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sorry if this video was a bit anti-climatic next will be better, i promise.
also omggggg TYSM FOR OVER 10,000 SUBS I LOVE YALL, my channel grew a lot in the past couple days and im so happy thanks yall! next video will be cool, or at least i'll try to make it be.
anyways see yall later!! love ya
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5 dic 2018






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IDK nan molla
IDK nan molla Hace 3 días
Wow ... this video lol get your research right girl and just admit bighit has no controversies or it's not real .... It looks like you couldn't find any other good reason to shade bighit,,, you just added bits and pieces from here and there which aren't even true.
jade Hace 6 días
bighit is the superior company, wbk
TaeMinKook NamYoonSeok
sarah vivamus
sarah vivamus Hace 11 días
btw bighit PAYS bts well
Anna Marie Řandová
Anna Marie Řandová Hace 13 días
Also there was a controversy about Namjoon wearing a hat with Nazi symbol in a photoshoot and Jimin saying the Korean version of "N" word, but they both apologized. Also idk if that counts as a "Bighit" controversy, but...🤣
Min Yoongles
Min Yoongles Hace 15 días
this video is annoying . Bye
Jiashuai Chang
Jiashuai Chang Hace 16 días
i don’t really like how BigHit will have lawsuits against people expressing their feelings. I get that it crosses a point after a while but if the people are simply stating their opinion then the company is basically violating people’s rights, since south korea has freedom of speech, doesn’t that violate their rights??
Sultana Amir
Sultana Amir Hace 17 días
The only thing i dont like about big hit is how they stopped having female trainees after the GLAM incident. First he should have just taken out that one member and not disband the entire group cuz they had potential. Second why would he nit accept female trainees just because of one person. It doesn’t seem fair to me.
Sultana Amir
Sultana Amir Hace 17 días
Other than this big hit is a great company
Geminilicious Hace 17 días
I think BH is no different than any corrupted controlling money driven Kpop agency, it is just still young to have a big record.... What you forgot - BTS were supposed to be a Khiphop group, but Bang changed them to KPOP for his financial goals! That alone shows how corrupted, exploiting and money driven they are! -The manager who HIT JUNGKOOK -STRICT diets to the point that RM & Tae were scared to eat a single cone of ice-cream infl front of their managers.. "according to Rm in Burn the stage" -Them scripting BTS variety shows. "according to Jin in their last episode of run season 2" -Controlling them to the point that jin had to go through a 2 hour meeting with the company to settle for what he wants "according to Jin in Vlive" - Not hiring any vocal coach for the vocal line, leaving Jin to hire himself a vocal coach with his own money, and Jimin to struggle with his vocal deterioration. -The blackmailing incident, where two managers paid for a CEO who blackmailed the company and threatened to expose their illegal promotional measures (why would they pay under the table if they were innocent?!) - Supreme boi, who made a song glorifying RAPE with other rapper! -Palgiarism or at least copying & sampling without giving any credits. -The controversial photo shoot at Holocaust memorial, without giving any apology after deleting the photos. ...
Kim Bangbang
Kim Bangbang Hace 22 días
We already saw how Bang Pd and Bighit defend BTS from shaddy controversies in very professional manner. Yes they aren't perfect as a company but they handled bts in a great manner possible. How the members act with Bang PD and staffs only show that they really have good relationship. They have more freedom compare to other groups and if they don't, RM or Yoongi would surely give hints. RM often tell ARMYs to trust them and bighit. So... we really should.
Yoonji Min
Yoonji Min Hace 29 días
I just realized that SUPERSTAR BTS will be SUPERSTAR BIGHIT soon
The Pile Of Clothes In Spring Day
SM- Town JYP- Nation YG- Family Bighit- Mental institution Me- Unoriginal
ufo38 nin
ufo38 nin Hace un mes
BH is a pretty interesting company. I do hope they will keep improving. It would be a pity otherwise.
Rhiannn :3
Rhiannn :3 Hace un mes
seriously, BTS has broken so many rules before and they get away with it lol. bighit is hands down one of the most lenient companies. TXT members are in for a treat!
