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Still mourning the death of their son, Mark and Jessie welcome foster child Cody into their lives. Soon they discover he has a strange ability. From director Mike Flanagan, Before I Wake is now streaming on Netflix.
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Before I Wake | Official Trailer | Netflix


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6 ene 2018

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Comentarios 1 532
Jabie Dy
Jabie Dy Hace 2 horas
Napanood ko na man to. Last year pa
Loraine De Boer
Loraine De Boer Hace 10 horas
When comes this movie at netflix
safiyyah Hace 11 horas
why i can’t find it on my netflix?
Dalal Isaac
Dalal Isaac Hace 18 horas
I can't find the movie on Netflix 😭 What's happening?
Sidratul Muntaha
Sidratul Muntaha Hace un día
Such a good movie.The ending was so amazing and surprising.i recommend it
Florence Mwale
Florence Mwale Hace un día
Jacob Tremblay is so talented
Had Fun
Had Fun Hace un día
This is a amazing film Watch this
Uswah Hasanah
Uswah Hasanah Hace un día
Seems like insidious i guess
samnps Hace 2 días
This reminded me of that Room scene...
Grey Wind
Grey Wind Hace 2 días
Nightmare on the elm street ?
Aux Eliza
Aux Eliza Hace 2 días
I thought this is a family drama. And then I watched the trailer XDD
Esther Gathoni
Esther Gathoni Hace 2 días
Wow this kid is talented
SlyCooper494 ._.
SlyCooper494 ._. Hace 4 días
jeez just make him drink coffee before he goes to sleep and none of this shit would have happened
sometimes i try to scream in my dreams but i cant...its like something is holding me down or making it difficult for me to not scream it...k bye
Dream 8968
Dream 8968 Hace 8 días
Yas the guy who plays auggie
Misa Chan
Misa Chan Hace 8 días
This isn't a original movie of Netflix... I watched this and cried for how many times... I always feel sorry for the little kid.. There is this time that his adoptive parents forced him to sleep just to see their dead son soul in their house.. And when he wakes up the butterflies and the soul will be gone.. It's also the reason why his "dad" died
My Nguyen
My Nguyen Hace 10 días
I want to watch this but i cant find it on netflix
Ghost of Akina
Ghost of Akina Hace 14 días
You know it's a good movie when you get goosebumps all over your body
Danish Hamed
Danish Hamed Hace 15 días
Who else thinks that the kid just looks like christiano Ronaldo
mary anne orboc
mary anne orboc Hace 15 días
So another Kid Horror movie .. Sheet !! Im scared of kids because of all the movies that talks about kids. Most of the time theyre the one who played the creepy ones.. Tf !!
Novilyn Ferrer
Novilyn Ferrer Hace 15 días
Whenever I searched it, nothing came as result. I can’t watch it.
Wiggle flop Baker
Wiggle flop Baker Hace 17 días
This movie is so good and beautiful aww💜☹️I tried so hard not to cry
Me and my cousins are making our own version of this film. esvid.net/video/vídeo-yCYNgbpSFng.html&t=2s
Gerhald Mananquil
Gerhald Mananquil Hace 21 un día
i just woke up
lali :p
lali :p Hace 25 días
Im so scared just by the trailer and ive watched this before
Renata Arantes
Renata Arantes Hace 26 días
is this only on US Netflix? Cannot find in my Brazilian account
Music Lover
Music Lover Hace 24 días
Me too, there isn't this film on netflix turkey 😥
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs • Hace 27 días
I watched it from Netflix and i shit myself
Snow Kitty
Snow Kitty Hace 27 días
I rate it 9.5 out of ten This movie gave me the chills ALL OVER MY BODY! I recommend it to everyone It made me cry, and get scared, and the two boys were both adorable So i had lots of emotions..
Austin-Tyler Hace 28 días
OMG loved this movie so much. New original and the twist ending was different. His and Open House even though I hate the ending are he best movies on Netflix out of their originals but this isn’t a actual original Netflix movie.
The weird Show
The weird Show Hace un mes
Oooooo dis looks good
Sithadass Sithadass
very good
Alizu :v
Alizu :v Hace un mes
because I can not watch on Netflix
Abraham 1
Abraham 1 Hace un mes
you mean why? and maybe because is not out in your country yet
Margo Winchester
Margo Winchester Hace un mes
I cannot stop watching this! Trailer or movie lol. Every time the trailer hits the ‘I’m awake’ scene I get literal chills and my arms get goosebumps. Jacob is the BEST actor- I’ve loved him since Room
I can’t find at netflix
FandomQueen DIY
FandomQueen DIY Hace un mes
I love this movie❤️
krishna gangwani
krishna gangwani Hace un mes
I kinda had tears when they saw their died son😢😢🤧
I want to see this so badly but I need junk food and pop and a diaper. Lol
Question is this out on DVD yet? I do have Netflix but I want to buy it it looks really good!
