Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue

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Cardi B's Grammys look involved a direct message on Instagram, one trip to Paris, and a lot of practice tiptoeing and dancing.

Directors: Max Bartick, Beatrice Pegard
Producer: Dayna Carney
Production Manager: Jen Santos
Editor: Daniel Poler
Titles: Michel Sayegh
Color Company 3
Archive Footage Courtesy of the House of Mugler
Filmed on Location at Dream Hollywood Hotel
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Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue

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11 feb 2019

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Comentarios 7 831
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle Hace 8 horas
Cinnamon Girl Latinas... 'nuff said.
Erika Torres
Erika Torres Hace un día
She gave me chills on my arms when she first saw her dress the white one
Zorlen Hace 3 días
her white dress was gorg
U knw what she looks really cute without make up Oh no i m falling in love with her all over again
Isabel Moreno
Isabel Moreno Hace 4 días
Idc y’all she humble, yeah she say stuff at the wrong moment but that’s her. And did you hear her when you said “how I pay you back? You want a Grammy” and they said no she she gave them all a hug and thanked them
Kristinas Life _
Kristinas Life _ Hace 4 días
Cardi looks young without makeup
hamda abdirhman
hamda abdirhman Hace 5 días
It must be tough being celebrity
Victoria Holland
Victoria Holland Hace 6 días
Queen Cardi 😝
Araiz Abdulqayyum
Araiz Abdulqayyum Hace 7 días
Sallie Jackson
Sallie Jackson Hace 8 días
Looks better without makeup
Raziah Awang
Raziah Awang Hace 8 días
I love CARDI ♥️
Casey Defor
Casey Defor Hace 8 días
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez Hace 8 días
Like a wet condom😣😶😐
Daphcar Bonheur
Daphcar Bonheur Hace 9 días
You look good my baby
Grace Talbot
Grace Talbot Hace 9 días
No one is talking about how great she’s treating her staff and helpers!
ANNA KITA Hace 9 días
She didn't not suit that piece of art....
Abdirahman Fadal
Abdirahman Fadal Hace 9 días
I really love cardi's smile
I'm a Human
I'm a Human Hace 10 días
The dress looks like a peald banana
Morgana Sativa
Morgana Sativa Hace 10 días
"woman of colour"
11marylena Hace 10 días
Omg I love couture...It's beautiful...I hate clothes, especially when you've put on the pounds, but when I see couture, I appreciate the beauty all over again.
Veronika Dethlefsen
Veronika Dethlefsen Hace 11 días
I love cards accent ❤❤
Jacqueline Cantu
Jacqueline Cantu Hace 11 días
Omg my jaw just dropped when she said the cape just comes off like a wet condom yo thats next level jajajaja love herrrrr
Luisa Alberto
Luisa Alberto Hace 11 días
Billie eilish
Aaaaaa Hace 12 días
Forever queen 👑
Shehira Playz
Shehira Playz Hace 12 días
“Wakanda FOREVER” omg! So funny
cassie martinez
cassie martinez Hace 13 días
Animal ASMR W
Animal ASMR W Hace 13 días
Tsaani Salas
Tsaani Salas Hace 14 días
Cardi you should be careful with those long nails my mom had long nails and se hit her nail on the wall then it broke off with her real name Love you cardi
unknown ID
unknown ID Hace 15 días
hopefully one day i'll be able to say this myself 2:23
Laysia Chavers
Laysia Chavers Hace 15 días
I bet Nikki fans watching😂😂🤔🤔
Chris Oneil S
Chris Oneil S Hace 16 días
Cardi B in special with a big S
Kitty B
Kitty B Hace 16 días
I love card b
Lillian Strauch
Lillian Strauch Hace 16 días
2:16 the girl in the white sweat shirt is wearing Selena Quintanilla merch!!!
All Things Selena
All Things Selena Hace 15 días
Lillian Strauch Love That Shirt💜
Srinjana Deka
Srinjana Deka Hace 16 días
I felt really bad when people diss her because of her past and now eventhough she shows her skin but it's all her choice and nobody should have a say on this...I think she has such a good heart and her hardwork is beyond thoughts !!! I am also not really her stan but I like her as an honest individual.
Kumyoung Noh
Kumyoung Noh Hace 17 días
