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Binging With Babish, ESvid's favorite cooking instructor, tries to survive a shift working in a professional kitchen.
Burger Show host Alvin Cailan will put Babish through two different challenges. First, the Prep Station, where he'll prepare the mise en place. Second, the Burger Station, where the stakes get even higher.
Can the Internet cooking star handle the heat?

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Season 4
Episode 3
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25 jun 2019






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First We Feast
First We Feast Hace 2 meses
Shout out to all the line cooks worldwide! We appreciate you.
Dni Angel
Dni Angel Hace 12 días
thank you
Charlie Swearingen II
Charlie Swearingen II Hace 13 días
Word. Much respect. Momma didn't raise no fool, or teach us a NASTY burger. 😎😉
turboRushx Hace 25 días
David The Car Guy
David The Car Guy Hace 27 días
I hated working on a line
Eugene Flores
Eugene Flores Hace un día
Bruh you’re like 600 lbs make a salad show
AGL Hace un día
"I like to work like a factory machine" ......hmmmmmm..... :)
Ben Sullivan
Ben Sullivan Hace 2 días
You have to try DnB Burger in Downtown New Bedford, MA Greatest local burger of MA. No cap.
Frank _
Frank _ Hace 5 días
I feel like I'm really stupid asking this, but I been to Google already, can anyone tell me wjat is "meson plos"?
Frank _
Frank _ Hace 5 días
oh, it's "Mise en place". A French culinary phrase which means "putting in place" or "everything in its place" (Wikipedia).
Greenman422 Hace 6 días
i worked as a line cook in a burger shop and the 10:40 sequence of fail really triggered me....but no matter how bad you fail like that you have to keep the service going and move on.
/OHO/ /0Y0/
/OHO/ /0Y0/ Hace 6 días
I just got a AD about the chef not binging
Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
Took his line-cook Virginity
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith Hace 7 días
Soooooo many health code violations. Lol where the f is his beard guard. Unless its off camera he was touching raw meat and then utensils. Hmmmmmmmmmm
dsh122 Hace 7 días
Awesome! 6 years as a line cook in my early days of work... this is dead-non 👏👏👏
fender katana
fender katana Hace 7 días
Cross contamination and chill?
sandy the squirrel
sandy the squirrel Hace 8 días
Babish:im cooking by myself so the nobody sees my mistakes Viewers:are we a joke to you
TheHurricaneJedi Hace 10 días
Only a hipster chef would wear a beanie in a kitchen. Lol
slowmotion Milk
slowmotion Milk Hace 10 días
You suck at cooking
Alex Barragan
Alex Barragan Hace 10 días
Berto Monte
Berto Monte Hace 11 días
Babish earn more than the whole restaurant crew combined
hunterjg007 Hace 11 días
I just say an add for this guy and simple moble
Dwight Nez
Dwight Nez Hace 11 días
I love how they are both taking this serious. This Is by far my favorite show!!
T512X Hace 11 días
A ESvid channel that actually doesn't censor our cuss words? How satisfying to watch. I'm not sure if ESvid gives bonuses to channels that don't cuss in order to try and promote kid friendliness. But its very noticable and disgusts me.
blueside girl
blueside girl Hace 12 días
I love how nice he is
Harambe Keemstar
Harambe Keemstar Hace 12 días
This Really humanizes Andrew Hes Kind Of Like... Superhuman in his videos Just like boom boom do this do this Done Clean Plate Club Je Taime...
Harambe Keemstar
Harambe Keemstar Hace 12 días
i saw an ad with the guy in the video for a Phone
Jem Vin
Jem Vin Hace 12 días
Where's his kosher salt?
Gmind11 Hace 12 días
Those water cups brought me back, full of mio and on a fuck ton of caffeine.
Reyes Nash
Reyes Nash Hace 13 días
pepper pepper pepper
SaSSolino Hace 13 días
babish does not perform well under pressure
†TheDarkOne† Hace 13 días
I never realized how much Babish looks like Ryan Renolds😱..
