[BANGTAN BOMB] '고민보다 GO (GOGO)' Dance Practice (Halloween ver.) - BTS (방탄소년단)

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27 oct 2017






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Paulo Figueira
Paulo Figueira Hace 24 minutos
Jimin :💘💘💘 Jankugkooie:💗💗💗 J-hop:💓💓💓 Suga:💟💟💟 Nanjum:💖💖💖 Jin:💞💞💞 Taiha:💕💕💕 👦👦👦👦👦👦👦 amoooooo
kamrul islam
kamrul islam Hace 38 minutos
V looks so cute and hope, rm should not down shoe
German Drupass
German Drupass Hace 44 minutos
adult guys and behave like morons
Neelam Sharma
Neelam Sharma Hace un hora
V is looking great, but I really wanted to see *Suga* as snow white 😂😂😂😂
Elizandra Lia
Elizandra Lia Hace un hora
Clemencia Salazar
Clemencia Salazar Hace 2 horas
Like si lo escuchas en 2019!! 😍
Talita Santos
Talita Santos Hace 2 horas
Ah, não 😂😂😂😂😂
filhote studios
filhote studios Hace 2 horas
v 😍😄😊
13 belief
13 belief Hace 3 horas
taehyun be rockin that snow white costume HAHAHAH
Linda Lin
Linda Lin Hace 3 horas
Now my fav Disney princess is tae forget moana😅
Heloísa Beatriz
Heloísa Beatriz Hace 3 horas
V love😍
Leticia Batista
Leticia Batista Hace 3 horas
O v comendo a maçã kkkkkk
los primitos Dinosaurios
Notaron que jimmin se reia de tae jajajjaja muy lindos bts wuu
Clarice Santana Xavier
Мадина Асоева
этот песня очень сильно мне понравилось
Lucy de Park
Lucy de Park Hace 4 horas
V es mejor princesa que la misma Blancanieves jeje
Riham Manaseer
Riham Manaseer Hace 4 horas
I'm back and back again .. I can't stop comeback 😍😍😅😆
Zofia Kuzma
Zofia Kuzma Hace 4 horas
5:15 there goes the slipper
kim camille
kim camille Hace 5 horas
So cute
Yasin Çelik
Yasin Çelik Hace 5 horas
Benim pamuk prensimmmm
Yasin Çelik
Yasin Çelik Hace 5 horas
Hep si puma
darly carrascal
darly carrascal Hace 5 horas
Lo mejor de bts los mejores de todo el mundo sin presumir. #army#BTS
Mara Souza almeida Sousa
Lindos meus negos❤❤❤❤❤
Tuệ Minh Nguyễn
Tuệ Minh Nguyễn Hace 5 horas
yasmin santos
yasmin santos Hace 6 horas
A Branca de Neve sabe dançar em
Sarah Rakely
Sarah Rakely Hace 6 horas
Eu amo bts 💖💖💖💖💖💖
namjoons rejected handshake
Lmao tae REALLY had an apple
YuJin Hace 6 horas
2 0 1 9 ?
YuJin Hace 6 horas
afeni bts
afeni bts Hace 6 horas
j-hope on the last seconds xdd
Leticia pizza
Leticia pizza Hace 6 horas
k.💙💚💛 ki.💙💚💛 kim💙💚💛 kim n💙💚💛 k
Camila V.I.P
Camila V.I.P Hace 6 horas
Fico imaginando em qual teria sido a reação do suga se tivesse sido ele o escolhido pra ser a branca de neve kkkkkkkk
Camila V.I.P
Camila V.I.P Hace 6 horas
Melhor dance practice kkkk
Ipsita Malakar
Ipsita Malakar Hace 6 horas
3:07 was the best step😂
Sangley Gosak
Sangley Gosak Hace 7 horas
Tòooo cute tae
Aini syahrifan
Aini syahrifan Hace 7 horas
cute snow white 😂💕💕💕
Hania Locke
Hania Locke Hace 7 horas
Channel of Gobbygo
Channel of Gobbygo Hace 7 horas
Guys, what does Suga say on 4:45? I really wanna know...
Tatiana Goulart
Tatiana Goulart Hace 7 horas
Jimimmmm te amo
Jess Yoongi
Jess Yoongi Hace 7 horas
TAE IS SO HANDSOME 💜💜💜😩👌 _OMG, I CAAAN'T!_ I love you man.
Thu Huyền Nguyễn
Hồi bé thích bạch tuyết và 7 chú lùn giờ muốn lấy bạch tuyết và 6 chú lùn quá 👍🏻😘😍
o_o ox
o_o ox Hace 8 horas
I don't know what they're saying but I'm enjoying it
Liew Franky
Liew Franky Hace 8 horas
Some of them shoe fell off XD
rafen nafis
rafen nafis Hace 8 horas
Pham Thu Hien
Pham Thu Hien Hace 9 horas
cáôi chết cười...
