[BANGTAN BOMB] 'Coming of age ceremony' Dance cover by Jimin & Jung Kook - BTS (방탄소년단)

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21 sep 2016







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Spill The Tae 249
Spill The Tae 249 Hace 13 minutos
3:58 Damn guys. You got me.
Spill The Tae 249
Spill The Tae 249 Hace 19 minutos
No one’s going to mention the shopping cart they have in the studio..?
Short Stack
Short Stack Hace 40 minutos
lets just talk abt j-hope in the background XD
Harshada D
Harshada D Hace 47 minutos
I love u bts💜....pls come to india!!!!!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Jeon Milk
Jeon Milk Hace 51 un minuto
Jungkook and Jimin’s inner hoe came out (Mostly jungkook)
Ditsa Gonzales
Ditsa Gonzales Hace 2 horas
Los amooo❣😍
maurapukiki Hace 5 horas
can someone explain to me what this was for? did the two of them just make this up for fun?
liliou cat
liliou cat Hace 6 horas
which music do they used for the choreo ?? pls answer me , thx
Angel Scorzio
Angel Scorzio Hace 6 horas
This is my favourite bangtan bomb
Shreelekha Attel
Shreelekha Attel Hace 7 horas
Jungkook is so into it😄😄
『CookiesXCream』 Hace 9 horas
(In scouting) Scout Master: Squat!!! Lower!! Crush: *walks towards my direction* Me: 2:50
Mariyam Yumna
Mariyam Yumna Hace 10 horas
My everything 😘 (BUSAN BABIES)
Mariyam Yumna
Mariyam Yumna Hace 10 horas
U both my love especially jungkook 💜💜😘😘
Pavithra sreekanth
Pavithra sreekanth Hace 14 horas
Suga is like WTF was that
Army_0613 BTS
Army_0613 BTS Hace 16 horas
I loves jungkook's attitude like he's trying to say I'm the sexiest bixch in the whole world come try me while we have little chimmy being so shy
mo- yeon
mo- yeon Hace 14 horas
1:20 which song pls tell me
kami_x _sunshine
kami_x _sunshine Hace 21 un hora
Someone please tell me the ‘actual’ name of the song.🥺💜💜pwease...
kami_x _sunshine
kami_x _sunshine Hace 11 horas
Thank you!
mo- yeon
mo- yeon Hace 14 horas
Song name is "coming of age ceremony"
Arihanna Jones
Arihanna Jones Hace 22 horas
JiKoOk WhO ?
Winter Girl
Winter Girl Hace 23 horas
2:50 When you drop your pen in front of your crush
;;Kim NamJoon
;;Kim NamJoon Hace un día
1:54 Look behind at these Dance Monster 7u7
;;Kim NamJoon
;;Kim NamJoon Hace un día
No one: Absolutely no one: J-Hope: pPaPapPapApah 1:26
Bluewolf345 Hace un día
5:30 suga in the top left corner is in disgust.
Angelica Corsaro
Angelica Corsaro Hace un día
3:56 was that Michael Jackson's dangerous choreography? Omg
People like you
People like you Hace un día
Как же я тащусь от этого видео))) Жуть как идеально)))
JIMIN'S WIFE Hace un día
Lo que pude captar es que básicamente Jungkook y Jimin se aprendieron la coreografía de Adult Ceremony y la fueron haciendo más masculina cambiando pasos por algunos de Dangerous, correcto? arte.
Emily Ma
Emily Ma Hace un día
😂❤️jungkooks laugh at 6:18
Love, Starshine
Love, Starshine Hace un día
My heart stopped!!!! Jeon Jungkook do you realize that you almost killed me!!!! 😍😆😤
J-hope_is_ Bæ
J-hope_is_ Bæ Hace un día
Kshitij Howal
Kshitij Howal Hace un día
Oh.....sorry I was busy looking j hope at the back
kit kat
kit kat Hace un día
damn this looks like such a fun dance and they make it look so good
Junita Soesanto
Junita Soesanto Hace un día
I will always love this cover. You can really see the difference between both their styles. Ji Min's style is softer more emotional due to his contemporary background whereas Kookie's style is more powerful because of his LA style? Watching this in 2k19 :).
rania Salim
rania Salim Hace un día
To my opinion!! 1St part: suits jungkook perfectly!(1st part of the song) 2nd part: suits jimin well!(hat part)...
