Banjo-Kazooie LOST BITS | Unused and Cut Content [TetraBitGaming]

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FINALLY taking a dive into one of my favourite games of all time: Banjo-Kazooie! Banjo-Kazooie is definitely one of the best Nintendo 64 games and also one of the best 3D platformers of the era! Absolute classic, definitely check it out if you haven't already!
Hey guys, welcome to LOST BITS! Where I will cover unused and unseen things in various games! In this video we explore Banjo-Kazooie to have a look at various cut sounds, graphics and more!
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This video covers:
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Kazooie Unused Content
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7 sep 2019






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Ismael Reyes
Ismael Reyes Hace 2 horas
phoenix the cat
phoenix the cat Hace un día
Victrola TV2
Victrola TV2 Hace 2 días
Thank god I'm not the only one who's creeped by that game over scene.
SJRNoodles Hace 4 días
*G U H - H U H*
try blox
try blox Hace 5 días
10:54 it's waluigi
kø løves sans
kø løves sans Hace 5 días
*sees banjo grasping kazooies neck in the thumbnail* HOLY SHI--------
The Angry Dango of Doom
>bop And dropped
Rachel Tiffany
Rachel Tiffany Hace 8 días
7:03 Maybe this was gonna be used for the swap and play mechanic?? Edit:I need to learn how to wait...
John cristhphor lewis
You should do plants vs zombies lost bits 😁
Zak Galarza
Zak Galarza Hace 10 días
Your gruntilda laugh sounded like papyrus
Random acount
Random acount Hace 10 días
18:24 And the word K I L L i died laughing
SimplyRenirambus Hace 11 días
I like how in the thumbnail twin Banjos are strangling twin Kazooies while a giant Gruntilda grins menacingly.
shelby YouTube
shelby YouTube Hace 14 días
0:51 Gruntilda: Hey! You can’t steal my talent for rhymes! For I’m the one who’ll hold it for all times!
Jaxson5teno ?
Jaxson5teno ? Hace 16 días
Advent more like Adventure
LEGO-las LEGO M.O.C Review
A video on Banjo Kazooie content that was scrapped. This is good as I'm not trapped.
Im Actually Garbo
Im Actually Garbo Hace 17 días
“Inserting her dominance” 😂
Neon Ninja
Neon Ninja Hace 17 días
Hey his is one of your fans and I was wondering ( if ESvid exempts) if you can do Conker Bad fur day !
Colony Against Attacks.
Oops I need to play the game first!
MiniGemini Hace 18 días
17:02 Melon lady has a really scary expression
buttonsdashes Hace 18 días
Your Grunty impression sounds like Skullmageddon lol
Creeper Clause167
Creeper Clause167 Hace 19 días
banjo and kazooie had a bad time being released
Snoogans Hace 19 días
Anybody said banjo kazoo-three yet?
Dominic Bakkila
Dominic Bakkila Hace 20 días
Tetrabit: this song is bop Song: BEEP BOP BOOP BOP BEEP BOP BOOP BOP
Ryan White
Ryan White Hace 22 días
Weird how summer was slower than autumn.
I Know You
I Know You Hace 22 días
Just think: Had Banjo kept his sword, we'd have yet another sword wielding character in Smash.
retard brothers
retard brothers Hace 23 días
I wonder what would happen if u tilt the cartridge on the game
ShyGamer 2000
ShyGamer 2000 Hace 23 días
So nobody is going to talk about the B E E G snail?
Gabriel Lainez
Gabriel Lainez Hace 24 días
Lol 6:25 i believe i can fly
Daxz Kun
Daxz Kun Hace 24 días
Same here, I was scared of that game over cutscene when I was little as well, that I also got so terrified of seeing the game over cutscene of Yoshi story
Ostyx - Music & Sound
Ostyx - Music & Sound Hace 25 días
T-poses look weird.
Kefou Kefak
Kefou Kefak Hace 25 días
Anybody else extremely sad that they didn't go through with Tooty helping Banjo and Kazooie at the end when Gruntilda's spell was supposed to hit and turn them into frogs or something and then Tooty had to do something (don't remember what it said) in order to help them get back to their normal selfs. Ok, this is called Banjo-Kazooie, but still I wouldn't mind having played with Tooie too, at least as a special thing when you finish the game.
