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A documentary profiles Gefilta Fresh and Dr. Dreidel, two of Nassau County's most prominent bar and bat mitzvah party motivators.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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11 feb 2019

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Comentarios 2 359
Malcolm  Scott
Malcolm Scott Hace un día
That female accent is on point!🤣
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers Hace un día
We find it monetarily exhilarating
Satch 'em
Satch 'em Hace un día
Circumcision CONSEQUENCES!
gets187 Hace un día
These vatos are the gayest duo in comedy , I love their mad tv days though
Abdul Ali
Abdul Ali Hace un día
Maybe they won’t fire people willy nilly when they grown 😜😝😛🤪
Fly Beep
Fly Beep Hace un día
2:02 Lol
Toatsie Hace un día
The fact that they specified the county 😂 it’s so true though! Nassau county Long Island has such a huge Jewish demographic 😂
onlyoldnavy Hace 2 días
"We provide a service for these people". That is profound and most viewers have no clue how true it is.
xGatorchomp28x Hace 3 días
"It's less responsibility"
Sam Holder
Sam Holder Hace 3 días
this is a sleeping giant of a K/P sketch
Amy S
Amy S Hace 4 días
Key, peele, thank you for existing.
Slimm Liaa
Slimm Liaa Hace 4 días
Sarah look uncomfortable asf😂😭👀🏃
CyanCyborg Hace 5 días
I'm black and I'm Jewish, I'm so conflicted.
Death Dealer
Death Dealer Hace 4 días
CyanCyborg I'm black and irish,hold this blunt and hold my beer.🚬🍺
Masta An
Masta An Hace 5 días
Yesssss. A key&peele video I never watched
jose adolfson
jose adolfson Hace 6 días
Just Sephardic jews, there is nothing weird about African looking jews.
iiiiiiii6660 Hace 6 días
“Ghetto means something different to these people” lmaooooooo
big money stunna
big money stunna Hace 6 días
Key sounds like action bronson 😂😂
Death Dealer
Death Dealer Hace 4 días
big money stunna fly spaghettis
The Adventurous Food Guy
Your videos don't work in Canada. Pls fix the setting.
Greased Lightning
Greased Lightning Hace 5 días
Please get some 21st century tech in that shit hole
Manny S
Manny S Hace 8 días
As a jew who grew up in nassau county, there is a lot of dark truths here. Most jews there have barely seen black people
Pratyush Bhardwaj
Pratyush Bhardwaj Hace 8 días
'Black people coming to get me, help'
Easton DaGoat
Easton DaGoat Hace 8 días
"Black people coming to get me me HELP"😂
Mike Dollars
Mike Dollars Hace 9 días
Eye Native_nerd
Eye Native_nerd Hace 12 días
Chosen by the chosen 👊🏿
Tovi Sema
Tovi Sema Hace 12 días
😂😂😂😂idiots 😂😂😂love them
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew Hace 12 días
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards Hace 14 días
Lmao Nassau county 😂😂
Mate Buljan
Mate Buljan Hace 15 días
Funny aketch but in what world do they live in to think everyone excepts blacks are racist
InMotionForAMillion Hace 15 días
I’m offensive, and I find this to be Jewish.
Tia Campbell
Tia Campbell Hace 16 días
2:18 " go Daniel"😂😂😂😂😂
Amira E.
Amira E. Hace 16 días
Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling
I was a BLACK CARICATURE ARTIST at many a Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. they're not joking when they say it's a novelty. I've had many of the proverbial YOU DIDNT SOUND BLACK over the phone faces when parents opened the door.
Robert Wright
Robert Wright Hace 18 días
I’m not sure if this is real or whatever but kudos to a great hustle!
wispl0ve Hace 9 días
its a skit
1relentless3 Hace 18 días
Chosen by the chosen...
Your Mum
Your Mum Hace 19 días
Do key and peele get a dollar every time they use the word black?
Alicea L. Flynn
Alicea L. Flynn Hace 20 días
Ima hurt you. We not chosen, we the chosen of the chosen says the black man. White guy says we used to be black. Crazy man You are the Chosen.
