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Black Mirror's "choose your own adventure" story provides many hidden endings and fun surprises. Join me as we look at every one and take a look at some easter eggs along the way!
Link to Ending Map: i.imgur.com/Eoe1lo7.png
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29 dic 2018

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Think Story
Think Story Hace 21 un día
Yes or Fuck Yeah?
ThatRose Hace un hora
+ScoopMeisterGeneral I chose yes because my girlfriend said there was an option that not a lot of people would pick that would give you a crazy ending (she was talking about the one where you jump out the window)
Tahani Grande
Tahani Grande Hace 3 horas
I chose Fuck yeah... and my ending Stefan died
Nekozilla Hace 21 un hora
Shaun's stuff (formally sloth gaming)
+ScoopMeisterGeneral I chose yes and she still pulls out the katanas
benjovi55 Hace 4 días
The latter.
A.M.D Hace un hora
I got different ending from all these? Anyone else
Zinjo Hace 2 horas
You missed a couple but it's all good fam
Tahani Grande
Tahani Grande Hace 3 horas
7:06 that was my ending....
Nameless Ghost
Nameless Ghost Hace 5 horas
We´re only making plans for Stefan
Sam Forsyth
Sam Forsyth Hace 6 horas
What? I got nearly every ending but without the game ending... well only on the last one
apel Hace 6 horas
I got the monster jump scare in my first time...
rey inko
rey inko Hace 7 horas
bandersnatch really reminds me of a game titled petscope, totally different, but it just reminds me of that game. probably, petscope has the same history like bandersnatch or something like that
NewklearPhil Hace 7 horas
Does anyone know what happens if when Colin visits you and offers you to kill him you decide to let him go?
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Hace 8 horas
Am i the only one who thought that Netlix being a choice was hilarious?
SWSW Hace 9 horas
If our intelligence was say 200 but the illusion of reality and free will was 1000 if we simply cannot conceptualize the level of illusion taking place is it still fake if we cant measure free will how can we call it an illusion and doesnt the illusion of free will require an intelligent super being to make reality work how could any of this be created by itself and not be intelligent especially when no one else could if we had no free will that means everything is guided free will actually makes more sense in a Godless universe when you start making claims of illusions that requires an illusionist.
Lonelyduck Hace 17 horas
What the fuck I killed my dad went to jail and only got a 2/5
Jack Cade
Jack Cade Hace 21 un hora
Sex with a pig to save his daughter? Did you watch a different version on S1E1?
Cryptiix Hace 22 horas
Playing through the options was cool but the endings were not satisfying. The story felt short and unfinished
Smashy Nuggets
Smashy Nuggets Hace un día
Did anyone else see the Easter egg when he was on the bus at the start where it said 'no future' on the sign?
Dj Stover
Dj Stover Hace un día
This broke so many 4th walls
Jarecsy A.T
Jarecsy A.T Hace un día
Robin looks EXACTLY like someone ik irl life not even joking the glasses and the hair but only thing is he's a male the person ik irl is female
Slate Razvan
Slate Razvan Hace un día
So there is no way of finishing the game and also don’t kill anyone?
Carolina Crusher
Carolina Crusher Hace un día
Man ... i watched this whole movie without choosing anything. I thought it was just how the movie was made 😂
Lant Vant
Lant Vant Hace un día
This episode is pure shit, the name "black mirror" was bought for the occasion and the whole scenario is based on a commercial hit. the format is useless to make noise on the web since it is absolutely not well used, the episode is empty wish and each choice is an illusion... It's an advertisement for kids. Nothing is kept, not the least actor including this Toy Story lookalike, not even a useful scene or a scenery remarkable. Another Netflix production without the slightest soul, flavor and talent
AvatarXs Hace un día
in the first episode of black mirror princess was abducted , not daughter of premier
FBI Hace un día
Damn, did we just watch a copycat FBI called PACS? -Sincerley, FBI MAN IN YOUR CAM.
FBI Hace un día
Wtf I accidentally did all endings since my goal was getting a perfect star from the TV.
