bang ceo on "say yes to the dress??" 

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23 ene 2022






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@kylenieves3468 Hace 2 años
I like how Danny hears "mermaid gown" and immediately assumes she's in a full blown Ariel tail swimming in an aquarium.
@ohio9499 Hace 2 años
That’s what I first thought
@cartoonplanettv Hace 2 años
Plot twist: she actually wanted that but preferred to go with a normal mermaid gown because she was still afraid of her husband.
@sfhsfjnsgbv Hace 2 años
she was…. wdym 🙄
@kylenieves3468 Hace 2 años
@@sfhsfjnsgbv a mermaid gown typically means body con gown to the knees/calf that frills out in a bell like shape at the bottom, resembling a mermaid tail. She wasn't looking to *literally* swim in a tank. Here's your eye roll back babes 🙄
@sfhsfjnsgbv Hace 2 años
@@kylenieves3468 bro i was joking 🧍‍♀️
@M2ofEMMM Hace un año
"I'm in the Bang CEO's target age range" is such a terrifying statement but also something I kind of want on a T-shirt
@mathddv Hace 10 meses
"I'm in the Bang CEO's target age range" is another version of "I'm too old for Leonardo Di Caprio"
@punkyjewster2350 Hace 7 meses
Tried to find one of these shirts in the adults section but I couldn’t. Really looked everywhere too. Purposely avoided making eye contact with the kids section but I’m sure I didn’t miss anything
​@@mathddv its thematic opposite LMAO
@caramelapples4393 Hace un mes
Just danny doing danny things yknow
@Sqwid_Sqwid_OwO Hace 27 días
it will be done.
@notamberlee Hace 2 años
“SAY YES TO THE SLUT” is one of the funniest things fucking ever and i have no idea why.
@Spidertheidiot Hace un año
@@janeeyre1990 Kelsey, I've been on the floor hysterically laughing for 5 minutes now. I hope you're happy.
@itonyamovie4521 Hace un año
@@Spidertheidiot same lmaooo im pissing and shitting rn and rolling around on the floor
@janeeyre1990 Hace un año
@@Spidertheidiot , mission accomplished.
@pizzabagels9156 Hace un año
@lahnachurch665 Hace un año
@@pizzabagels9156 i appreciate your existence on this planet and i hope that anytime you’re craving pizza bagels(i’m assuming that you love those as that’s literally ur name on here but if it’s like an ironic thing and you actually hate them then i apologize severely and please pretend i didn’t say pizza bagel and instead said whatever your absolute favorite food and/or drinks okay? okay.)but anytime you’re craving them i hope that when you go to the freezer there is the exact amount you want and more. I pray you never go to make some bc you’re craving it that you’re never out and god forbid that theres ever only 1-2 left in the box. you deserve the best things in the world bc i didn’t have time to rewatch this vid bc i’m trying to find like 15 clips rn for my friends edit and you just saved me from rewatching the full vid(id love to bc i love Danny but i just don’t have the time rn so you genuinely saved me some time. I appreciate your existance in this world and i’m genuinely so happy you were born and exist on the same plane of reality and in the same period of time that i do. you deserve amazing things in this life. i pray you get it Sir Mr. Ma’am sir Mrs. Pizza bagel! have a good day!!!
@Alexcutspie Hace un año
Jack “owoc” is fruit in Polish. _this dudes name is Jackfruit_
@chronicmelancholic Hace un año
I'm happy to see someone mention this, that what I kept thinking about, but I forgor that it's fruit and not vegetable because in Russian it means vegetable lol
@MartaTarasiuk Hace un año
OMG, I wasn't the only one thinking it!
@aspenowo6054 Hace un año
Explains why he's so unlikeable
@alterego24122 Hace un año
Makes sense why no one likes him. It's because he's a rotten fruit
@-luvtillx- Hace 10 meses
omg I was thinking of this too bc im polish
@DelightfullyGrace Hace 2 años
Dude, she keeps saying, “I don’t know what I want,” but she *does.* She was clearly into a mermaid style dress with a cute, but sexy style. She doesn’t like lace and said so straightforwardly. Still, Mr. Bang made her try a lace dress and vetoed any requests she made. It’s not that she doesn’t know what she’s looking for, it’s that he refuses to let her get what she wants and she has to pretend she’ll be happy with whatever he chooses. He’s actively making jokes at her expense, belittling her, and making her doubt herself. **Note** I’m glad she ended up with the dress she wanted in the end, good for her ♡
@kaldurskipper6821 Hace 2 años
Well, sort of bad for her. They still went through with the marriage
@chelsaconley1548 Hace un año
if he was this controlling in front of her family and friends AND a camera crew, that’s real bad
@nikolas7030 Hace un año
Mr. Bang has some deep pockets you know
@jaymevosburgh3660 Hace un año
If I were that women's mother I would have punched Jack in the face. Multiple times, to be sure.
@nekorina9011 Hace un año
@@nikolas7030 Ok but you need to understand that it's not always about money. Most of the time, the reason victims stay in relationships like this is because their abusers manipulate them into giving up their agency and diminishing them repeatedly a number of ways (such as gradually degrading them, as we see in the video). In a lot of cases, it's also straight up not safe for victims to just up and leave.
@miabennett04 Hace un año
if he can control her to this extent in front of all of these people AND a camera crew, it’s kinda scary to think how bad it is behind closed doors
@saltedwounds Hace un año
Agreed.. I feel really bad for her. I hope she leaves him one day; And takes their kids, they must not be happy either if that’s how he treats his wife.
@jjnyoom1942 Hace un año
It's scripted 🤦🏻‍♀️
@cam4636 Hace un año
@@jjnyoom1942 The TV show is edited. The marriage isn't.
