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Kevin Has Evil Versions of Overflow, Grey Matter and Wildvide: Undertoe, Dark Matter & Thorn Blade.
Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max next travel to Castle Bishopbrook to visit a distant relative who's royalty, but when Ben encounters a "ghost" at the haunted home, it turns out to actually be his new rival, Kevin 11, throwing even more twisted aliens his way: Thornblade, Undertow, and Dark Matter!
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9 feb 2019






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Comentarios 851
Nicinha Ne
Nicinha Ne Hace 3 horas
Eu amo os seus desenhos
Ballerd Ewers Ewers
Ballerd Ewers Ewers Hace 2 días
I believe somewhere in the future Ben omnitrix will bring back
Ballerd Ewers Ewers
Ballerd Ewers Ewers Hace 2 días
Upgrade wildvine overflow and grey matter
Austin's block
Austin's block Hace 2 días
My favorite alien was undertow
iEvents graal Channel
Kevin is a jerk
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher Hace 4 días
Oh shoot, the Forever Knights!
Daniel Bowyer
Daniel Bowyer Hace 5 días
Dark matter/grey matter like one of those SCP’s
Elias Orozco
Elias Orozco Hace 5 días
They forgot Bootleg.
The Sans trombone Gaming
Wots a wildvide
CHASE TOYS FUN Hace 8 días
Fire slave0069 Toxicfire
Wait minute I just remember something where is the other guys his not here just 3 insted 4
Blake Rainford
Blake Rainford Hace 8 días
Hazel Senarillos
Hazel Senarillos Hace 10 días
u mean wildvine
Teoman Kamadan
Teoman Kamadan Hace 11 días
I'd like a scene where they're both on time out so they have a full on kid brawl
Andrew Knowles
Andrew Knowles Hace 11 días
That’s a new one. ☝️2:23🕑
Zack Russell
Zack Russell Hace 12 días
Javier Lazaro Blas
Javier Lazaro Blas Hace 13 días
I want wild Vine and over flow and grey matter back in Ben's Omnitrix
carnage the carnotaurus
Fix the name please it was should pose to be wildvine not wildvide XD
Hellbound 96
Hellbound 96 Hace 16 días
its wild vine
SANAAA XD Hace 17 días
He shouldve used heat blast for thorn blade then wildvine for undertoe if ya know what i mean
SANAAA XD Hace 17 días
Welp okay
Pokemon223 Pichu
Pokemon223 Pichu Hace 17 días
SANAAA XD He can’t switch like that, (only when the plot wants him too) Also wildvine is missing from the omnitrix, and also this isnt Pokemon
Austin Hodge
Austin Hodge Hace 18 días
How come his aliens have his voice?
Ahlam Hussein
Ahlam Hussein Hace 19 días
تافهه ظظزتن
Oliver Capiz
Oliver Capiz Hace 20 días
xlr8 urlate Rinkbye stinkkfly
Marwa Marwa
Marwa Marwa Hace 20 días
What is your name ?
Randumbo Hace 21 un día
Okay so Thornblade = Swampfire(without fire) Darkmatter = Crash hopper
Mary Salinas
Mary Salinas Hace 21 un día
Mew two
Mew two Hace 21 un día
Ben 10 aliens vs Kevin 11 aliens: Ben 10/Kevin 11 Wildvine/thornblade Overflow/undertow Greymatter/dark matter Cannonbolt/wreckingbolt Four arms/quad smack Diamondhead/black ice Rath/bashmouth Heatblast/hot shot Upgrade/bootleg
boruto uzumaki
boruto uzumaki Hace 18 días
Upgrade is bootleg
DeAndre Howard
DeAndre Howard Hace 22 días
Ben can’t win ....
mediocre speed
mediocre speed Hace 22 días
When actually Ben lost his other alien?Ben said to Kevin"How did u get my missing alien?"
Süper Raichu
Süper Raichu Hace 22 días
Kevin Anti Articguana.
armando mendoza
armando mendoza Hace 22 días
NiMyia and Keesha Toys and Slime test
Kevin sounds like 2012 Mikey
Arda Gürsoy
Arda Gürsoy Hace 23 días
Dark Matter is taller than the Four Arms...
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams Hace 24 días
Man I wish Ben can still access his previous forms plus have his new ones
Gabe 18711
Gabe 18711 Hace 25 días
Through out my life I though grey matter was brain matter lol like if u though that to
ProHalim08 Block Strike
WinchesterWoodWorks Hace 26 días
ANTHONYCRUZ081 Hace 26 días
I. Love Ben10
Delta Sans
Delta Sans Hace 28 días
Dark matter looks like Jack Skellington had a baby with a goul
Damrion Henderson
Damrion Henderson Hace 28 días
Carlos Hurtado
Carlos Hurtado Hace 29 días
Esto apesta
Cool Man
Cool Man Hace 29 días
Missing aliens only happened to losers like reboot ben
Macaroni Potato
Macaroni Potato Hace 29 días
Wait if Kevin has bens missing aliens he must have upgrade?!?!?!?!
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez Hace 28 días
He does. He's a "Bootleg" of Upgrade
Luiz Carlos Nery de Oliveira Oliveira
Grey Mater os a best
Jesus Maciel
Jesus Maciel Hace 29 días
Boooooooo seven
Rey Mel Solis
Rey Mel Solis Hace 29 días
Kittylighter Channels
Kittylighter Channels Hace 29 días
тнιѕ ∂σєѕ иσт мαкє иσ ѕєи¢є:\
Kittylighter Channels
Kittylighter Channels Hace 29 días
Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson Hace un mes
2:23 That was a dum thing Kevin said as Dark Matter. 😉 ;-)
Danielle Robledo
Danielle Robledo Hace un mes
Dark matter is hell'a creapy I agree
Mcheese N Crackers
Mcheese N Crackers Hace un mes
goku97 roblox
goku97 roblox Hace un mes
What wanna know
Emily buenaflor
Emily buenaflor Hace un mes
The kevin sounds like beast boy from the teen titans
murad axmedov
murad axmedov Hace un mes
How did Kevin find that omnitrix?
