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Crêpes are discussed at length, in a pretty threatening manner, in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Before his arm is snapped by the very French Jean Girard, he's coerced into admitting he likes crêpes...which he actually does. Which makes sense, because they're the perfect vessel for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
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22 oct 2019






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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish Hace 27 días
How did I not make something with shake n’ bake?!
Operation Trojan Cow
Operation Trojan Cow Hace 16 días
wake and bake is not for everyone we can leave that behind us new year new me riff raff x
Matryx Hace 19 días
Babish.... have you ever thought of trying to do a thing with Gordon Ramsay?
Erin Hace 20 días
When you said Melange , all I can think of is Frasier when Niles and daphne ask Roz I’d she wants a melange, and she thinks they’re asking for a ménage . 🤣
gael jehanno
gael jehanno Hace 27 minutos
goat chesse/sunny eggs/ham/mushroom and you got the perfect salted buckweath crepe (like we make it in bretagne). For the sweet version, salted caramel and crème chantilly .
the dog of hope
the dog of hope Hace 12 horas
Aziraphale would love this and force Crowley to buy them
HellaUgly Hace 21 un hora
Babish really gotta flex on us with a C on geometry
TheCheck Hace 23 horas
I am an absolute heathen and the only way I'll eat a crepe is with hershey syrup and coconut shavings.
Hollyshit !
Hollyshit ! Hace un día
Next time try sugar with lemon juice uhhhh childhood memories as a "filling"
Herm Wanderer
Herm Wanderer Hace un día
I always forget that you're name is Andrew, my name is Andrew.
44werewolfnomore Hace 2 días
They also made crepe suzette in trading places.. but it gets scraped into the garbage...
Inari Johnson
Inari Johnson Hace 2 días
I love Jun’s kitchen 😭
riya jose
riya jose Hace 2 días
I made the crepe Suzette damn they taste GOOD!!
Otis T
Otis T Hace 2 días
Is the butter salted?
michel Guevara
michel Guevara Hace 3 días
that first sarazin should have had ham laid on the cheese then the egg cooked on top in the galette. trad breton : galette complet, a little fresh sage or thyme salt pepper.
TIMExBANDIT Hace 4 días
Savory crepe looks like ash. Then you bring out the nightmare mushroom. What happened to the nice thin pancakes??!?!
Eric Gilbertson
Eric Gilbertson Hace 5 días
Babish: *does something dangerous in his home* Also Babish: "don't try this at home"
Christopher Castor
Christopher Castor Hace 5 días
@FliryVorru I think you would like this channel if you have not binged w/ babish before.
fzben86 Hace 6 días
Never seen something like this before!! Looks yumy especially mushrooms.
Pyro Shep
Pyro Shep Hace 6 días
I'm sitting here watching a very high end chef making these amazing meals while eating a microwave dinner
Akko Hace 6 días
Sorry to be that asshole, but I'm French and I come from the region that invented crêpes, called Bretagne. I have been eating crêpes for as long as I can remember. Even though this was very entertaining I didn't see a single recipe in this video that would even remotely look like what I would eat in any restaurant in Bretagne. Historically, crêpes were very basic, simple, cheap, popular meal, eaten by lower income classes. Even though it as become classier in the last century, you can still eat a very good crêpe for less than 8€ in most restaurants that are not for tourists. This look like a VERY Americanised version, build on an already very posh and non-authentic Parisian version. Some fun facts about crêpes for those interested : - A restaurant that serves crêpes is called a "crêperie", and it doesn't serve any other dish. If you see a crêperie that serves other French cuisine, you are in a tourist trap. -A crêpe with buckwheat flour is actually called a galette. A galette is almost always salty. We never use wheat flour with salty toppings. Wheat flour is only for deserts. - crêpes and galettes are always cooked in salted butter. - the most common galette is called a “complete" (means full) and ass ham, one egg and Gruyère cheese. Sometimes you add sauteed mushrooms or oignons. It is served by itself or with a bit of salad if you are in a posher crêperie. -the egg is always cooked ON the crêpe, not in a separate pan. I have never seen that before in my life. Pro tip : the server will ask you how you want it. "miroir" means unbroken (I think you say sunny side up) and "brouillé" means broken (it will mix with the over toppings) - the most common crêpe is salted butter and sugar, and it is bloody delicious. Another classic is cooked apples with salted caramel. -It is very difficult to find authentic crêperies in Paris, witch is why most tourists have a very flawed view of what a crêpe should taste and look like. I live in Paris now, and I miss them very much. Thankfully they are also pretty easy to make if you know the recipe. Voilà :) hope I didn't come out as too vindictive, but this is a rare instance were I actually feel like I know my stuff.
little Madd
little Madd Hace 6 días
Shez Savo
Shez Savo Hace 6 días
Make a good burger or good burger sauce
MegaloIntellectual Hace 6 días
Collab with Jun’sKitchen when?
