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sorry if this video was a bit anti-climatic next will be better, i promise.
also omggggg TYSM FOR OVER 10,000 SUBS I LOVE YALL, my channel grew a lot in the past couple days and im so happy thanks yall! next video will be cool, or at least i'll try to make it be.
anyways see yall later!! love ya
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5 dic 2018

rose trashkpopkpop musicbighitbighit entertainmentibighitbtsbangtannamjoonrmseokjinjinj hopetaehyungjungkookjiminpark jiminsugayoongibang pdnimbang pd nimbang si hyuk






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Queen SOSx
Queen SOSx Hace 4 días
bighit is the best company/one of
yello Hace 4 días
So they aren't going to debut a girl group just because of one girl group scandal..... Thats HIGHLY cowardly tbh
shookookie EeEeE
shookookie EeEeE Hace 5 días
PeachyXMin Yoongi
PeachyXMin Yoongi Hace 7 días
Kim Taehyung and Jennie
From the best to the wrost 1bighit 2jyp 3sd 4yg
YellowLover Queen
YellowLover Queen Hace 7 días
Where is pledis
jimin's jams
jimin's jams Hace 9 días
At least he isn't THAT strict on them, unlike YG who even prevents his artists to go to ISAC.
jimin's jams
jimin's jams Hace 9 días
First of all, Bighit knows how to make us satisfied. He gives right amount of concerts, he knows what to do. He gives comebacks at least 2 every year. He stayed strong along with bts when they were at the worst hardship that they could experience. He believed at bts that they could be the best at they could be. Although bts is not the only group, he did make a lot of mistakes when it comes to the past. And he overworks his artists. So yeah.
Ilmasuba Rasel
Ilmasuba Rasel Hace 10 días
Bighit and JYP are literally the most human kpop companies -compared to the other companies- (y'allknow what i mean)!
Shreejata Das
Shreejata Das Hace 13 días
The thing I am still confused about Bighit is that how the hell they allowed BTS to record "A typical trainee's Christmas". Not only that they also released it on some platform before their debut (soundcloud?)
wtf Hace 18 días
bighit is one of the less problematic companies, but theyre not the best at all.. some of yall are delusional
My Husband Has No Jam
My Husband Has No Jam Hace 10 días
@wtf no I'm not basing on their success, I'm basing the way they treat their artist, and the way they handle their management.
wtf Hace 10 días
@My Husband Has No Jam I guess the best I'd agree with that based on their success too for sure!! But otherwise I would also say Blockberry Creative
My Husband Has No Jam
My Husband Has No Jam Hace 10 días
For me bighit is the best compared to others
Colette Rose
Colette Rose Hace 22 días
BigHit is so far the best music company in my opinion cuz which CEO let's their idols joke around with them and talk so casually with them.
Luna Hanamichi
Luna Hanamichi Hace 22 días
is bighit is a gay? thanks to those who will answer
NubianLolita Hace 24 días
To me the thing i only really like about the company is that they allow them to voice their opinions in what they wanna do etc and making music. Irdc bout how company makes money because again how are they supposed to pay bts and their staffs or for their food and trips. Like people get too crazy about how bighit puts out all of these stuff to make money to feed their workers like how are people so pressed bout how they make money?? If you dont wanna buy anything from them then bts aint getting fed or paid.
sehun the sweet huney
sehun the sweet huney Hace 24 días
Angel Ching
Angel Ching Hace 24 días
One thing I really like BigHit for is allowing the boys to date . Not all companies are cool with it .
where's my wig?!
where's my wig?! Hace un mes
No offense but SMent is the best for me
Hope of Hoseok
Hope of Hoseok Hace un mes
*tea is cold*
Angel Flores
Angel Flores Hace un mes
i was waiting for her to mention when they wouldn't feed bts meat lol oldie but a goodie
Grace Amy
Grace Amy Hace un mes
Wasn’t there a video where one of the staff hit JK?
air Hace un mes
The one thing I just don't like about bighit is how only two bad experiences with women made them jump to the conclusion that they won't hire female idols
Iliana Is Trash
Iliana Is Trash Hace un mes
The ceo of big hit sexualized Jungkook as a minor which is common in kpop but still it’s not great. Also hekept Supreme Boi as a producer after he was in a problematic gang, apparently, I’m not sure if this is true or not.