Priya Kumar
Priya Kumar Hace un día
What bothers me is that this video is ONE second away from being 11:11 minutes, ohhh the OCD is kicking in gaaahh!
vProtoniic Hace un día
I actually got like 90% on the first try without actually trying to get everything. Guess I just suck at life
hello there
hello there Hace un día
i was thinking more likely that both the director and the writer of this movie were probably coked up while filming..
Whiskey Marie
Whiskey Marie Hace un día
The end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never
Luciano Silvestri
Luciano Silvestri Hace un día
there is no happy ending?
Luciano Silvestri
Luciano Silvestri Hace un día
Não tem nenhum final feliz kkkk
Chris Ruffin
Chris Ruffin Hace 2 días
You didn't say anything about the phone number when she says you know the number
pRooseff Oswald
pRooseff Oswald Hace 2 días
Top 10 Questions Science Still Can’t Answer: Frosties or Sugar Puffs?
John Doe
John Doe Hace 2 días
I got the ending where he randomly died in the middle of a pyschological session
Kaylee Ruth
Kaylee Ruth Hace 2 días
u missed some
Whitney Williams
Whitney Williams Hace 2 días
That scene on the balkonie.... I picked the other guy to jump. Felt like I kinda killed someone
Tex Hace 2 días
It’s a dank ass movie also emotional af
Jason Wong Boon Kit
Jason Wong Boon Kit Hace 2 días
Thanks for the clarification, helps a lot.
Animesh Gupta
Animesh Gupta Hace 2 días
"The love machine by BRB" is a Be Right Back Easter egg
Aphex Brain
Aphex Brain Hace 2 días
Stay at home do acid and jump. Good show imo
Certified Khriz
Certified Khriz Hace 2 días
i saw this on magic dragon and the movie was 1:30 min show me all endings lol pretty cool to be fair. i enjoyed it even if i didnt choose it shows u all the choices in that hour
Elyse Tan
Elyse Tan Hace 2 días
oh my god I got déjà vu when you explained fate vs free will because in my literature class we study Macbeth by Shakespeare and one of the largest debates are Fate vs Free Will, across all of his works.
Mix UP SOUNDS Hace 2 días
Reminds me of how similar the movie is with Truman although the Truman doesn’t have choices and countless timeline endings. Just the fact that they were like under watched for years
Chorouk Akik
Chorouk Akik Hace 2 días
There's a couple inaccuracies in this video, first of all even though Stefan found his toy, his mom still missed the 8:30 train and had to take the 8:45 which crashes in every timeline. Another inaccuracy is in the reference to season 1 episode 1 of Black mirror, the Prime Minister has to fuck a pig in order to save princess Susannah not his daughter.
I just wanted a good fucking review of the game but instead I got the kid dying on the train with his mom damnit
Mangofresh2012 Hace 3 días
Big up chabuddy g
Dimitra Chatzipapa
Dimitra Chatzipapa Hace 3 días
am i the only one that got confused towards the end ? i didnt get it
Turd Happens
Turd Happens Hace 3 días
Determinism vs. Free wil
Sarah Jasmine
Sarah Jasmine Hace 3 días
Did anybody have to write the number of the therapist? It were 5 numbers I fucked it up and it never brought me there anymore
tuna sandwich
tuna sandwich Hace 3 días
I was reading the comments and my dad tells me to go to sleep and I got a little pissed, lost control and tried knocking some shit off my desk and considering I just watched bandersnatch it's kinda freaking me out lmao
Eugene Shemchuk
Eugene Shemchuk Hace 3 días
The true beauty is when you didn't know that there will be a decision making thing and then, apparently your laptop starts talking to you.
Blah Hace 3 días
Is Kitty a Danny Phantom reference or are both Kitty from this and DP from something I’m too young to know about.
Blah Hace 3 días
I chose to jump out a window. That was fun.
MarkiePlayGames 1
MarkiePlayGames 1 Hace 3 días
Thank fucking god I didn’t pick PAX and chose toy and pac first then Left dear Jesus it’s 2:14 am too
Ashish Tripathi
Ashish Tripathi Hace 3 días
Wut Hace 3 días
Those arnt cigarettes he rolls on his own...
Green Tuber
Green Tuber Hace 3 días
i got the jail ending... when Stefan goes to jail btw Sugar Rush Or Frosties?
