Being A Jealous Boyfriend In High School

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Don't touch my food, hair or woman .. in that order. Being A Jealous Boyfriend In High School - By Young Don The Sauce God. Go to buyraycon.com/youngdon for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon!
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31 jul 2020






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Young Don The Sauce God
Go to buyraycon.com/youngdon for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon! Thank you for watching
thai london
thai london Hace 14 días
We still need that story with David @Young Don The Sauce God
Young-Pichu Hace un mes
The intro was on point
Sierra Official
Sierra Official Hace un mes
When you gonna do the next episode
Bubba Dome
Bubba Dome Hace un mes
6:50 yooo i can so relate still dont know if it was wrong or not
NBAngel Wings
NBAngel Wings Hace un mes
She wasnt ready for u. She was wasting ur time.
Gio Desiré
Gio Desiré Hace un hora
Whats the first song?
Your average black Ricky
Yoo I can’t 😂😂😂
Roither Sànchez Sosa
Roither Sànchez Sosa Hace 14 horas
Wow it feels weird when you say dominican nigga 😂 Saludos desde la Republica Dominicana!!!
Killerj Hace 16 horas
still waiting for v2
Astro Hace 18 horas
Whats the background music at 2:22
Kingchills03 _
Kingchills03 _ Hace 18 horas
Bryxz Hace 21 un hora
Ethier way I hate when a girl has a guy bsf Bc you don’t know what can happen 🥱
al alex D2
al alex D2 Hace un día
Hey ex texted at 420 🤔 🚩
Antivirus Music
Antivirus Music Hace un día
Her girl was one ofthe bluehaired girls
EarRoid Hace un día
man.. u shouldve just got more women friends
Elit Bow
Elit Bow Hace un día
Wired headphones? Earbuds
Randie Anderson
Randie Anderson Hace 2 días
That intro skit tho lmfao
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez Hace 2 días
Man still ain’t drop that next video 🤦‍♂️
Okmxike Hace 2 días
Being insecure makes us look weak but if we’re smart enough to know what’s going on and we act like we don’t we look like idiots
Spider Man
Spider Man Hace 2 días
10:07 why he look like bad bad guy from Spider-Man
Mark L
Mark L Hace 2 días
1:35 I ain’t even listening to the music and don has me lit
Anime, Tv
Anime, Tv Hace 3 días
I came back because I wanna see the dreads🥺
keith Seal
keith Seal Hace 3 días
My dude where is the next episode to this video
Alex Warner
Alex Warner Hace 4 días
Don we know there’s a story you are not telling us 😳
Michael and D skits
Michael and D skits Hace 8 días
Where’s my part 2
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity Hace 8 días
bruh give us a part 2
JB - 10 678710 Brampton Centennial SS
Best sponsorship ever
JB - 10 678710 Brampton Centennial SS
Best utuber ever
Tyrake Hace 9 días
4:29 I’m that dude. I feel offended a little
Deveraux Hace 10 días
Where’s the promised video bruh
Hr SupremePurple
Hr SupremePurple Hace 10 días
Kingchills03 _
Kingchills03 _ Hace 10 días
WHERE IS The next part 😭don u squeezing every drop of this story
Corey Themaan
Corey Themaan Hace 10 días
Gotta drop that part 2
niico. ‘
niico. ‘ Hace 12 días
my ex was jusstt like this bruh. dudes like this don’t accomplish nothingg
Anime God
Anime God Hace 12 días
Bro when part 2 coming out
Marc Lliguisupa
Marc Lliguisupa Hace 12 días
I see no problem with those reasons thoughhhh
Malachi rules
Malachi rules Hace 13 días
This guy look like aj Tracey
rainbowpito Hace 13 días
Shiiii I’m Dominican, well I’m mixed with Dominican and Mexican😂
Joseph Reyes
Joseph Reyes Hace 13 días
That opening was hilarious brooo😂😂
Ke'Lan Kardash
Ke'Lan Kardash Hace 14 días
Where the rest 👀
just juul
just juul Hace 14 días
where da next episode?😂
Bình Đào Đức
Bình Đào Đức Hace 14 días
where's the next episode man
Team Jones
Team Jones Hace 14 días
Part 3 please
Young Daddy Ducky
Young Daddy Ducky Hace 14 días
Omg so true 😤😂
morolongaming Hace 14 días
my friend is also kinda posesive so every time i see him tryna do that im just waiting for his girl to be like " u know wut! im done i cant do this no more" and i smack him and say i told u so
Terrence Harris-Hughes
Can we see part two
Aaron O
Aaron O Hace 15 días
Does she watch these?
