Bill Burr Blames Candy Stores For Making Everyone Sensitive

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'F Is for Family' co-creator and star Bill Burr believes there's a correlation between increased public offendedness and hyper-specific candy stores.
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17 jun 2017

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Comentarios 10 209
africaRBG Hace 3 horas
Terrible. Wrong set, bill.
Christopher Yan
Christopher Yan Hace 10 horas
People are so PC and sensitive nowadays, they cannot tell the difference between disagreeing with someone vs hating that person's core being. You can disagree with someone and voice your opinion without treating the other person like he/she's subhuman you know? Bill Burr might be the last of brutally honest comedians...
David Baldwin
David Baldwin Hace 11 horas
How did Colbert get his own show... He's terrible!!! Ugh..
Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon Hace un día
bill burr should only go to conan's show
Connor Hutcheon
Connor Hutcheon Hace un día
Colbert genuinely had no idea what to do, and it was fairly uncomfortable. Burr is burr. Shit ain't change.
Badguy Birdie
Badguy Birdie Hace un día
God, Stephen Colbert is the worst interviewer ever. What happened to the Colbert Report?
richard cardenas
richard cardenas Hace un día
Conan interviews are much funnier
neuron55 Hace 2 días
They need another host for this show. Colbert is as stiff as Letterman was though so I guess this is the show the network wanted.
Jong Zhao
Jong Zhao Hace 2 días
Colbert looks and acts like a used up condom
Brandon Calhoon
Brandon Calhoon Hace 2 días
Colbert has the charisma of a fart. He seems like he was mad a bill the whole show,
Peter Anon
Peter Anon Hace 2 días
Bill Burr: To hell with Snowflakes. Snowflakes: .... Snowflake Host: ....
Leo Charles
Leo Charles Hace 3 días
The problem with Colbert is that he has a LIST of questions he follows. Thats what makes Conan and Greg Ferguson special for me(back in the day), they dont have questions to follow, they simply have a conversation with you as a friend
peter haha
peter haha Hace 3 días
Colbert doesn't seem particularly comfortable with Burr's sense of humor.
Drake Pryce
Drake Pryce Hace 4 días
See Colbert and Kimmel can be interviewing people and somehow shoehorn "But yeah thats good, but how terrible is Trump?" Its like stfu and just interview someone. I also love when Bill Burr and that Lesbian Actress from OITNB were on together and they were cracking each other up. That was a great interview.
Stech55 Hace 4 días
Wow, Colbert is awful.
For your health
For your health Hace 4 días
Colbert is too much of a narcissist to sit back and let burr be burr. Reroute to Conan people
2badger2 Hace 4 días
Colbert is so bad .... who did he payoff to get this job
jcb3393 Hace 4 días
Colbert - and his audience - are what is wrong with comedy.
YO STEVO Hace 5 días
That was the most awkward and unappreciated I've ever seen Bill Burr. God, Colbert AND his audience SUCK!
Bro Colbert sucks
etiquettefiend Hace 5 días
Colbert has changed.
Matthew Owen
Matthew Owen Hace 5 días
Haha Colbert is a great example of how sometimes all of the success in the world won’t extract a stick lodged deep enough in an asshole
B E Hace 6 días
Colbert was upset, because Bill just called Colbert's entire viewer base. I'm sure they cried afterwards.
B E Hace 6 días
Bill Burr truth speaker, Colbert candy ass!
Eric T.
Eric T. Hace 6 días
Just to clarify, I only disliked this video because Stephen Colbert single handedly ruined what could have otherwise been a great interview. Bill Burr is a comedic genius who's as real as it gets. I can't disagree with anything he says.
dnoz13 Hace 6 días
Colbert makes me want to stop watching late night shows. But I see Bill Burr and O click. Watching him make Colbert squirm is the shit.
William Columbia
William Columbia Hace 6 días
Colbert sucks
madbigborz Hace 6 días
Cmon stephen, you can do better...
Skyler B
Skyler B Hace 6 días
Lol at the leftist downvotes. Shouldn't surprise me since the show is for leftists. Colbert used to be good back in the day now it's late night politics, he isn't even funny anymore.
