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Furious Trailer
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00:00 Brightburn
00:23 Godzilla King Of The Monsters
04:48 Avengers 4 EndGame (Marvel Studios)
07:14 Captain Marvel
09:32 Secret Life Of Pets 2
10:49 X-Men Dark Phoenix
11:50 Men In Black 4
14:25 Us
16:54 Greta
19:16 Triple Frontier
21:13 The Kid Who Would Be King
23:36 Alita Battle Angel
25:54 Glass
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28 dic 2018

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Furious Trailer
Furious Trailer Hace 22 días
Which movies you are most excited for ? 00:00 Brightburn 00:23 Godzilla King Of The Monsters 04:48 Avengers 4 EndGame (Marvel Studios) 07:14 Captain Marvel 09:32 Secret Life Of Pets 2 10:49 X-Men Dark Phoenix 11:50 Men In Black 4 14:25 Us 16:54 Greta 19:16 Triple Frontier 21:13 The Kid Who Would Be King 23:36 Alita Battle Angel 25:54 Glass
Audrianna Ybarra
Audrianna Ybarra Hace 8 horas
I seen glass it's hella good
FBI ALB for music
FBI ALB for music Hace 13 horas
1. Endgame 2. Star wars 3 . spider man far from home is not in video 4. Captain marvel 5. X - men dark phoenix 6..toy story 4 is not In video 7. Glass 8.secret life of pets 9..Alita 10. Godzilla
Chairul Munajib
Chairul Munajib Hace 14 horas
alita is some interested, MIB is bad as compared to old MIB
Brohobo 1
Brohobo 1 Hace 14 horas
Rexctnice 123
Rexctnice 123 Hace 21 un hora
Godzilla King of the monster Secret life of pet 2
Weeknight Drive
Weeknight Drive Hace 2 horas
is there any smart movie with actual fun dialogs coming up?
Highway maintenance
Highway maintenance Hace 2 horas
The movie industry is going to shit.
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Hace 3 horas
So is no one excited for Godzilla?
mike cafamo
mike cafamo Hace 3 horas
Hollywood is sinking....
hellcat5 Hace 4 horas
Olly Pearce_NZ
Olly Pearce_NZ Hace 5 horas
Captain Marvel is stupidly overpowered and can time travel 😂 I hope feminists will be happy.
Bamboo Hace 5 horas
The best movie in 2019: Teardrop at the Tip!
robluxi piech
robluxi piech Hace 7 horas
Watched till the fem mib remake. Have fun 4 yrs from now paying will Smith 100 million to correct that mistake. Shame.
Mac Gyver
Mac Gyver Hace 10 horas
Men in black is 2 men in black, no matter what one identifies as
Jacob Hace 11 horas
Superman as a villain... I'm in
Brohobo 1
Brohobo 1 Hace 14 horas
5:53 t pose is the way to destroy the universe
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher Hace 19 horas
Wot?....men in black without will smith?....fucking gay ass bullshit is what that is
itz mozesa
itz mozesa Hace un día
brightburn looks like a superman storyline ripoff
New Trend
New Trend Hace un día
this i like, best
K Trigs
K Trigs Hace un día
0:50 Lemme guess. Superman?
1966bluemax Hace un día
Is brightburn supposed to be Superman?
Becker289 Hace un día
So many wannabe critics in the comments
Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen
Ok so no movies for me in 2019
Kaylin Duel
Kaylin Duel Hace un día
SO EXCITED FOR BRIGHTBURN- Already making plans!!!
Sundincubus Hace un día
@21:50, is the kind of movies that you'd roll your eyes because it's so childish and yet, they project the movie to be so serious to which you don't even know if it's meant for kids or teens. Another boring-ass British movie about evil sorcerers taking over the world and it's all up to a kid with a sword to save this helpless world. Whoopty doo!!!
visual land
visual land Hace un día
Tamás Harbula
Tamás Harbula Hace un día
Rune King Thor will kick her ass, or slap it at least
laura sutton
laura sutton Hace un día
90% of those look stupid
Gabriel S
Gabriel S Hace un día
If Superman was evil.... really??? Lame, lame, LAME!
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Hace un día
Who else skip the MIB remake? I love the actors, but the originals can't be replace. It just can't.
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Hace un día
A lot of people seems to be dissapointed but im actually pretty excited Edit: only 3 movies stood up tho, Avengers,Xmen,Glass,
Mortimer Brewster
Mortimer Brewster Hace un día
I had no intention of watching any more MIB movies after the terrible second one but with Hemsworth and Thompson (great together in Thor Ragnarok) teaming up I might give it a chance if I'm bored and looking for something to do. I'll watch the last Avengers to finish out the story but then I'm done with Marvel (definitely not wasting time or money on that Captain Marvel crap). None of the rest of the movies will get my money. They all look boring.
