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Best of Game of Thrones - Most Badass Scenes Compilation

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28 may 2018






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mike oberstien
mike oberstien Hace un día
And 00:43 that's an Adams apple... WTF.
Fitness IQ
Fitness IQ Hace un día
Horrible for children's and families very inappropriate
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams Hace 2 días
Tyrion's speech is one of the reasons he's won those Emmy's!
Lareina del Mundo
Lareina del Mundo Hace 3 días
"Sleep well." I mean come on.
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Hace 3 días
The day Daenerys freed the Unsullied was probably the most badass scene in the history of television. The scene where she and the Dothraki wiped out the Lannisters is pretty close tho.
Deku Hace 3 días
7:49 Qora mae that gave me some fucking chills
Mu sirror
Mu sirror Hace 3 días
8:48 replay all time
Wave Vastlyy
Wave Vastlyy Hace 3 días
These subtitles are garbage
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams Hace 3 días
Am I the only one who wants to learn Valerian. (sp)
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams Hace 2 días
+Ooh Naturel Right! It really is. Thanks so much I did not remember the spelling.
Ooh Naturel
Ooh Naturel Hace 2 días
Valyrian? And yeah same!!! It sounds gorgeous and powerful at the same time.
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams Hace 3 días
I can't stand Cersei Lannister, but that "power is power" scene is everything!!! Damn!
Pedro  Achê
Pedro Achê Hace 4 días
You forgot the best scene ever... -You gonna die for some chickens? -Someone is
Nico Rose
Nico Rose Hace 4 días
The Dracarys/Unsullied scene is my favorite of the whole series.
Yung Tiide
Yung Tiide Hace 2 días
The best part of it is the end they cut off. Where she declares them all free men and they all stand by her anyway.
Yung Tiide
Yung Tiide Hace 2 días
I just watched that scene for the first time and I thought the sane.
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez Hace 4 días
The sound the dragons make before breathing fire is so satisfying
peterthx Hace 3 días
That's a musical note from the score, not a sound effect. You can also hear it when Dany tips over the fires in Vas Dothrak and kills the Khals.
The Green Reaper
The Green Reaper Hace 4 días
Allright video but(Eddard stark said, anything till the world but, is horseshit! XD)As said in other comments. A real 'Badass-compilation' would last longer then 18 minutes :) Still a nice short-selection of your opinion though. And very good quality of videomaterial(with Subs!). So i will commend you for that atleast! Regarding the listing i ám kind of missing quite a lot, starting with the Hound saving Sansa and 'I'm gonna have to eat every chicken in this room', atleast. There's a long list. Ned Stark vs Jaime Lannister. Bronn is missing as well, for example, his Trial of Combat against Ser Vardis Egan in the Vale. Or him shooting that Arrow in the show full of Wildfire. Or how he kills a bunch of men on the beach of Blackwater Bay, when the Hound stands stunned from the fires. Him shooting that Dothraki bloodrider out of the wagon, and then shooting Drogon? Jaime trying to joust Drogon and Bronn saving his ass? Daario Nahaaris, when he kills the Champion of Meereen with arrogant ease. Ser Jorah vs the Dothraki Bloodrider, or his fighting in the pits. Speaking of pits: Drogon's rescue of Daenarys in the Arena! Arya vs the Waif. Arya vs the boat-captain(Valar Morghulis! - Valar Dohaeris! You wíll have a cabin!...like.. Wot?). Drogo killing Mago in S1. But perhaps 'the véry best of them all' belongs to Podrick Payne, when he returns to Tyrion, with a fúll coinpouch from the whores! (This broke nearly broke the internet at points! :P)
Sumeet Bhat
Sumeet Bhat Hace 4 días
16:00 a girl was talking in old man's voice which is unbelievable. RIP Logic. Most dumb series I know.
programist23 Hace 3 días
have you ever seen the serial, dumbass? Learn the lore before you leave smth here
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson Hace 4 días
Nice try but they could not melt gold over that fire especially so quickly. Gold weighs over 700 pounds a cubic foot.
Anthony Kaiserman
Anthony Kaiserman Hace 4 días
it was really chocolate coins
Neil Carleton
Neil Carleton Hace 4 días
As much as I love Tyrion's courtroom scene, for me you can't top Davos' rage and sense of loss when he's raging at Melissandre about the death of Shireen. The hurt and rage in that performance brings a tear to my eyes thinking about it.
TheChampTube Hace 4 días
Where's Jamie's charge?
Baldina Kate
Baldina Kate Hace 4 días
big beaver
big beaver Hace 4 días
www.redbubble.com/people/jgkjamie198532/works/30872634-houses-of-the-realm?p=sticker&rbs=c439b6da-b7f4-4e69-b466-e3597b79a6d7 stickers from the show and tshirts
Muhamed Nibin
Muhamed Nibin Hace 4 días
The whole series is badass
I like the moment when dragon arrives in the battle field
Krichek F
Krichek F Hace 4 días
The Freys should have been number one. That....is revenge.
