[BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook went to High school with BTS for graduation! - BTS (방탄소년단)

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15 mar 2017






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Queen 3000
Queen 3000 Hace 2 horas
Мне не много жалко Чонгука, потому что у него в школе не было друзей и он из-за этого чувствовал себя не комфортного
Frankie Acebuche
Frankie Acebuche Hace 6 horas
I'm smiling but believe me, I understand nothing. Yes I exist
melissa tunca
melissa tunca Hace 10 horas
my heart can't take his cuteness >~ I'm gonna call an ambulance because of diabetes and a heartattack
Sherly Alviana
Sherly Alviana Hace 10 horas
정 국산가 루루😊
Afia Aninnas
Afia Aninnas Hace 12 horas
saya suka jungkook yang dulu
ARMY Hace 14 horas
"Did your parents come for your graduation?" Jungkook : Absolutely, I Have Four Fathers AND fOUR MOTHERS
ARMY Hace 14 horas
How do the girls around him stay sooo calm like wtf
ash Hace 23 horas
Periwinkle Girl
Periwinkle Girl Hace un día
i love jungkook's uniform like the styles of korean uniforms are so fashionable for some reason 😂
Ojosasi Hace un día
Jungkook te extrañamos !!!!!!
Icybella Nongtdu
Icybella Nongtdu Hace un día
Jk voice is so cute when he was waiting for his Bros 😘😊
Taekook Hace un día
Lol when this video showed up to my notifications I immediately clicked and I remember my father asked what u doing ? I said "watching my idol's graduation" then he said cool jdjdhdhdjds
danae caytuero
danae caytuero Hace un día
El siempre tan hermoso, un niño bello , crecen rápido ;^;
H I N A T A C H A N Hace un día
Bangtan i love you 💖 Jungkook cute 💕
티파니니cloudy Hace un día
Me: wait- (me shook thinking this was 2014) Me again: Oh-
Elif Bakir
Elif Bakir Hace un día
2:54 FINALLY DNA 1B!!!!!
Gacha Miahᄒᄆ촘 _ᅡᅣ모
Cookie asked for an apartment... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
•K I M B E A R•
•K I M B E A R• Hace 2 días
3:02 Jimin look so handsome 👀💔💔💔💔💔 I miss jimin 😭😭😭😭😭
•K I M B E A R•
•K I M B E A R• Hace 2 días
I am in love with this video 😭😭😭😭💜
•K I M B E A R•
•K I M B E A R• Hace 2 días
I am in love with this video 😭😭😭😭💜
•K I M B E A R•
•K I M B E A R• Hace 2 días
I am in love with this video 😭😭😭😭💜
•K I M B E A R•
•K I M B E A R• Hace 2 días
I am in love with this video 😭😭😭😭💜
•K I M B E A R•
•K I M B E A R• Hace 2 días
I am in love with this video 😭😭😭😭💜
•K I M B E A R•
•K I M B E A R• Hace 2 días
I am in love with this video 😭😭😭😭💜
Hope Byers
Hope Byers Hace 2 días
When he said "Finallyyyy!" I said "LSKSKS THAT'S SO CUTE!" Also look at their outfits, aMaZiNg! 😔
ⵓⴸⴷⵍⵢⴼⵊ • ⵢⵊⵍ‍Gⴼⵓ
When u don't have subtitles but still you are watching it and smiling the whole time because you are an army 💜 who loves BTS ❤
Rachael Ninsiima
Rachael Ninsiima Hace 2 días
I have never heard someone say finally so cute yet perfectly in my lifeu.....new ring tone🤘🏾💜💜💜
girl manga
girl manga Hace 2 días
His bunny smile is too cute.
do_ta bts
do_ta bts Hace 2 días
Better than who graduated 👨‍🎓🙆‍♀️💜
vminstagramm Hace 3 días
I am crying..
