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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies The Movie: All Cutscenes from Dead of the Night, Voyage of Despair, IX & Ancient Evil! Intro & Outro Cutscenes! Watch all Cutscenes, Movies, Intros, Outros, Endings including Ancient Evil Easter Egg cutscene from start to finish all in one video. The full Black Ops 4 Zombies Chaos Story Movie: all Black Ops 4 Zombies Chaos Story.
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29 mar 2019






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1960 Squad
1960 Squad Hace un hora
I think the Squad dyes
Daniel Gil
Daniel Gil Hace 3 horas
Thicc butt at 20: 36
Neiz Gaming
Neiz Gaming Hace 3 horas
Its Titanic💖#FANOFCOD!
Red Randy
Red Randy Hace 4 horas
Omg the C.O.D series gets a hard on for fire
Marcos Lessa
Marcos Lessa Hace 12 horas
Epicly violence but epicly cool XD
Jxcob Pxrker
Jxcob Pxrker Hace 12 horas
It feels like there are sounds missing in the cutscenes, or it’s just mixed very weirdly.
Michael Cummings
Michael Cummings Hace 13 horas
1 like = 1 vote for Misty, Stuhlinger, Marlton, and Russman to come back
Braeden Rice
Braeden Rice Hace 15 horas
This made no sense at all
Jeremy Guerra
Jeremy Guerra Hace 19 horas
Does this remind anyone of Jojo’s bizarre adventure?
JakeTakeNoBreak Hace 20 horas
The voices are so painful to listen to
samantha Halkett
samantha Halkett Hace 21 un hora
ANOM Hace 21 un hora
Someone explain this storyline to me pls...I barely understood
Simi Hace 22 horas
why didn't they just kill the guy in the titanic
Willcoopems Guy
Willcoopems Guy Hace un día
13:10 the gate to agartha
BRYCE RAGE Hace un día
Old richtophen
Parsa Koulaji
Parsa Koulaji Hace un día
Thats all??Come on.There has to be more.
Anubis D
Anubis D Hace un día
sooo this is why the Titanic sunk
yOMaMA 291
yOMaMA 291 Hace un día
19:28 he glitched for a milisec
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Hace un día
I think all the squads will meet up and fight Dr. Monty
iiTz Sickshot
iiTz Sickshot Hace un día
Thanks for this video I finally get it.
kooper valk
kooper valk Hace un día
Im not the biggest fan of the chaos story but I know most people like it, I just miss classic zombies.
Rokas Badgonas
Rokas Badgonas Hace un día
Its confirmed that scarlett is a lesbian
Mdurhfhefg Hbhbhbvv
Mdurhfhefg Hbhbhbvv Hace un día
Didn’t understand a f%@k they died a million times but still alive wtf
the strike commander
*Scarlet shoots Godfrey* Godfrey ded Scarlet: *Wh3Re 1S mY f4Th3R*
the strike commander
So are the masked guys the good guys or the bad guys Please someone explain this to me
Lil ayman
Lil ayman Hace un día
O Tom and Jerry you are in my heart😥🤧😔
Daniel Gil
Daniel Gil Hace 2 días
Big butt 😂
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great Hace 2 días
That’s my boi Tywin Lannister
George Lezama
George Lezama Hace 2 días
Honestly I didn’t like these people at first but they have grown on me TBH
Captain Redler
Captain Redler Hace 2 días
I would love a Call of Duty that's only focused around the Story of the zombie mode. But thats probably never happening.
Tristanator Hace 2 días
The story will not continue. Treyarch confirmed that Ancient Evil was the last map for the Chaos Storyline.
lorgariiix Hace 2 días
Tywin is doing pretty good after got eh?
Melissa Spence
Melissa Spence Hace 2 días
Oh my god what happened at 30:42 Tell me if u clicked on it
SubiSenpai Hace 2 días
They must now kill Kronos
EnderD14 __
EnderD14 __ Hace 2 días
Just a rip off of Percy Jackson
Magic_potato13 Hace 12 horas
EnderD14 __ woot
The real Peanut
The real Peanut Hace 3 días
Does anyone else feel bad for the coyboy
The real Peanut
The real Peanut Hace 3 días
Red dead redemption 2 undead night mare rootin tootin coyboy shootin sim zombie mode
Mr Jim stamos gaming
what kind of drugs where trearch doing? 17:52
Jpgitters Official
Jpgitters Official Hace 3 días
Keep in mind, all three of those ppl got hurt, even killed by that old ass man. They literally stared at him.
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis Hace 3 días
Thank god he’s a ps4 player
twitch rorytgm
twitch rorytgm Hace 8 horas
hate on xbox?
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 3 días
Damn it! If Arthur and John were still alive then it would be better
The Woov
The Woov Hace 3 días
Watching the IX ending cutscene,was the symbols that came out of thin air a hint for the ancient evil step? (The one where you shoot the wall with a pack-a-punched weapon that shows symbols)
Pluto 3251
Pluto 3251 Hace 3 días
Dude haven’t watched your videos in a while but have I have been watching recently and have forgotten how much I like you content
toxic gamer
toxic gamer Hace 3 días
Little lesbian action there at the end :3
Louis Dikhounphiphet
11:23 He reminds me of Jacob Frye/Shay Cormac.
Cameron Wylie
Cameron Wylie Hace 3 días
Do any of you guys know how to spell god damn
Adnan Hace 3 días
2:52 charles dance ?
armin faizi
armin faizi Hace 4 días
17:29 wU TaA FrAK
Dannytube_ HD
Dannytube_ HD Hace 4 días
What if the Oracle is actually Scarlets mom, and that’s why they had a weird connection when they kissed!