1309다나 Hace un mes
I think that bighit is one of the successful company’s besides jyp and bang pd is a great ceo.He doesn’t like them being mocked and treated bad at variety shows and he is treating them well.
luna li
luna li Hace un mes
i mean did you forget how bts had several health problems bc they are overworked?? also the thing with the manager who hit bts... lol
Take a shot everytime she says literally
cookies or coffee
cookies or coffee Hace 2 meses
I really think its time for bighit to *forget the glam controversy and accept girl trainees* ! It's not right that just 1 girl group destroyed the chances of other girls becoming idols.
Niketha u
Niketha u Hace 2 meses
JYP and Bighit manage their Idols the best!
Mia Andrew
Mia Andrew Hace 2 meses
Milica Milosavljevic
Why are people reporting this vid lol ykkxkxkx girl in no way harmed nor bighit nor bts, in fact she herself said that there's almost no dirt to dig up... Watch the whole thing omg I'm glad that bighit is company that gives boys their artistic freedom in terms of producing and making songs and they're doing amazing compared to other companies... The only thing that bothers me is that boys are in fact actually overworked, no matter how they love performing... Jungkook's back problems and Jimin still having neck pains worry me a lot, but I know they're extreme workaholics who love performing, I just wish they can rest a bit... Also comeback was supposed to be in May but they've rushed it AGAIN...
sara p
sara p Hace 2 meses
they made BTS do a photoshoot at the holocaust memorial and did not post an apology until today so I they're not completely innocent as everyone makes them to be.
ImAnAss Hace 2 meses
Big hit and jyp are trash
oomf oomf
oomf oomf Hace 2 meses
ok but i feel like bighit ent is one of the only company’s that are actually decent and aren’t problematic, who actually treat their artists like they should be treated
Jeseena Majeed
Jeseena Majeed Hace 2 meses
U sound like u want bighit to do something bad asap.....also u said bighit cannot be fully innocent cuz every company wants to make money and they might even make money illegally. This theory doesnt have to be true for all companys. Why should we believe that everyone IS NOT INNOCENT? Bighit is a company and not a person.
ʀᴍᴀʀʏ Hace 2 meses
Do you really think you got all those views because of your stupid video talking shit about Bighit? Because for me that what you just did. No hun!. Let's be real, the only reason why you got views is exactly for the same reason you had planned. Exposed? What the hell did you exposed that nobody knew? Rumors? or that fact that you are just one extra hater? its ok, just another hater inside their bags lol Fucking video
marissa artizo
marissa artizo Hace 2 meses
You can't tell anyway...BTS is happy and have great performance to show worldwide..you can see that bts workhard to give better outcome for fans...and bighit also give the artist needed...i can tell bec. Bts performance level was the best out of the other artist..
Al _ice
Al _ice Hace 2 meses
Please make a video how big hit struggled financially
esha Hace 2 meses
Weird question but which companies are friends with each other and which are enemies? And which companies are more likely to let their artists collab with each other?
nasty hoe
nasty hoe Hace 2 meses
Bighit does overwork bts and doesn't really give them breaks ...one time in a vlive 2017 v said that he really misses his brother and was so emotional he looked like he was going to tear up also when bts were asked bout getting gf or going into relationships jimin said something like he doesn't even have enough time to see and contact his own family how would he get a gf and get to be with her (the context) their personal life isn't really stable ..we see bighit doing little unfairness between the members whether in spotlight or singing parts or public protection (guards ...) .... But yeah bts still pressure themselves and work REALLY hard but yeah overall u can still say bighit is a good decent company or management once jin said (the context) that bighit doesn't force them to act like this or that and they get to be who they are he was doing a vlive and said no one told him to do it what they give and express to us the fans is all true feelings and emotions but yeah I wish bts only the best I love them so much and I had a lot more to say but...I guess this is too much lol bye
jimins date
jimins date Hace 2 meses
the tea had like no flavor
Jung Hoesuck
Jung Hoesuck Hace 2 meses
it was their old manager that called jin fat, not the CEO and i dont know about anyone calling jimin anything.
