Belle Delphine Responds To My Video

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I Spent $2500 On Belle Delphine's Patreon and this is how she responded..
George: esvid.net/u-memeulous
Alex: esvid.net/u-ImAllexx
Reev: esvid.net/u-ThatGuyReev
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9 feb 2019

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Marina F
Marina F Hace 7 horas
I’m so happy for u will
Figgy and BooBoo
Figgy and BooBoo Hace 8 horas
Im glad I'm not the only that didn't know belle Delphine was british
MICAH JORDAN Hace 12 horas
Time to drink some of that gamer girl bath water boys
kittensandkats mk
kittensandkats mk Hace 13 horas
Hey if a bunch of creeps want to drink her bath water, that’s their problem. She’s an aspiring meme lord, I respect the hustle
Idk What to enter x
Idk What to enter x Hace 17 horas
If the bullets didn’t work then the spinal fracture will 😂- ImAlexx 2k19
Idk What to enter x
Idk What to enter x Hace 17 horas
I got bruises and I nearly died 😂-MoRgZ mUm 😂
Gabriel Swan
Gabriel Swan Hace 22 horas
She's got 300,000 more subs than you now Will. That must hurt
Goaty Air
Goaty Air Hace un día
Morgz mum is a UNIT
X33 Ultrasound
X33 Ultrasound Hace un día
First the UK conquer multiple countries. Now this UK girl conquers the losers of the internet.
Yas Bitch
Yas Bitch Hace un día
Next up: baht Walter for 10 grand
jake dog gaming
jake dog gaming Hace un día
Is it me or dose the guy at 0:49 look a bit like wormtail out of harrypotter
Nesso Hace un día
Y’all see how quickly he put his phone down
Tana Jenner
Tana Jenner Hace 2 días
You got THAT for two and a half grand. Mugged yourself on that one...
The Fez Peps
The Fez Peps Hace 2 días
tf is this
0ctex Hace 2 días
Seth Phillips
Seth Phillips Hace 3 días
That clip at the beginning hurt me
Mm Ak
Mm Ak Hace 3 días
Top shagger mate
Shuki The Republican
who else here is from Murica
Shuki The Republican
Red Tech
Red Tech Hace 3 días
She said i nearly died and then showed a bruise 😂
WJI The First
WJI The First Hace 3 días
Archie Carter
Archie Carter Hace 3 días
Ha ha ha r u telling me 21 savage grew up shooting animals and eating burgers all the time😂😂😂
Cubic Hace 4 días
21 more like 21 but British lMfAo rEeEeeE
Daniel Amaral
Daniel Amaral Hace 4 días
Oi sou do Brasil
Joe Green
Joe Green Hace 4 días
Ngl I actually love to FaceTime belle Delphine and talk to her like hear her normal voice and shot
valerie Hace 3 días
i thought she was american for a v long time
Zac Smith
Zac Smith Hace 4 días
Hi Ryan
Luke Applin
Luke Applin Hace 4 días
I’m a American who moved to Germany and I’m glad I’m not apart of those tweets
Galaxy Star
Galaxy Star Hace un día
An* sorry had to
Bob Bill
Bob Bill Hace 4 días
Isn’t belle Delphine a porn star
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon Hace 4 días
Belle define will do anything for 2500$
MrZaphaell Hace 4 días
OK... After she threw that Morgz mum down the stairs after shooting her... Opinion changed for 180! I think you should apologise for making people think that she's just another run of the mill brainless thot there in your previous video. That is a wife material right there!
Stormtitan1986 Hace 4 días
when ad block is there for you
Memer Playz
Memer Playz Hace 4 días
In just imagining fuck the police playing after belle cocksthe glock
Jonas A.
Jonas A. Hace 4 días
A waste of time of a video fuck u
Slash_ gacha_03
Slash_ gacha_03 Hace 4 días
At around 3:00 here's a geography lesson actually the reincarnation of Hogwarts made from the company behind harry potter is in the USA so your welcome now go back to your kfc
AirlessOwl 455
AirlessOwl 455 Hace 4 días
Didn't help did it
Claire Alley
Claire Alley Hace 5 días
click baiiiit... stand up guy tho for just doing it to create wholesome content.
Nighthawk Emoji
Nighthawk Emoji Hace 5 días
Americans made the Indians flee, and I don’t think their is anyone more savage then Indians so don’t mess with us.
any4003 Hace 5 días
🤦‍♂️and that's all lol I thought an interview is about to commence or some insight
K10Cubing Hace 5 días
No she’s South Africa
De markies van Drenthe.
She is a paedophile enabler and promoting paedophilia by dressing up as a young school girl and sexualzsing kids. The only suitable punishment for paedophilia enablers and promoters = death penalty.
