Banjo-Kazooie Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! (E3 Nintendo Direct)

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Banjo-Kazooie were just revealed as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest DLC fighter, coming in Fall 2019! GYUH-HUH!
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11 jun 2019

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Comentarios 10 703
TheMrtraintrack Hace 2 horas
One week later. Yup, this is still real.
jack mehoff
jack mehoff Hace 2 horas
Think about it Dragon quest heros is being added to Nintendo store and he's in smash. Nintendo is getting persona 5 royal and Jokers been added to smash. Now banjos joining, Expect to see either banjo threeie or an hd version of the original banjo kazooie next E3.
Will Jones
Will Jones Hace 3 horas
Other Famous Game Companies In E3: We Won It Guys,Our Fans Should Be Happy! Lets Just Not Hope That A Bear And Bird Appears In Smash... Banjo: *Hold my freaking bird,you sick game dev freaks.*
Will Jones
Will Jones Hace 3 horas
I knew it would happen dude. I knew it. That bear and bird. I knew they would make it into a popular game like smash bros. I predicted it when i first got smash bros on the 64 I totally knew it.
Roman Reviews
Roman Reviews Hace 6 horas
This is just wonderful
Slowpoke85 Hace 6 horas
I still can't fucking believed it actually happened! :D
SohiHien Hace 6 horas
If they don't keep the fart sound when Kazooie poops out eggs I will be so sad
Lazym00se Hace 7 horas
Ciaran Franklin
Ciaran Franklin Hace 7 horas
OMG Banjo-Kazooie are going to be in Smash YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
GangstaKenny10 Hace 8 horas
Lets just HOPE that this guy doesnt pull an unexpected joker maintenance patch.
George Funes
George Funes Hace 8 horas
Banjo-Kazooie: the most appropriate smash character ever
Rocket Eagle
Rocket Eagle Hace 10 horas
I can't stop watching this.
Kirby Fan
Kirby Fan Hace 11 horas
I kinda feel bad for Playtonic Games now...
Julian Hardy
Julian Hardy Hace 14 horas
Joshua Lion
Joshua Lion Hace 17 horas
I can’t stop watching this trailer 😭😭😭
Jesus Gonzaleslz
Jesus Gonzaleslz Hace 19 horas
Joder tengo toda la semana con el tema del banjoo, ya sal de mi cabeeeeeza!!!!!!!!!!
Yeny Ruiz
Yeny Ruiz Hace 20 horas
I've said it one and I'll say it again " sakurai take a vacation"
Andrew Martire
Andrew Martire Hace 9 horas
me:*puts in draw plus two* you need oy mean
Janai Hamilton
Janai Hamilton Hace 21 un hora
This is crazy
bob da esquina
bob da esquina Hace un día
Waluigi q e bom nd ne
Alejandro Rivas
Alejandro Rivas Hace un día
Bottles still alive
Leonardo Dueñas
Leonardo Dueñas Hace un día
Best intro ....
Cubic Gamer
Cubic Gamer Hace un día
El spyro 0:28
Manas Choudhary
Manas Choudhary Hace un día
Microsoft and Nintendo's friendship has culminated to this. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
CJleeboy64 Г
CJleeboy64 Г Hace un día
So everyone thought the new character would be crash but little they know Banjo made it to smash
the kinkshame express
can you believe we there was a time where we thought ridley and banjo kazooie were impossible?
Mr. M
Mr. M Hace un día
Banjo-kazooie in smash *BREAKING NEWS: Bears carry birds on their backs and flying to fly*
Pokémon Nerd 98
Pokémon Nerd 98 Hace un día
*Friendship with Sony has ended* *Microsoft has entered the chat*
Deadpool8940 Hace un día
Wow I just saw this video and I thought I couldn't believe it. I thought I hadn't realised that Banjo and Kazooie were going to join the Smash either. The American company Microsoft must have given Nintendo a permission to add those two Rare characters to SSBU.
