Best Joker: Heath Ledger vs. Joaquin Phoenix

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Playing the Joker can take everything out of you, learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the iconic character, right here!: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-CP4LtGXi5oc.html
The Joker... versus the Joker. Heath Ledger... versus Joaquin Phoenix. Two incredible actors … one role. Join WatchMojo as we pit the late, great Heath Ledger against living legend Joaquin Phoenix to see who gave us the superior big screen incarnation of iconic Batman villain, the Joker, from their portrayals in "The Dark Knight" (2008) and "Joker" (2019), respectively. Come along as we evaluate a wide-range of categories to determine which interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime reigns supreme. Which Joker performance is your favorite? Let us know why in the comments below!
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6 oct 2019






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WatchMojo.com Hace 11 meses
Learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the Joker, right here!: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-CP4LtGXi5oc.html
Tommy Fox
Tommy Fox Hace un mes
I'd like to point this out if ya don't mind; Joaquin Phoenix's Joker suit wasn't purple, it was red.
Jibran Naeem
Jibran Naeem Hace 2 meses
Imagine if phoenix played ledger's role he would have hardtime, and could never match ledger's class Ledger could have easily played phoenix role
Sabin Sunar
Sabin Sunar Hace 3 meses
Joker is the person who makes uslaugh
Datagisconsalting Shpk
Gab the King
Gab the King Hace 3 meses
Heath ledger should do asmar as the joker
mike yaeger
mike yaeger Hace 2 horas
Is this even a legit question? I mean is there anyone that doesn’t recognize Ledger’s portrayal as far and away, in every possible way, the superior joker, I mean he basically died for the role?
Ilie Dragoş
Ilie Dragoş Hace 21 un hora
After seeing Dark Knight I left with the feeling that Christian Bale was the supporting actor. Heath Ledger dominated through the entire movie.
traderpax Hace 22 horas
This failed video seems to try to take abstract concepts and judge them abstractly. And fails.
Chandra Thoudam
Chandra Thoudam Hace un día
Both are totally different characters of their own and it’s stupid that you are camparing them
Both are very good at what they did.
gaurav singh
gaurav singh Hace un día
Phoenix: The depressed Joker , he is famous because of his acting in Joker . Ledger : The psychopath Joker , The one who made us love Joker . Joker character was more famous because of him .
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav Hace un día
Ledger was legendary *And that's a fact*
RK800 Prototype
RK800 Prototype Hace un día
I believe that if we ever get a movie with Joaquin's Joker in his Criminal mastermind form he would be on par with ledger, I hate when people compare them tbh.
Gamer UV Ben 10 is best
Both are best
samurai Appa
samurai Appa Hace 2 días
Ledger IS JOKER. No one can top him. He is a legend. Sadly. Legends are the dead ones. R.I.P Ledger.
Ramar Rocky
Ramar Rocky Hace 2 días
Heath ledger's joker lovers hit like here👇
DontDoItSean DontDoIt
They played different version of joker. Stop comparing.
Sengul Zengin
Sengul Zengin Hace 3 días
Romero:The Clown Nicholson:The Mafia Hamill:The Psychopath Ledger:The Terrorist Leto:The Thug Phoenix:The Arthur Fleck
LB Seven
LB Seven Hace 18 horas
Leto: nothing
Prasanna Gowda
Prasanna Gowda Hace 3 días
Heath ledger is best actor
Herskind Hace 3 días
Okay im not saying that ledger isnt better, but holy shit you guys didnt take time of the stories into account. Things like voice, manner, stuff like that. Phoenix showed us the joker before he actually became the joker. Ledger showed us joker when he was already into criminal bussiness. Theyre no matter what act different. You cant rate which joker is best just because ledger used a more “evil” voice. Phoenix literally had to act as an innocent man turning evil, he will not have an evil voice. He will be broken, soft and unsure.
Aymaan Ariq
Aymaan Ariq Hace 3 días
My favourite is jaoquin phonix
Chris Storms
Chris Storms Hace 3 días
Opinions are like assholes and im an opinionated asshole, LOL. personally I dont think it's a fair comparison. I'd give Ledger 5/5 winning in a landslide. I think Nicholson's portrayal would be more of a competitive comparison.
