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'Before The Dark Times'

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Ben Kenobi recounts his life before exile, the rise of the Empire and the death of Luke Skywalker's father at the hands of his renegade apprentice, Darth Vader.
This video is inspired by the epic 'Obi-Wan Remembers Anakin & The Truth (Flashbacks) Remastered' video by Smasher channel.
Thanks to the creators of Star Wars and also to the numerous uploaders of Star Wars clips I pulled from to use in this edit - special mention to Marcelo Zuniga and Star Wars Plus for such high quality video.
Additional music used:
Anakin's Dark Deeds - John Williams
Anakin's Betrayal - John Williams

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30 mar 2017







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Comentarios 8 129
Jon Roberts
Jon Roberts Hace 2 horas
I’ve watched this about a dozen times now. It’s bloody amazing. Thank the maker.
Gr Go
Gr Go Hace 13 horas
ESvid has always somehow been around for me since I was 14 in 2009. And this is one of the best videos I have seen on this plattform... ever.
Auracio Music
Auracio Music Hace 15 horas
Merci . Pour ce montage
Jason Dupree
Jason Dupree Hace 16 horas
I love these, really shows the great parts of star wars
NutrientChair49 Hace 17 horas
This made me emotional
someone random
someone random Hace 19 horas
We need to start a petition to remake A New Hope with things like this and SC 38 Reimagined
Gabriela Krukow
Gabriela Krukow Hace 19 horas
Well now I'm crying
HeyArcher Hace 23 horas
This is one of the greatest videos on the internet.
Der Geffert
Der Geffert Hace un día
Ähhm.. Why the fuck .. AM I CRYING RIGHT NOW??? :'-[
Wacky Squirrel
Wacky Squirrel Hace 2 días
Wacky Squirrel
Wacky Squirrel Hace 2 días
nrzhfr Hace 2 días
the small gesture at 0:55 really is perfectly timed editing.
steve gaming
steve gaming Hace 2 días
i just keep on replaying it this video is damn good mate
Spartans2546 Hace 2 días
2:00 little did luke know he was holding a murder weapon that killed younglings and sand people with that
planet Halloween
planet Halloween Hace 2 días
Luke: how did my father die? Ben: well let's just say he isn't very good at the floor is lava Luke: what is the floor is lava (Ben leans back in his seat stroking his beard)
barry allen flash
barry allen flash Hace 3 días
This is actually sad
117Oddlink -
117Oddlink - Hace 3 días
49 times, we fought that beast, your old man and me.
order swordsman
order swordsman Hace 3 días
Snif waaah
WoT blitz Master
WoT blitz Master Hace 3 días
How did my father died? -He played with lava on lava planet.
No me llames Homero llámame Homer
I've seen this video thousands of times (before the dark times) and always i see it, all my hair, on head, arms, etc, bristle and a good chill runs over my body. Because the music, the dialogs, the story reminds me when I was a kid and saw Ep. IV for the first time and I loved the films. Very good video, that Star Wars were, before the dark times, before the DisneyEmpire.
Christopher Hace 4 días
I didn't really appreciate the Star Wars prequels until after I watched this video.
vicente castillo
vicente castillo Hace 4 días
Did lucas planned all starwars in 30years?
Kenyen Rodgers
Kenyen Rodgers Hace 4 días
I like how Luke nods at the end with disturbance and fear in his face
AdamWayneone Hace 5 días
*"That was before the dark times... before the Disney!"*
Andrew Ponder
Andrew Ponder Hace 5 días
The music gets a little too loud, this would have been much better if you would just ease off a smidgen.
REAL NAME Hace 5 días
Damm Alec expresions whem remenbering the events are perfect, is like he really is reviving the moments even tough the prequels came later
Señor Hilter
Señor Hilter Hace 6 días
Obi Wan Kenobi fought in the clone wars on planet Kwai aka the bridge of the galaxy
jonathan Hace 6 días
Luke: What happened to my father? Obi Wan: Good question.
Jay Kazyer
Jay Kazyer Hace 6 días
Who's cutting the onions ??
David Justin Trinidad Buenavides
oh my god I thought this is a meme from the thumbnail alone
J Hace 6 días
also hate how the jedi lie to create weapons. that is their greatest sin. they tell an interpretation of the truth. it is not just.
J Hace 6 días
sins of our father. we cannot escape it. its a brutal story and I hate it. Choose the heros journey. at least you get peace at the end.
