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28 may 2018

Game of thronesArya StarkDaenerysMother of dragonsCerseiTyrion






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Fahad Siyal
Fahad Siyal Hace 2 días
I want to fuck the writers of season 8 brutually 😀
The Green Reaper
The Green Reaper Hace 4 días
From all the badass-scenes and quotes on GoT.. this remains to be the one that gives the most shivers.... " I demand a Trial by Combat!"..
Tanay Pandey
Tanay Pandey Hace 5 días
*It pains to watch Oberyn , when Tyrion said he wanted a trial by combat.* That scene of combat was fucked up.
Walter White
Walter White Hace 7 días
I like the the little “(pants)” at the end when that poor lad was touching cloth.
SkaterBlades Hace 9 días
It's a shame D&D forgot the politics and strategic killings is what made this show great, not just battle and spectacle
Xale l'ombre de geek !
Cersei: Cut his throat Also Cersei: No I'm Joking Sansa: Cut his throat Arya: ******* :D
Lee Felix
Lee Felix Hace 14 días
Just finished watching the whole series..I can’t believe season 8 had to suck so freaking bad compared to those beautiful first seasons
Park Leek
Park Leek Hace 18 días
That's exactly what i wanted to watch ! Even if i would add some more scene (dunno, thinking about Olenna and Varys)
Maskon Is
Maskon Is Hace 20 días
That first one tho 😂😂😂
Irshad Sher
Irshad Sher Hace 21 un día
The last music is excellent.. From where you got?
abcd 58152
abcd 58152 Hace 21 un día
/ What if Superman appears out of nowhere
Dark Midi
Dark Midi Hace 24 días
Damn, I don't think anyone liked Khal Drogo
Salih Khan
Salih Khan Hace 25 días
Shit i carried on Jeofreys ded
Salih Khan
Salih Khan Hace 25 días
I got to into it Spoiled some of the journey for myself :(
Olga Yusipova
Olga Yusipova Hace 26 días
А какой это сезон и номер серии??
Troy Hace un mes
zig-zags...fucking zig-zags. That's all I have to say.
Lalrinfeli Tlau
Lalrinfeli Tlau Hace un mes
power is power🔥
Lord Awesome
Lord Awesome Hace un mes
It’s always great watching slavers getting slain
Margaery Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell Hace un mes
Well that gold must've wanted to kill Viserys, it melted way too quickly...
sweet poison
sweet poison Hace un mes
Love the way she say DRACARYS....oh i miss her soo much and her dragons
Terry Xu
Terry Xu Hace un mes
Most bad ass moments should be snow facing all the Bolton’s Calvary and Jamie charge towards Drogon
Pat Hace un mes
I loved this show. So sad the writers ruined it by not even trying on the final season :(
Sylas Reidd
Sylas Reidd Hace un mes
Thank you God for giving us Peter Dinklage, a man too epic in every scene.
Victor Lin
Victor Lin Hace un mes
Didn't know gold melted that fast
Why so Serious
Why so Serious Hace un mes
Arya stark killing walder freys is more badass scene everre
Franky Padilla
Franky Padilla Hace un mes
What season is the first clip?
haiderah kareem
haiderah kareem Hace un mes
I feel bad GOT ended 😭😭😭😭
B #
B # Hace un mes
Isn’t that robbing that Dany took the master’s army for free.
Nishtha Ganeriwal
Nishtha Ganeriwal Hace un mes
Ugh I hate season 8
AdaMFitch - My Subscriptions
Mother of dragons? HA! MOTHER OF DEMONS!!!
Mihir Gandhi
Mihir Gandhi Hace un mes
That speech of Tyrion♥️🔥
SanFrancisco Bay
SanFrancisco Bay Hace 2 meses
was expecting all tywin scenes and oberyn scenes (all of them) would make for an accurate video
43nostromo Hace 2 meses
9:19 They bravely ran away.
Philip Ma
Philip Ma Hace 2 meses
sub titles are out of sync
Nithin Shamlal
Nithin Shamlal Hace 2 meses
One of the best series ever made destroyed by the last episode
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Hace 2 meses
I love the way Tywin and Tyrion stare at each other with that music in the background. Drama cannot get any better!
The Lonely One
The Lonely One Hace 2 meses
Bro how could you forget yorens death scene and the scene where he threatened to cut the guards leg and balls off because he was protecting gendry most badass thing I’ve Ever scene
I never watch this before ..
I like these dragon scene
Korayhan Hallo
Korayhan Hallo Hace 2 meses
Back, when the dialouge was awesome!
pook pook ja
pook pook ja Hace 2 meses
The more I watch this the more I am angry at this last season. So much build-up for that... Interesting how a few words can make GoT much more exciting... I demand a trial by combat
ELVIS1975T Hace 2 meses
Pressed "like" at the first scene
strange ass octopuss
That wasn't fire that was pure liquified gold
Bhojpuri King
Bhojpuri King Hace 2 meses
F#ck season 8 episode 6 Anyway bran become king but no one get iron Throne .. got for you
joseph mcnulty
joseph mcnulty Hace 2 meses
The dothraki coming for jaime and bronn is terrifying to watch
Supraniscient Hace 2 meses
This looks so stupid. Glad I never watched this trash.