Lil Bear
Lil Bear Hace 4 días
Follow me on my Insta @ liberian_king its the first one that pops up
Michael VPS
Michael VPS Hace 5 días
"Screaming Continues"
Facundo Lorenzatti
Facundo Lorenzatti Hace 5 días
Every scene has to have someone who scream "daaaaaaaaaaaamn " from far away 🤣🤣
Kai Hace 5 días
How much more hyped do you get as a Dothraki when you hear a dragon roaring overhead, and it starts spitting fire at your enemies? We can hold them off? Yah, fuck that! Time to reassess and retreat bruh
Doktorr Rocke
Doktorr Rocke Hace 5 días
Check out my GOT Tribute drawing! It’s EPIC! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-RDTlhQLExwc.html Thanx!
S Touch
S Touch Hace 5 días
So much cruelty
Apple Inc
Apple Inc Hace 5 días
She looked so hot when she said "Power is Power"
Hair Care Specialist
Everything in this Video is great
braden olin
braden olin Hace 5 días
Absolute trash subtitles
Mega Peen
Mega Peen Hace 5 días
This tv show has the deadest armour ever
Vincent Zhou
Vincent Zhou Hace 5 días
3 Hours till the FINAL SEASON!!! If you see this after watching the entire final season, I bet that everyone dies.
Vincent Zhou
Vincent Zhou Hace 5 días
You can watch it on HBO but it’s a paid program
jeankee calimag
jeankee calimag Hace 5 días
Vincent Zhou where can i watch the all season??thank you
mitchell wall
mitchell wall Hace 5 días
Idc what anybody says drogon is the best character in the movie.
Psychedelic ASMR
Psychedelic ASMR Hace 5 días
Me dieron ganas de mirar Game of Thrones
Kinkin ko30
Kinkin ko30 Hace 5 días
andito na ako sa munting kubo mo at pinanood ang magandang palabas bago pinasabog ng malakas sana makabisita ka sa bahay ko at pasabugin mo din solid tayo wlang iwanan makakaasa ka kaibigan.hihintayin kita..
Cathal Carroll
Cathal Carroll Hace 5 días
The red wedding for me
Kuba P
Kuba P Hace 5 días
Tyrion confess is still the best for me..
Mohaamd_7 Hace 5 días
If *battle of the bastards* isn't included in the compilation then this is by no means "the most badass scenes"
Drew Hardison
Drew Hardison Hace 5 días
I’m here on the day of season 8 let’s go
Wonder Land
Wonder Land Hace 5 días
There's the word 'badass' in the title and not even a brienne moment in the video
Psychic Lisa Paron
Psychic Lisa Paron Hace 5 días
I LOVE GOT and am so looking forward to this 💙 If anyone is interested, I made a video on my ESvid channel with some of my predictions for the last shows. Have fun watching GOT tonight everyone
Jack Napier
Jack Napier Hace 5 días
Jaime: We can hold them off! - Dany: Dracarys... and the rest is history!
elote05 Hace 5 días
that gold melted very quick
Andi Herlambang
Andi Herlambang Hace 5 días
Can someone tell me how to get to the opening music?
Rome_05 Hace 6 días
Jon is the only one in the stark family who is unable to say badass things lmfao Dont get me wrong, jon is my guy but he is like one of those side characters behind the main character whenever he is talking to someone. Knower of nothing indeed.
Ooh Naturel
Ooh Naturel Hace 2 días
Ahahah is coz all he does is brood loool
B Sheppard
B Sheppard Hace 6 días
2:42 Missandei's face! She's like "boy you fuuuucked"
Cosmo Coralles
Cosmo Coralles Hace 6 días
No knights of the vale charge?
JOEL00111 Hace 6 días
Maza Hace 6 días
I still believe that knowledge is power if you use it right
HERETICIAM 777 Hace 6 días
When it comes to epic meltdowns Tyrion's trial scene was the best in all GoT scenes ever
The Night King
The Night King Hace 6 días
How can you not include hardhome into this?
Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain Hace 3 días
Of course you’d say that 😂
Jezuz Maximum
Jezuz Maximum Hace 5 días
Such a disgrace, the Night King is the most badass of all.
Manjula V
Manjula V Hace 6 días
last scene f*ck
jocone123 Hace 6 días
Troy DuVal
Troy DuVal Hace 6 días
I knew Mick Mars was old but damn
Eritrocito Depalo
Eritrocito Depalo Hace 6 días
La moraleja es "las mujeres son malas".
SuhhDoode Hace 6 días
Is it just me or does anyone else get super hyped and jumpy when this kinda stuff happens
Armand Robotson
Armand Robotson Hace 6 días
Apparently...if you don't watch medieval violence... you're a weirdo these days.... It's a monkey world....