Pyro games
Pyro games Hace 6 días
No how dare you use dragon ball Z for this meme
Kermit Hace 6 días
She's very pretty. Not gonna pay for her Patreon though. Leaks aren't free for nothing and having seen them, if you paid for them, bruh... But good for her if she's cashing with her very cute physique (and bathwater). She won't look that way forever so better maximize it while youth is her close companion!
muhammad ihsan
muhammad ihsan Hace 6 días
Help willne
Frank Lane
Frank Lane Hace 6 días
Belle is a goddess. Best, lanef
Life and Games With Joey
This is the worst example of American jokes we aren’t like that
iiGalaxyyy Hace 3 días
Life and Games With Joey yeah you’s are lol
Steve S
Steve S Hace 6 días
She's technically from South Africa, but is also a Brit. I looked it up for a friend. I'm not defending her in any way, I don't follow her or give her my hard earned money. The girl has been called every nasty name in the book, but she has a lot of guys by the balls...she's making money and gaining popularity, which is more than most people do with their lives. More power to her...I am still not interested though.
Rystox ii
Rystox ii Hace 6 días
10:10 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Why did you do that to us dudes at the start
JK_Trickzx Hace 6 días
Bring your wrath ragnorok cuss!!!
salsa boi10
salsa boi10 Hace 6 días
8:43 did you getsponsored ?
Edward Buck
Edward Buck Hace 7 días
9:16 fuck its memeulous
derplord 925
derplord 925 Hace 7 días
I’m American and I’m embarrassed about those comments
SinBlade Hace 7 días
No shes south African she came to britian at 9
Ropert gangthemstyle
WHEN HE said deal with it i walk out my house
EditZ Clan
EditZ Clan Hace 7 días
Fitness feb 🍩🍪🍭🍦🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🥤🍾🍧🍰🧁🍬🍬🍬🍫🍭🍫🍬🥂🍺🍻🍸🥡🍸🍾🍻🥂🌰🍡🍚🍘🍧🧁🍭🌰🍯🥜🥂🍾🍩☕️🍫🥮🍭🍯🍧🍫🍬🥜🍵☕️🥂🍺🥂🍺🍾🍬🍬🥜
what is this?
what is this? Hace 8 días
10m vid 3 minute why we came here
Tanimation Hace 8 días
0:14 it was at this moment. he realized. He fucked up.
Delia Knoblauch
Delia Knoblauch Hace 8 días
i am geniously convinced to subscribe
C W Hace 8 días
Best content on ESvid
xo amberzworld xo
xo amberzworld xo Hace 8 días
did you know she's now selling her pee and chewed gum, not only bath water. like omfg wth
Detour Gaming
Detour Gaming Hace 8 días
This Week On The Internet TWOTI Twatty Stephen Tries Nonce
subscribe to pewdiepie everybody
K I'm putting the definition of diabetes on my shirt cuz I'm actually diabetic great idea
LilBurrito Hace 8 días
"I almost died, I got bruises to prove it" headass
Mr Sbeve
Mr Sbeve Hace 8 días
Everyday someone dies on a treadmill, support morgzmum in her time of need.
Gaming Pig112
Gaming Pig112 Hace 8 días
It’s actually pronounced sir Sav Vaj the the 21st
The Nigerian
The Nigerian Hace 8 días
George stole my fur suit
Dope Man
Dope Man Hace 8 días
If you can’t beat them, join them
Cringe!!! Cande
Cringe!!! Cande Hace 7 días
Cringe Kiddo
Cringe Kiddo Hace 8 días
I just love your content.
I'm a pig so are u
I'm a pig so are u Hace 9 días
9:49 is the real shit
AsP_Jai Hace 9 días
Longcock wtaf
Crazy onDuo
Crazy onDuo Hace 9 días
Ksi is intimidated when he see her
Latv GamerHD
Latv GamerHD Hace 9 días
Can’t be bothered To think of a name.
also is that trollzous????
Can’t be bothered To think of a name.
as an American (one proud fucking American) you guys cant be roasting people when you're the size of a Orca whale.
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson Hace 9 días
William longcock lmao
Michelle Butler
Michelle Butler Hace 9 días
I subbed cause I will do anything to get rid of morgz mums channel
Marquis Romero
Marquis Romero Hace 10 días
I would pay her 2500 a month to get me famous on youtube or something so I think smart business strategy on your behalf
NTtheBEST inTbook
NTtheBEST inTbook Hace 10 días
If yur an American kys fagit k
Daniel Whitfield
Daniel Whitfield Hace 10 días
*I don't think that's food, I think it sweat.*
BOT GAMES Hace 10 días
How did this not make u win?
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