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Bts V
Bts V Hace 7 minutos
*Rosè is perfection💜 slaying with blond hair*
TatA Naomi Claire
TatA Naomi Claire Hace 15 minutos
rosé's outfit is so cute and so easy to draw
Jasmine Zamora
Jasmine Zamora Hace un hora
Ang galing talaga sumayaw no Lisa at ang ganda pa magaling pa mag rapper
Rio Cardoso
Rio Cardoso Hace un hora
I Love Jisso😍
Sunny Pop
Sunny Pop Hace un hora
Who else is staring at Lisa’s rib cage. Girl is way too skinny.
sindy Dewi
sindy Dewi Hace un hora
Jinnie so cutee ❤
Nelson Abao
Nelson Abao Hace un hora
Princess Joyce
Princess Joyce Hace 2 horas
Bumaba yung viewwwwsss nabawasannn
Mary Joy Mercado
Mary Joy Mercado Hace 2 horas
mat eus
mat eus Hace 2 horas
I Love you ❤
shii syii
shii syii Hace 2 horas
My fhone samsum s 10 plus blue
Krzysiek Bolo
Krzysiek Bolo Hace 2 horas
This musisal is beatiffol
BeulPing in my area
BeulPing in my area Hace 3 horas
Hi BLINKS, if you haven’t got Twitter account, please create one, welcome you all to Twitter fam guys ~ let’s be active on Twitter, join voting party and helping for our girls to win international awards. HWAITING!!!
tuan tran
tuan tran Hace 3 horas
Hay quá đi mất thôi
Vivi Noorhidayah
Vivi Noorhidayah Hace 3 horas
Mereka tu nah operasi plastik
Fazile Abdurahmanova
I like .It is very interesting .😗😗😗
Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen Hace 3 horas
I love you black pink 😃😄😀😆
Rachelle Ifurung
Rachelle Ifurung Hace 3 horas
yes kill this love
Hi Trần
Hi Trần Hace 4 horas
Juliet Mech
Juliet Mech Hace 4 horas
Any one 2019 july
Mardi Silat
Mardi Silat Hace 4 horas
I❤U black pink
Panika A
Panika A Hace 4 horas
Hape Lete
Hape Lete Hace 5 horas
150M ☝🏻
Natasya Adelia
Natasya Adelia Hace 5 horas
Annyeo hasimnikka blekpink
Alain Naul
Alain Naul Hace 5 horas
Jennie your my fan♡
Gia Linh Trần
Gia Linh Trần Hace 5 horas
anyone of you guys try to play this in 2x speed?
TaeMin shipper
TaeMin shipper Hace 6 horas
LISA have a pretty and long legs BLACKPINK
Thuyen Bao
Thuyen Bao Hace 6 horas
Tui chỉ cần hỏi 1 câu thôi cái video này giả mạo có đúng không
thethem khs
thethem khs Hace 7 horas
I love black pink 😘😘😘
•Pastel Colors•くて
Jennie and Rosé: let's wear long pants and not tell Lisa and Jisoo. Lisa and Jisoo: Let's wear shorts and not tell Rosé and Jennie. Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé: Let's wear crop tops and not tell Jennie. Every single one of their dance practices is like this😂😂 ( But with different clothes )
įsæbelä bęl
įsæbelä bęl Hace 7 horas
Cadê os brasileiros???🇧🇷 Minha favorita é a "Lisa" :)
Christine Cheng
Christine Cheng Hace 7 horas
mundo da tata thaemy
Alguém br😁😁
tran trung hoa
tran trung hoa Hace 8 horas
lISA's leg are so tall
Mary Lois Janel Fernandez
Here I am again! 😍 so much love for Blackpink 💕
Martinjooo Hace 8 horas
I just want to know.. Who is from indonesia? Like!!!!
7u7 7U7
7u7 7U7 Hace 8 horas
Rosé Outfit!!!😍😍😶😶
bianca Rodrigues
bianca Rodrigues Hace 8 horas
Cara acho que vou dai um 20 kilo meu pra elaskkk
N loves BANGTAN Hace 9 horas
I love jennies outfit , who else?
Paola Campomanes Rondan
Chicos reaccionen a lisa swalla
phương Nhoi Lầy
phương Nhoi Lầy Hace 9 horas
I love Lisa
Alê Amores
Alê Amores Hace 10 horas
I love jennie❤️
Alê Amores
Alê Amores Hace 10 horas
I love lisa
Rafaelina Hidalgo
Rafaelina Hidalgo Hace 10 horas
Alê Amores
Alê Amores Hace 10 horas
I love jisoo
Alê Amores
Alê Amores Hace 10 horas
I love rosé
Alê Amores
Alê Amores Hace 10 horas
Hữu Trần
Hữu Trần Hace 10 horas
Qbdbfe mgj. Vhnb với tỵhybfs
armyblink forever
armyblink forever Hace 10 horas
what a strong beauty girls
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