Ly Ve
Ly Ve Hace un día
iam waiting for Smallvile Movie, The Jumper, Narnia, Iam Legend, Costantine and many movie that have continues Movie... ughh. so many.. movie are so amazing fantasy..
Kristopher Abramovic
Samuel and the cat scene was the best xD
Venom Hace un día
What about SpiderMan Far Away From Home
dame chwa
dame chwa Hace un día
How About. EarthBurn.. Villain Will be Plastics! Buaaahaaaaaa Plastics Kings Of The Monsters Avengers 4 EndOfHumanSpecies Secret Effects Of Global Warming 2 X-Men Dark Future The Kid Who Would Save Planet earth Alita Battle Plastics
Jacose J
Jacose J Hace 2 días
Captain marvel looks so lame!
Dennis Lundberg
Dennis Lundberg Hace 2 días
Hestin Fite
Hestin Fite Hace 2 días
what a grate beginning to 2019
NickelCityPixels Hace 2 días
Boooooooooooooooo! 90% of it should be Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooed!
Mun.com.fan.account .gounder
Hollywood movies are fake and rubbish and only Bollywood are are the best the Akshay Kumar once
Gigant 99
Gigant 99 Hace 2 días
14:31 cj in 2019
Skeptoptimist Hace 2 días
Damn, looking like a miserable year ahead for movies. Thank god for ESvid, and might even venture outside get some fresh air.
Denz Balane
Denz Balane Hace 2 días
Can somebody hire me to be their writer? Honestly, most of these movies lost its substance. I only look forward for marvel movies to come out, that's it.
I say shotgun, you say wedding
Super hero movies are taking over Hollywood, and Trump is taking over America...I can't wait until this generation just fades away lol
michael conner
michael conner Hace 2 días
Bunch of shitty movies
Becker289 Hace un día
Godzilla looks visually stunning
Niklas Almgren
Niklas Almgren Hace 2 días
Why, oh why, do you get to see the whole movie in contemporary trailers?
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne Hace 2 días
Superheroes, war and horror. Great perspective for 2019. Yawn.
Coleco Vw.
Coleco Vw. Hace 2 días
The movie industry is truly finished. Nothing new or original.
dev smi
dev smi Hace 2 días
whats up wit deez long ass trailers
NPC 7 Hace 2 días
Godzilla King Of The Monsters
SAB 0600
SAB 0600 Hace 3 días
love this two actor combind again... hahahaha they were funny n lovely
minidarkfox Hace 3 días
Im excited for the secret life of pets. The first one was good.
Brad B
Brad B Hace 3 días
Outstanding special effects but most seem pretty slim on story
WWJD123 Hace 3 días
I can tell these are millennial fantasy movies because nearly all of them have some female warrior figure leading and beating up the bad guys. And the last time that actually happened was when? Answer: never.
Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies Hace 3 días
Is her name Martha !!!
Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies Hace 3 días
Is this the superman origin story lol
Mark Gauvreau
Mark Gauvreau Hace 3 días
Mostly illuminati garbage...aint worth shit!!!
Nanette Fresher
Nanette Fresher Hace 3 días
André Gideback
André Gideback Hace 3 días
I'm very interested about Godzilla can't wait!
Steven Notto
Steven Notto Hace 3 días
Was that the evil Superman movie?
en ar movies
en ar movies Hace 3 días
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KOMODO GREY Hace 3 días
Man Himself
Man Himself Hace 3 días
This ain't Hollywood....Plz bring it back
ZI GAMING Hace 3 días
Is End Game last Avenger movie? Or is there any Avengers returns?
David Peterson
David Peterson Hace 3 días
what about "The Mule?"
ANGEL SOPPY Hace 2 días
oi mean Clint Eastwood shit that's why it isn't there
David Peterson
David Peterson Hace 3 días
A sad state of hollywood. %90 doom and gloom with a %10 chance of a happy ending.
Osman Melendez
Osman Melendez Hace 3 días
Millie Bobby Brown is basically Eleven again but with Godzilla around...
kabutar lal
kabutar lal Hace 3 días
The Kid who would be King- Best out of whole lot..totally different story..
Diver 77
Diver 77 Hace 3 días
The fact thst that james gumn is still making movies is disturbing. He is a pedo.
Jeancarlos Tirado
Jeancarlos Tirado Hace 3 días
That first movie roars the end scared the fuck out of me lol
Kai Fire
Kai Fire Hace 4 días
Nobody cares for the Broly movie? This is wack
Xurkon Hace 4 días
Dark Phoenix is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, they will almost certainly screw it up, but I'll still probably enjoy it.
