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Check out some of the MOST VIEWED auditions from this year's America's Got Talent! Which was your favourite audition?!
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Amazing Auditions
Amazing Auditions Hace 2 meses
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ilham fauzi
ilham fauzi Hace 11 horas
This is a video wonderful village in Indonesia 2020 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bGRXz9NkgeY.html
Damaris Alleyne
Damaris Alleyne Hace 20 horas
Md Anas me!!! Tx me when u see top 10 Christmas songs gtg bye!
Damaris Alleyne
Damaris Alleyne Hace 20 horas
critters and more shhhhh bruh wtm
Damaris Alleyne
Damaris Alleyne Hace 20 horas
Karly Dorris umm look at the name DURR😝 sry fellin a little excited 😆
Ngaih Don
Ngaih Don Hace un día
@William Smith .
Constance Lancelle
Constance Lancelle Hace 2 horas
People with daddy issues watching at 20:00 like 🤭😖😢😭🤧
Brutus Pendleton
Brutus Pendleton Hace 2 horas
Second girl is cross between Fergie and Jesus.
Emilio Zuccari
Emilio Zuccari Hace 2 horas
5:56 omg, i cry :) you sing so beautiful and lovely
Donald Monarch
Donald Monarch Hace 3 horas
Waffle crew... We are family for life and a little bit more than just entertainment
Thomas Reichenberger
what's the name of the song at 23:16 ?
Willow O'Connor
Willow O'Connor Hace 4 horas
The second person on this the ten year old was so talented edit: beautiful young lady she looked much older than she actually was it was so beautiful and you totally wouldn't expect that out of her❤️
Marilyn Goldie
Marilyn Goldie Hace 5 horas
Was the show made in 2020?
Liam Velasco
Liam Velasco Hace 6 horas
song in 10:50 ?
Carla Bueno
Carla Bueno Hace 10 horas
I like to whatch this it's cool to see what I will never do :)
Iman Alatrash
Iman Alatrash Hace 10 horas
Wonderful Christina, I'm so glad you won All African voices exceed all voices in the world that because mixed with hope, sadness, pain, and the future and a smile
Iman Alatrash
Iman Alatrash Hace 11 horas
l like Simon
SAHIL NAMBIAR Hace 12 horas
* me in an alternative universe this is so ezy *
qwerty qwerty
qwerty qwerty Hace 17 horas
Where is Daneliya? She is the best
Manal Alsamain
Manal Alsamain Hace 17 horas
Some of them made me cry😭
Misu Bang
Misu Bang Hace 17 horas
That 10 year old looks so mature bro
Rebecca Ibbotson
Rebecca Ibbotson Hace 18 horas
i cant belive they made that girl do a diffrent song like i hate simon from that moment
Austin Connor
Austin Connor Hace 13 horas
Rebecca...good evening probably the judge do that
bikram malla
bikram malla Hace 19 horas
no this is the worst song ever
phea rom
phea rom Hace 22 horas
phea rom
phea rom Hace 20 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-EKvV36VXXyI.html yes good
ema ema
ema ema Hace un día
The last break my heart
Keityn Friesen
Keityn Friesen Hace un día
That Noah kid tho, like how the heck did he even do that!😳😲 Like is it just me?? Ok, I guess just me.
Basketweaver100 Hace un día
Archie, thank goodness you eventually had your sentence quashed. You are an amazing man.,
Sinned Hace un día
Single mom at 39:00 had me in tears, she was singing for her life foreal. Such a badass
annabelle Bagsit
annabelle Bagsit Hace un día
I'm jelly and wow!
Seb Hace un día
Emmanuel Palermo
Emmanuel Palermo Hace un día
C est vraiment dommage qu elle parle horriblement l anglais.
Emmanuel Palermo
Emmanuel Palermo Hace un día
Es una pena mundial que sofia hable tan feo el ingles. Con acento latino .y peormente acento colombiano.
Вика К.
Вика К. Hace un día
Ah, the first one was ENCHANTING👌😱😆
Laura English
Laura English Hace un día
Howie and I screamed at the same time when she said she was Canadian! Lmao
amzuel420 Hace un día
In case you're wondering, most times it's harder to control your emotions when you're performing than it is to perform the material. My hat is off to Roberta @ 8:30. She's gonna go far.