Pyro Productions
Pyro Productions Hace 25 días
Cheer for the bear and beegull it ain’t illegal we really want that three-quel at least we got a sequel banjo let’s just not meontion that car game and so! It’s been 20 years unless you count nuts and bo- I TOLD YOU NOT TO MENTION THAT heh sorry kazooie...I feel awkward now me too... well we gotta get back to the last line before time runs out OH YEA LETS DO IT hear comes the Fanfare cheer for the bird and bear banjo - kazooies back in town not a reason to frown don’t run away we here to save the day GUH HUH!
Jiggly Buff
Jiggly Buff Hace 25 días
2:36 *B I G S N A I L*
Paul 50000
Paul 50000 Hace 12 días
No, 2:36 T H I C C S N A I L
Bartas28 Hace 26 días
ThatguycalledJoe Hace 26 días
> "Oily scum too risque" > "Scary striptease" is actually in the game and can be the correct answer. Hmmmmmmh.
Gino Sabatini
Gino Sabatini Hace 26 días
Happy to see I'm not alone with still loving Banjo Kazooie
Luigikaboom The Skeleton
*_Make a Undertale / Sans video then._*
Pooits bird
Pooits bird Hace 27 días
*snas the mii gunner*
Boltx and ultra sonic
Boltx and ultra sonic Hace 27 días
Make a super Mario 64 lost bits with Nathaniel Bandy
Steven Jolliffe
Steven Jolliffe Hace 27 días
The Advent song is used in another game can't remember what game it is
Danny Key
Danny Key Hace 28 días
This video is so good, it has changed my mood.
TetraBitGaming Hace 27 días
Glad you enjoyed it !
Robert Frost
Robert Frost Hace 28 días
5:53 You're too old to say "bop"
TetraBitGaming Hace 28 días
No u
Jess Hace 29 días
The Advent music is probably a song made for the Advent calendar you see, the one that makes the Freezeezy Peak's entrance.
Littlebuster101 Hace 29 días
Banjo-Tooie Lost bits video later, yeah?
Littlebuster101 Hace 28 días
@TetraBitGaming Super cool man. I look forward to it.
TetraBitGaming Hace 29 días
King Aries YT
King Aries YT Hace un mes
Banjo and Kazooie! Nice video subbed!
TetraBitGaming Hace 29 días
Welcome aboard!
ZX Games
ZX Games Hace un mes
You should totally do another lost bits video on FNaF. The new VR game has a ton of scrapped content!
ZX Games
ZX Games Hace un mes
@TetraBitGaming You could possibly throw in UCN too, as that has a fairly decent amount of unused stuff too.
TetraBitGaming Hace un mes
Really? I've only heard of a few unused things. I don't know if there's enough for a full episode
adrian_ stockman
adrian_ stockman Hace un mes
1 like one vote for him to do punch out wii lost bits
Erick Stone
Erick Stone Hace un mes
Dud u need to do Banjo Tooie
Niles the beast
Niles the beast Hace un mes
Austin The Other Friends Lover82888
I'm gonna make the Comment section 666 comments
ShyGuy Animates
ShyGuy Animates Hace un mes
Not gonna lie, I didn’t care for Banjo either. Till that Wonderwing Smashed into my GSP
Kristen Paschall
Kristen Paschall Hace un mes
I thought there was supposed to be a fire stage with gobi who was in hailfire peaks instead guess you don't know every lost bit in banjo kazooie
TetraBitGaming Hace un mes
Yeah, that's just Hailfire Peaks, so it's not lost
Dino Hace un mes
*Aren't they those characters from smash?*
atomic bigweld
atomic bigweld Hace un mes
Can u do tooie next
ZokLoc Hace 29 días
@atomic bigweld HE COMMENTED ON YOU!!!!!!!!!
atomic bigweld
atomic bigweld Hace un mes
@TetraBitGaming ok
TetraBitGaming Hace un mes
It won't be next, but I do plan on doing it eventually!
Reagoat da great
Reagoat da great Hace un mes
Bnajo and kazooooooooooe
Hype_Hero Hace un mes
Caleb Paul
Caleb Paul Hace un mes
Advent is an end credits theme or opening
Caio Viana
Caio Viana Hace un mes
Beep Beep Beep Beep GUH HUH
Alve Beats
Alve Beats Hace un mes
Please not another fucking stop and swop video. We know already.
Strike The Furry
Strike The Furry Hace un mes
*G U H - H U H*
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