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Baseball Doesn't Exist
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18 may 2022






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Ryan Colligan
Ryan Colligan Hace un mes
That bit about the river mud is simultaneously unbelievable and completely consistent with baseball's weird continuity obsession.
sirflimflam Hace 10 días
@Boran Theki I remember one year my team was gifted a small tub of that stuff in Little League back in the early to mid 90s. We didn't really get it, but I actually liked how it slightly changed the feel of the ball. Mostly we were just excited our games felt more "authentic" with it. haha. Total placebo I'm sure. 9 year olds wouldn't really get any meaningful differences with it.
C Mendoza
C Mendoza Hace 11 días
It's truly silly, considering how little they seem to care about quality control.
James Rocco
James Rocco Hace 13 días
Ball players have always been superstitious...
Souledex Hace 16 días
no other institution reminds me more of how Ancient Rome's government officials, clergy and rituals functioned. There were a number that were so old and permuted that they honestly didn't remember why they did it, but some ancient offhand account said all the ghosts of their sacred dead rose and terrorized the city one year they didn't so they just kept doing a massive festival every year. Like why did they start replacing balls so often in baseball? Cause it negatively affected the sport as a whole? No? Sportsmanship? No? Oh it got so hard to see it killed someone - and their solution was to just replace them often rather than... all of the other contributing factors to that danger.
Zack Hample
Zack Hample Hace un mes
Fascinating and brilliantly done. Thanks for featuring my book (twice!) in your video, and I noticed a bunch of my baseballs in here as well. Keep doing your thing and shout-out to Dr. Meredith Wills for her research on this subject.
Mike Rafone
Mike Rafone Hace 4 días
@Ray Lopez i already know this... the espn article they used as a source has the conflicting info.
Ray Lopez
Ray Lopez Hace 4 días
@Mike Rafone Wikipedia is sometimes wrong, and if you correct the article you can get into a pissing contest with an editor who reverts it back to the previous version... but Wikipedia is a good starting point.
Mike Rafone
Mike Rafone Hace 9 días
@Baseball Doesn't Exist hey bud.. ray chapmans wikipedia references an article by espn that says the pitcher, carl mays was the one to field the ball and throw it to first base after thinking chapman hit the ball. either the wikipedia is wrong or the third baseman wasnt the one to field the ball. you should correct the wikipedia article if youre certain it wasnt the pitcher.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Hace 13 días
I own a copy of your book! I'm an Australian baseball fan who picked it up in LA before seeing my first baseball game.
Zack Hample
Zack Hample Hace 27 días
@Baseball Doesn't Exist 👊
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium Hace un mes
The thing that gets me is just how "balanced" baseball is. The length of basepaths, the distance to the plate, and distance to the fence - all of it so balanced that changing the thread can alter the game drastically. Which is just amazing.
MexiDan Hace 2 días
@TheInfectous zZzZzZz
William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain Hace 5 días
@TheInfectous or saying it the other way - "the original ball is so badly designed for aerodynamics that manufacturing changes create huge aerodynamic differences"
TheInfectous Hace 11 días
well wording it that way is a bit misleading, the change that matters isn't the thread, which itself is a small change, it's the change in the aerodynamics which was a large change. a more accurate sentence would be, "all of it so balanced so well that a massive change in aerodynamics of the ball can alter the game drastically" which uh, would be self-evident. The sentiment you're looking for is "the thing that gets me is just how precise aerodynamics is. The smallest variation in size, shape, weight and material can have massive changes in how objects fly through the air."
Recoil Rob
Recoil Rob Hace un mes
A while back when the laces were being talked about...it made sense that them protruding farther made it easier for the pitcher to grasp and control while also decreasing the distance it would fly due to increased drag. When they made the laces shorter the pitchers lost some control which made it easier to hit them...and the balls flew farther just from the decreased drag of the less prominent laces. Then throw in changes to the core rebound and lots of things can make the balls do what they want. As long as both teams have to use the same balls....I'd call it a fair contest, but if one team got one ball while the other a different one....that wouldn't be right.
Eddie Tucker
Eddie Tucker Hace un día
It would be criminal.
Nathan Thom
Nathan Thom Hace 17 días
It is amazing how disposable and unused each ball is in professional baseball. In Cricket a ball typically lasts a minimum of 80 overs and yes a cricket ball is far more durable but the fact that baseball's don't even get used for a full over just seems ridiculous.
Nathan Thom
Nathan Thom Hace 5 días
@thewkovacs wouldn't call it a problem if they have no obvious negatives to using the ball more than once per batter.
thewkovacs Hace 5 días
@Nathan Thom in college, the issue is cost. dont have that problem in the mlb.
