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A documentary profiles Gefilta Fresh and Dr. Dreidel, two of Nassau County's most prominent bar and bat mitzvah party motivators.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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11 feb 2019

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D Logic
D Logic Hace 6 horas
They finally made it. They broke into the jewish market.
TG Nandi
TG Nandi Hace 6 horas
Jamie Denbo!
Yosef Monserrat
Yosef Monserrat Hace 22 horas
The original hebrews were black...they fled to Africa sold into slavery to American Euros and still live in Israel they just whitewashed the Bible...Original Jews were of color...however Jew and Gentile alike All under Sin in need of Salvation through Jesus Christ
Richard B.
Richard B. Hace un día
I M Hace un día
Oh please you gotta trust me: the reality is 100x cringier than this.
JacobToussaint Hace un día
timothy norman
timothy norman Hace un día
Funny how I only ever see racism in the media. I work in a large corporation and have lot of friends and I can count on my finger the times I have encountered a racist person.
Anony Moose
Anony Moose Hace 2 días
An ode to the jews! Fuck you uncle toms!
Sophia Flagg
Sophia Flagg Hace 2 días
They were at Drakes bar mitzvah 😂😂
Paul L
Paul L Hace 2 días
Key & Peele... the funniest, most original and prolific sketch comedy duo on the planet! Wordness to the turdness, gentlemen!
Rejoice my frenemies X
Monkey Aviation
Monkey Aviation Hace 2 días
when I watch PEELE & KEY it definitely shows that mental illness is a thing among comedians lol
Apex Hace 2 días
shoutout long island Nassau county lol 516
Mackenzie Nellis
Mackenzie Nellis Hace 2 días
I...cannot....find....the words.....
Papa Height
Papa Height Hace 2 días
This kid having the Bar Mitzvah looks like a young KBeazy😭😭😭
Will Howe
Will Howe Hace 2 días
black people: sometime it be like that
Teddy Hace 3 días
i'll pay
K B Hace 3 días
Dr dreidel 😂😂😂
Shubhayan Chakraborty
I love you guys...
Sparrow Hace 3 días
3:00 What do you mean "these people"!? -from isra-hell ;) btw your "hebrew" is 95% nonesence, haha
evertime123 Hace 3 días
PyThor Hace 3 días
חחחח גדולים!
bash mogd
bash mogd Hace 3 días
less responsibility
Random Guy
Random Guy Hace 4 días
"oh black people coming to get me help"
Rupert Pupkin
Rupert Pupkin Hace 4 días
Kinda racist but ok because they're black. but funny
Javon Wells
Javon Wells Hace 4 días
Meh... Not their best sketch.
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas Hace 4 días
So THIS is what Kid and Play have been up to since the 90s
Dylan Anderson
Dylan Anderson Hace 4 días
That woman at the beginning? Not Jewish. No chance
super saiyan god
super saiyan god Hace 5 días
Finnaly i can unsubscribe from central park I only subscribed to them for key and peele
PiedraBoyz Hace 5 días
Love ya vids guys keep up the good work my brother and I love watching your videos especially me
Brandon Ferguson
Brandon Ferguson Hace 5 días
Why is it truth to this? lmaoo I worked a Bar Mitzvah in Manhattan a weeks back
Blake Justin
Blake Justin Hace 5 días
lookin like KSI's old haircut lol
Abdul Hace 5 días
The original Jews had brown skin. Modern White Skinned Arabs/Jews/Semites are mixed with Roman, Greeks, Persians, Turks, Armenians, Caucasus, Ottomans, Albanians, Eastern Europeans, Khazars etc...
The Bringer of Rain
The Bringer of Rain Hace 5 días
boys 2 men lol i didnt catch that the first time
Kopy Kat
Kopy Kat Hace 5 días
This reminds me of 'Les Twins' the dance duo..😁
vishdroidrc Hace 6 días
1.1k Jews are offended ;)
Johnyy Reb
Johnyy Reb Hace 6 días
We need more key & peele
Jai Norman
Jai Norman Hace 6 días
Ridiculously Alissa
Ridiculously Alissa Hace 6 días
I'm fucking done👋😂
Orion Homes
Orion Homes Hace 6 días
The weakest. I'm confused. Didn't the Hebrew faith originate with Africans? I mean the evidence is outstanding. There weren't any Hebrews around at all when the pyramids were built, right? Truth is funnier than fiction.
Bee Vang
Bee Vang Hace 7 días
Racist as f
Sabas Del Toro
Sabas Del Toro Hace 7 días
0:29 that aggressive slap though
DeviantMotives Hace 7 días
How often is a 13 year old going to hear their own name? Wtf? Lol
420Jelbaz Hace 7 días
wow...accurately pointing out how deeply racist jewish people are takes a lot of balls, thank you Key and Peele.
M 10
M 10 Hace 7 días
You know the comedy is gold when the comment section is just 90% quotes.
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez Hace 7 días
The key and peeles arent the same anymore
Denty One
Denty One Hace 7 días
And this offends you as a Jewish person? No, it offends me as a comedian.
