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About TMG:
- TMG podcast is a podcast where comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller talk to each other into microphones (it's a podcast).

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1 may 2020






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soybetomx Hace 2 horas
y qué si es de canada? es malo?
doug tellam
doug tellam Hace 14 horas
Ed Hitimana
Ed Hitimana Hace un día
“ it’s just five dollars” and yet here tf u are begging in what is probably the best way to make nobody want to give u anything but hey it’s just 5$ right?
Rattus Vitruvius
Rattus Vitruvius Hace 2 días
7:25 very true ...
Resham m
Resham m Hace 4 días
i didn't get it the first few times i watched it, but i think she means that the difference between eating and the $20 is the actual spending of the $20. you have 20, you spend 20, you get food. the difference between having 20 and having food is spending the 20
Dread Pirate Robin
Dread Pirate Robin Hace 10 días
She's right, most people who "can't afford" to sub still have $5 of petty cash. The reason they say that they can't afford to sun is because they're being polite and what they mean is, "I don't have $5 I can afford to spend on entertainment this mediocre".
babu dxb
babu dxb Hace 11 días
Street performers deserve money than this chick. They are so talented ✌️
dodeedo Hace 11 días
Maaike Broekhuizen
Maaike Broekhuizen Hace 12 días
Does anybody have the link to the original video?
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller Hace 17 días
Cody actually screaming after that little condescending laugh 😂 like his body physically had to reject that level of bitchiness
Samuel Szeremeta
Samuel Szeremeta Hace 19 días
its funny how shes saying that if you dont have $10 you should be working instead of being on twitch... meanwhile shes on twitch asking for money.... doing the exact thing as the people watching except on the other side of the camera
Barzooka Hace 21 un día
Are they sitting at the same table
scumbag Hace 23 días
Is this angelica from rugrats?
Kevy Hace 24 días
xQc is from Canada, Quebec, Laval!
Mr Man
Mr Man Hace 25 días
RΛVΞΠ Hace 26 días
Invader V is the stonks meme except the line is protruding of the sheet straight at you
subikiba Hace 26 días
shes just trying really hard to sound smart.
Jonathan Heath
Jonathan Heath Hace 26 días
Play the damn video
Jonathan Heath
Jonathan Heath Hace 26 días
Yall are focusing on the wrong aspects of her speech lol
Viola Merjo
Viola Merjo Hace 26 días
me asking money from my dad 🤣 do I need to make sense? absolutely not
WhiteLightning Hace 27 días
Cody, a Canadian, doesn’t know what a French Canadian accent sounds like LOL I’m dead shoutout my favourite Swede xQc
Cooper S
Cooper S Hace 28 días
"You're right, it is just $5" /donates $5 to Saint Jude "It went to somebody grateful and in need, want a receipt?"
Nel F
Nel F Hace un mes
omg hilarious guys!!
El Doucheo
El Doucheo Hace un mes
You don't want to know what your going to have to give me for $20 simp..
Neflyte Hace un mes
What about BadBunny
Sanju Mathew
Sanju Mathew Hace un mes
Miss struggle right here
Mummy Cat
Mummy Cat Hace un mes
What is this girl on about? I can get the same meal for $6 at burger king lmao
varun sharma
varun sharma Hace un mes
Can someone please explain me that $20 economical thought?she just spoke about?? 😹😹 fuck me dead I lost my brain cells
Vape Hace un mes
It's irresponsible to sub to her channel.
STAR_Productions Hace un mes
xQc is French-Canadian not Swedish, I say 1 year later.
Eric E
Eric E Hace un mes
I was sure this was top level satire at first. Was almost impressive. Holy shit
Trey Bailey
Trey Bailey Hace un mes
“5 dollars isn’t that much” THATS WHY IM BEGGING YOU FOR IT
Trey Bailey
Trey Bailey Hace 4 días
@Ara Animates damn you're right
Ara Animates
Ara Animates Hace 4 días
@Trey Bailey wdym that’s Danny *wink wink*
Trey Bailey
Trey Bailey Hace 5 días
@Ara Animates -Drew Gooden*
Ara Animates
Ara Animates Hace 5 días
-Danny gonzales
Stonks Hace un mes
xqc from canada lol
Austin Savage
Austin Savage Hace un mes
Yeah man 20 bucks will buy you some food
Austin Savage
Austin Savage Hace un mes
Dude if you were gonna simp why would you simp for someone so ugly
madlena1990 Hace un mes
Noels voice is doing things to me....
