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Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max next travel to Castle Bishopbrook to visit a distant relative who's royalty, but when Ben encounters a "ghost" at the haunted home, it turns out to actually be his new rival, Kevin 11, throwing even more twisted aliens his way: Thornblade, Undertow, and Dark Matter!
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9 feb 2019

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Comentarios 773
Speed lightning Bros Ninja
Diamond head is made of diamond and Diamonds Are like 1000$
Pham tuan Ngoc
Pham tuan Ngoc Hace 6 días
Hey, why Kevin can make a omnitrix, he is not smart like Greymaster
Shimaa Saad 33
Shimaa Saad 33 Hace 8 días
Kevin 11 has now the removed aliens I'm not sure he has upgrade
Brickz Hace 15 días
Real Ogs remember cash....
Guest Roblox
Guest Roblox Hace 17 días
I like Ben 10
Shawndy 2001
Shawndy 2001 Hace 18 días
all i hear is beast boy
Clashing Swords Productions-CSP
Why does kevin keep his voice?
Sonic Son
Sonic Son Hace 19 días
New multiple aliens going to evolve whenever he wants
Dodo Tony
Dodo Tony Hace 20 días
smh they made Gwen so useless, I miss when she had mana powers, like cmon.
Sydney Frederick
Sydney Frederick Hace 20 días
Kell Kullodire
Kell Kullodire Hace 22 días
Jesus that pacing. Give the show and viewers a moment to breath why don't you?
ExoTicWC Hace 22 días
I used to be completely against the reboot, but it's grown on me, I enjoy what they do with the characters, and I love the concept of Kevin being a darker version of been for a while
The Gamex
The Gamex Hace 23 días
Its wildviNE not wildvide
Bub Vision
Bub Vision Hace 24 días
He’s voice is beast boys but a little deep and different
greyy goblinn
greyy goblinn Hace 25 días
Why did we get rid of kevins powers and just give him the edge lord hot topic omnitrix
Chris P
Chris P Hace 28 días
Bring back the original Ben 10
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez Hace 28 días
anyone else notice that they put Wildvide in title instead of Wildvine
Yoshi Gaming
Yoshi Gaming Hace un mes
Yeah okay that tall version of gray matter will haunt me
Spyro Power
Spyro Power Hace un mes
Ben 10 lost 4 on his alien
Team Power
Team Power Hace un mes
What is wildvide
Makoto Hace un mes
But why does all of Kevin's aliens have the same voice?
Makoto Hace un mes
How did Ben activate the omnitrix in that position...unless Kevin did it with his vines
Adro Gamer
Adro Gamer Hace un mes
Heatblast - Hot shot Wildvine - Thornblade Grey matter - Dark matter Cannonbolt - Wreckingbolt Diamondhead - Black Ice Overflow - Undertow Four arms - Quad smack Rath - Bashmouth
mekeesah warren
mekeesah warren Hace 13 días
Stinkfly - skunkmoth
mekeesah warren
mekeesah warren Hace 13 días
Xlr8- Rush
Donald Dinh
Donald Dinh Hace un mes
Upgrade - Bootleg
Bat Shiz
Bat Shiz Hace un mes
I'm hoping Asmuth appears in the season 3 Finally and goes, "Of course you're losing your aliens, it's on the Training wheels protocol," and then refuses to take it off cause Ben's to Immature to handle 10 aliens let alone an ever-growing playlist. and then in the FInal episode of the Final season (or the next to final season), he takes it off and we get a mega battle with Ben turning into every alien he has every unlocked. Also, I miss Reboot Wildvine his mannerisms and vocal patterns were always fun to watch and listen to.