Denis Ms
Denis Ms Hace 20 días
And the greatest part their lastnames translated from German is black man/mens 😂
Aditya aditya
Aditya aditya Hace 20 días
2:05 Chelsea from FBE?😅😅
tharbk01 Hace 19 días
yea she looks like a little bean lol
Karen K
Karen K Hace 22 días
OMG, this was hilarious! I died at, "When you see black people at a Bar Mitzvah it's very exciting, it's like a scary ride." 😂😂
FBZitachi uchiha4life
FBZitachi uchiha4life Hace 22 días
"Oh black people coming to get me help" lmfao i wonder how the white people feel after the skit
Tanjanika Green
Tanjanika Green Hace 22 días
Hmmm. Interesting
Karen K
Karen K Hace 22 días
Translation: "I didn't get it."
Jonathan Anderson
Jonathan Anderson Hace 22 días
Was that a reference to the Warsaw Ghetto...?
ShadteR Hace 22 días
They had to give everyone big noses crying😂
Ethan Winograd
Ethan Winograd Hace 22 días
the funny thing is that ALL of the Bar/Bat/B’nei Mitzvahs i’ve been to including my own had groups like this! Utopia Entertainment St. Louis lmao
DeadlyDanDaMan Hace 23 días
I feel like Dave Chappelle had some influence in this :D
Jaluba Hace 23 días
The joke is that they're black people at a bar mitzfah 👍
talksic ASMR
talksic ASMR Hace 24 días
2:09 is that the girl on teens react ? i forgot her name
Carson Jones
Carson Jones Hace 24 días
They used to be funnier
thattotally Hace 25 días
Happy Endings had an episode with a similar joke where max and Damon Wayans Jr were professional party motivators for bar mitzvahs
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Hace 26 días
(When they see a black person for the first time, it’s magical ) is the whole thing about Bar mitzvah, don't become like that person?..warnings to your kids?
IT'S ME FROM 713 Hace 26 días
Is David Schwartzman one of the Sonic guys?
Gwyneth Kamiya
Gwyneth Kamiya Hace 29 días
I first heard about bar mitzvah from Jake Peralta in Brookly Nine Nine and got curious about it.
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei Hace 10 días
Nine Nine!
Dean Ackles
Dean Ackles Hace 29 días
Collin Huber
Collin Huber Hace un mes
I live in nausa county
Priority 1: Kindness
2:10 How often is a 13-year-old going to hear their own name? Depends how often they piss off their parents. 😎
brian phat
brian phat Hace un mes
Once u go black u cant go back
Hannibal Zulu
Hannibal Zulu Hace un mes
White supremacy is rampant in the AshkeNAZI culture.
Levi Fontaine
Levi Fontaine Hace un mes
Well dagum
Jasper Jahnke
Jasper Jahnke Hace un mes
Schwarzman = Blackman
Slaughter Bot
Slaughter Bot Hace un mes
*Gafilta fresh like Gafilta fish from Rush Hour Hahaha...*
Onkel Pappkov
Onkel Pappkov Hace un mes
That sketch was possible thanks to the miracle of modern technology. They filmed the black men separately in front of a green screen and merged the images in editing. The white people were never in harm's way. Isn't technology wonderful?
Anusheel Anusheel
Anusheel Anusheel Hace un mes
Jews are running the show behind the curtain ...
Carmella Harper
Carmella Harper Hace un mes
Ive been watching these videos over and over for the last year and EVERY SINGLE TIME I WATCH them, I recognize some even funnier when I watch again!
HammerOfGod Hace un mes
As a jew, i 100% endorse this video
togs tags
togs tags Hace un mes
1:25 is that the girl from teens react?
Usman Chishti Shabbir
They are awesome! I have only one question. Only this video is available to watch in Australia! All of their content on ESvid isn't available here... Duuuude..
Quintyn Zoghby
Quintyn Zoghby Hace un mes
Lucion Williams
Lucion Williams Hace un mes
Go Daniel!!!
Lucas The God
Lucas The God Hace un mes
Black and Jewish
Jeremiah Macheke
Jeremiah Macheke Hace un mes
That slap tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kisame Hoshigaki
Kisame Hoshigaki Hace 2 meses
That’s the sonic guy
Drew Bee
Drew Bee Hace 2 meses
For anyone who hasn’t experienced the cringe worthiness of Nassau County Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, this is 1000% on the money. Legit.
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins Hace 2 meses
Two of the funniest guys on this planet.
