BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10

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A Spike Lee joint. From producer Jordan Peele. Based on some fo’ real, fo’ real sh*t. Watch the #BlacKkKlansman trailer now - in theaters August 10.
From visionary filmmaker Spike Lee comes the incredible true story of an American hero. It’s the early 1970s, and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Determined to make a name for himself, Stallworth bravely sets out on a dangerous mission: infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. The young detective soon recruits a more seasoned colleague, Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), into the undercover investigation of a lifetime. Together, they team up to take down the extremist hate group as the organization aims to sanitize its violent rhetoric to appeal to the mainstream. Produced by the team behind the Academy-Award® winning Get Out.


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14 may 2018

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Iveta  mikova
Iveta mikova Hace un hora
Whitelight 20
Whitelight 20 Hace un hora
human power
GirlsLoveGamers Hace 3 horas
I'm so psyched for this movie. Down with the KKK
Gilgamesh Joseph
Gilgamesh Joseph Hace 3 horas
More Jewish garbage.
The Real Deal
The Real Deal Hace 4 horas
I’m just for Kylo Ren. Lord forgive me.
Oforlikelalune Hace 4 horas
Stanley Dupree
Stanley Dupree Hace 4 horas
Do yall here a hint of his daddy in his voice..
Christopher F
Christopher F Hace 4 horas
Denzel Washington's son
BOSS MEDIA Hace 5 horas
More race baiting liberal plantation garbage. Spike Lee is a house slave.
Fun Run
Fun Run Hace 5 horas
Cool whhwip whihite people
водка Hace 7 horas
I saw this movie and it was shit, don’t waste your time.
pj hall
pj hall Hace 7 horas
I love Spike Lee movies. It's like you make some movie and makes you laugh and then the end it makes you cry. My two all-time favorite is Crooklyn and bamboozled. Crooklyn was sort of like my childhood. In a way where the kids were playing. Bamboozled was that one movie I thought was going to be funny then it turn into something scary and and true. Makes you think about your life and everything around you
AnytimeNigguh Hace 10 horas
Руслан Мустафаев
Wakanda forever!
MrSnow1961 Hace 11 horas
Hollywood must be stopped by any means necessary.
Chris Hall
Chris Hall Hace 11 horas
Looks KKKrap
MasteR BlasteR
MasteR BlasteR Hace 11 horas
Lol this clip got more views than they made over the weekend. 😆
John Doe
John Doe Hace 12 horas
Another racist movie against whites by racist,, white hating Spike Lee. Lee is a pos, race baiter. Go back to Africa if you hate my country so much.
tanky Hace 41 un minuto
wait how you called him racist and then say something racist lol
ROCKNROLLFAN Hace 13 horas
Very controversial but INTERESTING......
tanky Hace 40 minutos
but its base of a true story. Why whites alway scared of their own history lol
Austin Myles
Austin Myles Hace 13 horas
Did anyone else here Denzel a little bit in his white voice?
PhillyTrunK Hace 13 horas
White POWdER!
deeq jaban
deeq jaban Hace 13 horas
You for the white race oh hell yeah xd
sheehan1able Hace 13 horas
Instead of watching this race-baiting movie watch 'The Death of a Nation' by Dinesh D'Souza which truly exposes the history of the KKK, Nazis and Democrats.
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Hace 13 horas
What’s the name of the song that plays during this trailer
gangstamind187 Hace 14 horas
This film is amazing.
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown Hace 14 horas
Spike Lee did an Masterful job of Directing this Movie. I saw it last night.
moroder65 Hace 17 horas
Disgusting ! Again and again hollywood tell us about the evil white man ! Fuck all liberal movie makerz ! We need more like Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson !
moroder65 Hace 26 minutos
+tanky because black people alwayz forgot even today black people in africa selling black kids to slavery to muslims ! They started and created slavery ! They catched and sold they own people and they doing it even today ! Peace
tanky Hace 37 minutos
Bc white people always trying to forget their history. Your ancestor created this world with the history y'all created. Dont get upset for reciting history.
howdareyoureadbooks Hace 17 horas
Seemed pretty cool until they had all the kkk scum toasting to "America First" - like Americans putting their own country first America is racist or something. Shameful. - signed, a native american who's married to an immigrant
Avijith Mahi
Avijith Mahi Hace 19 horas
Hey, Forman.
