Billie Eilish - my future

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Directed by:
Andrew Onorato
Produced by:
Chop Studio
Alex Dray
Andrew Onorato
Annie Zhao
Cliona Noonan
Ian Ballantyne
João Monteiro
Josh Trotter
Keith Kavanagh
Maddie Brewer
Nancy Li
Sarah Schmidt
Sean Anderson
Genesis Magat
Rick Sweden
Jarrod Prince
Andrew Onorato
Adam Henderson
Shane Dering
Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records






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Comentarios 60
SYHRN S Hace 8 horas
It's a good song but not a single worthy.
General Heinz
General Heinz Hace 8 horas
Song of the year right here.
Sierra Bunnell
Sierra Bunnell Hace 8 horas
Let's not bring tik tok here.
Thompson Zheng
Thompson Zheng Hace 8 horas
Nofoa Sagato
Nofoa Sagato Hace 8 horas
I love how this has 32 million views in a week and she has 32.6 million subscribers true randoms ahahaha...excerpts for the likes do not many people like this song??
miguel flat
miguel flat Hace 8 horas
Past from my boy to my future Well that’s a progress
Demi Delp
Demi Delp Hace 8 horas
Love the song but can we point out the frog~ I wanna name him Willy and give him a grape.
Demi Delp
Demi Delp Hace 8 horas
Love the song but can we point out the frog~ I wanna name him Willy and give him a grape.
J- RHR Hace 8 horas
Esta song la pondría para antes de dormir xd
Vladimír Liška
Vladimír Liška Hace 8 horas
HeathersGaming16 Hace 8 horas
Producer: So what type of song would you like this to be? Billie: Sad Billie halfway through the song: *Yeah screw this*
Tas Bien?
Tas Bien? Hace 8 horas
Builli erez la mejor te amoooooooooo
Gulsen Zulfuqarova
Gulsen Zulfuqarova Hace 8 horas
I love her🤩
Potato Power House
Potato Power House Hace 8 horas
Petition to get Billie her own Anime 2021 BILLIE EILISH THE ANIME
Fradidty Hace 8 horas
Damn, this girl could make it big one day!
PRAJEN SHAKYA Hace 8 horas
Her songs always give a new insight into things and that's so mature. Agree? More love from Nepal.
layla Hace 8 horas
everyone’s talking about the frog and the spider but what about the water droplets☺️💧💧
annabelle lima
annabelle lima Hace 8 horas
billie Elish: 💩💩💩
avacado toast
avacado toast Hace 8 horas
this song kinda sounds like a sad christmas song
Zcumbag Hace 8 horas
Oh hey her vocals are getting fuller. Nice.
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan Hace 8 horas
Those who think the FROG in this video is the cutest ever, Vote here_
veokiUwU Hace 8 horas
Москоу москоу Вирф дай гласер энд дай ванд Расслан ист элен скхонс ленд Можно много лайков чтоб иностранцы подумали что тут написано что-то умное ? can I like please?
Tyja Lawrence
Tyja Lawrence Hace 8 horas
The struggle of having trust issues after being through so much! 😔🤧
sudhir singh
sudhir singh Hace 8 horas
i think its just fantastic.amazing control on the vocals.its not easy to control falsetto like that
cool cat man Aparicio
Stfu make 14 years old cry
amber rene
amber rene Hace 8 horas
This is art.. a freaking masterpiece! I love the raw emotion and so lucky to witness this growth 💕 Queen 👑
Misha Patel
Misha Patel Hace 8 horas
Does anyone get CURSED webseries vibes after watching this?!?!
Ariel Martinez
Ariel Martinez Hace 8 horas
Billie eilish is so perfect that her songs are always the Best 💚
Vibing_Ana Hace 9 horas
I am obsessed with this song
Jerry TheSaiyan
Jerry TheSaiyan Hace 9 horas
this song has touched my heart
Rozalinda Petrova
Rozalinda Petrova Hace 9 horas
Nice song 😻 😻
Kukahiko Kealohanui
Kukahiko Kealohanui Hace 9 horas
This song to me portrays her visit to hawaii and the memories that she carries from it
Лина Верховцева
Life should be reversed
The purple frog is soooooooo cute
Rawn Angilou
Rawn Angilou Hace 9 horas
Is it just me or does this give "Steven Universe" vibes...... Just me? Ok
Stephanee Hartfield
Stephanee Hartfield Hace 9 horas
Me: swaying my head slowly to the music in the zone The beat: drops Me: (completely caught off gaurd) Billie wait, Billie wait I wasn’t ready
College Student
College Student Hace 9 horas
Very nice song to listen to. Put me in a good mood.
ok Hace 9 horas
It feels like I'm watching an outro to an anime. I really love the animation too!
Tuhina Choudhury
Tuhina Choudhury Hace 9 horas
Love the song, love the meaning of the song and everything but i lowkey miss Fineas's voice in between her songs that actually just lifts up her songs ngl
Marcos Ramírez
Marcos Ramírez Hace 9 horas
I just wonder If any other men are crying while hearing this song
Gisselle Hernandez
Gisselle Hernandez Hace 9 horas
tiktok better not ruin this sound especially straight tiktok 😐
Namitha Suresh
Namitha Suresh Hace 9 horas
Malayalizz hit likeee....😍
Soy Un Perdedor
Soy Un Perdedor Hace 9 horas
This came out on my birthday. :)
JJÂ Hace 9 horas
*I need a 10 hour loop*
gaming eagle
gaming eagle Hace 9 horas
The animation was way better than the song
Josephine Davina
Josephine Davina Hace 8 horas
@gaming eagle ok
gaming eagle
gaming eagle Hace 8 horas
@XYZ not for me
XYZ Hace 9 horas
What? The animation is horrible. The song is way better.
gaming eagle
gaming eagle Hace 9 horas
@Josephine Davina I liked the animation way better
Josephine Davina
Josephine Davina Hace 9 horas
nahh both of them are great
Johnny V
Johnny V Hace 9 horas
💙 ICUN0WMYAud3nQu33N
Lola Hace 9 horas
I love that
Палочка Херашечка
her future
Boywonder 2441
Boywonder 2441 Hace 9 horas
Every girl that listens to her “omg she’s so deep” Literally very guy after hearing juice wrld say “ I problem solve with styrofoam” yeah that’s realistic
Roblox Girl
Roblox Girl Hace 9 horas
Justin Koehler
Justin Koehler Hace 9 horas
I want the beat
Sharky_hudsee Hace 9 horas
You need to make a plush of that frog and the top half of it is green like ur hair
Lemony coconut Roblox
*rolls eyes*
Keanna Dawson
Keanna Dawson Hace 8 horas
The only Artist
The only Artist Hace 9 horas
Miraculous Hunter
Miraculous Hunter Hace 9 horas
Me sees cover and title: Also me: I'm assuming that it isn't good..
Keanna Dawson
Keanna Dawson Hace 8 horas
Dead Man's Questions {Trashua}
That frog made me vibe tho!
wuggle fur
wuggle fur Hace 9 horas
This song has feels ✨✨✨🖤🖤😍💚💚🖤🖤🖤
Dinit Mehta
Dinit Mehta Hace 9 horas
Make the frog merch billie!!! We all would love it!!
lovley potato
lovley potato Hace 9 horas
Spider pls
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