@jjnyoom1942 Hace un año
@@cam4636 everything here is a script, but she is married to him yes 🙄
@user-zn2hw2it1h Hace un año
yeah i’m seriously worried abt hee
@direcircumstances Hace 2 años
I can't even imagine being that girl's mom and watching her get married to a rude-ass man twice her age.
@enotsnavdier6867 Hace 2 años
He's literally more than twice her age
@rose-gl4io Hace 2 años
@@enotsnavdier6867 yep 😬👍🏾
@phantomkate6 Hace 2 años
Pushovers aren't born; they're made by their parents. In my crystal ball, I can see the future power struggles between husband and mother/father in law.
@nobitanobi3475 Hace 2 años
I saw her insta .. she is definitely one of those conservative christian woman .. there was literally #homebirth tagged ...
The thought is just traumatizing
@anenemystand5582 Hace 2 años
I like how literally the first shot is just everyone sitting very politely and considerately, and then Mr. Bang is just seated in the middle of the couch, legs spread wide enough to bridge the strait of Gibraltar, and a look of pure hatred in his eyes.
@morgainesharp1032 Hace 2 años
This comment has me SOBBING omfg 😂💀
@largeboi4678 Hace 2 años
He’s got that bang energy
@hannalee6798 Hace 2 años
“Mr. Bang” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 killed me.
@antifragiIed Hace 2 años
u should write a book
@Lost_Scarf Hace 2 años
Wide enough to bridge the straight of Gilbraltar 💀GURL I- 😭😭💅✨
@natsinnett9751 Hace 2 años
Wardrobe control was one of the most stifling abuse tactics my ex used against me. It completely tore me down and took away my sense of self and autonomy- I hurt for this woman.
@placeholderdoe Hace un año
I hope you’re feeling better now
@TashitaxLinda Hace un año
@janeeyre1990 Hace un año
It sucks that society as a whole reinforces that abuse by judging and shaming women for how they dress And some subcultures are worse than others. Like the Evangelical Fundamentalist subculture in the US.
@janeeyre1990 Hace un año
I am genderfluid and have started dressing/presenting as a man full-time because I feel safer. I experience less day-to-day harassment.
@hhh1234h Hace 11 meses
@@janeeyre1990how is this related to anything
@Viking215 Hace un año
Fun fact: according to Google she’s 19x’s richer than he is and is actually a fashion designer. So what the HECK is going on in this store?!?!
@GPS_DS Hace 3 meses
So clearly she isn’t in this for the money, so WHY be in this abusive relationship with this hideous, crazy man?
@lollabunyxxx Hace 2 meses
​@@GPS_DSshe is like super religious so maybe SOMEHOW he appealed to that
@mArGoT_mAsSaCrE Hace 2 meses
@@GPS_DS they have a bunch of crotch goblins so that may be it
@rubigoodall9198 Hace un mes
@@mArGoT_mAsSaCrEthat’s such a funny way to say kids
@alyssacdavis8246 Hace un mes
@annika8674 Hace un año
Are we not gonna talk about how Jack brought his “friend” who’s also a 20 something woman? Like he is definitely not the type of guy who sees woman as more than objects and combined with his abusive behavior towards his fiancé makes me concerned for that relationship too. He just gives me sketch vibes.
@1v_80 Hace un año
I did find that weird. To bring your fiancés friend, the way she said it made it sound like she doesn't even know the friend
@KreeZafi Hace un año
Very true, he doesn't strike me as the type of person who'd be platonic friends with a woman. More like a sleazebag who'll pretend to be friends with people he's attracted to.
@Kei_Wei Hace un año
@Wynn bro most of us actually *aren't* like that Just an annoyingly loud minority
@soulsofwar8985 Hace un año
@Wynn Some men are assholes who only see women as sex objects, "most" seems like a stretch though. I know a lot of good men. I am gay and dating a man who doesn't see me as a sex object (in fact, two women I dated did just see me as a play thing so... And of the two men I've dated, neither have seen me that way)
@soulsofwar8985 Hace un año
@Wynn Many do, but many could still be 1 billion men and still not be "most" since there is definitely more than 2 billion straight men. I've known a lot of great men, I've known a lot of sleazy men, but those blanket statements do more harm than good. You can't complain about misogynistic men and then be misandristic. There's shitty men, there's shitty women, there's great men, there's great women. Grouping up anyone isn't good
@kaleighbankston914 Hace un año
Literally so glad the “SAY YES TO THE $LUT” line is a TikTok audio it’s literally my favorite joke
@No-qn8jr Hace un año
He tries to make viral tiktok audios but the ones where he’s not trying go VIRAL. 💀
@@No-qn8jr what
@@No-qn8jr fr lol
Whoever wants the time stamp 8:54
@Cationna Hace 2 años
A man who constantly surrounds himself with bikini-clad models is EXACTLY the man to forbid his own gf, fiancee or wife to wear anything too revealing. You see, he judges all other men by his own standards, and categorised women into those that can be freely objectified and HIS PROPERTY that other men can't get a chance to see too much of because it would harm HIM.
@abailumlerrad1037 Hace 2 años
@Not gonna lie bot, hi
@angiemtz9049 Hace 2 años
It’s called the madonna wh*re complex
@Lowlight91 Hace 2 años
Yup! *Property*
@ThemedNumber02 Hace 2 años
This is how I KNOW he sees women as objects. The fact that he can categorize and manipulate them however he likes without even considering their perspective? Strange.
@DiamantisHell Hace 2 años
Thank you exactly
@taylorharrison2274 Hace 2 años
I really feel like someone needs to mention that yes, Jack is wearing a suit that is both way too big for him and completely untailored, as well as wearing a style of shirt that isn't meant to be worn with a tie (I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be wearing a bowtie with that type of shirt collar). His vest is also insanely long (it should fall at around belt-buckle length) and the colour's not one I would've done- it almost looks like his shirt is untucked at the bottom. Not to mention that he just seems generally confused about what occasion he's dressed for-- it looks like he just picked out whatever was on sale and went from there. If anything, he's the least classy person at his own wedding (although I have no doubt that anyone could surmise that from his Instagram).