mae theresa andoy
mae theresa andoy Hace un mes
Really dark matter thorn blade and under tow cmon stupid!!!😩😩😩
Brandon Olivas
Brandon Olivas Hace un mes
Besides Kevin aliens are cooler then bens
Jeff Jeff the killer
Boooooooo so lame 😒
Birdie Blue
Birdie Blue Hace 2 meses
Dark matter is such a lazy name he should be called tall mind
kitty girl
kitty girl Hace 2 meses
Dark matter got red powers
kitty girl
kitty girl Hace 2 meses
Ben:Why I I'm the mase Me:idk Kevin:Ben is ugly
Govani Nicolae
Govani Nicolae Hace 2 meses
Ai noroc chior omnitrixul catel face bucăți
first name
first name Hace 2 meses
The old Ben 10 is better
Thunder Spitz
Thunder Spitz Hace 2 meses
Sub me
man wai chua
man wai chua Hace 2 meses
H y2k? I'll l Moo brat h jr
man wai chua
man wai chua Hace 2 meses
unknown Hace 2 meses
Corrupted version
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer Hace 2 meses
Who is wildvide it says it in the title it's wildvine
Mr.Knight The Detective
Basically Ultimatrix...
bob johnson
bob johnson Hace 2 meses
⃟ ླཱྀ։Lucky Character
*D A R K M A T T E R*
Lyr Blackwell
Lyr Blackwell Hace 2 meses
I would actually like this show if it wasn't called a reboot. It would be better as an alternate universe. Max not being a plumber, half of Vilgax being sealed into the Omnitrix, Kevin having his OWN Omnitrix with way cooler variations? Doesn't sound like a reboot to me.
devil sora 100
devil sora 100 Hace 2 meses
It is a reboot, but different from YOUR definition of a reboot. It's the franchise's first installment rethought, redone all over with different stuff, "rebooted".
Rachel Cesario
Rachel Cesario Hace 2 meses
Guima Hace 2 meses
How the F did Kevin build a omnitrix with master control?
Hunter Stiles
Hunter Stiles Hace 2 meses
Someone beamed blueprints for the Omnitrix into his head while he was sleeping. As for who or what did that I'm not sure if we know.
Winged BluJ
Winged BluJ Hace 2 meses
Reminds me of Evil Heroes from Yugioh.
Gerbil Hace 2 meses
Kevin the edge lord
Papa Marill
Papa Marill Hace 2 meses
Dark matter gives 60 year olds nightmares
Ballerd Ewers Ewers
Ballerd Ewers Ewers Hace 2 meses
The reboot went south because they got rid of upgrade and gray matter
the nerd.
the nerd. Hace 2 meses
Dark Matter, Hot Shot and Bashmouth are the only three aliens I like from the Antitrix. The other designs look like poorly created Deviantart oc's.
super sublimnails
super sublimnails Hace un mes
the nerd. Not even black ice
Argus the Dark destroyer
I thought it was wildvine
super sublimnails
super sublimnails Hace un mes
Argus the Dark destroyer it is
jonathan sauceda
jonathan sauceda Hace 2 meses
Beast boy
Amit Chakraborty
Amit Chakraborty Hace 2 meses
I wanna know more. How did Kevin get Ben's missing aliens?
Phantom19913 Hace 14 días
Amit Chakraborty I wonder will it lead to the rooters the ones from omniverse they build a omnitrix of there own and gave it to Kevin then erased his memory.
Amit Chakraborty
Amit Chakraborty Hace 15 días
@Phantom19913 I didn't watch this series but guessing from the help of bits and pieces that I did watch suggest that Kevin dreamt about the blue print and materials. IDK how!!
Phantom19913 Hace 15 días
Better question how did a human being get the schematics and then was able to build it.
devil sora 100
devil sora 100 Hace 2 meses
He didn't get Ben's missing aliens, he got the same roster Ben originally had, with Bashmouth as an extra. Ben's Omnitrix just rebooted, with a few aliens missing as a result.