Her nails are too long. Like her fingers can barely move. Also her foundation is too yellowish. It looks unnatural for me.
Jordan LeClair
Jordan LeClair Hace 17 días
Truly gorgeous woman, she doesn't even need make up.
Amelia Jeter
Amelia Jeter Hace 18 días
0:00-0:11 the jacket is ammmmmmmaaaaziiinnnggg
and i oop-
and i oop- Hace 18 días
She’s so cute for being a rapper lol
BorissRaco Hace 18 días
This is how you know this is not classy.
Layumi Hace 18 días
Watch as her soul slowly gets eating away then will be a puppet for the music industry
doodle ji
doodle ji Hace 19 días
7:40 accomplishing so much for a dress....bejesus, she's just talking about it like they have finished a program or something.
Ueush Bsnsnaja
Ueush Bsnsnaja Hace 19 días
I like how the dress is ugly and other designers are like 👌
ayesha akram
ayesha akram Hace 20 días
Cardi B looks so diff without makeup
chicken nugget
chicken nugget Hace 20 días
She seems like such a genuine human
sad boi
sad boi Hace 21 un día
this video just called us poor 🌚
Nix CZ
Nix CZ Hace 21 un día
dafq? you don't wanna be a bird girl
Ronte Love
Ronte Love Hace 22 días
Cardi B you cute
Felicia Wallace
Felicia Wallace Hace 22 días
:43 omg it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overboard and ugly 😂😑😑😑😑😑🙄🙄🙄🙄
suso tee
suso tee Hace 22 días
idk she just doesn’t seem like a genuine person to me
Aljouri Alkaabi
Aljouri Alkaabi Hace 24 días
U look like a banana
KayKay Frank
KayKay Frank Hace 25 días
Cardi B u sucks Nikki is better than you and she can rock anything better than you what are you Wearing right now Nikki can rocket better than you PS u basically all of your music videos you copied off Nikki
v koon
v koon Hace 24 días
You wrote that comment like she would actually see it lmaooooo
lxvey editss
lxvey editss Hace 25 días
she looked like a Ferrero Roché lol
Morgan Johnson
Morgan Johnson Hace 25 días
show out !
Duh! Eater
Duh! Eater Hace 25 días
Madeleine Halverson
Madeleine Halverson Hace 26 días
0:43 the f?
David Figueroa
David Figueroa Hace 26 días
Where is the world going
Mara Biro
Mara Biro Hace 26 días
Would've been so good for the met
savanna Hace 27 días
She had the best looks at the entire Grammys
*Once you rapmon you cant rapoff
I wanna wear that white dress when I get married!
Onisha Lama
Onisha Lama Hace 28 días
Maria Clara
Maria Clara Hace 29 días
Já tô esperando o Diogo paródias I'm waiting for Diogo parodies
Latondra Ellison
Latondra Ellison Hace 29 días
I Love you Cardi b!!!!!!
Dana Kanan
Dana Kanan Hace 29 días
crystel rihanna
crystel rihanna Hace un mes
Cardi B is always so beautiful. LETS GO CARDI B!!!!!!!!!!!!
C Lucifer W
C Lucifer W Hace un mes
scientifically Kat
scientifically Kat Hace un mes
How tall is Cardi
Jequel Lightbourne
Jequel Lightbourne Hace un mes
I love u cardi b
Vanessa Krugman
Vanessa Krugman Hace un mes
She is ugly without makeup
v koon
v koon Hace 24 días
You mad? It won't bother her and she definitely won't care about what U say lmao
Matty O's
Matty O's Hace un mes
Ursula who 🤣🤣🧜‍♀️
Harrietta Menjay
Harrietta Menjay Hace un mes
“ No Limits “ is what Cardi is all about She goes through a lot to make it perfect
Moniroth Chan
Moniroth Chan Hace un mes
People don’t understand how hard it is to make all these happen instead they keep criticizing the artists for their looks. It takes armies and a long period of time to make all these looks come to life.
Kris Toff
Kris Toff Hace un mes
Cardi is the only one I heared prayed before grammy’s
Kouki k Doll
Kouki k Doll Hace un mes
Cardi soooo pretty
Justina. Y
Justina. Y Hace un mes
I like cardi and Nicki no one can change my mind periodt 💅🏼😎😤
Kadynce Daniels
Kadynce Daniels Hace un mes
I love you cardi
Korana Mićević
Korana Mićević Hace un mes
I love Cardi B yes
Mia B
Mia B Hace un mes
Cardis laugh is hilarious
Moist Eggs
Moist Eggs Hace un mes
Turkey Vibes
Rupam Saikiah
Rupam Saikiah Hace un mes
She look like a princess
Marin Beasley
Marin Beasley Hace un mes
Cardi is so much more classy now like wow
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