سلطان 13
سلطان 13 Hace 7 días
Colbert was bad at this and didn't try at all.. Bill should've canceled this before it aired and any furthur interviews
Chris Garvey
Chris Garvey Hace 7 días
Well, I see all these comments about Colbert like everyone here is a mind reader and psychologists or psychiatrists...too funny. I like Bill Burr, and if Colbert is uncomfortable with him, maybe he shouldn't have him on, but...a joke telling a kid to go play with his (cop) fathers' gun isn't funny. It never was. That's over the line. Burr has the right to say whatever he wants. The biggest problem with comedy today is this: Most comedy has been about picking on the differences of 'others'. Goes back to the old famous comedians for the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's moving forward. I love George Carlin, but most of his stuff was pretty offensive to the average person. "kill yourself jokes" just aren't funny...which is a conflict for me personally, since I was planning on using Bill Hicks 'commentary' on Advertisers to kill themselves for destroying the world. I think his view of advertiser's is pretty much on target, but probably won't use that sketch because I don't think encouraging suicide is good or funny. LET THE FLAME'S BEGIN!!
Will Hanlon
Will Hanlon Hace 7 días
Stephen: You don’t like candy I hear Audience: laughs
Mike Pasquarelli
Mike Pasquarelli Hace 7 días
Did they really blur out “Jesus Christ”
General Vague
General Vague Hace 8 días
Colbert if you're reading this, you'd make a lot more money if you just stopped the Trump Jokes
Lexx1976 Hace 8 días
What they call "political correct" nowadays is what we called a "gay" and "faggot" way of talking back then.
Wayne Hudson
Wayne Hudson Hace 8 días
Hobo Blues Clown
Hobo Blues Clown Hace 8 días
Stephen Colbert is a tool
Hellrazorxx911 Hace 8 días
Massachusetts has become to be the most nasties butt hirt allways offened people. people here are so cowardly and pethetic and get offened and beat people for most mest up things. i dont take it as i live here. thats why im so alone in my life. hate this state and the people in it. so grimmy even had a mask until after the election bc everyone here love trump luves ebt, complain about taxes but dont want to do anything about it. all talk no action. dont even trust women from here WOMEN HERE LIKE TO TAKE FROM A MAN. THEY HAVE THAT PRINCESS MENTALITY. AND THERE SOMONE THAT WILL PUT U IN JAIL IF U EVEN GET OUTA LINES WITH WORDS. THEY LIE CHEAT AND STEAL FROM MEN. WOMEN HERE ARE DEMONS GROSS PIECES OF CUNTS HERE FUKING HATE IT
Urabusu Hace 8 días
Wow. Colbert must be fun at parties.
John Dettra
John Dettra Hace 8 días
I expected Rod of the Twilight Zone to come out and explain that the audience was IN THE TWILIGHT zone.
Nick Colantonio
Nick Colantonio Hace 9 días
My asshole was puckering this entire interview, so goddamn awkward
Charlie Herk
Charlie Herk Hace 9 días
this host is a fuckwit
Jack Daniels-Son
Jack Daniels-Son Hace 9 días
Really its the INTERNET and people hiding behind the damn computers that is making everybody sensitive. That and impotence issues, lol
marc atkinson
marc atkinson Hace 9 días
The furniture does a better job than Stevie Colbert. Worthless hack.
Symbiotic Flux
Symbiotic Flux Hace 9 días
Not everyone has the Privilege to have a "Proper Childhood" Colbert. Thats what makes BIll Burr, Bill Burr.
Blaze Rocker
Blaze Rocker Hace 10 días
I hope Bill learned that Colbert and his audience are too liberal for his upbringing and comedy style.
spiderfur Hace 10 días
The Colbert Report was great. Colbert's interviewing skills in this video were horrible. I have lost respect for Colbert.
savanna casey
savanna casey Hace 10 días
They bleeped Jesus Christ...
Proud American
Proud American Hace 10 días
Commie Colbert.