Nathan Thom
Nathan Thom Hace 5 días
@thewkovacs sounds like an issue with the sport, where they have a piece of equipment not fit for purpose; the thing is this is nowhere near a problem in practice or in college baseball.
thewkovacs Hace 5 días
in the early days, in game balls were used till they almost fell apart...that is why they took the balls from fans this was during the dead ball era the reason balls dont get used, sometimes more than even once, is that after a ball is hit, it's properties are changed that isnt the same in cricket
Ian Stobie
Ian Stobie Hace 5 días
@Chris Zenko 🦇🦇 bats! 🦇🦇🦇
DHVF Hace un mes
This is why I love baseball, no other sport has any problem even close to this and I love it for the intricacy and chaos that it brings
Britt Gardner
Britt Gardner Hace 7 días
I honestly think any time you get into a professional-level sport, you're going to see very minor gear differences that amateurs would never notice having a huge effect on total performance. This is probably most prominent in motorsports, which is why any major motorsport has a rulebook about as long as three Bibles, but I have no doubt a guy who does nothing in his professional life but throw baseballs will notice an immense difference in performance from a 9% increase in lace thickness or the exact grade of cowhide used in the cover.
TheInfectous Hace 11 días
@Sneersh I mean, ironically players caused the issues. The players being babies and demanding new balls or multiple balls per pitch resulting in supply chain shortages which then resulted in changes to the process and multiple different kinds of balls being used per match. As long as only one type of ball was used per game then it is petty, the other team has to play with the same type which would've been the case had players not produced so much waste needlessly. Inconsistency is a part of physical sports at least until the far future when we can make entire stadiums out of synthetic materials and 3D print baseballs, if they wanted consistency they should've played video games.
TheInfectous Hace 11 días
This happens in not only every other sport but also every single subject, field, hobby and interest taken to the highest level. Everything when taken to a professional level has insane levels of intricacy and chaos resulting from the smallest changes.
blingn007 Hace 14 días
ummm boxing??
Canonx-Gameplays y diversion
Footboll has the same problem, look at the story of the mythical "Jabulani".
Jake Jonas
Jake Jonas Hace 24 días
Never been much of a baseball fan but this channel is what’s gotten me into watching highlights. I never watch an entire game but I’m more interested in it than I’ve ever been.
Pian-0 G
Pian-0 G Hace 10 días
It’s kind of amazing how I get reminded how sports work because of ‘limitation’. Like how making the balls better in aerodynamic and such (even if accidental) makes the sports possibly worse. It’s like swimming with that suit that was so good, it got banned, because not everyone had one.
Dee Hace 10 días
I'm thinking about motorsports now. The amount of rules that govern how a racecar is built are generally downright staggering. You have to have x amount of horsepower, y amount of cylinders, z amount of curb weight, a×b dimensions, c° spoiler, d amount of ride height, and so on. And it makes so much sense when you consider that motorsports are usually more about the drivers' ability to drive their vehicles within a certain performance envelope than about their crews' budget and ability to build and tune better vehicles.
Lux Arts
Lux Arts Hace un mes
As a baseball fan for his entire life this is so weird, I was at Fenway the other week for mothers day and in the 9th inning down a run J.D Martinez barreled one to left and me and my friend (both baseball players who hit bp regularly and watch teamates crush balls) thought this ball was leaving the ball park, thing died and hit the top of the monster. I've seen at least 20-30 games at fenway in my life and seen more homeruns live than I can count so I don't normally get excited for any contact unless I know its crushed and it just feels like the ball is even more dead this year
Rsl Wannabe
Rsl Wannabe Hace 18 días
My trainer said HIghschool and below balls arent juiced. Minor league balls are juiced. IN the MLB 500 foot moonshot homeruns would be a normal 400 foot homerun.
misolou fout
misolou fout Hace un mes
Love the content man, the delivery and just the videos in general are genuinely entertaining. Keep up the great work!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace un mes
Wasn’t really a baseball fan tbh but you’re videos really make me see the sport a different way. Awesome content bro!
logan micheals
logan micheals Hace un mes
this just shows how small changes can really effect outcomes when it comes to aerodynamics
Ray Lopez
Ray Lopez Hace 4 días
And that Mississippi mud...
Chaos Thierry
Chaos Thierry Hace un mes
"In 1921 a fan sued MLB for mental anguish" Wow.... that reads like a headline out of 2022. We haven't really changed as a society and we've always been nutty.
weibo coiu
weibo coiu Hace 27 días
Oh man, just remembering the Almora Jr. one and hearing the whole stadium react to it makes me feel absolutely terrible. Almora breaking down crying is sad to see, too.
Mavka Hace un mes
Everything about Steve Bartman is so sad to me now. Kid was clearly a mega fan, got excited to finally catch a ball, life ruined. Poor dude
Roy Tofilovski
Roy Tofilovski Hace 12 días
@dspsblyuth But the idea could have been his. The statement written by a lawyer based on his idea.
Sneersh Hace 19 días
@AJA Music Not to mention Dusty's horrible management, I don't remember who was pitching for the Cubs but Dusty left him in way longer than he should've while he was getting shelled.
Yellow River Boy
Yellow River Boy Hace 19 días
This shows how pathetic humanity is in general when overrun by primitive instincts
KeyserSoze26B Hace 21 un día
@IceTeaZ literally everyone around him was trying to catch the ball just like he was trying to do. Also fans did this all the time. Wtf you talking about. Stop blaming foul ball and fan because the professional players on the field had a complete epic choke. Your that classic dude that always blames everyone else for your mistakes and can never take responsibility for yourself, always wanting to blame anyone and everyone else but yourself. If you think Bartman is what lost the Cubs that game your delusional. Not to mention they still even had a chance to win the next game after that to still win the series. All the errors the PLAYERS made to lose that game, all the runs they gave up and you blame it all on a fan trying to catch a ball that was literally in the stands. Baaaaahahahaha
BType13X2 Hace 27 días
@Pax Humana When you see comments like that, assume they are spam, made by a bot account. That is the only thing that account posts and there is no response to any interaction. Report for spam and leave it be.
