Banjo-Kazooie Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! (E3 Nintendo Direct)

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Banjo-Kazooie were just revealed as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest DLC fighter, coming in Fall 2019! GYUH-HUH!
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11 jun 2019






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Comentarios 11 081
Starman Crusader
Starman Crusader Hace 2 horas
Donkey Kong: Yes! We know each other. We used to work together
Blaise Green
Blaise Green Hace 7 días
Not even fall!!!!
ZeR0's BuLLeT
ZeR0's BuLLeT Hace 8 días
Its finally real
rowlet gamer
rowlet gamer Hace 12 días
Referencia a como muere grunty en banjokazooie
usern ame
usern ame Hace 12 días
A guess you could say banjo can defeat anyone with his BEAR hands and kazooie always WINGS it
usern ame
usern ame Hace 12 días
Pls end my suffering
Leonardo Gabriel De Jesus
Some feel happiness when see banjo??
Alejandro Cordero
Alejandro Cordero Hace 13 días
We need earthworm Jim, Ray-Man and Dixie Kong
Bobby Wilding
Bobby Wilding Hace 13 días
Who’s here after they were released?
nernerman Hace 14 días
Well fellas, it just hit me. We live in a timeline where someone as serious as Solid Snake can get into a fight with Banjo-Kazooie.
Imaginator S
Imaginator S Hace 14 días
Smash trailer logic: see someone cheering for you FUCKING MURDER THEM
Stefano Basso
Stefano Basso Hace 15 días
Look at how Sakurai fixed Microsoft's damages at Banjo Kazooie
Dillon Kinder
Dillon Kinder Hace 15 días
Let’s not forget Banjo and Conker were Diddy Kong’s best friends back in the day
Brenton Taylor
Brenton Taylor Hace 15 días
Sony: We win E3 this time! Nintendo: *_I'm about to end this man's whole career_*
Sonic gamer Vin519
Sonic gamer Vin519 Hace 16 días
undertale sans put him in the game
Yozora Hace 16 días
Can’t stop watching it
Madnard Hace 16 días
Stage hasard of spiral mountain: It will be like joker, it changes with the music, example, spiral mountain and grunty's l'air are on spiral mountain, mumbo town ost will get the stage of mumbo, freezezy Peak ost will take you on that stage
retarded animation
retarded animation Hace 17 días
On the first of september my ture love gave to me one day closer the banjo and kazooie
King of Robocopyright
King of Robocopyright Hace 17 días
This is actually Despacito 2.
Artists Arcade
Artists Arcade Hace 18 días
Huge missed opportunity. It would have been amazing if they recreated the original Banjo kazooie intro with him knocking on the screen.
Chris Carranza
Chris Carranza Hace 18 días
Ugh soon
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell Hace 18 días
0:55 *Banjo-Kazooie are raring to go!*
Nathan Case
Nathan Case Hace 20 días
Welcome home Banjo. You're back with Nintendo. The company that should have you.
Anonymous Invader
Anonymous Invader Hace 20 días
Rareware gang back in town
TheBlackKnight Hace 21 un día
I hope there will be Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie remakes. If so I don't really want them to be like Banjo X. I'd rather want it to be just and HD remake with not all that selfawareness stuff. And I hope the designs of the characters would be like the Smash design. And not the ones from Banjo X. Those just look too much like Nut's 'n Bolts. It would be nice to have Isle O' Hags in the background of Spiral Mountain in both the Banjo-Tooie remake and the Banjo-Kazooie remake. Oh and Smash Ultimate too. The background in the BK remake would not have Cauldron Keep at all or Cauldron Keep without B.O.B. And Cloud Cuckooland way up in the sky. Same for the Smash version. Maybe even a Grunty's Revenge remake but without the top-down view. And if they'd make a Banjo-Threeie it would be maybe nice to have Grunty completely killed and that Mumbo would have his face back after that.
Ethan.A Productions
Ethan.A Productions Hace 21 un día
Get Your *GUH-HUHs* Ready For Battle!
Nathaniel Mooney
Nathaniel Mooney Hace 23 días
I hope Gruntilda isn’t gonna try and get revenge on Banjo and Kazooie. She should just give it up, it’s been 20 years.
Nathaniel Mooney
Nathaniel Mooney Hace 23 días
0:54 I bet Diddy Kong was happy to see his old racing buddy again.
Anton Adams
Anton Adams Hace 25 días
This may seem very weird, but I actually don’t want another Smash Bros game after seeing how many fighters and modes this game now has. And we still do not know everything! If Smash 6 ever gets announced one day, I just won’t buy it unless it can exceed Ultimate.
hugh janus
hugh janus Hace 27 días
You know he's a bear, not a fucking dog, right?
hugh janus
hugh janus Hace 21 un día
@tjt_001 looks more like a shitty dog than a bear
tjt_001 Hace 21 un día
where does it say that he's a dog
Connbfb Hace 27 días
Avenger Kazooie
Avenger Kazooie Hace 29 días
Best day of my life 🧸
Dandre Rodriguez
Dandre Rodriguez Hace 29 días
When I see banjo kazooie in smash bros ultimate I always get excited for them:)
Mariuthi Hace un mes
That moment when I saw the shadow of Banjo and Kazooie, I cried bc how fricking happy I was!!!!
pixelpac galeemlord
Is it just me or is nintendo giving Microsoft the bird, not only did they get cuphead (which studio MDHR promised would stay on the x box) plus made it better (playing cuphead on the go, now they have just destroyed Microsoft with this new trailer, ditching the new designs from nutz and boltz which I imagine Microsoft would have wanted to promote their banjo game, good job Nintendo Microsoft needs to be put in there place
pixelpac galeemlord
pixelpac galeemlord Hace 22 días
Tyler Findlay
Tyler Findlay Hace 22 días
No Microsoft gave Nintendo the bird and threw the bear in free of charge.