DarkLight052 Hace 3 meses
**Wildvide** huh...
SMASH The King of Smash ultimate
Ben: wait a second, how did you get from one alien to another ? Me: It's master control BEN !!!
devil sora 100
devil sora 100 Hace 2 meses
He used the quick switch features, something Ben hasn't seen yet
SMASH The King of Smash ultimate
Ben: A ghost I knew it !! Me: Ben you don't know what a ghost is, right you should see ghostfreak man
TerminalCarrion Hace 3 meses
Kevin really geared his aliens towards fighting too much. Grey matter is part one of the most intelligent species In the universe, and he turned it into a generic brawler. It’d be like making xlr8 slower to make it physically stronger
devil sora 100
devil sora 100 Hace 2 meses
Rush actually IS very fast, probably even faster than XLR8. Kevin isn't completely dumb, he's just trying to get rid of the aliens' "obvious weaknesses", such as Grey Matter's lack of offensive moves.
Urso Major
Urso Major Hace 2 meses
@TerminalCarrion Well Kevin's aliens are Ben's aliens on steroids.
TerminalCarrion Hace 2 meses
Urso Major there’s no evidence it’s smarter Also, “more smarter”
Urso Major
Urso Major Hace 2 meses
Dark Matter is not only stronger than Gray Matter but smarter.
SLD TheTheP3dro
SLD TheTheP3dro Hace 3 meses
Esse ben 10 é um lixo
PaladinGX Hace 3 meses
I love this whole thing
Emerald The gem
Emerald The gem Hace 3 meses
Kevin sounds like beast boy from teen titans go
Ghool Goth
Ghool Goth Hace 3 meses
I like dark matter it’s super creepy
bera art
bera art Hace 3 meses
Shut up you stupid Ben 10 reboot known don't want to f****** watch this show
alex lugo
alex lugo Hace 3 meses
They say ghost and I'm thinking of ghostfreak
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri Hace 3 meses
Wait... his name is Wildvide? I always thought it was Wildvine
TCS15 Hace 3 meses
It is Wildvine
Beast Gamer 2
Beast Gamer 2 Hace 3 meses
What's a "Wildvide"?
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri Hace 3 meses
@Beast Gamer 2 I think it could've been a typo or his name actually is Wildvide and I thought it was wildvine
Beast Gamer 2
Beast Gamer 2 Hace 3 meses
@Blaze Tran-Ulibarri I know, but the title. I was concerned about the title.
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri Hace 3 meses
One of Ben's aliens
Krazy Rider
Krazy Rider Hace 3 meses
Imma bout to turn them into pokemon
Khalil Khalil
Khalil Khalil Hace 3 meses
I swear if the forever knights return I’ll be mad
Khalil Khalil
Khalil Khalil Hace 3 meses
no chill why though they were fine in the first one but the second version of them was more of an annoying futuristic mixed with past let downs
Joshua Archibald
Joshua Archibald Hace 3 meses
Khalil Khalil they did
Marilou Spyrou
Marilou Spyrou Hace 3 meses
I love Dark matter
*gets wrapped around by thorns* Doesnt that hurt?
Marq Jarold Nollido
Marq Jarold Nollido Hace 3 meses
Wildvine not wildvide
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri Hace 3 meses
I'm pretty sure the creators of the show know his name
L. H.
L. H. Hace 3 meses
How did Kevin 11 change into another alien so fast he do that well then Ben don't
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Hace 3 meses
Undermined grey matter all power then no mind
Viktor 2 gerand
Viktor 2 gerand Hace 3 meses
Sammy Droubi
Sammy Droubi Hace 3 meses
This season is making Ben 10 reboot less boring
Thestorm 18
Thestorm 18 Hace 3 meses
Really wildvide it’s called wildvine
Iliac De Leon
Iliac De Leon Hace 3 meses
Wildvine is better
The King of Bel
The King of Bel Hace 3 meses
Hold on that's a legitimate question. How did he make grey matter taller?
Birdie Blue
Birdie Blue Hace 2 meses
He's mutated
Crane Studios
Crane Studios Hace 3 meses
You know if they made the animations of the mouth less... big
Angel Peñaranda
Angel Peñaranda Hace 3 meses
2ndjamew7 GT
2ndjamew7 GT Hace 3 meses
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