Larry J
Larry J Hace 4 días
More films for adolescent video game nerds. I've outgrown this stuff. Godzilla again? It's like trotting out the Transformers again - couldn't look more boring.
Yehezkiel Rich
Yehezkiel Rich Hace 4 días
The Avengers Endgame it has to be I mean the Marvel it has to be Marvel Stud10s there are number ten on that Like this MARVEL | STUD1️⃣0️⃣S then boom turn into dust
Rayquon Elliott
Rayquon Elliott Hace 4 días
triple frontier has an interesting cast
Jesus Velazquez
Jesus Velazquez Hace 4 días
Jesus Velazquez
Jesus Velazquez Hace 4 días
meckleboy Hace 4 días
I think it’s a what if “ comic. WhAt if Superman went evil and wrong. I actually am interested. They clearly aren’t using names but story is incredibly similar. Ma and pa Kent thwarting or possibly dying from the boy they adopted from a crashed vessel from Krypton
Kyle Springs
Kyle Springs Hace 4 días
Amelia Crowder
Amelia Crowder Hace 4 días
Almost all of the movies today are trying to be more socially and politically correct than actually make good movies.
Justin Bell
Justin Bell Hace 4 días
50% of ALL living creatures...... means it served no purpose....same amount of people with same amount of limited resources......
Zafar Satyavan
Zafar Satyavan Hace 4 días
Best? I am watching NONE of these adolescent fantasies..!!
Chandika Maduwantha
Chandika Maduwantha Hace 4 días
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Dragon Breth
Dragon Breth Hace 4 días
What utter shite! Where has the creative talent gone in the movie industry? The MARVEL movies are just moronic & aimed at 6- year olds. As for Men In Black - who wants to bet that its producers are antifa-loving, trump-hating, Flag-burning, politically correct LBGTIQ anti-male, anti-American, whilst sexually harassing their own staff, typical Hollywood scum??!!
Team Tiger
Team Tiger Hace 4 días
Dont worry guys in avengers the ones who becomes dust is just trap in the soul stone
White Crow
White Crow Hace 4 días
All these SJW, feminism revenge movies, cancer!
Cole Hunter
Cole Hunter Hace 4 días
Brightburn - looks awful Godzilla King Of The Monsters - could be fun popcorn movie Avengers 4 EndGame - getting quite worn out on superheros, but after Infinity War, of course I'm excited Captain Marvel - pass Secret Life Of Pets 2 - kids movie X-Men Dark Phoenix - NO MORE XMEN! Men In Black 4 - NO MORE MIB! Us - want to say pass, but, ehh, I can see potential . It reminds me of that other black person horror, which had its moments Greta - pass Triple Frontier - hard pass The Kid Who Would Be King- kids movie Alita Battle Angel - modern CGI still too cartoony to pull this off Glass - I had no clue Split was part of the Unbreakable universe until this trailer. That was a neat revelation! Of course I'll see this
teenie beenie
teenie beenie Hace 5 días
omg a movie with both bruce fug willis and sam fug Jackson.....like:::wow
teenie beenie
teenie beenie Hace 5 días
why is sam Jackson in soooo many movies???? ugh
AtomicBoi 76
AtomicBoi 76 Hace 5 días
Nikki Movie Reviews
Nikki Movie Reviews Hace 5 días
Nice list😎I am interested in most of it🤔🤗
Maeleigh Hace 5 días
jesus christ just give xmen back to marvel so we can have decent xmen movies
LJ KNOXX Hace 5 días
All these movies Fina be trash except “us”
vairagya108 Hace 5 días
Okay. I'm confused. Is this a horror movie or a superhero movie?
OH Mai
OH Mai Hace 5 días
US!!!!! whoa...
tender man
tender man Hace 5 días
nothing interesting , very sad a lot of money spent for nothing
Duphe Hace 5 días
Remember the hot chick from Mechcommander 1 Intro? I think I found her: 7:57
John Carson
John Carson Hace 5 días
You just cannot have enough Samuel L. Jackson. He has one acting style: ABM (Angry Black Man).
romingram Hace 5 días
25:54 is this sequel of Split Movie
MrVidification Hace 4 días
Yes. The trilogy consists of Unbreakable (2000), Split (2016), and Glass (2019).
romingram Hace 5 días
12:28 who miss will smith very much in MIB Hit like
Arthur Clements
Arthur Clements Hace 5 días
Marvel fatigue
A continuación
Best Movies of 2018
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Fahrenheit 11 ⁄9
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