Bead "Pixel Art" Challenge - The Worst-Best Fun I've Ever Had!

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16 may 2019






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Spag00t Boi
Spag00t Boi Hace 9 meses
what is this, BEADdsm
Spikeand Stitch
Spikeand Stitch Hace 2 días
Oh My God
my animation
my animation Hace 5 días
@Samgeetha Poly we know
Justa Suggestion
Justa Suggestion Hace 11 días
NachoFreckle Hace 11 días
brootal soul
brootal soul Hace 11 días
Raine Cloud
Raine Cloud Hace 5 horas
Oh,I remember making that! I still have a pirate ship in my thing collection. It's a thing collection because... I- don't really know the theme...
Chaotic-Good Artistry
I agree with my school’s art teacher that these things are great for like elementary students, I was volunteering in his class and wow does it make children focused and quiet :0
Vilhelmplay Hace 13 horas
It’s funny because he doesn’t even listen to an audio book.
replicanna Hace 17 horas
Here from 2020. You still need to do the Bob Ross painting, we didn't forget. Alternative could be a large Minecraft environment. With cows and pigs and stuff.
Olivia Valentiner
Olivia Valentiner Hace 19 horas
make a derpy scolpture
Meu • Løu
Meu • Løu Hace 23 horas
In primary school for tech we’d use these beads and read a worksheet that had binary code on it and if we did it correctly there would be a little picture
Hayden Williams
Hayden Williams Hace un día
Who else got an ad for the fastest slow train in the world
Ada Nickerson
Ada Nickerson Hace un día
Nobody: Absolutely No one: Jazza’s Videos: hI gUyS tOdAy I aM sPoNsErEd bY.. yOu GuEsSeD iT! aUdIbLe
Alfie Reed
Alfie Reed Hace un día
Is it just me or does anyone else skip through the adds
J X Hace un día
Suffer! Suffer! Suffer!
Raynia Jonson
Raynia Jonson Hace un día
Its BEADiful.
Ryan VanDyke
Ryan VanDyke Hace un día
do a 3d painting with the beads jazza
ashley wolf
ashley wolf Hace un día
Do this more often!!!!
KRUKD_tiger leader
KRUKD_tiger leader Hace 2 días
Is it just me or does jazza kinda look like gordan Ramsey
XxSlipKnotgirlxx Hace 2 días
6:25 *Me when my cat trys to wake me up*
Dumbpuppy_Playz Hace 2 días
I would of said BEAD hold
Nicole Andrews
Nicole Andrews Hace 2 días
I feel your frustration... try this with the mini beads... I tried to do a piece spanning over 6 mini boards, cat jumped on the table and killed about 4 hours of work. Yep rage quit
Justine and Things
Justine and Things Hace 2 días
You should have used tweasers
Jesse Nwagu
Jesse Nwagu Hace 2 días
This guy is has been wearing the same shirt for three days.🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂
Felicity Medina
Felicity Medina Hace 2 días
BeAd iT
N. M. Fergus
N. M. Fergus Hace 2 días
I'm just now finding this video, but for anyone who wants to do this stuff as a hobby, look up the masking tape method. It has saved me a lot of headaches.
Waffle Land
Waffle Land Hace 3 días
I didn’t I tell you he’s dumb and stupid?
whyD.On'tyougetit Hace 3 días
I used to chew on the perler beads when I made these. I wouldn't swallow them, just chew on them and spit em out
Anna Shepherd
Anna Shepherd Hace 3 días
not you
Bor Henebiens
Bor Henebiens Hace 3 días
Do next time the Mona lisa
Destiny Games
Destiny Games Hace 3 días
There called perler beads for my friends birthday i made her a giant wonder woman and it took 3 weeks X3
Mika Bozijanova
Mika Bozijanova Hace 3 días
The thing is i love knitting but its boring without listening to something so i asked mom if i can buy audio book thing but i cant!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 its so annoying! Btw i am 10 years old!!
Damon Oliveros
Damon Oliveros Hace 4 días
better art
Illuminati Hace 4 días
I used to love these as a kid! Also those colourful liquid gel things that would dry after a while (I can't remember the name of them). Used to stick them on windows all over the house
Wilson Chan
Wilson Chan Hace 4 días
Wait.... I have these :/
Kamilla Hillgaard
Kamilla Hillgaard Hace 4 días
Welcome to my childhood :D We used beads A LOT
unipop kid
unipop kid Hace 4 días
GetCrispy Hace 4 días
Proceeds to not listen to audio book
Mischa Kucher Reid
Mischa Kucher Reid Hace 4 días
ohhh so thats a sunset. it looked liked a forest behind the mountains was on fire.
WesyXCreepy Hace 4 días
Where can i buy these?
Mackenzie Taylor
Mackenzie Taylor Hace 5 días
I made one of these recently, it is very difficult! Mine ended up being very small. It was a Starbucks cup! 😆 I’m proud of how it turned out but I would love to make more.
Rexi GT
Rexi GT Hace 5 días
Rated R ladies and gentlemen.
Brandon Bonaguro
Brandon Bonaguro Hace 5 días
Amazingly i don't mind his plugs, actually really good at advertising hahaha
Davina Tomlison
Davina Tomlison Hace 5 días
next time use tweasers
Bubberiffic Studios
Bubberiffic Studios Hace 5 días
Jazza should have said BEAD this! When he unveiled his artwork. Like if u agree
A Feeney
A Feeney Hace 5 días
Please make a song out of this lol
Ben Lea
Ben Lea Hace 5 días
I remember playing with these as a kid and I spent HOURS on them
Charlotte Fowler
Charlotte Fowler Hace 5 días
Jazza is a huge man child and I love it.
Nexium X
Nexium X Hace 5 días
Hama Hama Hama (btw Grammarly made me do the Capitals
milkteaaddict Hace 6 días
Does anyone else read his shirt in Andy Samberg's voice screaming like in Throw It On The Ground
Lauren Bickel
Lauren Bickel Hace 6 días
I get sucked into your videos and before I realize it ive spent 3 hours on ESvid. Your artwork is amazing and would also like to say if you loved this you should look into diamond painting. Its almost twice as tedious but even more satisfying when its done 😁
Gogly Gamer
Gogly Gamer Hace 6 días
"Beads" by Dr. Drea
darcipeeps Hace 6 días
Why does the thumbnail say 50k+ beads :c
Samantha Hace 6 días
I have a friend online who makes massive things with these and sells them
Zach davis
Zach davis Hace 6 días
Same shirt 3 days later
Zach davis
Zach davis Hace 6 días
Same shirt?
MoreKID Hace 6 días
Do the wildfire in Australia
Electrify! Hace 6 días
He should've said (or yelled in this case) freshly baked Link!
Sarah-Jane Hall
Sarah-Jane Hall Hace 6 días
“I’m an adult” *are you sure about that*
Sarah-Jane Hall
Sarah-Jane Hall Hace 6 días
Don’t diss my HAMA beads!! They were my childhood
Cecilia Lippe
Cecilia Lippe Hace 6 días
A person who has taste
Feisty Nan
Feisty Nan Hace 6 días
Close your eyes for the first bit of the video
Peyton Trammell
Peyton Trammell Hace 6 días
do it again
Cor Ma
Cor Ma Hace 6 días
4:38 : I expected a Mario "EREWEGO" here.
Luis Concepcion
Luis Concepcion Hace 6 días
This looks so good, i'm gonna buy that i gotta say a Joke BEADsm LOL Edit:i just liked this lol
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