BENEE - KOOL (Official Music Video)

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Official Music Video for KOOL - BENEE
Made with a little help from my friends at The Sims.
My debut album 'Hey u, x’ available now: BENEE.lnk.to/Heyux
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You’re so well spoken have control when
You walk into the room you show them
Your outside smoking your skin is glowing
You’re like an angel, out of this world
I love ur confidence you strike
I wanna dip into your life
U float around without a care
I love ur steeze and what you wear
And I stay at home most of the time
You’re so badass owning the night
Fuck I wish I could be like you
Fuck I wish I could be cool like you
I say stupid stuff and I embarrass myself
I’m not very cool
It sucks
I suck, I want to be like you (you’re cool)
I say stupid stuff and I embarrass myself
(Cause I’m dumb)
Cool ccccool
Cool like you
Im mesmerised by what you say
but you don’t know that I exist
people can’t keep themselves away
like they’re under some kinda spell
And I stay at home most of the time
Your so badass owning the night
Fuck I wish I could be like you
Fuck I wish I could be cool like you
I say stupid stuff and I embarrass myself
(Cause I’m dumb)
I’m not very cool
It sucks
I suck, I want to be like you (you’re cool)
I say stupid stuff and I embarrass myself
Craig Auld - Head of APAC Games Franchise
Liam McClure - Head of APAC Engagement
Wendy Loo - APAC Campaign Manager
Amanda Seah - JANZ Senior Engagement Manager
Dani O’Sullivan - JANZ Marketing & Communication Manager
Alex Kirk - ANZ Marketing & Communication Manager
Stephanie Leung - PR & Engagement Coordinator
Lachie Burdis - Marketing & Communication Coordinator
Adam Ireland, General Manager, BRING
James Griffiths, Executive Creative Director, BRING
Brooke Pilton, Music Partnerships Director, BRING
Alexia Tomshin, Producer, BRING
Will Blackburn, Creative, BRING
Video Production: Augusto
Video Director: Alan Bibby & Michelle Walshe
Video Producer: Emily Russell & Brad Harvey
Video Editor: Kat Kasajima
Production Company: Augusto Ltd.

Music video by BENEE performing Kool. © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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12 nov 2020






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Comentarios 100
Triple Task Tv
Triple Task Tv Hace 4 horas
You changed the video Benee! It was already KOOOOL! Damn you have a live chat going! Whoa you cool! Fuck I wish I could be like you! 😉😘
hello sup
hello sup Hace 14 horas
thats kool
Ethel Plaza
Ethel Plaza Hace 18 horas
ramsan rodriguez
ramsan rodriguez Hace un día
Pi'erre Atin
Pi'erre Atin Hace un día
bruh lagging
ice mosta
ice mosta Hace un día
Shes so beautiful.
Hedvig Marie Harjo
Hedvig Marie Harjo Hace un día
*Fun fact: "Kool" means "School" in Estonian*
Artorias Entertainment
her vocals are dopee
Игорь Кривец
Девочка крута во всех отношениях, артистизм так и плещет, думаю она бы и сложные роли в кино потянула бы.
Piggledy Hace 2 días
sul sul! :-D
Yasmín Alberto
Yasmín Alberto Hace 2 días
Back again I’m obsessed with this song and the whole album tbh all of Stellas songs
keith arnup
keith arnup Hace 2 días
I thought this was due lipa when I first heard this and id very much like her actually IMO
Zev R
Zev R Hace 2 días
Why does this song fucking slap so HARDD
machinerydoctor Hace 3 días
Congratulations 100 on triple Js hottest 100 Made me very happy to hear you got in . Fist air pump . My very first time I've voted . 1 out of 2 million votes
kookie bom
kookie bom Hace 3 días
joelle ford
joelle ford Hace 3 días
istg she is so pretty
Katie Satterfield
Katie Satterfield Hace 3 días
you’re kool 😎
Roger Jimenez
Roger Jimenez Hace 3 días
And when Benee sold out?