花gεσηhα Hace un mes
tbh, bighit is one of the most chill companies i've ever found aside from starship.
no privilege
no privilege Hace un mes
I don't think that simply enjoying their work means that BTS (or Twice) should get no breaks. Everybody needs to take a break sometimes just to avoid overworking themselves. (Can anybody call those trips that BTS take relaxing? when they are being watched 24/7? also i just don't feel like the days when they get let off by the company do much....)
Jimins Lost Jams
Jimins Lost Jams Hace un mes
This video has talking right? Im in school and i cant put the volume up :(
shut up! i hav something to say
Big hit only hav one top group in their company that's whyy this company don't have much controvesy duhhhh imagine they r in sm...or yg hmmmm
rsji.2u ji
rsji.2u ji Hace un mes
It would be such a huge risk to debut a girl group in the same company as BTS, let alone the new boy group because the chances are that the potential and hypothetical girl group members could be sasaengs. It goes the same to all companies.
Well Hi
Well Hi Hace un mes
We need a TS Entertainment exposed.
A.V.A STUDIOX Hace un mes
Wasn't it the manager that called Jin and Jimin fat? I think he also tried to hit Jungkook. I don't think it was the CEO
Angel Unicorns
Angel Unicorns Hace un mes
Its 2019 and TXT hasn't debut but there debuting soon
C Fitz
C Fitz Hace un mes
Wow are you negative. Why are you looking for something that is not there? Why can't you just accept the fact that there is no controversy and why do you think there needs to be?
I Reject Rejections
Mitchelle Chibuoke
Mitchelle Chibuoke Hace un mes
My whole mind was just on the videos that I literally forgot that she was talking. I love BTS, and TWICE. So it is natural to get distracted, right?
Quazi Raidah
Quazi Raidah Hace un mes
I wanna know ??? Why did you use clips of "Flower ever after " from Playlist global????
JustAK PopFan
JustAK PopFan Hace un mes
6:46 iT's NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe!
Anny's World
Anny's World Hace un mes
If BigHit is up to some shit it might be stock marketing or money stuff like that is not necessariliy legal but also maybe not jail worthy and if so it would not be personal affecting BTS... I always wondered if I missed sth because of all the stuff the rest has done I trust as good as no one in teh land of companies but looks like BigHit at least from outside deserves it's at least stable reputation...while others are at this point "what reputation even?" :,D
Anny's World
Anny's World Hace un mes
Idols being humans doing nothing wrong = people canceling them, misunderstanding them and want them in prison for nothing An idol commits a crime = happy ever after WTF World ?
Lmao Kylie
Lmao Kylie Hace un mes
The Glam Controversy has MANY aspects to it. The group it's self was completely toxic. Those girls were crazy! From being a saesang to threatening people for money, no wonder these girls were kicked out. The group was jus awful, I thought so my self too.
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Hace un mes
The comments on this video has huge likes
Elisa N
Elisa N Hace un mes
There was one instance as well where, in the background of some bangtanbomb, a manager raised his hand towards jungkook and kook flinched. Fans raised hell and the dude was fired.
Delphenium 52
Delphenium 52 Hace un mes
To me BigHit is one of the better companies I love how you do your videos. I'm subscribing💜💚
Gulnara Abdullaevna
bigbird27 Hace un mes
oh my gosh, I love your channel
Alison Georgia
Alison Georgia Hace un mes
Ok big hit is far from the big 3 companies but they are also far away from being the worst company. Like?!
MIANO Hace un mes
When there is nothing to expose 😂
k-pop memes
k-pop memes Hace un mes
I feel bighit grew up because they started sueing sasaeng
MewDenise Hace un mes
Conclusion... don't be problematic, and you will have a global success
Szymon Janiak
Szymon Janiak Hace un mes
Why kick Lucy tho D; I love that bth
*Yo hitman bang!* Doesn't get fired
Alicia Hace un mes
Y'all forgetting the incident with Jungkook and their previous manager who was speculated to have been abusing towards Jungkook....