Chris Hace 28 días
Great video, especially on the practical elements of controlling ball characteristics. The typical person accusing the league of manipulating the ball for some in-game consequence generally doesn't realize how insane that would be. Even if the balls were all exactly the same, there is no way to accurately predict how drag will act on the ball throughout the course of a season. Drag is the most important element affecting the ball's trajectory, but the coefficient of drag and cross-sectional area of the ball (i.e. the shape and make of the ball) get way too much attention in the live-ball era. Those elements are at their most significant in pitching because the other factors in drag from the mound to home are more consistent. Once the ball is hit in the air, velocity, altitude, weather, and temperature are so dynamic that minor variance in make has mathematically chaotic predictability. A ball hit exactly the same way with exactly the same make can vary in trajectory just from the variance of the other factors (most noticeably in Denver) enough to account for a 50 ft discrepancy. The amount of variance increases with time relative to initial observation, so watching the ball travel through the air makes it seem more predictable than it is. Then consider how often variance in final location actually affects game outcomes. Because HRs are defined by a threshold instead of a gradient of fielder ability, we notice that variance a lot more. Additionally, we tend to assume randomness doesn't exhibit apparent patterns (they aren't actually linear patterns, but they look like them), so we embrace superstition as an explanation of simply random behavior.
Carlos C.
Carlos C. Hace un mes
Awesome video. I think there are some other variables to consider as well, such as differences in how the batters are swinging, environmental conditions, differences in pitching, differences in the bats perhaps? I think the sport is more fun to watch when there's more action on the bases, regardless of how long the game goes. That's just my opinion though.
Simon M
Simon M Hace un mes
Phenomenal video, kept me hooked the whole time. Not once did I even check to see how many minutes remained. I had no idea this was an issue, thank you for presenting it so clearly!
Shane Flores
Shane Flores Hace un mes
Oh man, just remembering the Almora Jr. one and hearing the whole stadium react to it makes me feel absolutely terrible. Almora breaking down crying is sad to see, too.
lazarbro Hace un mes
6:50 this probably had more to do with the Spit ball being banned midway through 1920. The jump in homeruns was the biggest between 20 and 21 compared to any two years in this timespan
-SOFFY-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Anyone who’s been watching baseball for years knows something is up. You can hear when a batter makes great contact and this year I’ve seen a lot of balls that were absolutely crushed that stay in the park…. It’s obvious
Fred Hurst
Fred Hurst Hace un mes
copy pasta much?
Delta-P Hace 27 días
im a former d1 player and this went into a depth even I havent gone into. very interesting. I love the stats. I played a game where they switched balls when we were up a few runs. Im a pitcher so I could tell they were different. they were smoother. Our biggest hitter was slamming balls that were just dying mid air. singles that should have been doubles. it was like hitting a wiffle ball.
Gasoline Dreams
Gasoline Dreams Hace un mes
This was a really well done video. Graduate level dissertation on MLB baseballs!
Hudson Saccone
Hudson Saccone Hace un mes
This man’s content is impeccable.
Debby Lou
Debby Lou Hace 12 días
😂😂😂 I actually just commented on how misleading and error ridden this was. Sorry, but my family's religion is baseball. For example, implying that MLB enforces getting the balls back from fans stopped in the 1920's, yet he implies it's still a thing
John Moore
John Moore Hace 12 días
Calm down, man. Baseball isn't real.
ArcherTCG Hace 13 días
Truly a fact
Eric Downs
Eric Downs Hace 14 días
I don't care about baseball but I love the videos lol
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Hace un mes
Wasn’t really a baseball fan tbh but you’re videos really make me see the sport a different way. Awesome content bro!
Rock girl
Rock girl Hace un mes
Love the content man, the delivery and just the videos in general are genuinely entertaining. Keep up the great work!
Mike Mele
Mike Mele Hace un mes
The two Todd Frazier clips back to back were my favorite 😂😂 Especially the one when he is on the Mets. My dude threw the bat expecting an out and it just got over the fence, amazing job on the video!!
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez Hace un mes
Dude I love how your entire video feels like an intro. Seriously the best baseball content
Fuzzy Hace un mes
SUB TO THIS MAN!! Best baseball channel on YT right now 👏🏻
have a happy day
have a happy day Hace 24 días
Now this was a very informed, interesting video, unbelievably produced, must have taken a lot of time. This video will teach everyone something about a baseball.
HeadNtheClouds Hace un mes
I love Jomboy lip readings & game highlights so much too!
M D Hace un mes
Average braves stan
Foolish baseball still exists, ya know
Tony Bleau
Tony Bleau Hace un mes
Him and foolish. I think Foolish does even more research but this channel really knows how to put their videos together 👌 I think foolish has better in depth videos though
Big Money Thiccums
Big Money Thiccums Hace un mes
Hearing all of this just makes me love baseball even more. What other sport on earth has equipment that is made from literal centuries old river mud?