Gabriele de filippo
Gabriele de filippo Hace 2 meses
what's the point of an "exposing" video if ain't anything to expose?! I'm a HUGE BTS fan so I'm happy bighit is not very shady but in terms of the video.. sis, get ur shit together
Lobely Lobely
Lobely Lobely Hace 3 meses
Wow ... this video lol get your research right girl and just admit bighit has no controversies or it's not real .... It looks like you couldn't find any other good reason to shade bighit,,, you just added bits and pieces from here and there which aren't even true.
jade Hace 3 meses
bighit is the superior company, wbk
TaeMinKook NamYoonSeok
sarah vivamus
sarah vivamus Hace 3 meses
btw bighit PAYS bts well
Anna Marie Řandová
Also there was a controversy about Namjoon wearing a hat with Nazi symbol in a photoshoot and Jimin saying the Korean version of "N" word, but they both apologized. Also idk if that counts as a "Bighit" controversy, but...🤣
Min Yoongles
Min Yoongles Hace 3 meses
this video is annoying . Bye
Jiashuai Chang
Jiashuai Chang Hace 3 meses
i don’t really like how BigHit will have lawsuits against people expressing their feelings. I get that it crosses a point after a while but if the people are simply stating their opinion then the company is basically violating people’s rights, since south korea has freedom of speech, doesn’t that violate their rights??
Sultana Amir
Sultana Amir Hace 3 meses
The only thing i dont like about big hit is how they stopped having female trainees after the GLAM incident. First he should have just taken out that one member and not disband the entire group cuz they had potential. Second why would he nit accept female trainees just because of one person. It doesn’t seem fair to me.
Sultana Amir
Sultana Amir Hace 3 meses
Other than this big hit is a great company
geminilicious Hace 3 meses
I think BH is no different than any corrupted controlling money driven Kpop agency, it is just still young to have a big record.... What you forgot - BTS were supposed to be a Khiphop group, but Bang changed them to KPOP for his financial goals! That alone shows how corrupted, exploiting and money driven they are! -The manager who HIT JUNGKOOK -STRICT diets to the point that RM & Tae were scared to eat a single cone of ice-cream infl front of their managers.. "according to Rm in Burn the stage" -Them scripting BTS variety shows. "according to Jin in their last episode of run season 2" -Controlling them to the point that jin had to go through a 2 hour meeting with the company to settle for what he wants "according to Jin in Vlive" - Not hiring any vocal coach for the vocal line, leaving Jin to hire himself a vocal coach with his own money, and Jimin to struggle with his vocal deterioration. -The blackmailing incident, where two managers paid for a CEO who blackmailed the company and threatened to expose their illegal promotional measures (why would they pay under the table if they were innocent?!) - Supreme boi, who made a song glorifying RAPE with other rapper! -Palgiarism or at least copying & sampling without giving any credits. -The controversial photo shoot at Holocaust memorial, without giving any apology after deleting the photos. ...
Kim Bangbang
Kim Bangbang Hace 3 meses
We already saw how Bang Pd and Bighit defend BTS from shaddy controversies in very professional manner. Yes they aren't perfect as a company but they handled bts in a great manner possible. How the members act with Bang PD and staffs only show that they really have good relationship. They have more freedom compare to other groups and if they don't, RM or Yoongi would surely give hints. RM often tell ARMYs to trust them and bighit. So... we really should.
