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Black Mirror's "choose your own adventure" story provides many hidden endings and fun surprises. Join me as we look at every one and take a look at some easter eggs along the way!
Link to Ending Map: i.imgur.com/Eoe1lo7.png
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29 dic 2018

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Think Story
Think Story Hace 5 meses
Yes or Fuck Yeah?
Jared Mueller
Jared Mueller Hace 7 horas
ScoopMeisterGeneral same thing happens I’m pretty sure. You still throw tea in the woman’s face
Hương Thảo Nguyễn
@TreyCarden i had that once. But then i screwed up by press 20041, like i knew it was 20541 but screwed up anyway. I'm still trying to get back to it but could not.
Valentino Bianco
Valentino Bianco Hace 7 días
@ScoopMeisterGeneral its the same result
Matthew Bond
Matthew Bond Hace 10 días
Wanted Fuck Yeah but it's not HBO.
VanyaTUA Hace 12 días
Jared Mueller
Jared Mueller Hace 7 horas
Honestly the movie kind of pissed me off
fluffy scorpio
fluffy scorpio Hace 14 horas
another lesson: don't meddle in other people's lives. lol.
lucas1.01 Hace 15 horas
This was the most confusing time of my whole life like I feel like I got al the endings and my ending ending was that is was jumping out the window but this thing it's epicly made
arjang ap
arjang ap Hace 2 días
5:58 i ended with this
arjang ap
arjang ap Hace 2 días
I did it i freaked out i playing this about 2 hours.
*gasp* 'o'
*gasp* 'o' Hace 2 días
Also if you make collin jump off of the balcony there is another pax jumpscare
kj arts
kj arts Hace 3 días
Kry Hace 4 días
The ending at 7:00 is the same train not a different one. Even with the toy she is late and you are given the option of go to your death.
Paralelel Hace 4 días
9:29 to save the princess not his daughter.
8r34nn4 Gr0v3r
8r34nn4 Gr0v3r Hace 4 días
I just watched this and tell him more and explain sould like the same choice.
MrBeatels Hace 4 días
what happens after finding bunny but telling no to the question if i would drive with mum? this could b an happy ending right? like a disskussion and she will miss another train or something?
MasterStranger1 ❷⓿❶❾
I remember watching that episode
Rhona Macahilas
Rhona Macahilas Hace 5 días
i stopped watching it coz it's getting creepy like wtf is going on, is this really a movie or game?! i thought that Netflix was just playing with me . lol
Saad Ali
Saad Ali Hace 5 días
Wtf dude you spoiled the the fuckin show i only watched the movie
Yrrats Hace 5 días
In order to save his daughter? Eh, no?
Sci-fi Geek
Sci-fi Geek Hace 5 días
He was saving Princess Sussanah not his daughter. Callow, I mean
Alondra Cortez
Alondra Cortez Hace 6 días
And I just realized "Liam Monroe" is Sansa and arya's uncle in game of thrones 😂
Rui Martins
Rui Martins Hace 4 días
P K Hace 6 días
I never got the the psycho endings. It ended after the second Netflix ending.
Stay Smart, Stay Strong
You've been mindmapped
Adrianna C
Adrianna C Hace 7 días
At 7:45 you can see the White Bear symbol on the right most file in green!! Thought that was a cool touch
Charlotte May
Charlotte May Hace 8 días
9:00 the article is titled “programmer confesses as dad found in 8-bits” that’s messed up😭😂
Shraddha Khedkar
Shraddha Khedkar Hace 7 días
Pain-Killer Studios
Pain-Killer Studios Hace 8 días
Pick Thompson Twins, you fools!
Sierox Hace 8 días
So if I kill myself, maybe I'll suddenly wake up in an alternate timeline? Oh well...
Jomari Pantoja
Jomari Pantoja Hace 9 días
why tf. not all of the scene werent in the movie i just watched????? what am i missing. does the movie ive watched is cutted???? what the hell i dont understand this. am i too dumb
Shraddha Khedkar
Shraddha Khedkar Hace 7 días
Depending on your choices, the scnees will be different. Play it once again with different choices & you'll understand.
isn1pe Hace 9 días
Anyone else die when he said Meth Damon? 😂😂
Irate Beau
Irate Beau Hace 10 días
i just finished this and sorta, kinda... went full psychopath lol killed Colin killed dad threatened therapist woulda killed the damn dog if it gave me the option *_IM NOT IN CONTROL_*
FADEDXBURNS Hace 10 días
this shit was ass, they had a good concept but fucked it up. The only part i enjoyed was when they did LSD and one of the pricks jumped off the balcony
Carl Hartwell
Carl Hartwell Hace 10 días
9:20 Not sure if anyone else has pointed it out (just a small correction), but in the 1st ep of season one _National Anthem_ it wasn't the PM's daughter, it was 'a much loved princess'. It wouldn't really make much sense if it were his daughter anyway. Not the greatest choice to make graanted, but I dont think many fathers object as fiercly as I remember him doing to save the life of their daughter.
