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Big Ben & Mike Tomlin Mic'd Up vs. Panthers "Can I get a hug?" | NFL Films

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, and head coach, Mike Tomlin, mic'd up vs. the Panthers in Week 10 of the 2018 NFL Season.
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15 nov 2018

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Comentarios 883
CZECH MATE Hace 5 días
Brock Matthews
Brock Matthews Hace 6 días
*Throws it* Ben:We scored guys😂😂😂
Joshua Hickey
Joshua Hickey Hace 10 días
Haha i love Tomlin
Juliano Decini
Juliano Decini Hace 12 días
2:34 im going to have to report such unacceptable language
Alton Wasylow
Alton Wasylow Hace 14 días
Steelers have such a high octane offence
Seth Bratten
Seth Bratten Hace 14 días
Ben is a great leader. Nothing but love for his line
Hunter King
Hunter King Hace 17 días
2:35 😂
belushy Hace 17 días
Steelers gotta get back to this after their showing the past two weeks. Chargers are gonna bring it
belushy Hace 5 días
+Just Another Random Guy I know right... it was a good game at least.
ddawgg23 Hace 15 días
belushy Overall I think we were actually worse in Jacksonville than we were in Denver. Even the results may contrast with that.
belushy Hace 15 días
+ddawgg23 I hope so. last two weeks been hard. Barely squeak by Jax, turnovers aplenty versus Broncos. Hoping for more from Conner this week.
ddawgg23 Hace 16 días
In primetime at home - it’s bound to happen.
Butt Head Astronomer
Butt Head Astronomer Hace 19 días
"See, I like when we celebrate like this.." O_o o_O
runway heading
runway heading Hace 20 días
There is Faith in Christ in the locker room! Minus the cussing!
OmegaMan Hace 21 un día
The Steelers really need to find an adequate replacement Ryan Shazier. The speed he brought was such an important part of the defense. Bring in Derrick Johnson, NaVarro Bowman, or Brian Cushing.
Lil_Rabbit Hace 22 días
“Gosh dang it” killt me😂
Scott Brumfield
Scott Brumfield Hace 22 días
At 3:20 Mike Tomlin wanted all the smoke 😂😂😂😂
Carlton Curry
Carlton Curry Hace 22 días
People don't realize how good Ben can read defenses.
WickedSharp 001
WickedSharp 001 Hace 23 días
Ya gotta respect Conner. His coach talks and he says "I hear ya Coach"
Antonio Pearson
Antonio Pearson Hace 23 días
All Panthers fans are still raw about this game & they should be. Y'all didn't actually think y'all was going to come to the Steel City & steal one. No Sir!
Latney Hace 23 días
McDonald's doesn't even let rapists make burgers.
Patrick Ware
Patrick Ware Hace 24 días
1:00 Ben didn’t know what the hell juju was sayin lol
Picasso Pete
Picasso Pete Hace 24 días
Looks a team on a MISSION. Mike T is thriving as a leader with LeVeon out of the locker room... not to mention James Harrison and the other dummies we let go.
OCOD OG Hace 24 días
micdup is better than the game itself
Memphis Steelers
Memphis Steelers Hace 24 días
Mike Tomlin funny ash
Joey Parm
Joey Parm Hace 24 días
coach is a major toolbag
marisatowler Hace 24 días
mike is fierce. you gotta love mike and the way he supports all the dudes, not just ben, but all the dudes on his squad.
FadeZ Hace 24 días
“Gosh dangit”
FadeZ Hace 24 días
Yo Ben is white...
Ryno Project
Ryno Project Hace 24 días
“Can I get a hug?!?” That me lol
Mike Tomlin had me rolling talking about some get his ass Get his ass GET HIS ASS 😂😂😂
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Eddie Cebula
Eddie Cebula Hace 25 días
When she be goin through yo phone. 3:19
Eddie Cebula
Eddie Cebula Hace 25 días
“Back yo ass up little dude!” -Tomlin
KO Snkrs
KO Snkrs Hace 25 días
“gosh dangit”
Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels Hace 25 días
Yinz see the game today vs the Jags? Wish there was a mic'd for that game. Great comeback!!
