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Vanity Fair has time capsuled Billie Eilish’s responses to the same questions for the last three years and tracked the almost-18-year-old’s swift rise to pop super stardom. From the Grammy-nominated debut studio album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ to her third world tour, see how Billie’s changed much more than her hair color.
Second Year Interview: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Cm0MGnuRnH0.html
Billie Eilish’s album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ is out now and for tour information: www.billieeilish.com/

Recomposition of “bad guy" by Alfonso Velez
Directed & Interviewed by Joe Sabia
Edited by Doug Larsen
Executive Produced by Traci Oshiro
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair


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25 nov 2019






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Aesthetic Arts
Aesthetic Arts Hace 4 minutos
Billie is amazing! She has grown so much and built up her self love and self confidence 🥺💕
Jana Moataz
Jana Moataz Hace 56 minutos
Who is waiting year 4 now?
Billie Cental
Billie Cental Hace un hora
october 26th currently waiting for the fourth year
Ruth Bragg
Ruth Bragg Hace 2 horas
I love here I’m ready for the 2020 one!
Michael Diamond Turner
It’s time Billie.
Michelle Xu
Michelle Xu Hace 3 horas
who's here after they released the teaser for 2020? ilysm billie :)
Enriks Kalns
Enriks Kalns Hace 3 horas
Chill guys we need to wait untill november 25!
Hannah Sugar
Hannah Sugar Hace 3 horas
this just makes me realise how much I love billie
Jesse Hace 3 horas
I’m not sure that she’ll talk about that viral photo of her tho😬
Oscar Burton
Oscar Burton Hace 3 horas
Love her nails 🟢⚫️🟢⚫️💚🖤💚🖤
Ella Tobe
Ella Tobe Hace 3 horas
october 18th 2020
Izzy Idk
Izzy Idk Hace 4 horas
Adarsh Bobbili
Adarsh Bobbili Hace 4 horas
F for Khalid
Fany Ruiz
Fany Ruiz Hace 4 horas
I was waiting for the 4th year .
æoncs Hace 4 horas
It’s almost time!
juan Anonymous
juan Anonymous Hace 4 horas
Was 2018 a rough year for her
Marta Fdez. Palacios
MIRAR EL NUEVO VIDEOCLIP DE HARRY STYLES! GOLDEN m.esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-P3cffdsEXXw.html
FISH ARMY Hace 4 horas
thati .
thati . Hace 5 horas
I’m ready for this yearrrr
Lobke Hace 5 horas
Who else is hyped for a fourth interview?
Rebekah McBride
Rebekah McBride Hace 5 horas
She seems like she has a different personality every year
kian sison
kian sison Hace 5 horas
Bro I cried
Nicole Montez
Nicole Montez Hace 5 horas
The video was posted on nov-25 but they recorded October 18 so it will take a while to post bc they need to edit and then post
Mini Playz
Mini Playz Hace 5 horas
Who's here after the 4th ones trailer is released
Tianaz Bryant
Tianaz Bryant Hace 5 horas
Hard to believe she is only 18 and already done sooo well
Valeria Hace 6 horas
OMG I haven't realized how much I loved Billie until I saw this video wrjlnvmi
Manuel Matos
Manuel Matos Hace 6 horas
You can see the growth. You can see how happy she’s become. I want a new one. It’s due!!!
*internal screeching*
she’s rlly pretty ngl
yungzoe Hace 6 horas
who I also watching this days before the 2020 version will be released im soooo excitedddddddddd
Chill with Dee Dee
Chill with Dee Dee Hace 6 horas
She's so happy now 🥺
Bauer S
Bauer S Hace 6 horas
In 2050 the heads are going to be so skinny🤣
Rmrz 7760
Rmrz 7760 Hace 6 horas
These videos Gives me a warm tingly sensation
xk Hace 6 horas
I dig the blue hair more
Cornelia Benton
Cornelia Benton Hace 6 horas
Yoooo I be trying to explain my dad Billie tone in music can be different like he needs to listen to all of it, like only song that my dad like by Billie is my future. He says her music make him sleepy. You got copycat, my boy, bad guy, yssmiac. Don’t get me on when he said Billie don’t smile or get excited like particularly she’s still a kid
Aarushi Bansal
Aarushi Bansal Hace 6 horas
257k to 68m in 3 years, wow!
Lela Rai
Lela Rai Hace 6 horas
Where is this years !!!!!!
Cornelia Benton
Cornelia Benton Hace 7 horas
BilliE alway have that one special eyebrow
haechan stole my heart
who’s here after the 2020 teasers came out 🤚
Dark Side
Dark Side Hace 7 horas
She freaking screams daddy issues
valeria gutierrez figueroa
The fact that I started following her some months before the first interview
Katyayani Kwatra
Katyayani Kwatra Hace 7 horas
2017: innocent 2018: unhappy 2019: happy 2020: mature
anonymous nobody
anonymous nobody Hace 7 horas
Whose here after watching the 4th video's trailer?
Mills JR
Mills JR Hace 7 horas
Billie : Who tf uses Bing?? Chandler Bing : Am I a joke to you??
Addasyn Hace 7 horas
YEAR 4 COMe on
L. Hace 7 horas
October 2020 we waiting
Kayla Cervantes
Kayla Cervantes Hace 8 horas
Stan her
Kamryn Pierre
Kamryn Pierre Hace 8 horas
Who’s here after watching the trailer
Parusha Shridhar
Parusha Shridhar Hace 8 horas
