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A documentary profiles Gefilta Fresh and Dr. Dreidel, two of Nassau County's most prominent bar and bat mitzvah party motivators.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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11 feb 2019






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Comentarios 2 164
Miliony Wiernych
Miliony Wiernych Hace 8 horas
We are chosen by the chosen xD
Charles J. Easley II
Charles J. Easley II Hace 19 horas
These black guys are really racist toward black people. ~ leftist logic
Gabriel Wacks
Gabriel Wacks Hace 2 días
As a Jew, this is painfully, uncomfortably accurate
wwe rocks
wwe rocks Hace 5 días
2:09 isnt that the white girl from FBE?
Marty Clark
Marty Clark Hace 7 días
in case anyone else was having major deja vu about the rhino in the background...he's in an episode of full house...not sure why i remembered him but...esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-sHyUeLHw49k.html
money Barksdale
money Barksdale Hace 7 días
it's funny but it's true in a manner that this is how blacks see white people as, and the questions they ask like our lives are a movie, majority blacks fear for their lives from another black while watching out for some racist whites lurking looking for black prey, it's hard not to carry a gun in this world with young black and white teenagers listening to rap then mimicking that lifestyle, which puts innocent black or white lives in danger I don't want to walk to my truck and a white dude thinks I'm coming towards him and I get shot that would be considered justified the magic word is I thought he was trying to do something it was a mistake!all because a lot of them believe the news or watch the first 48 instead of the 53 other crime channels of all white people but this was a experiment on blacks and the more we wake-up knowing it's all lies then we can be better off in time to understand why we do this nonsense to each other and whites can stop believing the stereotype lies that is put out against blacks...I know a lot of white people that have conversations with me and they claim they don't believe the bullshit anymore once they found out we are the scapegoat of the world and knowing they also fear their own people who can just shoot up anyplace occupied with massive amounts of people
Tone202 Hace 7 días
Jack Weiss
Jack Weiss Hace 10 días
I'm about to have my bar mitzvah in 4 months and if Dr.Dreidel and Gefilta Fresh are not there I'm going to riot.
Jonathan Weideman
Jonathan Weideman Hace 10 días
You know there's tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews, right?
Jalo Hepo-oja
Jalo Hepo-oja Hace 10 días
Key & Peele = Comedy legends! lmao
martin k
martin k Hace 10 días
Coming to you live from nassua county
Roland Taylor
Roland Taylor Hace 12 días
Has anyone figured out what these kind of people are going to do?
DORIAN PRIME Hace 13 días
The Jewish language is so aspergers
Zebulous Hace 13 días
Welp, that was fuckin genius. Shockingly racist while still holding the integrity of the story and being truly funny at the same time; that’s the difference between a forgettable show and a legendary one. They filled Chappelle’s token black shoes well. Comedy Central seems to only allow one black comedy on their programming at a time.
Teufel Hunden
Teufel Hunden Hace 14 días
John Hace 14 días
"They might not grow up and run away from black people when they see them"
yugurtz Hace 14 días
gafilta fish...rush hour reference?
Steez Unlimited
Steez Unlimited Hace 14 días
Jews were black not white but let them tell it and they will say Jews were the original people from Africa.
Joeii James
Joeii James Hace 15 días
1:07 is that Rigby the rhino?
"The face they make when they see a black person for the first time. The look is just magical" I died!
S. Y.
S. Y. Hace 15 días
Yooooo I know that high five he gave him at 0:30 burnt little homie’s hand.... my hands are burning just looking at that high five 😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀💀
Xavier Blanton
Xavier Blanton Hace 16 días
This Is Like A Window Into A Place Where White People Are Still Blatantly Racist It’s Funny But Also Kind Of Scary
Layla Dejesus
Layla Dejesus Hace 16 días
*something we learned along the way is that the word ghetto means something vErY different to these people* 😂😂
Subtle Nature
Subtle Nature Hace 17 días
The Jews left Egypt brown, and entered Israel white...oye, such a trick!
