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Black Mirror's "choose your own adventure" story provides many hidden endings and fun surprises. Join me as we look at every one and take a look at some easter eggs along the way!
Link to Ending Map: i.imgur.com/Eoe1lo7.png
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29 dic 2018






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Think Story
Think Story Hace 2 meses
Yes or Fuck Yeah?
Domm Fortin
Domm Fortin Hace 9 días
i choose fuck yeah the first time and didnt regret
Pranay Sinha
Pranay Sinha Hace 9 días
fuck yeah
Narendra Samal
Narendra Samal Hace 14 días
+ScoopMeisterGeneral it's the same as fuck yeah. He throws tea on the shrink.
LightningToast3 Hace 23 días
Fuck Yeah bro ✊
Sen Hace 23 días
+TreyCarden what happened when you typed the right code? I put 20501 and goofed it.
DB-DISCOS Hace 14 horas
When i watch any Black Mirror episode ....its like REVISITING EVERY ACID TRIP ive ever had!!~ great innit!! HAPPY DAZE!!
haroon miah
haroon miah Hace 17 horas
Wait I never got a cereal choice. Tf
Jedi Solo
Jedi Solo Hace 18 horas
Somehow, I get the impression this actually had nothing to do with showing us we lack free will. Perhaps they're trying to warn us about something else entirely, something far more sinister than a predestined life. We think we're in control, but something else in human society is actually influencing our actions in such a way we don't notice it. Think about the fake memories and experiments. That's not far off from the majority of 1st world populations being on medications they don't know the composition of. Research the history of LSD and how it was distributed in colleges. Look into the simple ways technology and sound waves are used every day and what they can actually do. Black Mirror has shown us examples within its own universe. I'm pretty sure most people know this is happening but won't let themselves believe it for fear of living with the knowledge that they live in a world where anyone in their life can be working for that mechanism, including themselves. The demon is not sucking our fate, we're being influenced to let it. It's not all powerful, that's why it has to trick you. If this movie made you ask questions about your choices verses the illusion of choice, then you're on the right track, but not there. We do have free will, the illusion is that we're using it when we aren't.
FireOccator Hace 2 días
I'm so glad I didn't know about PAX.
ツ Mind Hunter
ツ Mind Hunter Hace 3 días
Chutiya Story 😏
Vamsi Mohan Krishna Vadrevu
Most succinct gist of all the endings...(Most of which I managed to see)
Lindsay K
Lindsay K Hace 3 días
you all are being programmed
MikoLaj Hace 3 días
my first ending was in train
EFoxKitsune Hace 5 días
I have never felt this guilty
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Hace 5 días
So I got all the endings some how
Gumbo Clay
Gumbo Clay Hace 6 días
What about dialing the phone number?
without0reality Hace 6 días
Can someone explain me about time travels? Especially the first one, when you chose to stay in the organisation and work there and get 0 stars, and Stefan is like "Ok I need to try again" and he just goes and... jumps through time? Or what was that?
Parzival Hace 7 días
The unintelligible static translates into a QR Code, which leads you to a Tuckersoft Official website (the video game company). The website showcases all of their games, most of which are references to previous episodes. It also allows you to download and play Nohzdive.
anshuman tiwari
anshuman tiwari Hace 8 días
movie was like college lecture...wanted it to end as soon as possible
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Hace 8 días
I had Colin jump and did some choices, restarted and then Colin said "I told you I'd be back." in the recap/flashbacks.. anyone else?
Nefelibata Hace 8 días
well I got my countries version so it said different things for me.
O L I V I A Hace 9 días
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Lonelybih Chris
Lonelybih Chris Hace 12 días
I got the ending where he dies when he put back his rabbit
Jay Ocq
Jay Ocq Hace 13 días
The story was very short and seemed rushed!