Matthew Bond
Matthew Bond Hace 10 días
6:34 - Mom is still late for the train in this scenario. It's the same train that crashes, the only difference is that you went with her.
Agent Smidt
Agent Smidt Hace 10 días
I don't have a Netflix account, so I watched the whole thing(endings) back to back on a another "streaming" site...I thought I was tripping. I couldn't understand what was going on, besides I was high.
Tonim Islam
Tonim Islam Hace 10 días
Show me a sign Netflix
Happy Lisa
Happy Lisa Hace 11 días
I got the first ending when I accepted and I tried again and got the ending where he tried to open the window and the lady asked him what he is doing
iwanttobeaesthetic Hace 12 días
Ew my ending is boring af
Dylisha Montgomery
Dylisha Montgomery Hace 13 días
So cool colins daughter was the one to reboot the game
Karl Purvis
Karl Purvis Hace 13 días
Me and the flatmate hated this...and yet only know I realise we actually could choose the answers .😂😂😂😂😂😂
Whithammer Hace 14 días
This movie is trying to disprove God.
Master Pieces
Master Pieces Hace 14 días
im glad i got all the endings. it fucking took 4 hours or 6 i was looking for a happy ending
Yuda Sukama
Yuda Sukama Hace 14 días
I dont remember 4:30 and 5:00 scenes. I think i downloaded the wrong file. That scenes didnt show up. What is the actual runtime? My downloaded file was 1.33.12, hbu guys? I dont understand this. PS: im sorry for my bad english, i wish you understand what i meant. Thank you. I really need the answer.
Cameron Joseph Videos
Cameron Joseph Videos Hace 15 días
I loved seeing Black Mirror Bandersnatch play Dr Strange. He's a great actor.
Jasmin ForTheWin
Jasmin ForTheWin Hace 15 días
Okay wtf I clicked exit to credits and I thought it's already the end
Teagan Brunner
Teagan Brunner Hace 16 días
I am wildly in love with Colin and I still don't know how or why
witchery 97
witchery 97 Hace 3 días
Dude me too
Noah Smith
Noah Smith Hace 17 días
This movie was so good I loved it why is Colin my favorite
Paul Cebula
Paul Cebula Hace 18 días
Obvious Spoilers ahead: I have found these endings on my own in 40 minutes (with skipping 10 seconds): 1: He kills his dad and ends up in prison. [Type in "Pac" as a keyword, choose "P.A.C.S. (Program And Control Studies) as a sign] 2: The protagonist fights Dr. Haynes and he calls us names. [You need to send him the "netflix" sign.] 3: "Stefan" or better Mike is an actor, who thinks he is "Stefan". If you decide not to fight Dr. Haynes, the regisseur shouts cut because Mike isn't following the script. 4: He dies alongside his mum as a kid and both versions of him die aswell. [Choose the family photo and type "toy" as a password and decide to come with your mum.] [I honestly thought he would stop her or something;] My favorite is the third one, because the other versions are all official endings for this interactive film and mikes mental problems aren't noticed. This time he went off-script and it is very clear, he isn't just acting, he thinks what he is supposed to act is his real life and reality.
minecraftpro _45
minecraftpro _45 Hace 18 días
I’m pretty sure the TOY ending was dark because there was nothing Stefan could do to change his mom’s path, even if he did agree to go, she had already decided she needed to take the 8:45 train.
kamekaze kwago
kamekaze kwago Hace 19 días
I think the greatest message is, no matter what you do, no matter what decision you will make... it will always and 1 hour and 30 minutes
DC Candice
DC Candice Hace 19 días
Hell nah the episode 1 season 1 the princess was not the primes ministers daughter
SimplyStimulating Hace 19 días
Absolutely insane
Daniyal Khan
Daniyal Khan Hace 19 días
No matter what i do, i end up in jail.,.. the fuckk
Karl Hace 20 días
Bandersnatch was seriously mind bendingly awesome
aaron lao
aaron lao Hace 20 días
am i the only one choose im netflix then go to the therapist thinking that more action = sex? or i just watch too much pron
Girish Patil
Girish Patil Hace 20 días
Whats the actual runtime of this? 5 hrs or 1.5 hrs?
Ender Spectrum
Ender Spectrum Hace 21 un día
Anybody just watch the movie and not make any decisions?
bicce Hace 20 días
I just finished the movie (not the interactive one) and I had so many questions I jumped straight to this vid
You Said My Name!
You Said My Name! Hace 21 un día
Black Mirror is So Deep!
Boris Hace 22 días
I got 3 endings...and about 10 fails. I did unlock the hidden ending tho.
Bad Guy Forever
Bad Guy Forever Hace 25 días
Izzie Rose
Izzie Rose Hace 26 días
I didn't want to kill Dad - and kept avoiding the option, yet STILL HAD TO KILL DAD.
Tristan Kovac
Tristan Kovac Hace 26 días
I got like 6 endings in one run the hell??
