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BLACKPINK - '휘파람'(WHISTLE) M/V @ esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dISNgvVpWlo.html
BLACKPINK - '붐바야'(BOOMBAYAH) M/V @ esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bwmSjveL3Lc.html
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ณัฐวุฒิ บวร
Monica B.
Monica B. Hace 2 horas
At 1:07 Jennie is like holding another person.like if u think that is a fith member
Monica B.
Monica B. Hace 2 horas
At 1:07 Jennie is like holding another person.like if u think that is a fith member
Brynnchu Hace 2 horas
at the end they just look like they are just partying lolololol
Noon popo
Noon popo Hace 2 horas
Dian Parlay
Dian Parlay Hace 3 horas
Gacha Asley
Gacha Asley Hace 4 horas
2 0 1 9 ?
Anime BeautY
Anime BeautY Hace 4 horas
Zia Villar
Zia Villar Hace 5 horas
Lisa has supernatural power 2:01 hahaha
Nikki Craft
Nikki Craft Hace 5 horas
Jennie: let's all wear black shoes :) Lisa: Yeah but don't tell Rose ;)
punya Faris
punya Faris Hace 7 horas
hello Gacha
hello Gacha Hace 7 horas
I love jisoo
9 айырмашылык таптым Карманова
Ziki M. - YT
Ziki M. - YT Hace 8 horas
me: *tries dancing to this* *4 seconds later: gets side pain and bones pop* me: i need to get up more-
Cemong Extece02
Cemong Extece02 Hace 10 horas
Tolong dong bisa didong lod
GlazedCheetoes Hace 12 horas
Let’s all wear black shoes and not tell Chaeng.
Chipmunk Park
Chipmunk Park Hace 13 horas
1:55 rose in tack out (few seconds) Omg tack in
xXNut3llaXx xX____Xx
xXNut3llaXx xX____Xx Hace 16 horas
Jennie,Rose,Jisoo: let's all wear short sleeves and not tell Lisa. Lisa: "Hey! wai-"
CloudyGamer41 Hace 17 horas
"Hey guys lets all wear shorts but don't tell Jennie"
Ednaura Ednaura
Ednaura Ednaura Hace 21 un hora
Gosto. Muito. Das. Black. pink. E. Das. Musicas dela
Euphoria K-Tan
Euphoria K-Tan Hace 22 horas
I miss this era. 💔
Chipmunk Park
Chipmunk Park Hace un día
Rose hair flips 😍
Jaz T
Jaz T Hace un día
Saw IN2IT members jamming to Blackpink again! They really love blackpink haha😂😂Thanks for appreciating blackpink and hope blinks would enjoy dance cover. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-WwrnsteWMx0.html
Queen shaa
Queen shaa Hace un día
i want to blackpink try this concept againnn!!!! I love it
April Largo
April Largo Hace un día
Lets all wear shorts and don't tell Jennie. Lets all wear white shoes and don't tell Rose Let's all wear short sleeves and don't tell Lisa Let's all wear shoes and don't tell Jisoo (In my opinion, she is wearing boots...)
Fitri Nabila
Fitri Nabila Hace un día
k아리 Hace un día
BlackPink is the Revolution~ BLINKS fighting~140Mviews~
ItsKishaYT Gamer
ItsKishaYT Gamer Hace un día
Are you a blink??? me:yes i love blackpink so much and it will never change
deniz can
deniz can Hace un día
Çok sevindim ❤
Melani Melani
Melani Melani Hace un día
Jiso : ok Lisa: ok Jennie: ok Rose : ok
Melani Melani
Melani Melani Hace un día
I nem Soha
Raaya Games
Raaya Games Hace un día
i can't stop playing their main part in that song! this is my lil sis fav song! the only korean song she sang
Beatriz Silva
Beatriz Silva Hace un día
Eu já teria esquecido nos primeiros 30 segundos a coreografia
Bang Nha
Bang Nha Hace un día
Laura Cardona
Laura Cardona Hace un día
Parichat Naja
Parichat Naja Hace un día
Zahyung V lover
Zahyung V lover Hace un día
Why it is so dark there ?
spideydasavage Hace un día
2:26 me jumping into drama
Sara Siano
Sara Siano Hace un día
People out there shipping Jenlisa, TaeKook, Chaesoo...etc and here there's me who ships: Lisa x herself Rose x floor Jennie x air Jisoo x bottle
Arturo Caballero
Arturo Caballero Hace un día
Hello rose lisa jennie jisso
Arturo Caballero
Arturo Caballero Hace un día
Trisha Sherikar
Trisha Sherikar Hace un día
Rosé is the inventor of hair flips!!!
Jaiden Denton
Jaiden Denton Hace un día
good job girls, amazing job! =3
k아리 Hace un día
BlackPink is the Revolution~ BLINKS fighting~140Mviews~
•Naømi -Chąń•
Alex _Plays
Alex _Plays Hace 2 días
Jennie: “Let’s wear all black, don’t tell Rosé or Lisa” Jisoo: Ok Jennie: *wears all black* Jisoo: *wears all black* Lisa: how come you two are wearing black?! Rosé:Yeah that’s No fair! Jisoo and Jennie: *high five* Its what we do Like! Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
Mitzari Isidoro
Mitzari Isidoro Hace 2 días
I love you rose
Zed [Yusupov]
Zed [Yusupov] Hace 2 días
Шо це хуйня?
