Bob Ross - In the Midst of Winter (Season 31 Episode 12)

Bob Ross
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It’s a cold, cold winter day but Bob Ross offers a warm and roomy barn as refuge from the snowy blanket covering the farm.
Season 31 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Reflections of Calm, Before the Snowfall, Winding Stream, Tranquility Cove, Cabin in the Hollow, View from Clear Creek, Bridge to Autumn, Trail’s End, Evergreen Valley, Balmy Beach, Lake at the Ridge, In the Midst of Winter, and Wilderness Day.
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Originally aired on 5/10/1994


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2 ene 2017






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John Smith
John Smith Hace 2 horas
This is the first time I've watched Mr Ross, I've been missing out.
Alex Garcia potilla
Alex Garcia potilla Hace 4 horas
Abba padre que talento
Roger Waihaperoger.
Roger Waihaperoger. Hace 6 horas
He does not seem to put People in his paintings-Mostly Sky -Mountains -Trees -Streams etc..But the finishing of the Picture is unbelievable..
Joseph Paul
Joseph Paul Hace 12 horas
I've always found him rather pugnacious. Did he have to be so confrontational?
TruthBeTold121212 Hace 13 horas
Quite amazing that a whole new generation is discovering the late great Bob Ross. He was doing this long before the internet and ESvid days. No Photoshop or computer generated art. Just pure old school natural talent and creativity.
TruthBeTold121212 Hace 13 horas
"We don't concern ourselves with mistakes - we just have happy accidents." Classic Bob Ross wisdom. One of a kind inspiration!
Micaela Piriz
Micaela Piriz Hace 15 horas
quedo bonito
Micaela Piriz
Micaela Piriz Hace 15 horas
hola no le pintes demasiadocielo .tus cuadros los hago puslet. que lindo pintar.
Marios Stathopoulos
Marios Stathopoulos Hace 15 horas
your painting videos are so relaxing i dont watch you to learn,i vever tried it, its your voice and sounds of brush thats the best,, keep at it and good on you,, btw even in greece you are known, and every other country i bet
Ld P
Ld P Hace un hora
@TruthBeTold121212 depressing truth
TruthBeTold121212 Hace 13 horas
Sadly, Mr Ross passed away in 1995. These are from his archives.
Adriana DeMartino
Adriana DeMartino Hace 17 horas
OOOOOH!! so relaxing!!!
DZ Adam
DZ Adam Hace 17 horas
Bob Ross did ASMR before it was cool
Grimm Ace
Grimm Ace Hace 21 un hora
oil paintings = a poor man's choice of "Art"
Sawch Hace 23 horas
Hey Bob, my father is also a carpenter!
Mower Motherfucker
Mower Motherfucker Hace un día
Alright. I woke up. Smoked. Then a bob Ross video popped up. I clicked n remembered how dope dude was. ... Finna af at the same time but man. Rip. I'ma graffiti artist from phoenix lol ksk all day. .. rip Mr King bob Ross. .. 🥴
alejandro cardona
alejandro cardona Hace un día
Mi infancia en un vídeo de 20 minutos 😭
bahattin tunçkılıç
Cocuklugumun kahramanlarından trt de ne zaman denk gelsem zevkle izlerdim rahmetliyi 😥
RätâChêésè Hace un día
The trees itself were good
이상은 Hace un día
밥 로쓰 ㅎ 오랫만에 보네요 ㅎ
chofy tah
chofy tah Hace un día
ASMR with Bob
Luda_Cris Hace un día
Allen Moses
Allen Moses Hace un día
Bob, I could make a mistake there.
XOGUN Hace un día
xq esto me recuerda a DERVEZ EN CUANDO 🤔...😯...🤣
Jerome Duffy
Jerome Duffy Hace un día
I very well remember watching him do this early on. The shed, the boards. The trees
Vitor Hugo Giusti
Vitor Hugo Giusti Hace un día
Deadpool 2 always comes to mind
sjr341 Hace un día
Unbelievable!! What talent!!
geia xara
geia xara Hace un día
The best
노가다인생 Hace 2 días
보인다 보여..