Jane Luna
Jane Luna Hace un mes
LOL i love the Canadian jokes so accurate hahaha im dead
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez Hace un mes
Why is this my older sister in nutshell
Hamy Nguyen
Hamy Nguyen Hace un mes
lmaooo I can't even believe someone like this exist. the audacity 😂
Christopher Minutolo
Alinity looks like she would call me Jell-O whenever I jump. The wannabe Mean Girls energy pisses me off to no end.
kasa Hace un mes
"You're irresponsible with your money, because you can't support the entertainment that you watch" She's going to have to produce some content first before we even begin talking about this ridiculous statement :D
Banana Peel
Banana Peel Hace un mes
4:27 „ should we just let her finish before we go in?"
Naomi Swingle
Naomi Swingle Hace un mes
Gabriel Isaac
Gabriel Isaac Hace un mes
You guys are hilarious. "It's just $5"
heav Anegbeh
heav Anegbeh Hace un mes
my favourite dude youtubers are friends 🥺🥰
Maddy Harvey
Maddy Harvey Hace un mes
Just sitting in a room of stuffed animals begging for money.
Thozynator Hace un mes
What is the Canada thing with the 20$ at the beginning? Can someone explain to me what they mean?
Gerveon Hace un mes
Cash me outside 10:31
ArduinoBen Hace un mes
Isn't xqc Canadian lol
ArduinoBen Hace un mes
I rarely spend $20 on a meal 😭
Justanaccident Hace un mes
Noel had like 3 hours of sleep that night
cass lane
cass lane Hace un mes
i know girls who do this not as evil as there freinds and i still cant understand why men pay for this
Helena Miokov
Helena Miokov Hace 2 meses
MrRealeyesrealize Hace 2 meses
Hearing her say the word “money” makes me wanna gouge my ears out.
Harry Jenkins
Harry Jenkins Hace 2 meses
Sicilians when they don’t get conoli on time
kaka tekaka
kaka tekaka Hace 2 meses
How she continues to still have multiple platforms to spew forth this nonsense is incredible to me. How she even has white knight simps that actually defend her actions and irresponsible behavior is beyond comprehension. Gesus christ, now we even have to put up with borderline porn tub streams gracing the front page of twitch - my god how far this platform has fallen over the years. ** I'm not knocking the girls hussle, for those who do convince themselves that that type of content is good for this platform & great for them to make money, but holy shit.. There are definitive platforms out there for them to do exactly the same shit, and target the same type of audience/viewer-base without having to stain the reputation & integrity Twitch had, prior to all this rubbish.
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson Hace 2 meses
I think Cody’s hair looks really good in this video
Pi Network Invite: ZakariyaSoondar
actually in my currency $5 US is about $30 to $35 in my country currency
FlamingMoose42 Hace 2 meses
His freaking scream cut away to an ad break that was such perfect timing holy shit I'm dying. 😭
Walaa Hace 2 meses
Young Yump
Young Yump Hace 2 meses
Would you rather have a subway sandwich or give money to hear a bitch whine about the fact that people aren't giving her money for a free service.
LJW3302 Hace 2 meses
I’m affiliate on twitch, and this is pissing me off, she is probably partner and is ungrateful for what she already has, while I’m grateful for 5 viewers
Fulcrum 28
Fulcrum 28 Hace 2 meses
Does she not know that millions of children watch twitch that have no money? Lojic
Nicolas _FC Barcelona
SoakingEggs Hace 2 meses
cause: xQc is swedish actually
Instant Party
Instant Party Hace 2 meses
It's CRAZY to think that there is a collective community of people that ACTUALLY listen to her and/or creators like such and REALLY spend their days listening/watching someone that is literally PREYING on your weaknesses... PATHETIC! What the FUCK is happening to our world? Bunch of docile beta boys who lost their warrior spirit and no longer leads anything in life, they really just give it up to someone else
Ludwigvan Hace 2 meses
Females live life at recruit level
Kawaiii Hace 2 meses
Why you calling Canadians pale when you fucking light skin
David Schmidt
David Schmidt Hace 2 meses
Give her $5?...watch FREE porn?...hhmmm, SUCH a difficult decision...