832 332 9466
832 332 9466 Hace 13 días
I love how he has a gold watch
homegrowntwinkie Hace 13 días
I feel like Babish watches YouSuckAtCooking with that "PepperPepperPepper" reference
Bow Down
Bow Down Hace 13 días
that nigga Babish's gonna have his own ESvid show one day
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Hace 13 días
5:53; " first time i hear" "hear what?" "b-b-bobs nd vegen"
• cheekmeat •
• cheekmeat • Hace 13 días
Who's the one girl? She's hella cute
Charlie Swearingen II
Charlie Swearingen II Hace 13 días
My mom 'STILL' calls me "Wimpy" from the old 'Popeye' cartoons she remembers as a kid, and Hamburgers are my spirit animal. We will 'Meat' someday, my sensei!! 😎
iporkedyourdog Hace 14 días
stupid fuckin' video
Dean Albutt
Dean Albutt Hace 14 días
Jeez the cross contamination is hard to watch picking up the raw burger meat just wipe on the tea towel. yup that's clean and safe I guess
Pusit Sangkayoolakul
Pusit Sangkayoolakul Hace 14 días
I thoughthis name was babish until this video
Michael Hace 14 días
Babish can’t cook to save his life
Cody Hace 14 días
ngl hes . a pretty sloppy cook. good thing for editing
Jonathon Stephens
Jonathon Stephens Hace 14 días
"I've had a lot of caffeine* today." *cocaine
Pavkin Hace 14 días
I saw an ad with Alvin lol.
farhan orakzai
farhan orakzai Hace 14 días
that 24k Daytona tho. Babish is a man of culture
Elia X
Elia X Hace 14 días
I want to see more green cap girl
Gravelle Art Studio
Gravelle Art Studio Hace 15 días
no offence, but this restaurants burgers look shit. the patties are falling to pieces because the griddle if dirty from frying cheese on it. Im sure their all nice people, but this really doesnt show the food in a good light.
Sam Harris
Sam Harris Hace 15 días
You couldn't pay me to eat at that place, let alone pay to eat there. More bun than burger, touching raw meat with hands before touching the vegetables and assembling burgers, toxic kitchen environment... Terrible place
Chef Gerlach
Chef Gerlach Hace 15 días
i really wish tub nuts would shave his peach fuzz off his face
ModelOmega Hace 15 días
oh wow im gonna try making griddled cheese like that, looks delicious
Urban Delinquent
Urban Delinquent Hace 15 días
1:07 oh he made that shit 3-Pointer Kobe 🤣 9/1/2019
sorry dishwasher
sorry dishwasher Hace 15 días
Slap him in the dishpit
scott17818 Hace 15 días
this was not working a line by any means.. he did 10 minutes of prep work, and 10 minutes on a griddle.. try doing 8 hours straight from prep to full service, the restaurant I worked at seated 55 (fire code), and we would pack the dining room, and bar.. Prep work started at 6am, and took typically 4 hours to complete all the prep work.. this meant all the sauces, sides, breads, and chopping of veggies for the next day/s services had to be done. meanwhile you have breakfast orders coming in, running a 12 burner stove, 14" grilltop, and 50" griddletop. by the time prep was done the lunch service was starting.. you have to changeover the cooler chefs station for the lunch ingredients, sauces, mayo, mustard, etc.. lunch service lasts for hours, and you constantly run out of ingredients at the chefs station as you can only fit so much in them.. and grab other prepped items from another cooler. to keep it running smooth you need to be in good shape, and know what you are doing, and where everything is. worst is when you have to 86 an item as you run out of product (especially in the summer).. yelling at a waitress that put in orders for an 86'd item sucks.. it was a fun job, and I'd do it again if it ever paid well enough..
joakim19881 Hace 16 días
Nobody told the chef these words: Never get high on your own supply!
Maxi Singh
Maxi Singh Hace 16 días
Line cooks are insane, it's some operation
ThePaeson Hace 16 días
Good teacher though!
kevien 29
kevien 29 Hace 16 días
who else saw an ad about the host before the video started
Christopher Carter
Christopher Carter Hace 16 días
Babish watches you suck at cooking confirmed
Nick Deaño
Nick Deaño Hace 16 días
Im the FNG here lmao 🤣
George Tallcan
George Tallcan Hace 16 días
The amount of not washing his hands and cleaning his cutting board in-between handling raw ready to eat food is gross.
AMIIGAF Hace 16 días
After this video i learned something deeply importand. I can and will always trust his balls.
Gear CrushGaming
Gear CrushGaming Hace 16 días
“Only an idiot thinks this is easy” Some old lady yelled at my co workers saying they could run a whole kitchen themselves people are retarded
Gold Coast Flooring
Gold Coast Flooring Hace 16 días
That was awesome, I was a line cook for 3 years and when the rush comes in you have to be there to understand the pressure of getting ticket after ticket and working as fast as you can to deliver quality food. Only a moron would underestimate the restaurant industry. Great video, made me remember some good times with other people in the kitchen.
Felipe García Tapia
Felipe García Tapia Hace 16 días
He is like a bald Ryan Reynolds chef with beard
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