Raphael Alexander
Raphael Alexander Hace un mes
This movie is great! The director is really good at making entertaining horror movies! Those rotten tomatoes people don't know what they're talking about.
Weird flex not ok
Weird flex not ok Hace un mes
I believe this child has no concept of aging.
dylon clark
dylon clark Hace un mes
Cancer is scary.
YoUr AvErAgE pErSoN
I knew he looked familiar! He was in wonder, this kid's acting deserves a standing ovation! Wow and he's only 12
TVAlberto9 Boss
TVAlberto9 Boss Hace un mes
I will be in the eye Before Dreams come true #BeforeIWake In Cinemas and IMAX 3D October 25
Zakia Akter
Zakia Akter Hace 2 meses
Kenni Ville
Kenni Ville Hace 2 meses
Amazing movie. The boy is good actor.
sadece bir hayran
sadece bir hayran Hace 2 meses
sonlara doğru altına bi güzel sıçabilirsiniz eğer korktuysanız bekledigim şey oldu
iAMitUnot Hace 2 meses
Excellent movie. A supernatural thriller with a great story and satisfying conclusion.
Melis Akkie Engström
Love this movie!❤️
The Jackalope
The Jackalope Hace 2 meses
This movie was actually really good
Addison Maxberry
Addison Maxberry Hace 2 meses
I saw this movie and it is good so go watch it ok😎
Die Young
Die Young Hace 2 meses
Before i wake i bake
commonyoshi Hace 2 meses
Where does this movie fit into the marvel cinematic universe?
Sesari H. Tetsuya
Sesari H. Tetsuya Hace 2 meses
This was my favourite movie cause not just because it’s fantasy it also has horror ❤️❤️❤️
Andrei P
Andrei P Hace 2 meses
Larenz Sosa
Larenz Sosa Hace 2 meses
what idk
what idk Hace 2 meses
I watched this with a group of friends. This movie is so boring that we all fall asleep on the floor.
Aspen Makayla
Aspen Makayla Hace 3 meses
I cried through the whole entire thing! I thought it was a bitter sweet thriller
Blah Girl
Blah Girl Hace 2 días
rupert giles
rupert giles Hace 3 meses
This is without a doubt the worst film I've ever watched. I can't believe people get paid for this awfulness
SpiderProductionz Hace 3 meses
Hey netflix, Write In The Title If This Is A Movie Or It Is A Series, We Dont Know If Its A Show Or Movie!!!!
Zehra Güllüce
Zehra Güllüce Hace 3 meses
the best movie i have ever watched the ending was amazinggggggggg
Stan Marsh is a fish
Zehra Güllüce ikr!
Fernando Guzman
Fernando Guzman Hace 3 meses
Did the lady drown her kid in the tub because they don’t explain it that happen?
Stan Marsh is a fish
Fernando Guzman they weren’t watching him and they didn’t know.
abhi Hace 3 meses
Dont watch trailor
abhi Hace 3 meses
Performance by kid is so damn good .beutiful movie
Earl Kyat
Earl Kyat Hace 3 meses
Is this movie good or not please let me know
lili Hace 3 meses
can we just appreciate how brave that little boy is for looking underneath his bed for monsters? like i'm a teenager and i still can't do that.
Doctor Ji
Doctor Ji Hace un día
So true?!
ESCANOR Hace 2 días
Well im 22 and im not gonna look
Menchu Gonzales
Menchu Gonzales Hace 3 días
Me too... 😂😂😂😂😂 And I still can't find the cure for my phobia 😂😂😂😂
Misa Chan
Misa Chan Hace 8 días
True... Up until now I never tried to look under my bed😭😭😭 and it is all thanks to this kinds of movie 😭😭 well this gave me an excuse for not cleaning the dust under my bed 😂😂😂
Carmen Redón Pomar
Carmen Redón Pomar Hace 17 días
And how tiddy is down there. Amazing child.