Yoonji Min
Yoonji Min Hace 4 meses
I just realized that SUPERSTAR BTS will be SUPERSTAR BIGHIT soon
The Pile Of Clothes In Spring Day
SM- Town JYP- Nation YG- Family Bighit- Mental institution Me- Unoriginal
Rhiannn :3
Rhiannn :3 Hace 4 meses
seriously, BTS has broken so many rules before and they get away with it lol. bighit is hands down one of the most lenient companies. TXT members are in for a treat!
花gεσηhα Hace 4 meses
tbh, bighit is one of the most chill companies i've ever found aside from starship.
no privilege
no privilege Hace 4 meses
I don't think that simply enjoying their work means that BTS (or Twice) should get no breaks. Everybody needs to take a break sometimes just to avoid overworking themselves. (Can anybody call those trips that BTS take relaxing? when they are being watched 24/7? also i just don't feel like the days when they get let off by the company do much....)
Jimins Lost Jams
Jimins Lost Jams Hace 4 meses
This video has talking right? Im in school and i cant put the volume up :(
what triggered?
what triggered? Hace 4 meses
Big hit only hav one top group in their company that's whyy this company don't have much controvesy duhhhh imagine they r in sm...or yg hmmmm
Bread Master
Bread Master Hace 4 meses
It would be such a huge risk to debut a girl group in the same company as BTS, let alone the new boy group because the chances are that the potential and hypothetical girl group members could be sasaengs. It goes the same to all companies.
Well Hi
Well Hi Hace 4 meses
We need a TS Entertainment exposed.
A.V.A STUDIOX Hace 4 meses
Wasn't it the manager that called Jin and Jimin fat? I think he also tried to hit Jungkook. I don't think it was the CEO
Angel Unicorns
Angel Unicorns Hace 4 meses
Its 2019 and TXT hasn't debut but there debuting soon
I Reject Rejections
I Reject Rejections Hace 4 meses
Mitchelle Chibuoke
Mitchelle Chibuoke Hace 4 meses
My whole mind was just on the videos that I literally forgot that she was talking. I love BTS, and TWICE. So it is natural to get distracted, right?
Quazi Raidah
Quazi Raidah Hace 4 meses
I wanna know ??? Why did you use clips of "Flower ever after " from Playlist global????
JustAK PopFan
JustAK PopFan Hace 4 meses
6:46 iT's NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe!
Anny's World
Anny's World Hace 4 meses
If BigHit is up to some shit it might be stock marketing or money stuff like that is not necessariliy legal but also maybe not jail worthy and if so it would not be personal affecting BTS... I always wondered if I missed sth because of all the stuff the rest has done I trust as good as no one in teh land of companies but looks like BigHit at least from outside deserves it's at least stable reputation...while others are at this point "what reputation even?" :,D
Anny's World
Anny's World Hace 4 meses
Idols being humans doing nothing wrong = people canceling them, misunderstanding them and want them in prison for nothing An idol commits a crime = happy ever after WTF World ?
Lmao Kylie
Lmao Kylie Hace 4 meses
The Glam Controversy has MANY aspects to it. The group it's self was completely toxic. Those girls were crazy! From being a saesang to threatening people for money, no wonder these girls were kicked out. The group was jus awful, I thought so my self too.
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Hace 4 meses
The comments on this video has huge likes
Elisa N
Elisa N Hace 4 meses
There was one instance as well where, in the background of some bangtanbomb, a manager raised his hand towards jungkook and kook flinched. Fans raised hell and the dude was fired.
Delphenium 52
Delphenium 52 Hace 4 meses
To me BigHit is one of the better companies I love how you do your videos. I'm subscribing💜💚
Gulnara Abdullaevna
Gulnara Abdullaevna Hace 4 meses
Eyeore Hace 4 meses
oh my gosh, I love your channel
Alison Georgia
Alison Georgia Hace 4 meses
Ok big hit is far from the big 3 companies but they are also far away from being the worst company. Like?!