Amoré Johnson
Amoré Johnson Hace 19 horas
Y'all need to see this film immediately, It's hard to watch but it has a deep message to say. Proud of my favorite film director ever Spike lee. He's back👏🏽🌹
Aaron S
Aaron S Hace 20 horas
This movie was phenomenal! I highly recommend seeing this in theaters at least 3 times.
Jaydogg Doggydogg
Jaydogg Doggydogg Hace 21 un hora
Don't forget the Klan and Demokkkrat party are one in the same. The klan simply switched strategies after MLK was assassinated. That strategy was to steal the Republican platform and claim they are the party of tolerance and acceptance. When they are the party of dependence and slavery. Robert Byrd a lifetime Democratic senator stood on the house floor for 19 hours trying to filibuster the civil rights act. He died in 2010 still serving as a Democratic senator. He was a member of the KKK and a top recruiter. The klans purpose is to destroy the Party of Lincoln just like they destroyed this beautiful town in Tulsa Oklahoma. I bet 100% of the residents of "black wallstreet" were Republicans. Stop letting Racists destroy what the Republican party stood for. It's time to take our party back.
F.H. Hace 22 horas
something something white people
Jenny Kevin
Jenny Kevin Hace 22 horas
white divel, but aren't my family,
Jasmin A
Jasmin A Hace 23 horas
why are they pronouncing the silent 'h'?!
Katt Vader
Katt Vader Hace 23 horas
Death to the global zionist terrorism. Hell David Duke!
XlouietheflyX Hace un día
Brace yourselves for the comments about 'racism' from the alt-right cracker snowflake cucks
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace 22 horas
There's been a fucking avalanche of those already. Dimwit sister bangers.
Jacob Beaulieu
Jacob Beaulieu Hace un día
It looks like a comedy but trust me it’s not it’s more of a black lives matter empowerment movie still good but not what I expected
Antonisha Newman
Antonisha Newman Hace un día
Great and educational movie and a must see for everyone.
Egyptian Pools
Egyptian Pools Hace un día
Albert Vartanijn
Albert Vartanijn Hace un día
So liberal DemoRats obomo ape 🖕fuck's you??????? Right???? Yes he does, africans having more rights then other nation, shame on you you liberal DemoRat whore you destroyed intelligence everything,,, no love no human rights nothing no marriage no family no 👶child birth, only 🖕fuck eat work and 🛌sleep like in jungle ape live,
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Albert, seek professional help. Although as they famously said in GOT, "There's no cure for being a cunt."
side swipe
side swipe Hace un día
understandable, have a nice day
Jennifer Wade
Jennifer Wade Hace un día
Great Movie - based on a true story!!!
OGK MIKE Hace un día
He sounds just like his pops
Albert Vartanijn
Albert Vartanijn Hace un día
All black ape afro nigro must leave 🇺🇸American civilized country, and 🇪🇺eu
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Did someone at the hospital help you write those big words?
Miranda Elaine
Miranda Elaine Hace un día
I like how they end the trailer with an ominous "America first" chant. Y'all know "America First" was an anti-war organization that started in WW2 and that david duke is a non interventionist and advocate for sovereign rights in the middle right?
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
All you really need to know is contained here. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Duke "David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is an American white supremacist and white nationalist politician, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan." Y'all can cherry pick all you want, but a racist asshole is a racist asshole, not matter how y'all pretend otherwise. Do Americans really say "y'all"? Jesus.
Miranda Elaine
Miranda Elaine Hace un día
Pete is never wrong lol you can say it's bs but you obviously know nothing about David Duke other than his history with the KKK. There's plenty of video of his advocating for peace in the Middle East and a free Palestine etc but if you want to pretend that's a "fantasy" you're just being willfully ignorant.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
When it comes to fantasy, I'm more of a Harry Potter kind of guy.
Tavaris Dot
Tavaris Dot Hace un día
This movie was soooo damn good and the underlying message was something we all knew before but some didn't wanna accept.
Egyptian Pools
Egyptian Pools Hace un día
So you won't tell me the message?
Tavaris Dot
Tavaris Dot Hace un día
Too easy that way...you gotta piece everything together so you can see the bigger picture they were exposing throughout the film.
Egyptian Pools
Egyptian Pools Hace un día
Why can't you tell me?
Tavaris Dot
Tavaris Dot Hace un día
You didn't get it in the end? You gotta watch it again..lol.