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 9 horas
Arab Army ?💜
Reaal_Lolito Hace 9 horas
Los amoooo ♡♡♡♡
Chielzie Hace 9 horas
Snow white is shaking
Lisa Forever
Lisa Forever Hace 9 horas
Never seen a snow white who can dance to pop ( k pop)😹😹😹
Lisa Forever
Lisa Forever Hace 9 horas
1:01 Yoongi: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ahmed Koala
Ahmed Koala Hace 10 horas
The sassiest snow white ever 😂
나영데스 Hace 10 horas
2:20초 (?)쯤에 태형오빠 정국오빠 어깨에 사과 올리려고 했엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Amanda Avakin
Amanda Avakin Hace 10 horas
Quem vai no Show deles?
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia Hace 10 horas
Alguém fala português
Luna Havila Silva
Luna Havila Silva Hace 11 horas
Eu amo vocês como que não gosta
Gau Pk
Gau Pk Hace 11 horas
MA. RUBIELYN OMEGA Hace 11 horas
I feel bad for Taehyung
Mildred Christopher
Mildred Christopher Hace 12 horas
And did they have to give Tea the Apple.....
Siti sahirah Ibrahim
Siti sahirah Ibrahim Hace 12 horas
I mean bts
Siti sahirah Ibrahim
Siti sahirah Ibrahim Hace 12 horas
Millie Verma
Millie Verma Hace 12 horas
Jhope's shoe🤣🤣
Ana Clara Santos
Ana Clara Santos Hace 12 horas
TH THCS Hace 12 horas
Rap môn ôppa
Eshita Chandra 4507
Eshita Chandra 4507 Hace 13 horas
I Love their shoes anyway😇
Hey Stob It
Hey Stob It Hace 13 horas
This is the most beautiful snowwhite or should i say snowtae i've ever seen
Hoa Linh
Hoa Linh Hace 13 horas
Anh j hope đẹp quá❤❤❤❤❤😗😗😗😗
gucci boi
gucci boi Hace 13 horas
Did y'all notice how the pants looked like shorts only for namjoon??
SkyeDoesYT! Hace 13 horas
poor taeyung
Aulia lia
Aulia lia Hace 14 horas
Bts the bets
Oanh Hà
Oanh Hà Hace 14 horas
I love v
Kookies and Vmin
Kookies and Vmin Hace 14 horas
Taehyung: Im dressed like a girl but imma steal your girl
kieu van
kieu van Hace 15 horas
Adhwa Wawa
Adhwa Wawa Hace 15 horas
BTS so" boy band no 1 in world
Romadhona Jati
Romadhona Jati Hace 15 horas
Jeon Jungkook 😊😘😊
Nicole Cabigting
Nicole Cabigting Hace 16 horas
보름찡 Hace 17 horas
다 퓨마네여 광고했던거
KIM JISOO Hace 17 horas
TAE TAE LOOKS GOOD And you know what when you say tae tae in philippines people will laugh
Edna Melisa 7Calderon
Edna Melisa 7Calderon Hace 17 horas
עדן ימהרן
עדן ימהרן Hace 17 horas
Pandinha Br
Pandinha Br Hace 17 horas
Não entendo porque todos não ficaram vestidos de anão afinal é branca de neve e os 7 anões
mirian silva
mirian silva Hace 18 horas
Wow 👌❤ :)
Mifta Nada
Mifta Nada Hace 18 horas
Jungkook lucu 😁
sukanya mishra
sukanya mishra Hace 18 horas
Rm is too tall for this world
Jungkook looks so hot with those clothes
Alina Wiersema
Alina Wiersema Hace 19 horas
4:27 and 4:42 Am i the only one getting Airplane Pt. 2 vibes?? Yeah? Just me? Ok. Ill leave now.
Karen Joselyn Bautista Ramirez
Siempre eh pensado que es no importa Go Go like si tú sabes cómo es y comenta
RM Hace 19 horas
I can only imagine it being really early bt all the members are like really hyped up but then V is so tired and looks dead inside
Jéssica Amaral
Jéssica Amaral Hace 20 horas
Alguém 2019 armys br?🤦‍♀️😭😍😍😶
김수진 Hace 20 horas
이제 곧 있으면 1억뷰~!~~!~!~! 역시 백설태태와 6인의 난쟁이들의 효과는 굉장했다.!.!.!
Э М С И курлык
지뭰쒜 Hace 20 horas
심지어 저도 학예회때 백설공주옷 입고 고민보다 고 춤 췄다죠..
TT-Boy Louis-TT
TT-Boy Louis-TT Hace 20 horas
The first part is serious
Ren Chalker
Ren Chalker Hace 20 horas
This is LITERALLY my favorite video ever 😆😌
Влада Голикова
у нас есть танец BTC и некоторые двежение такиеде
Zoila Polanco
Zoila Polanco Hace 21 un hora
Zoila Polanco
Zoila Polanco Hace 21 un hora
Love you
Junyi Shi
Junyi Shi Hace 21 un hora
Little did snow tae know... That he is going to be the next level of Snow White and gain more fame
Free Shavocado
Free Shavocado Hace 22 horas
So my bias is jimin.... One day my brothers (who aren't army) were watching bts videos, and they came upon this one (I was with them) One of my brothers was able to recognize Jimin... Then later in the video my other brother (i have two) asked if jimin was the shortest (since that's the first thing he noticed about him in this video) and I told him yes...he then said that's how he would be able to recognize Jimin now since he was the shortest... Me: *RIP Jimin and his height* 😔 Lol
Mayte Real
Mayte Real Hace 22 horas
KMVlogzs Hace 22 horas
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