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Still mourning the death of their son, Mark and Jessie welcome foster child Cody into their lives. Soon they discover he has a strange ability. From director Mike Flanagan, Before I Wake is now streaming on Netflix.
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Before I Wake | Official Trailer | Netflix


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6 ene 2018

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Comentarios 1 782
Haly Haly
Haly Haly Hace 18 horas
Why i cant find this movie on netflix????????
Amali Morgan
Amali Morgan Hace 19 horas
This kid never ages
Victor Leon
Victor Leon Hace un día
Esse filme é um dos melhores suspense que eu vi ano passado! Um final FODA!
Mariangeles Lopez
Mariangeles Lopez Hace un día
En español como es el título?
Ella Fernandes
Ella Fernandes Hace 2 días
Esse filme é espetacular!!!!!
chim chim jimin
chim chim jimin Hace 2 días
Isn’t that the therapist from pll in the beginning
Sonenour Mostafa
Sonenour Mostafa Hace 4 días
Great movie . I liked it .It got a new & nice plot.
amanda mazuera
amanda mazuera Hace 7 días
Qué susto.
Fernando Fernández
Fernando Fernández Hace 9 días
Otaku Extrovertida
Otaku Extrovertida Hace 11 días
Pena que não sei o que eles estão dizendo!
Betül Yalçın
Betül Yalçın Hace 11 días
Güzel filmdi.
Denada Stafa
Denada Stafa Hace 11 días
I love this little boy 😍 He is so talented
quezia sants
quezia sants Hace 12 días
Esta criança não cresce nunca?😱
Alovatololo Hace 12 días
So like Bedtime Stories but without Adam Sandler.
Luis Federico Sala
Luis Federico Sala Hace 12 días
This movie is one of the worst than I have watched in this streaming platform 👎👎👎👎👎
Angella Vang
Angella Vang Hace 12 días
Does anyone know if this is still on Netflix? (June 2019)
Angella Vang
Angella Vang Hace 12 días
@Serhii Sazonov I thought Netflix takes off shows and movies after a while. Don't they? I thought they do.
Serhii Sazonov
Serhii Sazonov Hace 12 días
Angella Vang why wouldn’t it be
Nicole Rungo
Nicole Rungo Hace 12 días
I love this movie 🖤
najjina malik
najjina malik Hace 12 días
I am going watch this movie
haseeb shamshad ali
haseeb shamshad ali Hace 14 días
It's not on Netflix I can't find
Lucy Adília
Lucy Adília Hace 14 días
It's such a cliche horror movie: Couple adopt orphan child. The orphan child is demoniac.
Alexiah Secopito
Alexiah Secopito Hace 15 días
was that dr. sullivan? woah.
Maya Yuna
Maya Yuna Hace 17 días
Jacob Tremblay super cuteee
Katherina John
Katherina John Hace 18 días
I love this kid
Simran Ray
Simran Ray Hace 18 días
It pretty seems somewhat like the Insidious movie.
عالم رفقة
عالم رفقة Hace 18 días
It's was sad that the dad died 😞
Bella Tijero
Bella Tijero Hace 18 días
I watched this!!! Love this kind of movie ❤️❤️❤️
Pinky Profeta
Pinky Profeta Hace 19 días
This is no longer on Netflix
Jaline Santos
Jaline Santos Hace 19 días
Muito bom amei❤❤
Arguments and facts
Arguments and facts Hace 19 días
Before,After.. Next year,after 2 years etc☺
Kimberlin Ruiz
Kimberlin Ruiz Hace 19 días
Ya no esta en Netflix?
Slime Life #4life
Slime Life #4life Hace 20 días
who has watched the movie l had he is also good at acting
biggest fan of inquisitormaster and zachary zaxor
thhe kid is in the movie
park inseo
park inseo Hace 20 días
wow wow woooowww
maria torrez
maria torrez Hace 20 días
Me gusta la película pero no la encuentro en Netflix la he buscado pero no la encuentro....
E B Hace 20 días
why didnt Cody's dream bring back the man and his wife? why he gotta separate them tho. not much of a happy ending
SCP-500 Hace 21 un día
So basically Sleep paralysis?