Egyptian Pools
Egyptian Pools Hace un día
Every comment "underlying message" what?!
J Charm
J Charm Hace un día
It's 2018 and the race card is still getting played!? WTF When are we going to let this shit go??? 😵
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
"When are we going to let this shit go???" I'll give you three guesses. www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-45165656
Pal Tomori
Pal Tomori Hace un día
Back in 1960, Non-Hispanic Whites were 85.4% of the total population of the USA. In 2010 it was just 63.7%. Their feelings are understandable, that they are afraid of becoming a minority in the future. Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_racial_and_ethnic_demographics_of_the_United_States
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace 5 horas
If there are major race wars the fault lies solely with successive American administrations. You have deeply ingrained racism, so don't be surprised when "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". You reap what you sow.
sheehan1able Hace 13 horas
Native Americans did not happily give up their sovereignty to the whites, they fought all they could. So if it is bad for native Americans to become minority why will it be good for whites? More and more whites are becoming aware that it is not good for them to be run over by other races. You can mock and say 'tough' all you want but I see major race wars in the future.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
www.rottentomatoes.com/m/blackkklansman Good reviews. "they are afraid of becoming a minority in the future." Tough. Just how native Americans must have felt.
El Bleacho
El Bleacho Hace un día
What's the song in the beginning of the trailer?
josiah gerena
josiah gerena Hace un día
he said hwhite Bob Ross confirmed
Onikepo Abudu
Onikepo Abudu Hace un día
From now on anyone who pronounces the ‘h’ in white is suspect to me 😂😂😂😂
Dr. Edwconr
Dr. Edwconr Hace un día
Some movies require popcorn just to remind you ...its a movie...once again Mr. Spike Lee transports folks into the 'reality' of his movie...wonder if his next 'realm' is 'virtual reality'...his mind's eye is so keen, his 'bird's eye view' so accurate...talented and truly genius.
Ken Wells
Ken Wells Hace un día
The KKK belongs to the DEMOCRAT PARTY!!!
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace 5 horas
sheen Have you seen it, or just guessing?
sheehan1able Hace 13 horas
Yes but this movie will not say that.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Nice try, Ken. In the distant past. In the present, you still look like a dick.
TheDarkPan Hace un día
Factual history: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan_members_in_United_States_politics#Politicians_who_were_active_in_the_Klan_at_some_time
Joyce Benton
Joyce Benton Hace un día
I believe that any race have good or bad, any race has law abiding and unabiding. Any race has intentions to support our country America’s principles or never support America’s own principles. Any race has discrimination against different races, or treat others by human nature of kindness under principles. I don’t believe any ideologies of dividing Americans by races, genders and between the rich and poor, but by unity under America’s own established principles of laws to build America altogether for America’s greatness. Only America’s greatness will be able to help Americans of all to live better by freedoms and equality of the opportunities. I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but I like to share with others for our unity under principles and build our country America’s greatness together by America’s principles and patriotism as well as always love each other and appreciate our country America’s generosity and kindness nature to all of us.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Paragraphs, Joyce. People died to give you that right.....
N Capos
N Capos Hace un día
I tried to infiltrate Malcolm X’s organization... They shot me down immediately... they were too racist. 🤔
N Capos
N Capos Hace un día
Pete is never wrong - Naw
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Did you really think your original comment through?
N Capos
N Capos Hace un día
Pete is never wrong - oh Pete... you don’t even know me you douche bag. You should just be thankful that you don’t have to talk your shit face-to-face. Of course, you’d be more polite then... wouldn’t you? Gutless punk.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
You're too stupid to infiltrate anything.
YesGregYes Hace un día
The best way to show these right wing numb nuts where the rest of us stand on the anniversary of Charlottesville is to go see “BlacKkKlansman.” #UniteTheRight2 #HeatherHeyer #MAGA
YesGregYes Hace un día
Both the ending of the movie & your comment left me in tears. Thanks, to you & Spike :)
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Unite the Right had less people attending than the movie had cast members. ;-)
Mickaël Kerthe
Mickaël Kerthe Hace un día
My godness, is it Funky Cops back
Joanna Brinkley
Joanna Brinkley Hace un día
Saw it this afternoon 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Painted Subtlety/Craftfully (??) by Washington and one of the best actors of our generation-Driver!!!! Jesus H! I laughed, cried, was uncomfortable as fuck!
