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Binging With Babish, ESvid's favorite cooking instructor, tries to survive a shift working in a professional kitchen.
Burger Show host Alvin Cailan will put Babish through two different challenges. First, the Prep Station, where he'll prepare the mise en place. Second, the Burger Station, where the stakes get even higher.
Can the Internet cooking star handle the heat?

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Season 4
Episode 3
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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25 jun 2019

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First We Feast
First We Feast Hace 23 días
Shout out to all the line cooks worldwide! We appreciate you.
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Hace un día
They're doing it now. It's out on the 18th of July 2019
Resigil Changer of the Ways
That wasn't all that he did while there I hope. There was no pressure there, it seemed very scripted and not even like he was breaking a sweat. Put him in during a lunch rush let him get in the weeds! If he did do more and was actually pressured why not put that part of the video up? You might not think it makes good content but that's what the people want to see. Especially us line cooks, and chef de parties. Having 26 years and counting kitchen experience under my belt I can say I feel that this was more of an insult than a shout out of appreciation.
Yakui Hace 2 días
Thanks I guess.
stuckinstuff 1
stuckinstuff 1 Hace 4 días
Thank you. I currently do construction, and I've had a million jobs. Working in a kitchen is the hardest job I've had. Some of the most fun days and when its a bad day its HELL!
Candice S.
Candice S. Hace 4 días
Chef de Partie (aka Station Chef, Line Chef, Line Cook) - Ever heard of the expression ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’? This is why chef de parties are a vital part of the brigade system. Each chef de partie is responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen
dra6o0n Hace 25 minutos
people make fun of fast food jobs. they dont deal with huge crowds.
Paternal Hace 54 minutos
Burgers with Babish
Star Cherry
Star Cherry Hace un hora
On my first day they had me cut and fry the potatoes first before I cooked burgers
Jackson Vaughn
Jackson Vaughn Hace un hora
Same guy 8n the add
Travis Hace 2 horas
nice episode ^^ now work as a line cook in a restaurant ( not a making 2 burgers shop ) ...u nailed this one ..now step up ;) next up **Babish trying to survive in hells Kitchen**
Marcus Heard
Marcus Heard Hace 3 horas
8:13 confirmed babish is just a knock off of you suck at cooking. lol
Brian Baer
Brian Baer Hace 4 horas
That fat guy is a Chef?! Lol
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Hace 4 horas
That guy has a nice beard.
kereth lewis
kereth lewis Hace 4 horas
There should be a part 2 to this
PuddingPiano Hace 5 horas
Insert Collete’s “You cannot Be Mommy” quote from Ratatouille
NZYE Hace 5 horas
"pepper pepper pepper" YSAC reference
WSSF2 Hace 5 horas
vonnivf Hace 7 horas
Idk if I'd ever group myself up with the likes of Gordon. That's asking for hate comments.
James Alexander
James Alexander Hace 14 horas
Surely the weight of the ball makes no difference whatsoever. He needs to get the same number of balls out of the same amount of meat to make the same amount of burgers that he can charge customers for. Only if he has fewer balls will he lose money, weighing 4oz exactly would make no fucking difference to money, only the cooking. His financial logic has no mathematical basis.
Professional Pretender
you make sense.
MrPyroguy1 Hace 16 horas
WOOOOOW he can make burgers. That's so difficult!!! ...
i Won'T CoSt You A dimE.
HxC Fragman
HxC Fragman Hace 21 un hora
Love video ideas like this from you guys. KEEP IT UP!! That dude is a fuckin absolute moron though. You costed that man more money than you promised you wouldnt.
EntityLord Hace 23 horas
9:56 I am so glad that im not the only one who does that.
Fred Thomas
Fred Thomas Hace 23 horas
What is the sauce
Askoyi Hace un día
This was tame for a dinner service. But love to see the behind the scenes of a kitchen.
Fragtag Hace un día
Bruh after watching food wars this is so awesome
Fireball 4527
Fireball 4527 Hace un día
Anyone get a ad with this guy too?
Fockin Memes
Fockin Memes Hace un día
I literally just got an ad about this guy
Yesh Studios
Yesh Studios Hace un día
hiroshock Hace un día
Did Babish earn his (bacon) strips
Brendan Hace un día
Top 10 Crossovers in the Cooking Cinematic Universe
aaron bradham
aaron bradham Hace un día
this mans was on the ad before the video even started
Migixkem Jord
Migixkem Jord Hace un día
*cough* for babish not for burgers
Sammi Hace un día
son said pepper pepper pepper 😳 you suck at cooking is that you?
Ethan 0180
Ethan 0180 Hace un día
Replay button 12:26
Every line cook I know is a major cokehead. I can see why now.
Christian's Personal Account
As a 16 year old kid who has been working in a professional kitchen for the first time for about two months, this video is like crack to me.
Resigil Changer of the Ways
I really hope that wasn't all the time he put in. If so that was more of a dig to line cooks the world over and not so much of a shout out appreciation. Having 26 years and going under my belt being in the kitchen that seemed more scripted than anything and I don't feel that he was very challenged at all.
Toni Markowiak
Toni Markowiak Hace un día
You can trust my balls
Daladari XIII
Daladari XIII Hace un día
I fear working in a fry line. If I feel like a waste of sperm when I fuck up my eggs in the morning I'd feel even worse knowing I fucked up someone else's dinner. Too much pressure man.
Tristan Wright
Tristan Wright Hace un día
Manny delgator grew up
Matthew Messinger
Matthew Messinger Hace 2 días
6:20 Why the fuck are you handling raw meat with your bare hands?
pizzaboy Washington
pizzaboy Washington Hace 2 días
As a line cook with 12 years under my belt I can say he did great for his first day I've seen fngs breakdown and cry during prep on their first day so good job broham
pheonix jeff
pheonix jeff Hace 2 días
Wait. Hold up Babish said pepper pepper pepper, so does this mean babish is you suck at cooking
Some British Guy
Some British Guy Hace 2 días
“Alone.” “I where no body can see my mistakes” Why I choose to be a home cook
Saima Tasnim
Saima Tasnim Hace 2 días
Why does he remind me of Ryan Reynolds just without hair and a bigger beard 😂😂
SwordBreaker925 Hace 2 días
Never worked in a proper restaurant, but i worked the grill at a Wendy's for a while so i know the pain and stress that this kind of job is on a daily basis.
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Hace 2 días
Now the salt won’t work unless it’s kosher
Milivoje Marković
Milivoje Marković Hace 2 días
i am idiot but that is easy
FPS Entertainment
FPS Entertainment Hace 2 días
wheres the lamb sauce!!!!
Green Orb
Green Orb Hace 2 días
"cabron.... means you're a cuck" ok i see what you're doing here i see how it is
Jeff Cedeño
Jeff Cedeño Hace 2 días
Cabron means bastard in Spanish My name Jeff
Eric Wilsey
Eric Wilsey Hace 2 días
Dude's trying hard to look like Sean.
cade xero
cade xero Hace 2 días
I would fucken love to work in that kitchen man
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