Mr. yn
Mr. yn Hace 2 meses
this girl gives me “If you’re homeless.. just buy a house” type vibes
Петър Николов
Sooo, she's shaming you into giving her money in order to become a sub. Like, this is literally findom - the only people who would do it would do it because it will arouse them.
itschoechoe Hace 2 meses
I love how Cody slowly got legitimately mad towards the end LOOL remember everyone 5 dollars is *not* a lot of money
DLC ENERGY Hace 2 meses
The difference between... having money... and spending money.... is having M O N E Y. 😳
Dannzilla Hace 2 meses
Canadians don't have Irish accents...
Dawn of The walkers
Dawn of The walkers Hace 2 meses
Don’t know who she is but I’m not paying $5 for her to do nothing.
CaRsOsmoke Hace 2 meses
Lmao why you chirp Canadians then use Timmy's as an example 😂
A_a_ron Hace 2 meses
The more sorry she is, the more clothes she puts on
Tentacles45 Hace 2 meses
The difference between you streaming this rant and you having subs is in that, that you have zero subs and *that’s where it is*
Lie 66
Lie 66 Hace 2 meses
Tmg is king
Edoardo Eichberg
Edoardo Eichberg Hace 2 meses
There was space for a good time = money joke there
Youngmrfluffy Hace 2 meses
Wait xqc Is French Canadian not swedish?😂😂
Baker4life777 Hace 2 meses
She would do well in Scientology
Brianna Rivera
Brianna Rivera Hace 2 meses
I don’t have $10
Patricio Reese
Patricio Reese Hace 2 meses
Is noel stoned?
iJooeyy Hace 2 meses
I don’t watch the podcast but is noel always this high😂 bro is talking in slow motion
Conscious Rat
Conscious Rat Hace 2 meses
What an awful person
Mateo Gutierrez
Mateo Gutierrez Hace 2 meses
Noel: “I’m gonna let this play out” Also Noel: “I’m gonna run it back”
Kisha Dehart
Kisha Dehart Hace 2 meses
The difference of $20 and eating a meal is in that $20, like that’s where it is.😅
lanimy0 Hace 2 meses
at 0:24 cody smiles like a minion O.O
3D printed house
3D printed house Hace 2 meses
So nobody gonna talk about the "a sub is 5 dollars, or depending on your currency, 10 dollars"
SefyronYT Hace 2 meses
In morocco it a payment for a full day of work 5 dollars
Pahqz *
Pahqz * Hace 2 meses
If you don’t have $10 you should be out working for it. I think that goes both ways in this scenario
Amy Hace 2 meses
Kinda crazy people STILL watch her/donate to her after this.
Castle Hace 2 meses
xQc ain't no swedish, he's canadian with a quebec accent
Elias Sabin
Elias Sabin Hace 2 meses
Can u upload more highlights like fuckkkk man I love u guys
Aiman Mustafa
Aiman Mustafa Hace 2 meses
JacobS Hace 2 meses
0:36 "Ok I'm going to let it play out" 1:08 Barely thirty seconds later they just couldn't help themselves. So funny. I hate beggars. Especially when they don't need the money and alotnof people actually do.
Eemeli Pulkkinen
Eemeli Pulkkinen Hace 2 meses
Full meal for 20 dollars? I can eat half a week with 20 euros.
hayitsmatthew Hace 2 meses
I don’t understand what people on Twitch think they’re doing that deserves a cash flow... you’re gonna be playing that damn game anyway girl.
reece austin
reece austin Hace 2 meses
If your watching twitch you have $10 But if your watching someone watching twitch you have $100
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