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THE SAVAGE KWEEN Hace 34 minutos
😭😭😭 like wtf are the words
THE SAVAGE KWEEN Hace 35 minutos
I understand nothing
alejandro perez
alejandro perez Hace un hora
Tory Lanez the best part
Яна Подвиянюк
Есть кто нить с русских?
Aleesha Cox
Aleesha Cox Hace 2 horas
I love this song Xxxxxxxx
Sonia S
Sonia S Hace 3 horas
I may be alone in this but I didn’t understand a word she said
Spectrum Hace 5 horas
time to respect wahmen
Lindsay love
Lindsay love Hace 6 horas
I want to say something bad about her rapping. but it's perfect
Jenna Cangello
Jenna Cangello Hace 6 horas
Mikaylah Hace 7 horas
*this is an actual bop*
#ZD Nation
#ZD Nation Hace 7 horas
Yo this is not bad this is soo good so don’t say it’s bad
KATYCAT Hace 9 horas
KATYCAT Hace 9 horas
Bhabie i love you...❤👑
KATYCAT Hace 9 horas
Alguém do Brasil???👑💕
zdaghee !!!
zdaghee !!! Hace 10 horas
comin out hard like 88 make a bitch levitate babyface Savage bitch ion play Patty cake charms with the carrot cake carrots in the patek face cop a new coupe no top thats the cali way... THIS MY SONG ON GOD 😂💯💯
Gamer Bree
Gamer Bree Hace 11 horas
Hädes 5
Hädes 5 Hace 13 horas
ight ightshe coo
Krashawna & Mark Chee
Krashawna & Mark Chee Hace 13 horas
Yes!! Go Girl do you!! 👊😎
Alexia Makkos
Alexia Makkos Hace 13 horas
If ur saying that this queen can’t rap then ur wrong because she can rap I’m huge fan ily
Basti GHG
Basti GHG Hace 13 horas
Jemand Deutsch? 😂❤
Hayli Hlas
Hayli Hlas Hace 14 horas
This fireeee no cap brooo 💘💘💘💀 she baddd
JP Hace 14 horas
This her best song
E&E Sisters To Be
E&E Sisters To Be Hace 14 horas
if y’all still hating after this uu jus miserable
Joseph G
Joseph G Hace 15 horas
Who wrote this
Shalona Altenor
Shalona Altenor Hace 15 horas
To the ppl who say she can’t rap...look at her now bitch
Isidora G.
Isidora G. Hace 15 horas
To the people that said she cant rap,
Jay Gang
Jay Gang Hace 15 horas
Ion care what yall say she killed this
Wombler123 Hace 15 horas
Madd Venqo
Madd Venqo Hace 17 horas
I like how nobody knows she didnt write it
Wombler123 Hace 15 horas
Jaycee Nelson
Jaycee Nelson Hace 17 horas
anybody realize how many big rappers collaborated wit her. go off sis
Girl A
Girl A Hace 18 horas
Shalia White
Shalia White Hace 19 horas
She put the monster on here 🗣STAWWPPPPP 💪🏾✊🏾🤞🏾
Emily Hace 21 un hora
I was expecting something cringy, respect earned🔥🔥
James Packard
James Packard Hace un día
u are really good 😎✨
Elijah Marcelin
Elijah Marcelin Hace un día
the beat is loki lit
Ariana Castro
Ariana Castro Hace un día
GOOD JOD like your songs
Ari Jam
Ari Jam Hace un día
*sister shook*
Jazmin Cook
Jazmin Cook Hace un día
For people who say this sucks………… You need to get your ears checked
Jeannette L.
Jeannette L. Hace un día
wow I just came to this music video and it’s pretty good not gonna lie! 😝👌🏼🔥
dat one bum
dat one bum Hace un día
Dis gave me mad purge vibes Nd i love the purge movies😍😈
El Diablo
El Diablo Hace un día
With this style of beat lil pump would be mumbling around the track but she absolutely kills it
Sasa Kod
Sasa Kod Hace un día
She is the QUEEN OF YOUNG RAPPERS AND ALL OF EM...Dont tell anybody but sometimes I think she is better than Cardi B 😛
vaniteen Hace un día
y’all know this is it nobody even lie
Aniyah Ashford
Aniyah Ashford Hace un día
She is getting better...finally but she really getting famous for what...being disrespectful?!?
crimi crimi
crimi crimi Hace un día
Dugh really nice one bhad I like it girl ❤️😘😘
Elli Crampton
Elli Crampton Hace un día
I remember when Malu talked about her making a song and she was like “her shit bout to be trash” but yet she doing be, making more money, better songs, and doing way better then Mali’s music ever will😐
JJX musical
JJX musical Hace un día
Lit song
Martin Monkoe
Martin Monkoe Hace un día
Bhad bhabie must be the Queen👑
Maryam Esho
Maryam Esho Hace un día
Sees only 30 seconds of the vid: OMG YES GURL GEDDIITTT👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Me watching the whole vid: OMG YES BITCHHH AYEEEEEE 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💗💗👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Aylaa Hace un día
But where is the random guy with the lyrics ?😂
aimee- jim
aimee- jim Hace un día
Drop a lil check everybody LIT💕
J Rob
J Rob Hace 2 días
That beat tho
Pimpishone Hace 2 días
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dallas gameromg
dallas gameromg Hace 2 días
Okay i like this one but she dosent make sensi still she just saying words
Brittany Stewart
Brittany Stewart Hace 2 días
Get it Guuurrrll!