Gm Gowtham
Gm Gowtham Hace 3 días
Health ledger is the best
só lá ki gamer
só lá ki gamer Hace 4 días
In my thoughts.. Both r my favorites.. But Heath Ledger made me love joker.. Ledger's character make joker famous.. So.. No one can take place of ledger.. But phoenix still my favorite also..
Matt C
Matt C Hace 4 días
Should be 4-1 Ledger
Fan Club
Fan Club Hace 4 días
Hahaah where is Jared leto ?🤣
Shannon Curry
Shannon Curry Hace 5 días
Ledger is sort of like a guy with a tommy gun in a room full of people while Phoenix is more personaly reactive and vengeful towards people who have wronged him. Which is more scary?
Romario Lake
Romario Lake Hace 5 días
Heath is head and shoulders above everyone as joker come on🤣😂🤣🤣
scott walton
scott walton Hace 5 días
I never watched the dark knight every day for a week so Phoenix takes it for me
Rampim© Hace 6 días
Jared Leto's joker is the best
Nate Soto
Nate Soto Hace 6 días
1st time I saw Joker I thought, Phoenix did a pretty good job. 1st time I saw the Dark Knight I thought, holy crap Heath Ledger was EPIC!!! Gotta go with Ledger on this one.
Bukenya Abduswabul Musa
trust me, if health ledger didnt die, that character wouldnt have been replaced
Vijay gypsy
Vijay gypsy Hace 6 días
Always Heath Ledger
mr dead pool
mr dead pool Hace 7 días
Imagine heath Losing
Han23n Music
Han23n Music Hace 7 días
Heath would be so proud of joaquin💔
Harry Chant
Harry Chant Hace 7 días
Joaquin phoenix is definitely the best in my opinion
فلان بن فلان
Ledger won
Abdullah Shaikh
Abdullah Shaikh Hace 8 días
Somewhere in Multiverse One Joker "Hunka Hunka" 😂😂😂😂
universal thanos
universal thanos Hace 8 días
Its so childish to compare these jems in the history of world movies Both jokers are the same one and entirely different at the same time.. you can never compare these two because even though the joker movie was ultimately made because of ledgers spectacular establishment of the character joker, phoenix never played the insane joker of dark knight.. its totally different.. Phoenix joker is the painfull story and life of a man called arthur, eventually turning into a public iconic figure called joker through a revolution due to his mental conditions in gotham city.. Its the past life of "JOKER" Finally at the end of the movie when the "JOKER" is born with the "bloody" smile on his fae you can also see that the root cause to the birth of BATMAN is also born.. The rest part of the joker.. ie; LEDEGER'S joker in dark knight The joker who completely transformed to scary weird psychopath villian who doesn't even care nothing and dont have any emotions on lives and completely out of mind.. filled with insane terror, hatred, and revenge.. There is no arthur in him Only the "JOKER" Both are JOKER.. the two faces and life of JOKER.. The ultimate fact is that phoenix can never be perfect as heath ledgers psychopath joker And ledger can never be as perfect as phoenix emotional joker(arthur) No place for competitions.. But the winner is the one who potray the scripted character with 100% perfectness or beyond.. So as a viewer i would say both are winners as "JOKER" But..one thing is truth.. If there wasnt a man called Heath ledger who was selected to play the "JOKER" in dark knight movie, A movie on the past life of "JOKER" Would've never happened.. and Phoenix would never receive an oskar for it..
Fido Mexicano
Fido Mexicano Hace 8 días
Comparing Heath Ledger joker and Joaquin Phoenix joker is like comparing oranges and tangerines. It’s the same character but they are still very different from each other
Delphinus Hace 8 días
Ledger = Phoenix
Jyoti Shrivastava
Jyoti Shrivastava Hace 8 días
Heath Ledger is best joker
umar arshad
umar arshad Hace 8 días
video could have been a minute and half shorter Number 3, Laugh: and winner is Phoenix...
J P Hace 8 días
But the real winner is Jared Leto from Suicide Squad
Kelly Nightingale
Kelly Nightingale Hace 8 días
No not the dark knite. If i could swar it wald be now!😂
Ricardo Haynes
Ricardo Haynes Hace 8 días
Phoenix could never walk in Heath shoes...not one bit!!!! Heath is the best Actor I ever saw in life.