Wardjo Wardjo
Wardjo Wardjo Hace 2 días
BobRoss. Is, the, Best, painter, l, like, him, kn, bis, style, of painting.
K10 N
K10 N Hace 2 días
Richard Daniels
Richard Daniels Hace 2 días
Dude really pissed me off,,,,,he made it look as easy as walking,,,,,,,
Cansel Sudem Yılmaz
türk yokmu hic yaaaaa yıllar sonra anasayfama düştü o kadar özlemişim ki çoçukluğum geldi aklıma
Matthew Bandmann
Matthew Bandmann Hace 2 días
Bob Ross is the goat of painting!! I watched him every day as a kid. His voice was so smooth he would just relax you and bring you into his world. He was an absolute gift from God
Matthew Bandmann
Matthew Bandmann Hace un día
@R Gray greatest of all time
R Gray
R Gray Hace un día
What do you mean , goat ?
Don Gamer Nostalgia Pura
Creep Show 2 temp : bob vs Evil dead
Willy Flores
Willy Flores Hace 2 días
Pensé q era Eugenio Derbez 🤭🤣🤭🤣🤭🤣🤭
nopadon302 Hace 2 días
Black Hace 2 días
What do they say about brown snow? LOL
Fahad Maziz
Fahad Maziz Hace 3 días
He look like Walter white R. I. P
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas Hace 3 días
so so sad he is dead
mohamed farouk
mohamed farouk Hace 3 días
شئ جميل
ノリマキ Hace 3 días
chiyo uchenna elani
chiyo uchenna elani Hace 3 días
Thank you, Sir for sharing your techniques. I think I should go back every weekends and do a masterpiece! Lol.
Luis Blanco
Luis Blanco Hace 3 días
Y lo hace parecer tan fácil!!
Luis Rosario
Luis Rosario Hace 3 días
He is painting for god now.. so every time I see a sunset, or a snowy house or a majestical horizon, or a nice gathering of clouds.. I know in my heart and soul that that’s bob up there still painting 😞😇 we will forever miss you
Rain CBreak
Rain CBreak Hace 3 días
how tf are there 4.3K dislikes. I dont understand how people cant like bob
Jose Genovez
Jose Genovez Hace 3 días
Pretty nice Paint... Excelent.
mario escobar
mario escobar Hace 3 días
Me recuerda a Eugenio Derbez
Kimberli Carrizo
Kimberli Carrizo Hace 3 días
Simplemente asombroso !!!!!✌️😉 Genial!!!!!!!
Rebeca Mendez
Rebeca Mendez Hace 3 días
Love the process
SKEPTIGAL Hace 3 días
I still love watching his reruns on public television; so calming! And of course I love this, too: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Q8Q4IbM4y2k.html
Open Eye
Open Eye Hace 3 días
neithealebor Hace 4 días
Gerçek bir sanatçı. Bob ross sadece bir ressam değil, tam anlamıyla bir sanatçıdır aynı zamanda. Onun çizdiği bütün resimler daima sizi neşelendirir ve dinlendirir. Her resminde doğanın bir köşesinden bir parça bulabilirsiniz. Bob Ross resimleriyle yaşamayı öğretir aslında.
Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer Hace 18 horas
sago kaf kef
sohrab roshan
sohrab roshan Hace 4 días
Nazlıcan Hazar
Nazlıcan Hazar Hace 4 días
Düştük yine buraya.. Harika bir ressam, harika bir yorum.. Ve ayrıca asmr videoları gibi rahatlatıcı 👏👏
Merinet Dopen cheng
Merinet Dopen cheng Hace 4 días
I Love you bob ross ❤❤❤❤💖
KeeDot Elijah
KeeDot Elijah Hace 4 días
The COLDEST PAINTER in history and the COLDEST AFRO NICE!!!!
serdar bilgin
serdar bilgin Hace 4 días
Joed Martir
Joed Martir Hace 4 días
I love getting high asf watching Mr Ross hold it down Legend all day
Mathematics with Darasimi
3:05 satisfying 😌
dimooonz Hace 4 días
здорово! класс
youryear Hace 4 días
“Bravery Test”
Belle💞 Hace 4 días
Que hermoso pinta un paisaje de nieve y pinos--🌲 Su voz me evita malos pensamientos-" Su manera de manejar la brocha' es magico-' Mi admiracion a todos los talentos pintores como Tomas Kinkade etc.