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris Hace un mes
It really says something about the dedication and expertise players put into the game that they can tell even the slightest of changes in the balls and how those tiny changes will are affecting the game.
Jonathan W
Jonathan W Hace 5 días
Depending on how much of this is accurate, it basically calls into question everything legitimate about the sport. There are way too many opportunities for teams, players, umps, owners or even the league itself to bring in a few different balls to be used at certain times. Then the evidence conveniently disappears into the crowds.
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Hace un mes
this just shows how small changes can really effect outcomes when it comes to aerodynamics
Casey Michel
Casey Michel Hace un mes
Anyone who’s been watching baseball for years knows something is up. You can hear when a batter makes great contact and this year I’ve seen a lot of balls that were absolutely crushed that stay in the park…. It’s obvious
Johhnies16 Hace un mes
yea very true and look at all the low score totals i feel like every game this season has gone under in the total
Jim Townsend
Jim Townsend Hace un mes
I think it's the humidors. Every park has one now, and they basically make the ball soggy. Ask any guy who's ever thrown or hit a wet baseball, and he'll tell you it's like a ball of wet rags - heavy and goes nowhere.
Dan Gurtler
Dan Gurtler Hace un mes
​@dspsblyuth All they have to do to shorten the field is put up a new inner fence and redo the warning tracks. And that has been done before. But a team doing that might upset its pitchers. Pitchers still want to come to the Yankees because of money, even with the short porch in right.
Jason Bartlett
Jason Bartlett Hace un mes
For sure. I can definitely hear the difference off the bat.
akaredcrossbow Hace un mes
So many times I’ve said that ball is crushed, and is gone, only to be caught a few feet before the warning track🤔. MLB needs to find the perfect ball, balanced 50/50 for pitchers and hitters.
have a happy day
have a happy day Hace 24 días
Now this was a very informed, interesting video, unbelievably produced, must have taken a lot of time. This video will teach everyone something about a baseball.
Benjamin Lewis
Benjamin Lewis Hace un mes
Working in yarn manufacturing I can tell you that the variation could be in the yarn. There's ways to measure and average these differences but eventually you end up with a couple different batches that fall on each end of the specification.
[MARIA]H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
The stats and scientific research, historical context and media, and other depth you include in these videos is AMAZING. Keep taking us into the weeds!
mushy Hace 6 días
When I was really young I caught a foul ball. This old lady yanked it away and wouldn't give it back. Her reasoning, she donates them to kids(yeah right) after she literally just yanked it out of a 6 year olds hands. I've never gotten another one since. At least I rest easy knowing that miserable old bag has passed on
David Luchsinger
David Luchsinger Hace un mes
The stats and scientific research, historical context and media, and other depth you include in these videos is AMAZING. Keep taking us into the weeds!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 12 días
@have a happy day Colin Flaherty's videos.
Debby Lou
Debby Lou Hace 12 días
Despite being wrong 😂😂😂
have a happy day
have a happy day Hace 24 días
Now this was a very informed, interesting video, unbelievably produced, must have taken a lot of time. This video will teach everyone something about a baseball.
Ness Sixteen
Ness Sixteen Hace 25 días
@Darth Vader Can you speak like a human and explain your point
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 25 días
@Ness Sixteen God bless Palestine and her eternal capitol, Jerusalem. ✝ 🇵🇸
khH877 Hace 13 días
Someone tell me. Why am I still love to watch baseball even after watching this video? Why do I still care about players' records that depend on the stupid balls and many awful judges of umpires? By the way, I know the only player who doesn't complain about the ball. It's that great two-way player : )
This is why I love baseball, no other sport has any problem even close to this and I love it for the intricacy and chaos that it brings
Bipolar Mind Droppings
Imagine if just changing the stitching on a football (soccer) meant we went from the average score being 1-1, 2-1 to 4-4, 4-3, 5-4. Its bonkers that such a small change can have that kind of effect on a baseball...
sumeahs king
sumeahs king Hace un mes
Gotta say when I see a new vid from this channel it makes for a great time. Appreciate the work. You do a great job. Keep it up, you're on to something
misolou fout
misolou fout Hace un mes
PETA acting like cows be offended
Sinon Hace un mes
This channel and Jomboy are solely responsible for why i re-became a baseball fan, these intros are awesome
StreetArtMuzik Hace 26 días
You and me both!! Just went to my first game tonight in over 20 years!! CLE V KC - was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and I owe it to these two gentleman!!!
TheGoodChap Hace un mes
Theyre doing God's work
Phili the Gamer
Phili the Gamer Hace un mes
@Adam Coe Secret Base is a great channel
Adam Coe
Adam Coe Hace un mes
[Secret Base has entered the chat]
🐯WHO-DEY🏉 Hace un mes
I can't bring myself to watch, but Jomboy, this guy, and SRS have kept me in the loop I would say, I am just an NFL fan and this is my off time. Glad these guys have made the awesome content that brought us back and I hope I can get behind my Reds again
HeavenReservation Hace un mes
Nice research, I would love to see the research on how pitchers throw faster now and making contact with faster speeds equates to longer distance. For example, if you throw a ball harder against a flat concrete wall, it will bounce back much faster than if you throw it slowly. See my point.