@Catmum1998 Hace un año
I know nothing about suits but he looks like a kid trying on his dad’s suit or something 😂
@toastshine Hace un año
i think the only time i’ve seen shirts like that was in like plays? but only from the orchestra.. it’s definitely not the right shirt for this occasion (in my opinion at least)
@taylorharrison2274 Hace un año
@@toastshine it's a shirt that's designed to be worn with a tuxedo, in case you're interested. So absolutely not lmao
@toastshine Hace un año
@@taylorharrison2274 thank you for the info!! i’ve expanded my knowledge of ‘fancy men’s attire’ today
@BarbieDreamDungeon Hace un año
He looks like a nine year old dressed for a funeral
@blackbangtan8943 Hace 2 años
I could sew 5 full blankets with the amount of red flags in this relationship, like the whole video I was just like, *GIRL RUNNNN* 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🚩🚩🚩
@Vin_ce_nt Hace un año
what size blanket are they tho
@Jibberty Hace un año
@@Vin_ce_nt large enough to cover his ego lol
@lclyx.0951 Hace un año
@@Jibberty I don’t think that’s possible
@kiralonely1307 Hace un año
@@lclyx.0951 Let me introduce you to the Mobius Strip-
@kaylafarley167 Hace 10 meses
They have 3 children :(
@anime17love Hace un año
Everyone say it with me: “Adults can be groomed too.”
@laceyrainbolt5432 Hace 9 meses
thank you so much for saying this. I feel very validated 💜💜💜
@dum.. Hace 4 meses
Yes sweetheart that's called manipulation, it was already a thing before
@lenas6246 Hace 26 días
@Xionarra Hace un día
@kristenbarho7463 Hace 2 años
7:30 Just so everyone in this community is aware, as someone who’s been in a controlling relationship and who studies domestic violence, she very likely says she doesn’t know what she wants because her autonomy has been taken away from her. When someone controls everything you do/wear, you lose your sense of self and your confidence, and making decisions can become very difficult. Especially because in these controlling relationships, any decision you do make is often criticized. It sounded like she did have an idea of what she wanted (a mermaid style dress; not lace; etc), but she kept getting shut down/invalidated
@Marina_7 Hace un año
Oddly I feel so seen reading that, I haven't been in a toxic relationship but my mother is so much like that and always has been, she's even like that with my dad. That is exactly the effect it has had on me, it may sound stupid and ungrateful but it really affected me. I don't even like her taste much but often there's either so much guilt tripping/insulting undertones (or even plain insults), or I'm instinctively _expecting_ there to be, that I just completely give up on my (very normal, basic and not at all inappropriate) wishes because it's just not worth feeling so awful again and there's no other solution. It is interesting though that if I look at someone I do know what I like and don't about how they're dressed, but when it comes to thinking about getting clothes for myself I have no idea and just look for the most absolute basic stuff, with that at least you can try the excuse that it's comfortable.
@kristenbarho7463 Hace un año
@@Marina_7 There’s nothing stupid or ungrateful about this, thank you for sharing! And this kind of toxic behavior/interaction isn’t limited to romantic relationships. It’s just as possible for family members, for example, to do this to you as well. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this, and it makes sense that you might struggle now to identify your own likes and interests for yourself. I know from personal experience it can feel strange to point these things out, because things may not always be negative with your mother, but know your experience is completely valid
@cottoncoffin Hace un año
facts :(
@abillionzebras Hace un año
my dad used to pick out my clothes for me all the time because i was too lazy to do it myself. but usually when i wanted to pick out my own clothes he let me without making any jokes or doing something like that. I just wanted to point out that of course you can let somebody pickout your clothes for you, but you cant let them cross that line when you pick out your own clothes. I understand her letting him pick out her clothes, but only if she is okay with that. if not, then the line has been crossed
@sarahm9731 Hace un año
@@Marina_7 i have this exact experience with my own mother. And only now at 25 am i exploring my sense of style and trying things she would hate. But it is difficult because it really impacted my self esteem so i can never tell what actually looks good.
@edwinlevi6608 Hace un año
Age differences aren’t the problem. The problem is the power dynamic. You can’t consent to someone who has this kind of power over you. I hope she’s doing okay.
@paladindean1715 Hace 10 meses
The power to get kicked out of a store?
@xsavagelovex2209 Hace 9 meses
I personally get kinda grossed out with big age differences BECAUSE OF the fact usually the older individual is taking advantage of the younger partner in these types of relationships- So it tends to happen more in age differences
@InertiaStatus Hace 2 meses
This kind of age difference is a problem though
@jennifrsbody Hace 2 meses
age difference are literally what make up a power dynamic. please
@mArGoT_mAsSaCrE Hace 2 meses
@@jennifrsbody in this case? absolutely, but in general? not entirely
@cecilygriffis6508 Hace 2 años
She said she didn't know what she wanted but literally in the clip before she wants mermaid style and she hates lace. It sounds very much like she knows what she wants but she's being manipulated
@haikatta....8023 Hace 2 años
Only for fans over 18 years old Aishite.Tokyo/shizumi ❤‍🔥 mañas no se la Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la lease que escriba bien mamon hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado.por la vida dura que se vive hoy . Köz karaş: ''Taŋ kaldım'' Erinder: ''Sezimdüü'' Jılmayuu: ''Tattuuraak'' Dene: ''Muzdak'' Jizn, kak krasivaya melodiya, tolko pesni pereputalis. Aç köz arstan Bul ukmuştuuday ısık kün bolçu, jana arstan abdan açka bolgon. Uyunan çıgıp, tigi jer-jerdi izdedi. Al kiçinekey koyondu gana taba algan. Al bir az oylonboy koyondu karmadı. ''Bul koyon menin kursagımdı toyguza albayt'' dep oylodu arstan. Arstan koyondu öltüröyün dep jatkanda, bir kiyik tigi tarapka çurkadı. Arstan aç köz bolup kaldı. Kiçine koyondu emes, çoŋ kiyikti jegen jakşı dep oylodu.#垃圾 Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 💗❤️💌💘
@margaretgibbs6673 Hace 2 años
She knows what she wants, but he's got her trained to put her wants second and cater to his at all times. And they're not even married yet...I know not all relationships with age gaps are manipulative and toxic but BOY howdy if this isn't sending up every possible red flag of "older man is only attracted to younger women partly because he's gross/shallow but partly because he sees young women as easier to shape and control...most women his own age are less likely to put up with his bullshit". I feel so sad for her
@applefarm6126 Hace 2 años
That’s her business
@kelleyreeves965 Hace 2 años
I can't see this marriage going too well for her, but she's already in over her head...
