Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue

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Cardi B's Grammys look involved a direct message on Instagram, one trip to Paris, and a lot of practice tiptoeing and dancing.

Directors: Max Bartick, Beatrice Pegard
Producer: Dayna Carney
Production Manager: Jen Santos
Editor: Daniel Poler
Titles: Michel Sayegh
Color Company 3
Archive Footage Courtesy of the House of Mugler
Filmed on Location at Dream Hollywood Hotel
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Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue

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11 feb 2019

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Comentarios 8 528
HeyItsHope Hace un hora
This made me really see cardi in a different light, and like her even more
LonzoSavage Hace un hora
One of the Best Dressed of The night fashoo🔥🔥
Laimar Abued
Laimar Abued Hace un hora
Cardi is ❤️ so real 😍
Susy Lopez
Susy Lopez Hace 2 horas
Hermosisimos tidos los vestuarios 😍😍😍😍😍😍
charlie pearson
charlie pearson Hace 2 horas
Ayon Joba
Ayon Joba Hace 3 horas
People of late capitalism
Fiesta Potato
Fiesta Potato Hace 4 horas
Glad she has chosen such an ugly dress, wouldn't have been Cardi if she didn't wear weird stuff
Maria Slayinq
Maria Slayinq Hace 4 horas
"the cape it comes off like a wet condom"
ISIDROR1 Hace 4 horas
Lucto Muzi
Lucto Muzi Hace 6 horas
so greats cardi B
Alan Valschi
Alan Valschi Hace 6 horas
Pokemon dress
Sky Daniels
Sky Daniels Hace 6 horas
All becaise of a record deal...wow man. I hope when i become a mortition i get to live like this
elisabeth motulu
elisabeth motulu Hace 7 horas
OMG!!!!! she's really short looooollll but very cute
Kate Nercruz
Kate Nercruz Hace 7 horas
itz_wolfyy 1
itz_wolfyy 1 Hace 7 horas
*feels poor*
Marie R
Marie R Hace 7 horas
wow how much it all cost?
Merlin Thomas
Merlin Thomas Hace 8 horas
Cardi B is so pretty without makeup
Sherry Kimani
Sherry Kimani Hace 8 horas
I'm I the only one in love with cardi B's attitude? She's gracious and very appreciative of the people working for her. She's still crazy as ever though 😊. When I grow up, I want to be Cardi B 😊
Lilian Anneloes
Lilian Anneloes Hace 10 horas
Ugh. She's so... ugh. Can't stand it.
Mónica Fumero
Mónica Fumero Hace 11 horas
Vaya tontería!!!!
Done Tommorow
Done Tommorow Hace 12 horas
Ariane Hannig
Ariane Hannig Hace 13 horas
Anupam Verma
Anupam Verma Hace 14 horas
Very bad dress 😖😫
Jack Keegan
Jack Keegan Hace 14 horas
so cardi had literally nothing to do with it. ok
Strawberry Vagablonde
Strawberry Vagablonde Hace 14 horas
I love that a lot of these big stars are getting into the fashion archives of amazing designers in history. These clothes should not be forgotten.
7:58 she cant walking by her self :O
It's Iman
It's Iman Hace 16 horas
"The cape it just comes off" *smiles* "Like a wet condom"
Oscar Meyer
Oscar Meyer Hace 16 horas
Vogue now features prostitutes. How...Vogue!
woethatswillow 21
woethatswillow 21 Hace 17 horas
When This Video Cost Your Whole Life
Nappypuff Hace 18 horas
Sarah Stanley
Sarah Stanley Hace 18 horas
Amazing 💕
Lesa Nycole
Lesa Nycole Hace 18 horas
...the industry set her up to be laughed at her, cause she has 0 rap skills PERIOD
Lauren Made Videos
Lauren Made Videos Hace 18 horas
She's so short, I love her
Sally Vaccaro
Sally Vaccaro Hace 18 horas
Terrible dress. This is what good PR looks like.
Vs S
Vs S Hace 19 horas
Jason Yau
Jason Yau Hace 20 horas
3:54 like a wet condom
Sumida Ryogoku
Sumida Ryogoku Hace 20 horas
Tryin so hard to be Gaga. Sad.
Dylan Marengo
Dylan Marengo Hace 20 horas
El mario sobraba en la alfombra laksjdlkasjd
Big Red
Big Red Hace 20 horas
First Name
First Name Hace 20 horas
Why does she sound... like she’s five?
e b
e b Hace 20 horas
Is it just me or does she looks like she lost a lot of weight
Rockstar Guy
Rockstar Guy Hace 21 un hora
Kiara B
Kiara B Hace 21 un hora
omg imagine how much money that all costed!!
cake choco
cake choco Hace 21 un hora
She has lost a lot of weight!😨
Will Olivine
Will Olivine Hace 23 horas
Did anyone else immediately clock the lace front?
Michael G
Michael G Hace 23 horas
Cardi You looked Great and Hubby was Dying to get back with You I hope everything works well now and in the Future.
Brandi Nicks
Brandi Nicks Hace 23 horas
Sophia Nwanze
Sophia Nwanze Hace un día
3:34 mood everyday 😂🤣
Mia Hace un día
Dear God those outfits were horrid 💀💀
Erica Bell
Erica Bell Hace 16 horas
Mia who asked u though
Sophia Nwanze
Sophia Nwanze Hace un día
Love thisssssssss 😮💞💞💞
Lupita Lopez
Lupita Lopez Hace un día
1:34 you'd think they could afford a little oil for the hinges... smh. loving the fashion though.
