[BANGTAN BOMB] '네시' Recording Moment for 613 BTS HOME PARTY by 'R&V' - BTS (방탄소년단)

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Salma Rahmatia
Salma Rahmatia Hace 3 horas
Icant spend a day without searching for u guys
sunshinexyoongi Hace 12 horas
Es lindo ver cómo ha crecido como artista, está canción es hermosa y más al saber que la inspiración de Taehyung fue su amistad con Jimin... Esos dos posta son compañeros de alma, nunca he visto este tipo de amistad, es tan pura, tal como ellos💜 También admiro muchísimo a Namjoon y como siempre ayuda a los miembros a crecer artísticamente... Es el mejor líder y podes ver que entre ellos hay cero envidia, hay una competencia sana para progresar en el ámbito musical... Sus lazos son hermosos🥰
Siti Fatimah
Siti Fatimah Hace 17 horas
V 💜💜💜👌
Y.Death_Cat.Y Hace 17 horas
I wish this song would be added to Spotify ;-; it’s too good. It would be an amazing single.
Yzzil CaFe
Yzzil CaFe Hace un día
That first note(or breath) of taehyung made me fall in love with this song. Then i heard namjoon sing. I fell even harder. I love the melody of this song. This is my current fave. Reminds me of the time i first fell in love, the tingles and all the feelings. Thank you for the music 😍
Reshelle Bugtong
Reshelle Bugtong Hace 3 días
When you got Kim Taehyung focus in DNA ad. Nice one!!!
Reshelle Bugtong
Reshelle Bugtong Hace 3 días
V your voice is really amazing. Keep singing!! And you’re absolutely beautiful. Very handsome!! ;)
Saif Hasan
Saif Hasan Hace 4 días
Illuminati confirmed at 1:56 (Look at the blue sticker)
BTS RM V 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
지아. Hace 5 días
광고도 우리 오빠들 나왓다 ㅋㅋㅋ
나타나 Hace 6 días
감성이 정말 장난이 아님
당지 Hace 6 días
Xxxtentacion LPS
Xxxtentacion LPS Hace 7 días
They did so good
aminul islam
aminul islam Hace 8 días
Oh my god 😍😍😍😍cuteeeeee......
Pocky man
Pocky man Hace 8 días
Why nobody wants to translate these videos😪😪
Garotu Quer Ser 1Kidol
Isso é a coisa mais linda que vi hj😓💕🎥🎤
Jorgelina Alejandra Palazon
Linh Mỹ Cao
Linh Mỹ Cao Hace 8 días
식빵 Hace 9 días
태형오빠의 목소리는 마치 풍미가 깊고 향이 풍부한 달콤쌉사름한 초콜릿 같아요 천사가 강림할때 내려앉는 깃털같이 편안해지고 따뜻한 기분좋은 목소리에요
alzlnh b.
alzlnh b. Hace 9 días
Please add English subs thanks 😊
식빵 Hace 9 días
태형오빠만의 그 감성이 너무 좋아요..❣❣❣❣
Aishee Dey
Aishee Dey Hace 9 días
Who's lurking here after Winter Bear for some extra tears....
I finally found a bias in Bangtan
I came today after listening to Winter Bear. It's beyond beautiful. He has grown so much as an artist. I'm so proud TT
김도로시 Hace 11 días
두사람!의감성이! 완성된곡!이네요!?
Monalisa HTG
Monalisa HTG Hace 11 días
RM voice is so soothing 😍
Lexi And Ashley
Lexi And Ashley Hace 12 días
I like Teahyung will cry for you and wipe his tears on your lips | | | | ^
쁨숑 Hace 13 días
자기 목소리에 감탄하는거 너무 커엽ㅠ
sheila maria anggraini
Hai Yen Nguyen
Hai Yen Nguyen Hace 14 días
I love this song
Chinee Ursua
Chinee Ursua Hace 15 días
can i cry ? 😭
I finally found a bias in Bangtan
I'm crying with you TT
ユ! Hace 15 días
What the title of this song?
I finally found a bias in Bangtan
@ユ! You're welcome ^^
ユ! Hace 8 días
I finally found a bias in Bangtan Thank you so much!
I finally found a bias in Bangtan
Four o' clock
I finally found a bias in Bangtan
XeXe_ Lzs
XeXe_ Lzs Hace 16 días
💜 Teahyung voice is beautiful deep and angelic 💜 he is very special.. ......