Meera Alsaedi
Meera Alsaedi Hace 4 días
This is so creative 😆
Gray Hace 4 días
I like this song better than the one with like 200m wow
Rose-Marie Gallagher
why she so pretty
Cheyenne Hace 4 días
I love this!!
Im Ok
Im Ok Hace 4 días
I love the Sims 4
Im Ok
Im Ok Hace 4 días
Omg Sims reference reeee
Sarah E Pace
Sarah E Pace Hace 4 días
I love it! Benee, I love your music so much, my dream is to backup sing for you some day! All the love to you
sebastian madrigal
sebastian madrigal Hace 5 días
Cause i´m dumb Hahahah.
Diorite34Gd Hace 5 días
And Roblox?
Cata Catalina
Cata Catalina Hace 5 días
I love your music Benee!!!💗🎵🎶🎵 Escucho tu música desde Argentina
Armand Couze
Armand Couze Hace 5 días
Wow feels like early 2000s kid fashion destined to continue
JorgeTex Hace 5 días
Yo quiero una novia así :C
{}SOY AXEL XD{} ;3
{}SOY AXEL XD{} ;3 Hace 4 días
Alfonso Alfaro
Alfonso Alfaro Hace 5 días
i dont like the fx sound in this track, sounds like broken horns
Æ z
Æ z Hace 5 días
Epic sim house
studies cacahuate
studies cacahuate Hace 6 días
me e convertido en un maldito simp
Emmanuel Rangel
Emmanuel Rangel Hace 6 días
Micaela :]
Micaela :] Hace 6 días
I love you Benee, your music is amazing❤
Osvaldo Riquelme
Osvaldo Riquelme Hace 6 días
lily allen , are you?
Rebeca Paixão
Rebeca Paixão Hace 6 días
I love u Beneee 💕
Jaden Siazon
Jaden Siazon Hace 6 días
Her Roblox character us lagging hard or is it just my internet?
Aman Raj FF
Aman Raj FF Hace 6 días
How she is getting more pretiier everyday..
Lexi Beat
Lexi Beat Hace 6 días
This song makes me feel empty but happy :-0
Lexi Beat
Lexi Beat Hace 6 días
I love you so much everyone
Isabel Julieth León
God, how addictive his music is.
Nana Sims
Nana Sims Hace 7 días
Simmer here!! 😁💚💚
Jaypun Oliver
Jaypun Oliver Hace 7 días
This is a fuckin vibe. Bumpin this all summer
LordNickelbottoms Hace 7 días
Benee you are my favorite!!😎
Elizabeth Lima
Elizabeth Lima Hace 7 días
This should have much more views ✨✨♥️
Iago'Davi Hace 7 días
Essa musica retrata o quão eu queria ser legal como a benee;^;💚
ZombieGirlsLife Hace 8 días
How did I not know this existed!! It was so fun seeing the sims furniture in the real world. This was so fun!!
Anticucho Rico
Anticucho Rico Hace 8 días
I libre this songgg
mariana guadalupe
mariana guadalupe Hace 8 días
hola benee eres la mejor
Eduardo Cuellar
Eduardo Cuellar Hace 8 días
Esta canción merece más fama 😞🖤
Salvatore Natale
Salvatore Natale Hace 8 días
Benee you are really cool
не классно Анне
yamyam Hace 9 días
she kinda look like Addison Rae but I like benee more
julian rodriguez
julian rodriguez Hace 9 días
I FUCKING love this song
Ana ines Dias gomes
Ana ines Dias gomes Hace 9 días
Mds q perfeiçaaaaaaaao
K.A.S .A
K.A.S .A Hace 9 días
she looks like billie eilish and charlie damilio in one
heyo sayo
heyo sayo Hace 9 días
I stay home most of the time as well
nick Hace 10 días
Songs stuck in my head all day 🖤
Miguel Carpio
Miguel Carpio Hace 10 días
i like this song :)
Paul & Philip The Bro!