KRG VIDEOS Hace 6 días
Tyrion is the boss.
OwnedByGalatea Hace 6 días
2 more days people, 2 more days!!!!!!!!
AlwonDomz Hace 6 días
Brienne getting busy on the hound is my #1
Helwyr Silva
Helwyr Silva Hace 6 días
Danny S2
Argo TheSlicer
Argo TheSlicer Hace 6 días
Nerdbird04 0000000000
Damb Arya!!!👌👏👏👏👏
TheTwize Hace 6 días
U forgot the battle of bastards
sami adam
sami adam Hace 7 días
for game of thrones and arya fans www.teezily.com/game-of-thrones-valhar-morghulis-xaxbt16v?tag=HdoJd8bK
SquirrilahFish Hace 7 días
Awesome compilation! 24 hours!!!
Rock Avenger
Rock Avenger Hace 7 días
Many of them are the lamest
Newa Hace 7 días
i like the theme music, where can i listen the full theme
Elk Darkshire
Elk Darkshire Hace 7 días
why papyrus...why
Jean berthus
Jean berthus Hace 7 días
8:34 This scene was GOLD ! Badum-tss !
ESFAndy011 Hace 7 días
9:58 They basically gave them more reasons to spare him rather than kill him.
ESFAndy011 Hace 7 días
6:33 If he didn't pretty much kill himself before, he did now.
Garrett Stuckey
Garrett Stuckey Hace 7 días
how dare you make the red wedding a badass scene, you should be banned from watching game of thrones
Sassire 2007
Sassire 2007 Hace 7 días
Cersei be like Cut his throat... joking ahaha April Fools Littlefinger I'm saving u for Sansa
Victoria Sepúlveda
Victoria Sepúlveda Hace 7 días
ok but where's the sept blowing up and cersei with her cup of wine. Also Sansa making Ramsay's dogs eat him. I need a part 2
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Hace 7 días
If this didn’t give you chills your dead inside
Ha Ha
Ha Ha Hace 7 días
How did Arya get the height of Walder Frey?😕
David Alves
David Alves Hace 5 días
She can think The God of Death for that!
Yahya Korchi
Yahya Korchi Hace 7 días
The dead don't swim but who chained viserion after the battle at the frozen lake
Fedup Withem
Fedup Withem Hace 7 días
I'm so excited about sunday night I could piss myself.
wSlash Hace 7 días
Where is Tyrion's speech to Blackwater?
ZHL242 Hace 4 días
"Those are brave men knocking at our door!" ... "Let's go kill them!"
Garv Say
Garv Say Hace 7 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-810fe9OosQA.html I love quotes from GOT
Weirdo 4HGSA
Weirdo 4HGSA Hace 7 días
Fuuuck mee i can't wait for the final season tho am afraid it will be hella emotional wreck
Kevin Ellis
Kevin Ellis Hace 7 días
Shame that the sub-titles are out of sync. Detracts from an otherwise good compilation!
Kunal Nikumbhe
Kunal Nikumbhe Hace 7 días
Anyone here likes the fire catching sword of Beric Dandarion !!!
Maurice Muhammad
Maurice Muhammad Hace 8 días
Jessica Heard
Jessica Heard Hace 8 días
I feel a tiny bit bad for Khaleesis brother. He was kinda right. He was owed payment for her
Costas Hace 8 días
"I killed your vicious bastard you bitch" is what Littlefinger was thinking.
Robert Weniger
Robert Weniger Hace 8 días
I feel like Oberyn knew Tyrion would demand a trial by combat since he always does, and he knew the Crown would appoint Ser Gregor because of his formidability as a combatant. Motherfucker was playing the Game of Thrones for something far more precious than a crown. He was playing for vengeance.
gelo sabian
gelo sabian Hace 8 días
This part 17:25
Dewey M/F Tahkeal
Dewey M/F Tahkeal Hace 8 días
Leave one wolf alive and the 🐑 sheep are never safe 🐺
Driver Nirvana
Driver Nirvana Hace 8 días
Tyrion essentially giving the court the middle finger is by far the most badass. He became one of my favorite characters after that scene.
Daphney Williams
Daphney Williams Hace 4 días
The who dat Nation
Marissa Hace 8 días
I miss how Dany said dracarys in the beginning, with the rolled 'r'.
Peachesxo Hace 8 días
Arya killing the Frey’s was by far my favorite 💕 best revenge ever. “Winter came for House Frey” 😱
l JK l
l JK l Hace 8 días
3:14 Is this Greyworm ? PS : RIP Greyworm 2019
Alex Hace 8 días
That sound before the fire gives me chills
Eizen Hace 8 días
Every episode is great
richardhalo Hace 8 días
That's a very weak compilation. From all 7 seasons that's all the best you could do? Smh...
Nola Hace 8 días
If you want to watch the real "badass compilation", you have to watch the show.
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