J Rod
J Rod Hace 25 días
"Nothing more than your jobs" I'll be borrowing that one.
Jon Capezzuto
Jon Capezzuto Hace 25 días
Gosh dangit!
Conor Warshawsky
Conor Warshawsky Hace 25 días
'You CAN catch!" Love the subtle shade. Go Steelers! Edit: Love Thomas Davis. What a team player.
Axil Hace 25 días
“Man stop trippin’ .... great run” 😂
big deezle
big deezle Hace 25 días
The RESPECT for this guy, he brings his team UP
Trevor Darby
Trevor Darby Hace 25 días
2:20 "that ni**** run like Mike ditka"
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams Hace 25 días
BrandonBlatchford Hace 25 días
Great video Thanks NFL for sharing
Dana Elona
Dana Elona Hace 25 días
2:27 😂
Raie Hace 25 días
As a Panthers fan this hurts to watch. It's clear we wouldn't beat these guys if we played them 10 times in a season.
BleedBlueNSilver1 Hace 25 días
The relationship and experience on this team is crazy
Lena Giljazova
Lena Giljazova Hace 25 días
Sav Tsa
Sav Tsa Hace 25 días
Big Ben can scoot
eureka0521 Hace 25 días
Steelers fans better be careful what they ask for when it comes to mike tomlin. anytime they start losing they call for his head..dude is a hell of a coach.
Ryan Yeager
Ryan Yeager Hace 25 días
The Pittsburgh Steelers are all fired up there going straight to the top and one thing is for sure they don't Wanna stop
routh Hace 26 días
Ben is kind of a weird dude and we all know what happened years ago, but no denying he has a great personality and makes a great leader.
Brenden F.
Brenden F. Hace 26 días
3:12, that pump fake was masterful....
Niall Dillon
Niall Dillon Hace 26 días
Tomlin is the type of coach you'd love to have as a player
chad kohl
chad kohl Hace 26 días
Ben with his edited for tv version ‘Gosh Dangit’ 😂😂
eb49273 Hace 26 días
That’s why I have liked the Steelers my whole life. It’s family. You take the good with the bad, but your in it together.
Laga Savea
Laga Savea Hace 26 días
“Man stop trip’n. Nice run” hahaha
get me to 1000 subs with no videos
Steelers constantly looking like a playoff team, love the teamwork and how ben makes it look so easy with elite recievers
Tharen Gore
Tharen Gore Hace 26 días
Wish Green Bay had a coach like Tomlin...just saying.
Sarcasm Is Useful
Sarcasm Is Useful Hace 26 días
YoLilSmolBean Hace 26 días
Why everyone hating on Mike Tomlin?! That dudes the best!!
andrew wolf
andrew wolf Hace 26 días
Well he doesn't swear...he just rapes
Chanel W
Chanel W Hace 26 días
I love how Ben doesn't cuss. (: He's a great person even when angry.
Sailor Sadboy
Sailor Sadboy Hace 26 días
the family atmosphere is intense
Wolfgame30 Hace 26 días
2:35 "Gosh dangit" LOL .. Be remembering he is micd
Alex A
Alex A Hace 26 días
A like for every time Tomlin says ass
ru Jones
ru Jones Hace 26 días
#50 Steelers strong ..shazier
William Hanley
William Hanley Hace 26 días
Good edit job! Probably the first one to say
Terry Moore
Terry Moore Hace 26 días
Ben has all respect for other players and his teammates, goat 💛🖤💛🖤
Terry The Kid
Terry The Kid Hace 26 días
This team is special...i see #7 getting us #7.
