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The Wendy Williams Show
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Wendy weighs in on the performances and red carpet looks from the Billboard Music Awards.
Then, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had a surprise Las Vegas wedding and Justin Bieber and Eminem are feuding.
Wendy has all the tea in Hot Topics!
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3 may 2019






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Mai Arcache
Mai Arcache Hace un día
Mariah got an ICON award. Yeah 18 number ones. #welldeserved❤️❤️💋
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia Hace 18 días
Is Wendy a trans?
Ignatius humble
Ignatius humble Hace un mes
Madonna has the WORST WORST WORST stylists EVER !!! OVER N OVER,she shows up looking she got dressed like she got her clothes out of the coffin of one of the Andrews sisters!!!
Ive Olovarria
Ive Olovarria Hace un mes
Remember she is 26 yrs old
Ive Olovarria
Ive Olovarria Hace un mes
She is only 25 yrs old😁
Chazdon Alexander
Chazdon Alexander Hace un mes
For the people who is hating on her and making rude comments, do yourself a favor: don't listen to her music, stop keeping track on her, stop watching, and get a life and SHUT UP! Try making some music own then and we'll see how your career goes.
fa brexx
fa brexx Hace un mes
Seeing people not clapping at Taylor Swift but to Cardi B is why i know this world is cursed
John Del
John Del Hace 2 meses
Diana Olsen
Diana Olsen Hace 3 meses
I love Kelly clarkson too
Diana Olsen
Diana Olsen Hace 3 meses
I have a lot of catching up to do 😂
Diana Olsen
Diana Olsen Hace 3 meses
👋👀😂😂😂 does anyone else binge watch???...
prayer's Love
prayer's Love Hace 3 meses
Wendy! Maluma is a recognized Spanish singer!! You should listen to his music!,
sanda calin
sanda calin Hace 3 meses
madonna is a legend you should have more respect
sanda calin
sanda calin Hace 3 meses
Wtf is it's wrong with you? you criticize Madonna and compliment on Cardi b who doesn't even have a talent, except for a big mouth
LaCrystal Martin
LaCrystal Martin Hace 4 meses
SHE MOVES LIKE AN OLD LADY🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
debra james
debra james Hace 4 meses
Mariah Carey is a iconic singer in the music industry and she has the love from her fans to prove it. Her songs are legendary.
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Hace 4 meses
Haven’t watched the billboard In yrs since garbage started taking over the stage !! Untalented artist
Shawna Adams
Shawna Adams Hace 4 meses
Taylor Swift will always be a WINNER
Mia May
Mia May Hace 4 meses
LOL That's Maluma (the one Wendy calls Madonna's boyfriend) he's a known singer, sang with Shakira too!! LOL Wendy do you even do your research before getting on the show?
The Scriptessa
The Scriptessa Hace 4 meses
Wendy looks like a cartoon snake...with hair.
Lele Nicole
Lele Nicole Hace 4 meses
She’s such a hater Madonna is amazing
meg's utube
meg's utube Hace 5 meses
Too bad she missed getting in touch with BTS...
FadeTaBlack Hace 5 meses
12:21 im just here for my girl paula abduls review xx
Daniella Rose
Daniella Rose Hace 5 meses
Lmao she thought Maluma was Mariah’s bf and then thought it was madonnas omg
Jazzi Slay
Jazzi Slay Hace 5 meses
Actually Wendy Cardi also admitted that she got her butt done too
JaOfficial.1 Hace 5 meses
She said she been had her boobs done before the baby and she said she got her butt done before the baby get more research
Wedrowny GrajeK
Wedrowny GrajeK Hace 6 meses
Channing Tatum is fine! 😍
what ever
what ever Hace 6 meses
Wendy dont know Maluma 😂😂😂😂😂😂
jiminology Hace 6 meses
literally no talk shows mentioned bts. ):
Stephanie Solis
Stephanie Solis Hace 6 meses
She’s annoying tf!
Barry Barry
Barry Barry Hace 6 meses
Wendy Williams (who)... gossipy nasty trash is all it is. Is it any wonder young girls are having problems, particularly when they're being influenced by such a psychotic individual!!!