17Jae0810 Hace 13 días
I hated Bandersnatch because it literally fucked with my mind. I was playing the movie for so log, it felt like I was being brainwashed and my moves got frantic and I refused to sleep until I got what I wanted. In the end I played for over 3 hours and was forced to sleep. I woke up with a headache, and I was so dumbfounded by what I did. I was so involved and it freaked me out.
mary ghjkl
mary ghjkl Hace 13 días
This season was garbage
EM12S1 Hace 13 días
“Me and my friend from the future” 😂
ASHAP CHIGGA Hace 13 días
did anyone also notice that after choosing what artist you wanted to listen to on the bus, stefan stares out his window and on a passing billboard there’s the graffiti on it with the glyph and the words, “no future,” in red?
Markus Hace 13 días
Umm just saying but if you pour liquids on your “computer” (keyboard) like she did nothing happens cuz ur only damaging the keyboard. Ik that Stefan did destroy it because the pc was actually in the keyboard cuz old computers are like that but netflix forgot about this aspect
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Hace 8 días
Lol yeah
Imam Dewanto
Imam Dewanto Hace 13 días
i watched the pirated version without knowing there are multiple possible endings that i can choose that's why i was so confused and watch this video what the fuck
sam BadRomance
sam BadRomance Hace 14 días
I'll fucking get all of the ends
Mr BootSquid
Mr BootSquid Hace 14 días
In the beginning when you meet Colin, it’s ordinary. But after you “go back” once having the choice of you or Colin jumping he says “we’ve met before”. And however many times you’ve done that jumping choice is the same amount he says it.
adam tran
adam tran Hace 15 días
There's a game exactly like this called late shift
DancingxHuligan Hace 15 días
What about the fact that Jerome F. Davis named the lion demon PAX, that phonetically sounds the same as P.A.C.S? They both represent the same; the choser of paths and the deprivation of free will. I realized this when the old lady in the doc mentioned JFD's obsession with the lion demon PAX. It brings me to conclude that JFD was onto the same truth as Colin, and used the PAX demon as a metaphor for P.A.C.S to not get caught. But where Colin has submited to this lack of free will, JFD gets consumed by trying to break free of the path(s), which then leads to his delirium. Just my observation.
Gamma Hace 17 días
Omg I got the secret ending on my first time playing it 😱
Razer Hace 18 días
This movie was hilarioush
boo_marshall620 Hace 19 días
My fav line was what the fuck is netflix
Faith Lee
Faith Lee Hace 19 días
Dude Collins drippy eyes were scarier than it should be
Şant Pirol
Şant Pirol Hace 20 días
Who is old documentary lady ??
Şant Pirol
Şant Pirol Hace 20 días
Hey guys is there a possibilitu of censoring because i not libe in usa and i end in prison with really good game rewiew but no scene ıf chıpping or attacking killing dad please help
FishFillet Hace 20 días
How do I get the option to type in JFD into the safe?
Techy Kasi
Techy Kasi Hace 20 días
fuck this movie, i dont understand
Curley Pubes
Curley Pubes Hace 21 un día
Good idea. But really poorly implemented. Really bad episode, one of the worst in the series
Brooklyn Style ☑️
Brooklyn Style ☑️ Hace 21 un día
You don't know anything about life
NotComedy Filmz
NotComedy Filmz Hace 22 días
I got all 4 endings and didn’t even realised they were endings
Niom Hace 22 días
How to implement yourself in pop-culture 101, starring: Black Mirror.
Niom Hace 22 días
The people working on this film/game did a great job! Great acting, cinematography and symbolism! But it also just reeks of "I'm 14 and this is deep." I'm happy they kept the endings ambiguous, though.
LightningToast3 Hace 23 días
The Netflix path with the “Fuck Yeah” choice made me laugh so hard lol! 😂 This interactive film was an amazing trip trying to see all the possible outcomes
Micron8888 Hace 23 días
That "unintelligible static and high pitched ringing" is the sound of a zx spectrum loading from tape (ie an actual spectrum program playing)
Crystal Riedel
Crystal Riedel Hace 24 días
I’m so sad that my friends didn’t appreciate bandersnatch. I just love everything about it. The acting is incredible. The attention to details with the props, the deeper meaning behind every idea and every action. The whole concept is just breathtaking. I cannot wait to see what black mirror comes up with next.
