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28 may 2018

Game of thronesArya StarkDaenerysMother of dragonsCerseiTyrion






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Sigrafix Hace 19 horas
I've shown that episode "spoils of war" to a few people who refused to watch GoT.. now they're hooked on it.. Lol.
Nicks K
Nicks K Hace 21 un hora
Make all list you want but the most satisfying death of all will be of cersei
George G
George G Hace 21 un hora
Wait!...where is the King of the Night riding the dragon and taking down the ice wall?....
Milton2k Hace 23 horas
Great choice of scenes, not so great editing. Keep it up though.
Milton2k Hace 23 horas
Just subbed BTW
Alain D,mystic
Alain D,mystic Hace un día
Handpicked by someone who didn't watch it, probably picked best bits from few other bits, of real fans best parts, obvious cause u pick much better if actually watch whole series. No cunts no chicken, horrick, u know rest
Luke Davies
Luke Davies Hace un día
Always wondered how gold melted in a fire not hot enough, in such a quick time, with no glow aha
OnnyGames- E
OnnyGames- E Hace un día
Dae: “dragons aren’t slaves” White Walker King : “hold my beer!”
Abserd O
Abserd O Hace un día
God King Aegon is a beast
Jar Jar Danks
Jar Jar Danks Hace un día
Stannis Last Stand should be here
The Patient
The Patient Hace un día
Baelish was getting way too smug for Cersei's liking in that first scene
Kris Mack
Kris Mack Hace un día
Arya is so freakin bad ass.
Kary Danzine
Kary Danzine Hace un día
I demand trial by combat
Yah Yahoo
Yah Yahoo Hace 2 días
trial by combat...a mechanism for the unknown to make themselves know by the crimes of the highborn.
Yah Yahoo
Yah Yahoo Hace 2 días
do see if you can take some time away from your coins and your whores to recognize that properly placed knowledge...knowledge is power...its not like we actually liked circe is it?
Yah Yahoo
Yah Yahoo Hace 2 días
scene 2...yeah..we all got that one right.
Georgiana Geo
Georgiana Geo Hace 2 días
Let't be honest,this...will ever can compare with spartacus when it's come to see a real fight !!! Spartacus fights are...profound,a verry good balance,incredible moves,this guys,must meet my best trio ever...spartacus,ganigus,crixus,real legends,not this soft tales
KayCee Fry
KayCee Fry Hace 2 días
No one is mentioning Master Bra’tac in these commercials? Ok then....
Wedgenut Tanker
Wedgenut Tanker Hace 2 días
He wouldn’t have any eyes left
Bazooka Ike
Bazooka Ike Hace 2 días
Now that video is an adrenaline rush that is much needed for the upcoming final season!
SilverTounge85 Hace 2 días
No Olenna? And Stannis meeting the Bolton-army in open field outnumbered, yet being the last man standing after the battle. Hate him for what he did to his daughter, but that was savage.
Michel wamass
Michel wamass Hace 3 días
Here is the ranking of the best videos of this bit.ly/2T67aGD
MiTmite9 Hace 3 días
I've got a bone to pick w/ George R. R. Martin: Ramsay Bolton's death was not gruesome or painful enough -----not by a long shot.
ndiogou niang
ndiogou niang Hace 3 días
Great video but I gotta dislike. You can't put 18 min of GOT badass scenes that does not include Olenna
Cdhant Thapa
Cdhant Thapa Hace 3 días
Valar morghullis .
Doyle Skyler
Doyle Skyler Hace 3 días
You can not have a most bad ass GOT compilation without the Hound. The chicken scene might be the most bad ass scene in the whole show.
Golden Silence, aka Goldie Love
"I did not kill Joffrey, but I wish I had! Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores!" lol This is cool, but you'll be here, all day, trying to compile all the GOT badass scenes! lol
Unicorn Genesis
Unicorn Genesis Hace 3 días
Where‘s Olanna?