Vikas Patil
Vikas Patil Hace 27 días
Don't watch when ur high..u will stuck in loop
James Kelvin
James Kelvin Hace 27 días
Watched Bandersnatch a couple of times. Caught most of the historical and psychological messages. Boring really. Not much learned. Choices are a bit one sided. Perhaps that's the point. But still, nothing learned...with the creative team forcing a Black Mirror Universe upon us. Goodbye.
Anas F Imron
Anas F Imron Hace 28 días
i don't know why this movie has so many repetitions
Newgrm Hace 28 días
What is with the Telefon number you can Type in
Abril Hace 28 días
How don't you run out of breath bro
Hace 28 días
Do people really need this explained to them?
Game Guardian
Game Guardian Hace 29 días
I dont get it I just watched it
Devious Hace un mes
I was weirded out the whole movie 😂
James Hartin
James Hartin Hace un mes
Tbh at the last second I decided to not kill my dad. But something strange did happen. During the ending where you fight the doctor and your dad, my show acted like I had already done a certain path and began going back to one I hadn't even done. I dunno if it was on purpose or not but it was weird. The movie was good but I feel they could have made a map or something to help you make every choice? Its kinda annoying to have to fastforward and have my netflix continuously buffer and start over again.
anfaz kp
anfaz kp Hace un mes
You missed the pH number:20541
Lasha Shvangiradze
Lasha Shvangiradze Hace un mes
Why do i feel that all i did was wrong???
Viridiana Vera
Viridiana Vera Hace un mes
I tired to keep him from going crazy turns out he been crazy before I started making choices for him 😂
My Instant Search
My Instant Search Hace un mes
I think by choosing yes to go with mom was a happy ending and that train didn't crash. It was just that Stefan time traveled and fixed that timeline perfectly?
Caustic Liberal
Caustic Liberal Hace un mes
I got the pac ending first XD Then the toy ending
Ojii Sofu
Ojii Sofu Hace un mes
Damn.. This is meta
Ghostgamer 1435
Ghostgamer 1435 Hace un mes
Pax or pac
Arun b.
Arun b. Hace un mes
I had two options watch it or leave i went for second one.
271294j1 Hace un mes
I interpreted the Death ending as Stefan finally being free, reunited with her mother. I understand why ut could be seen as destiny bein g corrected (he was supposed to die), but when we are shown his death in the Therapists office, it's like he stopped caring about the game, so he didn't need to try again. It's the only ending besides the Netflix one that doesn't mentions the game
Leah M
Leah M Hace un mes
I got so many endings in one viewing but I really enjoyed it. This movie was so thought provoking!!
Tayyab Khan
Tayyab Khan Hace un mes
On every point its just like "Ah shit, Here we go again"
Obama Pranks
Obama Pranks Hace un mes
I finished the normle ending but stuffed up the secret one than ended up creating netflix and i think i stuffed up so i couldnt be bothered to do it al over again
Adam Hace un mes
I was so annoyed
Zach. Hace un mes
It got prison end
Salma Seti
Salma Seti Hace un mes
I use to love reading choose your own adventure books .This was a brilliant and entertaining idea , I hope they make more movies like this.
Lord Sauron
Lord Sauron Hace un mes
Spoiler alert for the other episode endings dork
Melvin Mercer
Melvin Mercer Hace un mes
I told Collin to jump so never got the chance to kill him later... he was gone the rest of it. I’ve got almost every ending but I feel like I’ve got a few more if I keep Colin alive. I never had a random character pop up at the end
Harry Hace un mes
Before watching this vid I thought i watched all the endings until now. I have to go back and watch it all over again 😤😤
Funhouse Film Reviews
anybody solve the other phone number ending yet?
Rua Hace un mes
Trying to get the game 5 stars, not realising finding the rabbit was the real quest :(
Neocuriosity Hace un mes
In one try my game recieved a 5 star rating.
I hate jump scares
Uniduck 2001
Uniduck 2001 Hace un mes
Lame. That Netflix is lazy
Uniduck 2001
Uniduck 2001 Hace un mes
I am so happy that I didn't get jump scared
동동동구밭 Hace un mes
thanks for translate!! nice video from korea
Emmii 1357
Emmii 1357 Hace un mes
The pax jumpscare you put into the Video really scared me, even though I saw this scene 😅😅
Amanda Pans
Amanda Pans Hace un mes
Thank you ! My head was about to explode, trying to find the alternative endings 😅
KEWISH Hace un mes
This “movie” makes me feel like I’m losing my mind
Betty G
Betty G Hace un mes
So what happens when you choose to have Colin jump off the building?
Sai Krishna Sangu
Sai Krishna Sangu Hace un mes
My pick is finding rabbit below da bed nd saying yes to my mum.....nd in dis one-- Why did he dies in tht chair?? I can't undrstnd! Or colin's trance it wuld be??
Xelatab Hace un mes
“He only closed his eyes... just for a moment... he only closed his eyes...”
Iole Penese
Iole Penese Hace un mes
Anyone pick on Stephan’s toy “white rabbit” a nod to “Alice & Wonderland” and “Matrix” Follow the white rabbit.
Aurora Lee
Aurora Lee Hace un mes
Sucked watching this without a remote I had to let it pick for me
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