Hayley Army
Hayley Army Hace 16 días
That's song is so sweet and nostalgic I can't move on from :'
windar sih
windar sih Hace 16 días
lisna alia
lisna alia Hace 16 días
ElpenegordodeSuga BTS
ElpenegordodeSuga BTS Hace 17 días
Me encanta su voz es muy relajante hasta para escucharla para dormir profundamente y cantando con RM quedó hermosa
megha gowda B
megha gowda B Hace 21 un día
Feels like & Sounds like Delicately made :) Love it KimTaeHyung
heesunflower Hace 21 un día
Namjoon-ahh T-T
Ly Nguyen
Ly Nguyen Hace 22 días
love RM,V
Mai Cao
Mai Cao Hace 22 días
Giọng taehyung ấm áp quá đi
Princess Lanzaderas
Princess Lanzaderas Hace 22 días
What a nice song😍😍
ARMY BLINK Hace 22 días
Hope Hobby
Hope Hobby Hace 23 días
태태 너무 귀여운가 아녜요~ RM 감성 멋져요~ 이 곡 너무 좋아서 찾아봤는데 이런 영상 너무 좋아요~
Vhenice PH
Vhenice PH Hace 23 días
No Autotune ,WOW!
tenny isnaeni
tenny isnaeni Hace 23 días
Sauranyaa ituloooh 💜😍😍
Melody Urzagaste
Melody Urzagaste Hace 24 días
Denlen un Oscar >:v
Gina Novita
Gina Novita Hace 24 días
Oohhh rm you are the best
XxRoselia Hace 25 días
Me before video: Don’t understand Korean Video: pretends to understand everything Reads comments: finally understand what happened
Jenny Hace 27 días
I dont understand anything yet i kinda do....what is this?
Jastine Kim
Jastine Kim Hace 27 días
My Taehyung I miss you
ملوكه سان
ملوكه سان Hace 29 días
Taehyung love u so much
Aynoa M
Aynoa M Hace un mes
Taetae My love
Taetae My love Hace un mes
V’s voice is so deep and soulful I’m in love 🥰
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Hace un mes
Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams Hace un mes
Listen I know that Taehyung's vocals are nothing to sleep on because they are amazing omg. But if you give me a blanket, I can easily fall asleep listening to his vocals because they are soooooooooo soothing
UN ALIEN más en este mundo
RM : Vocal I need see a Tae rapper
딸기쨈 Hace un mes
정식 음원 발표 해주세요. 정말 좋아하는 명곡이에요.
Carlos DaggerDick
Carlos DaggerDick Hace un mes
Thank you rap mon and tae for this beautiful song
zehra seker
zehra seker Hace un mes
2019? Love you Taeeeeee & RMMMM 😘❤️❤️
Srushti Fulkar
Srushti Fulkar Hace un mes
I didn't understand a word but still i watched the whole video
Rossannie Yhesley Avalos Puga
One of my favourite songs
Walter Trujillo
Walter Trujillo Hace un mes
1:10 awwwwww UwU 😍♥ ohhh su carita PD: me encanta esta canción
Lari zinha
Lari zinha Hace un mes
A voz do tae e do nam é tao linda socorro! eu me arrepiei ❤❤
frista nirmala sari
It's for jimin?
Sun Lee
Sun Lee Hace 24 días
It's not for JM . When he was trainee early in the morning he waiting for friend while he made this lyrics .
Stuti Bajaj
Stuti Bajaj Hace un mes
Woah 23 aug is my bday
Firdha Fauzia
Firdha Fauzia Hace un mes
Love this song 🎶🎧 OMG!!!! Love Kim Namjoon ❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕 Love Kim Taehyung💓💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕
Ayo! Hitman bang introduces
Why did i cry egehhsis😔
Amelia Pecic
Amelia Pecic Hace un mes
See? This is why I think Taehyung doesn’t get the recognition in BTS’s vocal that he deserves. All the songs just don’t fit his baritone voice. And so he’s forced to sing in a higher, most likely uncomfortable key. If he released songs like this, people would see just how amazing of a vocalist he is 💜 his voice is just so breathy, smooth, relaxing, warm, and comforting. Really, he needs to release more solo work and really show all of his potential. Don’t think imma forget about RM. Everyone knows he is an amazing rapper and his verse in this song was amazing, but HE CAN SING! Sure, he’s not a vocalist, but he’s still got amazing vocals. You can tell he does have a bit of trouble with control, but it still sounds really good! Especially for someone who specializes in rapping. They’re two completely different things, and for him to do so well in both, is really inspiring! YOU GO RM! Ah I just really want them to both do well cause they deserve the world 💜
loislois345 Hace un mes
와~~ 진짜 재능이.. 어찌 저런 목소리까지 가진건가~!!!! 제발 음원 나오게 해주시고 저작권도 주세요 김태형&김남준 조합 환상~!!
Black Widow
Black Widow Hace un mes
Plz add Namjoon president to the vocal line
Angel Mae Francisco
Englishhh subtitles pleaseeeeee!!😣
ani nahla
ani nahla Hace un mes
Can i point out sleeveless namjoon? 😂😥 his biceps pls
Ami G
Ami G Hace un mes
Love u bts plz come in Pakistan Lahore we are waiting ur Pakistani army waiting
Zoe Reyes Contreras
Cantas hermoso Tae 💜
Marinnette Melgar
Marinnette Melgar Hace un mes
He smile 😍
Meena Taety
Meena Taety Hace un mes
When their names are shortened to RM and V.. And bighit still wants to minimize it "R&V"..
김시연 Hace un mes
안좋아요 누룬사람 다시 좋아요로바꿔라
lM !!
lM !! Hace un mes
4:14 ❤️
Mộng Trinh Lưu
Mộng Trinh Lưu Hace un mes
Taehyung ahhhh I like voice
chisha parwani
chisha parwani Hace un mes
They low pitched rms voice why
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