[BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook went to High school with BTS for graduation! - BTS (방탄소년단)

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15 mar 2017







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Teddy Alfred Galvez
Teddy Alfred Galvez Hace 7 horas
the only words I understand are “finally, my graduation” but it’s okay it’s BTS 🤟🏻💜
Teddy Alfred Galvez
Teddy Alfred Galvez Hace 7 horas
eng sub 😢
챙설인뎅 Hace 11 horas
정국 옆에있는 여장앸ㅋ 신비님이잖ㅇ아욬ㅋㅋ
Iyan religia
Iyan religia Hace 11 horas
이완의 회계와 오랜 시간이 인도네시아에서 일어났습니다.
Guven Cacu
Guven Cacu Hace 20 horas
F4 whatsuuup boys? (Some people knows what im talking about lol)
Barney Isadinosaur
Barney Isadinosaur Hace un día
The most stylish uniforms I've ever seen. Our school uniforms here in Canada are so fashionably criminal, it's gag-worthy. And I went to an art school. Jealous of their bespoke looking uniforms.
callmelyn73 Hace un día
I only understood 1 word, when he said “Finally!” And I know nothing about these young men but I could see that it was a special day for him and he seemed delighted to have all his “brothers” with him to enjoy his big day. I’m happy for him.
syabilla diya otiyara Muliady
Wawww oppa jungkook bts
정국이 옆에 여자친구 신비,엄지님 계서..자리 대박인데
됴윰 Hace 4 días
내가 자장면 1억개라두 사줄겜ㅜㅜ
Anjali Gusai
Anjali Gusai Hace 4 días
0:56 Kookie was so excited to see his hyungs
lalalalisa_m _bp
lalalalisa_m _bp Hace 5 días
In 2.19 Clc Yeeun is in the back (sorry for my bad english)
Santri Sitanggang
Santri Sitanggang Hace 5 días
maknae line in the car cute and sweet
ㅤㅤ!!힌듀 Hace 5 días
2:19 정국오빠옆에 신비언니다...
Honey rain17
Honey rain17 Hace 5 días
2019 and i still watch this
앞에 정국이 혼자 조곤조곤하는거 넘 기엽다..ㅎㅎ
bts army
bts army Hace 6 días
날봄 Hace 7 días
2019? ❤
Min SyubSyub
Min SyubSyub Hace 7 días
Kookie lulus skul gw ikutan bangga loh bnrn 😅
vkook forever
vkook forever Hace 9 días
V is so handsome 😍💜💜💜
KIM VANTAETAE_02 Hace 10 días
And yein(lovelyz members) and umji (gfriend members)
KIM VANTAETAE_02 Hace 10 días
Haha i see jungkook sit beside sinb(gfriend members)even its blur i can see it clearly 2:20
Miss dArmy
Miss dArmy Hace 10 días
So this is when Kookie paid 910,000 Korean won?😂
호호비빕 Hace 10 días
증구가 ㅜㅜ
김아미 Hace 11 días
그렇게 그의 통장은 91만원을 내어주고 텅장이 됬다는....
1dx btsx
1dx btsx Hace 11 días
5:54 onwards it looks like jungkook is ignoring taetae 😷 don't do this to my taekook heart or I'll cry
[BTS]윤설 Hace 11 días
여기 따라간인간 미침...?
[BTS]윤설 Hace 4 días
+다영 ㅋㅋ일반인들도 왔거든요 모르면서 아는척 하지마요ㅋ
다영 Hace 4 días
서공예 기자들이 간건데여 ㅋㅋ
뽀쟉단무지 Hace 12 días
2:30 This Eunbi?
テテarmy Hace 12 días
テテarmy Hace 12 días
Angie Wu
Angie Wu Hace 13 días
Even if the girls faces were blurried they all look so pretty
이은우 Hace 13 días
어 정국이 오빠 앉아있을 때 옆에 은비 언니다
Alliana Valenzuela
Alliana Valenzuela Hace 14 días
I wish i am one of jungguks classmates back then
뇌진탕 Hace 14 días
2:26 정국 바로 옆 여자친구 신비아님? 겁나 닮았네
김나연 Hace 14 días
...91만원의 행복
Lan Huong Dinh
Lan Huong Dinh Hace 15 días
5:38 what is the music TT
Kyline Jungkook Jeon
Kyline Jungkook Jeon Hace 15 días
i cannot understand there speaking but Congrats! Jungkook i love you and i support you
-[익명]- Hace 15 días
짜장면이라고 안 발음하고 자장면라고 발음하는거 핵졸귀
Samantha Oyon
Samantha Oyon Hace 16 días
I'm a jikook shipper and I felt bad for Taehyung. He looked so sad that Jimin gave him the flowers when he was the one who bought them. Oof
Human GOD
Human GOD Hace 17 días
I love how the maknae line's pre-debut song "Graduation" is playing in the background😍
아미 아미
아미 아미 Hace 17 días
이날이군여 정국씌 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 300만원어치 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
탄방 Hace 18 días
2:20 에 정국이 옆에 여자친구 신비다
Nashita Aisha
Nashita Aisha Hace 19 días
He must be smart...
Tookta Arisara
Tookta Arisara Hace 20 días
JK💜 missyou
Rian Dick
Rian Dick Hace 21 un día
Aa jungkook so cute. I love you my bias
Jade Tahanlangit
Jade Tahanlangit Hace 22 días
International Army's be like: Yeaa, ha ha. I got that. Ha ha
Lan Vũ
Lan Vũ Hace 24 días
do you see sinb
BLACK PINK Hace 24 días
Awww kookie 💞so cute 💞💕💓
t3hdude Hace 26 días
2:23 SinB and Umji right beside him.
Mya Khine
Mya Khine Hace 26 días
Where r his parents tho....?
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