o o
o o Hace 3 meses
Looks good
enjaneco capoon
enjaneco capoon Hace 3 meses
Why I can’t see it on my Netflix
thiagocrazy96 Hace 3 meses
aaaa its one of those movies u just want to snap the neck of one of them
Bridget McBride
Bridget McBride Hace 3 meses
wow completely surprised with this movie. scary movies are great and fun! this actually made me JUMP! and it’s sooo beautiful. you can tell this movie was put together VERY WELL. couldn’t find a better movie to be honest!!! 11/10
The Jotaro Guy
The Jotaro Guy Hace 3 meses
Those are not butterflies they are MØTHS who just want some LÄMPS... PASS THE LÄMP BRØTHËR should be the name of the movie
Komlit Hace 3 meses
2016 is when this came out. For those who think this is a Netflix Original it is not
cashew 024
cashew 024 Hace 3 meses
Looks so boring
ashly dee
ashly dee Hace 3 meses
I watched this movie 5 times and i lovee it! I love how its scary but sad but also how it pulls your heart strings
Matheus Omena
Matheus Omena Hace 3 meses
Is that the boy from Room?
Jared Perez
Jared Perez Hace 3 meses
Horrible movie, dont waste ur time
Sam Tate
Sam Tate Hace 3 meses
What this is like Freddy Krueger
Dennise Jasmine
Dennise Jasmine Hace 3 meses
Why cant i search this on netflix 😭😭😭
steve k
steve k Hace 3 meses
this is actually Jacob Tremblay's 2nd film, after smurfs, and even has him credited in the opening titles with introducing...' . Due to it not being released until after Room was in 2015 it is assumed that Room was his 2nd film
LPS Gamerz
LPS Gamerz Hace 3 meses
I still gotta see the ending
Big Fat Juicy Wang
Big Fat Juicy Wang Hace 4 meses
What happens when he dreams about sex?😏
Stan Marsh is a fish
smellykneegrow 123 oh god 😂
Ladytee TgaL
Ladytee TgaL Hace 4 meses
Why I can't this movie on my Netflix
Tr33E00 Hace 4 meses
Uh oh
blacmadesjb 2750
blacmadesjb 2750 Hace 4 meses
The movie isn't showing up for me on Netflix
Lea Lea
Lea Lea Hace 4 meses
Well the end was meaningful
Passions Johnson Fitzgerald
What happened to the Dad it said when Cody got his dreams controlled everybody reappeared but why didn't the Father come back?? I read the summary plot but it was a lie the Dad never did mane 😼 terrible ending!!!!!
Margo Winchester
Margo Winchester Hace un mes
Passions Johnson Fitzgerald I was thinking about that too. It would have been too cheesy of an ending just to bring everybody back, so they left us like they did, to end the movie in our own way and wonder
It's movie or series?
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf Hace 4 meses
I dont have netflix ;-;
Reef Hace 4 meses
Bipolar disorder exaggerated ( yes I have watched the series )
Chrizza Colorado
Chrizza Colorado Hace 4 meses
This movie is 🔥🔥🔥
Burnt Biscuit Lady
Burnt Biscuit Lady Hace 5 meses
i watched this movie..didn’t sleep the whole night😑👈🏽
David Ortega
David Ortega Hace 5 meses
Jacob is good but this movie looks bad
Johnny Berryy
Johnny Berryy Hace 5 meses
So dreams are supposed to be bad and you will get killed? Sounds like bullshit rubbish. Dreaming is the most humane thing. Why do movies always put a negative light on sleeping and dreaming. Ever seen get someone killed by a dreaming sleeping person?
Morgane Germé
Morgane Germé Hace 4 meses
First of all, it's Fantasy. It's not supposed to be realistic (I mean, it's a movie you know?) Then, this movie in particular does not put sleeping and dreaming in a bad light. If you watched the movie, you'll know they all described his dreams as magical. But like any other 8 years old, he also has nightmares. This is when the horror begins. His dreams aren't bad, his nightmares are.
derpina derping
derpina derping Hace 5 meses
Spoiler alert I found the mum very weird and there was so many questions they should have asked when the butterfly started to appear. I mean how can you be cool such things happening.
Ramizan Ramli
Ramizan Ramli Hace 5 meses
i really like end of this video,when cody make some butterfly without sleep..that so cool...so thatmean if before i wake have second movie..cody can make something become reality or illusion without sleep or dream.
PepinoO Hace 5 meses
You know what else is cancer? This movie.
2serveand2protect Hace 5 meses
One hell of a movie, ha? :)
Baka Chan
Baka Chan Hace 5 meses
I've done watching ths
ItsZainab Hace 5 meses
This movie is sad. The Kanker Man, is actually really sad...
LongLiveJasheh Hace 5 meses
2:05 gave me the Freaking chills! Who is that!?
LongLiveJasheh Hace 5 meses
What In the living hell is this freaky movie!? Is it a horror? Seems like it!
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