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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies The Movie: All Cutscenes from Dead of the Night, Voyage of Despair, IX & Ancient Evil! Intro & Outro Cutscenes! Watch all Cutscenes, Movies, Intros, Outros, Endings including Ancient Evil Easter Egg cutscene from start to finish all in one video. The full Black Ops 4 Zombies Chaos Story Movie: all Black Ops 4 Zombies Chaos Story.
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29 mar 2019

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DaddyAbsents :0
DaddyAbsents :0 Hace 3 horas
the new zombies is wack i miss bo3
Cactus Chris
Cactus Chris Hace 4 horas
This story was lowkey dark I ain’t gonna lie
VMS AnTw0nZ Hace 14 horas
I don't even have bo4 my friend let me borrow it for 2 weeks and I had fun
EXoTic SnipeZ
EXoTic SnipeZ Hace un día
On the arena map the guys that went first were the guys that never played zombies Lel like plz that would make my day 👍 👇🏻
Nasser Talal
Nasser Talal Hace un día
Ummmmm this vid have sex omg 😮
Mar1on3tt3 Marionette
Nobody: Not a single soul: The Sheriff:WhAt In LuCiFeRs BaLlSaCk Is ThAt
FBI OPEN UP Hace 2 días
Why did it had to be this type of way 28:54
Titanairs Hace 2 días
At 5:52
Titanairs Hace 2 días
It said something on the wood thing that fell
ssared Kermit
ssared Kermit Hace 2 días
This storyline sucks ass
A BadMan
A BadMan Hace 2 días
This game was hella fun to play through
CBear624 Hace 2 días
Whoever thought behind the scenes that Greek Mythology somehow works with Zombies needs to get fired Remember a time you were simply holed up in an area where you fight endless waves of zombies till your dying breath just for mindless entertainment? Yeah me neither
linky2552 Hace 4 días
I just wanted to say Scarlet is a lil thick and she can get it any day
coasterboy456 Hace un día
miguel the way
miguel the way Hace 4 días
Cody Snyder
Cody Snyder Hace 5 días
I hadn't played yet but this whole thing is based on Greek mythology
CBear624 Hace 2 días
Because apparently that's what the people wants in Zombies now
Salman nasser Almohannadi
I forgot that mcree was in the game
DAEMON 3XB MKII Hace 5 días
Wtf is going on😂😂
Chase Scott
Chase Scott Hace 5 días
They just kissed
joseph medrano
joseph medrano Hace 5 días
Scarlets lesbeon because at the end
All In Your Head Productions
Bruh that boi got the Mind stone In his forehead he better watch out
Bearded Brothers
Bearded Brothers Hace 5 días
6:43 is that battlefield 1 music or is it just me?
Itz Zong
Itz Zong Hace 5 días
The graphics r worse
Raven Gameplay
Raven Gameplay Hace 6 días
Takeo would of been great for IX
Lilac YT
Lilac YT Hace 6 días
BanyMany !
BanyMany ! Hace 7 días
Medusa: the world will be mine De.Monty: ._. Wut u doing
VG Addict
VG Addict Hace 7 días
2 people are now evil 1 dude that is still alive And a girl that is sleeping I guess -_(-.-)_- I wonder what will happen next
Metroid Gaming
Metroid Gaming Hace 7 días
So that oracle woman right? She’s a gorgon?
Afifi Adnan
Afifi Adnan Hace 7 días
maybe you should not kill him before you got his answer?
Logan Bear
Logan Bear Hace 7 días
WHY DOES medusa have to do with the storyline?
