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'Before The Dark Times'

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Ben Kenobi recounts his life before exile, the rise of the Empire and the death of Luke Skywalker's father at the hands of his renegade apprentice, Darth Vader.
This video is inspired by the epic 'Obi-Wan Remembers Anakin & The Truth (Flashbacks) Remastered' video by Smasher channel.
Thanks to the creators of Star Wars and also to the numerous uploaders of Star Wars clips I pulled from to use in this edit - special mention to Marcelo Zuniga and Star Wars Plus for such high quality video.
Additional music used:
Anakin's Dark Deeds - John Williams
Anakin's Betrayal - John Williams

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30 mar 2017






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Löwen Hund
Löwen Hund Hace 6 minutos
Obi Wan: "You can't do this Anakin, what am I going to tell your son?!" *a few years later* Luke: "how did my father die?" Obi Wan: "Barbecue accident"
Ipi Laitela
Ipi Laitela Hace 2 horas
One thing I don,t understand is that if Obi wan died in the first movie how come he is in the 4,5 & 6th ?
zendentripp Hace 5 horas
3:17 mf goosebumps with that voice over playing with that musical climax
Jeremy Quispe
Jeremy Quispe Hace 13 horas
I'm criying T_T
Novacane Hace 15 horas
they should redo a proper obi-wan kenobi
Dennis Rodriguez
Dennis Rodriguez Hace 17 horas
Someone else is crying by watching this?...
GamerFox HUN
GamerFox HUN Hace 17 horas
Very very good job.
Niklas Norberg
Niklas Norberg Hace 18 horas
Very well done.
Jackson Kavanagh
Jackson Kavanagh Hace 18 horas
I'd just like to say, good on Ewan McGregor for getting all of the mannerisms down so well. It really feels like he's the same character across all movies.
Casey Shane Baguio
Casey Shane Baguio Hace 19 horas
Obi Wan is lying that Vader and Anakin are separate person, but they are not.
Jon Allgaier
Jon Allgaier Hace 9 horas
I’m sorry that you’re this stupid
Droop Mountain
Droop Mountain Hace 23 horas
You have redeemed the prequels.
光Dawn Hace un día
_"Before The Dank Times"_
Marius Constantin
Marius Constantin Hace un día
R2 must've been so happy to see an old friend.
Kepa Hace un día
When you saw clone wars you know more about friendship between obi wan and anakin. You can feel obi wan emotions and how he feel when he saying Luke about his father
Ale13xander S
Ale13xander S Hace un día
Well done but the lightsaber in attack of the clones is not the same one as the one he made later. It was destroyed and anakin built the lightsaber shown in the original trilogy
AwesomeGamer 1260
AwesomeGamer 1260 Hace un día
😢 I love this so much
Moritz Gödickmeier
Moritz Gödickmeier Hace un día
I am allways crying i see this scene, but this cut just broke my heart
Kyle Fee
Kyle Fee Hace un día
Exceptionally done
OH YEAH YEAH Hace un día
This is just art...
Mr owl L.
Mr owl L. Hace un día
You are the chosen one.
TW1STIC Hace 2 días
I miss the old Star Wars movies. They're way better than the new ones.
FRNW Eclipse
FRNW Eclipse Hace 2 días
i just get chills from real star wars
Алекс Кот
Алекс Кот Hace 2 días
Legendary video , thank you very much
ccon1001 Hace 2 días
That cut from Anikan force pulling his lightsaber to Luke igniting it gives me chills EVERY TIME. This edit is a masterpiece, god I love Star Wars
ZXC QKing Hace 2 días
I legit are crying now. When you think about the relationship between Anakin and Obi Wan it was so sad to think how much things can change in the future
Ggeek Hace 2 días
I'm crying...
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson Hace 2 días
That was...powerful, to say the least.
Joel Hace 2 días
Hit me right in the feels lol
MechaG2 Hace 2 días
Powerful and beautifully done. This moved me to tears.
Digital Unity
Digital Unity Hace 2 días
Second one of these edits that has been waiting until now to be recommended.
its ya boi jerry
its ya boi jerry Hace 2 días
Im a huge star wars fan i like all the movies! Except the abomination that was the last jedi. I grew up with the prequels. The 1st star wars movie i watched was attack of the clones and i thought it was good
Bobby Luarca
Bobby Luarca Hace 2 días
Grate viedo. Love it. Did great work with the music goes along with it.