SootyQuill the Stupid Canadian
Are these the same crepes that moe got fried in on that simpsons halloween episode?
Corey Thompson
Corey Thompson Hace 7 días
Should do an episode on Ployes. Very popular here in Maine. Like crepes but thicker and hardier.
Riley Ito
Riley Ito Hace 7 días
Dude did you put donkey milk on the strawberry crepes 😂 why you tryna hide the label 😂😂😂
George Salisbury
George Salisbury Hace 8 días
Maybe you could pour the booze over the crepes on the plate and then light it up like a Christmas pudding!
Choppytehbear1337 Hace 8 días
A simple dessert crèpe thatch enjoy is just sugar with a squeeze of lemon juice.
MmSconnection Hace 8 días
Looks like Blini
DragonGuy GTO
DragonGuy GTO Hace 8 días
Maybe it's because it's been a while but I don't remember that crepes suzzete part
Dan Cowell
Dan Cowell Hace 9 días
Please collab with Jun! Two of my favourite foodtubers in one place would be amazing.
Nicholas Hilton
Nicholas Hilton Hace 9 días
Am I the only one who doesn’t like or understand crepes??? Like why?
Noah Burno
Noah Burno Hace 10 días
"...that's right, Buckwheat flour. Which is not only better for savory crepes but is gluten free" AYE I CAN MAKE A BABISH RECIPE! Being allergic to gluten makes some of your videos hard to watch. The voice over is worth it though
Anita Borozan
Anita Borozan Hace 10 días
A crepe is our standard pancake here in Croatia. The big thick ones we call American pancakes.
Palpasha Karki
Palpasha Karki Hace 10 días
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco Hace 10 días
This motherf***** just squared a circle right there 😱
B team
B team Hace 11 días
You made me want pancakes for lunch 😂 so the misses is make me some ❤❤❤
Andy Sutcliffe
Andy Sutcliffe Hace 12 días
We just call them pancakes in the UK, they are awesome with sugar and lemon juice
DraJeezConicus Hace 12 días
*I just noticed that pancakes look like Crêpes.*
Dainsle Hace 12 días
I thought that's a galette
arretez de fixer mon nom sales pervers
I really love this video but.... why did he put water in.... Also he didn't put any orange flower extract in ...
Gnome Reginam
Gnome Reginam Hace 12 días
I would like to nom
JelliBear 246
JelliBear 246 Hace 12 días
OH MY GOSH!!! Gluten Free Crepes!!! Finally some good gluten free food!! **NOT gluten free by choice**
James M
James M Hace 12 días
Last one is amazing
literallyyork Hace 12 días
please go to japan and collab with jun that's literally the dream cooking collab
Lunch Hace 13 días
“Oh I love crepes suzette”
Jock McBile
Jock McBile Hace 13 días
Got my copy, just in time for my bday.
Роман Kreshes
Роман Kreshes Hace 14 días
This video sponsored by Teremok fastfood...
Teina Kore
Teina Kore Hace 14 días
I love crepes
Aygün Karasu
Aygün Karasu Hace 15 días
I want a Babish x Jun video
Blake S
Blake S Hace 15 días
3:54 the timing
Some Random Weeb
Some Random Weeb Hace 15 días
Binging with Junish and Babish's Kitchen : The Epic crossover
Devy Moore
Devy Moore Hace 12 días
Kylo Ten - Raikerz
Kylo Ten - Raikerz Hace 15 días
Herodotas Gamer
Herodotas Gamer Hace 15 días
Isn't buckwheat pretty tempermental? Whats the key to making pancakes with buckwheat?
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Hace 15 días
Do the Teletubbies toast
Alicia De La Cruz
Alicia De La Cruz Hace 15 días
Did that mushroom head freak anybody else out? I instantly got the hibbie jibbies
JPONTOL1 Hace 16 días
Got the book as the best month-late birthday present ever, and immediately had to recreate Frasier's dinner party, sans carpaccio (because my neighbors had generously offered to bring an appetizer, and I didn't want to show them up). The pomegranate honey sauce and hashweh pairing was exquisite.
The Vintage Vegetarian
Nice shout out to Jun's Kitchen there. Thank you for the excellent video!
Laurents Hörr
Laurents Hörr Hace 16 días
This is the best one yet, just because of the movie😍
Simen Hace 16 días
It's pænnkaku not crepes
Luke H
Luke H Hace 16 días
Thanks for doing something from my favorite movie
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