#BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries EP. 11 (Season Finale) FT. Blue, Skinbone, Vo Music, & Chris Maher

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Korporate Bidness
Korporate Bidness Hace un mes
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ninjae kp
ninjae kp Hace 5 días
Is that real
Lester Sanders
Lester Sanders Hace 7 días
What the name of the song
Brandy Bonds
Brandy Bonds Hace 14 días
Is he really dead
Poppi Lo
Poppi Lo Hace 20 días
No cuz died damn good vid. Didnt see that coming!
Cash Money
Cash Money Hace 2 horas
Gas was on Ezikiel 😂😂😂
YNF Rail
YNF Rail Hace 4 horas
We Definitely Need A Season 2 On Gaude !!!
Moneisha Williams
Moneisha Williams Hace 8 horas
Ankle breaker other channel
Julia Brooks
Julia Brooks Hace 23 horas
aLp1N3StAR -
aLp1N3StAR - Hace un día
Need a season 2 forrealz on godddd!!!💪🏾
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams Hace un día
DRoccablok Hace un día
Hell yeah.. Keep em coming fam
NautiexNicole Hace un día
Okay well what’s dude who played your cousin name cause he my type 🤣🤣 he not really dead right lol
Sam saved by grace
Sam saved by grace Hace un día
Damn bro. This one hit my heart. Yo stuff be mad funny one min then mad motivational and real thr next. Wow.
Joe S
Joe S Hace un día
We need season 2 Most Expeditiously (T.I. Voice).
BACK UP Hace un día
Damn man that's fucked up didn't see that shit coming this is why I watch because your videos better that fucking t.v. Real talk
Aisha Hamilton
Aisha Hamilton Hace un día
we need season 2
Aisha Hamilton
Aisha Hamilton Hace un día
We need Season 2 asap
Dj Mcdonald
Dj Mcdonald Hace un día
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 just found your videos. They are so good. The message is real. Also I Love the way you promote black businesses. No lie I’m gunna need some more tho....lol Much love from London bro.
2 Tonee
2 Tonee Hace un día
On gooooood.
panda_ goat38
panda_ goat38 Hace un día
panda_ goat38
panda_ goat38 Hace un día
Lil Quez
Lil Quez Hace un día
Continue the series
Emauree Rigsby
Emauree Rigsby Hace 2 días
Make a video for his funeral
Sam Freeman Freeman
Sam Freeman Freeman Hace 2 días
Season 2 definite move 🔥🔥🔥
Michael C
Michael C Hace 2 días
Name of the song at the end of the video?
Damon Hill
Damon Hill Hace 2 días
subscribe to my channel Dmoney Vlogsfire check that out on gaude
StarLaShaun Hace 2 días
Of course we need a season 2!!!! On another note, idk how tf I got here but im glad i did
Almighty X
Almighty X Hace 2 días
This shit like gta
Trenton Ford
Trenton Ford Hace 2 días
Keep the videos coming big bro. You got a talent. Praying for your success.
Tamarrah Owens
Tamarrah Owens Hace 2 días
I’m from Chicago and it’s not as people make it to seam
cermak cassidy
cermak cassidy Hace 3 días
Felt that shit.
Ricochet Rogue aka DMW
Damn, that shit hit home frfr
ROBERT DAVis2271 Hace 3 días
season 2 need to be on the way soon #ongod
MaddenLightning Hace 3 días
Hol up in episode 5 I thought Louie shot yo sister tf
D.F.J. 11225
D.F.J. 11225 Hace 3 días
On gaude did dis happen in real lyfe tho? Cuz itll b strong if someone dealt wit this in they personal life and still able to turn into something positive
Kinny Joans
Kinny Joans Hace 3 días
I thought she said she had a man LMFAO
Ashley Brantley
Ashley Brantley Hace 3 días
Please come with season 2. I'm born in Chicago but I live in Texas and I stay homesick. I also love the message on the shirts.
Iamgenard Hace 3 días
Real asf it be like that sometimes at kick backs
Kamron Evans
Kamron Evans Hace 3 días
Shoulda let cuzzo tote the pole whole time
Gene Copeland
Gene Copeland Hace 3 días
Why did he wright him off like that
Richard Horne
Richard Horne Hace 4 días
Need a season 2 ON GAAAAUDE.
JustRenee Robinson
JustRenee Robinson Hace 4 días
Wow! Amazing story telling.
Forsaken Innocence’s
Let them be a season 2
Byron Jones
Byron Jones Hace 4 días
Cuz when season 2 bussing
Cory Rimpson
Cory Rimpson Hace 4 días
Dude running out at 4:32 had me rolling lmbo
b Williams
b Williams Hace 5 días
LOL 🔥🔥🤣😅😋😘
Tyesha Henry
Tyesha Henry Hace 5 días
DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN not cuzzooo man I just cried😭🤷🏽‍♀️ damn bro Yur a fucking Genius 🔥
more moretiger
more moretiger Hace 5 días
Season 2
RuggaDaKapo KFMB
RuggaDaKapo KFMB Hace 5 días
Bro keep grinding fr watching these videos made me stop from messing up my life i appreciate it 👍🏽🙏🏽✊🏾
NIY Js Hace 5 días
I mean who else saw the fake blood but on God this is good
The good Tony
The good Tony Hace 5 días
I hope you already started on season 2 fam. Real rap
You can call me Mo
You can call me Mo Hace 5 días
Nooo😥 not Cuzzo! Season 2??
Jaime Teixeira
Jaime Teixeira Hace 5 días
🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 great original story.
Nicole Worthen
Nicole Worthen Hace 5 días
Hell yes I want to see season 2!
Branson Barrish
Branson Barrish Hace 5 días
Lol 🤣
Gwe Bostic
Gwe Bostic Hace 5 días
on god already linked with current thanks to my boy love ya
James Greco II
James Greco II Hace 5 días
Wssp with season 2?
Wolfejaii Hace 6 días
Not cuzzo 😔😭😭
Paul Ekezie
Paul Ekezie Hace 6 días
the message was amazing. Great series
The Bibbins Boyz
The Bibbins Boyz Hace 6 días
I was watching the video then all of a sudden a see blood on the counter
DaiQuan Feemster
DaiQuan Feemster Hace 6 días
Good shit my dude..
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