MewDenise Hace un mes
He got fired... so yeah
Claire Conrad
Claire Conrad Hace un mes
I've heard that Bang Si Hyuk has tax evasion in his history but idk if that's true
Sienna S-S
Sienna S-S Hace un mes
GLAM’s two songs were bops tho
The member of Glam actually blackmailed a huuuuugely successful actor, Lee Byunghyun. He's not an idol- he's one of Korea's most bankable actors. That's why the controversy was as big as it was and hurt Big Hit's reputation. He's the main actor in Mr. Sunshine, which is huge in Korea at the moment.
Nadoe Hace 2 meses
NXX !?
NXX !? Hace 2 meses
Bighit don’t overwork BTS they give them opportunities for breaks but whenever BTS take breaks they feel like they’re doing nothing useful and end up working again
NXX !?
NXX !? Hace 2 meses
I always viewed PDnim as a very nice and humble person no drama and very quick to solve situations. Professional
Lee Y/n
Lee Y/n Hace 2 meses
If bighit like EVER just EVER wanted to audition some girls I would surely be there
Lee Y/n
Lee Y/n Hace un mes
+MewDenise it would be nice to be close to bts, but I do want to be an idol in bighit
MewDenise Hace un mes
Because you want to be an idol, or to get close to BTS?
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 2 meses
"Not to much harm was done" lol she ruined glam . Other girls were innocent but because of that bitch thise girls dreams were ruined
2billioniqbtw Hace 2 meses
I know I’m a month late but at 4:30 when you said “once upon a time” it matched up with the mv of mic drop xD. Maybe that’s unintentional but I thought that was funny
Blueberry Squid09
Blueberry Squid09 Hace 2 meses
BigHit couldn't treat their idols badly even if they wanted to. They have Jin.
Long Cat
Long Cat Hace 2 meses
Me: * Wants go apply for bighit* Bighit: No females Me: * Cries because I can't see my oppars*
Kpop Babe Queenie
Kpop Babe Queenie Hace 2 meses
Why bring this up? im sorry for what i just dont get it. It might be requested but it doesnt matter. Why not try to expose YG instead since you are a YG stan. Sorry we dont buy it.
STAY IARMY-L Hace 2 meses
I also believe bts and their staff (especially their producers) are really close, there’s a video of slow rabbit crying while he watches bts receiving their first daesang
taehugs Hace 2 meses
When I read 'as bad as people think they're' in the thumbnail I couldn't recall any time someone thought they were bad
Rosie Donut
Rosie Donut Hace 2 meses
I know every company usually has a bad side... BUT we can still be *HOPEFUL* that there is a good one with no bad side out there!! HOPE
Leona Arts
Leona Arts Hace 2 meses
Turn on the auto-sub . Thank me later.
honey Hace 2 meses
Expose that little bitch
Jeje Gyu
Jeje Gyu Hace 2 meses
Please expose MBK Speed deserved better
Nefely Ellie Μαυρίδου
Big Hit is an angel in front of YG
Kazuma Uchiha
Kazuma Uchiha Hace 2 meses
Glam was also under Source Music, Source Music was the one who manage GLAM activities and promotion while Big Hit responsible for Produce music for GLAM. that one member is not threatening IDOL actor, she is threatening an actual Actor names Lee Byung Hun
PopcicleCat Hace 2 meses
They even let JK twerk in IDOL lol.