Jeremy Gates
Jeremy Gates Hace 8 días
Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job portraying Joker but Heath Ledger was Joker Period
Elle Hace 9 días
Both, Ledger and Phoenix are two sides of the same coin. Ledger was the darkness of Gotham, Phoenix the victim of it.
xllProdigyllx Hace 9 días
I think comparing these 2 is difficult as they both play such different versions of of the joker. Like comparing the original mario to a nintendo title title today. ones a legend and the other is fantastic but you can't really compare them. (that comparison might only make sense to about 2 people reading this... whoops)
RDkeizer Omega
RDkeizer Omega Hace 10 días
Are they the same joker? I mean Ledger's joker he fought adult Bruce Wayne but in joker of Phoenix Bruce is a kid.
judotss galpz
judotss galpz Hace 10 días
Heath Ledger is the best joker in my opinion. Badass villains are always the best.
Mario S
Mario S Hace 10 días
Imagine a stand-alone Joker with Heath 👏
Angelo DiBartolo
Angelo DiBartolo Hace 11 días
Booo I say Phoenix is the best
romil samuel
romil samuel Hace 11 días
Heath ledger is a legend who cannot be replaced
Galil Alexandro
Galil Alexandro Hace 11 días
Watch mojo why do you guys put 4 ads per video??? Probably Trying to earn more money
Galil Alexandro
Galil Alexandro Hace 11 días
Phoenix ate 3 apples a day for a month to lose 60 pounds to be the joker
Galil Alexandro
Galil Alexandro Hace 11 días
With all the respects to heath ledger and the others who played the joker, Joaquin Phoenix is the best joker in my opinion
Galil Alexandro
Galil Alexandro Hace 11 días
Rip heath ledger
Parent comes First
Parent comes First Hace 12 días
i would choose Joaquin only because of that staircase dance.
Rehman Saaho
Rehman Saaho Hace 12 días
Bale gave advise to patteinson for Batman I wish Ledger would have given an advice to Phoenix for his role as joker. 😭😭😭
Manchurian Candidate
Manchurian Candidate Hace 13 días
Heath Ledger: Was already a Joker Joaquin Phoenix: Was becoming a Joker
yours kmr
yours kmr Hace 13 días
There's no superiority.... just carrying the legacy
Dogwiflordhat Hace 13 días
Finally watch mojo knows that’s the truth
JonatanIsEpic Hace 13 días
Lets just agree that Nicholson is the best joker
wazahat Khan
wazahat Khan Hace 13 días
Man said Heath ledger > phoniex LEGEND say both equal Clown say phoniex > ledger
Atul Tiwari
Atul Tiwari Hace 13 días
Leto is the best Joke!!!!. Period.
brandon lamarre
brandon lamarre Hace 13 días
Phoenix was the best
Divya Vyas
Divya Vyas Hace 13 días
Why is this a question? Clearly Leto was the best!
Sonaben bhuriya
Sonaben bhuriya Hace 14 días
You cant compare them. They are brillient permormer. Both are part of two different time stories of one person.
Moi Nore
Moi Nore Hace 14 días
what you guys are missing is that Phoenix played Joker in a movie dedicated to his character. while Ledger didn't even have that many scenes he still stole the show. I can only imagine what he would do in the Joker origin story. Love Phoenix and his portrayal of joker but he simply had dramaturgical advantage.
Amrothel Hace 14 días
To all the mindless Leto´s Joker haters: He was portraying TIM DRAKE as Joker, you ignorants. He was not the REAL Joker. You need to read more comics, you know... *DROPS THE MIC*
antony gucci
antony gucci Hace 10 días
What the hell are you talking
Noel Oommen
Noel Oommen Hace 14 días
Even after the whole world's gone crazy for Joaquin Phoenix, I still prefer Heath Ledger. "Heath will be eternally missed, but he will never be forgotten." -Christopher Nolan Very true, Nolan. Still haven't forgotten. RIP, legend.
