Beating Minecraft but I'm an Iron Golem

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Iron Golems can help you beat Minecraft now! Thanks for all your comments! Keep em coming for future video ideas.
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Welcome to Comments to Crafting a channel all about comments that you leave us to make some awesome recipes. Today we're covering Beating Minecraft but I'm an Iron Golem!!! Let us know what was your favorite part and remember to drop your ideas in the comments for future crafting recipes that we can make!
Beating Minecraft but I'm an Iron Golem
#IronGolem #Beat #Minecraft
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18 abr 2021






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Bernadine Rousseau
Bernadine Rousseau Hace 12 minutos
I have a funny idea, you beat minecraft, but as a pig Love this vid
Abderahmane Bencheikh
Can someone ask this is not his chanel
Ferdinand Marasigan
Ferdinand Marasigan Hace 3 horas
How about you are an ender dragon
Origami gamer
Origami gamer Hace 8 horas
So a Preston calab soon
George rocks ROBLOX
George rocks ROBLOX Hace 17 horas
Beat Minecraft as the ender dragon
Afra Abdul Samad
Afra Abdul Samad Hace 21 un hora
Beat minecraft being a villager! Please!
agustina agustina
agustina agustina Hace 22 horas
Yea its interesting so much logdotzip
ShaneMCPE Hace 23 horas
11:58 Find a stronghold to get blaze rods
sanszyz Hace un día
u mean fortres? 12:00
Dennis Bonilla-Rodriquez
wood =iron in minecraft
Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez Hace un día
He also eats iron ingest
Henk Human
Henk Human Hace un día
Minecraft but fearters are op
Michael Kammeraad
Michael Kammeraad Hace un día
This is a great game to play with my friends and family and I have the game and love the game so I can see what happens when you play as the golem and beat the game in minecraft and kill the dragon and win please subscribe to this video and like the video can you beat the game as a cat and I have a ender dragin cup
Amber Powell
Amber Powell Hace un día
You should be Minecraft as an Enderman
Lime Sus
Lime Sus Hace 2 días
Beat Minecraft with a Ender dragon
Panhauddom Vong
Panhauddom Vong Hace 2 días
Nic ending
KadePlayz X-Treme
KadePlayz X-Treme Hace 2 días
''Beating Minecraft has a creeper!''
Michele Bafile-Sharrow
I love it
Aubrae Dunifon
Aubrae Dunifon Hace 2 días
Ender dragon or chicken
Colinthegamer Hace 2 días
Is this mod real ???
Hazarath Reddy
Hazarath Reddy Hace 2 días
iron golems are slow right
Inse OOSTERLINCK Hace 2 días
beat minecraft as a dog
Annie R
Annie R Hace 2 días
Who else wanted to see him pick up the ender dragon?
UrSalty_ Matas
UrSalty_ Matas Hace 2 días
guys im desperate how to f ind these mods
Laz Gaming12
Laz Gaming12 Hace 3 días
7:55 he sweared?!
Miguel Gerente
Miguel Gerente Hace 3 días
Tyler make a video like minecraft but iron golem deafeat the game
Make a PZ9 MOD
Army Boss PlayZ
Army Boss PlayZ Hace 3 días
Beat Minecraft well as a blasz
Shawn Plays
Shawn Plays Hace 3 días
week 1 minecraft but skeleton beat the games for you
Terran Severs
Terran Severs Hace 3 días
can you do beating minecraft but im a wither
Maryam Saleh
Maryam Saleh Hace 3 días
You should use the ender dragon to beat the game for you
Jourvan Lai
Jourvan Lai Hace 3 días
itss fortress not stronghold
Arkin P
Arkin P Hace 3 días
Beat minecraft as a zombie
Ali Loves chug jugs
Ali Loves chug jugs Hace 3 días
11:59 ‘we can go to the stronghold to get blaze rods’ 😂
Max Monsteralls
Max Monsteralls Hace 3 días
“So we can ge some obsidian going fucker”
Abram Rose
Abram Rose Hace 3 días
And you should play as a war hammer titan with the attack on titan
Abram Rose
Abram Rose Hace 3 días
If you watch ato he is the war hammer titan
khalid badwan
khalid badwan Hace 3 días
What if you beat Minecraft as the wither?
Sammie Felix
Sammie Felix Hace 3 días
Minecraft as an Enderman
angela ulgener
angela ulgener Hace 3 días
be herobrin(:
hismael_ loo38
hismael_ loo38 Hace 3 días
4:37 POV your a bully: no Lunch money then YEEEEETT!!
Amelia Jarvis
Amelia Jarvis Hace 3 días
Become a enderman so you can teleport
Abigail Muchnik
Abigail Muchnik Hace 3 días
you should play Minecraft but you shapshift every minute
Niramon Kumi Huang
Niramon Kumi Huang Hace 3 días
Can u beat the game as a cat plz
Payton Ehlers
Payton Ehlers Hace 3 días
Playing with you guys and I'm not sure what time I'll be home in about an hour or so
Darenz Mateo
Darenz Mateo Hace 3 días
Beat minecraft by as a ender dragom
Maimohamed Hace 3 días
Beating minecraft but being a cheaken
Chen Liang Lim
Chen Liang Lim Hace 4 días
you shoud beat minecraft with creeper only
carolyn Schreibvogel
Beat Minecraft as a ravager.