Reminder Xitsundzuxo
leave one lion alive the sheeps aint safe
OTF_Golden Hace 4 días
What abt the part when Jorah saves Daenerys by throwing his spear in the gladiator thing
DogFaced Boy
DogFaced Boy Hace 4 días
Yop, you hit a peachy assortment of some of my fave licks. Although, I gotta admit I'd choose just about anything with dragons in it over anything with only people, not really because I hate people - I just like dragons better. I mean: "Get back to King's Landing... those fuckers are about to swamp us!" '''We can hold them off..." And, right then, coming up over the rise, you see cute little Drogie. Only little Drogie isn't cute anymore, he sure as hell ain't little and he's got a real, real bad case of God-Zone bad breath. The TIMING of the dialog and the actions is just perr-fect there, it kicks the whole thing along so well. There's another masterpiece of setting and timing in there, call it '''Drogie & the Slavemaster have a Bar-B-Que." If you watch it right from the point when Big-nose Bad-Guy Slavemaster hands the nekkid-wing-chick-whip-handle thingie over to the stupid-little-girl-with-nice-ass* and she hands off the leash & collar for Drogie. She commands "March!" to her new army and Melissandre's head whips around - VALERIAN?!? And Bignose is too dumb to notice, and even says "Tell the bitch my new pet won't obey!" or something to that effect... Bad time to use that word, sir... a bad, bad time.... *(or so, at least, sez Mr. Bignose the dumbass slavemaster)
xydxydxyd Hace 4 días
Aldriyan Rorimpandey
I can't pick any of those scenes is better but let me say this.. bring this GOT to big screen
Neo Genesis
Neo Genesis Hace 4 días
"Screaming continues"
Randall Bell
Randall Bell Hace 5 días
"We can hold them off" - (dragon screams) -> gossup AF
Jonathan Ameke
Jonathan Ameke Hace 5 días
The best part is 1:21 when that master get scammed. LOL
lapacesiaconvoi Hace un día
they did a good job making us hate him
Hastin Nuraini
Hastin Nuraini Hace 5 días
want to meet that beautiful ones
Iam HALOLER Hace 5 días
Most badass scenes more like some of the lamest scenes Boooo!
Troma Hace 5 días
Ruined by the damn subtitles...
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Hace 5 días
Tyrion, "I demand a trial by combat!" gives me the chills.
Jordan Hace 5 días
I know it's a small detail, but one of my favorite things throughout this series is that rapid, low cello run right before the dragons breathe fire. It's such a cool detail, and I just love it.
Marie Joy Sayawan
Marie Joy Sayawan Hace 6 días
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Abin Tom Sebastian
Abin Tom Sebastian Hace 6 días
Jaime: We can hold them off Drogon: hold ma beer.
Rehmat Ullah Khan Orakzai
I think tyrion did the best performance and acting and I hope he will do best in coming season Waiting for the next and final season
M&V Hace 6 días
I just... people hate on characters so much... I just think they’re all perfect on this show. They are all needed. Because this show is perfect... Fuck, sorry i need season 8 I’m going crazy
Joseph Allen
Joseph Allen Hace 6 días
woodman39 Hace 6 días
The last scene was cut too short.
HabsForeverCH Hace 6 días
Nice vid with awesome scenes. Although I still think that the most badass moment in the series until now is when the Night King stares at Jon Snow and slowly raises his arms to awaken the dead and make them rise up to join the staring party, at Hardhome. Honorable mention also to almost every time we see Oberyn Martell, notably when he explains to Tyrion that he will be his champion.
D Togo
D Togo Hace 6 días
Where's the scene where Khal Drogo has Daenerys bent over on all fours?
getfit40 Hace 6 días
lilcummy Hace 6 días
what about when Sansa says 'you stand accused of murder, you stand accused of treason. What do you say to these crimes?' 'Lord Baelish...'
Sakhile Ngobesa
Sakhile Ngobesa Hace 6 días
cersei lannister "power is power"
A- DOG Hace 6 días
16:44 Lannister: courage lads! Courage! Wait for it... Dragon: Dary (low pitch).... LEGENDARY! # burn # stinson out
Frederick Speller
Frederick Speller Hace 7 días
"A girl is Arya Stark of Winter fell, and I'm going home."
6String Ronin
6String Ronin Hace 7 días
"will your men fight for you, when they hear you wouldn't fight for them?" Well, that one didn't play out like he hoped for.
Sudhanshu Kumar
Sudhanshu Kumar Hace 7 días
You know what you can't fit all the badass scene in game of thrones in a single clip. It doesn't matter how much we have if we have it we want some more
Bahaa Eish
Bahaa Eish Hace 7 días
third is the best
leew11k Hace 7 días
Came for the hound🤔
Sai Krishna Kavuri
Sai Krishna Kavuri Hace 7 días
Power is power
Barcelona Barcelona
Barcelona Barcelona Hace 7 días
for me the best is Dragons appearing over Dothraki army and missed scene for me is INTRODUCTION of worm
Awais Hassan
Awais Hassan Hace 8 días
And NOw you,ve got a fuckin reoson to watch game of thrones
Philipp Egelhof
Philipp Egelhof Hace 8 días
The death of littlefinger
yerram prakash
yerram prakash Hace 9 días
Who likes the sound of drogon before spitting fire🔥
Tyrions scene got him the Oscar😍😍
Spasoje Kulasevic
Spasoje Kulasevic Hace 9 días
ray lewis
ray lewis Hace 9 días
Jaime: we can absolutely destroy these stupid dothraki! *sees dragon* on second thought...