Sr.josegamer 13
Sr.josegamer 13 Hace un mes
greymatter referenc spc 096
Jibril Hace un mes
Wild Vine* Even Ben 10 Channel its self cant pronounce its own aliens.
Faiza Khalid
Faiza Khalid Hace un mes
How did Kevin get those aliens anyway
Nano Yakob
Nano Yakob Hace un mes
Why did Ben think Kevin is a ghost ?
Abdul Jr
Abdul Jr Hace un mes
Guys which site can i use to watch ben 10 Reboot season 3 episodes
Delta Sans
Delta Sans Hace un mes
At first I thought it was Albedo
Jean marcos flores caballero
The first guy I met with a Red omnitrix was albedo
Lord Frost N' Chilled
Technically, Albedo's first red Omnitrix was actually the Ultimatrix.
Delta Sans
Delta Sans Hace un mes
Jean marcos flores caballero yep
Yessenia Sosa
Yessenia Sosa Hace un mes
Wildvine thornblade overflow under tow grey matter dark matter cannonbolt wreaking bolt four arms quadsmack diamondhead darkice heatblast hotshot
Yessenia Sosa
Yessenia Sosa Hace un mes
I ment for darkice black ice
Mar Azul Alto
Mar Azul Alto Hace un mes
Isaias Nascimento
Isaias Nascimento Hace un mes
fasa um portugues
Diane Bacudo
Diane Bacudo Hace un mes
David Baltazar
David Baltazar Hace un mes
Who is your favorite Ben 10 alien 10 like for Ben 10 my favorite alien is Cannonbolt, Diamondhead, Heatblast, Upgrade, Four arms,Humungousaur, overflow
Delta Sans
Delta Sans Hace un mes
David Baltazar my favorite was Upgrade
lorena bonilla
lorena bonilla Hace un mes
Like si cren que los aliens de kevin son cool
Andrew Hedin
Andrew Hedin Hace un mes
Dark matter looks like a Salarian from mass effect
wen xian liu
wen xian liu Hace un mes
xXNorthLightningXx Hace un mes
If ben timeout i see the omnitrix green instead red so re-upload with a red one
Phillip Yaworski
Phillip Yaworski Hace un mes
Fernando Quintanilla
Seson3 is cool
Zayn Mitchell
Zayn Mitchell Hace un mes
VortexZero Hace un mes
I’m guessing that knight is the forever knight resign
Hero Of Justice
Hero Of Justice Hace un mes
Ok so apparently everytime Ben gets a new alien Kevin gets the ones he loses... must be that
Alkadi Fzr
Alkadi Fzr Hace un mes
Gafas Group
Gafas Group Hace un mes
Ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben
mark Sanchez
mark Sanchez Hace un mes
King noob games
King noob games Hace un mes
Koral Davis
Koral Davis Hace un mes
1:22 1:50 all the questions fourarms asked
Xtian Alvarez
Xtian Alvarez Hace un mes
Why does forever knight seems familiar in my head
Beyblade Geek USA
Beyblade Geek USA Hace un mes
Welp, Managed to make Overflow cool
Christian Captain
Christian Captain Hace un mes
thorn blade is cooler
Uzun baba
Uzun baba Hace un mes
Greymatter hyaaaaa
Arien Sarver Vlogs
Arien Sarver Vlogs Hace un mes
Dude its wildvine not wildvide geez man what happened to the OG series instead >:(
Tran Thu
Tran Thu Hace un mes
I don likes ben 10 in the CN kevin :/ not fun !
olufemi Adelaja Ayodeji
January bb
TooFuntime Freddy
TooFuntime Freddy Hace un mes
Never watched the reboot before but this looks good. I'm even imagining Kevin from the original show having his own Omnitrix just like Albedo.
Faiza Khalid
Faiza Khalid Hace un mes
Did Ben lost these aliens
Tiagov Kin
Tiagov Kin Hace un mes
Dark matter, reminds me a lot of an sup I’m too lazy to look up, Wait a second, how did he make grey matter taller? Grey matter’s whole thing is being small but incredibly smart
rcgaming 98
rcgaming 98 Hace un mes
0:10 Beast Boy?
aseel Alhendi
aseel Alhendi Hace un mes
Greymatter becomes dark matter from Kevin
aseel Alhendi
aseel Alhendi Hace un mes
I saw the xingo one
Lapour Jenkins
Lapour Jenkins Hace un mes
Cannonbolt Wildvide Overflow Grey Matter
Abdulbasir 0078
Abdulbasir 0078 Hace un mes
WAIT, None of this is Kevin Levin, Kevin is supposed to a mutant, They turned him into a generic bully with a discount Omnitrix, This is just Albedo, These are Ultimate aliens
ll-bangout-ll IIAM
ll-bangout-ll IIAM Hace un mes
Ubuhkmkbbjhjl Mhufugmykjkion, Kk,kL. J,u,kx⛈🇨🇬🇩🇯👩‍🚀🙇🏾‍♂️💁‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️
Cleide Anne Macário
Mihail Ognjanoski
Mihail Ognjanoski Hace un mes
Dark matter is SO CREAPYY
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