KrespyKreme13 Hace un día
Give me sans or give me death
Snowhue Hace 4 horas
Guess you’ll die
Galactusgirl Hace un día
A DLC that I'm actually excited for! Welcome back Banjo-Kazooie!
Nintendo Gamer6464
Nintendo Gamer6464 Hace un día
Fall needs to come faster
abelskaka ihml
abelskaka ihml Hace un día
This is unbelievable
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade Hace un día
Banjo-Kazooie’s return to Smash is the equivalent of the Hardy Boyz’ return to WWE.
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade Hace un día
After 20 long years, the iconic bear-bird duo is back!😭🙌
Tristan D
Tristan D Hace un día
they say where king k rool ended up, will be the next dlc. an undertale character. not sure if I'm ok with that though. but it is what it is.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace un día
This is clearly a reference to Gruntilda's demise at the end of Banjo-Kazooie. Anyone who associates it with Undetale is a dumbass.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Hace 2 días
I gone on ESvid to watch the direct live stream, only for this video thumbnail to fucking spoil it.
Bill Talker
Bill Talker Hace 2 días
The kids won't understand this one. This ones for the old heads ✌🏽
Snowhue Hace 4 horas
But iiiiim a kid and I fully understand it.
King of Robocopyright
*Waluigi:* Geno? I don't feel so good... (looking at his hands) *Geno:* You're all right. *Waluigi:* I don't... I don't know what's happening. I don't... Save me, save me! (falls toward Geno and holds onto him, begins to cry) I don't want to go. I don't want to go, Geno. Please. Please, I don't want to go. I don't want to go... (falls onto ground with Geno beside him) I'm sorry... (turns into dust and blows away)
Madnard Hace 2 días
Shut the fuck yup with waluigi, he never deserved to be in smash, people like you make the smash community toxic
Forbelicious Hace 2 días
Banjos chest changes when he strikes the pose at the end
KHfan4ever23 Hace 2 días
Best Smash Bros announcement EVER. Don't even try and argue that.
KHfan4ever23 Hace 2 días
@Madnard You're goddamn right I'm sure about it. Ridley announced was hype but Banjo deserved to be in the game more than ANYONE.
Madnard Hace 2 días
Ridley trailer: *are you sure about that?*
Ryce Gabriel Major
Ryce Gabriel Major Hace 2 días
I am so confused. Who is the new DLC? Banjo Kazooie or dungeon quest
pieman19 Hace 2 días
They're both DLC. The Hero is releasing in the Summer and Banjo-Kazooie in the Fall
jonathan bermuded
jonathan bermuded Hace 2 días
Im so exicted the final dlc they should put glover
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace un día
There's 2 more. Who the fuck is Glover.
pty80 Hace 2 días
He looks nothing like Nuts and Bolts 🤔 guess Nintendo didn't like his real Design
Madnard Hace 2 días
This one is the true design, i cannot consider the nuts and bolts one like his real model
Señor Bob
Señor Bob Hace 2 días
I admit I did not know much about Banjo Kazooie but Im genuinely happy for all the fans that finally got something they have been waiting for
Steven Chao
Steven Chao Hace 2 días
wait so.... did that green witch stage in the super smash bros stage builder reveal turn out to be an actual hint? :O
yoshiknight36 Hace 2 días
Alright this is cool and all, but is no one gonna talk about how Diddy Kong literally betrayed DK? I mean Banjo handes him an egg bomb and Diddy literally threw it at DK. If you ask me, thats the real mouth dropper#NotmyMonkey😠😠😠
7JJ Ruiz
7JJ Ruiz Hace 2 días
Z Hace 2 días
This is Truly the Ultimate Smash Bros.
Breydan Stephens
Breydan Stephens Hace 2 días
Banjo Kazooie Smash Bros Ultimate Ganna Be Badass 😃😃
garlicxlr Hace 2 días
Rest in Pixels Yooka-Laylee, Playtonic Games 11/4 2017 - 11/6 2019
I have no creative name
We should have a gruntilda spirit battle with a green bayonetta and a k rool as klungo
Elijah McNair
Elijah McNair Hace 2 días
If Banjo-Kazooie and The Hero from Dragon Quest are coming to Smash, then can Richard Miller from Time Crisis and Ristar join Smash, too?