Miliony Wiernych
Miliony Wiernych Hace 2 meses
We are chosen by the chosen xD
Charles J. Easley II
These black guys are really racist toward black people. ~ leftist logic
Gabriel Wacks
Gabriel Wacks Hace 2 meses
As a Jew, this is painfully, uncomfortably accurate
wwe rocks
wwe rocks Hace 2 meses
2:09 isnt that the white girl from FBE?
Marty Clark
Marty Clark Hace 2 meses
in case anyone else was having major deja vu about the rhino in the background...he's in an episode of full house...not sure why i remembered him but...esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-sHyUeLHw49k.html
money Barksdale
money Barksdale Hace 2 meses
it's funny but it's true in a manner that this is how blacks see white people as, and the questions they ask like our lives are a movie, majority blacks fear for their lives from another black while watching out for some racist whites lurking looking for black prey, it's hard not to carry a gun in this world with young black and white teenagers listening to rap then mimicking that lifestyle, which puts innocent black or white lives in danger I don't want to walk to my truck and a white dude thinks I'm coming towards him and I get shot that would be considered justified the magic word is I thought he was trying to do something it was a mistake!all because a lot of them believe the news or watch the first 48 instead of the 53 other crime channels of all white people but this was a experiment on blacks and the more we wake-up knowing it's all lies then we can be better off in time to understand why we do this nonsense to each other and whites can stop believing the stereotype lies that is put out against blacks...I know a lot of white people that have conversations with me and they claim they don't believe the bullshit anymore once they found out we are the scapegoat of the world and knowing they also fear their own people who can just shoot up anyplace occupied with massive amounts of people
Tone202 Hace 2 meses
Jack Weiss
Jack Weiss Hace 2 meses
I'm about to have my bar mitzvah in 4 months and if Dr.Dreidel and Gefilta Fresh are not there I'm going to riot.
Jonathan Weideman
Jonathan Weideman Hace 2 meses
You know there's tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews, right?
Jalo Hepo-oja
Jalo Hepo-oja Hace 2 meses
Key & Peele = Comedy legends! lmao
martin k
martin k Hace 2 meses
Coming to you live from nassua county
Roland Taylor
Roland Taylor Hace 2 meses
Has anyone figured out what these kind of people are going to do?
DORIAN PRIME Hace 2 meses
The Jewish language is so aspergers
Zebulous Hace 2 meses
Welp, that was fuckin genius. Shockingly racist while still holding the integrity of the story and being truly funny at the same time; that’s the difference between a forgettable show and a legendary one. They filled Chappelle’s token black shoes well. Comedy Central seems to only allow one black comedy on their programming at a time.
Teufel Hunden
Teufel Hunden Hace 2 meses
John Hace 2 meses
"They might not grow up and run away from black people when they see them"
Rizal Djohan
Rizal Djohan Hace 13 días
or fire them when they get older lol
yugurtz Hace 2 meses
gafilta fish...rush hour reference?
Steez Unlimited
Steez Unlimited Hace 2 meses
Jews were black not white but let them tell it and they will say Jews were the original people from Africa.
Joeii James
Joeii James Hace 2 meses
1:07 is that Rigby the rhino?
"The face they make when they see a black person for the first time. The look is just magical" I died!
S. Y.
S. Y. Hace 2 meses
Yooooo I know that high five he gave him at 0:30 burnt little homie’s hand.... my hands are burning just looking at that high five 😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀💀
Xavier Blanton
Xavier Blanton Hace 2 meses
This Is Like A Window Into A Place Where White People Are Still Blatantly Racist It’s Funny But Also Kind Of Scary
Layla Dejesus
Layla Dejesus Hace 2 meses
*something we learned along the way is that the word ghetto means something vErY different to these people* 😂😂
Subtle Nature
Subtle Nature Hace 2 meses
The Jews left Egypt brown, and entered Israel white...oye, such a trick!
Harijot Khalsa
Harijot Khalsa Hace 2 meses
When they made this sketch I wonder if they knew this was actually Tiffany Haddish's life...
wesson smith
wesson smith Hace 2 meses
"because you never really know what those kind of people are going to do." Amen sister.
Conversation Strangler Steven
Dude fucking rotfl🤣
madhuri dilipkumar
madhuri dilipkumar Hace 2 meses
Keegan is an awesome dancer
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