Harijot Khalsa
Harijot Khalsa Hace 17 días
When they made this sketch I wonder if they knew this was actually Tiffany Haddish's life...
wesson smith
wesson smith Hace 18 días
"because you never really know what those kind of people are going to do." Amen sister.
Conversation Strangler Steven
Dude fucking rotfl🤣
madhuri dilipkumar
madhuri dilipkumar Hace 19 días
Keegan is an awesome dancer
Sam Seleznow
Sam Seleznow Hace 20 días
I grew up on Long Island and this is the most fucking accurate thing I’ve ever seen they actually hit the nail right on the head and I’m SCREAMING.
Norbert Fistmaster
Norbert Fistmaster Hace 21 un día
"Hold on to your Yamulkas OK?" Said the catholic born midwest farmer' daughter, who married in a jewish Family and maybe converted.
Angel george
Angel george Hace 21 un día
This is is hilarious, but I don’t get some of it. What’s up with whole idea between Jewish people, and Black people?
Orangutan Gang
Orangutan Gang Hace 21 un día
What a great learning exercise of meeting Black People.
hip hop
hip hop Hace 22 días
Suburban rap
Sam Vidas
Sam Vidas Hace 23 días
"Monetarily exhilarating."
Eisdax Hace 23 días
I lost it at the Gafilta Fresh.
Daniel Andrade
Daniel Andrade Hace 23 días
the office
Taylan Harman
Taylan Harman Hace 24 días
The Hutspa of this show...
Jaro050282 Hace 24 días
Buhahahahhahahhahhha - good one
Robert Crocker
Robert Crocker Hace 24 días
The way they stormed thru the curtain had me already laughing. Way too crunk
Jason Galvez
Jason Galvez Hace 24 días
"...They won't run away from black people, or they won't fire people so willy nilly." Bruh i literally fell out my chair.
Cloverblossomed Hace 25 días
Can someone get an award for wig-making? Because whoever does the wigs for Key & Peele deserves it.
rustictrain Hace 25 días
Tightly knit jewish neighborhoods be like this though. Its not racism its just unfamiliarity and yes its just as hilarious as this skit
tarantinosnumber1fan Hace 25 días
from a Jew who grew up in a huge Jewish community (bar mitzvahs literally every weekend in 7th-8th grade), this was way too accurate.
JokerL1000 Hace 27 días
That thumbnail tho.
Anonymous woman
Anonymous woman Hace 27 días
I am a Black Jewish woman. I love this skit. Not ALL Jewish folk are white, though. Ugh people. Read and learn.
Mouse Guardian Of The Galaxy
The hebrews were brown though...
Kj_mast_er Hace 27 días
The first key and peele episode that i don't find remotely funny
Mr Cupcakes
Mr Cupcakes Hace 28 días
I lol'd when he slapped the boys hand HAHA
FruityPebs Hace 28 días
Dr Dredal
Peter Washington
Peter Washington Hace 28 días
Ironically, black people in America are the true Hebrews!!;
Aleph Null
Aleph Null Hace 28 días
I actually don't get it, what's the whole joke here? There's some stereotype being unsubtly referred to but maybe I don't know it.
BH Music
BH Music Hace un mes
Official Toy Story 4 trailer just came oht
Ayana Holder
Ayana Holder Hace un mes
So many layers here to dissect. LOL!
Omar Williams
Omar Williams Hace un mes
Dat white lady dancing at 0:37
Omar Williams
Omar Williams Hace un mes
At 0:55
Chris Watson
Chris Watson Hace un mes
Gafilta fresh!
MicGregor Hace un mes
Those whites aren't the real jews, they're white. They're gentile converts. The blacks, hispanics, and native americans are the real Israelites.
Can Kuyumcu
Can Kuyumcu Hace un mes
yeah thats right, jews are racist
Desirrae Hace un mes
Y'all are some funny ass mf geniuses 😭😭😭😭
Jonathan Macaw
Jonathan Macaw Hace un mes
I would so hire these guys at all my parties and events
Craig Castanet, D.C.
I think these guys are genius, but this skit is an excuse to make an editorial comment on Jews' "view" of Blacks. Key and Peele are saying, "We see through your political correctness". Fortunately for me, I'll never be targeted as a politically-correct hypocrite, since I tell it like it is.