Rosemary Mayer
Rosemary Mayer Hace un día
Song name?
Cris G.
Cris G. Hace un día
3:56 I was half asleep and this caught me off guard
Севинч Мехтиева. Казахстан
Блииин, балдею с них. Клааасснооо.
Garris Hales
Garris Hales Hace un día
jungkook and his timberlands
V Kook 7v7
V Kook 7v7 Hace un día
2019 y aún no superó este baile tan sepsi 😅😍
Yirleny Wasorna
Yirleny Wasorna Hace 2 días
BTS megusto este baile esta jenial
henrique da rosa pereira
I love you jikook
oi oi
oi oi Hace 2 días
Alina Titenoc
Alina Titenoc Hace 2 días
Jungkook moving his hips better
Gucci Kook
Gucci Kook Hace 2 días
No one: Jungkook and Jimin: 4:05
Thatiana Oliveira
Thatiana Oliveira Hace 2 días
3:57 They modified that part, right? Cause that looks like a segment of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous MTV live
Zarah Zahid
Zarah Zahid Hace 2 días
WTH hehehehehehe 😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️👌👌😁
ashy plascencia
ashy plascencia Hace 2 días
y yo viendo el bóxer de jungkook
la KOOKMIN Mendez
la KOOKMIN Mendez Hace 2 días
Como se llama la canción????
la KOOKMIN Mendez
la KOOKMIN Mendez Hace un día
V Kook 7v7
V Kook 7v7 Hace un día
Se llama: coming Of age ceremony""
SHIP NI Hace 2 días
So cutes😂♥️♥️♥️❤️love them so much❤️♥️
mm js
mm js Hace 2 días
Song name is "Coming of age ceremony" for who didn't notice and asking name in commentaries♡
A.M.R. stuff
A.M.R. stuff Hace 2 días
*I sent this to my mum...* _Send Help_
W M Hace 2 días
A.M.R. stuff Rip you
Chasing theUnknown
Chasing theUnknown Hace 2 días
lol the members in the background doing their thing. this is precious|!
Анастасия Придатко
무슨 노래입니까?
Maria Isabel Lumayag
공주라고 불러줘요
chimmy my love
chimmy my love Hace 2 días
@0:19 Hoseok-ah!!! U look so adorable!😂😍
Arnel Medecielo
Arnel Medecielo Hace 2 días
Late but the very first thing I see in the beginning is a shopping cart😂
MultiHotchpotch Hace 2 días
what song is this
Leinea Syqcke
Leinea Syqcke Hace 2 días
Loving the reaction of their brothers... eomma jin and aboge suga 😂😂😂 jhope can't stop giggling of his protégé 😂😂😂
Park Yuna K-pop4ever!!!
Park Yuna K-pop4ever!!!
Taehyung Kim
Taehyung Kim Hace 2 días
Is it just me or does this dance looks a little gay just me okay 👌 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane Hace 2 días
JM: Can I go die in a hole? JK: This is my dance, you little hoe
Eman Omer
Eman Omer Hace 2 días
I just can't get over these things when watching this many times 1. Jungkook singing in the first part and enjoying it he wasn't a bit embarrassed the little one is shameless and we all die for it 2. Jimin embarrassed dancing is more sultry than anything I try to do 3. Jungkook's sass with the gum and his outfit I can't 4. That drop in 2:50 yall know what I am talking about 5. This timblands and the sound of shoes hitting the floor never thought that would get me 6. Suga's little smile at the end is everything
Zashera Khan
Zashera Khan Hace 3 días
bt21 shooky
bt21 shooky Hace 3 días
0:21 ése HOSEOK 😂 2:00 qué haces namjoon 😏😅 Mirar a junkook y jimin bailando y ...luego esta suga sentado con su teléfono, rm y tae bailando al fondo, pero luego viene jin y j hope.