Edna Lima
Edna Lima Hace 21 un día
Já assisti muito bom interessante
valentina Landívar
valentina Landívar Hace 21 un día
Ya la he visto antes de que estuviera en Netflix es demasiado buena y divertida me encanto
valentina Landívar
valentina Landívar Hace 18 días
La vi en ESvid y se llama antes de despertar o también somnia
Marish Bolaños
Marish Bolaños Hace 20 días
Como se llama y donde la viste, x q nunca la localice en netflix 😢
Katrine Thaarup
Katrine Thaarup Hace 21 un día
The end is so sweet
Rolph francky André
Rolph francky André Hace 21 un día
J’arrive pas à trouver ce film sur Netflix
freewithnature Hace 21 un día
This movie was for sure a good watch. Super bizarre.
Silvania HBM
Silvania HBM Hace 21 un día
Se o moleque dormir o bicho pega,já vi esse filme,é muito bom,o nome é o sono da morte. ..recomendo
Mariam yi
Mariam yi Hace 22 días
Why it’s not on Netflix UAE
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh Hace 22 días
His dreams...
Aisha Chude
Aisha Chude Hace 22 días
Almost thought this was a bit like the odd life of timothy... untill i noticed this was gona be a horror show. 😐
Anca Ilaria Sturzu
Anca Ilaria Sturzu Hace 22 días
Omg so fucking creepy
Ben Chatonda
Ben Chatonda Hace 22 días
Louis Dela Rosa
Louis Dela Rosa Hace 22 días
Kate Bosworth looks so damn fresh and pretty.
Evan Antonola
Evan Antonola Hace 22 días
1:10 when you have a deadline the next morning
yağmur Qasimov
yağmur Qasimov Hace 22 días
Bu çocuk içeride filminde saar bı çocuğu canlandıran cocuk
blep blep cat
blep blep cat Hace 22 días
This movie made me cry 🤧
mia pinedo
mia pinedo Hace 22 días
Adoro como actúa este niño ❤️
short hair blonde Gerard
Im gonna have a heart attack when i wake up
Sarina Kamaludin
Sarina Kamaludin Hace 23 días
It is already on netflix?
Penus Production
Penus Production Hace 23 días
Ужасный,отвратительный , убогий , ничтожный, презренный. Не тратьте на это свое время. Самый убогий из всех возможных миксов жанров. Очень плохая игра актёров(есле это впринципе можна назвать игрой).Наиболее разочаровывающей была игра гг(Матери). Прежде чем смотреть этот фильм убедитесь что у вас есть мозг, если вы его не обнаружите то можете смело смотреть, уверен он вам однозначно понравится!
hepaticapropria Hace 23 días
Não aguento mais esses filmes de terror pq é sempre a mesma coisa... não inovam.. sempre os mesmos sustos... 🤦🏼‍♀️
Alexis Lanes
Alexis Lanes Hace 24 días
insidious ?
Anton Ala Brava
Anton Ala Brava Hace 24 días
It is blue that of the Smurfs
TheBabadogo Hace 24 días
Sad that we can't see this and other content on Netflix just because we're watching it in a different country yet paying the same subscription fees as when in the US. Shame.
king absolut
king absolut Hace 24 días
La busque y no me aparece, que onda ahi Netflix ????
Any Cantu
Any Cantu Hace 21 un día
king absolut yo tampoco!! 😫
Eusebio Aguro III
Eusebio Aguro III Hace 24 días
jennifer emmanuel
jennifer emmanuel Hace 24 días
How come I can't find it on my netflic
Timtam Walnut
Timtam Walnut Hace 24 días
The scariest dream I've had was that a cockroach attacked me. I woke up sooo frightened. I do have nightmares that are scary and bloody (heads getting cut off or ghosts or anything creepy and scary but I don't really mind them and I barely wake up. I just get to another dream without waking up). But that cockroach freaked the hell out of me although in reality I don't really get frightened from them usually disgusted but I end up killing them (if they're in my house).