Ngọc Anh Dâu
Ngọc Anh Dâu Hace 24 días
okay, so the point is what you chose means nothing to the ending. There're still 2 things which confuse me: first, the lengths of chosing decisions varies (one lasts longer, others dont) Second, why there's a time when MC of the review game TV show looks old (that's the same person, right?)
Zephy Hace 25 días
Yeah, I've realized that the particles of the universe really allowed me to experience a fragmented piece of my conciousness or call it imagination in order to let me type up this comment. Also my time machine is out of my reach at the moment so I've ought to integrate a new method of transportation.
Gustav Astep
Gustav Astep Hace un mes
So basically this video shows different paths of a movie with different paths about a kid making a video game with different paths inspired by a dude who wrote a book with different paths.
Ricka Delrio
Ricka Delrio Hace un mes
This all proves that Stephen is a maniac
Jacob Kadluboski
Jacob Kadluboski Hace un mes
Really nice analysis. Just wanted to point out that in the "toy" ending, you still end up on the 8:45 train. Metaphorically, our choices throughout the story don't matter, as Stefan's mum will take the 8:45 and die anyway. There is no way to save her. However, the lack of choice is refuted by the player's ability to ride the train, proving that they have some level of free will.
[G]- IDLE let me live pleasee
I really had fun last night when I picked netflix lol
sunni euphoria
sunni euphoria Hace un mes
finally theres an explanation to the mind fuck my brain experienced while playing??(watching ig) the movie
paras pundir
paras pundir Hace un mes
fuck i watched the whole episode on a torrent website so i watched it in order with no choice and it made no fucking sense. i looked for an explanation and realize its a fucking game .
I like My Cousin's *Bias*
Did anyone Get where you had to Type Doctor Haynes Number? I made a mistake and ended where Stefen is in Jail how do you rewind??
GIJoke666 Hace un mes
Its not matt damon, its jesse plemons, seen in breaking bad. how can you even mix that up :p
Achose Hace un mes
I killed young stefan at ending
nico martinez
nico martinez Hace un mes
I laughed my ass off when Colin jumps off the balcony saying, "See you around." Then just jumps and dies
Vangelis P.
Vangelis P. Hace un mes
Philip K Dick would have been proud
Soren Marius
Soren Marius Hace un mes
You were wrong about the train thing. In the original memory, he already makes his mom late, the later train is always the one that crashes.
Suzanne Kruyswijk
Suzanne Kruyswijk Hace un mes
This was more entertaining than the movie itself😂
Karatt Kensair
Karatt Kensair Hace un mes
All for one. One for all. 041140.
Joeschmoe Hace un mes
I’m a dumb-dumb like you :(
Napdragon Hace un mes
Adonis Reborn
Adonis Reborn Hace un mes
Bro I did this for the first time while high you have no idea bad this tripped me out...
SC2Klepto Hace un mes
I got every ending except the jfd and Stephan jumping. I didnt know there were 4 codes I thought there were only 3.
MisterWiki Memes
MisterWiki Memes Hace un mes
Robin was such a fuck I hate that kid
Riley Berenson
Riley Berenson Hace un mes
Am I the only one that didn't like the movie? This movie looks like it's made by someone who read about quantum mechanic and free will and got interested but doesn't understand about it. Potential outcomes don't create alternative realities. The movie talking about you are not in control of making decisions is kinda true if the chemical reactions in your brain can be predicted which we don't know if we're able to
Der Shadow
Der Shadow Hace un mes
I had such a bad ending
Akvilė Sabulytė
Akvilė Sabulytė Hace un mes
This is absolutely mind-blowing. I enjoyed it a lot. It shakes the understanding of the reality and raises some doubts which makes this episode even more fundamentally scary and worth-to-think about it. Also, such a twist that these ideas about the existence of free will were discussed by philosophers many years ago...