Dread Hace un día
soo... I guess Red Foreman didn't teach Eric Foreman a good enough lesson.. so he goes and forms the KKK which may be why he went to Africa for 'Research"
intelligence wisdom
intelligence wisdom Hace un día
Why is this man so obsessed with being black... No one is oppressed here in the states; you don't see white people walking around with hats that say, white; nor Indians that say brown. How about you move on with your life. Nigerian Americans are better educated and better paid than white americans; look it up. No one should support this garbage; I don't care what color you are.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
"intelligence wisdom" You have neither. Is it possible to be dumber than you?
how about you look up charlottesville attack before you spill more ignorant shit.
Smileyyy21 Hace un día
The end is hilarious.
jheck525 Hace un día
My Mouth To God’s Ears, I Really Hate Those Black Rats. 😂😂😂😂
Joshua Trosclair
Joshua Trosclair Hace un día
Shawn White
Shawn White Hace un día
So a black man and a jew against whitey. Who could ever have imagined that in this day and age. With the "right white man", a tactically, situationally white Jew.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
You know it's a true story set in 1972? Right? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Stallworth
Hernan Cine
Hernan Cine Hace un día
Does anyone know what's the name of the song the lead guy was dancing with the girl at the club?
Jason Martin
Jason Martin Hace un día
Sounds to me like more liberal hatred of grouping all conservatives together as NAZIS and KKK.....basically all it is just in time for political season.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Sounds to me like you're very poorly read, and or, not very bright. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Stallworth
Stoutt GotClout
Stoutt GotClout Hace un día
The trailer makes it look like it’s gonna be a badass movie like inglorious basterds but if I’m being honestly it was pretty boring and very serious. If you feel uncomfortable hearing the N word then definitely don’t watch this. Great film don’t get me wrong, but I myself was expecting an action comedy. This movie is more like a history lesson.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Excellent! Can't wait.
Lexy O.
Lexy O. Hace un día
He sounds JUST like his dad, wow!!!
Jap Hace un día
they do realize david duke was/is a big guy right? literally a bodybuilder
Jahmai Jones
Jahmai Jones Hace un día
Definitely going to be an interesting to watch this movie for sure!
Muai-aakhu Meskheniten
Why is everyone and this actually happened maybe spike is racist but telling a story that actual happened is not
l337pwnage Hace un día
That's pretty brave to send a black man to infiltrate the Democrat party.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Nice try. You still sound like a dick. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan
RivenLove Hace un día
I saw this opening night, such an incredible movie! Very powerful
Walter Williams
Walter Williams Hace un día
Looks good
HlddenTalent Hace un día
Seen it yesterday... It wasn't that bad for a film definitely puts a lot of hate and emotion in you.. Solid film I'll say 7/10 maybe a 6.5. It's pretty long
myeyesinside out
myeyesinside out Hace un día
Good movie folks..saw it yesterday....good story....and this man did on the real
MrSnow1961 Hace 10 horas
Wigger or commie?
mazibukomail Hace un día
Im confused:-(
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Join the club. Part of being human. ;-)
MC Aaron E
MC Aaron E Hace un día
This is a Black Dynamite rip off! I'm waiting for The Outlaw Johnny Black, the real deal.
Jonathon Derenzo
Jonathon Derenzo Hace un día
Racism is a way the government keeps us divided and very weak!! How can we fight for anything when were fighting amongst ourselves!!!
HlddenTalent Hace un día
Jonathon Derenzo yup!
Jonathon Derenzo
Jonathon Derenzo Hace un día
Omorosa just called Donald Trump a RACIST.(8/22/18) Donald Trump put Omorosa on top of the World, she would never be where she is without Trump. A thank you would have been nice. Talk about ungrateful!! Why do black people hate white people so much???
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
"Why do black people hate white people so much???" Could you be any dumber???
Mr. Blue Sky
Mr. Blue Sky Hace un día
Thats some dumb shit
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Get an adult to explain it to you. Then have a nice lie down.
gameoholic1994 Hace un día
I don’t care how popular this movie turned out to be. I’m PISSED OFF about today’s political world around it. How can a movie about a dark, violent, deadly group such as the Ku Klux Klan get publicly released to positive feedback while harmless, innocent programs, like “The Dukes of Hazzard,” which NEVER involved the Klan, get canceled? I saw the Confederate flag in this trailer, and yet they said that flag is the reason to cancel “The Dukes of Hazzard.” What a load of liberal, hypocritical bum. I weep for today’s world and for the future of humanity.