Lizzy Lopilatto
Lizzy Lopilatto Hace 24 días
Esa peli está muy buena
bad guy
bad guy Hace 24 días
Lebo Lenepa
Lebo Lenepa Hace 25 días
Nice movie but I don't want to be traumatised
Bapplepie forever
Bapplepie forever Hace 25 días
Its not on netflix arabia! 😩😩😩
Mariana Queen
Mariana Queen Hace 25 días
I can't find on Netflix aus
Shanel Orellana
Shanel Orellana Hace 25 días
Lol talk about an exhausted family.
Nancy Olson
Nancy Olson Hace 25 días
Luísa tsarnaev
Luísa tsarnaev Hace 25 días
Eu assisti esse filme em 2016
Karine Melo
Karine Melo Hace 25 días
Já assistir é bem legal!
Yonny Layna
Yonny Layna Hace 25 días
Finally a horror movie with a concept.
Deba Dev
Deba Dev Hace 26 días
SERIOUSLY I thought it was a mystery then that
Kasia Kozak
Kasia Kozak Hace 26 días
Omg! Before I watched this trailer, I thought it would be a comedy-drama! 😨😨😨
Sorila Janch
Sorila Janch Hace 26 días
I have already watched this movie. It's really awesome😍❤
i've seen this movie before..its so beautiful and thrill..and now its on netflix too..wow!!!
arpita Saha
arpita Saha Hace 26 días
room. boy
Joe Hace 26 días
looks cool
Saunders The Plumber saunders
This Is Spiritualism The Bible Says That The Dead Know Not Anything Ecclesiacetes 9v5KJV
Yonny Layna
Yonny Layna Hace 25 días
This is clearly a secular movie for secular people.
Regina Savitri
Regina Savitri Hace 26 días
Jill Arce
Jill Arce Hace 26 días
i knew i saw this kid before. he was in the movie titled Room
mary warner
mary warner Hace 26 días
Das arme Kind wird genauso enden wie Macaulay Culkin. Wie kann man sein Kind nur so verkaufen? Ich verstehe es nicht.
Bazil Ling
Bazil Ling Hace 26 días
I watched thisss
gaurav chittalwar
gaurav chittalwar Hace 27 días
Ohh wonderful acting by this kid
Super Suppen
Super Suppen Hace 27 días
I love that movie! I can highly recommend it!
Tastro Hace 27 días
Isn’t this the kid who played the boy from wonder
Zoom Fadel
Zoom Fadel Hace 5 días
I’ve watched Wonder but never seen the boy’s real face. But I can sense it’s him from his acting. Great talent
Alara Hace 24 días
Tastro yes he also played the room
Swusie Quesie
Swusie Quesie Hace 27 días
I cried heavily throughout a lot of this movie. I almost forgot it was supposed to be scary. It was hard to see it as s horror film. Instead, I more so saw it in relation to my life, after losing my child and how I would feel being those parents and seeing my baby girl standing in front of me 😢
M Hace 25 días
Swusie Quesie 💖💖
WHOA that was intense! Is this a movie or series?
cy_ Hace 27 días
first room and then this.... very brilliant
Jinky Gallardo
Jinky Gallardo Hace 27 días
How come I cannot find it on Netflix
beeShook Btw
beeShook Btw Hace 27 días
I already watched it its awesome keep going
chadwick muir
chadwick muir Hace 27 días
I'm not seeing this on Netflix
janelle barth
janelle barth Hace 23 días
Really same
Zhara Haidara
Zhara Haidara Hace 27 días
Will no one remember the fact that this is not a Netflix original????
Anxious Bicorn
Anxious Bicorn Hace 27 días
This trailer makes it seem like a horror movie
King Blas Jervin Pagtailan
I think it's not anymore available on Netflix. 😔
Aubrey Rose Lorenzo
Aubrey Rose Lorenzo Hace 26 días
Yeah me too :-(
Gökçe Hace 28 días
The raven cycle tv show looks good
S. K.
S. K. Hace 28 días
isn't this the little brother of Henry from "The book of Henry"? 😅
shannon Rebecca
shannon Rebecca Hace 26 días
NVC-assassin AMV
NVC-assassin AMV Hace 28 días
Am awake am awake am awake 😂
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