Jiffy Lube
Jiffy Lube Hace 3 días
I must’ve chose the wrong paths because the movie I watched sucked.
Batikan Eyiboglu
Batikan Eyiboglu Hace 3 días
I missed the very first ending because I'm a Jojo fan .... DAGA KOTOWARU!!!
Indrajeet Sarkar
Indrajeet Sarkar Hace 3 días
How can we choose a path in this Movie ? I mean its already ongoing, so how to choose the path we want when we are given the choices??
ricky contreras
ricky contreras Hace 3 días
At one point he picks up his phone after killing his dad and something about remembering the numbers and they give them to you but I miss pressed the first number and couldnt get back to that part to get them right, what happens if you type the numbers out right, I think I got all of the endings
I was gonna try to do this but I didn’t have the time, energy, or level of commitment, OR a decent ESvid channel to do so. So thank you
Zoinkedscoob Hace 3 días
Bro my first ending was the one were you chop up your dad
Connor Betts
Connor Betts Hace 3 días
Y'all better have picked frosties
Caio França
Caio França Hace 3 días
You didn't mention the one where you call the doctor to help you.
A Very Stinky Pilchard
I watched with the lowest expectations, was still dissapointed
Patrick Green
Patrick Green Hace 4 días
Meth Demon?
I thought Bandersnatch was a movie not an episode. It is separate from Black Mirror on Netflix, where all the season's & episodes are.
Mithaa Inparajan
Mithaa Inparajan Hace 4 días
I got stuck at where he had to kill his dad and he went to jail
MythicalSnake50 M
MythicalSnake50 M Hace 4 días
When will you learn when will you learn that your action has consequences
Alexander Toups
Alexander Toups Hace 4 días
Sometimes if I’m about to do something but decide not to I don’t to it because in the future I go back in time to stop myself because if I do that I could make a bad choice in the future because of that one thing I did even if the thing I was about to do wasn’t that bad.
She moves in her own dab
see when the review show comes on in one of the endings, did anyone else see a reflection of a boy sitting watching it, he looks identical to my friend alastair and he noticed when watching alone and so did many of my friends, was really creepy
Michael Meade
Michael Meade Hace 4 días
Headcanon: In this episode, it is shown very clearly that Colin creates a game for Tucker Industries (or whatever the company is exactly called) named Metalhead. This made me think, what if the episode in series 4 named Metalhead is also a game? My idea is that the Callister corporation in series 4 episode 1 (U.S.S. Callister) put a lot of money into virtual reality gaming, and that one of their projects was to create open-world VR experiences based on classic games. The whole episode of Metalhead is just someone playing an updated VR version of the gaming classic, and the game has been stylized into a black and white aesthetic to pay homage to the more classic era of gaming that the original Metalhead game premiered in.
αrl ɢrмeѕ
αrl ɢrмeѕ Hace 4 días
i ended up just getting stefan killed by having him go to the ‘train with his mom’ ending. i didn’t want to kill the dad, nor stefan, etc.
The life of a small youtuber - Black Mirror hold my beer
Iris Veldman
Iris Veldman Hace 4 días
the train that you can choose to take with your mom is not a different train than the one that crashes, it is still the train from 8:45 because you were still to late for the train from 8:30, so it is not about the fact that you can’t change your faith. It’s just a possibility to kill yourself, in a happy concept with your mom.
Queen LeLe
Queen LeLe Hace 4 días
I was so confused so I did all the ending of Black Mirror . I kept thinking it was over but it gave me an option to continue or go back and change my decision so I did that every time. 😂
Joe Hance
Joe Hance Hace 4 días
This was great and explained a lot, but there was one error which I'm sure some other comments might have pointed out. The ending where both Stefan and his Mum die on the train isn't fate fixing itself, she says that they will miss the 8:30 train but they can get the 8:45 one instead, the train that she gets on in the first place. Your point is still correct, even though he changes the past he still doesn't change fate as the mother still ends up on the train that derails. You just get the choice to die with her (or in Dr Haynes' office as the ending officially goes)
james morrin
james morrin Hace 4 días
Kelvin Rodrigues
Kelvin Rodrigues Hace 4 días
Trippiest shit I’ve ever watched
LeeLeeMerk Hace 4 días
When I died after going to the therapist instead of following Colin, that was then referred to later on when I visited the therapist after going with Colin. Stefan said how he remembered having already had that conversation, even though it was on a timeline which I died in. Does that mean that even if you start all over again, your previous choices still have influence? That makes everything 10 times more confusing
Joseph Greenfield
Joseph Greenfield Hace 4 días
it was funny when colin jumped
Ignacy Kosmowski
Ignacy Kosmowski Hace 4 días
Wow i actually menaged to make all endings without looking to internet.
