Beyoncé - SPIRIT from Disney’s The Lion King (Official Video)

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Verse 1:
Yeah and the wind is talking
Yeah for the very first time
Will the melody that pulls you towards it
Paint in pictures of paradise
Rise up, to the light in the
Sky yeah, watch the light lift your
Heart up, burn your flame through the night
Watch the heavens open (open) yeah
Can you hear it calling (calling) yeah
Verse 2:
Yeah and the waters crashing
Trying to keep your head up high
While you’re trembling
That’s when the magic happens
And the stars gather by
By your side, side yeah
Rise up, to the light in the
Sky yeah, let the light lift your
Heart up burn your flame through the night
Watch the heavens open (open) yeah
Can you hear it calling (calling) yeah
Your destiny is coming close
Stand up and fight
So go into that far off land
And be one with the great I am
I am boy becomes a man
Watch the heavens open (open) yeah
Can you hear it calling (calling) yeah
Watch the heavens open (open) yeah
Can you hear it calling (calling) yeah
Your destiny is coming close
Stand up and fight
So go into that far off land
And be one with the great I am


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17 jul 2019






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Lige Nyodu
Lige Nyodu Hace un minuto
After such a long time.
maricélia aparecida e silva
Eu amo de mais essa mulher
Sinyiaaa Hace un minuto
Video of the year
Pedro Battista
Pedro Battista Hace un minuto
Alguém do Brasil????
RACHEL CRISTINE Hace un minuto
Essa mulher deveria viver para sempre. Que consciência de classe ela têm em todos os âmbitos. Obrigada Deus por ter criado essa mulher. A comunidade negra agradece. Me sentido completamente representada, feliz e orgulhosa. ♡ ily Bey. ♡
Sad Juggy
Sad Juggy Hace un minuto
Christopher Jordan
Christopher Jordan Hace un minuto
This can’t top swae lee and post Malone
VOLAIRE Hace un minuto
1:43 when your tailor accidentally connects your sleeves to your waist....
Flavia Kessia
Flavia Kessia Hace un minuto
tônio Hace un minuto
Naph Atut
Naph Atut Hace un minuto
Shatta wale brought me here SM4LYF GHANA
paulo emanoel
paulo emanoel Hace un minuto
Caramba, ja vi esse video umas 15 vezes e nao canso!!! ESPETACULAR
Teisha. Hace un minuto
Beyonce in blue reminds me of Yemaya
Hello Hyenn
Hello Hyenn Hace 2 minutos
The end circle represents AFRICA. Wholesome, never ending, full of animal pride and life and an infinite amount of culture and beauty. Love you Africa. Forever ❤️
Garielle Yancey
Garielle Yancey Hace 2 minutos
Can't wait to watch the movie bey
Adrian Campbell
Adrian Campbell Hace 2 minutos
the blue dress killing it. Go GIRL
Ayi njh
Ayi njh Hace 2 minutos
Not for me.
TheNameYahuwah Hace 2 minutos
Racist video, literally zero diversity.
Anthony Datt
Anthony Datt Hace 2 minutos
Yes queen 👑 b
Linda McCuff
Linda McCuff Hace 2 minutos
This was magnificent, Spiritual, very Spiritual. She captured the essence of Africa. I love it.♥️
Keith Lelis
Keith Lelis Hace 2 minutos
Me arrepio ouvindo a música,perfeito ❤#spirit
yhn bzd
yhn bzd Hace 2 minutos
Uninmpressed _____ She just copied Solange’s visuals
Azza White
Azza White Hace 2 minutos
I have no words... This is absolutely perfect 😔👑🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ayu ratih
Ayu ratih Hace 2 minutos
the mv has it all. all part of it is so on point !! well done BEY ♥ and oh I see you, blue ivy ♥
Jeremy His Law
Jeremy His Law Hace 2 minutos
This Awesome Queen B has the most beautiful voice 😍❤️
André Martins
André Martins Hace 3 minutos
Amo tanto!!! Rainha
Junnior Leah
Junnior Leah Hace 3 minutos
Amanhã Brasil to muito ansioso pra isso cara ❤
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance Hace 3 minutos
Hello, Humans. “Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.” ~Alan Dundes TERRANCE OUT
Jaheim Hendricks
Jaheim Hendricks Hace 3 minutos
I love u Beyonce ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Aida Amorre
Aida Amorre Hace 3 minutos
Wow Blue Ivy looks just like her mommy! So beautiful 💗
Celo Hace 3 minutos
Beyoncé age like wine goddamn 🤤🍷
Theflowergoat .
Theflowergoat . Hace 3 minutos
She looks so gorgeous in this video , YASSS GIVE ME LIFE ❤️❤️😍
Atos Claro
Atos Claro Hace 3 minutos
Mutirão no Twitter, estamos subindo a tag #StreamSpiritVideo pro clipe ganhar mais visualização
Renata da Silva Soares
Renata da Silva Soares Hace 3 minutos
Luuh Magalhães
Luuh Magalhães Hace 3 minutos
Quem aí vai ou ja assistiu "O rei Leão "??
Blissful Escape
Blissful Escape Hace 4 minutos
Wow!!! Beyoncé’s voice is really evolving into a more soulful yet stronger and powerful tones. If that makes any sense 🤷‍♀️
Epeli Nakautoga
Epeli Nakautoga Hace 4 minutos
I really thought my life was complete... But then Queen Bey released this.
Manu Costa
Manu Costa Hace 4 minutos
O clipe acabou de sair, e eu não canso de ver de novo e novo. 😍😍😍
João Barros
João Barros Hace 4 minutos
Tahja-Ma'Ree Gregory
Tahja-Ma'Ree Gregory Hace 4 minutos
A friend of mine is in the video. So proud of her! This is beautiful. I like this Beyoncé
donytv Hace 4 minutos
a rainha da representatividade, eu amo uma lenda
DoubleDown 6789
DoubleDown 6789 Hace 4 minutos
I kinda wanna watch the movie now
Brian Mendoza
Brian Mendoza Hace 4 minutos
Great song. Hope she continues to do great vocalize songs so people don't forget she's one of the greatest vocalist. We might get another vocal trinity this upcoming decade. Who knows!!!!
Javier Hernández
Javier Hernández Hace 4 minutos
Ya cambió su voz 😏
Naser Raufi
Naser Raufi Hace 5 minutos
Beyonce sucks, totally overated. Not comparable to Whitney or Mariah Carrey
Malayjah Williams
Malayjah Williams Hace 5 minutos
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Randz NT
Randz NT Hace 5 minutos
Can we talk about how many wardrobe changes she did on this video?
R L Hace 5 minutos
Again 😌😂, add Spirit at the queue of your music platform 160 times that are 10h of reproduction and let it playing at night, when u leave home... whatever, specially the US bees. Its about to debut at #89. So dont stop playing please 💪
Denali Star
Denali Star Hace 5 minutos
But...there are no white people! RACISM!!!!!
Shelly Lakota
Shelly Lakota Hace 5 minutos
Everybody is so mad but no one wants to discuss how this movie is about lions and animals. Not people. Like, at all. You all stupid af.
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