Holy Armor
Holy Armor Hace 4 días
Astro Boy
Astro Boy Hace 4 días
Сергей Потловский
Вот что значит мастер своего дела.Художник !!!!
Casper Li
Casper Li Hace 5 días
this is my first time seen this man's show, I don't know what happen to him, seems like he passed away. But for sure his Legacy lived, and he is a Legend. I just bought a paint kit after watching this video.
Big Hand
Big Hand Hace 4 días
Ghost Hace 5 días
sun zoe
sun zoe Hace 5 días
muy gracioso su trabajo. gracias
テラフレア Hace 5 días
craig middlemiss
craig middlemiss Hace 5 días
how you going KEV have you wrote any new songs lately are wait on wrong vid your not kevin bloody wilson but sure look like him from a distance
0 Hace 5 días
Alguien mas se acuerda cuando.pasaban este programa en el canal 3
Iris Azul
Iris Azul Hace 5 días
Iris Azul
Iris Azul Hace 5 días
Para mí es exageradamente hermoso.la capacidad tan natural como hase estás pinturas. Y yo ni un gato puedo pintar que bella quedó está pintura. muchas personas an aprendido más y se an motivado con éste profesor. Felicidades.
Andres Cordova
Andres Cordova Hace 5 días
aparis82 Hace 5 días
Legend 👏🏾
Rafael Jimenez
Rafael Jimenez Hace 5 días
His voice though.
pjsbulldog67 Hace 5 días
What kind of person thumbs down this?
donut good
donut good Hace 5 días
Bob Ross didn't die, god needed a friend.
Siempre me ha gustado su arte
macK 762
macK 762 Hace 5 días
Gracias Bob, like y me suscribo.👍👍
hakan keskin
hakan keskin Hace 6 días
Татьяна Яковина
Фуфло! Зачем речка из сарая?
Татьяна Яковина
Это больше похоже на ремесло, чем на искусство. Извините, но мне не нравится.
Mason Astrada
Mason Astrada Hace 6 días
im korean. 37 years old.. i still remember this painting on television when i was child... Bob is my childhood hero..
robert king
robert king Hace 6 días
Took art class in high school. Had to try to replicate some of his work... He ruled, very good artist that is missed.
Edgar Cua
Edgar Cua Hace 6 días
Dervez en Cuando :)
Andrew Sosa
Andrew Sosa Hace 6 días
This man in this moment would be the most importan youtuber in the world. Its art. Its life. Its awesome
Mijaíl kalashnikov
Mijaíl kalashnikov Hace 6 días
Donde esta la persona que traduce 🤷‍♂️
Jeffrey Richardson
Jeffrey Richardson Hace 6 días
michael and dougs camp scott richardsons marshall amp massage left calf cramp
Ricardo Rojas
Ricardo Rojas Hace 6 días
Great painting. Looks very realistic.
R Gray
R Gray Hace 6 días
Such a genius and a gentle soul . He never sold any of his paintings ....
Leandro Nano
Leandro Nano Hace 6 días
pense que era el de bee gees..muy buena la pintura mucho arte..se ve facil jajaj
Heidi Molina
Heidi Molina Hace 6 días
Siempre e amado la forma que el enseñaba como crear esas obras de arte 🎨🎨🎨😍😍😍 es relajante ver como lo hace👋👋👋
Shaine van Brug
Shaine van Brug Hace 6 días
There's nothing better than Bob Ross's soothing voice saying over and over.. "It doesn't matter"
Ax Hace 6 días
idoloo bob roos
Atreus21 Hace 6 días
Hasan Okutan
Hasan Okutan Hace 6 días
King i lave you
Veysel Karatan
Veysel Karatan Hace 6 días
Doğayı sevenler çok güzel resimler yapıyor
Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez Hace 6 días
Al derecho y al revés
coms spec
coms spec Hace 6 días
This is my childhood.
Bogdan Bisek
Bogdan Bisek Hace 7 días
Prawdziwy artysta
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