and was delighted to hear him say it too
isra a.
isra a. Hace 2 meses
he created the reference, the audio clip came from him lol.
Cecilia Horner
Cecilia Horner Hace un año
Reality tv shows are always scripted and the producer will feed you lines. When he said "Is this say yes to the dress or say yes to the breast?" that was 100% something the producer told him to say lmao really enjoyed this commentary!
𝒢𝓇𝒶𝒸𝒾ℯ ♪
8:54 for _that_ part
Zander Pryor
Zander Pryor Hace 5 meses
I like to imagine the "who will be looking at the photos 20 years from now " is a subtle dig at their huge age gap
anime17love Hace 4 meses
Everyone say it with me: “Adults can be groomed too.”
suudbe Hace un año
"Most of Megan's clothes like her jeans today, her shoes, everything: I dressed her in" girl RUNNNNN 🚩🚩🚩🚩
artchic528 Hace 8 meses
Yeah, she’s just playing him for his money. Watch her divorce him a few years later and take half his estate.
ali moose
ali moose Hace 9 meses
Mark Hace 9 meses
@roachdogg jr. Who is to decide that its bad taste? I dated some eccentric women that sometimes would surprise me how they would dress. But I wouldnt tell them what to wear or not to wear. Later in life I got with a woman who wanted to do everything to dress like I liked. It was all from herself and I never demanded anything but it was her idea/feeling. So being on both sides, we cant judge. Its their thing and if they are good with it let them be.
roachdogg jr.
roachdogg jr. Hace 9 meses
@Mark that's bad and controlling too, unless your spouse has absolutely no sense of fashion whatsoever any time they dress and they ask you for help dressing up, you shouldn't do that
Mark Hace 9 meses
is it really that bad? I know tons of men were their wife buys all their clothes and tell them what to dress (specially in occasions).
Koi Hace un año
Can we appreciate how nicely danny dresses, like his fit was on point
Froggy Hace un mes
Honestly, the best part of this video was seeing how happy she got when she finally found that mermaid-style dress that she wanted. I’m so glad she at least got to choose the dress she wanted.
Taylor Griffith
Taylor Griffith Hace 11 meses
*Came for Say yes to the dress, stayed for Danny's humor LMAO* What is the CEO of Bang Energy? He doesn't even know the ages of the five kids this stunning woman gave him.
IkathysIkea Hace un año
Ever since I was a child I’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress. It’s so strange to see Danny watching the show that made me want to get married
Adjo Hace 4 meses
Am I the only one who thought Danny was an 18 year old collage student and didn’t know he is almost 30 with a wife?
Cecily Griffis
Cecily Griffis Hace un año
She said she didn't know what she wanted but literally in the clip before she wants mermaid style and she hates lace. It sounds very much like she knows what she wants but she's being manipulated
Boiifyoudont Faggumas
@William Miller how does this have any relation 😂
Ronnie Lyn
Ronnie Lyn Hace 10 meses
lol yes I noticed that as well. I used to be manipulated in the past too. I feel bad for her:(
William Miller
William Miller Hace 10 meses
@Apple Farm when someone is groomed saying whats happening to them is "their business" is kind of odd.
M ü r d ę r
M ü r d ę r Hace 6 meses
Honestly? Danny drinking a giant ass bottle of sparkling water while wearing a cream cable knit sweater and rust trousers is a vibe
Nada com nada dentro
5:30 I swear I saw a wedding exactly like this, not with Bang energy drinks in it but just: bride, in a tank full of water, on the reception, waving to the guests in her wedding dress as if she was a mermaid. There was a tv show that planned weddings for people randomly in my country. In another episode, not a mermaid one, but the cake designer made - as requested - the biggest wedding cake she could... She broke a World Record.
camille kcht
camille kcht Hace un año
You killed me at 10:41 😂
shay que
shay que Hace un año
this is honestly sad to be because I’ve personally been through toxic relationship(s) and they wouldn’t let me wear what i wanted to wear, like a croptop, i can tell that hes controlling and she seems to be brainwashed into thinking it is normal to be controlled & told whats okay to wear and what’s not okay to wear, i feel so bad for her
hashtagmate Hace 13 días
I feel so bad for her that she apparently thinks THIS is the treatment she deserves. She must have real low self esteem and he loves it
Crappy-doodle Hace un año
Could we get some more Say Yes to the Dress content from Danny tho? This was so much fun, he’s learning about dresses and styles while making it funny. I see some potential in him exploring different kinds of videos like this.
