Becky G - Secrets (Official Video)

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"Secrets" Out Now! smarturl.it/xSecrets
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12 sep 2019






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Kaniska Das
Kaniska Das Hace un día
To be honest,..... It's better than conjuring 2.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Hace un día
She's saying that you can be anything dark and crazy but keeping secrets and not telling me but then your true colors come out when it's too late for me too realize I made a bad choice
Maria pia Ciocia
Maria pia Ciocia Hace 3 días
Very good Becky g
joonpai Hace 4 días
who else knew becky before she collaborated with j-hope?
anthony cardoso de almeida
Elle tellement magnifique que même avec c'est insecte sur elle, je fonce l'embrasser sur la joue :p
Lenita la Princesa dl trap
Jeremy Yamberla
Jeremy Yamberla Hace 8 días
3:47 😦
DiamondSapphire Hace 8 días
young becky childhood was taken from her
Jose J
Jose J Hace 9 días
Your best song is underrated woah is stupid 🙄😒
stephanie cabral
stephanie cabral Hace 9 días
Is anyone here because of 5 minute crafts tho?
hurmat shiraz
hurmat shiraz Hace 11 días
No one My panic attacks at midnight :
Lillianna Búi
Lillianna Búi Hace 12 días
Becky G has always been an amazing artist, and now she’s an amazing woman also
Drop King. Drop TooNED Romticia Shashinas Angiree
RohoLiñas in the middle backup
Drop King. Drop TooNED Romticia Shashinas Angiree
Kittie IN Winter tell grïñá B4 tu Late later later cumsooner than expected
Drop King. Drop TooNED Romticia Shashinas Angiree
Mivengaespuntang de muchus reasoned to play GameStop
Drop King. Drop TooNED Romticia Shashinas Angiree
Vatos no unite mujeres por seperatione mas easyway keep gangbang fuckofLifereal
Drop King. Drop TooNED Romticia Shashinas Angiree
I didn't know Becca find mi sister Rebecca she knows mas informatione big armo no comprehende
Drop King. Drop TooNED Romticia Shashinas Angiree
Oh mehita a mi no clue es stupido. Na familia momas way muchus shamois es chinges mas mas interferia mi relasione ships mi casa es on fugo yamate mi vida always pour no resone
Drop King. Drop TooNED Romticia Shashinas Angiree
Trust only me Grande
Brooke Blade
Brooke Blade Hace 16 días
Okay this is a bop thoooo 👏🏻
Poliana S
Poliana S Hace 17 días
all those bugs, omgggg i got nervous, this mv is amazing, i fear bugs, BUT becky is becky
Daniela Salazar
Daniela Salazar Hace 20 días
Jeremy Yamberla
Jeremy Yamberla Hace 26 días
This looks like a mansion just like from Luigi mansion 3
Mαgαlí ríos
Mαgαlí ríos Hace 27 días
Park Taehyung
Park Taehyung Hace 27 días
Me encanto nwn
German Floress
German Floress Hace 29 días
Acaso es la Murder House de Ahs??
Nigam jha Nigam jha
#Lily101 Geishert!
#Lily101 Geishert! Hace un mes
What a coincidence My Grandma’s name is Becky Geishert!
it's Her
it's Her Hace un mes
May becky g need helping,from iluminate or demons.? 😴
Md Nurislam
Md Nurislam Hace un mes
Wow becky g is so hot
Francisco Aristeo Montero
Te amo becky G❤
Rodrigo Viruez
Rodrigo Viruez Hace un mes
asya baykal
asya baykal Hace un mes
still my fave mv and my fave song😔 love you B💖
Alberto Montero
Alberto Montero Hace un mes
canta muy linda
Herrera Montañez Ana Patricia
que onda con el video, ESTA MUY COOL
bijesh tmg016
bijesh tmg016 Hace un mes
Very nice your voice
bijesh tmg016
bijesh tmg016 Hace un mes
Wow ༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ ༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ ༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ so good song
Deianira Justo Lizarzaburo
Itzel T
Itzel T Hace un mes
Anyone here because of covid?
start drop of beat is mdfk good
Esteban Burgos
Esteban Burgos Hace un mes
3:13 katy perry with her met gala dress 2019
chreds flores
chreds flores Hace un mes
Knew Becky G since Play it again.