Ahmed Sharif Rurangwa
If you are a proudly african plz give me 1 like
O.G Hace un día
41:35 Take a look at the little one's eyes, it will definitely be the future of 2pac.
Ramesh Chandran
Ramesh Chandran Hace un día
Rhonda Sojourn
Rhonda Sojourn Hace un día
Every act was brilliant and emotionally uplifting. I had the best time this evening truly happy for each person achieving their dream. I will get out of my prison after 43 years. For 43 years, I have been a SCI wheeler and soon I will get to stand walk and dance again. You will see me in New York, representing dreams do come true and fairy tales are real. And Americans need to see that anything is possible when you have the right environment and sacrifice and belief and take action, repeatedly. until what you want comes into form at ion.
Rhonda Sojourn
Rhonda Sojourn Hace un día
To me , Archie, being released on March, 21, is no coincidence. mARCHie, is surely, from Arcturus. Arc (t) the krist consciousness, is surely the soul of an ascended master, hence 3/21 is reduced to 33, and 33 is the number symbol for the ascended master. and 33 was the age of Yesuah age of ascension, and showing us, like Archie, we are so much more than our bodies. and 37 years, 3 and 7 is 10, new beginnings, amplified by god. !!!
kimberly queen
kimberly queen Hace un día
I don't understand you ablen Spanish I'm using something that the uawey bring
kimberly queen
kimberly queen Hace un día
No manchen y yo disiendo que cantaba bonito :v
G d
G d Hace un día
If I was the guy that got arrested for a crime I didn't do I would sue for 37 million. A million for every year I served innocent.
Thomas Carver
Thomas Carver Hace un día
I am so happy to see you a show and be part of it even though I'm watching it on the web but everybody is seeing is just got a tear in their eyes and this so sweet
Thomas Carver
Thomas Carver Hace un día
I'm 63 and I cry every time I see this show got talent
YAS 21
YAS 21 Hace un día
Want a golden buzzer ? Say you was bullied 😂
Silvia Gutiérrez Alonso
Michelle Declan
Michelle Declan Hace 2 días
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Vmancanada1 Hace 2 días
Howie Mandell biggest cheezeball fake person in the world, I loathe him....V
Gilmar Silva
Gilmar Silva Hace 2 días
roula roe
roula roe Hace 2 días
Go Canada!!!!!!!!!! So proud!!!!!
roula roe
roula roe Hace 2 días
freakin amazing....this boy is beyond gifted......cant wait to see him grow up and kill it even more with these signature moves!!
Austin Connor
Austin Connor Hace 13 horas
Roula..yes the boy was amazing
אבגד αβγδ
אבגד αβγδ Hace 2 días
37 years... no words
ann lambley
ann lambley Hace 2 días
WOW what a wonderful girl to sing like that. She is made for life. XXX 💓
אבגד αβγδ
אבגד αβγδ Hace 2 días
Terry Crews is the nicest guy ever.
Tashika Powell
Tashika Powell Hace 2 días
Ten 🤭😳her voice is so big
Tashika Powell
Tashika Powell Hace 2 días
Go Noah 💙💙💪👊
Dean_Bliek Hace 2 días
I didn’t know Sofie Vergara was a judge in Got Talent
nice nice nice
Drifting Fox
Drifting Fox Hace 2 días
Too much back story before getting to the audition so you skip it and get assaulted by commercials. Don't like the way this video is put together.
John E
John E Hace 2 días
Singing should not be allowed on this show. It's the most boring classification of "talent" there is
Chantal Barlet
Chantal Barlet Hace 2 días
khadija hassan
khadija hassan Hace 2 días
That was a major change
Aussie Chris
Aussie Chris Hace 2 días
10 year old that emotional? She has an amazing voice, but no, she should not be that emotional too much pressure to perform. She needs to be out playing with other 'children'
Turtle Wrangler
Turtle Wrangler Hace 2 días
Wow 😱😳😱 The lil 10yr old Miss Lady Gaga or what ??!! Mind blown 🤯😍😍😍
Alexander Morais
Alexander Morais Hace 2 días
4:56 howie's scream lmaooooo
connie cheng
connie cheng Hace 2 días
Lakshmi Sharma
Lakshmi Sharma Hace 2 días
Great talent . Also, embarrassingly posting a song by my teen daughter for some encouragement. We tried online auditions but no result. We have no one in family or community with music/singing background so hard to find support, hence using this channel for help. (Thank you for listening and please no nasty comments). Here it is: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-fZZWCxB_s-4.html&feature=emb_title
C. Font
C. Font Hace 2 días
Frosty Bankz
Frosty Bankz Hace 2 días
Seeing those dancers made me tear up because I know what it’s like what they live
C. Font
C. Font Hace 2 días
Frosty Bankz
Frosty Bankz Hace 2 días
Wow for that girl to be given a last chance and do a original she absolutely killed that
Frosty Bankz
Frosty Bankz Hace 2 días
I’m not crying you are!