Paris Hace 6 meses
I find it strange no one says anything about Wendy’s throat problems! The coughing, and choking, and slobbering, what is up with that?! Get it under control gull!!
Steven k
Steven k Hace 6 meses
As of 08/2019 Wendy officially is a great grandma. This creature is like the female trump. She has no clue about Latinx culture around the world & I’m white European! She’s stuck in the 80ies-90ies. I bet my life she thinks the Moon is a planet! I give 1 thing to her though: she knows about 🇨🇦 bc of Drake. PS: the only way she knows of Swift is bc she’s American 😆
crazy wild person
crazy wild person Hace 6 meses
Adrienne Leslie
Adrienne Leslie Hace 6 meses
We're not going anywhere. Your fans are here for you.
Kiara Williams
Kiara Williams Hace 7 meses
You can hate on drake
Amy Hern
Amy Hern Hace 7 meses
Maluma baby!!!!! Wendy you just don't know!!!
K X C Hace 7 meses
Such a hater!!!
Lul Momma
Lul Momma Hace 7 meses
2:33 🗣️Madonna what happened ? We'll talk about you in a sec 🤣🤣🤣 Wendy funny as hell !
LaTina N Sylvia Davis
Mariah Carey stole the whole show! She's so haawwttt at 49 years old and those whistle notes when she sang "Emotions," #QUEENRIAH #SONGBIRDSUPREME!!! 😍👏👏👸❤🔥
A. Stab
A. Stab Hace 2 meses
No, it was vapid. Paula did a great job.
Cheryl Guzman
Cheryl Guzman Hace 7 meses
Wendy do more research on who Maluma is. He is huge!
PrettyyMami Makeup 🥀
She admits to getting liposuction and her butt done so calm down
lovebirdy21 Hace 7 meses
Ignorant cow , you should be ashed of youreself , you are a discrase to be a woman . Youre as bad as a kardashian
Stephanie Joy of the Lord
hi wendy it is a talk show get it
Stephanie Joy of the Lord
hi wendy .
Siren TheRocker
Siren TheRocker Hace 7 meses
She is mos def not a Cardi fan because Cardi said from the jump she got her boobs and butt done to make more money to strip. And she said she got her tummy done recently
Mark Vallejos
Mark Vallejos Hace 7 meses
Wendy Williams is pathetic..Focus on your own screwed up life sweetie...you are not near the woman Madonna is. and your show sucks! Please retire!!
Jayme Ferreira
Jayme Ferreira Hace 7 meses
Oi meninas tutupom
Bee bee
Bee bee Hace 7 meses
Peoples Choice
Peoples Choice Hace 7 meses
Kellen Harris
Kellen Harris Hace 7 meses
I actually thought Madonna's performance was very good. She looked happy, tried her best, and IMO was successful. Not sure what Wendy's issue was.
AshleyS60 Hace 7 meses
MARIAH MY ABSOLUTE QUEEN OMG I LOVE HER TO PIECES 👑👑👑 But girlllllll I know you didn’t hate on VISION OF LOVE! That song is the blueprint of vocals chile
LaTina N Sylvia Davis
My point exactly! Hero and Vision of Love are one of my two favorite songs by Mariah Carey!
Deefinewine's Diary
Deefinewine's Diary Hace 7 meses
I am learning nore from these comments than Wendy...to her team please, please research research some more ...keep her well informed and up to date.
doki d0ki
doki d0ki Hace 7 meses
Hero isn't just for "hero" day, just saying. It applies to anyone and herself especially who's been through dark times. That's why she gave such a heartwarming speech right after.
sjoelsje Hace 7 meses
Maluma is so hot! i wouldn't mnd to spent a night with him..... and he has fun music! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iMEhjsiHbwM.html
WickedLovely121 Hace 8 meses
Channing Tatum & Jessie J are dating? Where have I been? How long have they been dating?
Gigi King
Gigi King Hace 8 meses
Congratulations, Drake😍😍😍
Kenna Butler
Kenna Butler Hace 8 meses
At least eminem has bars
BB G Hace 8 meses
Wendy, Maluma is a contemporary star. You're old!!
Dave Gaudreault
Dave Gaudreault Hace 8 meses
Wendy Williams has 0 talent. And the dirty crackhead should stop judging others!!
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