Drew Lorenzo
Drew Lorenzo Hace un mes
Never seen one of your videos before hearing you with Jared and Dallas on Baseball Is Dead. Almost didn't believe you're the same guy as your voice and delivery are completely different in your videos than on the pod. Keep up the good work with both.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Hace un mes
It’s always a joy to watch this man’s videos
Itinerant Patriot
Itinerant Patriot Hace un mes
I think the fascination with the HR is a large part of the problem. I read and hear all about launch angles and exit velocity all the time. The whole "chick's dig the long-ball" schtick translated into more money. I'll admit that pitchers routinely reaching 95-98 MPH has had an effect but strike outs are up because guys are swinging for the fences a lot more now than in the past. The station-to-station game is largely a thing of a bygone era. When I was a coach, I saw HR's as rally killers. It cleared the bases and gave the defense a chance to reset. I recall numerous instances where we would go out 1-2-3 after a knock. I liked being aggressive and gave my guys a green light to take a base if they thought they could get it. I applied the Bo Schembechler rule that said one of three things happens when you throw the ball and two of them are bad. Until a guy showed us he could throw us out we ran on him. Obviously we weren't playing at the pro-level but baseball is baseball. Aggressive base running can still create excitement. These 2-1, 3-2, 4-2 snooze-fests where a combination of pitchers strikes out 10 or more opposing players don't exactly keep me on the edge of my seat. In the old days a good old fashioned pitching duel was fun to watch but now that guys are on pitch counts complete game mano-a-mano competitions are pretty much a thing of the past. I'm not trying to come off like a grumpy old guy but I'd like to see guys be a bit more concerned about becoming well-rounded hitters and a bit less about going yard. It might help them negate the shift even though that is going away soon enough. As for pitchers like JV complaining, you'll excuse me if I take what he has to say with a grain of salt, given his track record for using foreign substances on the ball to gain an edge. I like JV, he played for my home team for many years, but him and his super model wife bitch too much on social media. But that's me.
Johni South
Johni South Hace 16 días
I knew it. Even back in the 90's. Business men are the problem. Manfred and the owners. Not all owners. We need ballplayers who love the game the way it was.
Armas Rammo
Armas Rammo Hace 25 días
When the MLB does this for reasons that only they know and by means that only they control, it is little wonder that players whose financial lives are to a great part based on this manipulation by their 'boss', do what they can to engage in some kind of counteractive subterfuge of their own with this ball.
Andrew Shaffer
Andrew Shaffer Hace 8 días
I literally have never watched a major league baseball game in my life and really only ever played with my dad way back in the day, but this was fascinating.
hen ko
hen ko Hace 29 días
It’s always a joy to watch this man’s videos
PNW Nighthorse
PNW Nighthorse Hace un mes
I love how corrupt baseball is. Gives us unending speculation.
Oatmeal Hace 7 días
You should look up Fifa lol
Ryan Jacobson
Ryan Jacobson Hace 7 días
Actually the other North American sports leagues are much less forthcoming about scandals than MLB is. In fact, the NFL only says that a few games were "confirmed" to be affected by player gambling. Yeah right.
The Metanarrative
The Metanarrative Hace 9 días
How is it corrupt. Both teams are playing with the same balls?
DerKrampus Hace 11 días
@Tjena Donn Used to know an old NASCAR tech who described the process thusly: "Imagine that the rule book is a prison cell. Your job is to find the weakest brick and chip away at it. (ie, find a loophole and exploit it.) Once it breaks away, NASCAR will come in and place a new brick in the wall, so you start over with the next weakest one."
Tjena Donn
Tjena Donn Hace 13 días
As an F1 fan baseball is where I come when the drama of my main sport gets too passe. Stuff like porpoising, Monaco being the bratty traditionalist of the calendar, and the whole situation at the beginning of the season where the Haas team had a week to resolve the fact that it was being sponsored by a heavily sanctioned war criminal all fades away in comparison to a sport where the NASCAR motto of "If you ain't cheatin' you ain't winnin'" is basically official league policy. At this point AEW is less likely to be faked than MLB.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Hace 29 días
It’s always a joy to watch this man’s videos
aswer huio
aswer huio Hace 28 días
It’s always a joy to watch this man’s videos
Jaydra Dawn
Jaydra Dawn Hace un mes
"What did I see wrong? ... He's at first base." I don't know why, but that was fucking hysterical.
jamoecw Hace 13 días
they could deliver a kinetic shock to the ball and measure the reaction, similar to noise canceling devices or many other devices that measure differences in kinetic waves. this would tell how each ball is in terms of its characteristics when hit, even if it is something small. the technology is cheap enough for this to be done to each ball to try and get more consistency.
jamoecw Hace 13 días
@CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏ that is correct.
CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏ Hace 13 días
@jamoecw In manufacturing, statistical process control for "one time use" products would be performed in "lots" or batches. ie) Make 1,000 "products", test one. If it fails, the entire lot is rejected and the process halted for corrective action.
jamoecw Hace 13 días
@CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏ it is true that it would be altered, but a strong bass thump shouldn't affect the helmet's durability by any noticeable amount, and if it does the test would reveal that (and at that point i would rather have had the test rather than get an overly fragile helmet). in any case consistency is the goal for the balls and not ensuring a specific durability, so if they all end up with the same characteristics from the test then you know they all perform the same.
CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏ Hace 13 días
Problem is, once you deliver that shock, you've altered the ball. I wouldn't want to buy a helmet that has previously been shock tested.
Yuta Kanagawa
Yuta Kanagawa Hace un mes
Japan's NPB has no problem with their balls. EVERY Japanese pitcher that's pitched in the MLB has complained about the ball slipping out and causing injury. That's one of the main reasons Japanese pitcher struggle in their first couple of seasons. I've heard complaints about the mound hardness not being consistent either.
Furluge Hace 10 días
Well of course they have issues. They're going from one league to another and they both have totally different standards and rules. IIRC the strikezone isn't even the same between the two. Japan's NPB is also only 12 teams to MLB's 30. A NPB team has 125 games in the regular season vs MLB's 165. That puts NPB at 750 regular season games (125x12/2) vs MLB 2430 regular season games (165x30/2). Add into the fact that Japan is about the size of California. NPB needs fewer balls for fewer games and has to transport those balls shorter distances compared to MLB. It's no wonder NPB has an easier time with material consistency.
Ian Ayers
Ian Ayers Hace un mes
My fiance was laughing her ass off in the first 5 minutes of this. That Charlie Sheen and Chef shit is hilarious and I have no idea how I never heard of them, especially as a Cubs fan! Lmao
D. D.
D. D. Hace un mes
Every time I watch a video like this it makes me appreciate the greatness of Hank Aaron even more.
Phili the Gamer
Phili the Gamer Hace un mes
Don't pretend that Hank Aaron's career wasn't entirely legit either.
Biohazard Hace un mes
Im sure as many others can attest to, new balls perform much different to even slightly used ones. I was a catcher for the 12 years i played and pitchers much preferred new balls to older ones due to grip and wear on the laces. I dont know how accurate it is but I’ve seen wayy more balls that have been hit at least once get wacked for homers than brand new balls too
This is why I love baseball, no other sport has any problem even close to this and I love it for the intricacy and chaos that it brings
Cy Hace un mes
The way he laughed when he said the mud they rub on mlb baseballs is at a public swamp made me chuckle
Corey Golphenee
Corey Golphenee Hace un mes
@Art Smith they have multiple mini docs on them over the years, the camera crew gets taken out blindfolded, it's in the middle of nowhere new Jersey in a private swamp,
Art Smith
Art Smith Hace un mes
@Corey Golphenee I don't believe this video showed collecting the actual mud -- else its location wouldn't be a secret. The same mud ends up on top for decades? Not likely.
Corey Golphenee
Corey Golphenee Hace un mes
@Art Smith it's more like ultra fine top layer slit, when you watch them scoop it out it's mostly water, I would imagine it probably ends up on top because of the hydrology of the water near it, and pitchers are the exact dudes to keep the mud
Art Smith
Art Smith Hace un mes
This seems more like a superstition -- or a sweetheart deal -- than a standard. How consistent can surface mud be over decades?
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Hace un mes
This is why I love baseball, no other sport has any problem even close to this and I love it for the intricacy and chaos that it brings
Blank Life
Blank Life Hace un mes
can we all appreciate how much research he must have done to do this video
whattabirb Hace un mes
This man is the definition of quality over quantity
wind568 Hace un mes
Hype every time you post, love the dedication to the quality of your videos :)
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
The stats and scientific research, historical context and media, and other depth you include in these videos is AMAZING. Keep taking us into the weeds!
Basement Artie
Basement Artie Hace 2 días
I don’t follow sports but I found this very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to discuss this with my cousin who is a well-known sports caster. I want to get his take..
matt s
matt s Hace un mes
I’d always been good at calling HR off the bat, rather at the game or watching the broadcast. This year (2022) I was very often calling HR that weren’t making it and starting to question myself through the first couple weeks of the season. It wasn’t till a bit later that I started started hearing about it in the baseball news. On a side-note. It’s Alek Monoah, not “Alex”.
Tom Just Tom
Tom Just Tom Hace 22 días
I have a game used souvenir from 2017, when I attended a game in Denver. The ball is noticeably smaller than the ones I see at the store. I would that would give an advantage to the pitcher since there's less of a target for the batter to hit and the pitcher could bet a better grip on the ball (in fact, I got the ball just after it was used to strike out a batter).
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson Hace un mes
Imagine being the MLB's official Mudman.
Cliff H
Cliff H Hace 9 días
dan John Adams and John Quincy Adams were the 2nd and 6th presidents. They were father and son. What do you mean never meant to happen? It happened the 6th time.
DårK Šøûł
DårK Šøûł Hace un mes
@Cliff H Sounds like my ex-wife. Good times
Cliff H
Cliff H Hace un mes
Imagine being MLBs official inspector of balls. An official ball fondler with business cards and W2s.
