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In celebration of National Streaming Day, Disney+ has released a new trailer and key art for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Baymax!” Streaming exclusively on Disney+ on June 29, the all-new series of healthcare capers returns to the fantastical city of San Fransokyo where the affable, inflatable, inimitable healthcare companion robot, Baymax, sets out to do what he was programmed to do: help others. “I thought it would be fun to do a Disney+ series with Baymax interacting with normal folks,” said series creator Don Hall, who helmed 2014’s Oscar®-winning film “Big Hero 6.” “In each of our six episodes, Baymax just wants to help someone-and a lot of times they don’t want to be helped. He sets out to fix a physical issue that he's identified, and in the process, gets to a deeper, more emotional place and can be almost transformative in that role.”

“Baymax!” is produced by Roy Conli and Bradford Simonsen. The series’ episodes are directed by Dean Wellins (Eps 1, 2, 6), Lissa Treiman (Ep 3), Dan Abraham (Ep 4) and Mark Kennedy (Ep 5). Screenwriter is Cirocco Dunlap. Scott Adsit returns as the voice of Baymax. Voice talent featured in episodes include Ryan Potter, Maya Rudolph, Emily Kuroda, Lilimar, Zeno Robinson and Jaboukie Young-White.

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I genuinely believe that most people like Baymax, Baymax is just too adorable not to like him.
US Military Power
US Military Power Hace 28 días
I really like the story in the previous film, can't wait for it to be released soon
Eren Jaeger
Can’t wait to see more of Aunt Cass she’s such an interesting character and has definitely not been popularized by anything recently other than the movie
Lan Vũ
Lan Vũ Hace 21 un día
Can't wait to see more of Aunt Cass. She's actually a pretty entertaining parental figure
IceGoddessRukia Hace 28 días
"Everything will be fine"
I literally cannot wait for this. I loved Big Hero 6, and this will be no different. It's extremely intriguing that it's a series in the animation style of Disney animation movies.
Ira Sutton
You could give me 10+ hours of Baymax interacting with the world and I would never get sick of it. 😃
Larva Rewind TV
Larva Rewind TV Hace 28 días
The end when he walked down the stairs and said “everything will be ok” was a little creepy but adorable 😂
Quinton Neal
Quinton Neal Hace 28 días
Can’t wait to see more of aunt Cass. She’s such a deeply developed and interesting character
trixie Hace 28 días
Big Hero 6 is what got me into art and animation and honestly is such a big part of my life, I was such a hardcore fan, I had every merch, every memorabilia, every little bit of news about these characters. I was in a really rough patch when this movie came out, and sure, I may have been a bit too old for the target audience but it was influential. Seeing this show in the original 3d animated form just makes me so happy, and I just cannot wait to see it because honestly, I never thought there was gonna be anything more.
Nice to see Hiro is also going to be part of the series, also looks like he didn't give up on the Nanobots since he did have a few with him.
MentalRebllion Hace 21 un día
I’m genuinely worried over how this is going to go. I hope it’s well written because I love this character very much.
Silver Story 11
"Everything will be fine."
Fox4Dayz Hace 28 días
This'll be interesting! I've always wondered, considering Tadashi's original purpose for Baymax was as a medical assistant, what Baymax would actually be like in that kind of environment! I'm quite excited by this series, plus I can't stress ENOUGH how THANKFUL I am that they kept the animation style the same!!
If anyone else said "Everything will be fine" like that, I would've been worried. But this is Baymax, he's completely incapable of doing anything nefarious
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Hace 21 un día
YAY! My favorite aunt is back! Can’t wait to see her in this series
I would really like a 2nd movie, it's a perfect movie where a ton of villains would emerge at any time
aola wili
aola wili Hace un día
I needed to see more of this world and characters so I’m gonna be all over this show. Though an actual sequel featuring Silver Samurai wouldn’t hurt, would it?
There's a certain menacing tone in the way he says "Everything will be fine..."
Slip Hace 21 un día
im so happy they're returning to the 3d format!!! I missed seeing hiro and cass and baymax in their original designs. I can't wait to see more of san fransokyo as well, this is gonna be so good!!!
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