I love to see her ageing through these interviews. She seems more grounded and content with herself and it's just idk...nice to see.
M-RPG 15
M-RPG 15 Hace 8 horas
guys I just wanna understand like somebody tell me what's wrong with her shoes like what happened exactly and why as people say she got mad someone tell me the issue
Tea Drinker
Tea Drinker Hace 8 horas
We all know she just wears jojo character outfits let’s be real
Arham Chowdhury
Arham Chowdhury Hace 9 horas
year 4 now
Луиза Галабаева
It is impossible to compare the first interview with Billie Eilish and the fourth is a boom. what a smart girl she is. she sings awesome.
Луиза Галабаева
the fourth interview will be released soon she is so grown up there beautiful her eyes are amazing This is magic
milena jacket
milena jacket Hace 9 horas
Who’s here after the teaser?😂
croissants not for you
Casually waiting for year four...
Jana Abdel-Qader
Jana Abdel-Qader Hace 9 horas
I think it’s coming
Madeeha Azhar
Madeeha Azhar Hace 10 horas
IceCream Bot
IceCream Bot Hace 10 horas
She's been doing this interview at my birthday for four years now
Pratap Ratna Bajracharya
Year 4??
HYEYOUNG KIM Hace 11 horas
2:16 “there’s been a lot of s*** that happened last year” you already knew
Siofra Conroy
Siofra Conroy Hace 11 horas
I love that she does this on my birthday every year
Rachel Spencer
Rachel Spencer Hace 11 horas
Cannot wait for year 4! So EXCITED! She’s so much happier and I can’t wait to see her growth and maturity 🥺💚
CHCHU Hace 11 horas
about time for the fourth one
A Pro25
A Pro25 Hace 13 horas
plz like for me to remember
Irfan Jazlan
Irfan Jazlan Hace 13 horas
When she watch her soul
Mei Sugawara
Mei Sugawara Hace 13 horas
Where is the October 18th 2020 interview at???!!!!????!!!!
Sham Issa
Sham Issa Hace 13 horas
They said they’ve filmed it but they are releasing it in November
Теодор Hace 14 horas
Who is a famous person in your phone? Billie Eilish: Drake, Justin Bieber, Khalid... Cristiano Ronaldo: i am joke to you?
Brayden Mountain
Brayden Mountain Hace 14 horas
She better have done this year
adam cole78
adam cole78 Hace 15 horas
Makes the worst songs meaningless adequate
J Hace 16 horas
Who's here after the 4th one was announced
Roseeilish Hace 16 horas
She could’ve do it now at 2020!! NOOOOO
༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
Somehow I’m here every video
Fleur Tunow
Fleur Tunow Hace 16 horas
year 4!!!!!???? next pls!!
ANAMIKA KUMARI Hace 17 horas
But why isn't the 4th year video released on October 18th???,🤔🤔
Salma_playzz Hace 17 horas
she has the sweetest soul ever
Hellfire Hace 18 horas
alright we waiting for yeah in november
Feli.D. H.
Feli.D. H. Hace 18 horas
So cool ich meine Billie Eillish
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming Hace 18 horas
So this is what drugs do to you....
Sing Chen
Sing Chen Hace 18 horas
Exactly 1 Month Until Forth Year
Nothing No one
Nothing No one Hace 19 horas
Wonder if Drake will stop texting her now that she's 18
THUNDER GUNNER Hace 19 horas
xt0xic_ vibezx
xt0xic_ vibezx Hace 19 horas
im waiting for this years lol
Rrrr Ecs
Rrrr Ecs Hace 19 horas
ok im suing
Wareesha Ahmed
Wareesha Ahmed Hace 19 horas
You can see the happiness. Makes me happy for her!
adir&coffee btm
adir&coffee btm Hace 19 horas
10.10.19. Before desater struck( covid 19).
Marie Garcia
Marie Garcia Hace 20 horas
I’m just waiting for 2020 video to happen!
JD Romero
JD Romero Hace 20 horas
Squidward Hace 20 horas
Yayyy she’s almost if her 4 version 👾🍒💅🏼
The watts Film
The watts Film Hace 20 horas
Wait did y’all notice the most beautiful thing in the video Billie had a tic I think she tried to hide it but it was gorgeous
Certified Freak
Certified Freak Hace 20 horas
Anybody here after the teaser? 🥰
Jaqueline Contreras meza
Jaqueline Contreras meza Hace 21 un hora
Orale is a woman who pay my respects I really love her and that says that she is happy is how I feel happy because she is the artist that I will never stop loving because of her strength I love you Billie
bil Hace 21 un hora
I wanna hear “I’m 15, I’m 16, I’m 17, I’m 18, I’m 19, I’m 20, etc.”
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@Muhammad Nizar 9i j e s u s -
Muhammad Nizar 9i
Muhammad Nizar 9i Hace 13 horas
And then "the memories of Billie Eillish"😭😭
aryanna miller
aryanna miller Hace 21 un hora
Now we are waiting for 2020
Sammy Van
Sammy Van Hace 22 horas
Where’s number 4
Silvermoon Star
Silvermoon Star Hace 22 horas
Can’t wait for 2020
Silvermoon Star
Silvermoon Star Hace 22 horas
I was smiling the whole time 💚
Aamyiah mack
Aamyiah mack Hace 22 horas
Tiffany Hernandez
Tiffany Hernandez Hace 22 horas
What happened to 2020?????? We’ve been waiting for thissssss
addison houseworth
addison houseworth Hace 23 horas
9:22 this is going to take her a long time to answer in 2020 interview
Sense is cracked
Sense is cracked Hace 23 horas
I searched up to see if there was a year 4
erika Hace 23 horas
who tf uses bing anyways
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