Luke Ryba
Luke Ryba Hace 26 días
Gosh dang it
Hey Call Me Kev
Hey Call Me Kev Hace 26 días
Ben reminds me of will ferrell
ryanroe7 Hace 26 días
“Gosh dang it!!” Hahaha
Armando Ramírez
Armando Ramírez Hace 26 días
Mike Tomlin sounds soo chill 😂🤣😎
utubetroll 888
utubetroll 888 Hace 26 días
Shout to the NFL for not bleeping out “Ass”
kabir safyi
kabir safyi Hace 26 días
Great organize team
Foxy 666
Foxy 666 Hace 26 días
Sub to pewds
Dyl Ando
Dyl Ando Hace 26 días
Gosh dang it hahahahha
David Keatley
David Keatley Hace 26 días
Big Ben all the way.
Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels Hace 26 días
2:24 Coach T talking to Kevin Colbert
AfgOmar 619
AfgOmar 619 Hace 26 días
Ben is Gay.
Leon Brown
Leon Brown Hace 27 días
Big Ben said, "I'ma keep slanging it."
Christian Lemoine
Christian Lemoine Hace 27 días
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Hace 27 días
Man, coming from a ravens fan.. this is exactly what a team should look like. This is why Pittsburgh have been the standard of the AFC for a long time. True camaraderie between a bunch of dudes that can ball.
Mehdi X. Ismael
Mehdi X. Ismael Hace 27 días
Gosh Dang It
carlos coronado
carlos coronado Hace 27 días
Where is Alejandro?
Adam Gilmore
Adam Gilmore Hace 27 días
Little bit too much hugging. Must be awkward in the showers.
Bill M
Bill M Hace 27 días
Tomlin sounds like a dumb ass.
Music Remix’s
Music Remix’s Hace 27 días
Noo I’m a Panthers fan
bird droppings
bird droppings Hace 27 días
Loved Tomlin run hoping after Ben got hit. Hey,hey!!
Jakob Adams
Jakob Adams Hace 27 días
I would love to play for mike tomlin
Ruffryda 88
Ruffryda 88 Hace 27 días
Hey guys can you subscribe to my channel theres nothing on it but its free and that would make me feel cool thanks
seamorgh21 Hace 27 días
Mike Tomlin is the most overrated coach in the NFL.
seamorgh21 Hace 24 días
+Steelcity 412 Is that you Mike? Go trip a player during a game bro.
Steelcity 412
Steelcity 412 Hace 24 días
seamorgh21 dumbest comment by far
gimmethunder Hace 27 días
Gosh Darnit!
Now The End Begins
Now The End Begins Hace 27 días
Wow, this was really good. Love to hear what they're actually saying while making such amazing plays. #HereWeGo #Steelers
Reid Hoffman
Reid Hoffman Hace 27 días
He looks just like will ferrel
An H
An H Hace 27 días
I absolutely loved this. You never hear Tomlin. But this gives you the inside of both him and Ben's style. What great game setters they are.
JB Jacobs
JB Jacobs Hace 20 días
Tomlin said they are like an old married couple. I love how the media tries to make it like they hate each other and that Ben tried to get him fired. Just like NFL Network kept saying that Ben and AB weren't on speaking terms just as Ben is doing an interview saying how they know each other very well on and off the field and that Ben can tell when AB comes into the building even when he doesn't see him - they have that WIFI connected and Garrafolo and Rappaport can lie all the want about the team (along with Aditi). They never talk about the Steelers unless they are losing or having something happen to them.
Terrell Miller
Terrell Miller Hace 27 días
Great Coaching Coach 🗣way too humble us 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 that’s Class
Jeremy B
Jeremy B Hace 27 días
I never knew how great of a voice Mike Tomlin has.
NuroMusic Hace 27 días
Jocsan Juárez
Jocsan Juárez Hace 27 días
Ben reminds me of Will Ferrell
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly Hace 27 días
"gosh dangit"
"Gosh dangit" hey hey language
theone theonly
theone theonly Hace 27 días
Wtg Rothlesraper
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