Trunks234 Hace 2 días
2:22 and onwards is sad, it makes Obi-Wan seem like he’s placing himself as the bad guy, as Darth Vader, who betrayed and murdered his father. And he still feels guilty, he still loves anakin and still feels him as a brother and a friend. And he still feels guilty for what he still believes at this point to be him killing Luke’s father
Daniel Mueller
Daniel Mueller Hace 2 días
SirLucas Hace 3 días
Pringlez Hace 3 días
This vid properly hits me in the feels dunno why tho but yeh
NL xPolo
NL xPolo Hace 3 días
This is so beautiful 🖤
swoll spider
swoll spider Hace 3 días
**you were supposed to destroy the Sith not join them**
Envizo Hace 3 días
The Jedi of The Old Republic seems so much more powerful than any of the Jedi in the Clone Wars. Hell, it seemed everyone was more powerful back than, the mandalorians, the Sith, and The Old Republic troopers.
Dean Konstantian
Dean Konstantian Hace un día
i believe if I'm not wrong, much of the deep learning required to obtain such power on both sides of the force became essentially more and more restricted.
Jason Rennie Vlogs
Jason Rennie Vlogs Hace 3 días
So obi wan is ben kenobi in real life
n1tron1c h3ll
n1tron1c h3ll Hace 3 días
This made me come to tears
Afr0 Plays
Afr0 Plays Hace 3 días
Who’s cutting onions 😭😤
Süleyman Emre Gül
Süleyman Emre Gül Hace 3 días
Before the Disney
SEE MACK Hace 3 días
Before the dark times.....
Qui Gon Jinn
Qui Gon Jinn Hace 4 días
Thank you for including me, I appreciate it.
Kevin Baumgartner
Kevin Baumgartner Hace 4 días
heart breaking😥
Paloma Pseudoautista
This feeling of connection between movies separeted by decades will NEVER happen again, take note of that disney and ur shitty sequel trilogy
Saul Torres
Saul Torres Hace 4 días
Who came here after the new stars game and stars movie trailer case out?
DatAussieKid Hace 4 días
This was amazing good job
Tino Trivino
Tino Trivino Hace 4 días
Han Solo I Am
Han Solo I Am Hace 4 días
I was expecting to laugh not cry
Jay Wetton
Jay Wetton Hace 5 días
Thank you, i really enjoyed watching that.
Samuel Musser
Samuel Musser Hace 5 días
Damn this is good
TheLaughing Gag
TheLaughing Gag Hace 5 días
If you are a true Star Wars fan who hates The 👇Last Jedi like this comment?
itsLeya Kotova
itsLeya Kotova Hace 5 días
better than Last jedi
SEE MACK Hace 5 días
When Luke gets his hand cut if he says “You killed my father!” Then Vader says “I am your father!” Then Luke is like “NOOOO!!” What? Why are you baby crying because this dude is your dad. You are fricking looking at your dad. I would be surprised and shocked.
Justin Katsopolis
Justin Katsopolis Hace 5 días
I have no clue why Alec Guinness hated this movie this is my favorite Star Wars movie of all time.
Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross Hace 5 días
To the producer of this clip, props to you. You quite perfectly tied in each of Sir Alec Guiness's facial expressions to a moment in the prequel trilogy. Wow. Major chills.
Darth Vaider
Darth Vaider Hace 5 días
Like my story
Super Mayan
Super Mayan Hace 5 días
Awesome video, got me in my feels
Darth Vaider
Darth Vaider Hace 5 días
Enrique RM
Enrique RM Hace 5 días
Ves este vídeo y te pones a pensar en el daño que le ha causado Disney a Star Wars, como destruyeron a un personaje como Luke Skywalker y como están destruyendo la saga.
SNAKE 53 Hace 5 días
so many dam chills!!!!
kjf 4runner
kjf 4runner Hace 5 días
When Luke asked how his father died, I felt bad how Obi-wan was hesitant to tell him like it still bothered him. Crazy details is what I love about star wars
Darth Vaider
Darth Vaider Hace 5 días
The Magic Of Football
this video makes me sad
Darth Vaider
Darth Vaider Hace 5 días
L'enfoiré à lunettes
damn alec guiness and ewan mcgregor looks like parents lol
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
I can't get enough of this video.
DJ Xelto
DJ Xelto Hace 6 días
Ok so I love this but is it just me or is the only reason why these compilations of Obi-Wan having PTSD is that only Alec Guinness can pull off the face of an old haunted man?
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
I agree. This is an amazing video!
Donna Fitzjarrell
Donna Fitzjarrell Hace 6 días
You reckon when a siths eyes turn to hatred do they close there eyes and there like that
Donna Fitzjarrell
Donna Fitzjarrell Hace 5 días
+Isaac Wale good idea
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
They probably turn that colour gradually while their evil increases.
Robo Hace 6 días
The prequels and OT were both awesome. Episode 7 and 8 are way worse
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
I don't care what others think, because you're right. George shouldn't have sold out to Disney.
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
This is so amazing!
Nick Goar
Nick Goar Hace 6 días
*_Is it bad this makes me cry?_* 😢😭
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
Papa Jags
Papa Jags Hace 6 días
Nick Goar not at all
Daniel Houston
Daniel Houston Hace 7 días
Stuff like this is beautiful.
