[BANGTAN BOMB] '네시' Recording Moment for 613 BTS HOME PARTY by 'R&V' - BTS (방탄소년단)

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김태형 Hace un día
태형아 .. 진짜 그러다가 나죽어 ..
Faii Kamonporn
Faii Kamonporn Hace un día
Hk 1810
Hk 1810 Hace 2 días
Bhagya Prasad
Bhagya Prasad Hace 3 días
I purple you v 💜
Сакура Учиха
I very love you aaaa
Сакура Учиха
Come to Russia please
Сакура Учиха
Come to Russia please aaaaaa
Lorrany Alves
Lorrany Alves Hace 6 días
Taehyung ♥
Amanogawa 28
Amanogawa 28 Hace 7 días
omg the voice of RM 🥵
Ajeng Febriana Syahputri
rm you're so great at everything i love you rm spirit
surya prakash
surya prakash Hace 9 días
8 just want to know what software they are using for editing
감자귀여워 Hace 12 días
그래서 작사 누가 한거예요?ㅠㅠ태태는 남준형이 다 했다하고 .,처음만 잡아준건가?
_*Mochi Mochi!*_
_*Mochi Mochi!*_ Hace 15 días
1:45 I just randomly see Namjoon’s head appear out of nowhere
Judeth Burgos
Judeth Burgos Hace 17 días
RM's singing part 3:04-3:33 is my message alert tone up until now!!!I LOVE YOU NAMJOONIE-AH!!!!
Sweetzel Mae Vertudazo
When I heard this song, I really cried. A beautiful song💕
A.R.M.Y jikook
A.R.M.Y jikook Hace 18 días
Que más voz para poder tener una tarde relajada...😆😅
Derya Syl
Derya Syl Hace 21 un día
This is AMAZING & PERFECKT!!!!!!!😻💜
12 .02b
12 .02b Hace 21 un día
I'm so in luv with they❤
hope Hace 22 días
Thank you V for making us listen to Rm’s vocal💜
Sea of Clouds
Sea of Clouds Hace 22 días
Sea of Clouds
Sea of Clouds Hace 22 días
Azizah AS
Azizah AS Hace 23 días
Justin Seagull
Justin Seagull Hace 23 días
4:00 we need a namjoonie vocalist hehe. heavenly voice
army forever
army forever Hace 24 días
when v's voice is deeper than my love for my self 😢😢 its true i dont love my self .i want to experience a true friendship that you can lean on in times of my difficulties and also you can share your feelings if your happy but sad to say i dont have that kind of friend 😢😢
강하은 Hace 25 días
지금 이시간에 듣는사람? 불끄고 방안에서 혼자들으면 진짜 살아온날들이 떠오르는 곡
evie_bali03 Hace un mes
Taehyung and his Namjoon hyung so amazing together👍👏👏💋💋 Love you both🤗🤗 Borahae💜💜💜
TheGreatCatsby Hace un mes
So basically Suga is the only one in the rap line who can not actually sing? It's okay, I still stan ;D
guadalupe ortiz avila
Namjoon why are you so cute??😭
büşra *
büşra * Hace un mes
namjoon's vocal...so beautiful..i'm crying
As Sa
As Sa Hace un mes
زوجتك نفسي كم المهر يا تظر عيوني
Negin Grande
Negin Grande Hace un mes
Please add english translation on your videos💖
snow drop
snow drop Hace un mes
Love u taehyung forever...so sweet voice
snow drop
snow drop Hace un mes
Omg tae's voice🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍
Douaa Pharm
Douaa Pharm Hace un mes
Kim taehyung 💜💜 voice soo warm and deeeep
Dairee Kathryn
Dairee Kathryn Hace un mes
neon cute
neon cute Hace un mes
Its important to have someone as smart as rm in a group
Aishetri Das
Aishetri Das Hace un mes
OMG look how RM suddenly starts peeping from 1:47
김덤보 Hace un mes
앓다 죽을 우리 탄이들..💜💜💜💜💜💜😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Macide Türk
Macide Türk Hace un mes
Why are you cute...? Whyy.. I 💜 you so..so..much. My heart 'V'💜
Natalia Hace un mes
flaw less
flaw less Hace un mes
정말로 아껴듣고싶은 명곡
Badia Douhri
Badia Douhri Hace un mes
my daughter introduced me to Kpop, so I opened up to this world. BTS is the band I saw for the first time and I loved. but what I noticed is V, with his unique deep voice and his way of singing. I like to hear it on the way to work, before bedtime...... he is unique. There parents must be proud of him good luck baby...
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan Hace un mes
Jungkook-ah jungkook-ah .. youre perfect hahaha Rapmon and V good job
V Bunny
V Bunny Hace un mes
They are sooo hardworking idols. They are also very talented! Saranghae BTS!
V Bunny
V Bunny Hace un mes
I Love You V! Kim Taehyung. As well as leader! Love you also!
Riyin chiua
Riyin chiua Hace un mes
OK no doubt this is my favorite song
Amatullah Ama
Amatullah Ama Hace un mes
1:59 armies, don't tell me you didn't see the all seeing illuminati eye in the sticker that is in the left corner of the screen. Not even bothers me, but also makes me so worried about them and y'all. Save yourself and save them before it's too late.
뒷북 [and BTS]
뒷북 [and BTS] Hace un mes
Sabeena Kabeer
Sabeena Kabeer Hace un mes
Pls guyss add eng subtitles plss cause there are thousands of viewers than korean💕@bts
Ida Zielińska
Ida Zielińska Hace un mes
I wish there were subtitles, seriously! this is so interesting, the process of whole production, and I wish I COULD UNDERSTAND SOMETHING.
Khadija Bj
Khadija Bj Hace un mes
Woooaahhhh 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜 m speechless No word want to come out and describe my babies voices. Looooooooove u 💜💜💜💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
ッ뚜옐 Hace 2 meses
뷔 목소리 개색시❤❤
ARMY International
ARMY International Hace 2 meses
You smell that? You smell that? My tears
손채영 Hace 2 meses
남준오빠 태형오빠 케미가 짱이네요💜 항상 응원하고 있을게요💜
ARMY Forever
ARMY Forever Hace 2 meses
Wow V's voice is so magical 💜💜💜💜
Salma Rahmatia
Salma Rahmatia Hace 2 meses
Icant spend a day without searching for u guys
Melina Ayelén Poma
Melina Ayelén Poma Hace 2 meses
Es lindo ver cómo ha crecido como artista, está canción es hermosa y más al saber que la inspiración de Taehyung fue su amistad con Jimin... Esos dos posta son compañeros de alma, nunca he visto este tipo de amistad, es tan pura, tal como ellos💜 También admiro muchísimo a Namjoon y como siempre ayuda a los miembros a crecer artísticamente... Es el mejor líder y podes ver que entre ellos hay cero envidia, hay una competencia sana para progresar en el ámbito musical... Sus lazos son hermosos🥰
Siti Fatimah
Siti Fatimah Hace 2 meses
V 💜💜💜👌
i wont call you daddy
I wish this song would be added to Spotify ;-; it’s too good. It would be an amazing single.
Yzzil CaFe
Yzzil CaFe Hace 2 meses
That first note(or breath) of taehyung made me fall in love with this song. Then i heard namjoon sing. I fell even harder. I love the melody of this song. This is my current fave. Reminds me of the time i first fell in love, the tingles and all the feelings. Thank you for the music 😍
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