NachHoeee Hace 7 días
I literally remember the day this was uploaded man, crazy because I watched this video like a hundred times because it was so good lol 🙏
FreddieHg37 Hace 7 días
Same... And here we are again... Proof of how good it is...
CoffeeBus 47
CoffeeBus 47 Hace 7 días
This is better than the original scene
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Hace 7 días
Still one of the most beautiful Star Wars videos
B C Hace 7 días
XVXY Ph4nt0m
XVXY Ph4nt0m Hace 7 días
Amazing editing Great job my friend
pandomonium Hace 8 días
this is so fantastic and well done,
Davide Aliverti
Davide Aliverti Hace 8 días
CecDog3 Gaming
CecDog3 Gaming Hace 8 días
Stunning how these clips of Alec and Ewan have decades in between them, yet the look like they were recorded less than a week apart. Wow. Great video.
Dante Bond
Dante Bond Hace 9 días
A masterpiece.
Caedamon Frost
Caedamon Frost Hace 9 días
I did not expect to catch the feels sickness from this ;_;
CallMeOgmios Hace 9 días
Great mashup!
james steen
james steen Hace 9 días
Amazing work. Thank you for this.
Brian Riff
Brian Riff Hace 9 días
When Ben says his line, "He betrayed and murdered your father", cut over Anakin catching fire, I'm willing to admit I cried a little 😢 there's genuine emotional layers to that one little moment and it hurts, man
Core 4 Cards
Core 4 Cards Hace 10 días
Jedi remind me of Vietnam vets. They fought so hard, but saw friends die, and then had everyone (Empire) hate them. Obi Wan probably had serious PTSD from Mustafar, and the war.
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Hace 10 días
Search up obi wan has ptsd these are the same thing
footy23 Hace 11 días
Wow that was cool
Bradan Thomas
Bradan Thomas Hace 11 días
I fucking hate you I'm crying so hard. This was well made thank you.
Jason Sterling
Jason Sterling Hace 11 días
If you watch the Anikan vs Obi wan fight when Anikan is on the ground just before he says I hate you if you watch you can see him mouth dialogue that was filmed then muted in editing. Anikan cried out . " I'm Sorry! Help me. Help me!" And when his master did nothing he yells. "I HATE YOU!"
kifsator Hace 11 días
I don't think Star Wars will ever reach this far again
Joey Nelson
Joey Nelson Hace 11 días
Well done. I've always wanted to see someone do something like this to get a visceral tie in. Great job!!!
jaredloveless Hace 11 días
this has been done before and much better. look up Obi Wan Has PTSD
Anthony Hace 11 días
Lol no chance. This is the superior version. The sound editing, timing of the cuts and the scenes he chose to use are all better than the other version. This is way cleaner
Gunnar Allen
Gunnar Allen Hace 11 días
Better than the last Jedi
Noble 7 Superman
Noble 7 Superman Hace 11 días
You are amazing thank you for making this :)
TheWorldOfChris Hace 11 días
I fucking cried watching this. So well done
Slavic _Slav
Slavic _Slav Hace 11 días
IChaseFish Hace 11 días
You threw too many scenes into this that it's distracting from the moment. The other version of this on ESvid is much better.
Anthony Hace 11 días
Distracting? Lol.
Norris Copeland
Norris Copeland Hace 11 días
This was such a good edit
Highborn Hace 11 días
it's the budget version of the "Obi-Wan has PTSD" video
Compy 227
Compy 227 Hace 11 días
When I was younger I just thought Obi Wan was lying to Luke when he said darth Vader killed his dad but now that I’ve thought about about, I’ve realized that he sort of did kill Anakin.
Drapery Falls
Drapery Falls Hace 11 días
Goosebumps every time
Руслан Айрапетов
Bitch, I nearly cried.
Stuck in Paradise
Stuck in Paradise Hace 11 días
There should be a master fan edit of the first 6 movies with additions like this and the recent fan made obi wan Vader battle..
Devin Sierra
Devin Sierra Hace 11 días
What Obi-wan said about Darth vader Murdering Luke's father may not be literal but it's true. Anakin chose the dark side and he let his jedi past disencreate into oblivion and became something worse .He became an empty black hole of the force.
healthtrooper Hace 11 días
truly great edit, gave me so much chills
Cameron Grimes
Cameron Grimes Hace 11 días
Sad part of the story, she Luke asks how his father died and Ben says that he was killed by Darth Vader. If you don’t take this as a blatant lie, maybe Ben is saying the Anakin died when he became evil. Maybe Ben says this in order to separate the good from the evil side of Anakin.