@leigha3873 Hace 2 años
@@applefarm6126 i mean if they’re on a tv show for millions of people to see then don’t get mad when people start making assumptions based on what’s presented
@jannah6694 Hace un año
The fact that Danny made a song to get became a famous tiktok audio but saying a one liner got him it
@cymarie_ Hace un año
@ciphergacha9100 Hace un año
Which one
@ellawanless641 Hace un año
@@ciphergacha9100 “say yes to the dress? more like say yes to the SLUT”
@junebuggy1 Hace 11 meses
@@ciphergacha9100 say yes to the sl-t
@A.bbbyyyy Hace 11 meses
​@@ciphergacha9100 "say yes to the dress, say yes to the sl*t" is the line lol
@mriffle2016 Hace 10 meses
“well we found a dress she likes but now we need to keep the fiance from throwing a tootsie roll in the punch bowl” WHAT?? LMAOOO SOUTHERN PPL SAY THE FUNNIEST SHIT I LOVE IT
@nb_oovanboi7750 Hace 10 meses
"Is this a wedding or a BOOBY" is one of the best quotes of all time
@persephoneblack888 Hace un año
It makes me feel better knowing she'll outlive him. It's still gross that he controls every little decision she makes, but she's decided she's okay with that so...Also, 20yrs from now he'll be 79 and she'll be 46 so who knows maybe only she'll be looking at the photos 😂
@thelanktheist2626 Hace un año
Yes, but the reason most older guys use younger girls is because as their health fails they can manipulate her into being dependent, which is what Jack is doing, so once they become dependent on full-time care, the lady will be “obliged” to nurse him for another 5-10 years because “he treated her well” until he finally kicks the bucket. It’s quite disgusting.
@NylaTheWolf Hace 11 meses
@@thelanktheist2626 oh shit you have a great point and that makes me sick to my stomach. I really hope she gets out of there
@caderodgers9967 Hace 11 meses
And he def isn’t the picture of health… he has bang for blood
@nhilz8958 Hace 8 meses
at least when he dies shes gonna get a nice inheritence
@sharkksoda Hace 5 meses
she hasn't "decided that she's okay with that", she's being manipulated into being okay with that.
@malkam.7543 Hace un año
If someone is doing this at your fitting, don't buy a dress. Postpone the wedding and go to couples counseling. This level of control is bordering on abuse and no one with this issue in their relationship should be going straight to marriage. If your fiance is telling you what you can and cannot wear, the relationship is not ready for marriage.
honestly i would go as far as to say it’s not just bordering on abuse-it IS abuse.
@thewizard555 Hace 2 meses
like why are you even marrying a walking, running ,sprinting red flag ?
@mikeox_is_small Hace 2 años
how wholesome, a father walking his daughter down the aisle, then marrying his daughter.
@bubbyguppy Hace 2 años
Top kek though brucey
🎶sweet home alabama🎶
@fax bro wth is this
@js8qp2pwisos Hace 2 años
woody allen be like
@lauren3173 Hace un año
“I didn’t know what I liked, what I didn’t like-“ She wanted a sexy mermaid dress with no lace… She knew what she wanted and liked. Maybe she just didn’t know it because she wasn’t being given the chance to even explore her options because of the douche in the room.
@GrizzlyBehre Hace 2 años
"Throw a tootsie roll in the punchbowl" had me dying laughing for some reason
@linneascameraroll Hace un año
@kiralonely1307 Hace un año
I love the southern slang they use in that show, cracks me up every time.
@miggle2784 Hace 6 meses
that woman is the embodiment of the “sassy black lady” trope in bad movies
@shaydeevee33 Hace 2 meses
Her saying "we can't show him this one" is so unbelievably sad. Can't imagine having a fiancé that's so mean that you know he will make you feel bad about the dress you dreamed of for your WEDDING.
@izzytepe Hace 2 años
every single one of the puns danny made after the "say yes to the breast" joke made me laugh so incredibly hard
@nsanders125 Hace un año
It's not that she doesn't know what she 'wants', it's that she doesn't know what HE wants. He is clearly a misogynistic control freak. The desperation in her voice while trying to figure him out is a small cry for help. She knows what she wants. She doesn't know what she is *allowed* to want, per his standards. I hope she sees this episode, realizes her worth, and takes half his money for the obvious psychic damages he causes by having the worst vibes of any room he walks into.
