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Crêpes are discussed at length, in a pretty threatening manner, in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Before his arm is snapped by the very French Jean Girard, he's coerced into admitting he likes crêpes...which he actually does. Which makes sense, because they're the perfect vessel for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
Recipe: www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/crepessuzette
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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22 oct 2019






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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish Hace 7 meses
How did I not make something with shake n’ bake?!
Mr.Marhi Hace un mes
Babish hello from Russian community. Translate this from Russian "Привет ещё раз желаю тебе достичь своей цели какой она бы не была благодаря тебе я теперь могу готовить для своей семьи и приблизился к своей мечте стать поваром. Спасибо тебе ещё раз." yeh so this might be a bit sentimental but it's just some good words to cheer you up. Sorry for any mistakes in grammar
Springwood Slasher
Springwood Slasher Hace 4 meses
Why dont you make the best coffee in the world from elf because your videos are completely fucking pointless.
Jay Hace 4 meses
Binging with Babish Make Roger’s foot from American Dad
Ash Alopex
Ash Alopex Hace 5 meses
@Reno Kyrie Yes, this please.
LADY BIRD Hace 6 meses
wake and bake is not for everyone we can leave that behind us new year new me riff raff x
Rettardio Skyfeet
Rettardio Skyfeet Hace 2 días
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres Hace 2 días
Do wasabi buffalo wings from the Simpsons s16e2!!!
Marion Gallet
Marion Gallet Hace 2 días
French people: Pancakes are just thicker crepes Americans: Crepes are just thinner pancakes
Keeks The Culture•holic
Whole skillet 🍳 caught on fire 🔥 I think I did it wrong....
Asang Dawa
Asang Dawa Hace 6 días
"-of some tImE" nobody: me: "FIRE THE dIsLiKeS!" *kidding*
Nathan %%
Nathan %% Hace 9 días
buckwheat crepe is called une galette
Renee Hace 9 días
Those crêpes are way to thick. They need to be paper thin, almost see through When that is said I'de be happy to eat those Crêpes Suzette. But then again I have never seen any Crëpes Suzette I did not want to devour
Pajamas720 Hace 11 días
So, what i learned is crepes are fancy french pancakes
Smudolini the Great Dragobear
Yo Babish... You ever find that crepemaker again?
Mohammad Shaarani
Mohammad Shaarani Hace 12 días
Khakt puy
Mohammad Shaarani
Mohammad Shaarani Hace 12 días
U used something other than nutella
Mohammad Shaarani
Mohammad Shaarani Hace 12 días
Holy fucking fuck
Mohammad Shaarani
Mohammad Shaarani Hace 12 días
Holy fuck
30Dausend Hace 13 días
the pan fried crepes are actualy more like German Pfannkuchen
Eric Gilbertson
Eric Gilbertson Hace 14 días
What alcohol was used to flambe
rob mock
rob mock Hace 17 días
Literally the only vid w exact ingredients
rob mock
rob mock Hace 17 días
Filippo Hace 18 días
Why does the French guy in the beginning look like Macron
Goop Mc woop
Goop Mc woop Hace 20 días
The background music kicked in when he set fire to the shrooms 3:53
JusToast Hace 21 un día
I love taladega knights
011angelfire Hace 22 días
This video needs ze jazz music.
Riel Catana
Riel Catana Hace 23 días
Juns kitchen wew love dat
UrsicThePro Hace 23 días
Here in slovenia we call crepes pancakes and we call pancakes american pancakes
Gergő Gaál
Gergő Gaál Hace 23 días
We actually use soda to have more bubbles
Mr Awesome
Mr Awesome Hace 24 días
*i want you to say I love..crepes*
FokeyT26 Hace 25 días
he should make cheburek
-- Hace 25 días
your 2nd intonation was almost correct
a bc
a bc Hace 27 días
0:43 for basic crepe recipe 5:35 crepe suzette
ImmGeoff Hace 28 días
Should have made a sugar and lime juice crepe with strawberries on top
Peter James Villegas
Peter James Villegas Hace 29 días
French: Crêpe English: Crayp Me: Crap
umleroi Hace un mes
I swear the music is just a slowed-down, slightly remixed "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart.
MrHerecomesjohnny Hace un mes
All the makings of an honorary french crepe guy
hardfugoo Hace un mes
I immediately tried the glass flambé at home.
Something Spacey
Something Spacey Hace un mes
Made the orange crepes and for others that plan to as well don’t skip out on the ice cream, it made it taste so much better.
Martin Asenov
Martin Asenov Hace un mes
I want to try this butt i dont have skill 😥
András Szabolics
András Szabolics Hace un mes
Make hungarian pancakes/crapes!
sad turnip
sad turnip Hace un mes
the ultimate collaboration would be babish and jun’s kitchen
Rose Blackwater
Rose Blackwater Hace un mes
Don't feel bad for losing your crepe maker, I lost a printer in my last apartment. Never found it.