BTS LOVE Hace 2 meses
Извените а можно озвучку на русском языке пожалуйста
Lee Reesa
Lee Reesa Hace 2 meses
For now Bighit ain't accepting any girls but I think it has more to it than just the GLAM issue or being sexist (as some people love to say it). If we look at it this way, Bighit is still a company. Strategically, based on the immense amount of success the company got thanks to BTS, Bang PD mentioned in an interview that he wants to use the same formula with a new boy group, which he used for BTS. So one can say this boy group is like another experiment using his "success formula". People can disregard that and say that he is lying but in the end, from a business perspective, if a company has a solid idea, and a successful one, why wouldn't they use it again? This is just a different perspective and people can disagree with me. I think Bighit wants to go with the boys first before going with the girls. Once he got enough pillars to support the company further, they might debut a girl group. Hopefully. As for the overwork part... the past few years since BTS sky rocketed in the west, they have to be in the limelight. That's why they felt the pressure in the beginning of this year. Everything is overwhelming but as harsh as the industry sounds, they have no choice but to be the center of the attention. The creative world is all about those chances. If they let go of the chance to be in the spotlight, no one will pay attention to them. So they have no choice but to be in this spotlight. Also, I think it's BTS themselves overworking themselves than Bighit making them. Bighit ain't as pure as an angel but definitely not as much of a snake as the other companies. But with the members growing old, I think it's time for them to leave for the army and THIS IS ALSO ANOTHER THEORY but I think this is the perfect time to put out another boy group that can grab everyone's attention whIle BTS is gone. If someone else has to take those chances, it must be a group from the same company... Oh my, just thought about that. If you managed to read all of this, well done xD People can disagree with me. I am not hating on Bighit or calling any names. I am simply stating perspectives and bringing out "what if " scenarios.
sally Macit
sally Macit Hace 2 meses
GLAM was a bop I was devastated when they disbanded.. Hope we see another BIGHIT girl group in the future! Similar to the concept they had for GLAM
Joey Melon
Joey Melon Hace 2 meses
The most problems come from the lack of promoting ex, Jimins songs, the fucking movie that no one heard about until someone saw a movie poster. I think there was some mistreatment toward taehyung before or debut or in earlier years. Its msotly protion stuff I think
Joey Melon
Joey Melon Hace 2 meses
Have they even done anything on those death threats towards jimin and i think jin
Derpy Derpstein
Derpy Derpstein Hace 2 meses
Bts is like on that line: A band consisting of 7 members who want to make music, under a company. Vs 7 Members who want to make music under a company, in a band
Neo got my crack
Neo got my crack Hace 2 meses
Big hit is one of the company that is chill and I love them for that
Ha he he Ho ho
Ha he he Ho ho Hace 2 meses
All these kpop companies are shady and do shady shit.
Han Bal
Han Bal Hace 2 meses
Were not d8ssapointed bitch dont make us dissapointed oke
Han Bal
Han Bal Hace 2 meses
Definitely Like you
Momo Momo
Momo Momo Hace 2 meses
Yg has left the chat
- s p a c e m i l k
- s p a c e m i l k Hace 2 meses
why did i read, "B*tchHit entertainment"
Abbie South
Abbie South Hace 2 meses
Don't y'all think it's kinda weird that they won't accept female trainees ever since what happened with Glam? Do they think they're too good for girls or do they think that all girls will commit a crime??
Renelyn fuentes
Renelyn fuentes Hace 2 meses
I think its more on protecting their reputation, Bang PD is a respectable producer and hit maker in Korea but because of glam controversy it left them (Bighit) closed to bankruptcy and it tarnished the name of the company. By the way Glam is not under Bighit. Bighit just produce music for them it was Source Entr.manage Glam's activies.
sheng isales
sheng isales Hace 2 meses
People keep bashing what ever they want even they don't know bashing for.
Kaoru Justice
Kaoru Justice Hace 2 meses
Please please please both Jesus and Satan! I’m praying for this company to never become full of dirt! We have one only hope!
Silent Scream
Silent Scream Hace 2 meses
Ayo it’s hit man bang introduces... Ok I’m done lol
SilverRain Hace 2 meses
I think there was a time where a member of Bighit's staff hit Jungkook. You can't really fault Bighit tho since the staff member was fired shortly after.
Ohagi Hace 2 meses
No company is perfect, and BigHit may not be the best, but it definitely isn’t the worst out there
geraud mathilde
geraud mathilde Hace 2 meses
Of course Bighit is not perfect i mean, it is a company and unfortunately some scandals hitted their group, but I feel like they are really trying, just how close banPD is with BTS you can see he really care. About BTS owervorking, first of all i think or is the same for every idols no matter their group beside BTS doesnt seem to need to be forced to overwork, there were cases where the managers had to force Jimin to stop training and go home. Beside i dont believe its bh fault if some of their artists were crazy, they maybe didnt handle the problem the best way but how could they have predicted this....