Lucio Innocenzo
Lucio Innocenzo Hace 10 días
Fire that politically correct POS of Colbert
Matt Friese
Matt Friese Hace 10 días
Wow Colbert must have been having a bad day
Bob M
Bob M Hace 11 días
Colbert is so bad at doing interviews. Wow
AWelsh Celt
AWelsh Celt Hace 11 días
Could Colbert be any more of a sanctimonious p***k? Bill Burr is a national treasure. Colbert is a national embarrassment. He's reached Jim Acosta level cuckness. F**k Colbert. Stick with Conan, Bill. You don't need this p***y.
Sherine Harivandi
Sherine Harivandi Hace 11 días
Why was Colbert acting like that? Wow. Awkward, killed the fun of Bill's jokes.
Brent Stack
Brent Stack Hace 11 días
Wow, this really shows how impressive Conan is!
SPZ Max Hace 11 días
13,000 snowflakes who need a safe space on the edge a cliff.
the Omega Concern
the Omega Concern Hace 11 días
Colbert tries to compete with Burr.
Gerald Wiseman
Gerald Wiseman Hace 11 días
I don't remember Colbert ever being this bad on The Colbert Report. I don't think he was particularly bad in this clip here either but it's something I have been feeling since he moved to late night. If seems like a lot of people are feeling the same thing. What happened to Colbert?
Path Finder
Path Finder Hace 12 días
PC is the death of society. RIP USA
crack head satan
crack head satan Hace 12 días
Bill burr the god we needed
Andrew Horner
Andrew Horner Hace 12 días
2:14 horrible transition by Colbert.
William Selk
William Selk Hace 12 días
I used to like colbert..but you don't do bill burr that bad. Thumbs down, aint following colbert anymore. Team Coco take me back! lol
B Neervoort
B Neervoort Hace 12 días
Man... This was awkward
The Sprawl
The Sprawl Hace 12 días
I think Bill Burr is often fucking hilarious. I think he's often a fucking annoying, moany old-man caricature. Sometimes he kills, when he's on Conan he's very good. But when he doesn't kill, he doesn't get to _blame it on the crowds,_ as though the only reason anyone would not find him funny is because they're too awestruck by the tornado of his offensiveness and their delicate hearts can't take it. That's a bullshit manoeuvre, and it's a bullshit one to pull here(although I'm not much of a fan of Colbert tbh and think he's a weirdly passive aggressive dude). I've watched stand-up routines a thousand times more offensive than even Burr's _most offensive_ joke. They never bothered me. When people have a problem with his humour it's not(at least not necessarily) because it makes them uncomfortable. It's because it's so unbelievably middle of the road. Complaining about 'kids these days'? About men dressed as women, or women dressed as men? About modern technology? Ffs, when it goes into that kind of territory I expect jokes about the mother-in-law and jokes about how Jews are thrifty. My favourite bits of his are when there's a kind of unhinged element to what he's saying, and he drifts further and further away from reality, and politics, and families, and wives and girlfriends. But when he's complaining about some modern contrivance, or women, or expecting to get a huge laugh because he could tell a woman was a lesbian, I don't get offended, I get bored. It's there where he comes too close to just saying stuff and expecting the fact that he's being un-pc to be enough to make it funny. But it's not.
Abhinandan Vasudeva
Abhinandan Vasudeva Hace 13 días
Conan you are the best.
Abhinandan Vasudeva
Abhinandan Vasudeva Hace 13 días
The whole interview summarised in one word Cringe
Sean L
Sean L Hace 13 días
It's a shame that people have to endure Stephen Colbert to see someone on his show who is funny and intelligent.
Ricky Rickardo
Ricky Rickardo Hace 13 días
Burr is the funniest guy on the planet and Colbert and his sheep can barely muster a chuckle without being prompted. Pathetic NPC's.
Akacie Trold
Akacie Trold Hace 13 días
This video title and talk combined with a comment section full of people dissing Colbert and his audience is kind of hilarious.
JSimpson Hace 13 días
Candy-ass Colbert and his weak audience. Yawn
dem ma
dem ma Hace 13 días
What a crappy interview. Bill is awesome.
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson Hace 13 días
Colbert should stick to Trump hating. It's the only thing he knows how to do. He sucks all of the amusement out of comedy. He proves the point that Bill Burr is trying to make.