Supraniscient Hace 2 meses
@jakaoao neudidizoz That exactly who its for.
jakaoao neudidizoz
jakaoao neudidizoz Hace 2 meses
this show is not for gay people or kids so i think yr right
Tony D
Tony D Hace 2 meses
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Priya M
Priya M Hace 2 meses
The times when the writers were fucking amazing .
Nakraal Hace 2 meses
Where the fuck is hardhome and the NK?
Jerry Hace 2 meses
16:29 Only a fool would meet the dothraki in an open field - Robert Baratheon
Alexander Hace 2 meses
Those were some of the worst written Scenes lmao, fucking Arya just murdering everyone in a Castle and Danny just killing POW's okay lmao
ThesuperDope Xxx
ThesuperDope Xxx Hace 2 meses
What about when Jon Snow kills Ramsay and when he kills a white walker
Santiago de Jesús Carrillo Oré
3:00 desde ahi empezo su tirania
Fer Enaf
Fer Enaf Hace 2 meses
Remember when this show was good?
syarif adrian
syarif adrian Hace 2 meses
They ruined all of this in 4 episodes wow
Sunil Nagavelli
Sunil Nagavelli Hace 2 meses
Lol, Jamie's reaction at @17:21
Sunil Nagavelli
Sunil Nagavelli Hace 2 meses
Tyrion: watching your vicious bastard dies give me more relief than 1,000 lying whores. Giant Bitch Cersei: fuck man
Chris MacDuffie
Chris MacDuffie Hace 2 meses
They destroyed Tyrion's character so blatantly and with such disrespect to the fans and the show as a whole. The examples of his greatness here are a testament to his to that GREATNESS!!
don mon
don mon Hace 2 meses
god damn this generation has no taste
Aman Kaushik
Aman Kaushik Hace 2 meses
where are stannis moments
Arctic FN
Arctic FN Hace 2 meses
Holy fuck that sound the dragon makes
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Hace 3 meses
Who else is here so they can remember how good the show used to be?
Lelouch Vi Britannia
“Slay the masters, slay the soldiers, slay every man who holds a whip, but harm no child.” I want THIS Dany back. Not whoever that was in season 8.
Karl Rufus
Karl Rufus Hace 3 meses
I forgot how good this series was.
Jennie’s gucci bag
what about the temple on fire with all the house Tyrell in it? That scene was awesome
PD Plays
PD Plays Hace 3 meses
Check my channel , i uploaded a compilation of best moments from game of thrones all seasons.
BabyDemonStudio Hace 3 meses
Came here to cope with the pain of the finale.
One Man Army
One Man Army Hace 3 meses
Dela k
Dela k Hace 3 meses
Dany 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
SPopic Hace 3 meses
When I see this I realize that Season 8 makes no sense.
Homer The Youtuber
Homer The Youtuber Hace 3 meses
grey worm at 3:15
Mike Hace 3 meses
The more I watch this the more I am angry at this last season. So much build-up for that...
Walter White
Walter White Hace 19 días
Anthony Harness are u fucking medicated
Anthony Harness
Anthony Harness Hace 23 días
I loved the ending
Walter White
Walter White Hace 29 días
Ik 😔
SHA8UTIE Hace 3 meses
Yeah, it was just atrocious.
mark wilson
mark wilson Hace 3 meses
Do you enjoy Game of Thrones? I have found a deal on season 8. whether you want a DVD or blue ray or 4k.i enjoy Game of Thrones too. if you would like more details. please click the link below. amzn.to/2w8oUEd
Ali Noor
Ali Noor Hace 3 meses
What happened to this show This is just sad..
jyoti mall
jyoti mall Hace 3 meses
Still pissed that Oberyn is dead.
Alvaro M. Gómez Zúñiga
spot on
Jose Constant
Jose Constant Hace 3 meses
They don't make them like they used to.
Muratcan Karahasan
Muratcan Karahasan Hace 3 meses
Season 8 cannot belong to this series
Dark Wizard
Dark Wizard Hace un mes
FalconPower356 yeah but it was so shit.
zwareshagman Hace un mes
the first charge in the battle for winterfell is pretty fucking dope imo.
NUBIAN NILE Hace 2 meses
Muratcan Karahasan Agreed, I’m forgetting season 8 already.
Muratcan Karahasan
Muratcan Karahasan Hace 3 meses
@FalconPower356 can Arya fly?
FalconPower356 Hace 3 meses
@Muratcan Karahasan Night King death scene was beautiful. Yes, the argument can be made that he should not have died, but the cinematography, music, and acting were all top notch for that scene.
Rapela Fernandez
Rapela Fernandez Hace 3 meses
Show sucks don’t know what the bloody hype is about
Rapela Fernandez
Rapela Fernandez Hace 3 meses
Steph F based on a breakdown of best scenes dummy
Steph F
Steph F Hace 3 meses
Judging from a 18 minute video... Oh well
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