Rony Fortunato
Rony Fortunato Hace 2 días
Bro he just droped necked duck hunt
TheGaming Douche
TheGaming Douche Hace 2 días
fall damage
fall damage Hace 2 días
Joker: I am basically i discount anime character so i will be the best smash bros fighter Banjo-Kazooie: *I'm bout to ruin this mans entire career*
K i r k s c h o p
K i r k s c h o p Hace 2 días
Ok so how many times have you watched this trailer? For me its been at least 20 times
Alejandro Medrano
Alejandro Medrano Hace 2 días
When banjo was revealed, I slamed my table so hard that I put sr pelo into shame
OhSoVanilla Hace 2 días
Microsoft won E3 for giving Nintendo permission to add Banjo to Smash
Claridge Hace 2 días
i nearly throw up everytime i watch this as i get too excited everytime
Nojorooney Hace 2 días
THIS IS A FREAKING DREAM COME TRUE!! Now all we need is Shadow, Cuphead , Agumon , or Sans and any other game would be garbage compared to this.
TheBlackKnight Hace 2 días
1:14 That fruit DK throws up looks a little.... weird....
Snowhue Hace 2 días
It’s pac mans orange
Truthseeking Troll
Truthseeking Troll Hace 3 días
It's wonderful that banjo finally made it to Smash I want to buy it just to play him but too bad that Ultimate is a Wii U rehash/port game and I won't support greedy lying companies like Nintendo that have done nothing but port and rehash games over and over again.
Cesar Romero Avila
Cesar Romero Avila Hace 3 días
Crimson Hace 3 días
If Banjo is only number 3, then who the hell are the last two??? We'll have to wait and see, I guess.
Snowhue Hace 2 días
I wish one of them would be heavy but that won’t happen.
Chris Dipper the Irate Shitter
I'm thinking a Namco rep.
DrunkenRampage Hace 3 días
Geno and Pepsiman.
Jonathan Hace 3 días
They should add Grunty or Mumbo Jumbo as next DLC characters
trolzilalol Hace 3 días
Banjo looks a little too happy slamming Kazooie on the ground
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace 3 días
I mean it's not like Kazooie doesn't deserve it lmao
Tbone680 Hace 3 días
IT’S A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad Cakes
Brad Cakes Hace 3 días
A single tear ran down my cheek. Look how beautiful banjo and kazooie look. He's been revived from nuts and bolts, we can forget that monstrous model :,]
Bdhdhrudhdbxhhdbd dgdgbsgdvhsusbsushd
Watch gruntilda be his classic mode boss
Joey Bognar
Joey Bognar Hace 3 días
0:50 when the Raptors won the championship
Kingrobert09 Hace 3 días
1:09 *PETA wants to know your location*
Tyler Findlay
Tyler Findlay Hace 3 días
Me: Banjo and Kazooie will never be in smash. Also Me: Cuphead will never come to switch. Basically I need to shut the hell up more often.
Ben Hughes
Ben Hughes Hace 3 días
Sakuraiii~ You added the platforming king and queen, now you must add a certain squirrel to the game. It wouldn't be your first M rated character.
Ulises Ordonez
Ulises Ordonez Hace 3 días
Ben Pasternak
Ben Pasternak Hace 3 días
There's still one DLC left, right? I hope it's Crash Bandicoot. He was for a time the PlayStation mascot so it would be cool to see him in the game alongside Mario and Sonic.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace 3 días
2. Plant isn't part of the fighters pass.
Claridge Hace 3 días
theres two DLC characters left
JWBerkley007 James
JWBerkley007 James Hace 3 días
Wait a minute I am Joe is coming this far that’s a little bit disappointing I got a wait five Vance for this character all I have to do is keep playing smash bro’s until it comes out
Glowing Kirby
Glowing Kirby Hace 3 días
When this releases we will have a high quality model of Banjo, therefore see Banjo default dance.