Kingchills03 _
Kingchills03 _ Hace 15 días
I be jealous of my gf’s ex too
Make Money
Make Money Hace 18 días
Y is this my relationship to this day
parias _sky
parias _sky Hace 19 días
O Wow
Insanity_03 Hace 19 días
it had to be a dominican guy
smpike01 Hace 19 días
Dude this is life advice but very entertaining
FatefulRevenge Hace 20 días
ItsMaaggmmaa JkItsNot
ItsMaaggmmaa JkItsNot Hace 20 días
this looks like a crime im scared
Lyric Rogers
Lyric Rogers Hace 20 días
This is soooo much worse then the simp story
Frost 84
Frost 84 Hace 20 días
Yo don m ake a video on how to get the sauce cause I kind of need that 😅😅
Orlando Ware
Orlando Ware Hace 21 un día
Daijon Hace 21 un día
I had the same experience but I just act like she didn’t exist the whole day
mystic ghost
mystic ghost Hace 22 días
Cause we cant all have raycons man
Red Viper
Red Viper Hace 22 días
ESvidrs are getting sponsored by Ray con alot. Its sound a bit SUSPICIOUS
Isaiah Green
Isaiah Green Hace 22 días
GLEE🥶I had to😭😂😂😂😂😂
AlexTheGreat YT
AlexTheGreat YT Hace 22 días
I’m Dominican
just cuz M&M's
just cuz M&M's Hace 22 días
Why the title of this sound like a name of an anime
Secure -
Secure - Hace 22 días
Blessed Ethan
Blessed Ethan Hace 23 días
He turned on that sharingon
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez Hace 23 días
music fire asf
Tripp_onem Hace 24 días
4:30 Dat 100 percent me, but bae get mad over dat
4NF_SYMPLE Hace 24 días
2:46 wait your not supposed to touch a girls but whenever you want no wonder they keep calling the police on me
Lone Wolf TV
Lone Wolf TV Hace 24 días
One of the best at stories. I love how this joke and facts lol. Yo but some guy friends gone try to cross the line as they get a single hint. The prayer killed me lol.
Denni Z.Lopez
Denni Z.Lopez Hace 24 días
damn i feel you bro
Curl Queen
Curl Queen Hace 24 días
Im sorrrry but u soo fine.. from one caribbean shawty to a hood g😜
Mafatshe Mogoai
Mafatshe Mogoai Hace 25 días
Ayo.......when yous making the next one. Shii fire😂😂🔥
nora Hace 25 días
69k likes nice
Bb ss
Bb ss Hace 26 días
David!? More like Goliath the Choppa hunter
Otaku69 Hace 26 días
Damn Dom! How many times are you going to mess up a perfect girl?
icyboyYT Hace 26 días
If you Dominica like
Sam Sun
Sam Sun Hace 27 días
What if he got her a puppy? Burn it?
Sauskey Hace 27 días
Bro I’m headass waiting for part 3
OhMyJosh Hace 28 días
Bro you just like me 😭😭😭
PNV. ED Hace 28 días
Death_Squad Hace 28 días
Thanks Don you always hooking me up wit knowledge
stzzzyjay Hace 28 días
Deadass bro...first your too loving, then your controlling.
Roblox God
Roblox God Hace 29 días
He just couldn’t afford wires
Descary1 TV
Descary1 TV Hace 29 días
Man aint no one gon talk bout the very beginning of the video... hilarious 😂😂😂
nathan miranda
nathan miranda Hace 29 días
Young don the speech god
SupremeBlientele Hace 29 días
THe word would end .. if i ever catch someone actually wearing raycons
Xenesis Munroe
Xenesis Munroe Hace un mes
Games r fun 💀
Student Alexander Schmale
you should make merch and it would be hoodies and Jackets but there would be a cotton collar that go's up a little above your nose like your character, I would buy the first, I can try the prototype
Puja Harripersaud
Puja Harripersaud Hace un mes
Don I love you so much,but you was one of them boys I got to deal with now my friend 🥺much love tho ❤️❤️
Mllr Hr
Mllr Hr Hace un mes
I feel you bro
Abdus-Samad Jones
Abdus-Samad Jones Hace un mes
do a pokemon nuzlocke challenge
Nolantimo Hace un mes
Hey Young Don inspired me to do animations too and I just started my animation channel. Come check me out!
Nolantimo Hace un mes
Hey Young Don inspired me to do animations too and I just started my animation channel. Come check me out!
Mr Wizard
Mr Wizard Hace un mes
"Why you even talking to me go talk to him" been in a situation like that before
trashpickup12 Hace un mes
my man killed himself
Shireen Casey
Shireen Casey Hace un mes
Song is 🔥!!!!
NY 2 ILLY Hace un mes
umm...Are you good? DON: "ArE yOu GOoD?"
untitled Hace un mes
i just asked her if were a thing was that a good move?
Candice Perry
Candice Perry Hace un mes
Anybody can be jealous
the goatguy
the goatguy Hace un mes
Thank you so much for 10 subs I'm going to get dreds so stay tuned for the that
Tony Hazard
Tony Hazard Hace un mes
Don't get jealous get female friends. watch how she switch up her motives. watch how she craves your attention.
jiminiebby pabo
jiminiebby pabo Hace 6 días
you missed the point of the story fam
chidinma olelewe
chidinma olelewe Hace un mes
don really just like evil anime villian
GEKY UME Hace un mes
Any danish niggas here to shout out Tanja. PS er selv dansker
ThatOneAfrican 2
ThatOneAfrican 2 Hace un mes
We all been their.
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