BG Knocc Out on Threatening Kodak Black Over Lauren London (Flashback)

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In this VladTV Flashback from earlier in 2019, BG Knocc Out spoke on Kodak Black's comments on Lauren London following Nipsey Hussle's death, and broke down why he decided to come at Kodak online. BG Knocc Out then added that he doubts Kodak would come at him or T.I. in person, which you can hear more about above.


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16 nov 2019






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Ware House
Ware House Hace 14 días
From that Point im stop listen kodak !!
Quincy.0 Hace 14 días
Nobody touched yak tho where allat pressure go 🤷🏾‍♂️
Cornelius Wilson
Cornelius Wilson Hace 16 días
BG has to catch himself cuz he realizes that he shouldn't be talking street shit to a square.. good self control on his part.. cuz most of what Vlad thinks he knows is from street dudes telling him.. but there are just some things that should only be spoken between those who do... And that's just it... But that may just be my opinion
tc cat
tc cat Hace 18 días
Why he ain't going at wack like that tho?
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis Hace 19 días
Lord jamar looks different must be the hat lol
Jesus Campos
Jesus Campos Hace 19 días
So you re-release videos like that? 😂
Art Of Money
Art Of Money Hace 19 días
Next interview will show a flashback of a flashback of the original flashback.
Pitbull Pitbull
Pitbull Pitbull Hace 19 días
Recover from it? Tfuck
Player 1
Player 1 Hace 19 días
Bet Kodak would smash him..... 2.... Niggas in Cali act like they only niggas bout that..... Niggas disrespect. That's what they do.
One Up
One Up Hace 20 días
Now Kodak Black serving 3 years in prison 😂
Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels Hace 20 días
Samevibe Productions
Samevibe Productions Hace 20 días
Vlad don't make light of what Kodak gay ass said
Eli King
Eli King Hace 20 días
Get off Kodak nuts
slave rescue hound
slave rescue hound Hace 20 días
Nipsey faked his death very easy to see Sorry if i disturbed your fake reality Vlad knows the truth=gate keeper
slave rescue hound
slave rescue hound Hace 20 días
Bg knockout knows akil the mc = 2pac Thats y he follows him on instagram Vlad tv =trash
He can't stop ppl from talking and kodak black didn't say anything bad .. It's part of the music industry the women go from rapper to rapper
Ro Ki
Ro Ki Hace 20 días
How many rappers does it take to threaten a young dude? Too many. I can name a few rappers that could have made the same comments as Kodak and none of these niggas would have said anything. Out of fear of any problems. There are some grown ass predatory rappers in the industry. Making threats on social media, incriminating themselves if something bad were to really happen. Ignorant dumb ass grown men.
Chucck Dos
Chucck Dos Hace 20 días
Them niggas wasn’t gon do shit to Kodak niggas be Gangsta af on social media
that_G_EvanP Hace 20 días
Knocc Out seems like such a cool dude.
Jeremy Mccray
Jeremy Mccray Hace 20 días
California pussy
Censordat Hace 20 días
Lol internet got u feeling gangsta, huh? Bitch made nigga.
Tina Davis
Tina Davis Hace 20 días
Xavier Grant
Xavier Grant Hace 20 días
This nigga soft, u can just tell
BigSi 2017
BigSi 2017 Hace 20 días
Kodak Black gonna see what your mouth get you if he ever go in the feds. Crips are everywhere and he is a perfect example of this disrespectful ass generations mentality.
Super Thowed
Super Thowed Hace 21 un día
Threatened Kodak but don't have the same heart for Wack 100. We see how you getting down.
David Ellison
David Ellison Hace 21 un día
Tracey Turpin
Tracey Turpin Hace 21 un día
Kodax would body all them pussyoles fuck nippsy I hope kodax was guy who poped him
00 00
00 00 Hace 21 un día
Why did he play this again smh
Michael Murillo
Michael Murillo Hace 21 un día
Scruples brah!!
Skatetillwedrop Mcdavision
Kodack stupid ass foolish ass nigga
Frankie Eneaux
Frankie Eneaux Hace 21 un día
BUT where does miss Cristina FOX level on your list ? Vlad ?the London superstar?
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo Hace 21 un día
DOPE TIZZLE Hace 21 un día
Stand up for Nipsey! Nip would be proud! What a true warrior!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙TMC!
Tracey Turpin
Tracey Turpin Hace 21 un día
Fuck nipsy 🙈🙈🍾🍾kodax allday sniper gang
BigUps Harriet
BigUps Harriet Hace 21 un día
On 🍆
vlad gonna drop 20 flashbacks when SnitchNine gets out this month/december
jneroo226 Hace 21 un día
I thought the Kodak incident should have been ignored. SMH... In 20 years or more, BG will agree.
Bearded Wavy
Bearded Wavy Hace 21 un día
Even if Yak was free Knocc out wasn't gon do ish! Old head got way more to lose than young folks so that was big kap! In the south the only BG we acknowledge is Baby Gangsta! #freebg
Money mac
Money mac Hace 19 días
@Bearded Wavy bitch knoccout a shot caller. He dont have to do shit. He nutty bloc crip fool
Bearded Wavy
Bearded Wavy Hace 20 días
@B N F but he's old so he ain't thuggin no more, if he was old and thuggin he'd either be dead or in jail
B N F Hace 20 días
Bearded Wavy Knocc Out got more street cred than Kodak though
Lip j perfect 10
Lip j perfect 10 Hace 21 un día
Fuck Lauren London, she's just a weave wearing hoe like the rest of these black bitches. Who's dick is she sucking now?
Damar Kemp
Damar Kemp Hace 21 un día
Who is this nigga
Ruben Angelo
Ruben Angelo Hace 21 un día
theblacksheep Hace 21 un día
I would love to see these men extend the same energy when a blk woman is disrespected. Smh
theblacksheep Hace 20 días
@Guled H lauren london is mixed. Thats one. Two i wasnt referring to her because they did not come into HER defense anyway. They came to NIPSEYS defense. If she was with any other nigga that died and got disrespected none of these niggas would care.
Guled H
Guled H Hace 20 días
She is black lmao
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