Amanda Panda
Amanda Panda Hace 16 días
PLEASE make a video on the Joker as an archetype/ phenomenon. I'm dying to hear your thoughts. 😬
Amanda Panda
Amanda Panda Hace 16 días
Rebecca, you are my favorite!!! 💜💚
Arpit Pandey
Arpit Pandey Hace 17 días
*No one Replace of Legends Name Heath Ledger*
Lil Broomstick
Lil Broomstick Hace 17 días
Heath is the best prime joker Joaquin is the best origin joker
Reuben Mowle Movies
Reuben Mowle Movies Hace 17 días
I prefer Pheonix as an actor. But Ledgers Joker is the best
Pooja Gupta
Pooja Gupta Hace 17 días
Both are best! There's NO COMPARISON! Both are legends...
amit k
amit k Hace 17 días
There is nothing to compare arthur is pre joker while heath is post so cant actually compare these two cuz they are from different timeline...
Are all joker Arthur?
Gordon Galaxy
Gordon Galaxy Hace 18 días
Phoenix played the origins and lead up to joker and Ledger played the fully materialised joker so can't fully compare them. But they are the best of what they played. And the very fact that they are being compared and the results have gone so close means they both did an excellent job playing the dedicated role and story.
Tanish Dcruz
Tanish Dcruz Hace 18 días
Health Ledger because he is a legend but Phoniex joker is also a legend But for me best jokers are 1. Health Ledger 2. Phoniex
MAGS Gaming
MAGS Gaming Hace 19 días
I knew ledger would win
Isaac Butcher
Isaac Butcher Hace 19 días
They’re both fantastic
Black Brains
Black Brains Hace 19 días
Heath ledger looks very natural .He is untouchable
ruberu1000 Hace 19 días
1.Nicholson 2.Phoenix
Rohit Kota
Rohit Kota Hace 19 días
People more support Heath ledger's Joker but the fact is that in the Joker movie it was like it's origin so we didn't see much of the Joker we know
Brisa Laguna
Brisa Laguna Hace 20 días
For Joaquin phoenix’s joker I like it bc it has a good background story for the way Arthur “ joker “ acted and why he laughed the way he did but I mean heath was amazing to bc he made it more funny but at the same time w/ action Joaquins joker is more serious but has it’s funny things about it to i like both bc they both have their own unique angle on the joker 🃏 Anyways that’s my opinion 😊
TheDMB411987 Hace 20 días
I really didn’t like Joaquin Phoenix as joker, and I’m actually really annoyed that this movie got the hype and accolades I felt dark knight deserved. However, in 2008 it wasn’t ok yet for superhero movies to infiltrate best picture nods at the award shows. I highly respect Joaquin Phoenix as an actor, but felt like his portrayal left a lot to be desired. He came off as very childish and juvenile. His crimes were not meticulous or thought out, they were spur of the moment and messy. He had no charisma or charm. Heath ledger represented chaos and mystery to perfection AND was comical in his actions and wit. The joker IS funny at times, and that definitely wasn’t the case with Phoenix. The only flaw heath ledger had was the limit to one movie for obvious and tragic reasons.
TheDMB411987 Hace 13 días
Yeah I’m comparing joker to joker not batman to the nonexistent batman in joker. Either way, despite the shocking scene it was, Murray’s show is exactly what I’m talking about. His jokes are awful, he talks like a child and the whole time you’re cringing. Sorry but this version of joker is very inferior to heath ledger’s.
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert Hace 18 días
No charisma or charm ? He had more charisma in his boot at Murray's show then Christian bale did in the entire series
Altin Limani
Altin Limani Hace 20 días
Heath always will be the best
Marc Guidry
Marc Guidry Hace 20 días
I've seen them all, and Heath Leger is by far the best joker I've ever seen.
AlfGamer361 Hace 21 un día
Every one and there nan and there cat knows ledger is a better joker
This Is What Awesome Looks Like
Yup. Personally i forgot about Phoenix's Joker.
「 s a d 」
「 s a d 」 Hace 21 un día
Um me I love Joaquin Phoenix being the joker I love the story and all I just like him 👀
Abbas Kakar
Abbas Kakar Hace 21 un día
Totally Unfair. Legends can't be compared. Both wrrd perfect at their own place.
Aarish Shaikh
Aarish Shaikh Hace 21 un día
But no one can replace heath ledger joker character...
Love to Eat
Love to Eat Hace 21 un día
For me, i like to think that Heath Ledger version is a future version of Joaquin Joker
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez Hace 22 días
Wait it ended in Ledger 2 and Phoenix 2 soo isn't supposed to be a tie then?