Jonathan Bates
Jonathan Bates Hace un mes
Banjo-Kazooie are finally back to kick some tail.
Joshua Lion
Joshua Lion Hace un mes
I hope they come out soon, I can’t wait 😁
Graniomi Brot
Graniomi Brot Hace un mes
When you remember 1:35 , you deserve a veterans discount
Lil Shenron
Lil Shenron Hace un mes
I haven’t played Banjo in a long time and when they showed him in this trailer I said “Hey it’s Kanjo Bazooie” ...leave me alone I’m not a big fan but hey if you’re happy I’m happy
Nicolas Andrade
Nicolas Andrade Hace 22 días
Kanjo Bazooie are Taring ro Go!
JrSyobon Hace un mes
To anyone still watching this, it’s real. Banjo-Kazooie are back along with Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, PAC-MAN, Mega Man, Solid Snake, Ryu, Ken Masters, Cloud Strife, Bayonetta the Umbra Witch, Simon/Richter Belmont, Leader of the Phantom Thieves: Joker, and the four Dragon Quest Hero’s from XI, III, IV, & VIII. This game is truly a gift and we should appreciate how hard Mr. Sakurai and his team have worked to make this happen. Here’s to the next two DLC characters and this game even existing! 🍻
JrSyobon Hace un mes
Even if he is quite a doozy to fight against, he deserves to be here.
Cunning God of Death
I've still got an issue: Ness
Fernando Medina
Fernando Medina Hace un mes
Now I need Crash Bandicoot and my dream roster will come true
Ricardo Correa
Ricardo Correa Hace un mes
Nyuha nyuha!!!
Lil Lotion 2
Lil Lotion 2 Hace un mes
Thank you nintendo and Phil Spencer, very cool
Ellen Reed
Ellen Reed Hace un mes
They should add crash bandicoot
Nicolas Andrade
Nicolas Andrade Hace 22 días
@Cunning God of Death why
Rafken Jakiśtam
Rafken Jakiśtam Hace un mes
@Cunning God of Death why?
Ellen Reed
Ellen Reed Hace un mes
Why not?
Cunning God of Death
neArac Hace un mes
Phil x Doug
Sul2004 Hace un mes
He looks low tier but at least we have him.
Akeem Taylor
Akeem Taylor Hace un mes
Looks mid tier at best which is good. We dont want pay to win characters
thesmashbro 85
thesmashbro 85 Hace un mes
fuck you nigger
fuck you nigger Hace un mes
no crash in smash but im happy with this
AussieDuratrax Hace un mes
All that was missing was conker cutting through the completed jiggie at the end with his chainsaw please Sakurai san let the next character be conker
Iñaki Landechea
Iñaki Landechea Hace un mes
You know how good this trailer is when someone who hasn't played banjo kazooie or tooty is getting hyped as hell
Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez Hace un mes
Basically me
Awesome sonic fan 2000
They’re home.
jack bridges
jack bridges Hace un mes
I can die happy!!!!!!
SwagPizzA 361
SwagPizzA 361 Hace un mes
0:32 😂
TheBlackKnight Hace un mes
I hope they'll also be in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as DLC (or Mario Kart Tour/9) and also in Mario Tennis Aces as DLC. If they will be then I'm buying Mario Tennis Aces. And in a new Mario Party game. And in a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC. It would probably have a Rabbid Bottles.
Galactusgirl Hace un mes
September 23 is autumn equinox so Banjo-Kazooie should come out either in October or November
stalwartGRUNT Hace un mes
Something funny is diddy actually knows banjo, but not kazooie
Madnard Hace 16 días
chockoshockogaming Hace un mes
1:15 guh huh
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Hace un mes
Banjo Kazooie is the first character to be made in America to be in Smash.
Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez Hace un mes
Nope, Banjo & Kazooie were made by the British company Rare, Dark Samus is the first American created character to be in Smash
Leafy Hace un mes
he was made in the UK actually.
Aidan Trudelle
Aidan Trudelle Hace un mes
Maybe we needed a sacrifice to get banjo in smash.... And that sacrifice was part of the Joycons boys😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
dnmstarsi Hace un mes
Dude, NO.
Felippe Alexandher
Felippe Alexandher Hace un mes
O Chris Sutherland dublou o Banjo & Kazooie.
Felippe Alexandher
Felippe Alexandher Hace un mes
O Banjo & Kazooie começar em no dia 2 de Novembro.
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