skyzafnia 7
skyzafnia 7 Hace 3 días
A little bit too much late, but it's okay. 乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ
dini. Hace 3 días
They are so lucky can be classmate with jungkook 🥺😭
Sunitha Rani
Sunitha Rani Hace 3 días
2:54 me when my period is over
Nuraidil Zakaria
Nuraidil Zakaria Hace 3 días
So jungkook is the younger member ohhh ☺😊😀
Aracely the Crazy one
Im here from the news that someone put him that he graduated 😂
Jackie Sermeno
Jackie Sermeno Hace 4 días
Finally I'm dead 🤣🤣
Mila Zhu
Mila Zhu Hace 4 días
زوجة جونغكوك المجنونه مرت من هنا عندك مانع⁦
OMG JK cute llove you beby😭😭😭😭😭😭
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 4 días
Nobody: Literally nobody: Not even the air: Jk going to his graduation with 6 parents (bts)
k tiny
k tiny Hace 4 días
and there's sinb and umji beside jungkook
Sora Park
Sora Park Hace 5 días
5:31 someone tell me the song that they are singinggggg
ting ting ting
ting ting ting Hace 10 horas
Just search the song "Graduation" by Jk, Hobi and ChimChim
suhani bisht
suhani bisht Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who is wondering why he was between girls in the whole vedio.....😅😅🤷‍♀️
He said finallllyyyy
Gicel Moya
Gicel Moya Hace 5 días
Jin mezcló el español con el inglés 🇰🇷😍 5:51
Olivia Yoo
Olivia Yoo Hace 6 días
watching this back to back with the video of them back in 2014, taking jungkook TO high school is so SMACK IN YOUR FACE like damn they've matured as people and grown as idols ;fjv;fv
Lexy Caitlyn
Lexy Caitlyn Hace 6 días
Veronika Jimenez
Veronika Jimenez Hace 6 días
I wish V is giving the flower to me Lol.
Taehyung is hot,cute and funny at the same time
Yt: Recommend old bangtan Videos. Me: *THIS IS NOSTALGIC~* Btw,anyone here?😂
K Ramalingeswari
K Ramalingeswari Hace 7 días
Love jungkook
Proud Armlink
Proud Armlink Hace 7 días
Language: Korean Subtitls: Korean International ARMY: *Am I a freaking joke to you*
kim youn
kim youn Hace 7 días
Gabi Duarte
Gabi Duarte Hace 7 días
te amo jongkook❤️
기린 Hace 7 días
2:28 옆에 엄지랑 신비 아닌갸?
Wook 1804
Wook 1804 Hace 8 días
If Jungkook was my classmate!
Magali kookie
Magali kookie Hace 8 días
¡BTS AND GFRIEND! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ❤️ My favorite grup's ¡Jungkook and Sinb graduation! (≧▽≦)❤️🌹✨
Sonika Mohanty
Sonika Mohanty Hace 8 días
Tae's face 🤭🤭
alexandra giselle
alexandra giselle Hace 8 días
Sometimes we just need subtitles
Derma Ilhami
Derma Ilhami Hace 9 días
AAARGHHH Kangen bgt:(((
hena BTS army
hena BTS army Hace 9 días
I can't understand they're saying in Korean language and subtitle is should be English but Noooooo That's bighit style
Chana Sheen
Chana Sheen Hace 9 días
I love y'all
Shah Taj Baloch
Shah Taj Baloch Hace 10 días
His parents didn't came?
Arpan Vijaykumar Solanki
i want to meet you guys but when i can because you guys live in South Korea i might able to when i come there i live in uk my favourite is jungkookie
jerah yvonne
jerah yvonne Hace 10 días
Bella C
Bella C Hace 10 días
The fact that they played Hobi, Mochi, and Kookie's graduation song in the bg
sweet rose
sweet rose Hace 10 días
It's been 3 years but let's talk about FINALLLLYYYYY
Gzielle Hace 10 días
i don't understand anything but i'm still happy^^
Ng Chze Cheun
Ng Chze Cheun Hace 10 días
I mean jungkook
Ng Chze Cheun
Ng Chze Cheun Hace 10 días
Is this junkook school,it's so cool .
Queen marina Lay
Queen marina Lay Hace 10 días
I’m almost first day of school but cornavirsus still sad 😢
이희원 Hace 10 días
입학식:아~쟤가 방탄소년단이야?̊̈ 졸업식:꺄갸갸갸ㅑㄲ!!!방탄소년단이야!!!!!!!!
luna jjAng
luna jjAng Hace 11 días
im cryingㅠㅠ
rarity caryse
rarity caryse Hace 11 días
When was this
seea gull
seea gull Hace 11 días
Who still aatch this on 2020??
why did i think being a multi stan is easy T_T
did his parents go to his graduation as well by the way new army here
Buttongguk Hace 6 días
Maybe they did but the camera didn’t show it
Alexis Mae Ang
Alexis Mae Ang Hace 12 días
jungkook's uniform was like one of their costumes
Carley Cabilangan
Carley Cabilangan Hace 12 días
They grow up so fast🥺
SW Hace 12 días
Why does Jimin look like a rich sugar daddy here
i want some TAE with KOOKIE
International army.... *I understand your pain*
Ashera Lazo
Ashera Lazo Hace 13 días
jungkook is friend support him❤️🥰
Cecilia Llopis
Cecilia Llopis Hace 13 días
A continuación
bts and txt vs the whisper game
Katy Perry - Daisies
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