Bob Blankenship
Bob Blankenship Hace un mes
Well made it to the end and kinda feel smarter than I thought. Baseballs have been juiced forever. Thank you sir a video very well made. Glad I watched I am now a dedicated subscriber sir.
des Hace 18 días
I told my grandpa about the PETA thing and the naming of the bullpen to something like arm barn and he looked me in the eyes with a straight face and said “or the arm pit” and I lost it at a baseball game and had many ppl staring at me 😂
Sprocket Hace un mes
This is effecting the minor leagues too. In the High A level historically they would hit 1 to 2 home runs in a game. Now there's 4 to 6.
scott lowson
scott lowson Hace 15 días
I'm English. I love sports. I found this fascinating and wondered if the same thing could be applied to cricket balls? It would explain our Test record over the last 50 years.
Crimson Yeti
Crimson Yeti Hace un mes
Great video! I hadn't though about the deformation of balls before, but it immediately reminded me of the game when Shohei Ohtani hit his 100th MLB homerun. The Angel's commentators were given the opportunity to see the ball afterwards, and at least 5 times they mentioned how the ball was hit so hard it wasn't even a sphere anymore.
TheGoodChap Hace un mes
I love ohtani so it hurts to know all this shady shit going on behind the scenes :(
Alex H
Alex H Hace 5 días
honestly, the answer might be MORE variation. With so many balls and such tight specs, small changes have drastic effects. If balls were intentionally allowed more variability (imperceptible to players) it would do a better job of averaging out.
Gerald Montagna
Gerald Montagna Hace 15 días
From time to time I've heard Sterling & Waldman be flabbergasted at how a ball that wasn't hit hard at all just flew straight into the stands. 2019 was a ridiculous season, and we are still paying for it in the sense that the expectations for players got warped. Players who hadn't done much of anything before or afterwards were treated as superstars, but the fact was that just about anyone who got 500 at bats hit 30 homers. This past offseason Brian Cashman tried obsessively to trade Gleyber Torres by selling his 2019 stats, and fortunately the other GMs had the sense to laugh at him. Michael Conforto thought he could get a superstar free agent contract by selling his 2019 stats, and again sensible GMs realized that wasn't typical of him. Just look at the 30 homer guys in 2019 and you'll see guys whose names you've forgotten or never knew.
possumverde Hace 20 días
Comparing this season with last, it appears that movement related stats like Whiff% have noticeably increased and pitchers are leaning on their junk balls more. That strongly suggests that there's been an increase to drag and possibly a slight drop in mass as well. Both of those changes would increase pitch movement and shorten flight distances as well (especially on hits with less than ideal launch angles.) Pitch velocity is also up which would be expected with a slight decrease in mass. Exit velocity has also noticeably increased. It's hard to say if that is the result of the pitch velocity increase alone or if they've increased the compression on the core of the ball a bit as well. I don't think MLB has any physicists on the payroll. If they did, then they'd quit making changes to properties which do more than affect flight distance, standardize all other parts of the ball, and simply use the ratio of natural/butyl rubber layers surrounding the cork at the core (or drop the cork entirely and just use the two types of rubber only) to alter flight distance. Butyl rubber isn't very compressible and thus increasing it's amount would lead to lower exit velocities and thus shorten flight distance, while having no noticeable effect on other properties. They would even be able to fine tune compression/exit velocities to specific playing fields like Coors for example.
Bob Blankenship
Bob Blankenship Hace un mes
I've only watch about two minutes of your video and THANK YOU ,THANK YOU ,THANK YOU!!! I have said baseballs have been juiced for years, especially during the Growth Hormone years. Glad someone has said it out loud. Now that being said I maybe made to be a complete idiot by the end of this . 😁
Matt Hace un mes
Honestly, around the middle when they were changing the process of making baseballs I think they didn’t understand how seemingly insignificant changes like using thicker laces would affect the entire ball.
CharlesFreck Hace un mes
@Vincent Jacobs Aerodynamics are an art not unlike pure magic. Such a high degree of randomness is involved with aerodynamics that can completely change how they work. F1 has been intensely studying Aerodynamics for 50 years and yet they literally cannot simulate it, and even their wind tunnel testing is a vague estimate at best. Aerodynamics once you get to a small enough scale become almost impossible to predict. The exact weight, shape, size, flexibility, temperature of the air, humidity, position of the sun, slight breezes, anything can result in a huge amount of randomisation. A wind tunnel to test balls would be superfluous is the point I'm making. It's like testing a newly assembled car engine by looking at it. You don't really learn anything.
Art Smith
Art Smith Hace un mes
When they getting quotes for the string, how could there not have been +/- limits for thickness, density, tensile strength, etc.?
dspsblyuth Hace un mes
@Vincent Jacobs of course not. They can’t even afford to hire qualified umpires
Vincent Jacobs
Vincent Jacobs Hace un mes
You'd think the MLB would have a wind tunnel to test the impact of proposed manufacturing changes on the aerodynamics on the ball.
dspsblyuth Hace un mes
When considering aerodynamics everything micron matters
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Hace 20 días
This might be a good theory as to why there are more home runs and another possible theory is that the players might be getting better. It would definitely add to the former theory if the MLB stopped changing the baseball for several years and watched to see which of the many possible theories it could be. If home runs stopped increasing then maybe it is the change of the ball that’s if all the top players remained in the game and simultaneously played their best games they have ever played (in terms of percentage and relativity).