@Dumbledoraexplora Hace 2 años
Jack seems like the kinda dude to insult his wife and then look around the room for validation
@aspenisthebest Hace 2 años
Omg yes
@vxntagedre4862 Hace 2 años
@getmiloed Hace 2 años
this is perfect oh my god
@PellowKityAt Hace 2 años
true! this lady needs to get out of the relationship ASAP
@picnicsandstars Hace 2 años
He literally does the whole time lol
@leafeon8956 Hace 2 años
I love that the CEO of Bang wore a bowtie collared shirt and wore a normal tie. When it just has those two little flaps, then you're supposed to wear a bowtie not a long tie
@synthiandrakon Hace un año
it's also crazy because none of these dresses are like particularly revealing. like even a "flirty" wedding dress is still a big ass gown that covers most of a woman's body. there really isn't all that much on display
@ninar9664 Hace un año
True. Flirty dresses are just some chest showing
@SallyB_23 Hace un año
never fails to shock me when I see someone literally being abused and treated like an object by their significant other in real time, like shit like "he convinced me that I didn't know what I wanted" is the kind of stuff people tell you about AFTER the relationship has ended horribly, ya know😅
@janeeyre1990 Hace un año
I assume they were raised in an abusive household, so abuse is their normal. That was the case for my mom, and she got me a few steps away from that abuse. She completely cut off contact with her family, went through years of counseling, and married a husband who was not physically abusive like her parents. But her husband / my father was psychologically abusive. And most of her "friends" were manipulative and verbally bullied her. It took us both until my adulthood to recognize the psychological abuse and try to get away from it, as much as we can given our limited financial resources (e.g., not being able to move away from neighbors who harass us). If all you ever experience is abuse, it becomes impossible to recognize. And so a lot of people convince themselves that they are okay with it because that's psychologically easier than identifying as a victim.
@roguestowl2280 Hace 2 años
Every moment of this makes me sad for this woman. I don’t know her, but she deserves to be treated with more respect than this.
@oskeewootwoot Hace un año
When the one lady says "If she keeps letting her fiance change her mind, she'll be walking out of here with nothing but her fiance", I love the irony in that statement as he's the one thing she should be getting rid of here.
@caithenry8429 Hace 2 años
The sheer relief in her voice when the salesperson asked if she could kick out the husband, sweetheart that ain't it
@yyg4632 Hace 2 años
im legit scared for her
@aldranzam3456 Hace 2 años
she just needs to wait 20 years, he'll be dead and she can date models with the inheritance. A fair deal.
@fardousahmed5152 Hace 2 años
@@aldranzam3456 yeah except she wasted 20 years of her life in misery when she could have been happier with a non-asshole 🤷🏻‍♀️
@Nonaya Bidness That's a pretty grim view of being 56! I like to think she'll turn into Blanche from The Golden Girls and have a blast. Now THAT'S classy
@nickynomads7410 Hace 2 años
Get a good pre marital arrangement and divorce asap. He deserves it 100%
@miabailey2236 Hace 2 años
8:39 Danny’s gasp only makes me wanna watch reality tv with him more
@lolaishotasf Hace un año
bro lemme tell u i GASPED when that guy said that it was so unexpected for me lmfaoo
@lugoorstar Hace 2 años
12:10 Danny you're the person who should know the most about why mermaids are terrifying, you already have seen them *melt people* .
@H341HER_CH4NDL3R Hace un año
yeah. but then agian he didnt have bones
@emperorliz Hace un año
The aggression in "Say yes to the SLUT" gets me.
Did anyone else think it was a red flag that the bride’s reaction to being criticized by her husband is to say that she ‘doesn’t know what she wants’. She knew exactly what she wanted, a flirty mermaid dress, in a normal healthy couple it would be like ‘we want different things’ not ‘I no longer know what _I_ want’. Especially combined with the fact that he apparently dresses her everyday, talk about controlling.
the quiet little "I'm scared of fish" joke straight up killed me
@jaistashu1560 Hace 2 años
Surprised that the Bang CEO wasn't dressed head to toe in all the red flags he's throwing up.
@rivercat26 Hace 2 años
Omg right? It was like the first sentence he said and I thought, "Yeah this marriage isn't gonna go well"
@esmeralda8305 Hace 2 años
Best comment here.
@decoy1359 Hace 2 años
Seriously, a dude dating a chick half his age and being super controlling to the point where he even decides what she wears on a day to day basis? Fuck that
@potmeetkettle Hace 2 años
Gotta remember this roast for when I need it
@screamsformemes Hace 2 años
This comment is fire, thank you
@ashleyarcangel492 Hace 2 años
Danny being so confused about a mermaid style dress is the cutest thing ever
@quinceyrhoten7505 Hace 2 años
10:07 one of danny's best jokes lmfao shit had me crying
@samiowes Hace un año
“ I didn’t pee myself.” That’s what someone who peed themselves would say.
Danny you were so wrong at 7:40 she was showing so many signs of abuse this is heartbreaking
I know :/ I kind of agreed with Danny until I read all the comments and realized that anyone can be oblivious to the signs of abuse unless you or a loved one has been in her shoes. I don’t think Danny meant anything bad and he definitely seems to think Jack is a bad guy. I just hope the girl is okay and that Jack is at least a little better.
@smirsfailurez Hace 9 meses
Sadly, Danny can’t just say he was abusive because that’s a very serious accusation that he can’t just say and claim as fact (for legal reasons)
@sama9394 Hace un año
the consultant lady's face throughout this whole thing 😭✋
@thatenbyowen7039 Hace 2 años
Literally this girl is so manipulated by Jack. She can't think for herself, she has to ask for Jack's ideas about her dress. He dresses her! He's so toxic, and it's so sad that she can't see it.
@Songmorning Hace 2 años
I know, right? I was like, "Girl, runnnnnnn! Don't marry him!"
@moyo6606 Hace 2 años
Hopefully she's playing the long con and gets 50% of that Bang money 💰
@Lisa_Flowers Hace 2 años
It's very hard to see that you are being controlled or manipulated when you are actually _in_ it. It rarely starts out that way, it usually gets worse gradually, so it can be so impossible to see once it does get bad. Or in her case, she probably has much less experience with relationships than he does. If this is even a semi-accurate representation of their relationship, I hope she can leave.
