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Check out the top 10 auditions from America's Got Talent 2019!
Including performances by:
Tyler Butler-Figueroa
Lukas and Falco
Edson and Leon
Kodi Lee
V. Unbeatable
Ryan Niemiller
Ndlovu Youth Choir
Michael Paul
Benicio Bryant
Eric Chien
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23 jul 2019






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Comentarios 2 527
Rayshamar Dixon
Rayshamar Dixon Hace 56 minutos
The first boy was very good it was so good it made me cry
Strawberry Diamond
Strawberry Diamond Hace un hora
This made me cry
Mimkie Hace 3 horas
Wjo else was crying by the first?
Gazu Gadisa
Gazu Gadisa Hace 5 horas
X2p 0
Haxer Hace 5 horas
Who tf bullied the first kid, I feel like personally shattering their throat
지랄을한다 지랄을
꼬마 바이올린 켤때 나오는 노래 제목 아시는분 ...
Brewster Rotailer
Brewster Rotailer Hace 12 horas
Bringing dog to the show is cheating😭
Mr.samoan 123
Mr.samoan 123 Hace 13 horas
16:15 when she wanted a pony but you get her a cat
Sofia Papadopoulou
Sofia Papadopoulou Hace 13 horas
That kid with the violin😍God bless him
Franklin Sato
Franklin Sato Hace 19 horas
Good nice
como se llama la cancion de nuestro amigo, con autismo me inspiro neta que ese hermano, tiene luz eterna se gano mi corazonn
Power Guido
Power Guido Hace 21 un hora
Do nada aparece uma tradutora falando brasileiro
trek tang
trek tang Hace 22 horas
omg,its amazing, the last Chinese guy
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Hace un día
28:00 my India🇮🇳🇮🇳💝
LesJos 17M
LesJos 17M Hace un día
That blind guy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ben pirouzi
ben pirouzi Hace un día
bulling some one because of cancer it's a shame but this was good answer to those stupid bullies.
ben pirouzi
ben pirouzi Hace un día
this top 10 was the stupid fixed up ever seen in my life 6 of them even was not worthy of being there the V.unbeatable and the 11 years old girl opera singer and two other were just deserve to be in the final,shame on the judges of american got talent
THO-BRO2000 Hace un día
I'm a simple man. When I see Terry Crews I click!
johnny Bravo
johnny Bravo Hace un día
this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not shite
Mr.samoan 123
Mr.samoan 123 Hace un día
The bullies: "ha ha what a loser" Me: "ill be seeing you after class"
路飞四号- Hace un día
Mr. Hacker
Mr. Hacker Hace un día
what's the title name of the 🎻 violin from 1st one
Dark_rico Hace un día
Dude with cancer never really gave a reason to playing violin lmao just saying
rekha dwivedi
rekha dwivedi Hace un día
Cancer didn't killed that boy but made him more strong.
savannah and celeste dailey
I want to give Kodi a giant hug
ds4356955 Hace un día
Change name please that looking like "American Good Handicep"
dailson Castro
dailson Castro Hace un día
Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mamy Jaoude
Mamy Jaoude Hace un día
OMG indian group❤
Chazzie 101
Chazzie 101 Hace 2 días
Is that Josph Allen at 10:11
Alpo Bosanceros
Alpo Bosanceros Hace 2 días
Respect from Bosnia&Herzegovina omg mace me cry
Yonel Rodríguez Lores
Que dios te de mucha salud solo el puede curarte, Simon te dio su pase de oro pero tu ya eres un ganador, y el chico invidente waoooooo me quede sin palabras.
Jucy Ferreira
Jucy Ferreira Hace 2 días
Mano, que lindooo
Malick Ngom
Malick Ngom Hace 2 días
I gonna stop crying thank you very much
Vh Silva
Vh Silva Hace 2 días
caralho, maluco é brasileiro
Obakeng Nkadimang
Obakeng Nkadimang Hace 2 días
eish the first one was too emotional
Evlampych Hace 2 días
Terry crews, you're the best,love you
Amit kumar SAS
Amit kumar SAS Hace 2 días
Indian dancers.. Goosebumps...
Heidi Lawler
Heidi Lawler Hace 2 días
Give a like if u love dogs
Heidi Lawler
Heidi Lawler Hace 2 días
I have two dogs
Heidi Lawler
Heidi Lawler Hace 2 días
The boles are jeles that hes speshel
HeadshoT Hace 2 días
Oh god the violin kid
Gunawan Tasman
Gunawan Tasman Hace 2 días
Got bullied because of cancer? Give me those bullies address kid, I'm gonna run over their house with a big ass truck!!!
Supersónicoboost The gamer
The last guy (chinese) blowed my mind with the cards and coins!! :O
edi yansyah
edi yansyah Hace 2 días
I am muslim woman I just wanna say...... Alhamdulillah to this boy.. He is blessed... with sweet mom too Love this performance... 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Xaverius chevalera
Xaverius chevalera Hace 2 días
I'm a jewish
Vkook ._.
Vkook ._. Hace 2 días
Dois brasileiros que orgulho ksks e olha que eles são bons kskssk
Paula Lima
Paula Lima Hace 2 días
quem mais levou um susto quando ouviu a mulher falando em português kkkkkkk
João Pedro
João Pedro Hace 2 días
Caralhooo os senhores arrebentaram
Andrew C
Andrew C Hace 2 días
cancer and bullying have been around for a long time. it is sad most people are not focusing on the cause of it. instead lets just comment on how sad it is..
Ashley Wells
Ashley Wells Hace 2 días
Gotta get hate for this but everyone has a sob story on this show like of course the first kid has a sob story obviously still sad
Lucas Gabriel
Lucas Gabriel Hace 3 días
My name is Lucas,i love dogs too and...WHAT????
Danillo A.canuto
Danillo A.canuto Hace 3 días
A msuíça pode fazer coisas inimagináveis...
Szakacs Fulop
Szakacs Fulop Hace 3 días
Vania LuNas
Vania LuNas Hace 3 días
Benício!! Benicio!! Excellent!!
tutoOselzcrazy95 Hace 3 días
Cual es la cancion del minuto 48:15
Maria Paz
Maria Paz Hace 3 días
Como se llama la canción que toca??
vidyasagar Hace 3 días
Symonds that's very great for first golden buzzer Thanks
Reaper Hace 3 días
Ammar _kh
Ammar _kh Hace 3 días
The Indian dancers should get a golden baz
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