Justin Molina
Justin Molina Hace un mes
8:19 the only reason why Astros was able to hit home runs was from the trash can and cameras
Riley Mundt
Riley Mundt Hace 21 un día
I honestly have more of a problem with the constant swapping of balls by the pitcher than I do the inconsistencies between balls. Just because the ball touched the dirt does not mean it is unfit for continued use.
Bob's pizza
Bob's pizza Hace un mes
This video was more baseball than I've actually watched in the last 5 years. I'm over the players unwritten rules. I'm over the umpires needing to be stars. I'm over the horrible umpire calls. I'm over how absolutely boring it is to watch on t.v. I'm really over they went woke and moved the all star game to Colorado and think how many millions the minority workers lost in Atlanta over political B.S. I'm over the cheating and yes the Yankees were stealing signs as well just not as good as the Astros turns out every sport where we catch the cheaters that won we later found out alot of others were cheating just not as good. I.e. lance Armstrong. But anyway. I'm over baseball and mostly their salaries and the players act like they are thugs and it's so stupid. Won't watch another game but love the idea off a sport I grew up playing and still know the stats of Pete rose or Johnny bench. I worshiped baseball and really feel it's let me down and I won't give them even an advertising dollar at this point. But keep these videos coming. I still enjoy the idea of baseball for some reason
Unlike other sports, baseball not only has different fields for each game, but also the ball could be different as well. Such a weird sport and I love it!
Phili the Gamer
Phili the Gamer Hace un mes
Why do yoyu love MLB?
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace Hace 18 días
each ball used in a season, should need to be manufactured, weighed and tested at least an entire season prior to the season they are used. They should also limit the number of balls to be used during a season. imo.
Kevin Alexander
Kevin Alexander Hace un mes
All this uncertainty, speculation, inconsistency and conspiracy theory. Yet Pete Rose is still not allowed induction into the Hall of Fame. I love Baseball but it infuriates me at the same time.
Sid Gordon
Sid Gordon Hace 15 días
Amazing video. Been telling people for 20 years about the articles coming out in late 90s about the balls being juiced in the steroid era before it came out that the players were on steroids.
Detroit and Cleveland Fan
I have a ball from 2020. Got a foul ball this year back in April, when Miggy hit 3,000 hit. I haven't cut them open, but this year ball feels way different. If you squeeze it hard enough, there is a lot of give. If you hit it with a bat, it definitely has some spring to it. The one from 2020, is hard as a rock. It would not buge an inch.
Ramonatho Hace un mes
This problem is so similar to what basically any sports league goes through with rule changes, but this specific problem reminds me a lot of how FIFA is more a shady business than a compassionate league structure.
Feelsgoodman Hace un mes
But rule changes are known ahead of time, so theoretically you know how to tailor your game to accommodate it. If the balls being pitched to you are literally random or change from game to game, you have no idea whether the best play is to try and bomb it thinking it's a juiced ball, or try and line drive it, knowing that it's a dead ball and going for a homer will just be a fly out every time.
dspsblyuth Hace un mes
I like to think of FIFA as a mafia with a rec league
I like turtles
I like turtles Hace un mes
Soccer makes baseball look exciting
Evan Allen
Evan Allen Hace un mes
To paraphrase a sad toucan “fifa is more mafia than sports league”
Alan Green
Alan Green Hace 18 días
Regardless of the condition of the balls, isn't it still a "level playing field" since it would seem to affect all teams and players equally?
Will Padgett
Will Padgett Hace un mes
I'm not sure why, but it gives me a bad feeling when a game becomes so analyzed and meta-optimized without rule tweaks. 'Novelty' is the reason we started playing games, because it's fun to figure it out and get better. Baseball seems to have essentially none left without rule changes.
mokeimusic Hace 9 días
You made baseball interesting, going to check your other videos and might actually watch a baseball game.
Matt S
Matt S Hace un mes
So basically, normal variation in the process can cause massive shifts in performance. And their (players and owners) desire for money has led to more variation as they over use balls during games.
Ian H
Ian H Hace un mes
I really don’t watch baseball anymore but this channel always fascinates me the videos. Great content.
Jim Wehrli
Jim Wehrli Hace 28 días
also every ball park has different dimensions so some parks make it easier to hit homers . imagine if some football stadiums had a 80 yard feild and some had a 120 yard field t would be unfair but its accepted in baseball.
moncorp1 Inc
moncorp1 Inc Hace un mes
Another reason for decline in the past couple of years was pitchers discover that super sticky adhesive they were using to get more rotation on the ball. Then the refs started checking them for it. There is always more than one factor involved with homeruns.
Travis McClean
Travis McClean Hace un mes
Have to see how the ball files when the weather heats up. Short S.T, early season, and hitters taking strikes right down the middle may contribute some to the lack of H.R, but I'm okay with it bc some of those homer's were a joke. Maybe hitters should focus on getting on base and not lock and load swings trying to hit the ball 600ft.