311i0t Hace 7 días
idk if i was in the wrong mood watching this video, but i thought this was weak af
Lightfoot Hace 7 días
Not only was this hilarious, but these guys can really dance! :)
Daniel Akoma
Daniel Akoma Hace 7 días
"were chosen by the choseness"
Jad Bazrto
Jad Bazrto Hace 7 días
هل يوجد مترجم للعربي 😑
Gyra Moore
Gyra Moore Hace 7 días
The further this video goes the funnier it gets
Life Jacked
Life Jacked Hace 7 días
"you can't put a price on the child's face when they see a black person for the 1st time" 😂😂😂😂 wtf this show is hilarious!!
Billy Mays
Billy Mays Hace 7 días
I came back from the dead to like this video.
TheAngelArrow Hace 8 días
Dr Dreidel, I'm dead. 😭😭
Edouard Etienne
Edouard Etienne Hace 8 días
Whats going on? Are they back?
Music Obsessed
Music Obsessed Hace 8 días
Black people coming to get me help!! 🤣🤣🤣
wawa tutu
wawa tutu Hace 8 días
Their new vids just don’t compare to their old content
Gekser Hace 8 días
“We find it monetarily exhilirating” is the best way to say “I like money”
Hermes Hace 8 días
"Punching" jews with bla... With normality? Hell yeah!
Seth Gallup
Seth Gallup Hace 8 días
Why does Sylvia Rosenblum sound so much like Kyle's mom from South Park
RAINMAKER Hace 8 días
Show this to Ben Shapiro.
RAINMAKER Hace 8 días
more quotes from the skit in the comment section, i already know it.
TheBearfootKnight Hace 8 días
*swoosh* The sound I heard as that skit flew right over my head
Benny B Raps
Benny B Raps Hace 8 días
More Andre and Meegan
G Saigo
G Saigo Hace 8 días
Hecking incredible
Wayland LaMarca
Wayland LaMarca Hace 8 días
As a jew from Long Island this speaks deeply to me
Ken Mendoza
Ken Mendoza Hace 8 días
Fresh Prince of bel-air
Samuel Carter
Samuel Carter Hace 8 días
"Monetarily exhilarating"
niagra898 Hace 8 días
Didn’t these guys used to be funny?
Enjoli Christmas
Enjoli Christmas Hace 8 días
How ironic because black people are the chosen people. We are the true Israelites. It’s funny but seriously it’s more funny than we all really know and understand. 🤔 Jews are from Europe and their lineage dates back to Japheth not Shem. Black people date back to Shem. All the biblical characters were black it’s historical and if you read the Bible it’s pretty clear. Samson wasn’t the only black man 😂😂😂
Bryan F
Bryan F Hace 8 días
This isn't new, CC already posted this video with the title "Key and Peele - Gefilta Fresh and Dr. Dreidel." Busted!
mj pz
mj pz Hace 8 días
i'm kind of wondering why you only have 337k subscribers
Free Crawler
Free Crawler Hace 8 días
I don’t get where this stereotype comes from, but I still think it’s funny. Like just because black people are almost never Jewish, that doesn’t mean we can’t all get along. I’m gonna say that’s the message of this video.
Christopher Do44
Christopher Do44 Hace 9 días
Funny as hell
Syed Mohammed Faizuddin
Never have I ever - seen ONE Key and Peele episode only, without a follow up marathon.
Samantha Fletcher
Samantha Fletcher Hace 9 días
racist...dont promote it
Trydigama Hace 8 días
Samantha Fletcher fuck off
Bê Mười Tám Xê
Viesub plz 🤗
MRBJT51 Hace 9 días
The depths of what these two are doing is going well over the heads of the few that are disconnected.
Yustin J.
Yustin J. Hace 9 días
And one of them makes good horror movies 😂
Jake Didier
Jake Didier Hace 9 días
Hey i'm purple, the world haven't label me yet 😑
Amitai Fayngold
Amitai Fayngold Hace 9 días
As a Jew, I enjoyed this. Lmao I can’t stop laughing. It’s so right!
Boxhead Hace 9 días
Sub to PewDiePie
Astro Gunz
Astro Gunz Hace 9 días
Nassow County
Makarov ;]
Makarov ;] Hace 9 días
lol we in Israel see black people everyday there are shops and barbers and everything lol wierd
Dave Hace 9 días
Nassau county peeps wya
Zach Kendrick
Zach Kendrick Hace 9 días
Jazmin V
Jazmin V Hace 9 días
youngnave23 Hace 9 días
The real Jews are the black people America, these Jews you see today are not the real Jews Revelation 3:9 KJV [9] Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
Gregore Candalez
Gregore Candalez Hace 9 días
G A F I L T A F R E S H im dead
Matheos Buehler
Matheos Buehler Hace 9 días
Sub to Pewdiepie 👊
Caryn D Prescott
Caryn D Prescott Hace 9 días
Leonard Jeffries?! 😂🤣🤣
Keith H
Keith H Hace 9 días
Hilarious! Takes me back! 😂
Naturain Hace 9 días
“You can never put a price on your child’s face when he sees his first black person”
Thoth Garcia
Thoth Garcia Hace 9 días
White audience.
Trey Connolly
Trey Connolly Hace 9 días
what up 516
Richie F
Richie F Hace 9 días
Mello Dope
Mello Dope Hace 9 días
Y'all SOOOOOO don't understand!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
tj jefferson
tj jefferson Hace 9 días
Isnt that the same rhino from the rugrats
MeMyself AndI
MeMyself AndI Hace 9 días
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