@kiralonely1307 Hace 2 años
@@moyo6606 Seems she's very very religious so I sadly doubt it. I don't think she'd consider divorce an option, even if her life was in danger, but that's just an assumption based on religious folks I've seen to a similar degree.
@hendersonca99 Hace 2 años
My exact thoughts. It was sad to watch, and this was only what was shown on TV. Manipulation is a beast that affects every part of you. Hope she gets tf out of there, she deserves way better
@zanderfpryor Hace un año
I like to imagine the "who will be looking at the photos 20 years from now " is a subtle dig at their huge age gap
@mrfrogkingg Hace 2 años
The fact that she becomes a million times more beautiful when she's happy and wearing a dress she loves, and she is already gorgeous
@glommer0.0 Hace un año
he and her dad probably went to kindergarten together 💀💀
@averagemik5013 Hace un año
my heart breaks for this girl :( I've been in an abusive, controlling relationship with an older man who I didn't realize was manipulating me. After three years of being with him I had no sense of self, everything I did or said was based on whether or not he would approve. I hope she realizes how much she is worth & leaves his crusty ass.
@gracedoubleu Hace un año
8:54 for _that_ part
@kats-bk6et Hace un mes
Much appreciated ❤
@TheElusiveReality Hace 2 años
She knows exactly what she wants, she said it right up top that she wants a mermaid style dress with no lace, shes literally too *AFRAID OF HIM* to assert herself
@annabaggett9076 Hace 2 años
I came here to day this as well! She literally mentioned it first thing and then said she didn't know what she wanted???
@starsiadraws Hace 2 años
This makes me genuinely concerned for her. She's married to a rich asshole old enough to be her father who won't let her have her own opinions on how *she* should look. It screams red flags to me. He's clearly a misogynist and I sincerely hope she can leave him for a healthy relationship.
@ceeemm172 Hace 2 años
@@starsiadraws They were married in 2012, she's had five of his kids via homebirth since then. She's VERY religious.
@karenamyx2205 Hace 2 años
It's so annoying when ppl jump the shark with their relationship assumptions. Is he a bit of an ass? Yeah. Is he kinda a control freak? Sure. But let's not jump to "seriously guys, I'm scared for her. She may be trapped and need our help". Ffs.
@Emu19 Hace 2 años
@@karenamyx2205 But she is though. Obviously she is "consenting" but clearly he has way more control of her life than he should, and no, I'm not saying this ONLY because of Say Yes To The Dress. Not to mention that she is very religious, so there is a high possibility she was conditioned by her parents as well to listen to her husband and essentially live her life to please her husband. So that idealogy combined with the fact he LITERALLY DRESSES HER?? Like I can completely understand not wanting a random person to be judged based on stuff that was scripted or worrying about "cancel culture" but if you genuinely do not see how this women could potentially be being manipulated and choose to argue with the few of us who feel uncomfortable enough to say something then you need to educate yourself on manipulation tactics and abuse to better protect yourself. Also, why does is it annoying for others to show concern on the internet? If we're being honest everything that is said in this comment section is our own thoughts and feelings based on what we experienced and know about toxic relationships, so I'm curious how our opinions has any effect on you let alone rich Bang Energy CEO.
@evedny719 Hace un año
I just realized that the famous TikTok sound "is this say yes to the dress or say yes to the sl*t??" is from Danny; and the fact that it has more videos than the song "circus" he made specifically to go viral is insanely funny
@an0nymxus_ Hace un año
8:53 i am SO GLAD he made that reference, i said it like 3 times as i watched this and was delighted to hear him say it too
@israa.6375 Hace un año
he created the reference, the audio clip came from him lol.
@holyparz7095 Hace un año
8:58 ive heard that sound on tiktok never realised it was danny
@froggy5748 Hace un año
Honestly, the best part of this video was seeing how happy she got when she finally found that mermaid-style dress that she wanted. I’m so glad she at least got to choose the dress she wanted.
@user-sc2pq8np8q Hace un año
9:13 the bang looks photo shopped into his hand
@lvbboi9 Hace 2 años
The fact that BANG CEO's name is Jack OWOc is the worst thing to ever exist. When is he gonna start selling BANG-themed Fursuits
@ShiruKitty Hace 2 años
@Eatyourenemies5 Hace 2 años
His surname means “fruit” in Polish, as I think his father immigrated from Poland ;)
@TurbopropPuppy Hace 2 años
owo what's this? bang enewgy dwink? uwu
@so9175 Hace 2 años
@catphaws Hace 2 años
@Lotus glad that’s not a virus.
@skysmistake464 Hace un año
11:23 this part breaks my heart. You can see on her face that she doesn't know what to do, and the fact that he doesn't seem to pick up on that is frustrating. This is supposed to be her big day, yet her fiancee is trying to put the focus on what he wants rather than what she wants. I have seen quite a few comments mentioning how he seems more like an overprotective/controlling father, and I can't agree more.
@MigattenoBlakae Hace 9 meses
Not overprotective. Just controlling. I don’t think he’s doing it out of love, I think he’s doing it out of malice or thoughtlessness. The rich ARE used to getting exactly what they want, when they want it.