Hyrule409 Hace 13 días
Goddamn you could tell Bill was trying his hardest. You could read the vibes from the crowd and Stephen in the air like it was smoke. It's like a group of people who can't laugh at something unless it's approved by the Ministry of Humor. Disliked, not because of ol' Billy Ballsack either.
SKO Show
SKO Show Hace 13 días
Everyone’s bashing Colbert but let’s be honest here... Bill Burr was not on his A-game in this and the audience isn’t likely to have many of his fans in it. I love the shit out of Bill’s comedy and not one thing in this made me even think about cracking a smile.
Bryan Zin
Bryan Zin Hace 13 días
Cringing, poor guy being funny in front of Colbert's audience
Drewskickinit Hace 14 días
That dislike is for Cobert!!
Richard Mantz
Richard Mantz Hace 14 días
Colbert sucks
J Balsamo
J Balsamo Hace 14 días
Colbert shouldn't do late night, completely rude before he even walked on stage
Pierpaolo Rainaldi
Pierpaolo Rainaldi Hace 14 días
it seems to me there were a lot of cuts , the laughs, colbert reactions, it's all akward
Bill Kendich
Bill Kendich Hace 14 días
I don't know why Bill agreed to be a guest in this humourless, overly PC correct, dried-up show.
liam Duvall
liam Duvall Hace 14 días
Man I can't wait until the next time I willingly watch the Stephen Colbert Show!! Ill be watching him cry and pee pee his pants because Trump got reelected :)
DEG00GLEURSELF Hace 14 días
Bill Burr, LEGEND, Colbert, as*hol*e.
Frank E
Frank E Hace 14 días
I've never liked this Colbert guy.... not funny....boring...why does he got show....no talent.
CeskaKrysa Hace 14 días
I love Bill, but i would rather got acid in my eyes than watch Colbert's show.
Ivan Dinesen jensen
Ivan Dinesen jensen Hace 14 días
Bill make my day every day ........gretings from argentina
Victoria Julia
Victoria Julia Hace 14 días
this reminded me that people who are politically correct can be extremely conservative, judgemental and narrow minded
Tychus Hace 15 días
well this was awkward ... expected tho Colbert and his audience are the exact people the burr hates
Pure Punk
Pure Punk Hace 15 días
Colbert has turned into the biggest jerk and Burr has been bought by the left in small increments
Slake Pliskin
Slake Pliskin Hace 15 días
Sounds like Colbert says "Phil" Burr @the close of the program...
holdmebackbrah Hace 15 días
Colbert used to be a legend. This show of been the best segment ever. God dammit. Colbert you are shit now
Ross Berger
Ross Berger Hace 15 días
Colbert shouldn't have been paid for this day....downright awful interview. Burr is hilarious
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese Hace 15 días
Food for thought.Whenever things are uncomfortable..Then, while saying their goodbyes, the person says "Thank you..I had a good time"..They sure as sh*t had anything but a good time..
Bill Birkett
Bill Birkett Hace 15 días
Colbert used to be funny, now he's a soulless drone...what happened? Will he lose his job if he laughs?
alexis quintana
alexis quintana Hace 15 días
Man, I miss Craig Ferguson.
Cory Cash
Cory Cash Hace 16 días
how do u screw up having bill bur on your show, dude is a comedy genius.
jackass mcc
jackass mcc Hace 5 días
you only have to be so liberal, you're actually a Libtard. Colbert is
Alex Hace 16 días
For real dude, toss the guy a bone Bill's killing it but the audience is plain unappreciative. Colbert could have even said some stuff in opposition but he didn't and chose to move on to other questions. More than political motivations, he felt clearly threatened. Man, Bill's rants are gems, even if you are against, you laugh with him. Very disrespectful.
Ryan Albertson
Ryan Albertson Hace 16 días
I used to love Colbert. God, what happened
Ricardo Gallart
Ricardo Gallart Hace 16 días
Wrong crowd to speak with Bill. These are the candy eaters!
MohMmad Labash
MohMmad Labash Hace 16 días
god he's bad.colbert is the worst interviewer
Daniel Prado
Daniel Prado Hace 17 días
Everybody give this video a thumbs down, Colbert ruined this
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