Joonation/ Sunshinechim
It’s 2019 and no one still talks about this 0:08!!!! It’s that Hoseok??? Dem vocals boi!
namedarmybyBTS Hace 2 días
It was. Im not surprised. He was going to be a vocal at first. We all know that he can sing as good as the other members. Im frrr look up bts doing karaoke he was playing and that shit sounded like gold 😤💜
I LOVE MYSELF Hace 3 días
Chegou a tremer minhas placas bucetonicas
faiba mohamed
faiba mohamed Hace 3 días
all are enjoying the performance....but we can see tae tae as a whipped boy at the back
حسين محمد
حسين محمد Hace 3 días
Song name ?
Kasey X
Kasey X Hace 3 días
I need a 2019 version
Kunnika Thimrod
Kunnika Thimrod Hace 3 días
Isra fhia Jeon
Isra fhia Jeon Hace 3 días
Whats the tittle plsss tell me
Kez 7
Kez 7 Hace 3 días
Just realised how muscular their legs were, especially Jungkook's from 5:10
Nabila Nurul
Nabila Nurul Hace 3 días
Jimin and Jungkook so cool♥️
Doctor Park
Doctor Park Hace 3 días
Shy boy Jimin and shameless kookie lmao but i really love how JK dances sharp and Jimin dances smooth
namjoons broken sunglasses
Unknown Gurl
Unknown Gurl Hace 3 días
Crush: oh excuse me Can you give me my paper it's beside your leg. Me: Sure Also me: 2:50
Daisi Pa
Daisi Pa Hace 3 días
Confidence Confidence
amy lira
amy lira Hace 3 días
they are the biggest hoes in the group and they know it ;)
BTS Jikookmin
BTS Jikookmin Hace 3 días
nimij .p
nimij .p Hace 3 días
so kids, this is the new Baby Shark choreography 2:55
PERSONA Hace 3 días
Jungkook 4:50 if I'm going to be b!tch, I'm going to be a real b!tch
PERSONA Hace 3 días
Jungkook 4:50 if I'm going to be b!tch, I'm going to be a real b!tch
PERSONA Hace 3 días
La reacción de los chicos es lo q me pone más de los nervios aaaaaaaaaaa
Jin loves Namjoon's sexy brain
I'm not able to move ahead of 2:47 Edit: second replay button to kill 3:57
Michelle Govender
Michelle Govender Hace 3 días
I was like "Amazing as always" Then the dance break comes Oooooooohhhhhh dam
bri reilly
bri reilly Hace 3 días
Daniela Reyes
Daniela Reyes Hace 3 días
Hobi dancing and Jimin cute smile
Alove Ali
Alove Ali Hace 3 días
bts and blackpink lisoo and taekook
I Love to jimin👑 Salangaeyo jungkook 👑 Taehong.Naneun dangsini jeongmal joayo❤ A Lik to Jhope🌹 Jin.dangsineun jeongmal aleumdawoyo 🌹. Namjoon.dangsineun jeongmal kwiyeowoyo🥰 Suga.daongsineun meosisseoyo💛
French Flowerbread
French Flowerbread Hace 4 días
JK is killllliiin it ! I mean they both are But jk is reaping sass
Jimin Be My Husband
Jimin Be My Husband Hace 4 días
ting ting ting ting ting tingting ting ting
maima jaan
maima jaan Hace 4 días
I miss this eoom and there dance covers i hope they will do more dance covers like this😭😭
Anisa Saddique
Anisa Saddique Hace 4 días
What this song called? 🤣
Pinkii Helmo
Pinkii Helmo Hace 4 días
has anyone seen namjoon hard working at the back
mel Ac
mel Ac Hace 4 días
3:56 7u7
Tan Nuu
Tan Nuu Hace 4 días
White vs black
jehan JV
jehan JV Hace 4 días
😂😂 I like their dance will go to me Listen to the song that impressed me🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️💃🏻
Maafie Madsrhb
Maafie Madsrhb Hace 4 días
Another video with Jhope going Papapappapapapapapapapap. Papapapaapapap
billi hilton
billi hilton Hace 4 días
they are amazing dancers. but, one more thing. they should be able to speak english like korean. they can not limit their music abilities because of language. at least, english, than, other basic languages. all they have to do, is one page of each language.
Zoe Zy
Zoe Zy Hace 4 días
Busan bros💜😘
Salma Abdi
Salma Abdi Hace 4 días
* microphone falls * *JK and JM* 2:50
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