@Mr.noodle240 Hace 7 meses
Bang CEO, in a tailored suit so fine, Preparing for a wedding, a moment quite divine. But behind the scenes, a different tale unfolds, A man consumed by power, his control takes hold. (Pre-Chorus) He plans every detail, orchestrating the show, But his wife, a puppet, with strings he loves to throw. A marriage bound in chains, a toxic melody, Bang CEO's dominion, a love song filled with tragedy. (Chorus) Oh, Bang CEO, the master of disguise, In the public eye, but darkness in your eyes. Your wife dances to your tune, a captive in your hand, But love should be freedom, not a command. (Verse 2) She wears a smile, though her heart feels confined, A beautiful facade, but her spirit left behind. In the wedding gown, she longs to break free, From the prison of control, where her true self can't be seen. (Pre-Chorus) His demands and expectations, a weight she bears, But deep down inside, she knows she deserves better cares. In the shadows, she dreams of liberation's embrace, A life where love blossoms, with kindness and grace. (Chorus) Oh, Bang CEO, the master of disguise, In the public eye, but darkness in your eyes. Your wife dances to your tune, a captive in your hand, But love should be freedom, not a command. (Bridge) In her heart, a fire starts to ignite, A flicker of courage, breaking through the night. She sees the truth, she deserves respect, To cast off the chains, and regain self-respect. (Guitar Solo) (Chorus) Oh, Bang CEO, your power starts to fade, As your wife awakens, her spirit unafraid. No longer controlled, she takes a stand, Love should be equal, not a one-sided command. (Outro) Bang CEO, the wedding bells may ring, But the symphony of control will no longer sing. For love is a partnership, built on trust and care, Not a battlefield where dominance ensnares.
@STAGISTODAY Hace 6 meses
@sealion94 Hace 5 meses
@cyberqueen201 Hace 4 meses
@Mr.noodle240 Hace 4 meses
@@sealion94 lol i will never tell
@turtlelord8021 Hace 4 meses
This was made with ChatGPT, right.
@DixieTsutsaeva Hace un año
As someone who was controlled by men most of my life, her saying "I didn't really know what I liked" was her way of simultaneously glossing over what he was doing and at the same time losing any opinion of her own because he made it clear his opinion was the only one that mattered since he shoots her down every time she expresses herself.
@artboxartist9935 Hace 10 meses
Fun fact: the narrator for Say Yes to the Dress is the same guy who voices Sonic The Hedgehog in the games. Or, at least he was last I checked. His name's Roger Craig Smith.
I googled when BANG CEO got married because the video looked like it was filmed in 2011 or 2012, and I was right. They got married in Fed 2012. Didn't find any info about his wife's age tho, but she said she was 26 in the video, which will make her 36 or 37 now Do whatever u want with this info Also hello, I'm a new Greg :)
@ah-nononoo Hace 2 años
He literally sees women as, "wife material" or "sexual object". Truly transcends time
@izstrella Hace 2 años
This is why you should always be skeptical when someone says they're a "classical gentleman", haha.
@cosmicrays3472 Hace 2 años
@@iseeyouineverystar what. why the sudden islamophobia on something completely unrelated????
@crunchii891 Hace 2 años
@@iseeyouineverystar girl what???
@coffe4meplz Hace 2 años
@@iseeyouineverystar why would you say that? Explain. Quickly.
@kamrynmcgregorr Hace 2 años
@@iseeyouineverystar what
@monal3544 Hace 2 años
Bride: "I'm 26" Danny: "Wait, I am older" Me: "Wait what" Is it just me or does he look younger lol 👀
@mirat9kyo Hace 2 años
Right he looks like 23 at most
@mira9667 Hace 2 años
i used to think he was like 17-19
@largeboi4678 Hace 2 años
He’s older than 26? I knew he’s been in his 20’s for a while, but I had no clue he was senile!
@user-ir6mk6me7t Hace 2 años
First time? JK, have you seen his video of doing stand up in high school, he literally looked like a middle schooler. This man is at 29 max, he can't age past 30 because he has a vampire dad.
@monal3544 Hace 2 años
@@user-ir6mk6me7t Vampire dad lmao
Danny: she's kinda dressed like a 50 year old Also Danny: is wearing a grandpa sweater
@clairegb9837 Hace 8 meses
4:51 THE EYEBROW RAISE- Danny is ready to throw down
@taryn1948 Hace 2 años
Danny ur fit is giving Chris Evans in the movie Knives Out and I’m living for it
@kaioc6684 Hace 10 meses
Just imagine right before the wedding starts Jack looks at the crowd and is like "before we get started, I'd like to thank our sponsor Bang energy"
@annar193 Hace 2 años
He's done a great job getting inside this woman's head. He's gotten her to a point where she values his opinion more than her own. What a toxic, manipulative relationship- I hope she finds a way out.
@TRGOTSVODS Hace 2 años
@fax what
@screamsformemes Hace 2 años
Same she deserves someone who actually loves her
@clairem1342 Hace 2 años
Yeah, when she said that she didn't know what she wanted after just saying that she wanted a mermaid made me feel so bad for her! He's so manipulative that she doesn't realize that she has and is allowed to have her own opinion. Honestly sounds abusive
@rahulmenon4357 Hace 2 años
IDK, I have never seen a woman who married a guy twice her age without the dude being rich as all hell and only interested in sex workers. She's just a prop.
@applefarm6126 Hace 2 años
Nah, if she wants to stay in that’s her business
@jackiep594 Hace 2 años
‘God put him on this earth for me... thirty years before I was born’ holy shit scathing and accurate
@jackiethejanitor Hace 2 años
Danny this Knives Out sweater and orange pants combo is so 🔥 Literally two of your best ever outfits back to back in ur last couple videos…ur such a style icon
Maturing is realizing that this is one of the BEST Danny video
@rorygiambalvo2955 Hace 2 años
As someone who struggles with fashion, if my bf wanted to help out and I liked his choices then go for it, including with a wedding dress. But no one should feel like they can't decide for themselves, especially for this sorta thing
@paladindean1715 Hace 10 meses
If you can’t even agree on a dress, don’t get married
She’s a designer. Imagine losing yourself THAT much.
