Belle Delphine Responds To My Video

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I Spent $2500 On Belle Delphine's Patreon and this is how she responded..
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9 feb 2019






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God Allmighty
God Allmighty Hace 4 horas
Mans toof 0:38
Colly Hace 5 horas
july 7th, 2020. Will has won against morgz mum.
Lightbear43 -
Lightbear43 - Hace 6 horas
NGC cracked
NGC cracked Hace 15 horas
Is it weird that I live right next to belle and she stairs at me while I have happy time or in emoji ways 🍆 💦
Sakura Hace 22 horas
That profile pic tho
CrøssjacklΞ 10
CrøssjacklΞ 10 Hace un día
🩸 💧 __
LEON 1289
LEON 1289 Hace un día
I cant even look at morgz mom i alnost puked fr
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Hace un día
My nerve system
Crack head The hedgehog
10:30 morgz mum is quaking In her boots
Crack head The hedgehog
Belle Delphine is the true definition of suicide
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga Hace un día
Preston Tremain
Preston Tremain Hace un día
Pyro needs to beat morgz mum first
Millie Hace un día
mos me detyro te flas
The intro ohhhhhhhhhh
dancing gimp
dancing gimp Hace 2 días
RiP morgz mum
Marissa Marrs
Marissa Marrs Hace 3 días
The shadow Fox
The shadow Fox Hace 3 días
Isn’t it funny how he was like we need to stop Morgz mum and now he’s got almost 1M more
Destin Gilliard
Destin Gilliard Hace 3 días
Destin Gilliard
Destin Gilliard Hace 3 días
ryan p
ryan p Hace 3 días
Your on top
Darth Lees!
Darth Lees! Hace 3 días
Fuck America
Mr Seagull
Mr Seagull Hace 4 días
Holy shite he’s passed morgz mum
The amazing world Of gumball
Dude I’m not joking I’m like 2 houses away from her no joke
Floofydrolf OwO
Floofydrolf OwO Hace 4 días
Gordon Ramsay’s a furry
Daniel Warner
Daniel Warner Hace 4 días
I’m an American and I has a seizure from those tweets
AJ's Dominoes
AJ's Dominoes Hace 4 días
6:13 what we all came for
Halle Connor
Halle Connor Hace 4 días
im pretty gullible so can someone tell me if he actually got on a call with belle
Ollie Caplanis
Ollie Caplanis Hace 5 días
I’m ammeracan and I feel retarte
Team Shift
Team Shift Hace 5 días
6:37 lmao
gaming.tutorials Hace 5 días
coronavirus:HELLOOOOO no one: texas man be like: deal with it
Margaret Rossiter
Margaret Rossiter Hace 5 días
Not funny about 21 savige memes
Person Rocket
Person Rocket Hace 6 días
I want to defend Americans, but I mean I just can’t, I just cannot
Best cook
Best cook Hace 4 días
I’m american but that first clip is no..
This guy is Cool
This guy is Cool Hace 7 días
I just figured out I lived next to Belle delphine and I just want to say one sub to WILLNE is one prayer to me
laytxn_TIDE Hace 7 días
Fallen Abyzz
Fallen Abyzz Hace 7 días
um i feel like the vid was barly even on the topic of belle delphine
Victor Ulhôa
Victor Ulhôa Hace 7 días
Title: Belle Delphine Responds To My Video Thumb: Belle Delphine Video: 10 minutes Real content we want: 1 second
Steve Williams
Steve Williams Hace 8 días
u could be saving innocent children in Africa instead of spending on a girl
piotr and matthew
piotr and matthew Hace 8 días
Orzy Hace 8 días
the amount of likes on this vid is 333,666 wtf
XN RusH Hace 8 días
I’m genuinely shocked by fellow American humor.
jchance584 Hace 8 días
I thought I was watching Steve from Minecraft.
traverse town district 4
That intro had me laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
RED RAZ Hace 8 días
6:16 that’s how u can tell he is British he used the streets in the background
George Wilson
George Wilson Hace 8 días
Never thought I’d see belle delphine whip out a glock on morgz’s mum.
_RedLapis Hace 8 días
aubrey colandria
aubrey colandria Hace 8 días
Please get him to 4mil he deserves it
Team Tulip
Team Tulip Hace 9 días
garlic bread
James Therianos
James Therianos Hace 9 días
I nealy doid I guot bruses to proove iet is all I hear for morgz mum
Infinite Squad
Infinite Squad Hace 9 días
I splurted out my water at this part 1:25
Touka Y2K
Touka Y2K Hace 9 días
man you are an actual degenerate
Frederic T.
Frederic T. Hace 9 días
Jo what the f?
J cJd
J cJd Hace 9 días
Timwardo Hace 9 días
Dont worry man, 2020 you are ahead by like 300k subs
Rayyan Hace 9 días
Where is the simp army at?
The channel
The channel Hace 10 días
Not going to lie I'm a little disappointed that he only looked at the shity USA comments
Arison Wolf
Arison Wolf Hace 10 días
Wills laugh always burst me to tears
Phantom Sans
Phantom Sans Hace 10 días
Morgz mom is a chubby bunny
ya_boy_ chumpy
ya_boy_ chumpy Hace 10 días
William Incitti
William Incitti Hace 10 días
did i see william longcock
NOICE M8 Hace 10 días
This man is to fucking excited
dont trip
dont trip Hace 10 días
Such clickbait
No it’s not
alfred beadman
alfred beadman Hace 10 días
Watching this in 2020 just makes all this drama seem so shallow 😂
Alto Plays
Alto Plays Hace 10 días
🩸 period emoji be like 5:22
Itsjustadam X
Itsjustadam X Hace 10 días
KaylonY Hace 11 días
8:46 The First-time you are hearing her voice 🤪
KaylonY Hace 11 días
No it was 8:45
Itsjustadam X
Itsjustadam X Hace 11 días
If she thinks bruises can prove that she nearly died she deserves no air on earth
CNG dragoflame
CNG dragoflame Hace 11 días
fishy wolf3736
fishy wolf3736 Hace 11 días
Im from irland not amarica
Faze FrightNight
Faze FrightNight Hace 11 días
Its a win in my book
NJL Gaming
NJL Gaming Hace 11 días
All the sudden belle delphine is a good person.
chelsea hur
chelsea hur Hace 11 días
*Belle* Delphine: *hey* I'm *a* human *being* People: *no* ya *not* ya *creep*
leamGaming Hace 11 días
4:30 William Longcock is this a joke I can’t find out.
Oliver Durkin
Oliver Durkin Hace 11 días
Morgz mum said ur salty wow didn't know that
Sleeping Bear
Sleeping Bear Hace 11 días
7:27 for belle
subscribe plz
subscribe plz Hace 11 días
9:57 exchange belle delphine into online exams and exchange morgz mom into me
GiltFerret XD
GiltFerret XD Hace 11 días
The kid on the scooter at the start *I FELT THAT*
Igor G
Igor G Hace 11 días
Wow, Morgan mum really did AlmOsT DiE!!
Upcoming Athlete Star
Upcoming Athlete Star Hace 11 días
I’m American and I laughed at 21 savage jokes
frickyouarmin Hace 8 días
Of course you did. American humour is as dry as Big Donald’s baw sack
aksels Jurgens
aksels Jurgens Hace 11 días
0:04 horror movie potential
Living Paint
Living Paint Hace 11 días
suri bomb
suri bomb Hace 12 días
8 minutes in, you are such click bait
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