Savage Wafflez244
Savage Wafflez244 Hace 4 días
Tank Dempsey ancestor?
RB_WolfPlaysYT_RB Hace 4 días
Nazi zombies still no.1
Twin Tree
Twin Tree Hace 4 días
The graphics are kinda shitty for a triple a game tbh.
Landyn Elders
Landyn Elders Hace 4 días
Glover_ Productions
Glover_ Productions Hace 4 días
Jesus is the only way to heaven ✝️
Daynize Kr
Daynize Kr Hace un día
JOHN 16:13 However, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. The spirit of truth is the comforter, and the comforter is a prophet after Jesus. And his name is Mohammed ( peace be upon him )
Rebecca Perez
Rebecca Perez Hace 4 días
Liquid Jr
Liquid Jr Hace 4 días
Too bad the cowboy didn’t survive
Yoshi Gamer
Yoshi Gamer Hace 4 días
Christina Harris
Christina Harris Hace 4 días
This is all twisted
SeriousCo2 Hace 4 días
They should make Notre Dame a map to pay respects
Miles Carroll
Miles Carroll Hace 5 días
Who was the first zombie
Cameron Elworthy
Cameron Elworthy Hace 5 días
*Dave the Duck*
*Dave the Duck* Hace 5 días
4:20 what kinda (wait) is that lit sounds like Santa claws found us
Lano Del Reino
Lano Del Reino Hace 5 días
Before seeing this I was a bit biased for Chaos. Aether is great a classic and it set the tone for a lot of Zombies but as much as I like the Aether crew I’m tired of them. I want different characters for a change. Chaos will get better I’m sure of it.
Htx-unknown Hace 3 días
Lano Del Reino first comment
mastermind killer 666
Hey anyone want bo5 to come early
My name is Mr. Meme now
mastermind killer 666 no because I want it to be good
No life gamer Boi
No life gamer Boi Hace 5 días
I want. Bad ass cloak and mask like that feelsbadman
Gab Gamer
Gab Gamer Hace 5 días
What in lucifers ballsack was that 😂
Todd Mejia
Todd Mejia Hace 5 días
from 17:31 to 17:48 there are origins actions like takeo the girl and nikolai bruno with the axe
General Lee
General Lee Hace 5 días
Next revolutionary war zombies
bouche boozer
bouche boozer Hace 5 días
Kratos is about to make an appearance
GaamGaming Hace 5 días
So Scarlet is a lesbian
The Life of Luke Krueger
15:17 Iced out
slash 3443
slash 3443 Hace 6 días
9:49 damn....
slash 3443
slash 3443 Hace 6 días
3:33 Lol
Lil' Reaper
Lil' Reaper Hace 6 días
The father’s name is Alistair, Ali-A’s name is Alistair, Ali plays a lot of COD. Coincidence?
Melcolm Vogtmann
Melcolm Vogtmann Hace 6 días
Titanic, because Today is the 107th day of the sinking
Potato Plays
Potato Plays Hace 6 días
I like ur quality video bro , keep doin dat okay
Lost.5am Hace 6 días
is it just me, or does mostly every zombie based game that takes place in the 90s and below start off with a party?
S0b4a5tlyjAy Hace 6 días
Wow cliff hanger
Oh No no
Oh No no Hace 6 días
Never knew the big French guy was one of the gold mask guys
Icewallow _come
Icewallow _come Hace 4 días
Oh No no Bruno was killed when he first met allistar then resurrected by the scepters of Ra. Later it’s up to diego now
Keon Harness
Keon Harness Hace 6 días
when you think you can have the weapons in this scene 12:06
Arden Jacobson
Arden Jacobson Hace 6 días
Can someone please explain to me what the heck is going on???
Barry Keegan
Barry Keegan Hace 7 días
So entertaining
Adrian Plaza
Adrian Plaza Hace 7 días
My theory: the guy who got resurrected with The scepter could have been that one guy from Voyage of despair maybe? Just a thought.
twitch rorytgm
twitch rorytgm Hace 8 horas
the guy that killed himself?
Icewallow _come
Icewallow _come Hace 4 días
Your funny lol
xd Foxy
xd Foxy Hace 7 días
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat Hace 7 días
9:44 that man punchs harder than brick from borderlands
landon otwell
landon otwell Hace 7 días
Red306 Hace 7 días
So glad I wasn’t born durning the titanic incident
The Schnorrs
The Schnorrs Hace 7 días
that statue almost looks like zeus
Tseries is Gay sub to pewdiepie
The zombies look hot
NoahDoesGaming18 Hace 7 días
Zombies caused the sinking of the Titanic?
thatsky _fan
thatsky _fan Hace 7 días
The titanic was the ship they were on or a different ship
Justin Tolentino
Justin Tolentino Hace 7 días
Kingofmonsters Hace 7 días
Aren’t gladiators suppose to be really good fighters and hand to hand combat and with there weapons there given how does one zombie take them down?
Theo Singer
Theo Singer Hace 7 días
This is awesome!! And good 😉
Junior Playz
Junior Playz Hace 7 días
Corrupt Ares, GG.
Elitedab45 YT
Elitedab45 YT Hace 7 días
The ending got me confused what happend
Mitchell Steeves
Mitchell Steeves Hace 7 días
3:32 "What in lucifer's ballsack was that?" XD
Afrogamezing Gaming and More
hahahahahahahaha not funny
Meru Hace 4 días
buzzfeed pickles
buzzfeed pickles Hace 7 días
No shaw
RugosS119 Hace 8 días
Also did anyone notice that Antonio benderes is the guy with the knifes
General Goldy Semper Fi future Marine
Wait in Greek mythology isn't chaos the creator of the universe?
zombiez gamer
zombiez gamer Hace 8 días
Godfrey looks like tywin lannister
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