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Check out the top 10 auditions from America's Got Talent 2019!
Including performances by:
Tyler Butler-Figueroa
Lukas and Falco
Edson and Leon
Kodi Lee
V. Unbeatable
Ryan Niemiller
Ndlovu Youth Choir
Michael Paul
Benicio Bryant
Eric Chien
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23 jul 2019






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Comentarios 5 057
Brionna Ensor
Brionna Ensor Hace 10 horas
I 100% relate to Tylers story.
Xusnidddin Abdullayev
Respect them
Eilish Fan
Eilish Fan Hace un día
he made it look cringe
OnlyHoundoom Hace un día
dude, the guy with the dog was an awesome performance
May god provide him a healthy life
Duke from Tamriel
Duke from Tamriel Hace 2 días
Am i the only one who imagined a face swap of Tyler's Mom and Terry Crews and most people wouldn't have noticed the difference?
Gustavo Rosas
Gustavo Rosas Hace 2 días
I've been impressed with Eric Chien. Is the best! Wooow...
Elise Parks
Elise Parks Hace 2 días
35:10 thank mi lata
War Heads
War Heads Hace 2 días
I'm not going to lie I don't believe the Indian dance group was from the slums some of their tricks needed professional training that required years and a lot of money
Софийко 3
Софийко 3 Hace 2 días
Так сложно без русских субритов((
林金花 Hace 3 días
juan oviedo
juan oviedo Hace 3 días
y quien es uste y quie ve es esto en 2020
Veerendra Pal
Veerendra Pal Hace 3 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JVXqmKuiQdg.html subscribe me
Айнур Сабдирова
46.00 min what name song please tell and name boy
Ghonim Dounia
Ghonim Dounia Hace 3 días
Blaukriton Hace 3 días
the Indians live in slums and have a ticket to USA? oO
Anything or everything Cartetcarter
Cancer is not Contagious!! but Rumors are!! so go on to the haters out there!! Because maybe you will have cancer one day!!!!!
Arjun Ghimire
Arjun Ghimire Hace 4 días
superb. listen and share this song esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-R5dUl-ETyc8.html
ToXiC Verse
ToXiC Verse Hace 4 días
I might have cried at a few of them.😬
tessamersus Hace 4 días
I LOVE IT!!!! Dogs are the best creatures on the planet! I love my dogs, have always had at least one (or two or four) by my side at all times, even when traveling overseas. _I will never, ever not have a dog at my side._ There are three of them sitting underfoot right now, sleeping, under my desk, waiting to see where "we all" are going to go next! *PLEASE LOVE YOUR DOGS AND TREAT THEM LIKE THE LOYAL FAMILY MEMBERS THEY ARE! THEY WOULD DIE FOR YOU!*
Soumia Sousou
Soumia Sousou Hace 4 días
Song 24,15 ??
Semra Cetinel
Semra Cetinel Hace 4 días
He has Incredible talents🙏😢😢🤗👏👏👏😊😊🦋🐞🧿🦋
Lilly Hace 4 días
26:47 If they live in the slums, then how did they afford the outfits and the plane tickets to the USA
Anna Dess
Anna Dess Hace 5 días
почему я над каждым 2 выступлением плачу((((((
Caleb Tyink
Caleb Tyink Hace 5 días
What magic is that?!
Ganzo :v
Ganzo :v Hace 5 días
28:08 song(?
Robin Gentry
Robin Gentry Hace 5 días
This show brings so much joy to the world.. Thank you Simon....
M1NDER Hace 6 días
I wish people would keep their sob stories out of it. Just perform.and be judged on that.
vinicius gonzaga
vinicius gonzaga Hace 6 días
Brasil no AGT😍😍😍😍
Papa Frita
Papa Frita Hace 6 días
Wtf mi watching this
Kenneth Crawford
Kenneth Crawford Hace 6 días
Your beautiful the way you are you child ❤️❤️❤️
Kenneth Crawford
Kenneth Crawford Hace 6 días
Don't listen to dose bully's you are better then them and you can do this I believe you 😊😊😊
ali jasem
ali jasem Hace 6 días
Thank you so much Simon, you sent a biggest message to the people that bully others.
Lovepreet singh Love
Me b very happy
Lovepreet singh Love
I love my mom and my bro
Lovepreet singh Love
Love u I love you my bro I love you
Lovepreet singh Love
Carry on bro
Lovepreet singh Love
I love it
Homeless Gamer
Homeless Gamer Hace 6 días
I bully bullies
Pranjal das
Pranjal das Hace 7 días
*Best way to go to the finals* Just come up with a sad story Talent + sad story + sad music = way to the final😏
INEDEBEKFEST Gaming Hace 7 días
The magician was the best
Big Red
Big Red Hace 7 días
When I watched the first boy with the violin some dust got into my eye and I started to tear up pretty badly. Oh man. Great job buddy
luana de souza simao
Lindo demais...Parabéns príncipe que Deus te abençoe sempre e te de saúde!!!
Possessed Knowledge
Possessed Knowledge Hace 8 días
How strong is a person ( especially a kid ) when faced with a terminal illness then bullied emotionally to be so low in body and mind and to come back and be a star like this kid! What an inspiration truly! 🙏
Sei La
Sei La Hace 8 días
Br representando tmlcccccc mundo todooooo
amnafatima sisters
amnafatima sisters Hace 8 días
After 13 reasons why ..Now I m feeling that being bullied is really such painful🔨
Nahuel Puchetta
Nahuel Puchetta Hace 8 días
El subtítulo es malísimo.. :(
Clara Luz
Clara Luz Hace 8 días
J Billa
J Billa Hace 9 días
African Dream was amazing 🔥🔥🔥
RealTalk Nigga
RealTalk Nigga Hace 9 días
17:27 This made me cry alot! Best audition ever for a situation like that.
EeveePlays Hace 9 días
princeso stentacion
princeso stentacion Hace 9 días
Fantastic 🙏❤️🇦🇴
Sabina Gamer kid
Sabina Gamer kid Hace 9 días
Thats bad to bully peple with cancer my BFF mom died from it
Frimpong Newton
Frimpong Newton Hace 9 días
It's was emotional and I felt it on my bones when the visual impaired boy sang his song
Rihana Simons
Rihana Simons Hace 10 días
This is my fifth time Im watching this especially the Tyler part
Gordito Hace 10 días
Kids are honesty ruthless, they don’t know any better unless they’re taught or go through it.
Tiffany Markins
Tiffany Markins Hace 10 días
Like the first kid and the second guy and his dog wow
Tiffany Markins
Tiffany Markins Hace 10 días
The second guy his dog is cute
Tiffany Markins
Tiffany Markins Hace 10 días
He get the gold buzzer wow he deserves it wow good job Simon Cowell
Tiffany Markins
Tiffany Markins Hace 10 días
Why is they thumbs down
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