Speedy G
Speedy G Hace 2 meses
What about the whole issue with BTS' old manager raising his hand to Jungkook (there's also a video of Tae actually getting hit if I remember correctly)? I know the company apologized for it and fired the manager but if we're talking about shady things this should probably be mentioned, it's abuse after all even if it was in the past.
Veronica Mason
Veronica Mason Hace 2 meses
apparently bts was actually formed by jyp and given to bighit or something. i have a friend who was a jyp trainee and she told me that
Kuroyuki Hace un mes
its 2AM not bts. all of bts member trained in bighit.
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 2 meses
No bighit recruited bts that's false info
AnneLyn Nifled
AnneLyn Nifled Hace 2 meses
oh??????? ........
pink eyeshadow
pink eyeshadow Hace 2 meses
I would want to comment on the GLAM controversy, yes the 2 members and their controversies were not BH's fault but after Dahee's scandal leaked BH didn't handle the group well at all. The girls "ended their contracts" but according to one of the members they were forced to leave. They also put GLAM on hiatus for more than a year even before the scandal (they were in hiatus during BTS debut era and a while before) and we never really got a conclusion on what happened at that time. They were promoted well during their debut and debut but later BH slacked on promotions. Over the 3 years, they only had 3 songs and some kind of Valentine's special, right when their popularity seemed to be rising BH put them in hiatus. As for Trinity, the sasaeng member, it was never confirmed if she was a sasaeng. It was simply rumored but nothing official and it could have been people trying to slander her image. It seems like BH isn't one to take chances when it comes to girls (as shown by them abandoning GLAM in general) and that's why she left (possibly got kicked) for "personal reasons".
pink eyeshadow
pink eyeshadow Hace 2 meses
and yes, they were comanaged by Source Music but in the end they were BH trainees and BH made the final decisions, they chose to disband them, who the members would be and if they released a song.
onepiece bts
onepiece bts Hace 2 meses
This video was just based on speculations???
Pearl Infinite
Pearl Infinite Hace 2 meses
I Dont know how but after being subscribed to this channel for quite some time, Ive now noticed this is an exposure channel😂
mýá Hace 2 meses
Jo Kwon (A member of 2AM) said that bang pd was super supportive when he left Bighit and that Bang Pd still helps him with music and gives him advice, he also said Bigh Hit ent felt like family during his time there, not to mention BTS who have a good relationship with Bang Pd and always talk about him. Honestly the amount of people who are suddenly saying Bang Pd abuses BTS is ridiculous. He's not some evil bastard from what we have been exposed to.
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 2 meses
+mýá Exactly bts aren't dumb if they think they are being mistreated they would have made it known because afterall armys will always support bts and if we feel bh is hurting our boys we would have their back but since bts have never complained about their company we shouldn't speculate . Bh isn't perfect but I can't think of any company better then bh for bts
mýá Hace 2 meses
+MuSiC xxx Exactly my point. Some people are going as far as to say that bts don't realize they are being used and abused by bang pd which is almost laughable since they are grown men who have known the man since they were teenagers. Many artists don't even praise their CEOs and company as much as BTS does, some dont even mention them when it isn't necessary. I think people should think about all of this before slandering hitman online, because the CEO of bighit has yet to show us he is this "monster" everyone is painting him out to be when there are other CEOs who have gotten caught being blatantly mysoginistic and racist.