MM02 Hace 22 días
Joaquin was good but Heath might’ve turned in the greatest performance of all-time...
Perakiz Hace 22 días
Heath Ledger played the role of 2 Jokers in The Dark Knight. In a standard deck, there are usually two Jokers. Only Christopher Nolan, Johnathan Nolan, and Heath Ledger were the only ones in on this secret. The 2 Jokers in a Deck of Cards and it was all to be revealed in The Dark Knight Returns but due to Heath’s passing the World never knew the truth in revealing his Ace in the Hole was his Twin Brother. Both Jokers are ex-Special Forces and Twins. For the sake of my argument, I’d like to introduce the 2 Jokers, One Joker specializes in Explosives Ordinance Disposal. Which we shall call “EOD Joker” The Other Joker is Military Intelligence. Which we shall call “MI Joker” Both are very proficient Special Forces Operatives. In the first scene, during the bank heist, The henchman asks Why do they call him the “Joker” and argue that “he thinks he can sit this one out” Where did they get the Bronco? Who supplied the Weapons and Ammunition? from MI Joker, while the Bank Heist was carried out by EOD Joker. Who supplied the Transportation? It was MI Joker. In Regards to the origin of the Scars Military Intelligence Joker states it was his father who was a Drinker and before executing Gamble While EOD Joker tells Rachel his scars come from his wife, getting into deep with the Loan Sharks, at Harvey Dent’s fundraiser at Bruce Wayne Penthouse. While Military Intelligence Joker tortured Brian (Batman copycat) EOD Batman was setting the explosives and mixing Ammonia Nitrate. While Military Intelligence Joker carried out the attack in which Harvey was acting as bait, he was eventually captured and kept in Gordons Cage, While EOD Joker was wiring up Rachel and Harvey Dent. It was not Maroni’s men that wired up the 2 locations, it was EOD Joker, who rigged the henchman, and the 2 locations. As an “Inside Joke” on his brother Military Intelligence Joker, EOD Joker switched up the locations in which Harvey and Rachel were being held. While At the Docks, Military Intelligence Joker burns his half $6,328,000,000 of the 12.6 Billion Dollars ripped off from the Mob. While EOD Joker is at the Gotham General Hospital rigging up the Explosives which will bring it down in one hour. EOD Joker interrogates, Harvey and sets him free. They never state what happened to the Mob’s other half this is a Major Plot Hole. In one hour, it was not possible for Military Intelligence Joker to get across Gotham City to Gotham General. While GPD was all over town trying to find the Bombs which Joker promised to detonate if Coleman Reese was kept alive after one hour. At the Tower, Military Intelligence switches place with EOD Joker and takes charge of the hostages. Arriving with Chechnyans Rottweilers who arrived directly from the Docks after feeding upon him. While EOD Joker switches places with MI Joker he finishes wiring up Liberty and Spirit ferries. The detonators on each of the ferries at the end were linked to the bombs on the SAME ferry, not the other ferry. Both Brothers are huge into Game Theory. During the “The battle for Gotham’s soul.” Batman saves Military Intelligence Joker, MIJ talks about his “ Ace in the Hole.” Many think it’s Harvey Dent, in reality, which his brother freed from Gotham General. EOD Joker, who has left Gotham with the remaining fortune of the Mob. Which will be utilized to create more havoc around the world and lead into The Dark Knight Returns. While Military Intelligence Joker sits in Blackgate Penitentiary awaiting for the return of his brother the True “Ace in The Hole.” to break him out. This was what truly was meant to happen.
David Dolan
David Dolan Hace 22 días
Heath Ledger wins this even though comparing this Joker movie to the Dark Knight is pointless. Totally different movies and Joaquin Phoenix's wasn't even a Batman/DC Comics movie at all.
Er Gu
Er Gu Hace 23 días
I think the vid was to give the two actors just as much cred either way. I wouldnt compare the two characters in most ways that is done here. Perhaps Nolan deviates as being said here but the characters are to different to compare. For me they are two different characters!
zachariahh Hace 23 días
Winner: Mark Hamill
Ankit Kejriwal
Ankit Kejriwal Hace 23 días
Heath ledger was perfect badass joker ever
Kiuvo Hace 23 días
I’m sorry but Ledger’s laugh is better than Phoenix laugh
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