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8 mar 2019






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Kshiti Verma
Kshiti Verma Hace 2 horas
14:31 the girl near the fridge is staring
Kennedi Kirkland
Kennedi Kirkland Hace 4 horas
The other day I had to shop from the men’s section. Everyone looks at me........
SipsyStrawberry 123
SipsyStrawberry 123 Hace 5 horas
To the 0.123456789 reading this... U have a week of good luck and like to activate😊
Peyton’s Meme shoo
Your body has gotten so beautiful Colleen 😍
Lizzy_Playz Boiz
Lizzy_Playz Boiz Hace 8 horas
Instead should be Miranda becomes JoJo siwa
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma Hace 8 horas
Is it just me or did I hear Flynn say "I like it" at 10:27 ??
Patricia Molinar
Patricia Molinar Hace 9 horas
Favorite outfit was the changing pants with the jacket.!!!
Xx MoonLight xX
Xx MoonLight xX Hace 10 horas
What does a Librarian say to her Son? Read More
Heidi O'Very
Heidi O'Very Hace 10 horas
At McDonald’s we’re wired bc they knew you were Miranda sings AKA Famous
Jam1438 Steck
Jam1438 Steck Hace 10 horas
I really dislike jojo but love Colleen so I guess I’ll watch it
shaun nguyen
shaun nguyen Hace 11 horas
Roblox Squad
Roblox Squad Hace 11 horas
Do miranda being jojo for a week
Dawn Duncan
Dawn Duncan Hace 12 horas
WhAts a cROssInG GaUrd
Cici Deleon
Cici Deleon Hace 13 horas
Does she have cooks? 14:06 they’re just starring at her
Devil Cupcake
Devil Cupcake Hace 13 horas
Sophie Meeks
Sophie Meeks Hace 14 horas
At 0:24 she loves apple sauce
J-HopeIsMyHope Hace 14 horas
I met the person who invented slap bracelets
N.A.I 2005
N.A.I 2005 Hace 15 horas
Did you know that before girls used to wear blue and boys used to wear pink cause before pink was considered more “masculine” Edit: I LOVE JOJO SO MUCH!!!!!
Adriana Costilla
Adriana Costilla Hace 15 horas
Por no en español?
XxToxicPrincess Hace 16 horas
That Second outfit was actually cute
Kimique Eyes
Kimique Eyes Hace 16 horas
Kimique Eyes
Kimique Eyes Hace 16 horas
Kimique Eyes
Kimique Eyes Hace 16 horas
Sophie McSherry
Sophie McSherry Hace 17 horas
12:06 Random person: How mayy I help you? Colleen: Yes, um
Makayla Morton
Makayla Morton Hace 18 horas
colleen i know this is random but you got your body back from the process of being pregnant and got your full glow back
T Eye
T Eye Hace 18 horas
Why though? I mean you're like 40 with a kid... whatever floats your boat, I guess? lol
Dr. ARMY Hace 19 horas
I’m sorry but I really don’t know who is this person.. but she kinda reminds me of Miranda Sings ... are they sisters or something? Or WAIT! Are they the same person??!!!!!
Grace Cornelius
Grace Cornelius Hace 20 horas
Omg these clothes are ridiculous lol.
Faith Miller
Faith Miller Hace 20 horas
Flynn is so cute 😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
SassyKitten09 Hace 20 horas
*10years later* mom what in the world is this?!
Ameera Javed
Ameera Javed Hace 21 un hora
Wow racheal she farted at the beginning of the video
crazy pineapple
crazy pineapple Hace 21 un hora
Dont bother pressing read more it says nothing nothing
Samantha Sundby
Samantha Sundby Hace 22 horas
Omg I want the shirt
Isabelle Carden
Isabelle Carden Hace 22 horas
It's grainy I prefer motts😂
princess charmel leosala
Culeen is miranda ri????!
Julia Gallant
Julia Gallant Hace 22 horas
Melissa Hay
Melissa Hay Hace 22 horas
I'm wearing the Same top as her 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Loreana Michaelidou
Loreana Michaelidou Hace un día
zoe skiles
zoe skiles Hace un día
Colleen looks so tiny next to jojo 😂
Kalven Live!
Kalven Live! Hace un día
Her sister farted 💨 ewwwwww🤢 she is gross.
karim dakhlallah
karim dakhlallah Hace un día
Your mom in the background 14:13
Maailmarändur Mannu
10:26 he said I love you😍😗❤
ruth iniguez
ruth iniguez Hace un día
Am i the only one that doesnt know who jojo is or why she is famous but still watches these colleen vids???
Lily Jones
Lily Jones Hace un día
Do dressing my son in girls clothes
Christine Stathakis
Christine Stathakis Hace un día
Maggie. Kids. Love
Caycee Ricketts
Caycee Ricketts Hace un día
I like the last outfit
gun boi
gun boi Hace un día
You didnt rip that hairline off
Kendall Rae
Kendall Rae Hace un día
Okay... but why does Jojo's personal closet look like Jeffree Star's closet? Queen
Xx_UnknownGacha Player xX
14:06 her mom is over there like WTH
James Brenden
James Brenden Hace un día
Is it just me, or did Flynn actually say "I'm okay." . ( 10:26 ) ??
hannah urry
hannah urry Hace un día
Dress like ariana for a week?