MIANO Hace 4 meses
When there is nothing to expose 😂
k-pop memes
k-pop memes Hace 4 meses
I feel bighit grew up because they started sueing sasaeng
MewDenise Hace 4 meses
Conclusion... don't be problematic
Szymon Janiak
Szymon Janiak Hace 4 meses
Why kick Lucy tho D; I love that bth
Nam Tiddies-
Nam Tiddies- Hace 4 meses
*Yo hitman bang!* Doesn't get fired
Alicia Hace 4 meses
Y'all forgetting the incident with Jungkook and their previous manager who was speculated to have been abusing towards Jungkook....
MewDenise Hace 4 meses
He got fired... so yeah
Claire Conrad
Claire Conrad Hace 4 meses
I've heard that Bang Si Hyuk has tax evasion in his history but idk if that's true
Sienna S-S
Sienna S-S Hace 4 meses
GLAM’s two songs were bops tho
FakeSmilesandLaughs Hace 5 meses
The member of Glam actually blackmailed a huuuuugely successful actor, Lee Byunghyun. He's not an idol- he's one of Korea's most bankable actors. That's why the controversy was as big as it was and hurt Big Hit's reputation. He's the main actor in Mr. Sunshine, which is huge in Korea at the moment.
Nadoe Hace 5 meses
XxKendraGachaxX Official
Bighit don’t overwork BTS they give them opportunities for breaks but whenever BTS take breaks they feel like they’re doing nothing useful and end up working again
XxKendraGachaxX Official
I always viewed PDnim as a very nice and humble person no drama and very quick to solve situations. Professional
Lee Y/n
Lee Y/n Hace 5 meses
If bighit like EVER just EVER wanted to audition some girls I would surely be there
Lee Y/n
Lee Y/n Hace 4 meses
@MewDenise it would be nice to be close to bts, but I do want to be an idol in bighit
MewDenise Hace 4 meses
Because you want to be an idol, or to get close to BTS?
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 5 meses
"Not to much harm was done" lol she ruined glam . Other girls were innocent but because of that bitch thise girls dreams were ruined
2billioniqbtw Hace 5 meses
I know I’m a month late but at 4:30 when you said “once upon a time” it matched up with the mv of mic drop xD. Maybe that’s unintentional but I thought that was funny
Blueberry Squid09
Blueberry Squid09 Hace 5 meses
BigHit couldn't treat their idols badly even if they wanted to. They have Jin.
Jamin Mochi
Jamin Mochi Hace 5 meses
Me: * Wants go apply for bighit* Bighit: No females Me: * Cries because I can't see my oppars*
Queenie Unnie
Queenie Unnie Hace 5 meses
Why bring this up? im sorry for what i just dont get it. It might be requested but it doesnt matter. Why not try to expose YG instead since you are a YG stan. Sorry we dont buy it.
ARMY ONCE Hace 5 meses
I also believe bts and their staff (especially their producers) are really close, there’s a video of slow rabbit crying while he watches bts receiving their first daesang
star_sseok Hace 5 meses
When I read 'as bad as people think they're' in the thumbnail I couldn't recall any time someone thought they were bad
Rosie Donut
Rosie Donut Hace 5 meses
I know every company usually has a bad side... BUT we can still be *HOPEFUL* that there is a good one with no bad side out there!! HOPE
Leona Arts
Leona Arts Hace 5 meses
Turn on the auto-sub . Thank me later.
honey Hace 5 meses
Expose that little bitch
Jeje Gyu
Jeje Gyu Hace 5 meses
Please expose MBK Speed deserved better
Nefely Ellie Μαυρίδου
Big Hit is an angel in front of YG
Kazuma Uchiha
Kazuma Uchiha Hace 5 meses
Glam was also under Source Music, Source Music was the one who manage GLAM activities and promotion while Big Hit responsible for Produce music for GLAM. that one member is not threatening IDOL actor, she is threatening an actual Actor names Lee Byung Hun
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