Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

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Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now: smarturl.it/NoTimeToDie
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See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020.
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


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13 feb 2020






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Flavio Esposito
Flavio Esposito Hace un hora
Mickey A
Mickey A Hace 2 horas
Why she whispers it should be more exciteing song
Riky Yugasaki
Riky Yugasaki Hace 2 horas
Writing's on the Wall and No Time To Die are gorgeous, they truly have the ability to express the emotion of the film, but Skyfall just hits you like that, a *Skyfall.* If Sam Smith, Adele, and Billie Eilish made a song of James Bond for the future film, God, we are not ready for it.
Rudolf Charpy
Rudolf Charpy Hace 3 horas
Never heard something shitty like the so called "music" from Billie eilish. How many people might have committed suicide after hearing this bullshit music...
Jackie Hiner
Jackie Hiner Hace 3 horas
Cantalia Cantalia
Cantalia Cantalia Hace 3 horas
2 M like woooow
Soubhagya Nayak
Soubhagya Nayak Hace 4 horas
Good song. Like it a lot. But i wish the last Craig film theme went more bad*ss like 'You know my name'. That song is so energetic and gets you pumped up. Imo thats better then even Skyfall. And Skyfall was fantastic. This feels more melancholic. I don't know, it would fit if Bond dies for real.
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Under stars... Hmmm.... To share, Some words. It would be, Really bautifull. Hmmm... Your words... Under stars... Good night sweet Billie, Good night dear Puppy. Sweet dreams. Jean-Yves
Valhar Margulis Gaming
Love from india ❤️
R. Wal
R. Wal Hace 5 horas
Nobody Billie :Getting hate for being 18 and singing a James Bond song. Also Billie :Told she only whispers and she can't sing Also Billie :Being compared to mature artistes like Adele Also Billie :Being told that the song is too boring and sad for a theme song
Дмитрий Бочаров
Nostalgia 😔
TT Barbecue OP
TT Barbecue OP Hace 6 horas
I’m trying to find the trailer music but I can’t, and it is pissing my the f**k off
Carly Smith
Carly Smith Hace 7 horas
I LOV your songs Billie
Denis Shaughnessy
Denis Shaughnessy Hace 8 horas
Good song, but shit movie (and it hasn't even come out yet).
Sariah Watler
Sariah Watler Hace 8 horas
Is no one gonna talk about the “oof” in the title 💀
Kichi Hace 9 horas
Billie is so talented and has a beautiful voice, but I just wish she would sing a little louder because when she projects her voice it's so immaculate- shes also very talented for being able to sound amazing by singing under her breath! Anyways, I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this pandemic!
Just Chlo
Just Chlo Hace 10 horas
hi i love you guys 💕 hope your doing okay ❤️
Gacha Stinky
Gacha Stinky Hace 10 horas
the thing i love about billie is her voice can go either really deep or really high whrn it comes to singing
Gareth Smith
Gareth Smith Hace 11 horas
I think people will appreciate this song more once seeing the film. Watch this space.
Psychedelic Lizard
Psychedelic Lizard Hace 13 horas
The guitar reminds me of Blondie's Atomic.
Dangerous Girl
Dangerous Girl Hace 13 horas
Again her songs are touching my heart ❤😢
Matsu22 22
Matsu22 22 Hace 13 horas
I will be sing this in cinema when I go watch Bond HIHIHIH
brainpalsey Hace 14 horas
3:21 i get chills every time
lil dina
lil dina Hace 14 horas
This song deserves more views !
Sofia _jc
Sofia _jc Hace 14 horas
This was recommended to me....😅🤪loved it though.
Roxy彡 Hace 14 horas
Billie: *No time to die* FNaF song: *It's time to die*
SUB-GAME TV Hace 15 horas
Billie Bond
marko the pig UwU
marko the pig UwU Hace 16 horas
how can you dislike this?!
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle Hace 16 horas
I would like, An other slow kiss. Hmmm... No Puppy, don't...! Oh.... I wish you a light day.
Hezmi Bossku
Hezmi Bossku Hace 16 horas
The Best Song .......
eric lakey
eric lakey Hace 16 horas
I like it........
Wolfy Chan
Wolfy Chan Hace 17 horas
i love this song. My ancle told me that billie Elish made this song from the new movie "No time to die" of james bond and that she made the audio infront of he.
Message To You
Message To You Hace 17 horas
I think I heard this song tune 5 years ago in a Hindi song
gacha layla Rose
gacha layla Rose Hace 18 horas
I want to meet Billie eilish (you) in real your voice is so pretty... Always when I'm sad.... I'll always look at your music even this one and go back to my wierd self again xD
Hasan Salim
Hasan Salim Hace 18 horas
This is only 4 months ago? Tf
bardock Hace 18 horas
this is the most suitable and best song to a Bond movie that i've ever heard
khatija nooreen
khatija nooreen Hace 18 horas
Love u Billie
شموخ ناصر
شموخ ناصر Hace 18 horas