Brayson Tilk
Brayson Tilk Hace 3 días
Remember when this was on #2 Trending for gaming?
Wolfy Hace 3 días
i tought this was a fake trailer lol
Why AreYouHere
Why AreYouHere Hace 3 días
Banjo Remake calling it
Claridge Hace 3 días
Grant Kurkhope decomfirmed it
Stre Led
Stre Led Hace 3 días
Technically, Donkey Kong was created by Rareware too, since he's the grandson of Cranky Kong (the original Donkey Kong from 1981). In other words, it's a family reunion.
Fredbear Films
Fredbear Films Hace 3 días
Hey look it's a smash 4 mod... NEVERMIND!
Steve main
Steve main Hace 3 días
Banjo literally murdered someone's dog.
Wonjae Yi
Wonjae Yi Hace 3 días
Now who will be the other two DLC?: *Sans, Sora, Cuphead, Crash, or Spyro?*
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia Hace 3 días
The Opinionist
The Opinionist Hace 3 días
So this small thought made me laugh. Banjo is about to get shot with a gun.
girexx Hace 3 días
Are the UK getting this or Dragon Quest?
Countertop Confessions
@girexx oh no no no no they would never do that. Both characters are for everybody. What people mean is that Banjo is here to PLEASE the west, and Dragon Quest is here to PLEASE japan.
girexx Hace 2 días
Oh ok I just got a bit confused by some comments about the character announcements. And I wasn't talking about who they'll buy I was wondering about what character they're getting cos the comments made me think that different regions are getting different characters
Countertop Confessions
@girexx well, we'll be buying both. As I'm sure every smaah fan will. It's a new character afterall. If you're asking me which one we're HAPPIER about then Banjo for sure. We're in the same boat as you. We barely even know what DQ is. It doesn't sell here.
girexx Hace 2 días
@Countertop Confessions I mean are the UK getting Banjo Kazooie as a character or are they getting the Dragon Quest character?
Claridge Hace 3 días
Naji Zibarrah
Naji Zibarrah Hace 3 días
world suicide rate 0%
Adam Bearnard
Adam Bearnard Hace 3 días
So Nintendo own banjo again ???
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace 3 días
No, he's a third party just like Cloud, Joker etc
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace 3 días
0:53 When Banjo-Kazooie gets released for Smash.
Natto Nep
Natto Nep Hace 3 días
This will is Second time Sonic and Banjo are in the same game. Sonic: Hey Banjo you look better. Banjo: Guh-huh and in your movie you look as bad as i did in Nuts and Bolts.
nothing to see here
nothing to see here Hace 3 días
K Rool: *cheering for Banjo Kazooie Banjo Kazooie:I'm about to end this man's whole career
Karel Hnedkovsky
Karel Hnedkovsky Hace 3 días
Hey, anyone enlse think they might have been inspired by Smashified?
Markpack100 Hace 3 días
Can’t wait for the Banjo-Kazooie amiibo as well
Kauwila Bass
Kauwila Bass Hace 3 días
K. Rool: *Just sits there chilling* Banjo: Bury that man alive! >=0
Sans_Comic Hace 3 días
I like how Joker got 1,3 Mio. views now after a few months and Banjo-Kazooie got 1,2 after not even a week 😅✌️K. Rool has 3,2 Mio. but I think the Bear-Bird duo will beat that easily 🐻🦅
Javier Cabrera
Javier Cabrera Hace 3 días
So...Banjo for EVO?
Javier Cabrera
Javier Cabrera Hace 3 días
@Joel Garcia Yeah I know but it's still a possibility to think about.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Hace 3 días
He probably won't be out by then.
Myrna Sigalat
Myrna Sigalat Hace 4 días
So where is my karate Joe and Chorus Kid or Tibby
What’sHisFace Anthonny
Just realized the reference to banjo 64 when the witch dies
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