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Still mourning the death of their son, Mark and Jessie welcome foster child Cody into their lives. Soon they discover he has a strange ability. From director Mike Flanagan, Before I Wake is now streaming on Netflix.
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SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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Before I Wake | Official Trailer | Netflix


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6 ene 2018






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Comentarios 1 638
ANTI-SATAN pro life
ANTI-SATAN pro life Hace un día
Monarch mk ultra programming confirmed.
Nikola xgunniwx
Nikola xgunniwx Hace 3 días
i watched this a few years ago and its amazing,when i looked this i cant see it so TYSM
hwi aesthetic
hwi aesthetic Hace 4 días
no one gonna talk about that kid lashes?
kenn nny
kenn nny Hace 8 días
Why cant i find this anymore on netflix??
GamingLehrer Hace 13 días
I can't find it on netflix😶😪
Yudyansah Granderist
Yudyansah Granderist Hace 14 días
i love Burgers
i love Burgers Hace 15 días
it has a beautiful ending ,I watched it
Cynthia simei Puebla astete
Yo ya vi esa película es hermosa se llama somnia
andrea Hace 24 días
Am I the only person who thought this movie was really boring?
Daniel dr
Daniel dr Hace 24 días
ya la vi.. la pueden busar en yutu
Katelyn M
Katelyn M Hace 27 días
This was such a good movie it gave me so many Goosebumps though out the entire film. P.S. That Kid is freaking adorable especially when he talks hes so cute. Think he might end up being one of my favorite child actors after I see more of his movies
siri Hace 27 días
I loved this movie so much! At the end everything comes out and u understand every part of the movie! I would definitely watch it again!
Raven Renee
Raven Renee Hace 28 días
This kid is in every single horror movie ever.
jesska F
jesska F Hace 29 días
Better than the nun
joann hopkins
joann hopkins Hace un mes
Can't wait
Ganesh Prem
Ganesh Prem Hace un mes
it's almost 3:33 am. should i watch it?
Bilal Ahmad
Bilal Ahmad Hace un mes
Tiago Fagundes
Tiago Fagundes Hace un mes
Traga um Oscar para o Jacob
pixpusha Hace un mes
poor kid
Luz Cortez
Luz Cortez Hace un mes
Seen thsi movie like 3 years ago. I loved it
Biboy The Explorer
Biboy The Explorer Hace un mes
Who watched this movie before itl streams on netflix? hahahaha
Mavi Derin Aral
Mavi Derin Aral Hace un mes
I watched this film and its great I am not scared but ıts so good !!!
Martyna Grosman
Martyna Grosman Hace un mes
😞Współczuję dziecku 🇵🇱
Mirimakeup Art
Mirimakeup Art Hace un mes
Cómo se llama en español?
김지안 Hace un mes
Is this available in Netflux PH? Thanks
Bebe Speak
Bebe Speak Hace un mes
Stupid movie, stupid kid
amir Soler
amir Soler Hace un mes
Fijo cuando voy a dormir lo veo😂
bebegimle günlüğüm
Tainá Monteiro
Tainá Monteiro Hace un mes
Vocês são fodas!
Higino Vilar
Higino Vilar Hace un mes
It's jack from room
Paris France
Paris France Hace un mes
Oh cool
Christian Jay Bonito
jasmerah toma
jasmerah toma Hace un mes
i will not watch this 😭😭 im scared fo horrors relating to dreaming. because in my sleep i also cant wake up and thank GOD it stopped. I dont wanted it to comeback 💔
IceColt Hace un mes
i love netflix, they always work on quality of their movies!!!!!
Resul Es
Resul Es Hace un mes
little boy in the Room movie 😁 Jack 😁
F V C K Y O U Hace un mes
Definitely gonna see this!!!!!
Ommroj Alwazir
Ommroj Alwazir Hace un mes
هل يوجد عرب 😅
Maria Jose Enriquez
I love this kid.
Karol Michelle Salas Quiceno
Yo me la ví antes de q saliera en Netflix
Claire Sitchon
Claire Sitchon Hace un mes
i already watch this movie a year ago it's a wonderful movie
Pearl Camallere
Pearl Camallere Hace un mes
Oh em gee,, i was travelling last week and this movie was playing on the bus' tv and i was sadden bcoz i have to stop,,,then few days ago i was thinking of what is this films title..thanks to this trailer.
rosa gene
rosa gene Hace un mes
i love this movie i watched it and it is beautiful its mostly fantasy then horror it wasn't all that scary for me but i jumped at the jumpscare scene by the bully when eyeless Sean was drowning
Frans 2468
Frans 2468 Hace un mes
What if he went into como
Emily Hace un mes
Hmmm I'm gonna watch it...like tomorrow at NOON So that I don't freak out !
Eriol Hiragisawa
Eriol Hiragisawa Hace un mes
Someone can teaching me how I can have #Netflix #Free? 🤔 plz
A H Hace un mes
Same old same old.
Rajan Singh
Rajan Singh Hace un mes
I am sold on this.
Nandar Day
Nandar Day Hace un mes
Film ini aneh. Gua udh nonton beberapa kli. Pemimpi yg nyata.
MotherOfTheDragon SamGold
I love this movie. This is so Emotional rather than intense 😍
Dorjanas Puras
Dorjanas Puras Hace un mes
Can I get 10,000 subs so I win a bet
0:52 I don’t feel so good
Janice Canete
Janice Canete Hace un mes
Saw this long time, old movie
Laura Castro
Laura Castro Hace un mes
WHAT THE FUCK ESvid?! I went to the comments for safety and the video FOLLOWS YOU! 😭
Sultan khn
Sultan khn Hace un mes
Brittania Vanessa
Brittania Vanessa Hace un mes
Omg he's the little boy from Room. He's the cutest but I don't do scary movies.