Kylie Gomez
Kylie Gomez Hace un mes
This is based in American Horror Story, Becky G is stunning like actress, fact ✨
Jeremy Yamberla
Jeremy Yamberla Hace un mes
Very creepy
Jose Ortega
Jose Ortega Hace un mes
If you want to talk about bts go to a bts song. This song has nothing to do with them
xxx•_•rosie 77
xxx•_•rosie 77 Hace un mes
Her voice doesn’t sound how it used to in this song.....like for example go back and listen to her sarong called “play it again”
Marie Gomez
Marie Gomez Hace un mes
Art ❤️
CUTIE PIE Hace un mes
Fio Cava
Fio Cava Hace un mes
Not your best work I’m sorry BG
Abigail Hernandez
Abigail Hernandez Hace un mes
3:07 huge tb to old Baby Becks...and 'Problem' vibes💙✨
Elvin Baez del villar
Ken Ken
Ken Ken Hace un mes
This music video was scaring me because of the monsters but besides that it is a good song and music video🥶🥶🥶🥶🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Ryan Standish
Ryan Standish Hace un mes
Again The unorthodox thing is sold.
Elle C
Elle C Hace un mes
People really be sleeping on becky's english music
Ellie’s Random Videos
Becky looks different and sounds different here, not complaining tho she still a queen👑
ლAwesome Keityლ
La Unica Cancion Que Me Gusta De Becky G :v
Ellen Candido Gonçalves
sólo consigo pensar: AMERICAN HORROR STORYYYYY ❤😍😍😍😍
Josie Nicole
Josie Nicole Hace un mes
Is anyone here from “play it again” major throwback
Marco Loayza
Marco Loayza Hace un mes
Buen tema saludos desde bolivia
leticinha helena
leticinha helena Hace un mes
mais um hino injustiçado
leticinha helena
leticinha helena Hace un mes
hino injustiçado
Rbmomorore Morore
Rbmomorore Morore Hace un mes
Ima Becky to and I look up to her
Kate Nandy
Kate Nandy Hace un mes
Turn up the music, 7 years ago was when I found Becky G ❤ still one of my faves
J.J. J.S.
J.J. J.S. Hace un mes
Dmv foto barba marka ariva y abajo 17 no existe 18 extraterrestre alien depredador dos humanos nadie
Angiellina Grace Gaspar Quilly
20200 extraño demasiado este tipo de canciones ;-; pero encantandicisma con ella
Julia Persall
Julia Persall Hace 2 meses
Becky g is very sexy and have a great voice 😍😍😍😍
Manas Ranjan
Manas Ranjan Hace 2 meses
2:13 she's from ABURAME Clan, shino's secret wife 😀😀😀
Jabari Arellano
Jabari Arellano Hace 2 meses
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canal de peça dirvetidas
Adorei 😍😍😍
sajitha hamsa
sajitha hamsa Hace 2 meses
2:46 she reminds me billie💚
sajitha hamsa
sajitha hamsa Hace 2 meses
She looks like maggie lindemann mixed with ariana grande💕
Amanda Hess
Amanda Hess Hace 2 meses
Can I get a shutout
Amanda Hess
Amanda Hess Hace 2 meses
I love you B.G🐼🌹🦄👻😪🎹😣😥😓🥀
Cal Muse
Cal Muse Hace 2 meses
Who tf is Jhope?
Arnis Bičols
Arnis Bičols Hace 2 meses
League of Legends
Test User
Test User Hace 2 meses
Does she have this in Spanish?
helena terrxn
helena terrxn Hace 2 meses
this song is underrated, so sad
Jose de jesus Jimenez Sanchez
Tu eres el pasado súper mundo el llego a pedir ayuda Superman y lo cambiaron Batman aquí salió el tino arriba Caín gentes no barras por salvar tripulantes de paracaídas fe con mucha fe don seno
Destiny Camacho
Destiny Camacho Hace 2 meses
That lady bug scene tho!! 🔥
Anderson Funes
Anderson Funes Hace 2 meses
Secerts es muy triste pero muy bonito tu 👗tus 👠y tu 💄 maquillaje 💎
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