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
Nicolo Don Diego
Nicolo Don Diego Hace 7 días
and he was a good friend..... :(
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
Until about 20years ago
Cipasalislam Hace 7 días
The Senate
The Senate Hace 7 días
This editing is amazing. If they actually added this in the special editions they should have not shown who cut anakin legs off, making you believe it is Vader rather than obi wan.
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
Anthony W
Anthony W Hace 7 días
So there was a young jedi named Darth Vader. Darth fucking Vader. Jedi: Hey young padawan, what's your name? DV: Vader. Jedi: Vader who? DV: Darth Vader Jedi: Why the fuck do you have a sith name?
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
neoarcadiaking1 Hace 7 días
Obi wan lied what was said was of his benefit and comfort I can’t be darth vader cuz satan isent me ...... but I do believe I created him in a way and let sin into the world this is to much for me Frieza did this to me at an early age! He was there! In my life!!! And his darkness was always strong it was like he was planting seeds of deception
neoarcadiaking1 Hace 6 días
All of them are connected to me and the beginning of creation I’m out to get satan and fuck him up
neoarcadiaking1 Hace 6 días
God is alive and powerful the way of pride is fast I shouldent live that way if I would knew this would happen my own son lied to by him
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 6 días
He was hiding the truth from luke. He didn't want him knowing that his dad is a murder incharge of half the galaxy. It would be too much for him. (Also George Lucas hadn't thought of that part of the storyline yet)
neoarcadiaking1 Hace 7 días
I can’t believe how many ways my life story has ben written
TheLaz-E Gamer
TheLaz-E Gamer Hace 7 días
This is when obi wan has ptsd.
Madi Bendy
Madi Bendy Hace 7 días
I’m crying...
Alfred Ortiz
Alfred Ortiz Hace 7 días
“And he was a good friend...” 😢 This is really well done.
Papa Jags
Papa Jags Hace 6 días
Alfred Ortiz agreed. This has me in the feels a bit
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 7 días
They should re-edit the old trilogy where all scenes are like this.
Andre 4.4
Andre 4.4 Hace 8 días
Fantastic video congratulations
TheEmeraldSpeedster Hace 8 días
Man...what a video
lu Duran
lu Duran Hace 8 días
Nostalgia !!!!
Tincho 248
Tincho 248 Hace 8 días
George Lucas is the best. Disney, not you not
Zoomega 52
Zoomega 52 Hace 8 días
I cry every time this is playing because in a new hope it looks like he remembers what had happend to Anikan Skywalker on mustifar
Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson Hace 8 días
Anyone here after the Ep 9 trailer?
LambFN Hace 13 horas
Papa Jags i’m sorry but the last jedi was sto fucking bad and stupid
thed00ffarmer Hace 6 días
+Papa Jags they suck.
Papa Jags
Papa Jags Hace 6 días
Shawn Thompson yep. I actually really liked the trailer. People need to stop hating on the Sequels. They actually aren’t that bad tbh. They obviously don’t compare to the Prequels or Original trilogy. But like. They don’t suck either. They’re creating a new story with them
Severus Art
Severus Art Hace 8 días
Star Wars prequel & original trilogy >>> sequels
Spencer Hughes
Spencer Hughes Hace 8 días
this made me so emotional that I cried. Like this comment, if it made you emotional enough and you still liked the video comment on this comment if it made you emotional enough that you cried but you still like the video
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Hace 8 días
" A young Jedi named Darth Vader" A jedi with a sith title you say 🤔
Mike Poles
Mike Poles Hace 2 días
Luke didn't know what "Darth" meant. Most people didn't in Episode 4. They probably thought Darth was just his first name. Moviegoers probably did too before the rest of the lore was revealed.
Papa Jags
Papa Jags Hace 6 días
Micah Bell the minute he became Darth Vader in ROTS Anakin Skywalker was dead. In the original trilogy whenever they made flashbacks to the prequels he was only known as Darth Vader. It was only in ROTJ that Vader became Anakin again
LeanLasagne Hace 9 días
when he said "he was a good friend" i almost cried, way to make an emotional scene already even heavier
fangirls fandoms
fangirls fandoms Hace 9 días
Nathan Wells
Nathan Wells Hace 9 días
This was very emotional
cesar eriksson
cesar eriksson Hace 9 días
Before the dark times before Disney.
Shaun Davids
Shaun Davids Hace 9 días
Great job tbh 👌👊
Brian Mo
Brian Mo Hace 10 días
1:58 such smooth editing
Adam Moody
Adam Moody Hace 10 días
So beautifully done. Such raw power this story has. Love it!
Michael H
Michael H Hace 10 días
He was a great master of... Getting caught
clinton white
clinton white Hace 10 días
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