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 2 meses
Exactly if he was a bad ceo and person bts wouldn't be this close to him and would share jokes about him . Moreover they wouldn't have renewed for another 7 years without knowing their career was secure in his hands
JimIN’ed Too far
JimIN’ed Too far Hace 2 meses
Just found this video and yes, bighit managers have done some shady shit, but they got kicked. After this Bighit has been angels to the boys, literally, Jhope wanted to learn house dancing so they set them up with the best house dancer. Also, they are so comfortable with their managers and CEO. managers even began crying when they won their first music show and daesang. If you Stan BTS you need a stan Bighit💜
aria Hace 2 meses
BigHit as a company may not be perfect but bro... BangPD LOVES bangtan. He treats them as his sons. He doesn't restrict their freedom and he truly cares about their wellbeing. And as a fan, to know that my idols are being treated with respect is very important to me. And you rarely see CEOs loving their artists the way SiHyuk loves BTS.
Mherwin Madria
Mherwin Madria Hace 2 meses
I normally dont care but you said literally so often it made me uncomfortable LOL.. good thing im not subscribed
RaMiyeon Enthusiast
RaMiyeon Enthusiast Hace 2 meses
Have you done CUBE yet? I’d love to hear your opinion on the whole CLC being forgotten thing.
iiiVictxriaiii Hace 2 meses
BTS don't get overworked by the company...
Power Nay
Power Nay Hace 2 meses
BIGHIT won't sue every single person who talk shit😂. That means the amount of antis they have will get sued?.... Really? BTS will only be together for about 1 or 2 more years Intel they make money and go. BIGHIT will get sued soon and RM will leave. Also another car accident will happen.... 🙃
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 2 meses
Also you know you are really a toxic person to wish an accident on bts whi literally are one of the sweetest people I don't know how old you are or hiw far you take petty fanwars but this just isn't right I hope you realize that . Also bts renewed their contract so sadly for you they aren't going anywhere any time soon
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 2 meses
+Power Nay because of different laws in different countries also because it would cost alot of money and getting to those int antis is a lengthy and taxing process while korean antis are easily in reach honesty I haven't seen a single korean entertainment company sue int antis
Power Nay
Power Nay Hace 2 meses
MuSiC xxx i mean thats kinda dumb Why only korean when there are ocer sees antis? Like i said Bighit is full of shit.
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 2 meses
They only sure korean antis lol
Dinda DK
Dinda DK Hace 2 meses
Im waiting for bang pdnim rumor dating but she didnt talk about it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dinda DK
Dinda DK Hace un mes
+MewDenise its a joke 🤣 sory if its not funny to you
MewDenise Hace un mes
Who cares? What does him dating have to do with the company?
Saje Hocker
Saje Hocker Hace 2 meses
What does sasaeng mean someone pls tell me
MewDenise Hace un mes
crazy stalker "fans"
Kamila Khairunnisa
Kamila Khairunnisa Hace 2 meses
for me big hit and bank pd still the best company and ceo in Korea, because only bang pd as a ceo let his boys BTS teasing him :))
MoekaLovesGaming Hace 2 meses
Big Hit is honestly, For me (My opinion!) One of The best K-pop companies out there. Bang PD-nim seems to love BTS alot. They actually take care of them, Unlike the other companies (Not gonna give names) Who don't do anything when they're idols are already overworked.
hy syah
hy syah Hace 2 meses
Please do Pledis exposed hah
Dramatic Hoe
Dramatic Hoe Hace 2 meses
I don't think twice and BTS like being so 'busy' I mean this is there job people forget they get paid for this they have to 'like' being busy.
Dramatic Hoe
Dramatic Hoe Hace 2 meses
MuSiC xxx they get paid to be an idols not to be overwork the normal comebacks r every 6 months or so but the comeback almost every four But that includes interviews filming comeback vocal and dance practice dieting photo shoots and then the one or two months after the comeback r filled with promoting. There is a difference between being busy and being overworked. They don't even get paid that much either the most popular idols like twice and BTS r famous in Korea they have international fan but the don't make up much of the fans. As well the money from CDs only go to the company until trainee fees r finished they get money from viraty shows.
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx Hace 2 meses
Bts and twice aren't dumb they know being an idol especially a popular one demands lots of hardwork and tough schedules . Besides they are being paid extremely well
JiminsMoonchild Hace 2 meses
I love seeing how bts and bang pd get along so well
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