sage janson
sage janson Hace 7 días
They just need to have a zombies game of its own bc that really the only reason I play cod now multiplayer is fun but just not like how it used to be
Jay Carney
Jay Carney Hace 7 días
Are those even zombies why is the process like they’re being possessed by the dude with the glowing forhead
Epic elite Gaming
Epic elite Gaming Hace 7 días
At 12:49 it’s the guy from bo3 zombies
Manuel Jansen
Manuel Jansen Hace 7 días
The boxer from Shadows of evil
Maksims Kakitis
Maksims Kakitis Hace 8 días
You got the Fat Guard The *I'm ready to kill* Physic The Wild West Cowboy The Demon Butler
destroyer 62637
destroyer 62637 Hace 8 días
Because of voyage of despair I might never use the box again
Krypt Boi
Krypt Boi Hace 5 días
destroyer 62637 O
destroyer 62637
destroyer 62637 Hace 6 días
Krypt Boi maybe just maybe the guns just Donte exist it’s our imagination
Krypt Boi
Krypt Boi Hace 6 días
destroyer 62637 where the guns come from it was people 🤨
Stop it please
Stop it please Hace 8 días
The voice acting feels so exaggerated lol
Inferno Nation
Inferno Nation Hace 8 días
I am Kub
I am Kub Hace 8 días
Why the heck does this stuff happen in zombies Diego: Heartbroken and alone
slaymyface135 Hace 8 días
Zdang the great gatsby really changed
Bagz Bogotti
Bagz Bogotti Hace 8 días
I seen the dude off of cod 3 blood out his mouth and his eyes rolled
IMA TAKEOVER Hace 8 días
I don’t think movies have ads
Δημήτριος Στεφανάτος
and i miss nazi
The Gungattacker
The Gungattacker Hace 10 días
whats kind of ending is that ffs
FBI Hace 10 días
I like the old nazi zombies better
Sir Isaac
Sir Isaac Hace 10 días
Is it just me or is the cutscenes super janky
Dalton Loafman
Dalton Loafman Hace 11 días
Very satanic man y’all should pass on this one
Dalton Loafman
Dalton Loafman Hace 9 días
@IP Films secret societies, murder, necromancy. It may not be directly in your face but many of the things in the story line are taken from real "myths". You should check it out go do some research. Not saying this to attack people but just a warning. Quite interesting. But be careful if you do many of the things are quite heavy I pray that Jesus will protect you
IP Films
IP Films Hace 9 días
How is this satanic?
Daily Top3
Daily Top3 Hace 11 días
Hands down ww2 cutscenes are better
kenzie McGauley
kenzie McGauley Hace 11 días
kenzie McGauley
kenzie McGauley Hace 11 días
Potato Hernandez
Potato Hernandez Hace 11 días
4:08 trophie earned 😂😂😂
Suheyl Furkan Sahin
Suheyl Furkan Sahin Hace 11 días
the quality of the cutscenes is so low everybody looks animated and everybody who isnt important doesnt ever speak
Suheyl Furkan Sahin
Suheyl Furkan Sahin Hace 4 días
@kiingbruh234 i dont get why you could consider me disabled ?
kiingbruh234 Hace 4 días
Are you disabled?
MATRIX MAN705 Hace 12 días
Nice Trophy dude 4:09
FearlessDragon2 FearlessDragon2
11:56 LoL that guy a little to the left turn into a perk
I hate my life
I hate my life Hace 12 días
What if Aether and Chaos come together The 4 meet Diego somewhere and then they help him defeat whatever that snake head person was
Pocket Mushroom
Pocket Mushroom Hace 9 días
Its medusa and no it wont happen
Brian Leon
Brian Leon Hace 13 días
Damnit, it’s ALWAYS the Butler!
lil_kennyyy Hace 13 días
Why did Bruno stab Shaw
Anywhere But Here!
Anywhere But Here! Hace 12 días
lil_kennyyy cos he an evil boi
cloud Zack
cloud Zack Hace 13 días
All of that just to unleash Medusa wtf 🤣🤣 😂💀
EmmiElevated -
EmmiElevated - Hace 14 días
I’m confused, can someone explain how she had those papers to know what to do. Yet reacted as if her dad left her in the burning car, but slipped them to her???
Shea Butter Baby
Shea Butter Baby Hace 14 días
Kirsty Boo boo
Kirsty Boo boo Hace 14 días
Who is your favorite character Scarlet Shaw Bruno Diago
Konahrik Hace 11 días
RobloxJailbreakGamer And more
They are still alive 😅😅 What a miracle 😊😊
Gabe Sanchez
Gabe Sanchez Hace 16 días
Who even payed attention to this storyline?
Noah Jones
Noah Jones Hace 16 días
Where did all the zombies go?
MaDaGotTheJail Hace 17 días
I like aether more
Wakandan Jedi
Wakandan Jedi Hace 17 días
I absolutely love that you didn't include the subs
Explosivebro312 Hace 17 días
Good thing they make better games than animations
Jason Rhay Vilbar
Jason Rhay Vilbar Hace 18 días
I like the british chemist. He is my truly grandfather
Jacob Locklear
Jacob Locklear Hace 18 días
I wish this where an Indiana jones game
Malcolm Purple
Malcolm Purple Hace 18 días
Wow, man what happened? Zombies really fell apart after bo3. These cutscenes look so bad compared to bo3 and bo2.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Hace 18 días
erika ilkova
erika ilkova Hace 18 días
It was a littel bit sad
gamer wolf
gamer wolf Hace 18 días
The zombie was born by human First someone invite all the people to the royal palace and than to military base thats how no resstance from army found
Rj Estrada
Rj Estrada Hace 19 días
I fell like that Medusa part they should bring back scarlet’s dad and fit some random guy so it’s deigo Scarlett and Scarlett’s dad and a random
cloudyヅ Hace 19 días
So many stories ทาาบอนัป
Lucas Sousa
Lucas Sousa Hace 19 días
So.... They forgot about the primis team or what?