احب بيلي ايليش كثيراً أتمنى ان بيلي ايليش تغني بالعربي الذين يريدون يسمعون بيلي ايليش تغني عربي لايك وصلو كلامي الى بيلي ايليش
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Jean Marin de L'Isle Hace 19 horas
On my plane, Hairs in the wind. I fly, I fly, I come to you. In sun light, Like petals, In morning dew, A rose pulp, A delicate velvet, A tentation, For this long haul traveller, This dreamy acrobat, Me, Who would like to slip, Under this light veil, Close your skin, Where he could feel, Warmth of your caresses, All bounties of your tenderness. Hmmm... All beautifull things. Birds are singing : "It's so cute ! It's so cute !" Sun is smiling. Good morning Billie. Smell of coffee. Give me a slow kiss, please. One more. Sunny today. Jean-Yves
c a l l u m
c a l l u m Hace 20 horas
you mke me feel a lot better thx your the best i love you
Ka Kn
Ka Kn Hace 20 horas
It's so cool❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dionne Peters
Dionne Peters Hace 22 horas
Her voice is so sensitive and touchy....it just hits you with no mercy it’s THAT emotional abd beautiful. 😭❤️
SILVATION 71415 Hace 22 horas
Beautiful angelic voice from a beautiful young person. Lets see now, she's a millionaire at a "very young" age? 😒 Hmm? Could it be that she might've SOLD HER SOUL to the Music Industry corporates? No one "ever" becomes Rich and Famous WITHOUT a "sacrifice" or "giving it up" on something "personal." Just research it for yourself, and you too, will find out the "TRUTH" about many of your so-called "idols" and other evil, sick and perverted Celebrities. Its a really disgusting sex cult that they have going on within the "inner Circle" of the music industry and Hollywood. I sure hope this young lady didn't "sign" that CONTRACT, that would make her a "part" of all this "sickness."
Inês Lázaro
Inês Lázaro Hace 22 horas
Billie i love you and i love your songs too
Jason Eustice
Jason Eustice Hace 23 horas
Disapointed saddest james bond song ever Too minimilistic where's the power?
Marijana Atanasovska
Marijana Atanasovska Hace 23 horas
Marijana Atanasovska
Marijana Atanasovska Hace 23 horas
like -- love billie eilish com -- love ariana grande
Marijana Atanasovska
Marijana Atanasovska Hace 23 horas
Marijana Atanasovska
Marijana Atanasovska Hace 23 horas
love you
Marijana Atanasovska
Marijana Atanasovska Hace 23 horas
you are so beautiful
Marijana Atanasovska
Marijana Atanasovska Hace 23 horas
love you billie
Marijana Atanasovska
Marijana Atanasovska Hace 23 horas
Marijana Atanasovska
Marijana Atanasovska Hace 23 horas
ifra ifra
ifra ifra Hace 23 horas
Hans zimmer - billi Eillish - take next Level for future generations....
Valentín Staš
Valentín Staš Hace un día
Lily just Lily
Lily just Lily Hace un día
I’m playing this song at my wedding and funereal
sulieman nwaiser
sulieman nwaiser Hace un día
“Was I stupid to love you?” *dam that’s deep*
sulieman nwaiser
sulieman nwaiser Hace un día
I cried the first time I listened to it :’)
Tea Bradašić
Tea Bradašić Hace un día
RichesMovieTrailers Hace un día
Excellent song, but not really a good Bond song. I believe the best Bond song is “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell (may he rest in peace) from Casino Royale.
Elna Sandeep
Elna Sandeep Hace un día
Itss amazing Billie Eillish love uuuu...
Kağan Berber
Kağan Berber Hace un día
What a pity!!! That lyrics deserve much beter music!
varun choudhary
varun choudhary Hace un día
Her songs are so damn peaceful
Blue Darkness
Blue Darkness Hace un día
It's perfect 😍😋😋😍
Morvidus Hace un día
Weak tone, awkward vibrato, zero resonance and wouldn't be heard without a mic or have any substance without effects. If you want to hear a legit vocalist do 007, try Matt Monro. The difference in musicianship is staggering.
Ratu Amara
Ratu Amara Hace un día
I really love this song!!!🥺🥺
GG Goat
GG Goat Hace un día
No one: Billie: Famous person Comment section: stuck with the same comment
Leevi Hace un día
James bond songs hit different
Andrea Tavenner
Andrea Tavenner Hace un día
when she says "theres no time to die" it kinda feels like she's trying to stop people from commiting suicid-
m i k l o n
m i k l o n Hace un día
How you won a Grammy ?!??!
Britney B
Britney B Hace un día
Who else is listening to this at midnight?💔
Jacqueline Espino
Jacqueline Espino Hace un día
i love u billie
Manuel Kopp
Manuel Kopp Hace un día
Manuel Kopp
Manuel Kopp Hace un día
Leito uwu
Leito uwu Hace un día
no one: the subtitles in the video: 時間がない
RicardoGM Hace un día
Nice music Billie💚
Janaina Batista Batista
this music is perfect
_dani-banani_ Hace un día
one time I had a dream, I met billie elish.- I was cold so she gave me her big hoodie- I-
Holly The Elephant lover
I really wish I could go meet her and tell her how much she has done for me but she doesn’t even know I exist
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Эта песня чем-то похожа на "Skyfall"
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