TashitaxLinda Hace 6 meses
hg Hace 6 meses
Ashe Grey
Ashe Grey Hace 11 meses
yesss this is one of the shows my mom would watch & i would walk in the room and end up getting distracted by it for three episodes lmao
Jackie P
Jackie P Hace un año
‘God put him on this earth for me... thirty years before I was born’ holy shit scathing and accurate
Jackie The Janitor
Jackie The Janitor Hace un año
Danny this Knives Out sweater and orange pants combo is so 🔥 Literally two of your best ever outfits back to back in ur last couple videos…ur such a style icon
Miss Oona
Miss Oona Hace 6 meses
Just to let Danny or anyone else wondering to know, mermaid dress means the shape of the dress, where it goes down the legs narrowly and widens towards the bottom, like a mermaid tail with the end fin things xD
a. Hace un año
it’s been 3 days since this was posted and i’ve watched it about 20 times this video is genuinely my favourite video by danny i can’t get enough of it
María Emilio Nuñez
This video has me thinking about what a mess it must be to work for a wedding retailer and have clients who should clearly not be getting married. Do any of these places ever have domestic abuse hotline numbers posted anywhere?
Cationna Hace un año
A man who constantly surrounds himself with bikini-clad models is EXACTLY the man to forbid his own gf, fiancee or wife to wear anything too revealing. You see, he judges all other men by his own standards, and categorised women into those that can be freely objectified and HIS PROPERTY that other men can't get a chance to see too much of because it would harm HIM.
Lolita Hace un año
Thank you exactly
bossy Hace un año
This is how I KNOW he sees women as objects. The fact that he can categorize and manipulate them however he likes without even considering their perspective? Strange.
Lowlight91 Hace un año
Yup! *Property*
Abailum Lerrad
Abailum Lerrad Hace un año
Not gonna lie bot, hi
emily Hace un año
Dude honestly that guy is horrible but that "say yes to the breast" bit was f*cking hilarious 🤣👋
riley meyer
riley meyer Hace un mes
12:09 is so funny. danny mumbling “i’m scared of fish” is so funny to me and idk why
Syzygy☆ Hace 2 meses
Fun fact: Danny said the word bang exactly 24 times in this video
Taryn Hace un año
Danny ur fit is giving Chris Evans in the movie Knives Out and I’m living for it
ssnekky Hace 4 meses
I never knew Danny was the guy who said “is this say yes to the dress or say yes to the SLUT?!” That’s one of my favorite audios it’s so funny.
direcircumstances Hace un año
I can't even imagine being that girl's mom and watching her get married to a rude-ass man twice her age.
Anastasia O
Anastasia O Hace un año
@annotatedkate someone can have perfectly fine parents and be pushovers. For example, if they were bullied in school all the time and didn't ever tell the parents, the parents can think everything is okay when in reality it isn't. That happened to me in middle school. It's the difference between nature and nurture. Not everything is the parents, some people can be assholes or more submissive even without parent's involvement. Someone can be narcissistic by nature even though the parents are sweethearts and taught them well. This also happened with my brother and showed at a very early age.
Dog God
Dog God Hace un año
Judging by their religiousness, I'm willing to bet her mom was actually involved in _setting her up_ with the dude herself and is "very proud" of this accomplishment. A lot of Americans criticize arranged marriages in Asia without realizing that loosely the same thing happens in the US in conservative church communities, they just don't call it an "arranged marriage" verbatim.
The thought is just traumatizing
nobita nobi
nobita nobi Hace un año
I saw her insta .. she is definitely one of those conservative christian woman .. there was literally #homebirth tagged ...
Bread Bin
Bread Bin Hace 6 meses
as someone who will always shit on tacky/overly revealing wedding dresses I gotta say, her choices weren't over the top (no pun intended). Just because there's cleavage doesn't mean it's trashy or gross, in fact, she looked very classy and pretty in the ones Mr. Bang kept shaming.
Cooking In Silence
Cooking In Silence Hace un año
I'm so glad you're doing some casual stuff. It's like a lil extra casual Danny on the weekends that we can cheat on hard-working large amounts of effort Danny on the weekdays.
Malaika B
Malaika B Hace 6 meses
How does Danny keep making viral sounds on tik tok. LMAFO
TinyPidgeon Hace un año
I think the reason she kicked him out was partially so he wouldn’t sway her opinion on it but also because if it was the dress she likely didn’t want him to see her in it before the wedding. A lot of people follow “the groom can’t see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding” so it could’ve been very similar thinking
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