@lynternet Hace un mes
the way the consultant says “buUut” scratches my brain so good dude. i’m a chronic (maybe even constant) rewatcher of danny’s videos and I always say buUut with her LOL
@lixak6307 Hace 2 años
Literally though say yes to the dress is all about empowering a woman to look the way SHE wants on her wedding day and fuck everyone else’s opinion and I respect the shit out of that
I've seen too many episodes where they just get the dress the parents want and not the one the bride wants :((
honestly i wish it was more common just in general for brides to bring very few people to dress shops, sometimes it feels like a bride on say yes to the dress will bring the entire population of san marino to find a dress
@wonderbookk Hace 2 años
kinda wanna see the fiancé version, like when they shop for suits (if they do that)
@addiesmith3987 Hace 2 años
i love say yes to the dress because i like seeing people really happy and loving themselves, not because i want to see women talked down too by their families it’s so annoying
@samkuperman9035 Hace 2 años
@@wonderbookk I’d love to see that too, but suits don’t have as much variety as dresses so idk how that would work out
@ceciliahorner2664 Hace 2 años
Reality tv shows are always scripted and the producer will feed you lines. When he said "Is this say yes to the dress or say yes to the breast?" that was 100% something the producer told him to say lmao really enjoyed this commentary!
@taylorgriffith94 Hace un año
*Came for Say yes to the dress, stayed for Danny's humor LMAO* What is the CEO of Bang Energy? He doesn't even know the ages of the five kids this stunning woman gave him.
@murder8689 Hace un año
Honestly? Danny drinking a giant ass bottle of sparkling water while wearing a cream cable knit sweater and rust trousers is a vibe
@user-dl3dz9zf1h Hace 2 años
it’s been 3 days since this was posted and i’ve watched it about 20 times this video is genuinely my favourite video by danny i can’t get enough of it
@wilburfoot Hace un año
@busybellabee2567 Hace un año
@Milkyway-zi3ft Hace 2 años
I love how danny is boycotting advertising la croix until they sponsor him
@ellenoortje5040 Hace 2 años
I'm pretty sure he did get some free stuff ones, not really a sponsor but still
@stevequack6923 Hace 2 años
He’s switching over soon I bet. Did you see how that other one made him wet his pants?
@jazzmaskguy5290 Hace 2 años
Crox are shoes dummy
@jaymercer4692 Hace 2 años
Isn’t that what people do with all products?
5:30 I swear I saw a wedding exactly like this, not with Bang energy drinks in it but just: bride, in a tank full of water, on the reception, waving to the guests in her wedding dress as if she was a mermaid. There was a tv show that planned weddings for people randomly in my country. In another episode, not a mermaid one, but the cake designer made - as requested - the biggest wedding cake she could... She broke a World Record.
@nickfromohio6032 Hace un mes
I gotta say I'm a fan of this whole deal. The sweater, the hair, the wet pants, the poster of Danny spreading awareness that some people need inhalers. All great.
@entroverse_ Hace 3 meses
ok but the flirty dress she tried on. the way i audibly gasped when they showed her in it she's so gorgeous
5:57 Danny imitating Jack:”I’m controlling this whole woman’s life” Me:if there’s a whole woman then is there and half woman and a quarter woman?
@bytblox3366 Hace un año
thats funny
@iwannaleave7504 Hace un año
Yeah I'm half woman on my dads side and half man on my moms side
@@iwannaleave7504 what’s a mon my dude
Woah it's hunter hihihii
Lmao the needle in your name 💀💀
@rebeccaritchie1235 Hace un año
danny when you scream at 8:54 it’s now a viral tiktok sound
@Soladat Hace 2 años
Not only is he old enough to be her father, he's also treating her like shes his daughter. Dude is literally acting like her controlling dad. Girl, at what point is his bang bucks no longer with it...
@ajokebygod Hace 2 años
More like treating her like she's his property. Dads don't dictate their 26 year old daughters' clothes and wedding dresses like that
@kiralonely1307 Hace 2 años
@@ajokebygod Eh, some do. Not good ones, sure, but as someone who lives in the South of the US, I can very much vouch that there are a LOT LOT LOT of dads who are very controlling and emotionally abusive with that shit towards AFAB children. _m i s o g y n y_
@ona512 Hace 2 años
was bang even that successful in 2012? XD
@katieinfinity Hace 2 años
sounds like… she should be getting more bang for her buck
@RevAlSharptonz Hace 2 años
That’s the point of being a man…… Sorry that he isn’t super beta.
@koi2607 Hace 2 años
Can we appreciate how nicely danny dresses, like his fit was on point
@perrious4980 Hace un año
"unacceptable" He speaks like he is certain that he's the most superior person in the world.
8:50 this is now a legendary tt meme.
It's so awful that she's trapped in that kinda relationship but I'm so so glad she ended up going with the style of dress she said she wanted in the beginning and that she ended up happy with her look at least, even if the rest of her relationship is undoubtedly a nightmare
i didn’t know danny made that meme 😭😭
@Gracehasyoutube Hace 2 años
Jack looks like he’s never closed his eyes ever
@ellaronci2703 Hace 2 años
wait thats literally exactly the vibe he gives off
@Gracehasyoutube Hace 2 años
@@ellaronci2703 it must be all that bang he drinks
@ellaronci2703 Hace 2 años
@@Gracehasyoutube too much energy to blink
@ilikecorn6943 Hace 2 años
@elainedavis6651 Hace 2 años
Like how the sun doesn't fully set during that certain time in Alaska.
@ssnekky Hace un año
I never knew Danny was the guy who said “is this say yes to the dress or say yes to the SLUT?!” That’s one of my favorite audios it’s so funny.
@ikathysikea Hace 2 años
Ever since I was a child I’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress. It’s so strange to see Danny watching the show that made me want to get married
@kunitherock Hace un año
danny this is trending on tiktok right now