#BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries EP. 11 (Season Finale) FT. Blue, Skinbone, Vo Music, & Chris Maher

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Korporate Bidness
Korporate Bidness Hace 6 meses
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Blu Raine
Blu Raine Hace un mes
Never got the card..
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Hace 2 meses
Seems like you studied Spike Lee, keep up the good work
Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson Hace 2 meses
Hsklbfjg have zxdagje like vfhuo
Radza Martin
Radza Martin Hace 2 meses
🤣 this bitch on Ezekiel
tomisha heath
tomisha heath Hace 3 meses
Dtgfgg is dggf
Chris Bridges
Chris Bridges Hace 6 horas
whats the beginning of Sav name
King Latis
King Latis Hace 2 días
Season 2 coming soon
mikeinbmore Hace 2 días
I'm glad as hell y'all didn't clap them niggas. Sorry for your loss tho. Love this show, by the way
SLICK SLIME Hace 3 días
This song hit different now
DJ Rodgers
DJ Rodgers Hace 4 días
Season 2 plz
Yvonne Samuels
Yvonne Samuels Hace 5 días
I wasn't expecting that ending
Christian Holmes
Christian Holmes Hace 5 días
Marcus Spratlin
Marcus Spratlin Hace 7 días
On gawd you real
ryan wilridge
ryan wilridge Hace 7 días
season 2
iSELLOUT Hace 8 días
The ending 😒
Q Allen
Q Allen Hace 8 días
Clarence Cohen
Clarence Cohen Hace 11 días
Where is it bro
RoyalHighQueen Hace 12 días
caniya scott
caniya scott Hace 12 días
He not really dead cause i saw the fake blood on the table😂
jon sanders
jon sanders Hace 12 días
season 2 is needed b
francisco vazquez
francisco vazquez Hace 12 días
i cant find the next season tho
D-BOYDOPE Dope Hace 13 días
Markize Price
Markize Price Hace 13 días
Not cuzzo he was always with the shits 😭😭
Niah Nation
Niah Nation Hace 14 días
They messed up bc at 5:35 you see the fake blood on the counter
drippy_man Hace 15 días
Don’t get locked up or killed stay woke 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Vell EBK
Vell EBK Hace 16 días
Boi yo ass better do a season 2 fuck u talm bout shorty 😎
Itz yo gurl kk
Itz yo gurl kk Hace 18 días
Camera shows him crying *peep the fake blood🩸 on the table* 😂
luka p
luka p Hace 18 días
my heart hurt that was heavvvyyy bro
Nutt Da Gawd
Nutt Da Gawd Hace 21 un día
If there ain't no season 2 imma be crying real tears 😂
LaysiaPrincess Hace 21 un día
"single mother deluxe" just sent me lmao
Surrealgamer1473 Hace 21 un día
Fr fr somebody need to make this man a director and give him his own tv series.
OG OG Hace 21 un día
Season 22222
Almightylo 2x
Almightylo 2x Hace 21 un día
I live right next door to you but do not go to my house yet
Almightylo 2x
Almightylo 2x Hace 21 un día
You are so cute
JoScoNathan Hace 22 días
Season 2
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones Hace 22 días
He stupid talking about sickly James harden
Brandy McLeod
Brandy McLeod Hace 22 días
Yesss I want a season 2 please
Keith Hooper
Keith Hooper Hace 22 días
That was a great series homie
Almightylo 2x
Almightylo 2x Hace 22 días
If you don’t have a girlfriend I can be your girl I may look like a boy in the picture but I am actually a girl
Cedric Willis
Cedric Willis Hace 22 días
3:48 That nigga skintone ah fool😖😖😖😫😂🤣😭😅
Eighteenth Krillz
Eighteenth Krillz Hace 23 días
You gotta do a season 2 ‼️
YRZ_DRIFTY Hace 23 días
On gaude
Fearless vlogs
Fearless vlogs Hace 24 días
Are these stories really
Kpac shakur
Kpac shakur Hace 24 días
Why this man not on tv is beyond me
Cleon Hace 25 días
Beans 'n Mustard
Beans 'n Mustard Hace 26 días
Nice PPP with the Current Card😏
JoScoNathan Hace 26 días
Wow dude I couldn’t stop watching. Awesome.
Vernon Prince
Vernon Prince Hace 26 días
season 2, must!
Living with Kennedy
Living with Kennedy Hace 28 días
i saw the blood on the counter
xerock32x Hace 29 días
Let me get that season 2
deathnote2k5x2 Hace 29 días
Season 2 in 2020 on gawd
Iso_ Shooter
Iso_ Shooter Hace 29 días
We need Part 2 💯‼️
Raq Yantz
Raq Yantz Hace un mes
I gotba current card kuz of this nigga
Johnathan Mckay-Williams
Season 2
Myron Young
Myron Young Hace un mes
Ok we need that season two ASAP! #On Gaude
LN swiftyy FN
LN swiftyy FN Hace un mes
I jus waiting 4 another season on god
LN swiftyy FN
LN swiftyy FN Hace un mes
2020 check
Big Daddykey key
Big Daddykey key Hace un mes
Awlll naaawl not cuzzo😭
Lauren Hace un mes
This dude deserve all the respect. He really tryna make a change. He funny asl but it’s real
Terrill Scott
Terrill Scott Hace un mes
I know this just a script, but in the scriptures It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man(Psalm 118:8) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths(Proverbs 3:5-6)
quincy blair
quincy blair Hace un mes
Where season 2
jakyah Telford
jakyah Telford Hace un mes
Mamamaa may back music
New Blackwallstreet
Did this really happen .....because this stuff really happen?
Highly Requested
Highly Requested Hace un mes
Back and there still isn’t no season 2
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