Kool - Benee
Piopie pi
Piopie pi Hace 10 días
BENEE, YOU'RE KOOL! You're Pretty, awesome, gorgeous, and I don't know how to say it, BUT YOU'RE REALLY KOOL!!
Bandar Al-Aiban
Bandar Al-Aiban Hace 10 días
This is such a Gen Z song, from word-choice, to subject-matter, to the instrumental stylings, to the music video's visuals.
Diana Esmedio
Diana Esmedio Hace 11 días
Uhhhhhh you're kool! 🔥😩💖
Raymond Amour
Raymond Amour Hace 11 días
She's under - rated ....
Bre-ona Prentice-Griffin
She’s so kool
Jankness Hace 12 días
bruh why she laggin lol
Mwape Kapambwe
Mwape Kapambwe Hace 12 días
Hear me out. She could be Dylan and Cole Sprouse's missing triplet
Killermika 2_0
Killermika 2_0 Hace 12 días
Scheiß Lied 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
Frisk Hace 12 días
Bruh I like the fact she playing sims
luna lovegood09
luna lovegood09 Hace 12 días
It's only called kook for 2 reasons 1.sims4 2.benee is kool
5am Hace 13 días
Fuck, we want to be like you, BENEE...
Bibs Houdini
Bibs Houdini Hace 13 días
Very boring
Dunny Boy
Dunny Boy Hace 13 días
Kool with a k lol I'm glad I'm no longer cool 😂
Carlos Marin
Carlos Marin Hace 13 días
you are pretty and your music is fresh for this hard moment!! SALUDOS DESDE COLOMBIA...
t mac09
t mac09 Hace 13 días
She’s kool
Pauziyah Mohamad Ali
Pauziyah Mohamad Ali Hace 13 días
Almost 1milion
Powker The Veriest
Powker The Veriest Hace 14 días
Hoos kooler? Billy Eillish or this one, my dudes?
ROSALÍA Hace 14 días
Alguien más amo los pasos de la poderosísima ✨
Kerwin Carter Williams
make a song with boy pablo
Positivo Capitão Broxa
tá com ping alto tadinha kk 0:09
Galaxy Panda
Galaxy Panda Hace 15 días
i got a BENEE jumper and i loveeeeee it! also i went to ur consert in welligton and i love you so much wesrdcfgvhbj
ROBLOX GAMES Hace 15 días
Angel Guzmán
Angel Guzmán Hace 15 días
nachô chk
nachô chk Hace 15 días
We need u with punk
Jisoo Hace 16 días
무대가리 Hace 16 días
i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Tristen Togores
Tristen Togores Hace 16 días
So can we start a cult and worship BENEE and everything she says?
Isla Macfarlane
Isla Macfarlane Hace 16 días
i went to her consert in chch a few months ago
Dounia Barkaoui
Dounia Barkaoui Hace 16 días
Im Not the only one who heared this on a box/radio in sims4 and searched it
nightmare 4653
nightmare 4653 Hace 16 días
I know who ur cousin is she is alexia she's my aunty
Jesse Orozco
Jesse Orozco Hace 16 días
Supalonely vibes 😍
1 Life
1 Life Hace 16 días
Thiago Pascoal
Thiago Pascoal Hace 17 días
I don't understand why this music hasn't gone viral
Daniel M
Daniel M Hace 17 días
I remember when supaloney was sponsored on ig on my feed like 2 and a half years ago ✌💣💛
cristhian alejandro fernandez santos
Ojalá de haga popular esta canción en tiktok
joshua vieyra
joshua vieyra Hace 17 días
Si está muy padre 😎😊
yalguun naranbaatar
yalguun naranbaatar Hace 17 días
wait until it gets famous on tik tok
WatermelonPeachyKawai Hace 18 días
OMG I love tis so much because: 1.its Benee and I love her 2.because its the sims and I love the sims!
Rob Camp
Rob Camp Hace 18 días
Rob Camp
Rob Camp Hace 18 días
Benee your in the sims 4 game I think 4
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