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson Hace un día
This is based upon a true story, a must see 👍🏾
sheehan1able Hace 13 horas
It is Hollywood propaganda.
Jay M
Jay M Hace un día
Under cover brother it ain't. Looks stupid
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Yet not as stupid as you. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Stallworth
FIONAFINKS Hace un día
"With the right white man you can do anything" ROFL
p us
p us Hace un día
Good 'ol Spike "racist black supremacist filth" Lee. Angry little black man who loves race baiting and his hypocritical racist crap. But it's ok-it's politically correct to hate on whitey and assume all white people are KKK. Spike Lee and his idiot types will be the cause of a the race war. It's ok. He "dindu nuffin." What a racist bigoted piece of filth he is. Keep pushing...……….Looks lke his Chiraq movie educated da brothers. How many shot and killed themselves this week? But...they "dindu nuffin."
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Are you on medication? Seek professional help. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Stallworth
Dhruva Kumar
Dhruva Kumar Hace 2 días
Mastema Hace 2 días
im surprised dave chappelle isnt involved with this.
Wilson Solt
Wilson Solt Hace 2 días
I feel stupid, the first trailers make this look like a Dave Chappelle type comedy. This looks like a great story, I wish the trailer didn't make it look like a comedy.
mbellicose Hace 2 días
loved the movie
Southern Knight
Southern Knight Hace 2 días
First black cop in the city. What's the first thing this racist does? Goes after white people! Why not get to know the real man, Dived Duke, himself? esvid.net/video/vídeo-xepV5AMjvkA.html
Southern Knight
Southern Knight Hace un día
I'm not into such sexual immoralities, such as yourself. What a sick thing to say to a stranger? Hate much? Learn to love your neighbor, instead. I was not aware of a march. You must be mistaking me for one of those Alt-Right guys. Shows how ignorant you really are. lol! Now go read a book, instead of watching race baiting videos.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong Hace un día
Stick a carrot up your ass. You really are a funny guy. How was the march? www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-45165656
Let Go
Let Go Hace 2 días
Guy sounds like Denzel
Dancing Wheels
Dancing Wheels Hace 2 días
That's his son.
123lolumad Hace 2 días
clayton bigsby irl
Chris Florida
Chris Florida Hace 2 días
This movie looks like it's going to be Funny 😂😂😂
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead Hace 2 días
Chris Florida & only Spike Lee could make it so with this subject, lol
Blackup Girl
Blackup Girl Hace 2 días
I have watched that hate-hate-hate office scenario so many times. It is so funny and shows how stupid white supremacy actually is.
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead Hace 2 días
Blackup Girl & that’s why more & more people look down on them
positivesecret Hace 2 días
Hey young people , I'm old enough to remember about 10 years ago black and white people got along just fine. Its assholes like Spike lee that put hate in your heart.
Vanessa Riley
Vanessa Riley Hace 2 días
Yep problems were handled way better back then than now. Today it is a ball of confusion. Especially since LOVE is so hard to accept today. So everybody is offensive soooo much today. about any little thing. U can't even eat in peace. I remember the adults use to tell the kids what to eat, now they are telling U everything is bad for ya. Anytime U get used to something it's something that goes wrong. U can't even say something nice. They would jump on U for that. Glad to see somebody with sense here. U know people wanna believe lies all day today. When U try to tell the truth they treat U like you're crazy. Our generation is in the middle of a lot of changes mostly due to people that think they know it all. They are too busy to listen and U can't tell them nothing. We used to just listen back in the day.
muhdernity Hace 2 días
Go back to Woodstock, boomer.
bill rohlfing
bill rohlfing Hace 2 días
Jackie Kramer
Jackie Kramer Hace 2 días
4000 nazis hated this video
sheehan1able Hace 13 horas
I am brown, I disliked this, for the race baiting propaganda. Now hate me.
say what
say what Hace 2 días
Parker Snabel of Gold Rush is acting in movies now??? WTF!
DCavalcade Hace 2 días
Take a shitload of cash. Put in a pile. Pour kerosene on it. Toss in a match. What do you have? Another Spike Lee box office disaster.
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