Cindy Ridaught
Cindy Ridaught Hace 2 días
God bless you sir. So sorry you were falsely accused and spent over 3 decades. I hope and pray the rest of your days are what you want them to be...❤
Cindy Ridaught
Cindy Ridaught Hace 2 días
Keep ip the good work. Keep on dancing!!! Marvelous
Marilyn Riccio
Marilyn Riccio Hace 2 días
PyroPrefix Hace 2 días
Now imagine if Gordon Ramsay was a judge on AGT.
J Diben
J Diben Hace 2 días
I DID NOT enjoy this. when did it stop becoming a talent show and start being a social justice warrior show? Jeeeze.
Sarah Loughran
Sarah Loughran Hace 3 días
Did anyone else notice the twin older ladies in the audience? 😂 No? Just me? Ok 😂
Reyna Cano
Reyna Cano Hace un día
Me too
MIke The Wood Worker
The girl from Toronto was absolutely incredible what an angel voice
Nakachwa Catherine
Nakachwa Catherine Hace 3 días
Cant stop crying seeing this single homeless mum win the golden buzz. Coz i know what it feels being a homeless single mum. Big up single mum
tony parsons
tony parsons Hace 3 días
Archie, I'm sorry for the legal screw up, U survived, great song UR beyond belief
tony parsons
tony parsons Hace 3 días
Kristina UR the 1
tony parsons
tony parsons Hace 3 días
Ashley that was a killer
tony parsons
tony parsons Hace 3 días
Big fan of ROBLOX
Big fan of ROBLOX Hace 3 días
45 years shut up boy your 11
Valentina Colussi
Valentina Colussi Hace 3 días
Quien me sigue para q vallamos a salvarlos antes de q sea tarde????
Кусачь Честный-Металоё.
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-w1oZ0WOeBEs.html How could this happen !!! Not to see it is not possible horror !!
user Hace 3 días
why does that 10 year old look simultaneously 19 years old and 36 years old
user Hace 3 días
Bárbara Bárbara
Bárbara Bárbara Hace 3 días
Brasileiros: JuNtOs E XaLoU NaLL
kiara and millow L.
kiara and millow L. Hace 3 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-R_itKGLQtYw.html this blind man his voice amazing
sexy hito vs hipon
sexy hito vs hipon Hace 3 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-R_itKGLQtYw.html blind man his voice amazing please watch
Antathiyah Adan
Antathiyah Adan Hace 3 días
10:15 What a beautiful young lady, and her love and devotion to her father is one of the most precious sentiments a father could ever ask for.
Notsuba Hace 3 días
40:59 the kid was like "yeah sure here is your stupid high five, now let me watch mommy get the rewards" ^^
Kayla Bakayla
Kayla Bakayla Hace 3 días
I would love to do a duet with my friend XD
planean amma
planean amma Hace 3 días
Wow ,garbage
Aina Johnny
Aina Johnny Hace 3 días
Yes ♥️♥️♥️♥️💗💗
hillary kemboi
hillary kemboi Hace 3 días
It’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hillary.gb.latest.wassa
Ayden Mcintyre
Ayden Mcintyre Hace 3 días
Who else new the 10 year old was gonna get gold?
Gmarie Casin
Gmarie Casin Hace 3 días
She has amazing voice..
GODz P U B G Hace 3 días
Bright_daisie27 Hace 3 días
Archie is so strong and his voice is perfect
Mankaa Sharon
Mankaa Sharon Hace 3 días
😂😂😅😇😇😇💋❤❤😍😍omg the grl with yellow is good
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