Owesome Vibes
Owesome Vibes Hace 4 días
beat minecraft with your hand
MR. Legend
MR. Legend Hace 4 días
Beat minecraft being a ravager
martin martinez jr
martin martinez jr Hace 4 días
martin martinez jr
martin martinez jr Hace 4 días
Audrey Lenore
Audrey Lenore Hace 4 días
Minecraft but withers beat the game for you. You can get them to protect you by getting stone instead of soul sand in the same way you used to but stone and put leaves instead of the Wither head it looks like a normal one
Audrey Lenore
Audrey Lenore Hace 4 días
Sorry it was so long
Livingstongamer L
Livingstongamer L Hace 4 días
7:53 Tyler says the f word
Ella's art club
Ella's art club Hace 4 días
how about wolf? that would be so cool
ANG Hace 4 días
please plz put the mod link under the video plz
Tatyana Shpunt
Tatyana Shpunt Hace 4 días
A iron golem does not kill villagers!
Gram Stroski
Gram Stroski Hace 4 días
Iron golem: kill in beginning LDZ: gets more weapons Iron golem: why is the JoJo theme intensifying
Colinthegamer Hace 2 días
Ryan Feliciano
Ryan Feliciano Hace 3 días
ala carte
ala carte Hace 4 días
Make minecraft but golems beat the game for you
Hansel Cross
Hansel Cross Hace 4 días
I think you have to eat iron
Immortalized Gamer
Immortalized Gamer Hace 4 días
You should become the wither.
Immortalized Gamer
Immortalized Gamer Hace 4 días
Tyler, we need to find a "STRONGHOLD" to get some "BLAZE RODS". LOL
Nagarjuna Reddy K
Nagarjuna Reddy K Hace 4 días
Nagarjuna Reddy K
Nagarjuna Reddy K Hace 4 días
Nagarjuna Reddy K
Nagarjuna Reddy K Hace 4 días
Fuck you loser
Daisey Drown
Daisey Drown Hace 5 días
become a cat
Akin Sangsingkaew
Akin Sangsingkaew Hace 5 días
Beat the game as a ghast
game shop
game shop Hace 5 días
be a zombie
Natacia Maree
Natacia Maree Hace 5 días
Beat Minecraft as a villager
Phoeurn Hoeurn
Phoeurn Hoeurn Hace 5 días
This to op
melissa mcfadden
melissa mcfadden Hace 5 días
Tyler beat Minecraft being a villager
Mariska Snoek
Mariska Snoek Hace 5 días
Beat minecraft as a... WITHER!
Muna Oguejiofor
Muna Oguejiofor Hace 5 días
Beat de game as a wither skeleton
Reyansh Jain
Reyansh Jain Hace 5 días
Beat minecraft with wither ok
agnel souza
agnel souza Hace 5 días
Hao Jun Xuan
Hao Jun Xuan Hace 5 días
beat micrct but you are a ender dra den
Christian y luis valdovines Valdovines
Ian G
Ian G Hace 5 días
Ian G
Ian G Hace 5 días
Ian G
Ian G Hace 5 días
Minecraft but pigs beat the game for you
Ian G
Ian G Hace 5 días
you have to eat IRONNNNNNNNNNN
Yuditd Cuenca
Yuditd Cuenca Hace 5 días
Minecraft but lron Golems help you and beat Minecraft.
Greg anonymous
Greg anonymous Hace 5 días
All we need to do is find a stronghold so we can get some blazes :me this dude forgot to say Fortress instead of stronghold
Couch_ Potato
Couch_ Potato Hace 5 días
Eat iron common sence
the miscellaneous kid
Do Minecraft but You bet as endder men
Zeo Extreme
Zeo Extreme Hace 5 días
11:59 stronghold?
Victor Umanzor-Lopez
ok ok
Nicole Spoden
Nicole Spoden Hace 6 días
minecraft but pigs beat the game for you
Camdynhuhuui lers'll
celestialNight Hace 6 días
Wader full
Eren Yeager Yt
Eren Yeager Yt Hace 6 días
sO osom sU pany
A Samas
A Samas Hace 6 días
Jose Ricardo Januario
Beat the game as a wither or a raviger
Layla Wong
Layla Wong Hace 6 días
you should beat Minecraft as the Ender Dragon!
Rowshan Hale
Rowshan Hale Hace 6 días
0:07 spookez dance :D
Cassi Densberger
Cassi Densberger Hace 6 días
logdotzip: what is a picaks
Erika Gladaite
Erika Gladaite Hace 6 días
Beat minecraft with being a raviger.
Jakkra Chaipayoon
Jakkra Chaipayoon Hace 6 días
omg how trler u beating an iron golem
Chelsea Lim
Chelsea Lim Hace 6 días
Do a video where creepers beat the game for u
Simon Ngugi
Simon Ngugi Hace 7 días
Minecraft but you can Mine mobs
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