Craig Castanet, D.C.
This is supposed to be funny? It feels like Key and Peele's excuse to criticize Jews. Conservative Jews may object, but Liberal Jews will squelch themselves of any criticism, lest they be labeled racist.
RANDOM æð Hace un mes
I love you guys, literally. Makes my day, I gotta get my daily dose of Key and Peele
Sgt Pepper
Sgt Pepper Hace un mes
Keys Jacket out of focus looks like it has a swastika on either side of the zip on his chest
james marez
james marez Hace un mes
When they see black people
Son of a Gun
Son of a Gun Hace un mes
They made being Jewish cool .nah I'm just kidding. LoL
cheesayn Hace un mes
1:25 isn’t that the girl from fine brothers channel
Itsalgud1 Hace un mes
“It’s not that they’re black, but you never know what those kinds of people are going to do“😂
star3ek Hace un mes
House party man.......
Dalton Brown
Dalton Brown Hace un mes
lol black people are jews not fake jewish Greeks
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Hace un mes
Second best to... you're gonna shatter a window with explosive arrows then zipline into a bank in a top piece of a night of armour and roller blade past shooting gaurds smashing through a bank safe all while carrying a cartoon money bag....
Daniel Cowdrey
Daniel Cowdrey Hace un mes
I feel less depressed because they said my name it made me feel motivated
Chris Won
Chris Won Hace un mes
this was funny but why am i so sad
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Hace un mes
Paranormal Tv
Paranormal Tv Hace un mes
Lol im from israel and this is so stupid that is so funny lplolol
Jvmayn Hace un mes
The fat one remind me of tyler the creator
Jeremy Hanson
Jeremy Hanson Hace un mes
monetarily... exhilarating
Alec Newman
Alec Newman Hace un mes
gettin you in the zone for your milestone -isnt that cute-
Muzzamil Ahmad
Muzzamil Ahmad Hace un mes
Magical nigrooo....
Joshua Charette
Joshua Charette Hace un mes
Lmao this was amazing
Paul Mckernan
Paul Mckernan Hace un mes
I think this is up there with substitute teacher an continental breakfast. Really really good.
al zolez
al zolez Hace un mes
Dr. Dreidal lmfao!
lil Sundberg
lil Sundberg Hace un mes
those were some fresh fkn outfits in the couch scene, totes high fashion
YourPalHDee Hace un mes
"Ois to men" is fucking genius hahahahaha
The1Americanpride1 Hace un mes
Arthur G.
Arthur G. Hace un mes
They put the pussy on the chainwax!
Karina Grigoryants
Karina Grigoryants Hace un mes
Dr dreidel XD
Nick Dervishaj
Nick Dervishaj Hace un mes
"Oy'z II Men"
frogfiber Hace un mes
We find it spiritually intoxicating. We find it culturally fascinating. And we find it monetarily exhilarating.
Irrelevant survivor.
It's just magical...seeing a black person the first time? And does the same thing happen to black people seeing white people lol?
Mauri Cobian
Mauri Cobian Hace un mes
I want 3:30 of my life back.
tamia inaliel
tamia inaliel Hace un mes
"ohhh black people coming to get me, help" LMFAOOO 😂
D Logic
D Logic Hace un mes
They finally made it. They broke into the jewish market.
Nandi the Bull
Nandi the Bull Hace un mes
Jamie Denbo!
Yosef Monserrat
Yosef Monserrat Hace un mes
The original hebrews were black...they fled to Africa sold into slavery to American Euros and still live in Israel they just whitewashed the Bible...Original Jews were of color...however Jew and Gentile alike All under Sin in need of Salvation through Jesus Christ
Richard B.
Richard B. Hace un mes
I M Hace un mes
Oh please you gotta trust me: the reality is 100x cringier than this.
JacobToussaint Hace un mes
timothy norman
timothy norman Hace un mes
Funny how I only ever see racism in the media. I work in a large corporation and have lot of friends and I can count on my finger the times I have encountered a racist person.
Anony Moose
Anony Moose Hace un mes
An ode to the jews! Fuck you uncle toms!
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