Genesis Lugo
Genesis Lugo Hace un día
Amber Wellings
Amber Wellings Hace un día
I would like to point out how well trained her dog is, do not see that often
Samantha Gutierrez.
Samantha Gutierrez. Hace un día
YOuR hairline is already messing up
MLW Tsukkihina
MLW Tsukkihina Hace un día
I like how no one else is saying hoe be basicallh stole a hally meal cause she only ordered 4
Simply Sophie
Simply Sophie Hace un día
hahahahah “i like BASKETBALL”
Sage Spencer
Sage Spencer Hace un día
Omg I love apple sauce... So good
Kristina Hace un día
Jojo stole the kinder egg yellow shell thing.
madison c
madison c Hace un día
*Tbh u thought she was trying to dress like a 5 year old for a week😬🤦‍♀️*
Lauryn Moon
Lauryn Moon Hace un día
Olivia McCarter
Olivia McCarter Hace un día
you looked so good in the thankyou next video
Julianne Wright
Julianne Wright Hace un día
I'm confused if Colleen is married or not because there was never a wedding was there
Lena Ross
Lena Ross Hace un día
Omg I drink apple sauce with a straw to 😂💘
Sarah Payne
Sarah Payne Hace un día
19:o3 lol
Cookiegirl1000 Hace un día
Yay u use metal straws!
Alyssa Ffanklin
Alyssa Ffanklin Hace un día
We all know Colleen watches James Charles
Billy Castleberry
Billy Castleberry Hace un día
Eww she 💨 farted
Diantha Baroi
Diantha Baroi Hace un día
15:50 whats a crossing guard? I DIED OMG 😂😂
Yumna Pochee
Yumna Pochee Hace un día
I wish he was my brother. So cute
Elisabeth Ortega
Elisabeth Ortega Hace un día
Rachel already knew that!
Raivian Hyches
Raivian Hyches Hace un día
Josie Bland
Josie Bland Hace un día
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Emalie Evitt
Emalie Evitt Hace un día
I’m so happy for u ur loosing weight
DARTH JAYDER Hace un día
What's wrong with boys and girls clothes? Why can't we have all?
Beau Hace un día
Wtf I WANT to wear girls clothes and I like that boys are wearing boys clothes 😢😭
itsbrittglow Hace un día
What happens when Jojo wants to actually act her age?
Missy Morlock
Missy Morlock Hace un día
Omg he's the cutest...looks so much like his dad lol. Ly guys, so happy for you
Sofia Reyes Lopez
Sofia Reyes Lopez Hace un día
She makes her ESvid videos with a camera 📷
Steven universe fan Number one
Ok I'm not being mean or anything but like is Finn trans and again not being rude or anything just want to know
Kara Pegram
Kara Pegram Hace un día
Hey guys. I need help. I’m trying to sell my old prom dress on Poshmark to look for apartments at my dream school. If you know anyone who needs a dress size 4 let me know! I need the help
FishForever27 Hace un día
Girls can wear things from the boys section if they want. But I like having a girl section because sometimes maybe I want something more feminine. I mean there are unisex things, but we’ll always need a girls and boys section cause I mean where would you put the bras?
MarisaTube Hace un día
You should have Flynn dressed up in baby Jojo clothes 😂
Antonella Payo
Antonella Payo Hace un día
Elainamia Arnold
Elainamia Arnold Hace un día
I drink applesauce to
Maeve Phipps
Maeve Phipps Hace un día
So much pink ☹️☹️☹️
Dona Gill
Dona Gill Hace un día
Can you please MA k more videos
Gabby Lopez
Gabby Lopez Hace un día
If ur going to be a ESvidr than make more videos
Annaleigh Bunston
Annaleigh Bunston Hace un día
I love you collen your the best youtuber on earth
Gabbie Logan
Gabbie Logan Hace un día
Did anyone else notice she kept cutting rebecca zamolo out of the thumbnail on purpose 533 upper left corner she was on that thumbnail and in the beginning too
Piegang Dong
Piegang Dong Hace un día
i feel bad for jojo cause she own gucci
ThatgirlElyse Meh
ThatgirlElyse Meh Hace un día
F Fl Fly Flyn Flynn Flyn Fly Fl F
Lois Taylor
Lois Taylor Hace un día
When u married did u take Eriks name
Emily Lubbe
Emily Lubbe Hace un día
I totally agree with the fact that girls can wear "boys clothes" and the other way around. I have one older and one you get brother is I wore a lot of boys hand me downs growing up, overalls, hats, shoes. But a lot of times the fit is different because boys and girls often have different figures so the fit of girls and boys clothes differ, which is why they need to have two sections. 👌
Little Princess
Little Princess Hace un día
WITHOUT LIPSTICK!!!!!! !!!!!!!!??????????
Little Princess
Little Princess Hace un día
CandyCorn Crafter
CandyCorn Crafter Hace 2 días
You should make an updated family song with Flynn and Duncan in it
Kiley Ayala
Kiley Ayala Hace 2 días
You look like a crossing guard Colleen: what's a crossing guard
Super Yana
Super Yana Hace 2 días
Theikhti Zaw
Theikhti Zaw Hace 2 días
Can u pls hang out with Ariana Grande pls I really wanna see you two hanging out pls Like if u agree
Imogen Leahy
Imogen Leahy Hace 2 días
i will have to like my own comment coz no one else will :(
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