HolyCrapMo Hace 18 días
Lucas Sousa good
ItzBunB Hace 19 días
I’m so mad it ended like this like wtf
Stay_cool XD
Stay_cool XD Hace 20 días
0/10 tbh
savage sniper 100%
savage sniper 100% Hace 20 días
Lilybug Lopez
Lilybug Lopez Hace 20 días
Im watching this for my brother jay he now lives with me real dad while me and my 3 other siblings are stuck with me step dad 1like =1 PRAYER FOR MEH AND ME BROTHER (btw jay iz 15 noo fair he dont have to go to school anymore>:< ) ;}
Lilybug Lopez
Lilybug Lopez Hace 20 días
Imma gurl btw
honeyale Hace 20 días
i stopped following the zombies story after buried...
Hannibal Barca
Hannibal Barca Hace 16 días
No real depth to the story line unlike 2 and 3 not to mention, there was no campaign mode so who needs to hire writers ?
MaDaGotTheJail Hace 17 días
Rentaro Satomi Yep this one eats ass
Rentaro Satomi
Rentaro Satomi Hace 17 días
@MaDaGotTheJail aaaah thats why the story is bad
MaDaGotTheJail Hace 17 días
Rentaro Satomi The chaos story isn’t connected
Rentaro Satomi
Rentaro Satomi Hace 17 días
yeah like wtf is the new storyline wheres samantha and the old dr maxis or the stuhlinger the bo2 charakters storyline
SP15/1872 Hace 20 días
Most awful zombies ever
Kyle Voytko
Kyle Voytko Hace 21 un día
Remember when zombies was science
Mason Seelye
Mason Seelye Hace 21 un día
pretty bloody but good and they need to make a movie
F-18 Gemer
F-18 Gemer Hace 21 un día
R. I. P 2008-2019 ZOMBIE EITHER
xBreadYT Hace 21 un día
F-18 Gemer it’s aether
Radamez Rivera
Radamez Rivera Hace 22 días
6:21 who else remembers him from shadows of evil I I I V
IDK FML 4 EVER Idk Hace 23 días
And I'm stuck playing zombies in spaceland smh
tadd g
tadd g Hace 15 días
lmao I re did spaceland, rave and shaolin like a month ago
the gaming master
the gaming master Hace 23 días
That's what i like about ESvid you will find these cut scenes without any work ;)
8bit phoenix
8bit phoenix Hace 23 días
since when were movies 30 minutes long?. bitch this is an episode.
Lil Durt
Lil Durt Hace 23 días
Sandrealee Salon
Sandrealee Salon Hace 23 días
Wait wait wait is look like call of duty WWII
You a snake
You a snake Hace 24 días
so scarlet is lesbian
Jay Bid
Jay Bid Hace 25 días
nobody: not a soul: Scarlett: WhErE iS mY fAtHeR!!!!!
Go Bhop mobile
Go Bhop mobile Hace 3 días
꧁༒HÅCK3R༒꧂ {ZzZ}
Impractical Jokers : up your Irish ass and to the left
Jairo Tv
Jairo Tv Hace 26 días
This Story Line Is F*cked Up Men, All Of The Characters Just Turned Evil.
Yo Hace 27 días
0:33 So can someone explain why they got an RDR character on bo4 zombies?
tinny blacksmith
tinny blacksmith Hace 29 días
This story line is stupid we need premis back
Marcos Vento
Marcos Vento Hace 29 días
Nazi zombies is dead my childhood has fallen why did you kill my childhood I need more vodka
Gh0st Hace 29 días
19:28 so no one is gonna mention the guy wielding the axe disappears (put speed to 0.25) before it transitions to the axe?
Gh0st Hace 29 días
Not to mention 27:18 and 28:04 that the model distorted just a bit
Unique Droggyz
Unique Droggyz Hace un mes
Scarlett fr goated with da sticks
Daylen Chappelle
Daylen Chappelle Hace un mes
i fell like the zombies know the people will kill them Zombies: we know you'll kill us so we won't even try any more
Random Liam
Random Liam Hace un mes
Wow that was amazing well done mate I watched the whole thing and it was like watching a movie nice one mate 👌
SideRocketeer0 Hace un mes
tywin lanister
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