CeeRiuZ Hace 9 días
Best part ist the subtitles of drotrhaki
Aishwarya Dutt Mishra
Oberyn death was the most horrifying scene...
JohnSmithZen Hace 10 días
Needs more "you gonna die for some chickens?", "Someone is...", but good scene choices.
RG Pheonix
RG Pheonix Hace 10 días
Where is fuck is The MOthEr Fucking Hound
John Williams
John Williams Hace 10 días
I like how the subtitle maker is giving contact info for work and "synching" like the subtitles aren't extremely desynchronized.
Sean Connors
Sean Connors Hace 10 días
I want a dragon - just one and I’d be happy. But how to feed her?
Manishkumar Divekar
Manishkumar Divekar Hace 11 días
I wish to confess...great acting
Magnus Klutz
Magnus Klutz Hace 11 días
Last scene. Well duh. She had a dragon. Is that the only way shes good at anything?
Angelina Drvoderić
Angelina Drvoderić Hace 11 días
The best "DRACARYS!" ever was when she ordered Drogon to kill Kraznys mo Nakloz! Never after that did she pronounce "R" correctly... Such shame she always softens it the way British people do.
The Green Mage
The Green Mage Hace 11 días
So much of the new action scenes feel so empty. Apart from... That moment Jaime Lannister saw that dragon land, with Daenerys getting off to take out the Scorpion Bolt... And for a moment, just then, he remembered who he was, who he used to be, all the legends. He lost a hand... But he could still joust. He could still hold a spear. And by the divines, he was still a knight. A true knight. And he would do his duty! Now THAT. That was powerful.
Ashmeed Mohammed
Ashmeed Mohammed Hace 11 días
this was justice scenes, not badass scenes... some of the bad people and bad things have badass scenes.
Julio Yin
Julio Yin Hace 12 días
Beardy ds
Julio Yin
Julio Yin Hace 12 días
Beardy birds issa knowledge 😑
roger peet
roger peet Hace 12 días
I have never seen Game of Thrones and (this is the good part) I never will !!!
chitterlingsrtasty Hace 12 días
Damn it! its not complete without Sandor, "I think I'll take 2 Chickens" Clegane!!!
Ahmed Affan
Ahmed Affan Hace 12 días
Where is the scene where karl tanner kills craster after saying, " you are a bastard. A daughter fucking wildling bastard". To me that was one of the top badass scene in all of game of thrones
Zélina Preschia
Zélina Preschia Hace 12 días
music theme " game of thrones " = Nick Drake- Milk and Honey.
Go home and get your shine box
10:12 Double kill, awesome!
Richie Bucks
Richie Bucks Hace 12 días
Fred Blair
Fred Blair Hace 13 días
I like first scene as it's when Cersci is still beautful and amusing, before she becomes a depressed lesbian queen.
linda staton
linda staton Hace 13 días
Her brother got what he deserved because he wanted what she already had
Mohammed Salah
Mohammed Salah Hace 13 días
in 15:49 wow, whatta difference!!! When you finish hearing the old man voice, then the girl starts to speak, it's like listening to music
Mohammed Salah
Mohammed Salah Hace 13 días
Well done. But please watch out for the subtitles timing.
Madushan Jayawardane
Madushan Jayawardane Hace 13 días
Never get tired of sound of dragons. They are perfect.
Bannor Haruchai
Bannor Haruchai Hace 13 días
Alicia Mccullough
Alicia Mccullough Hace 13 días
And the rest is just drama talk bullshit.
Washington Consultants
Good compilation. My favorite is how Bolton dies.
David Hujik
David Hujik Hace 14 días
My favorite scene where she kills the entire house lol.
David Hujik
David Hujik Hace 14 días
Most of these will be the mother of dragons.
Alukard TheDeathknight
I really need another GoT fix so baddly 💵💰💲💰💵
AKSHAY MISHRA Hace 14 días
And i am here liking all the comments
Savage Squad Gamer
Savage Squad Gamer Hace 14 días
When the unsullied got to kill the masters they were probably like “FUCK YEA BITCHES”
arshid alibhai
arshid alibhai Hace 14 días
Season 8 can't come sooner.. Valar Morghulis!!
Long Shore
Long Shore Hace 14 días
3:12 mlg moment
Muhammad Aqeel
Muhammad Aqeel Hace 14 días
Game of thrones season 8 watch here bit.ly/2I2GJx6
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