MakoX1 Hace 2 días
Alexander Anufriyev
Alexander Anufriyev Hace 2 días
BHAD BHABIE ft. Kendrick Lamar
Preston Ander
Preston Ander Hace 2 días
Everybody: comparing nicki minaj and cardi B over whos a better rapper Bhad bhabie: 0:48 😂 I think we all know who won...
Never GlitcherYT
Never GlitcherYT Hace 2 días
BHAD BHABIE Broke the rap game
Miss lol
Miss lol Hace 2 días
Oww okay, this song is amazing. Girl, the guys who say that you can't rap, they're liars
ADiffrentKind Hace 2 días
Dang Tory Lanez i see u
D Rick
D Rick Hace 3 días
She be wreckin .. Real talk. Its grown rappers that dont wreck like her
Raina Kakar
Raina Kakar Hace 3 días
If u think of it all this happend because she went on Dr.Phill😂
Jewell Hollier
Jewell Hollier Hace 3 días
She is on my top list on rappers
I stole Jimins jams
I stole Jimins jams Hace 3 días
Her notes are better then my grades
Mickelle Morgan
Mickelle Morgan Hace 3 días
Not hating... this song is actually🔥
Mishel Galicia
Mishel Galicia Hace 3 días
I Loveeee youuuuuuu Danielle Bregoli 😙 😍😍❤️😍😍
Dede Dare
Dede Dare Hace 3 días
u haters don’t know what she’s been through not a lot of ppl do but u a bitch if u so quick to judge her she’s a fucking legend 🤦‍♀️
Fate X
Fate X Hace 3 días
Wow. This combo is to good and the Beat destroyed my house. Wow!!! 🤘😮
April ovitt
April ovitt Hace 3 días
i love you
nikki Hottel
nikki Hottel Hace 3 días
yall this is fire my dad was talking about u and how rich u were and how good your rapping is
Ivy Watson
Ivy Watson Hace 3 días
Fcked it upp
Joe Chatman
Joe Chatman Hace 3 días
She’s a star ⭐️ she got the look and the flow money in the bank 🏦
Lord Ember
Lord Ember Hace 4 días
She sounds like 10 lmao
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis Hace 4 días
raps like a pro to be as young as she is she got talent
PE AR Hace 4 días
Kaylin Jeter
Kaylin Jeter Hace 4 días
I think this is the most clean song she has ever done
Justin Oiler
Justin Oiler Hace 4 días
Danielle pullin Husband Luis Luciano Down syndrome Jessica massey Justin pullin
Chrisshay Collier
Chrisshay Collier Hace 4 días
Your song are amazing and fire 🔥
Gen G.
Gen G. Hace 4 días
I think I just put Bhad Bhabie on my spotify playlist...
Mishel Galicia
Mishel Galicia Hace 4 días
I Loveee Danielle no sé si ablas espanish pero te amoooo y eres la mejor cantante del mundo te amo yo solo ablo espanish discúlpenme
ChatNoir Hace 4 días
How to body a wannabe MC being underage. +1 Danny, -3 Tory (Joyner bodied you, FAX bodied you, Danielle bodied you. Retire)
Joseph Carnes
Joseph Carnes Hace 4 días
I see you!
Clara Officiel
Clara Officiel Hace 4 días
MakeebaPlayz Roblox&Maybe More
*Oxygen enters the chat* *Danielle enters the chat* *Oxygen leaves the chat* *Danielle is typing* *Danielle : Babyface Savage😏*
Lipstick Chateau Wine Color
Imma be objective as possible but she's actually really good, her bars and her flow are improving, and she rapping better than a lotta of her peers. I'll stan. Plus she isn't sexually inappropriate which I love.
Shannon Kelly
Shannon Kelly Hace 5 días
When teens are easily better at rapping than most adults. Lmao
Kiearrie Peters
Kiearrie Peters Hace 5 días
Is it me or does she always have red hair pS love u
Katie VanTine
Katie VanTine Hace 5 días
one of my new favorite songs❤️🤤🤑
iRifle You
iRifle You Hace 5 días
Tory sounds like an Indian guy
I stole Jimins jams
I stole Jimins jams Hace 5 días
This is amazing!!! If u say she can’t rap you are hating at this point!!! She made this a whole new level!!!
ashley gray
ashley gray Hace 5 días
She is my idol,my fav, and the baddest bitch
Anniv Lockett
Anniv Lockett Hace 5 días
thats my sis
J Lyle
J Lyle Hace 5 días
Wow she came along way from "catch me outside" Proud.
Emma Catherine Smith
Literally bhad bhabie is literally so ridiculously talented I was a supporter since fucking Dr Phil, that bag of ashes did her real dirty trying to make her look like shit- She a fucking legend .
Patience Rachel
Patience Rachel Hace 5 días
Imma need Danielle to stop with these bangers 😭 I look so weak saying "i listen to bhad bhabie"
afeow majok
afeow majok Hace 5 días
heard This song when it first came out and it still make me wanna get my nails did and wave em around for dramatic affect
sheeda xoxo
sheeda xoxo Hace 6 días
My friends be mad at me for liking her but she good so idc
Lil Xan
Lil Xan Hace 6 días
If she would write her own shit she would be somewhat listenable to
Ash Peeler
Ash Peeler Hace 6 días
U know someone can rap when they have good rhymed
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