Shuchi kumar
Shuchi kumar Hace un día
she looks like a South Indian Amma 😂
Tammy Tame
Tammy Tame Hace un día
Thank you for taking us on your Journey
mymy 9
mymy 9 Hace un día
I like that white dress
Shevanese Thomas
Shevanese Thomas Hace un día
She is so beautiful
slime lover
slime lover Hace un día
So basically what I’m hearing is he wants her to look like Maleficent😂😂
Trezarius Clyde
Trezarius Clyde Hace un día
It all looked cheap
J E ss E Y
J E ss E Y Hace un día
Still. TRASH! sis
Lemardo Brown
Lemardo Brown Hace un día
I wanna cry💙💙💙😥😥😥
moon light
moon light Hace un día
Humans are a mess. Rich people buy dresses (many ugly dresses) for thousands and thousands of dollars. They buy multiple dresses for ONE night. The amount of money spent for one night that is super useless in the grand scheme of life, is unbelievable in a world full of hunger, disease, homelessness, etc. There's a difference between enjoying your money, and being absolutely ridiculous with it, like many celebrities. The imbalance in the world makes no sense, and anyone who defends it has been brainwashed, but their soul knows how ridiculous this all is.
Ishimwe Price Queen
Ishimwe Price Queen Hace un día
Cardi B looks real without make up and when she is talking
Tosin Ojo
Tosin Ojo Hace un día
lol cardi isnt a woman of colour..idiots. She is caucasian
Ruby Jw Channel
Ruby Jw Channel Hace un día
Love Cardi B😍❤️
Hiraeth_Maiden Hace un día
Omg the hair in the the beginning suits her so so well!!!
Miss Kris
Miss Kris Hace un día
i love that pink an black dress. Mermaid Pearl VIBES.
Kiara Brown
Kiara Brown Hace un día
Iconic Legendary Queen Of Rap 💪🏽
Natalya Roberts
Natalya Roberts Hace un día
“I name u pepete”😂 she’s so cuteeee!!
Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack Hace un día
That prayer........that's Why Cardi is winning. #Stay grateful
that qween bey
that qween bey Hace un día
she is awesome no matter what
Ocean Seahorse
Ocean Seahorse Hace un día
Wet condom 😏 You’d know all about that dirty hoe 😂
Michelle Saavedra
Michelle Saavedra Hace un día
For someone supposedly very intelligent, it doesn't show. Nor does it sound like it. Sounds ghetto af. Yuck. I can't stand listening to her talk. Her songs are fire though.
Rich Family
Rich Family Hace un día
You Sade I Like it Like That Edit Plz Like
Pickles and Bananas
Pickles and Bananas Hace 4 horas
Did you like your own comment?😂
Silvia Gomes
Silvia Gomes Hace un día
Um mico a roupa que ela usou kkkk
Chrystal Lee
Chrystal Lee Hace un día
Casting Pearls before swine.
Diamond Girl
Diamond Girl Hace un día
Card b is the best rapper ever
Aili Cooper
Aili Cooper Hace un día
Low key love how grateful she is for everything she has
kai loves jimin and taemin
Wet condom? Wait ..what? Lol
Sassy Diva
Sassy Diva Hace un día
How can someone not love cardi!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
onnaleaya O.o
onnaleaya O.o Hace un día
These are all do dumb looking. I love cardi but theae outfits arent flattering on anyone
Ritchie Dummett
Ritchie Dummett Hace un día
Arisa Siti Rahmah
Arisa Siti Rahmah Hace un día
Beautiful cardi, when she no wearing makeup 😍😍
Руське-ватный мир
как на корове седло...
Rae. Helder
Rae. Helder Hace un día
Love the stylist! So honest no shadyness, all dedicated💪🏾❤️
Rubina Mahimadas
Rubina Mahimadas Hace un día
Cardi is beautiful than Niki Minaj how agree 1 like
Aparajita Anand
Aparajita Anand Hace un día
Cardi 3 outfits for one night Me 1 outfit for 1 week
Victory Iñea Jorsie
Oh my God, she looks so beautiful.
Emily Mercado
Emily Mercado Hace un día
Great job vogue! Cardi is a humble queen who deserves all of this!
Cherri Cakes
Cherri Cakes Hace un día
this whole outfit is trash. its not even original lol people honestly need to stop feeling sorry for this ho
Гульмира Бек
Как в таком в машине ехать? Или она пешком пришла))))
Nailyn Nc
Nailyn Nc Hace un día
I love cardi
I bet the prize is pretty too 😂😂
s Hace un día
Julita Osman
Julita Osman Hace un día
Where can I get a burgundy jacket like her's? 🔥
Maisie Christie
Maisie Christie Hace un día
I’ve been wearing the same jumper and shirt for three days now...
Ruben Ramos
Ruben Ramos Hace un día
Cardi and high fashion are meant to be with each other. Simply gorgeous.
Traci Mann
Traci Mann Hace un día
nice designs!
Bianca Preciado
Bianca Preciado Hace un día
She's beautiful!
Laura Butts
Laura Butts Hace un día
When they say cardi b they think about a wet condom
Farhana Fathima
Farhana Fathima Hace un día
Nomad what she wears n how frigging expensive n classy. She still looks trash 😟 that's sad. But may she earn success ❤
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