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Shanice (Leslie Jones), Rashad (Chris Redd) and T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) compete on Black Jeopardy, hosted by Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson).
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8 abr 2018

SNLSaturday Night LiveSNL Season 43Episode 1742Chadwick BosemanLeslie JonesChris ReddKenan ThompsonBlack JeopardyT'ChallaBlack Panthers43s43e17episode 17livenew yorkcomedysketchfunnyhilariouslate nighthostmusicguestlaughimpersonationactorimprovmusicianAvengersAvengers: Infinity WarJackie Robinson42James BrownGet on UpCardi BLove & Hip HopBodak YellowBartier CardiBe Careful






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Comentarios 15 853
Grace Woofter
Grace Woofter Hace 26 minutos
"Ah hell nah Karen, keep your bland-ass potato salad to yourself."
Dj Jackskn
Dj Jackskn Hace 8 horas
Bruh I'm weak because what they saying is so true
clevelandcbi Hace un día
Grandma ain't gonna need that good credit too much longer.... 😂😂😂
Forrest Hunter
Forrest Hunter Hace un día
Okay. this was funny.
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen Hace un día
This one was one of the few good ones in the history of SNL. T'Challa was so good lol.
Slytherin's heir
Slytherin's heir Hace 2 días
I was so shocked when I found out that Chadwick was 41. I thought he was in his 20s.
Ted H
Ted H Hace 2 días
Fine don't eat my potato salad, and I won't eat your boiled pig guts.
CCJJ160Channels Hace 2 días
“Let’s go to ahh hell nahhh.” I’m dead.
Curtis T
Curtis T Hace 3 días
Hell yeah cook my steak.
Andrew Greenough
Andrew Greenough Hace 3 días
I ain't got it because I died you talkin to a ghost
hugh Honey
hugh Honey Hace 4 días
DUDE THE FACE KENAN MAKES @3:32 SHOULD BE A GOD DAMN EMOTE jesus that's fuckin funny
Unsubscribing to BS !
D Mo
D Mo Hace 5 días
7.7k people with no sense of humor
Matthew Whitaker
Matthew Whitaker Hace 5 días
That was the best Black Jeopardy that I have seen yet. Chadwick Boseman is a great actor. Love him in all the Marvel movies. My favorite, was 42, Jackie Robinson's story. SNL funny bit.
Jeff Mullins
Jeff Mullins Hace 6 días
Black jeopardy my favorite shit. Esp the white people category
Le'Shon Young
Le'Shon Young Hace 6 días
Absolutely Hilarious
Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor Hace 6 días
Leslie Jones needs to style herself how she acts in skits. Doesn't have to be straight hair wigs. It can be braids even. That sticking up hair she wears does her no justice.
Johnny Johnny
Johnny Johnny Hace 7 días
So from these answers I get that black people are all selfish, dishonest drains on society?
Stikkysweet69 Hace 5 días
john thonig
john thonig Hace 8 días
White people make better potato salad than black people.
Stikkysweet69 Hace 5 días
meatball3835 Hace 8 días
What would happen if we played White Jeopardy ???
Stikkysweet69 Hace 5 días
No one cares, and it wouldn't be funny.
honeychilerider Hace 8 días
Kit E. Katz
Kit E. Katz Hace 9 días
I miss Keeley! Haaay!😋
Cindy C
Cindy C Hace 9 días
Did anyone notice T'Challa said..."In da face!" Coming to America...Prince Akim homage😅🤣😂😍😍😍👍😎🔥🔥🔥🔥
NO GAMES Hace 9 días
"Aw hell naw". Too funny!
D D Hace 9 días
Under seasoning and add raisins wtf I think you have us confused with arabs!
sike1035 Hace 10 días
'The only Jeopardy whose prize money is paid in installments' loooool
Dan Ayala
Dan Ayala Hace 11 días
They should do a show with IBM Watson. That could be hilarious!
Monel R
Monel R Hace 12 días
Black Jeopardy should be a weekly staple on SNL like wkend update 😂
redshift912 Hace 12 días
When you find out this was written by white people
Jessica Rys
Jessica Rys Hace 13 días
Black jeopardy is part of the mcu
OGSpaceCadet Hace 16 días
We don't put no freaking raisins in our potato salad in the south, that's a damn California thing. My mama's tater salad is epic at ANY BBQ. Period!
Bodine 7-22-69
Bodine 7-22-69 Hace 16 días
Black jeopardy is bout the only funny skit SNL has nowadays ,and I still can't get a bust a gut laugh even with it like back in the good ole days at least 20 years ago I'd not miss an episode with Pryor ,farley, Sandler ,I wish they could get back to that kind of comedy ,it was real comedy gold
Shaul Aryeh
Shaul Aryeh Hace 16 días
Wow........🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 black jeopardy needs to be the ONLY jeopardy. I would pay to watch this everyday🤣🤣🤣
LAH MARU Hace 17 días
Yuuki Takemoto
Yuuki Takemoto Hace 17 días
Daaaaah T'Challa
Kavika Hace 17 días
Went to a BBQ, I had potato salad with relish and mustard in it. I was mad as hell. I didn't care for the chicken, ribs or burgers. Messed my day up ugh!
Chris H
Chris H Hace 18 días
Funny, racist, but funny, lol
Camryn Raynor
Camryn Raynor Hace 18 días
"Aw hell naw Karen, keep your bland ass potato salad to yourself" Killmonger's ghost: " Maybe you ain't a white person in disguise after all..."
Coleone Walker
Coleone Walker Hace 18 días
White people would explode watching this😂🤯
JetsSon Jay
JetsSon Jay Hace 19 días
"that Wesley Snipes joke was hilarious"
Maya Statham
Maya Statham Hace 19 días
Norma Barros
Norma Barros Hace 19 días
Kenneth Barlow
Kenneth Barlow Hace 19 días
"Aw Hell naw Karen, keep your bland assed potato salad to yourself." Freaking hilarious!
Chris Joy
Chris Joy Hace 20 días
I’m dead 😂😂😂
hutch Hace 20 días
Karen's potato salad is now legendary.
Banana Seokjin
Banana Seokjin Hace 21 un día
Can someone explain to me the white people stereotype? I am white, but my mom is like anti this. She seasons her food and anytime someone adds some bullshit to food, she calls it rich people food. So I always assumed that kind of thing was what RICH people did, not white people.
kwantoon Hace 21 un día
This could have been a great skit if it had been on Mad tv, but SNL wouldn't know funny if it kicked in their front door and took a shit on their dinner table. Fuck SNL, this shit is stupid.
Yolanda Jackson
Yolanda Jackson Hace 22 días
The 7.7k are people who can't take a joke! Lol
Dorothea Le
Dorothea Le Hace 22 días
"What is, Awh Hell Nah Karen keep your bland ass potato salad to yourself!" IT SENT ME 😂😂😂
3 AM
3 AM Hace 22 días
Who ARE these white people who put raisins in potato salad? No way. That's got to be made up. Standard middle class white american potato salad has mayonnaise, probably some mustard, celery, maybe onions, a chopped up hard boiled egg, salt, pepper and paprika. Lots of times, some vinegar or some chopped up pickle. NO RAISINS! That would be "We are from France" Conehead weird!
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