Sophia Towns
Sophia Towns Hace 2 días
自分用 1:22
Pas Tipas
Pas Tipas Hace 2 días
Jennie God👍
awa gyan awa gyan
awa gyan awa gyan Hace 2 días
I love you in grwp back pink
Msp. Ela
Msp. Ela Hace 2 días
Türkler nerdesinizzz
aleakim's world
aleakim's world Hace 2 días
Just notice jisoo didn't get a center part😢
Isc Cstllo
Isc Cstllo Hace 2 días
Itz_GachaLiah 311
Itz_GachaLiah 311 Hace 2 días
3:46 Lisa: *suddenly goes to jenny* Jenlisa: *having fun with each other* Rosé and Jisoo: Okay, I don't want to be the third party to jenlisa
Thunder Bolt
Thunder Bolt Hace 2 días
1:01 Look at Jennie Jennie:*trailing behind Lisa* *suddenly Lisa walks too fast because she has long legs* HOLY SHITT!!SLOW DOWN SIS Lisa:🤣🤣
Global Sell
Global Sell Hace 2 días
Lisà bombaya
Elmer Jara
Elmer Jara Hace 2 días
lisa it's so cute
Cantika adevita putri
1:01 It failed or not,please tell and love comments
Abdul Juliansah
Abdul Juliansah Hace 2 días
💙💖👍 saya suka dgn gaya mu
sktsas1 Hace 2 días
I love this song
Wolfy Gamer102
Wolfy Gamer102 Hace 2 días
I have something to say Does anybody know that jisoo and rose are look alike?
nabila siti nur padhilah
Lisa hhmmm aku pens kmu
KK Lum
KK Lum Hace 2 días
JENNIE MY BIAS!!! Also, can I just say that I love how Blackpink since this songs first premiered
Faryyal farah far cennel mainan anak
Zulfadhli Hace 2 días
Tina Martina
Tina Martina Hace 2 días
Yang Suka blackpink like
Vera 123
Vera 123 Hace 2 días
Kak jiso sama kak jenni cantik banget
Mamah dian Cakep
Mamah dian Cakep Hace 2 días
Pengen blacpink tampil di sdn lengkong wetan 01 jangan ada yang iri ya !!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
DoramasAsia Hace 2 días
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez Hace 2 días
2:44 When you die/When you don’t feel like going to school today
Jackeline Amaral
Jackeline Amaral Hace 2 días
yeeeeesssss, u better show them how it's done, lead dancer queen of hairflips Rosé!!!!!
Indah Ratnasari
Indah Ratnasari Hace 2 días
Hani Kaye
Hani Kaye Hace 2 días
I miss this kind of dance moves 😔
Sara Siano
Sara Siano Hace 2 días
I'm tryna focus on Lisa, but damn Jennie's body is so sexy, I think she biased wrecked me XD Jk no one can wreck my Thai princess...but Jennie's body is just 😍
Yenn Won
Yenn Won Hace 2 días
Como aguantan a Jennie si es la mas gordita ... 😱 Increible coreografía 👑
just facts
just facts Hace 2 días
At 1:00 Jennie rushes to put her hand on her shoulder LOL
Selgi Rivaldi
Selgi Rivaldi Hace 2 días
BLACKPINK를 사용할 수 없습니다.
Laura Matos
Laura Matos Hace 2 días
Str3am: Whistle dance practice 14 M => 100M!!! Forever young dance practice 1.7M => 100M!!! News posters SOON♥
Elizaveta kim
Elizaveta kim Hace 2 días
k아리 Hace 2 días
BlackPink is the Revolution~ BLINKS fighting~140Mviews~
Bunny Guballo
Bunny Guballo Hace 2 días
blackpink jennie biyuti pull😊
Dipika Das
Dipika Das Hace 2 días
O my god Jennie you are really sexy
Kaknika Kaknika
Kaknika Kaknika Hace 3 días
İrem nur Yıldız
İrem nur Yıldız Hace 3 días
Lalisa Manoban💜😍😘💗
İrem nur Yıldız
İrem nur Yıldız Hace 3 días
I don't think Rose beatiful than Lisa!! Lisa beatiful than Rose I think Lisa's hair beatiful than Rose's hair
İrem nur Yıldız
İrem nur Yıldız Hace 3 días
Lisa is best for me💜💗
İrem nur Yıldız
İrem nur Yıldız Hace 3 días
My Lalisa😘💗😍
Sophia Lai
Sophia Lai Hace 3 días
YG: so Rose how much hairflips would you Li- Rose: YESS!
Cindy Sheviarsa
Cindy Sheviarsa Hace 3 días
Cindy Sheviarsa
Cindy Sheviarsa Hace 3 días
lisa you beautiful
Twilightdash17. 6
Twilightdash17. 6 Hace 3 días
Me: I got a question Lisa Lisa: What? Jennie: is a secret for me and Twilight Rose: what? Me: have you a bubble gum? Lisa: nope lol Jisoo: but what brand of bubble gum? Me: BOOMBAYAH!!!! All: GASP!!!!
Laisah Jasmin
Laisah Jasmin Hace 3 días
i like you blackpink🤗
Lài Tô
Lài Tô Hace 3 días
Jennie and rose 🤩
Jennie channel
Jennie channel Hace 3 días
ESvid channel for Jennie 💎🔥 from me?
killer_cherry999 Playz
2:34 me missing my good grades like
Алтынай Суттубаева
killer_cherry999 Playz
God : "So, Rosé, how many hair flips do you want?" Rosé : *"YES"*
Alice Corrales
Alice Corrales Hace 3 días
In 1:01 jennie is like guys wait for me!
ArmyStay Once
ArmyStay Once Hace 2 días
Alice Corrales
Alice Corrales Hace 3 días
Good hair flips rose 😂
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