Will Gaines
Will Gaines Hace 4 días
You forgot to mention that the sounds in the post-credit scene create a QR code with the white bear symbol in the middle when run through a spectrum analyzer. The QR code takes you to a website for Tuckersoft.
Liji Johnson
Liji Johnson Hace 4 días
I picked earlobes!!!!
Spoopy Ghost
Spoopy Ghost Hace 4 días
I may have misunderstood but I swear for the toy ending, his mother tells him they'll still have to get the late train but he goes anyway. I took it as him choosing to die with his mother
Alex Hace 4 días
Not everything was right, but overall ok
Erik Rognes
Erik Rognes Hace 4 días
Meth Damon
Oscar Hansson
Oscar Hansson Hace 4 días
I got all of the endings but it felt like the only "ending" where when you get to control colins daughter. Every other one feels like I just messed up and had to go back.
Varunprasad Athi
Varunprasad Athi Hace 4 días
whole new level of mindfuck, who else didn't know there were several other endings apart from Stefan's dad dragging him away?
Morlun91 Hace 4 días
Talking about details I loved how when you replay because you chose a wrong patch it goes fast forward ad a few details change everytime. It was super cool. About your final comment, this series teaches us that if it actually was that simple it would be much worse given the consequences...
Sunshine Cheyenne
Sunshine Cheyenne Hace 4 días
Back to play for the 100th time 😂😂
Sunshine Cheyenne
Sunshine Cheyenne Hace 4 días
When he Collin kept saying Id tell him to do it again. I kept doing it to see if I could get a diffrent ending. I guess its Nextflixes way of letting you get all the endings.
Eamon Wyse
Eamon Wyse Hace 4 días
Record the after credits ending game loading sound and load it onto your ZX Spectrum.
Kurtis and Hurdle
Kurtis and Hurdle Hace 5 días
My first main ending was when I got the game 5 stars. It was weird because I made the other guy jump and his girlfriend came in asked what happened then the demon showed up and it restarted that day and the other guy never showed back up into the office.
Vrikkiegikk Hace 5 días
Sorry for saying this, but this reminds me of the game DeltaRune
Karolína Hace 5 días
So I did play it for hours Just to find out There is no ending where nobody dies, the game is good and everyone is happy. The movie is a masterpiece though
Brian Stuckert
Brian Stuckert Hace 5 días
Well I guess no matter what you can't really get a happy(ish) ending in this game/video. A big disappointment to me and maybe others. Then again this is a special episode of Black Mirror, so I guess I should not be too surprised. The only episode I seen so far with a happy(ish) kind of ending is the one of a parody of the old 1960s Star Trek episodes. This a great episode/special from Netflix/Black Mirror. I really hope this concept will catch on to other videos, series, specials and movies in the (near) future. Still fun playing around with this and also a great/excellent way to intro the audience to something like Visual Novels/Choose your own Adventures and also sort of likes games like Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, Until Dawn and Telltale series (sadly gone).
abhinav tripathi
abhinav tripathi Hace 5 días
D fact that we get an option to control Pearl's actions in 5 Star Murder may be a reference to Elon Musk's theory that we are not in base level reality.... Because Pearl signified the real world.... And yet she was being controlled by someone...
alex k.
alex k. Hace 5 días
I watched the movie before watching this video. THIS FILM GIVES YOU A FUCKING MINDFUCK.
Chaz Phill Newton
Chaz Phill Newton Hace 5 días
I’m defrosting mince
WEKA GREENS Hace 5 días
9:30 his sister*
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