Best Proposal Ever | Hannah Stocking, Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

Hannah Stocking
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Hannah Stocking
Hannah Stocking Hace 6 meses
THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Comment your favorite part!
Korie Myers
Korie Myers Hace 2 horas
Hannah stocking i 💍👔👖👗👙👑👠👡👢👞🥿👛🎒💍💍💍
Xxstar lightxX
Xxstar lightxX Hace un día
Hannah Stocking my favourite was when I smashed that subscribe button
Bacon-Swartz Haileyanna
_suny_ flawore_
_suny_ flawore_ Hace un mes
Congratulations 👏👏👏👏 this is my fave part😂😂😂😂😂
GFG Innovaciones & Company, Company Admon
Si alguien pudiera agregar subtitulo al español Sería Muy Muy Genial... Jejeje ) :) Es que no entiendo Nada :V
Glenesha Rice
Glenesha Rice Hace 30 minutos
Hi Hannah are you really married
キスして Hace 14 horas
Life Lesson: Google Maps lead you to be single.
Aryaa Kulkarni
Aryaa Kulkarni Hace 16 horas
i think her bf is gay
Joe Williamson
Joe Williamson Hace un día
Why won't you ask to marry him
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown Hace 2 días
I watch your videos every day
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown Hace 2 días
Hi Anwar hannah and lela and Rudy
Alisia Sewsankar
Alisia Sewsankar Hace 2 días
chandni chandani
chandni chandani Hace 2 días
Who is saw the fake tan
lrene _the sleepy head _
And that's how you get married
Shane Jones
Shane Jones Hace 2 días
This is so funny
Bunny 19
Bunny 19 Hace 3 días
Alexa Farias
Alexa Farias Hace 3 días
That spray tan doe
Kuiwie e
Kuiwie e Hace 5 días
I love how this is the same video as Lele’s
Ruvarashe Mawunganidze
That’s just twisted 😂😂😂😂😂
kitty meow meow
kitty meow meow Hace 7 días
😂 awww
Lg_randumbfanpage Hace 8 días
I love how Hannah went like that in the bed and said Goodnight :>
Dominic Crux
Dominic Crux Hace 8 días
I love the grandchild talk ❣️❣️
Delois Tisdale
Delois Tisdale Hace 9 días
Sizo that is the dog i have
Roman Evteev
Roman Evteev Hace 10 días
Hannah : hate my life
Gamer girl 32
Gamer girl 32 Hace 10 días
Rudy is sooooo cool and Hannah is the best!
lucky .01
lucky .01 Hace 11 días
the fuck?
Hikmat Muraina
Hikmat Muraina Hace 12 días
Wow he's happy for u
Toxic Theory
Toxic Theory Hace 17 días
Anwar is a God in every video that he’s in.
Micheal william
Micheal william Hace 18 días
What the heck how do you get married to someone who is not the one that’s dating u and your boyfriend is happy 🤯🤯🤯
Vam Vaj
Vam Vaj Hace 20 días
That's just mess up
Victoria Ventura
Victoria Ventura Hace 20 días
Like my comment
Daniel Mascarenhas
Daniel Mascarenhas Hace 21 un día
Guys please go follow my Instagram I am 14 years old and aspiring to be a professional golfer, I play off 1 so please support me with the journey @Daniel J Mascarenhas
Strawbery Sp
Strawbery Sp Hace 21 un día
You got friendzoned by him or maybe hes gay?😂
Ariel Timberlake
Ariel Timberlake Hace 22 días
My favorite part was when they go on their date
Finkale Yang
Finkale Yang Hace 23 días
"Grandchildren now, Please" my family: U BETTER NOT HAVE ANY KIDS UNTIL U ARE 30
Sunset Lovers シ
Sunset Lovers シ Hace 24 días
0:55 why did i feel like she was gonna scream just me? ok
Beth Longos Gabule
Beth Longos Gabule Hace 25 días
It's So Unfair Hannah Just Cheated On Matt And didn't even feel jealous like wth 😆
Nevaeh Moore
Nevaeh Moore Hace 25 días
Hannah was all ready has a ring on the finger
Bill Moore
Bill Moore Hace 25 días
Lucy online7
Lucy online7 Hace 27 días
Wth just happened
clemon lawrence
clemon lawrence Hace 27 días
What is your name
clemon lawrence
clemon lawrence Hace 27 días
Ty school year
clemon lawrence
clemon lawrence Hace 27 días
my name is Tia
Gamal Ali
Gamal Ali Hace 28 días
Matthew is that you l m rose from roblox
Elma Does Her Thing
Elma Does Her Thing Hace 28 días
No one Literally no one Hannah take this penny I found on the ground 😂
Elma Does Her Thing
Elma Does Her Thing Hace 28 días
No one
Roxemmasupergirl Hace 28 días
Bruh that tan tho :/
Cringe Fam
Cringe Fam Hace 29 días
Omg lol 😂
Simara Lee
Simara Lee Hace un mes
So the whole time he was gay???!
Greet Brusselmans
Greet Brusselmans Hace un mes
Summer Star
Summer Star Hace un mes
I have a shih tzu
Velvet Watkins
Velvet Watkins Hace un mes
GFG Innovaciones & Company, Company Admon
Casate Comnigo! Yo te amo Mad ;)
Sylvia Dotzour
Sylvia Dotzour Hace un mes
She should just propose herself! The man doesn’t need to do it.
ERONIT《OMG》 YT Hace un mes
More like friends
cosmos breath
cosmos breath Hace un mes
Seriously i wanna punch matthew right in the face 😂
Hayley Thai
Hayley Thai Hace un mes
Who else saw her tan
Nothing To See Here
Was he just waiting for Rudy to come for 10 years?
Emogine Ellis
Emogine Ellis Hace un mes
H U ugly
Jasmine Guerra
Jasmine Guerra Hace un mes
My favorite part is that when Rudy proposed
Gacha Guest
Gacha Guest Hace un mes
Y’know the female in the relationship can propose
bella daka
bella daka Hace un mes
Sequoyah Thomas
Sequoyah Thomas Hace un mes
Congrats u are married after 10 seconds😂
itz liah
itz liah Hace un mes
Wait what Lmao her bf is happy that another guy proposed her
GFG Innovaciones & Company, Company Admon
Alguien podría agregar subtitulos al español ;) No Entiendo Nada :V Jeje ) :)
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