Awyyr Hace un mes
I've literally never been more confused about anything ever
gooni goo goo
gooni goo goo Hace un mes
K-Pop Dance Cover Hall of Fame
Anyone has the link showing this ending? 4:30
Roy Hace un mes
True Story, mates: I took a hit of acid and found this on Netflix a couple hours ago. I'm still questioning the nature of reality as I write this.
Lauren Manning
Lauren Manning Hace un mes
this gets more and more confusing the more you play it and over think it
Lily Adkins
Lily Adkins Hace un mes
I got the ending with pearl
Arnoldo Monterroso
Arnoldo Monterroso Hace un mes
Movie for junkie
ColorificGamingYT Hace un mes
theres a show to this?
Tahir Yousaf
Tahir Yousaf Hace un mes
fack this movie
Paraic Garry
Paraic Garry Hace un mes
You forgot Colin jumping of the balcony
PLUSHY Hace un mes
The primemisiter didn't have sex with the pig to save his daughter
Shafi149 Hace un mes
I was expecting more from bandersnatch too easy
KM Hace un mes
This may be a dumb question, but why are you explaining this movie like it is a game that you play? It's obviously a movie
Vovin Hace un mes
I almost cried on Mother's Ending
chloe c
chloe c Hace un mes
My ending was the netflix crew
Silvana Faris
Silvana Faris Hace un mes
Did not even understamd the movie ! Just wasted an hour and 30 min. From my life
kevin spacey
kevin spacey Hace un mes
When u decide that Collin should jump he says "see you in another life" and after that when u end and want to do another ending in the short flashback of the movie when u choose to do something else collin says in the flashback of the movie in their first meet up "said I see you gain" and Stefan responses with "what" an easter egg ya didn't mention ;)
Otávio Silva
Otávio Silva Hace un mes
5 stars was the objective, choppin' happens
Rodrigo Peloni
Rodrigo Peloni Hace un mes
"Saint Juniper's" is the name of the hospital mentioned in "Black Museum".
Jacob Mayes
Jacob Mayes Hace un mes
I got the TOY ending when I went on the train with the mother
Geeky Vors
Geeky Vors Hace un mes
So i downloaded a pirated copy of bandersnatch and watched all endings in one , long , wierd , never ending way
RedesCat Hace un mes
lol if you read the newpaper after you chop your dad it will say "dad found in 8 bits"
Kaygey Hace un mes
Maxavlli The Prince
Alldayanyday1 On The PS4
The way I see it is kinda like this (this is gonna be a mindfuck so be ready).. Every decision we make whether it's go left, right, front, or back creates an alternate universe. There would be over several quadrillion x quadrillion x quadrillions and much much much more outcomes or alternatives. We are being controlled be fate, but given different options which leads to different paths, and unfortunately we can only take one of those paths in our own alternative universe, but the other part of us takes the others. It's crazy to think of but interesting as well.
Mr Miyagi
Mr Miyagi Hace un mes
What???? there was no fight scene with his dad in the movie. nor murder of colin or the jumpscare from the demon or PAX password. Are there different versions of the film????
Caramellina Chan
Caramellina Chan Hace un mes
I'm not sure but I think there is a possible easter egg (besides all the others). I got Perfect pitch and EVERY single noise in the film (car horns, computer noises, telephone, the alarm) was a B note. I'm not sure if this is a real easter egg because it's kinda meaningless, but in everyday's life, some of those sounds are different from a B note, for example car horns are almost always a G sharp.
Skyerzen Hace un mes
I wasn't impressed
sharksareawesome24 Hace un mes
Can someone make a new meme format with the “I’m watching you on netflix” and he’s just screaming NOOO
Cameron Mcintyre
Cameron Mcintyre Hace un mes
Anyone else noticing this guy making like slight errors about the show and getting weirdly irritated?
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