Shelly Mills
Shelly Mills Hace un mes
I’m not even that old (I don’t think) but honestly all I can think of is Trading Places when Coleman the butler goes to all the trouble of making it and as soooooon as it’s done...old Louis declines...but says he can eat it himself...ohhhh Dan Ackroyd lol
MataPato Hace un mes
Too bad ludwig cant even make this shit
Andrea Hace un mes
Oh you broke my heart at the end. Should have filled that strawberry crepe with a homemade custard 😩
shakizzle33 Hace un mes
Cxrti_ Flow
Cxrti_ Flow Hace un mes
Ludwig did it better
Fluffy Puro
Fluffy Puro Hace un mes
Your kitchen must smell amazing after these episodes
Raphaël Edde
Raphaël Edde Hace un mes
uninteresting fact : buckwheat savory crêpes are actually called "galettes"
Alfred Zanini
Alfred Zanini Hace un mes
Cries in britanny galette
Stoned To death
Stoned To death Hace un mes
Dead ass thought That was fiery cheese crisps
Cathymazzini Hace un mes
Yummy creps
Miranda Wyse
Miranda Wyse Hace un mes
*John Mulaney voice* STREET SMARTS
This feels similar to a basics video
Meredith Kavanagh
Meredith Kavanagh Hace un mes
Make Big Red gum. Because if you don’t chew Big Red then f*ck you.
Christian Ogata
Christian Ogata Hace un mes
Cooking is art, but art isn't cooking.
sc30002001 Hace un mes
Claire made this on It's alive
D Nooch
D Nooch Hace un mes
“Who doesn’t love a time lapse of mushrooms cooking?” Me, my dads allergic so genes got passed down but strangely. While a mushroom won’t affect me like an allergy it does bloat my stomach extremely and makes me full to quick and needing the bathroom. Pro tip: try mushrooms at home. I did this at work during a stupidly busy weekday where I was needed for heavy lifting all day. After gassing the warehouse and using the bathroom I was starving
BonnieBuggie Hace un mes
the crepe suzette melted butter swirling around was so mesmerizing to watch omg
Fuartianer Hace un mes
Looks like a "Palatschinken" (German Word) with IceCream. Its a standard dish in austria.
FmS Hace un mes
ooH I LOve thE CrePe SuZeTte
Louis Knudsen
Louis Knudsen Hace un mes
Your first pronounciation of "Crèpe" was actually pretty good
rusty fan
rusty fan Hace un mes
Your local Snake dealer
shortlivedglory Hace un mes
Nutella and cream cheese. You're welcome.
Jonathan Albano
Jonathan Albano Hace 2 meses
man i remember making 20 liters of it every day. lol
Anej Rozman
Anej Rozman Hace 2 meses
fun fact in most of Europe these are normal pancakes and we call your pancakes american pancakes
Zachary Scholz
Zachary Scholz Hace 2 meses
Anyone else watch this while eating much worse food they made and being jealous
Y Ury
Y Ury Hace 2 meses
The not Nutella stuff would be more nice with Banana
jar of moss
jar of moss Hace 2 meses
I made some crepes with ham and swiss in them, they were deeeelicious
N0T CL!VE Hace 2 meses
7:04 music: that sign can't stop me because i can't read
Lurker Mdz
Lurker Mdz Hace 2 meses
I made them :)
BioChemoPhysio Science
“Don’t try this at home” says babish...as he tries it at home.
sarikatimmi Hace 2 meses
what kind of flour was the white? all-purpose?
Sebas Tian
Sebas Tian Hace 2 meses
"All these squares make a circle"
Nina Q.
Nina Q. Hace 2 meses
See, you make it look so easy. I tried to flip the crepe, and wound up catching the kitchen on fire. Lol🤪
Knight of The Gilded Curvation
Thought it was gonna be Patty Duke show.
Yeet Yote
Yeet Yote Hace 2 meses
HuffleMort Hace 2 meses
First time making crepes and they turned out great! Letting the batter sit in the fridge for an hour is optional but they turn out even better the longer you let it sit.
Dylan Bussell
Dylan Bussell Hace 2 meses
3:53 The music kicked in with the fire and I don't know if that was purposeful or not but damn was it satisfying
Briarpelt Hace 2 meses
Oh my god I came here from Jun's Kitchen (ESvid recommendations be like that) and you watch that channel and wow, that's cool, small world!
joe aubuchon
joe aubuchon Hace 2 meses
"I love the crepe Suzette" - Ricky Bobby. Yet his arm still gets broken lmao
Kiera Todd
Kiera Todd Hace 2 meses
av villanu
av villanu Hace 2 meses
This a fuckin Blin.
Wayward Wretch
Wayward Wretch Hace 2 meses
Warning! Unpopular opinion! Nutella ruins strawberries!!
Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
If there is one thing those in the South like it is being constantly mocked for their unique culture.
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