Regine Padel
Regine Padel Hace un mes
Is this available in Netflix... I can't find it in Netflix apps.
Karim Rupshi
Karim Rupshi Hace un mes
Almost every comment is from a years go
deniz yıldırım
deniz yıldırım Hace un mes
ı think after the haunted of hill hause succeed, they wanted to produce more horror tv series. So this is one of them
Rafal Vieira
Rafal Vieira Hace un mes
Badgal meme
Badgal meme Hace un mes
Idk how the fuck this wasn't more popular
Badgal meme
Badgal meme Hace un mes
Its a good watch ...trust me ! I loved this ....gonna watch again
g r a c i e l a r s
is this a movie or show
christine Pedralba
christine Pedralba Hace un mes
I regret watching this before going to sleep 😏
İpek Suna Akyurt
İpek Suna Akyurt Hace 2 meses
is it SOOOOO scary?
Jabie Dy
Jabie Dy Hace 2 meses
Napanood ko na man to. Last year pa
Loraine De Boer
Loraine De Boer Hace 2 meses
When comes this movie at netflix
safiyyah Hace 2 meses
why i can’t find it on my netflix?
Dalal Isaac
Dalal Isaac Hace 2 meses
I can't find the movie on Netflix 😭 What's happening?
Dalal Isaac
Dalal Isaac Hace un mes
+M. Chanti what's your region?
M. Chanti
M. Chanti Hace 2 meses
Me too!!
Sidratul Muntaha
Sidratul Muntaha Hace 2 meses
Such a good movie.The ending was so amazing and surprising.i recommend it
Florence Mwale
Florence Mwale Hace 2 meses
Jacob Tremblay is so talented
Had Fun
Had Fun Hace 2 meses
This is a amazing film Watch this
Uswah Hasanah
Uswah Hasanah Hace 2 meses
Seems like insidious i guess
samnps Hace 2 meses
This reminded me of that Room scene...
The Reliever
The Reliever Hace 2 meses
Nightmare on the elm street ?
Aux Eliza
Aux Eliza Hace 2 meses
I thought this is a family drama. And then I watched the trailer XDD
Esther Gathoni
Esther Gathoni Hace 2 meses
Wow this kid is talented
Artyom Hace 2 meses
jeez just make him drink coffee before he goes to sleep and none of this shit would have happened
Dream 8968
Dream 8968 Hace 2 meses
Yas the guy who plays auggie
Misa Chan
Misa Chan Hace 2 meses
This isn't a original movie of Netflix... I watched this and cried for how many times... I always feel sorry for the little kid.. There is this time that his adoptive parents forced him to sleep just to see their dead son soul in their house.. And when he wakes up the butterflies and the soul will be gone.. It's also the reason why his "dad" died
My Nguyen
My Nguyen Hace 2 meses
I want to watch this but i cant find it on netflix
Ghost of Akina
Ghost of Akina Hace 2 meses
You know it's a good movie when you get goosebumps all over your body
Danish Hamed
Danish Hamed Hace 2 meses
Who else thinks that the kid just looks like christiano Ronaldo
mary anne orboc
mary anne orboc Hace 2 meses
So another Kid Horror movie .. Sheet !! Im scared of kids because of all the movies that talks about kids. Most of the time theyre the one who played the creepy ones.. Tf !!
Novilyn Ferrer
Novilyn Ferrer Hace 2 meses
Whenever I searched it, nothing came as result. I can’t watch it.
Kyla100 Smile
Kyla100 Smile Hace un mes
Novilyn Ferrer i think it’s because of where you live
Wiggle flop Baker
Wiggle flop Baker Hace 2 meses
This movie is so good and beautiful aww💜☹️I tried so hard not to cry
Me and my cousins are making our own version of this film. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yCYNgbpSFng.html
Gerhald Mananquil
Gerhald Mananquil Hace 2 meses
i just woke up
lali :p
lali :p Hace 2 meses
Im so scared just by the trailer and ive watched this before
Renata Arantes
Renata Arantes Hace 2 meses
is this only on US Netflix? Cannot find in my Brazilian account
Music Lover
Music Lover Hace 2 meses
Me too, there isn't this film on netflix turkey 😥
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
I watched it from Netflix and i shit myself
Snow Kitty
Snow Kitty Hace 3 meses
I rate it 9.5 out of ten This movie gave me the chills ALL OVER MY BODY! I recommend it to everyone It made me cry, and get scared, and the two boys were both adorable So i had lots of emotions..
Austin-Tyler Hace 3 meses
OMG loved this movie so much. New original and the twist ending was different. His and Open House even though I hate the ending are he best movies on Netflix out of their originals but this isn’t a actual original Netflix movie.
The weird Show
The weird Show Hace 3 meses
Oooooo dis looks good
Sithadass Sithadass
Sithadass Sithadass Hace 3 meses
very good
Alizu :v
Alizu :v Hace 3 meses
because I can not watch on Netflix
Abraham 1
Abraham 1 Hace 3 meses
you mean why? and maybe because is not out in your country yet
Margo Winchester
Margo Winchester Hace 3 meses
I cannot stop watching this! Trailer or movie lol. Every time the trailer hits the ‘I’m awake’ scene I get literal chills and my arms get goosebumps. Jacob is the BEST actor- I’ve loved him since Room
I can’t find at netflix
Grey Fox
Grey Fox Hace 3 meses
I love this movie❤️
krishna gangwani
krishna gangwani Hace 3 meses
I kinda had tears when they saw their died son😢😢🤧
I want to see this so badly but I need junk food and pop and a diaper. Lol
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