- TClord -
- TClord - Hace 12 días
this is so emotional
Anthony Hace 12 días
The sound editing of this video is phenomenal. The balance between flashback audio and music is perfect
TooLoLish Hace 12 días
Putting clips together like this, the prequels really dont seem half as bad... Except for the Phantom Menace. That movie was garbage.
Ryanjedi2002 Hace 12 días
This was awesome and really makes me want to watch all of Star Wars again. Man I love Star Wars
Chef_ Kouretas17
Chef_ Kouretas17 Hace 12 días
DKGifford19608 Hace 12 días
For the first time I’m okay with the prequels existing
Jason Wylie
Jason Wylie Hace 12 días
This was cool to watch. There are times I feel like "a new hope" is amazing despite the dialog. Ben Kenobi set up star wars for everyone. His 1:1 with Vader felt like we needed to know the whole story. And all the fans settled in. It was worth the bad dialog. Very nicely done on this vid.
Deltron 67
Deltron 67 Hace 12 días
Nutty goodness, man. Incredible editing. That with the score, ....yeah I cried.
Anthony Hace 11 días
“Nutty goodness” is actually a great phrase lol
Spacepoet Hace 12 días
"How did my father die?" Obiwan visibly goes into recoil and ptsd remembering
Nomen Nescio
Nomen Nescio Hace 12 días
So you just ripped-off the "Obi-Wan has PTSD" video except with worse editing. Amazing.
VulKus Hace 12 días
“Before the dark times. Before the sequels.”
chango222sw Hace 12 días
This was a good video 🤙🏽
Gabriel626 Hace 12 días
How the new Star Wars movies should make me feel
Gabriel626 Hace 12 días
Amazing I wish my life journey was this awesome
Ruth Skywalker
Ruth Skywalker Hace 12 días
well i want to cry now
jedi Master Danny General of the 420th
This was by far the best edit and combo of movies I've seen
Flameoguy Hace 12 días
This is like the mini machete order
Keith Reece
Keith Reece Hace 12 días
How did Obi wan go from 35 to 80 in 19 years?
Gabriel626 Hace 12 días
3:35 does that make obi a bad guy ?
Zach Kraemer
Zach Kraemer Hace 12 días
Very well put together
ozgipsy Hace 12 días
How badly Disney has let us down....
Christopher Thorkon
Christopher Thorkon Hace 12 días
Nicely done.
Hartzy Hace 13 días
This is beautifully edited. So very well done.
arc717 Hace 13 días
Beautifully made
Dude... the nostalgia of the true star wars movies...
Tivasen Hace 13 días
It's so beautiful!
packlesswolf1 Hace 13 días
This is simply amazing. Had goosebumps the whole time
Geo Boy
Geo Boy Hace 13 días
i hope they bring back ANAKIN in star wars 9!!!!!!!!!!! anyone else??
Geo Boy
Geo Boy Hace 13 días
man watching this video just made cry me cry so much!!!!!!!! not goin to lie!!!!! i miss the old jedi!!!!
William Webb
William Webb Hace 13 días
This is so sad and beautiful. Well done.
Bolivar Benjamin Guillen Medina
Watch the part *when Luke asks: How did he die?* while blinking*.....--- man is so haarrrdddd...
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Hace 13 días
As a kid my parents took me on vacation with them to a small resort... I was about 5 or 6yrs old ... out of now where sir Alex G comes up to me gets down on one knee and says use the force.. he was in total character... I was stunned. Later I learned that he dint think much about that role he took in the beginning. He took points on the film.. cause George Lucas dint have alot of coin to pay ...little did he know it was his biggest roles.. financially too..and what many ppl remember him for.
Achintya Jain
Achintya Jain Hace 13 días
This was one of the most powerful and well edited videos I've ever seen... Beautiful
technologic21 Hace 13 días
The prequels added context to the OT. The sequels completely lack it. This is the story of the Skywalker Family, not some random girl who suddenly gets 'woke.' You can really sense the absence of George Lucas in the new films.
LeJacks Hace 13 días
Fuck you giving me goosebumps and making me tear up.
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